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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW doctoral else. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. Welcome yes welcome to mediation is geek nation on the reverent and played so. Across from me is Vicki Barr some don't know hello. We've got walker mr. Chris walker mr. walk like hey glad nothing Narnia Odinga and V show's namesake BJ Shea ends the call we aren't assignment. So my duties goes to all our. The drop in G once again. You have made a mistake if it's about the I'm happy for those you wanna get a hold of us how can they do so Mickey. Conduct the prodigy announced today that yeah. I right now. Fry you check out our web as the iPod has an info BG he'd nation dot com and it's Facebook's. Vijay she's geek nation to search where EV PPV. Clemens is easy it's never a good good fit especially to uzis I think Guidant one of those caffeine pills on the weight and and why Powell is not very good day layout. You just your first it's vibrating and yes happy that follow us on Twitter an inch to Graham had beating Asia and brand. Not many zero did you point 3353 gopher Anthony Alabi Diggnation at you can watch all immediately YouTube dot com slash B digging ancient and the reason my purse tiebreak it's one of those toys from the nine me that like I know little dolls and a little knob used to. Told her look cold and forget it doesn't draw closer tonight you description ran toward your friends don't wanna Mariah needs. You were political team little stores and a little little little dogs to do the flip snow legacy mine. Well while you look at mind he's got anyway is that my grades Ochoa. And I this is they are trying to. But yeah. Me isn't it a little ball bubble ball that was an angle and wow yeah I was we're gonna target when those things are getting big decisions this targets outside Harlem's yeah. See ya actually from time. The ninety's got an email from Brad who was laying did you see the new Pokemon update. PS2 people still play Pokemon and this is the Pokemon go up day old so yes there is a new patch for IOS and in his patch one point seven million and then point 037 for android. And this is kind of interesting because other than some normal bug fixes they have implemented the buddy system. You can choosing Pokemon that you want to be your buddy and and as you walk around he will get candy after you hurt set to hit a certain benchmarks. What kind of candy you only get the candy of that Pokemon as well that's not gonna be your body is the magic cards are carved when the other day takes about 400 candies in order for him to evolve to. Your dose. Is that I was saying a giant ridiculous gear now scary no it's geared it scared us. Care Trace man's time. Good guys make or break her so they are so you will get one of those and you build a level appear guys eventually despite putting into that into the walking instead of maybe you're not in a location that has your favorite at Pokemon or maybe can't find it charming under so if you actually able to catch one. You can had to be anybody you want granny can get it as simple easy it's easy to be able to hook up the buddy system. You could can your player icon on the bottom left in the main screening go to the menu on the bottom right. Did you hit the buddy button. When you click on that menu and then you have the option to choose a buddy Pokemon once elected he must walk somewhere between one in five kilometers to earn a piece of candy for that Pokemon. For example bulldoze our needs to watch three kilometers two Ernie ball the sort candy I know for effected the magic carpool only takes one because I have to be magic cart as my buddy. And and it looks like they even said in order to evolve a ball soar into an ivy sore and I'm probably earnings I'm sorry because if you really need to walk about 75 kilometers. Q evolve and ivy soared into a Venice sore. Sorry again 300 kilometers should do the trick is to say it again performing Venice sore Venus are OK so you know sorely Venus are you know slightly up. This is it's so hard to figure out. The buddy like they said the buddy system solves the issue of nine countering and if you need Pokemon to evolve the one that you already do have cot and it will be. And also with the new buddy system Pokemon goes latest update may be easier to select smaller Pokemon on the screen. Fix an issue where the eggs hatched without an eight hatching animation. Added support for Pokemon gold plus a wrist companion accessory they'll let you catch Pokemon and collect items like using your phone. This is usually on the lines of your apple watch area. So there is a lot of interesting things going on. We asked the Pokemon go city aggressive wiped I do still play I don't don't play pretty frequently it's one of those fun things that I can do you. Out of work. In the middle of doing other things we have a chance in you know and then the industry you're can work in radio so there's commercial break pregnant cannot walk around in a walk and we have a couple of pokey stops Marion station in there and I can go swipes those. Get some things try to level I'm almost I'm literally 15100 EXP from level 23. Dank and it's killing me. Because. 88 hits so slow when you get into these later levels like it takes a 100000. EXP. To get from 22 to 23 and in at that point and at this point right now like once they've got that I've only had. Just over 400000. EXP that I've gotten since I started playing on July that's sounds like a grind it is like would you level when he they just like our right now it's time to grind how much do you love this game can you walk and has good foreign it is in here is is pretty awesome to play I really it's one of those ones or ons. Even though is a grind Elise and makes it worth while we like well I'm just gonna go for a walk and there. Maybe have to bang out a whole you know a five K in order to give this a done in the U relay is all that that means a just walked three B I just walked three miles yes dude. There are currently five Cano gets a token month yeah decrease we will what broke running Ezra what's your favor one or what's your level well I. I. My my biggest Pokemon. Is a lamp breasts which is 1970 on the