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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW doc plus. Lord I think now we and it. The hunt 8321. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay cheesy cliche. Welcome to BDC deep nation and I am not ever know what god is Vicky Barcelona. What I'm talking about clothes next to me we have mr. Chris look like a plan walk hair the little. The fact that this shows and namesake BJ Shea that would be way that's my defense. OK here and the show's namesake. Child needs. It's Roddick said he asked that and our heart I have here I mean some days and you'll inherit Elvis and it will be minds are looking for investors. There. I look today on the program we will be interviewing Ryan Miller from edit PVP men's all I know what I can do guy. We'll also be talking about new game that's coming out today Star Trek SN ascendancy yes. Sartre got ascendancy and we have two new shows coming up this weekend you're gonna wanna hear about we end as well actors who almost played the joke very low low way to say no way I'm sick. I like it's. How people get a hold us prodigy floating head coach Kurt. I'm ready you're back. Check out our website and all the podcasts that DVDs nation dot com Microsoft FaceBook just search for BG she's heat nation follows on footer and instead ground. Used to grow. And blew everything up photo are added my imagination. I don't like not good publicity you're not doing anything this this week this is green and I got plans for anybody how. God send us attacks or leave us a voicemail at 19802243353. Conditioners Nino SP JP mission at And of course check out all the on the couch with Chris is at YouTube dot com glad BJ euthanasia in the. Mother ran a mile there's sprinkled in there to come yeah. Nancy had this week I am running the show real. I understand and it's man this girl power things out of control a little drunk on power armed not gonna lie lock up your sons and I'm just bring your daughters let. Here to strike a lot to feel that no we did mention that there is senior shows that are coming out this weekend. One that you're going to wanna binge watch immediately starting today because it does come out today. Luke cage marbles Luke cage come out on Netflix today finally. Well really says it will sorry dark matter who was catching up on you watch a couple of episodes prodigy but now that Lou cages on I am not to turn to that only tell you it's probably better than dark matter. Hello Larry got bad you know it's got to and I really car Alan and jump ship call Hayley he's a veteran like it's like once upon a time and space like in the sense of equality yeah I kind of you just get this like you're you're in the story and then the light page you like that story we had because now we're now I can follow suit. All that's a bummer all right brother well then I've done well location is going out. And I did read some reports say that this is probably the best Marmol show ours is. Today better than any idea demo and that's what it's okay DR I'll you guys are gonna be binge lodging at this weekend please let us know in the manner then yeah. Just got young sons and our demands put some articles or say in our blood and drugs and as we get watch a couple of simple please let us like message just let us know. We've where Arnie ran down all the insert and Twitter FaceBook all of that your email us. We want to your joining this phone call he can so in other words we you know doing things we America now yet now. Not doing anything that watching is as much center have got a bachelor party so I'm gonna see if I could sneak out early just to get a couple more exits and nice. Could pick it. But there is gonna show that is coming out this week on HBO on Sunday believe what's world I've never even heard of this thing. So yeah Wes will look premieres on on the second of October. It's it's based off of a movie. Did then was with say your primary was so written and produced and directed. That's an old time movie and they're slimy guy won the first ball guys you probably ever saw that this really was Jill Brenner anybody of these things restaurant guys in forever so I think the first bald old guy that I ever solid Elmer fud. Not so good okay well. He's now real yeah IR Olympia. This is a fascinating movie when I heard they were gonna make a TV show on this I was really surprised yeah. And I'm looking forward to seeing it because Anthony Hopkins is an end he's a guy. Anthony Hopkins Ed Harris Evan Rachel Wood James Mars wow is in this thing man Tandy Newton Jeffrey Wright I mean there are so many great actors in this thing torn out so. The basic premise is it's a it's a winter wonderland a an amusement park. How rich people's immune enrich people's amusement park where everything that goes on is is simulated and all of the people inside the amusement park are robots. All my entire human life like human urine and I don't grown daughter busts. Details when persons Disneyland drilling and and you know people go and they just live out their fair season they take a break from the world and things like that the problem is a robust they're getting ideas of their own. Then everything goes caddie won't miss from there. Had they want resuscitated and Afghanistan and this is an old west's seen yet I'm serious although I don't western world yes part of that is old Wes got up and then like California last. So if you wanna go and Nabih some little fun in the brothel their robot brothel people and if you wanna go shoo people you can shoot some robots you. But it's all supposed to be so lifelike that you feel like you're interacting with real humans to comment after the panel militias because you know look the cast alone is let's get yeah get any interest yes. I'm Elaine this looks like it's gonna be really really great. You've got I JJ Abrams and Jerry Weintraub executive producing on mouse thing you know can be god Jonathan Nolan is producer writer director this is gonna be having this is going to be pretty amazing and I'm really excited for it. But don't get too hyped up over because I've heard I've heard other people all people already saying oh this is going to be the next game of throws for HBO. And I hate to have that on any show because it just that's just the bar so high and it's eight from menacing as can be a good show but let's not expect game of throw stuff from a let's just let it live as it is ends up and be what it is. Entering it's a different genre it's like people are saying oh vikings as the game Ambrose little vikings unlike the vikings is a very popular and really could shell. But it's still does not hold a candle to gain a round that gaffe. You you can't match that I like that like you references are new benchmark for great. I bring this drama TV turn things are really do other things contest