hill the moment our whole room he's maxed out for my level so that's kind of fun. Com but I think Mike is it that I mean seriously they the cutest one. That's kind of where I still intends to let his or relax and he was the first big so I mostly involved wine and he's economists. Period animal I'm feeling Q and that's very fitting valued at great Chris how well I just managed to evolve my meals into the Persian O Andy so pre and a lot of money. And all that paid and paid a beautiful dress her with every outfit oh no that's long gone college gaga if echo why I spend it on Armani debaters me yeah Venus played exclusively fund. Fun story and yelled in the team has an attack or an ability called payday. Which actually when he makes it rain money why it's this. Ass cat ever is the bad ever could and I am I cat when you're sorry RI and layers and this has faded tech in Iceland ash there is and a. He had episode where some yells in Pokemon he knows how to talk because. So exactly so that's had a camera doesn't. Usually these part of team rocket began Kennedy usually have to do the only Catholic and talking BDH yeah. Oh yeah my reason but the reason it's a tragic back story he is in love with this other me out. And like in Hollywood and stuff to use the pour me out so he's I need to impress her by learning to talk like walk upright. See tons of how to walk upright and watching these dancers there when Nelson and then learn to talk in stuff like humans yet to impress or should I know you're still poor trash to me. Little. You have Andrews. And so he can never because he's been so much energy even said he Athens which energy learning how to walk and talk. I will never learn payday and he probably won't ever involved militarily Alia the stone. It's pretty tragic rather hollow community and probably my favorite clear why I have I might my top my top Pokemon is a Larry Young. To a thirteen he's seven for CP but I named her miscue fantastical. This fantastical fire which free Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans you feeling out there. Side note right now I'm sitting down in the studio and I'm looking at loaded on my poke currency which is my favorite thing it's as your going do best among go to another guy I think I am I'm not write me yeah well below me as what are the updates and unfortunately. Eight GPS is a little long key. I don't don't destroy it looks like your weapon around and then you work sometimes though that works out because it'll count that for you to democracy and sent out and seal like yeah it's gonna doesn't actually have a good barometer is based everything on the GPS say he had kind of an if you signal. It kind of let you down another. Great thing about this studio and and where we work all day long because they the GPS is so walking right here in the looks like I'm just kept doing circle all around this place meant greater yeah OK walk off that a government says if. But lately he's thrown as minister of caffeine pill. Now I have. Asked did you wanna fed knows much of a broken on a what's all of that and I don't think that's on here yeah all the fan now. No longer men's. No we did that when yet I don't think he has some he says we when we just walk back and forth that was his movie use like a really cool defends a broken line does a good bouncer Canada's dummy like in the cartoon yeah resort town. 00 well it's cool losing a big can actually I'm an upside down and green drop. Armed with four big article says Tina won my first elaborating hey mama but the thanks so yeah I can do though is causing browser does it's one of the members of team rocket accidentally capture him and he'd always pop up at the wrong time when they turn I don't know. And that's awesome let's hear your Bogeyman is yeah this up another thing and that is out there then I'm gonna actually have to buy it. There's going to be a black and chrome version of mad Max fury road you know music. And you learn as we learn. So this is very interesting so on December 6 the black and chrome additional come out eight to fill what I do. Film collection that also includes the theatrical views your version of the film. And it's going to have a black and white version. Here's how would George Miller designing to run describe a the film and he says. One thing I've noticed is that the deep ball position for every one is to. There's only two ways to go though. Make him black and white. The best version of this movie is black and white the people reserve that for our movies now the other version is to go all out on the color the usual teal and orange staying. That's all the colors we had to work with the desert warrant in the skies teal. And we can either. To differentiate the movie came closer it gets really tiring watching this build these saturated color lets you go all the way and make a black and white. So that's what he's decided to do the original movie is super colorful yet amazing color in that movie knows when there is why I loved it but I do wanna see this in black and white. It protest yeah turned on the current TV and just work. I can learn. And I am I this and we we have the same thing when that missed special edition came under attack has turned on the current TV and that was even when they did the Walking Dead it is the one he didn't like why they showed that meant if you would just turn now to colors that and yes he can and maybe not spend more money went just not to say that's a new addition doesn't sound cool and I will probably buy it but I mean if that's really what you wanna go for. Try it now man. And another addition to this is actually and I'm not gonna buy just the viking chrome addition I've realized because. Same day they're releasing the mad Max high octane collection Hillman this includes mad Max mad Max to the road warrior mad Max beyond thunder dome and mad Max fury road as well as the black and chrome addition it's a really great collection that will include a four K ultra HD version any UV digital copy of mad Max ferry road. So many things on this and includes commentary by George Miller which also is in the black and chrome edition gentleman by itself. So I drew lot of ways free to spend your money. I am getting this because I love mad Max I love the whole gas Olympic diesel pumps sort of thing. Even just playing with over watched. What do my favorite characters just to control people at this point is John crack at sawgrass. I love for the fact it was like like okay he's he's a diesel punk kind of guy that quicktime and real as always Australian this is perfect that's they've figured it out at all I guess they had a lot of fun with that of course the most annoying character in the game he's lobs grenades I don't I don't have to worry about any thing they get a set up traps. I just sit back and I launched grenades and then eventually I get to use my super wage is a giant tire that I just raw around until I blow open kill somebody could period so many very that the if it's video mobilize judge you've been playing have competitive season to correct -- into I finally hit 25 at this end of season winds so I literally got to play zero games no please me games I think and while legion has been taking up all of my times I completely forgot about over watch and coming in for these. Can seasons the man has a nervous enough fallen into even my remain it's not a bad idea just plays like three hours a day I feel like my god my guess over watch season two did start. Competitive mode is back there have been a lot of changes. Zenyatta as I wanted to ask characters in the game hole yes very interesting again you got nursed. Now thank you were saying that he needed to be nerve but a lot of other people are speculating that it's not so much you need to be nerd it was just that. Up close melee was one of the more power or full. On tactics at this point yet he's just one of those you know some movement in a game you know the freedom to jump over walls McAfee has always usually the most powerful men cedars had a great skill set along with it to be a little bit too good gasoline does Arnold lives and I said okay that's awesome do you have a favorite that you been running list called me and I I mean I I'm finally gone as an -- when I trained designer played them tough and more he's the healing Flutie you Greg difficult board's OK yeah I I easy I'd never played him on but I got the epic skin where he looks like an old swami don't know Matthew. You really cool other real glimpse. Yeah he's awesome he's he's he's kind of a healer but he also does damage because he on marine base attack and an armored DDoS kind of thing a guy so yeah he's been really cool not a whole lot of changes besides that there's new map Logan walls and walls my best hard pronounced seems like a castle -- oh fun yeah our other than that he had a season to zero point sky reset. The c.'s Claire places matches against RS time they'll dump viewing due one of the four leagues of you know gold silver platinum diamond nor. Master your super get who they know what are you at this point I am. Platinum on the verge of diamond hole is so. Is it based off of your wins and losses at that point once you get placed together is like an anti us secret and our system fry you actually ranked. Senior division okay and then you get points that now what he accumulates to a certain amount of points have been bombs upper ranks I think between 2629. Hundreds of me is gold to turn platinum and then some 3000 design and continue BD ranked. Like yes Jason Blake if he's really doing very good you can go out to Platt amendment gate yeah you're us all down and I down to go to you're really bad yeah and that happens because you so looks you like your idea or you do not do very well. That's an interesting thing now is had a problem when it was like legal led gins and not even. Euros of the storm was that I don't necessarily like to get in a big group of people that I've known hang out with going to solo Q because I don't know how much time on minute span now wanna send us an Irish and ruining team. By being on it but also by leaving at five got to go indecent is like solo Cuba. It's rough going man yeah I say that when you first joining game this session up bad that they could do with the people aren't that talks experiencing when they don't like to switch normally through your strategy beyond that yet so it you know people Camille sovereign well UCL a mile race a little bit you know oddly I had a I love as he agrees I can imagine users are still mostly Tyler I use this kind of funny yeah leg. Like when when I say oh widener agreed to something or when I am new yeah sure freaking mind I have an and it's a lot of do your jobs. Have to wait to have I love it so new set up for that you know how long this season last so I just don't know how long a season lasts I'm hoping long the last one because this is a quick turnaround yet it was only like guys who like like maybe two months and Max I was going to be in for a while so for me I've I don't actually really not at a at a analysts and about it. The game's still great they're doing a lot of housing changes and I feel like paid overtime rules got six so now you'll end up in. Stupid points of scenarios that candidates saying that's it's a way better odds than they did a good job and that's all hoping to see us more competitive games in the future. Excellent thank you so much joke I got a list an article that I found to have from he can sundry. That we're talking about these five ways to enhance your gaming layer. So this is the the dungeon where you would go and experienced dungeons and dragons and you would invite people and for your tabletop RPG's. And so these are fun because it's not so much about. The game itself but helping create an atmosphere for your gaming so they're talking about stuff like site many dungeon masters default to visuals such as the primary since described in any scene but why not take it all the way in Dicker your real with actual weapons and shields and banners. Or maybe even weapon shaped ice cubes. And this individual to court threatened gaming lounge based on the game you're running helps give deep pass of inspiration and sheep imaginations for the players and the DMs all like. On this can do something along the lines of if you do some online action role play. I have some of the foam weapons in the stuff that you have hanging around or the armor or even just. These posters that would encompass that sort of thing commits candidates in June yes absolutely. Music is another one even talked about that with sound music playlist. Sometimes you go with epic full metal pirate metal depending on the game you're playing pirate metal that would be like a hailstorm and stuff. It's not and go to the store goddamn they make jokes just a tip for her tongue she's they've been waiting for us a target practice yeah Israel Sorin. Yeah this is Paramount and another one I got the CD for arts and I miss them. I like the band was the band the main. Yes and there's just legally Donald characters but they're all be played blacks added music but the kind of changed the lyrics to fit around McDonald's theme kind of thing to watch awesome we. Like you know David I delivers doubles until it OK I got it we. I don't wanna be McDonald's but I missed it Phillies pirates are walking around when Clinton niece. And other CD in until it got their name but hailstorm is pretty awesome thing I need something and there's pirates of the Caribbean music then on it's it's how. Yeah kind of if you would we had avenue park in its kind along those lines about sort of suddenly seemed Ponzi and their more steam punk he definitely but sometimes or just talk about you know airship parents giving their ale. Common getting the captain round that I can't complain about that that's on the golf tournament for death and -- So I think I'll I'll I'll play in the twenties and it's nice west and other things they talked about is armed touch on just the fact that maybe if you have the ability not to just sit around a folding table and folding chairs can get some of those may be geek chic tables. Those are super expensive much a lot of the times. Super worth it if you're a handy and you connection create your stuff you can create. Are things that can do that dice towers are are really good somewhat cheaper way to do kind of incorporate that and also single luge or freedom dies. Right I'm totally like picturing like when I heard Todd. Give her dude where rebel leader something nearly parity totally gala gala their bags to sit there and you know. Well yeah that's he'd keep paradise and I are in the pouch is an antihistamine and a chain mailed him yet there's some really beautiful things set up with that. Even like smell or taste. Yachtsman yes it's the smell like a pirate. It's. Like whoa. It's like Paul but I. Well yeah. One of the fortunate fans. It's. That's a good test FF I'm just going back to like smell and taste of talk MS and we talked about candles and incense these are things that can help incorporate that sort of thing in that case they're talking about Noah needs to explain food and booze. But if you were means exactly like if you're going to be doing meg kits and plate and didn't. I know you Aggies like a bill Turkey leg that she gets her parents and Clarence particularly he had exactly that is usually better ideals that I know that there is a web site in the name is just totally escaping me right now that does. On music and sound effects for your just it like he can just run through your website and change you can men run through your phone and have a Bluetooth speaker and kind of do that you consider it up and do different things on that what I've done it let me play the game at drones together and I thought I was. Go to pandora and typing game thrown that'll give me music and winds and even Rosie arsenal star and from other show a link to your tutors or whatever yeah and all that bilateral always had a kind of vibe to get that game with her to be the perfect five and so I would love to hear what other people do to help set the mood in their games. Another thing from that edged Chris. You are going this is I'm really excited for this dad. We got a bunch of the DD modules and including that is the curse distraught yes now I know that the bombs storm king's thunder is the thing going on right now while with these the play sessions for dean. I'm were a little bit behind but we want to record a sash in. Other us playing the curse of stride yeah so. We've been going around recruiting some local friends. Who were in the improper business and also in the acting and also were Hoover nerds and now love dean. We're gonna get together and we're going to be recording a session in. Muslims playing. I don't know how long this is going to blasted him because we're gonna do this a couple times and try to get through the entire adventure so this may be a long form thing that will come on in many different segments yet kind of figuring that out. But getting into that. It's kind of interesting because as a game master. You have to do a lot of preparation time a lot of preparation I'm doing that the same because I'm going to be starting a thirteen page games nothing I'm recording just something with friend Jeff arm but there's a lot of prep that you have to do. And some people are like well. How do you give in June GM mean if you want to do so so I figured I'd just throw that question to you. And what is. Starting off if you say you know the system that you wanna play near an interesting name you've been playing for a wide awake. I think I wanna run my own adventure what are some of the first things that you look at to try to get this set up. Well this is sort of the classic and actor who wants to direct situation I've yeah I've been playing dungeons and during in my whole life and day in and an almost literally I think second grade was the first Democrat one of those books and started playing. You. You definitely want to pick a system that you're familiar with the hand and if it's not if it's a new system but you're excited because you like the idea of it. Really really get to know your material you know read the books don't. Joseph just sit down with everybody and say look you'll figure this out on the fly because you're not going to have of a fun time when that. Oh the big east mechanic exactly it's a or I mean even that deal Star Wars game to the same days or more of these extortion white wolf had a. Exactly did that these are all very good systems and people who spent their time making them good systems. So you owe it to your players to know the systems and you you owe it to these people to know the system well enough to be able to. Run it without having to reference and checkbooks every two seconds when you need to have something yeah. And but that's the same point one of the things I figured out is. You don't necessarily need to know every scene to go out and the character like classes. One of the things I've been doing with my thirteen page game was just reading what each class is about can inane make sure and put it on the onus of the players cute. Know that class and know which you want to do so when I look at your character she I see something and Mike. Okay we can look that up and we can figure it out as we go sure without spending a whole bunch of time but I still know. What the class is about what with a neck or master class I know you're gonna summing up some demons are you guess a month to month dead ends now you're gonna figure out well how. How do you summon a creature okay awards looked on up okay now I know that. But put the onus on them to also make sure that they know what they're doing and what they're getting into it. Yeah and that's another great step two is make sure that the people that you're you're playing with understand. They're part of all of this if we if we're going to sit down and together we're going to play one of these games are going to tell this Greek epic story of whatever it is. Which is really what role playing boils down to is telling a good story. You make sure that they are comfortable enough. To engage Eden and that part of my job as a game messrs. making sure people are they comfortable and if I don't know my stuff or if I don't make it inviting atmosphere. For for whatever reason then then again the players are not going to have any kind of fun. But you also one of things as you mentioned very briefly there and it caught my attention was that time. If you don't necessarily need to dole. Everything. What you've got the nuts and bolts down enough that you understand how the game works and how he inflows can go ahead and play don't get bogged down by the rules don't become a who don't become the rule jockey of the game that's not your job your job is to guide the player's experiences to make sure that they're enjoying themselves. That's a really good point on that end to you and also you can tell years too late I think one one aspect of that is. Mean look when you talked about comfort level of your players. Let them know what kind of adventure and it's going to be exact on sometimes does some people just want to having hack and slash murder yeah O adventure and there is that there isn't. At the same point if they are are people who wore more interested in weaving a story in not so much about the mechanics and kind of fitted in so that's sort of way it's. And one of the big things that AAR I learned come from playing a lot of and memos and such is that. Joseph may kids in the EU the GM reverses the players sort of thing. Arms if you've got a specific story you want to hear in you wanna hit all of these things and be ready for your. For your players. To maybe not seen in the same way that you wore in so you may have to guy and in some ways but if they're like saying oh I wanna go check out this town. And that's in something you haven't written up because you hadn't planned for them to do that right. Let them go and just kind of be ready to in Prague around with that hit eight and that's kind of one of the hardest things to be held to do is when somebody and they always well that's that's where our exporters and he'll have to figure out what they want out of this game. And also Connie you'll have to throughout the kind of guy. Have a couple of Africa have a couple of what if sessions with yourself or with another another player or another game master and say well. Well what if they wander off into the southern village where they're not really they don't really need to go there's nothing there for them and Andy the well do I even need that village in this game at that point you know is there some way for me to either write it out. Or make sure that there's somebody that intercepts them before they get there and Chrysler to their time and say we you know who follow me over to this other thing whatever bubble block. Being able to think on the fly is is key is very essential because every time I guarantee you your players are gonna come up with something that you didn't think of I hope we promise you I don't let it absolutely well so just just and be ready with some with some back up kind of stuff and that's what that's what things like. Brennaman calendar rolls or four or or just just being able to. And get people back on track because it's one thing for people to want to explore and to do all of these other things but it isn't GM you know that is a big huge waste of their time and it's gonna bog things down. You have to keep people and character to write because you can't give someone information if they're acting out of character and that is true and it's a big meta gaming thing when somebody looks of it's like. Well well. On page 473. It says this in this in this a big question to ask them is like. How would your character knows this right and if they can give a good excuse for good reason and that then you can possibly incorporated but don't. Always bend to their whims palm players want to be the most awesome in the coolest thing ever had and all of the times in a lot of times eat this is why you wanna do this these stories about heroes doing heroic thing yes. So I just joined a group of people in reader I just design my character. Move well I barely used telling me that we're going to be taking turns being the the DM Coca on now let's we're gonna fall of the book one we're not making up her own just because everyone has different varying levels of expertise almost Jackson to the guys have been playing than there are little kids okay and I'm not sure no one of the guys draw often is gonna play adding to meter yesterday she showed up. Lincoln laid a way only to hit it Allen about to stay until midnight oh gosh you know on a work night but they did cream like our bigs I have one more you ensued in the Wizards of the Coast I have a character that they designed for Matt your little room my little monk only you had the money are not I have the I have my paper yourself I often it's kind of got anything out of the last hole one month cut that was huge mineral. And Iowa as lawful good with a background of guild artist in the burned out. I'm gonna ask you question on this because there are nine alignments in this is a big thing because you don't wanna have characters that are necessarily against the alignments predicated creature for other players for but she kinda need to know you're Lyman is. The key TU what does lawful good mean. It means somebody who wolf like follows the rules and generally tries to go in the way of what he's goods weakened bull literally think if you're bad. We have followed the bad guys rules more like the rules of the bad. That feeling you follow everything that is raining you good as much good as possible and that's a good point on that because I think that's a good question need to ask if you're game has an alignment section you need to ask your players. What does that mean TU. Because chaotic good for a lot of people is following my own moral code and that's a minus yeah minute you're going to lined and so that's a really good thing but then you get someone is like I wanna be true neutral honestly do you know what that you mean what's that mean because a true neutral character. This is very good chance that we during the tide of a battle if you did the team's winning. Team you should be doing something to help the other side get and not all the time because you don't really wanna sabotage your group ever but that's one of the problems that you fall into. Having an alignment like a true neutral. And I just basically say unless you're doing you villains campaign never had anybody chaotic evil right because it's just it's the Joker at that. Point chaotic chaotic evil yeah I can't fuel you can be the Joker but he can also be an incredible. He ever really well lit a really well Bo played chaotic evil character can actually be a lot of a lot of fun it's a lawful evil one's gonna watch elf. Where those are essentially the lawyers and break everything yes that's the thing is they they look at the rules it is a rules lawyer really because it's somebody says. Yes I understand that I shouldn't murders someone and it's. That's what role here says that you know you can get away with a little bit of murder if this happens there are they didn't do. There are some fantastic. Web sites out there the break down a different types of alignment and in most games. Have some version or rather of a V a move that is the dragon system for alignments and and the difference between. Lawful and chaotic and dude any evil and true neutrals and all of the stuff. But up my favorite is if you go to Wikipedia page and you look up alignments. And it becomes a RPG years and make this. It has not only description of what each alignment sort of is embodied there oil into the that that's the type of character that he shall I mean is but he gives you examples from. Literature from movies for eighteen. Always be and I understand it and that's all I mean it was they took a firefight flight I was young and I don't ask Natalie yeah. Like for example and pulling it up right now part lawful good was it was book. If he can't do something Smart do something right mutual good which. When it does that. Though we get Zoe Zoe. He is like shooting for good but he's leaky fuel a year kill somebody on a solo shot here solos also TI yeah yeah you know smuggler with a heart of gold that sort of thing. Well we will do bad things in the name of good enough unlawful things many times and I forget the scared to think he's only in their for a second to and I haven't I mean every watch fires like me and he agent lawful neutral or making a better world all of them that are world's true neutral harmful. Which is summer clothes character. Gently kind of the wild card is that I didn't get get your own thing yes literally help those signs and it's a lot of fun Vicky another thing you wanna ask your players is what is your back story with your character because you have your racing your class and what are you in this new wind. So lie and a rock known. I am one because there's either rob Miller for a snowman I wanted to be more of a teen curfew. Which it is interesting when I was coming up with a slip by Toshiba behind everyone else with the end though it really grabbing a lot of stuff done the backroom stuff in the easier picking what you want to err I mean. Easy in the sense of like trying to double the character that I did change my personality treats and all that a bunch of time it didn't think if you think if he's. To refer a case so. I went from Noam and I decided a beer can. And then I decide in my class low blow is going to be around and then had to pick what kind of rogue. So I'll be and I wanted to be an arcane chicks because then the background character what I want for my eight. The the gnomes are. They're really sign their brain my eating if they trust you build just thinks like let's party let's have a good time let's live life to the fullest. And they just want they love adventures they love seeing what warned the world has out their for the Eminem really identify with that. So my character's name any under Nick's double lock tour in double locked because I like the idea of each public double lock your stock she's gonna get that I. He's married they love nickname is the the only stick with three according like actually did a pretty good job remembering all the stuff. No homes typically love millions of names I love nicknames of because a lot of like humans and other races don't really. Like that's the only stick with their first there it first name last name and a nickname. So double lock is a cute nickname that she's going to be at the back and I can design first she loves. Clean jokes on people like messing with people she had an old crew of people that she stood travel within go see the world waste. But herb different reasons they're no longer with her so she seeks adventure or problem is that's cost money. Says she likes she steals she loves to ceiling she won't steal for the sake of like okay. I want I'm greedy you know want all the money in the world just like I just steal for either what I need. Can you help others it's very Robin Hood kind of characters see some downpours shall steal from someone else they don't match up different chaotic and amount. Illegal immigrants like another way like an hour honor make adventure but I haven't had your wallet hello as I object your past thirty minute you're out of action FF and Damascus con slowly all lets up like personality traits Dre also wanted to maker Charlotte can I went back and forth between deciding if I wanted to make her a criminal. Or an artisan because she is Tina Gerson knows those are typically artisans but I decide on charlatan good thought to be funny. To have this tiny little or no Holmes who with a thief. And really get a deception may also be you know. And but I am little bit and Jorge how ever yeah no doubt they may be just hammock day don't know like one of applause I can't resist the pretty face. I have personality traits iPhone love love and I always pursuing someone file in an out of love. And another personality trait is how the joke for any occasion especially occasions where she Marie is an appropriate. She now Manuel Lara yeah yeah if you're just creating yourself yes I love it then we know your actual races it's no longer Mexican there was no I'm just Iraq now and I've broken rock now and but but then ideals this charity and distribute money you know and that I acquired people who really need it it's. It's fun really did hear about all that stuff could you put a lot of Wear him and and people really love to put their work ended those things and as he GM if you want to make sure everyone is having fun right so you don't remember one job and you don't necessarily want it like a pigeon hole someone into plane crash like well I think we really need this class in there. If no one wants to play the cleric. And sometime around at work around busy maybe have an NPC that comes along with an Emmy if you've got a smaller group if you've got a bigger group you can figure out different ways there's a lot of ways to get through that maybe just load them up with potions that a lot of the times that sort of thing works out. It is. Like I do I I'm stressing it a lot but I don't think he can be stressed enough yours there to have fun if you want the session to and with everyone having a bad time in single that was no funny just killed everyone in last year making a game that is like that. That's a I played a game with the GM who was straight up he's like this is gonna be hard mode yet we're calling this disposable heroes because you're probably not gonna lift. But it was fun because while he said yeah after earlier stats is just 3-D six go down the line can't pick your class before and I mean I had it I had a warrior with 88 strength. But it was fun to role play a character and had severe disadvantages. And that aspect to still get away with stuff I had a crossbow. And it sucked as it took forever to load but for somehow for some reason I could rule creates all the time and space in it was able just to be awesome and then I was able to be rewarded by the GM for a sticking with a character that was rough but give me some magical armor. And then also just being mailed. Play characters that yeah. Yeah there's no there's no reason why there should be an eight straight warrior anywhere but he was able to say hey you stuck with that we're gonna have let you have some fun with this. And he's gonna make sure let them know right up fried won the game is going to be about. Everyone should enter into any game session like this with full understanding of everyone's expectations so this is the another key to it and there's so much more to it guys and there's there are some great guide's. It's a very useful how to be DM sites that you can visit and check that stuff out. Even just reading the DMZ manual if you haven't if you have baby gets in fifth edition dungeon master's guide. It is really really helpful just those first parts. Yet historical example what not to do. The one time I've played deal and if I DN designed to be a row because I never played before noon and then had a whole campaign be on dead and skeletons which do rose to know damaging yeah you say well you're pretty much on your own so we fight I just not a character told often the first ten minutes of the campaign because. And then you get drunk and Matt hassle overwhelmed yeah. That I don't feel yeah I gagged destiny Taylor stuff around that and Michael one thing like that I'm not really good when it comes to. All morning. Because strained to click although little Alvin and number doesn't numbers after the housing nearly come so far behind it not you've got everything for you are the hard part done which I love building the acronym Murray. It's the numbers again me whom but I found this thing in this is what helped me when I was kind of trying to figure what everything does move and it's like a thing of the Tumblr post someone did. Says DND stats explained to me it was I love this and this is really good. History it's hilarious but it's awesome is being able to Chris that's made up yes. Dexterity is being able to dodge a tomato. Constitution is being able to eat a bad tomato Newton unintelligent is knowing the tomato is a fruits. We are gonna knowing not to put a tomato and fruit salad. Anger is not being able to sell a tomato based fruit salad and then like somebody's got underneath is like a tomato based fruit salad with simply be sultan. I underneath throws I don't know Bard could. You know the margin you seen the back watching everyone else died yes they should sit. Sorry about it but it's really a great song about it yeah exactly so that's that's that's that's actually really good point in any news so check it out guys and if you look gonna be a better DM. There's so many reserves is out there for you if you wanna send me a specific question out something here. Has the GM I'd love that stuff I'm here to help. I'm Obama booster. And it's our role playing in an imagination did I guess you can still play diablo and get the same sort of experience. But in a different way this is really about the imagination part yeah and tell it exactly is going down and telling us. Oriented sill in choosing a somebody who's such a new B with all these things. I've only played it twice and both tell both times have been with you guys. Hey I feel like sometimes I'm like I was telling them the guys last night only your could make up the characters to retention team because. I am. I am Iraq and a rock know what to do this but and I can do this like it steeled and I have Blakey at. My my tools like can do my man my head tinkering in and I have my tools for disguise because I'm also you know Charlotte and and I can do this like that and cheeks and getting a beast. Theme than Amtrak and it's continue to keep in the playground. Like what I and the grand dragon slayer steeped you know. And that's a big thing you. Ask the GM here can I do this I ended up tottering into it I have a I have a character that I. Was then and I and our fights and thirteenth Asian it was based off of a custom. Character. Generator. And so we had all these skills and whose abilities and I like went up to the GM and Mike. Hey this isn't quite working out for me can I increase can I build a school because I want this one spell and it was murder spears corners or. I wanted to kill people with like with tablets overloading the staff I had gas so he's like well if you can create a school of magic they you would have as an art of Pfizer and it would incorporate that insurer. So if you do it's it's helping and benefit or a giving benefits to your players for being creative exactly. Yep but now this is spending it's been a lot of fun creating the characters. And just kind of getting in the world and it seemed a lot more difficult than it actually wasn't ready to readings that kept asking questions he's able to go to this page. You more info on my company. He's in here any tell a lot of on the console and one everyday just seem so daunting to there's so much. Yeah yeah any case it's simple it is an as a player I'm I would say. Definitely five C got the ins and outs of your character because like I said as a GM. I'm not always going to knows that on page she acts this thing is there. And I have to go by and I am look I was gonna borrow and I'm just and I didn't. And running it my little heart implants like seeking notes for all our almond meal little tabs awesome Darryl my stuff where only references are exact resolutely awards let's get worked really well here we which I know that I can beloved because these guys know I play games but they don't realize now nerdy actually ends I met them in a non dirty environments. He beat the dead flyers are sitting here like like Alabama new guys a heads up on and ask a lot of questions but the fact that I'm like understanding an idealist like oh. To whom it is already garnered grounds that there to have. I get me to bust out a card I got this road at this well biggies and your round let's get to one lucky she twists the TV. There's no Sherlund now I this is kind of run easily keep the Hank. So Star Trek and events I'm listening yeah the sooner the. So we all know bones on Star Trek Leonard McCoy sameness form many things. Mostly announcing that someone's dead or insulting Spock in a way that seems almost off you know awfully Xena phobic for Star Trek. But he's been very famous for your game merely explain and explain that he is a doctor in literally not anything else down that path. So here is the definitive ranking of the things that doctor McCoy is not a in this list includes both things original McCoy is nine things that's that helping universe McCoy is not true this does not include Honeywell are fully doctor saying that to the arms. So just say as he and JJ Abrams and TO lesson to us. Arlington in this in the movies more and the go ahead. It's a number tense is that's a scientist or physicists. From the episode metamorphosis incidentally it is worrying them McCoy an article author does not think he assignment is there's another scientist he didn't drink when I'm a doctor not a scientist and a physicist point. Number nine psychiatrists. Brad city on the edge of forever this is true then he engineered. For know your immune Debbie Scott area Scotty mechanic. Mechanic and engineer Don Zimmerman doctor not a mechanic. But I eggs humans yet and it's kind of like not mechanical humans and nine year gonna say enough they wealth aliens a guy. Dammit Jim I'm a doctor not a to be a technician but that's when I'll definitely remember that are near the end of America into darkness and yet. Dammit Jim I'm a doctor not a magician. Here. I. Dammit Jim I'm a doctor not a brick glare. Okay Lou I. Hey remember them so that little in the hour in the dark yet that's when he was when they return anyway it was not a bricklayer who I was that he was there the whole tour ruin torture McCain remembers what government we're China. For what I. Probably not not Coughlin thank you and I can remain an alien species next up. I dammit Jim I'm a doctor not a coal miner and the fact that our idea is that dammit Jim I'm a doctor not a move shuttle call on doctor. I don't doctor number my one doctor removes something doctor had a trying to make a weird accident nor can no and no no it was weird. Dammit Jim I'm a doctor and an escalator. From Friday's child. An escalator instantly and went on later when you know the conversation there revolves around bat desperate escalator and insane and I'm. I know I'm just shy guy like I doubt I know you said it like love at first and only crowd an easier way to get that new. Do you already have and well you endlessly it's definitely on him while he how hot hot right. Apparently there's a danger zone when drew someone stepping on him like you like winning an escalator. New Orleans yes no or little letter surfaces on a doctor none escalator that you should get faster than wow all the cabinet is ridiculous I've ever being neither I. I found a Mena says. Doctor not to be confused with his addiction advises engineer lawyer bricklayer bartender singer pharma pilot could addition firefighters soldier sailor presented diplomatic counted police officer fiscal third journalist gunslinger astrophysicist. Except her. Why are stripped or escalator and well on the like some guys. Seniority Puget. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying deep culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dot club that's BMW doc plus.