Iowa Missouri show but yeah and I would like to throw this more towards side if you wanna figure was shifting of something. I think it's X mock him out because that was a great movie. Which start Oscar Isaac Sopoaga Ameren. And it was apocalypse via O'Meara there was no blood and an idea he's free I think fifth and that was a great movie and out of course. Ali civic down there. The her tubes in and she arm as she played an artificially intelligent being and it dig it really sport a lot of that movie and I feel like west worlds gonna cover a lot of the same philosophical ground FedEx Markkanen did. And that was a great movies so I hole I I hope a lot of hope I love those stories ever since we saw data have to go to court to defend himself fans are tremendous generation. You know man robot has always win man yeah I was always doing anything you can argue with a look at Cairo mother whenever I realized yeah this Will Smith. It's match. Go along one year out on the I don't really I wanted to go on and there was too much of an action movie here as opposed to really the philosophical discussion if you will and has touched I don't want I should just leave probably why don't want Iraq. Well let's check out Leyland is that we love to hear your opinions and impressions Hollywood and impressions are and this week. I am not property captain but don't I deserve my own room spots. So we did I don't I don't we talked about how Luke cage comes out today that there is something else coming out today than any you guys are super excited about and they talked about on the podcast yesterday. Garments are are you talking about I don't predator Star Trek a seven CBS just me. Easier to say but yes CBS start check ascendancy when we did cover it on previous broadcast. I didn't just yeah EI and dom did so there's a lot more on their but it Jason file released useless beyond the summer. Some people did get copies during some conventions like packs northwest we were able to. Or pacs was we were able to get one ourselves go. The other card Asean's we're supposed to be out by now the terrain he was supposed to be by the end of this by the end of October oh boy this is October yeah so. Into the last day it's time and I just a temporary you're right Larry is a temporary bottom line is is that mean you got pushed the gallery near the bottom line is is that the game is finally coming out two days you which is the end of September like Dickey said and then we're not gonna see expansions. Until the end of January at least according to Amazon so it's a three player game right now. Or if you like Chris walker who is amazing. You scour the Internet if you go fight every bit of information about the card das in expansion. If you own twilight imperial you're not you don't have a shortage of ships. And you basically can make your home planet on card stock make all the advance guy investment cards get everything you need to sleep and we have the card there. Boy you're supposed to be oriented. So we don't we have our fourth labor agreement the recipe you gonna have to only have the three player game dropped today. They there was some gaming convention and they don't remember which one was exactly so forgive me for that day was one of the day is like skilled ER or something like this but someone had or a gale force had put out. Or had allowed them to play with the new cart has an expansion and whoever was playing it was kind enough to take pictures and everything improve. He ads so you know people who are little Photoshop later in some cards stuck in the old frontier boom Curtis seems beyond our planet or different actually it's the best Jerry reversion honey we will buy isn't quite as he usually comes up and wanna play with the ships yet but right now. 80 currently using the dread knots that didn't look for please share data from twilight interim manager does look impressive when you put on any snow yet so so I mean I have no problem doing that covers said nerds are very patient people weren't. I actually susteren yeah typically don't get it drops today a matter of fact in celebration of dropping today we will be playing no later on that's ficus Christmas self doesn't exactly right and I nemesis Sean from thing twelve games will be playing as well and I carried out of the either listening to the Star Trek showdown tracker pandora or whenever he Molly well they're somebody may have actually dropped thirty bucks on iTunes to get like a ridiculous amount of Star Trek music all I got. Yeah amazing it's a very nice to it's just wanted to listen yeah I just as bad because. Oh look guiding get blood disorders is playing every songs from every. There's like a pretty darn thing. This Sosa just agree still on this thing guys as a hundred dollars. I wanted to go get it out rooms and it's definitely were you guys got a lot of high quality components too with the miniatures are awesome reality says it's well worth the hundred and I mean you could it was on pre orders so you should yet you should be getting extra if you Eric and bring it out any time it's great for X games where you know was so light while I'm Terry may I Caldwell imperial might it's it's it takes short amount of time to set up a shorter amount of time to play. But it really gives and it really you know Chris you say if they cheated it's. The Star Trek games that come out this one really make you feel like you're actually playing the different factions you feel like you the federation you feel like you the cling ons. You feel like you the Ron Owens they've done a great job Gil forced nine and creating the vibe of the show in a brand new Guinness are Reese can do anything it's a brand new game yet designed from the bottom up a four Star Trek it's to do their anniversary and and we love it yeah and yet we we looked at rats were playing again today yeah I mean. We're researcher trends are tricky easily no doubt about that we've played a lot of starts against I think thematically this is the closest to just feeling like you're yeah playing Star Trek cut have to -- -- frank you Comerica fast moderates that's your race that's all right so well supposedly October let me tell you about the fray because everybody has a little game board in there are three units a resource there's there's basically money there's research tokens and then there's culture tokens and you all have a little space and you board for all three. The terrain he's game board they had tool spaces for research and culture an and the rest of the board's got a giant picture of money basically. And they don't have advancements they have rules of acquisition that they have to do and also be able to raise. I.s so I'm looking forward to playing them I hear the mechanics a little different which is why they they released them first so do you get used to playing the game. Unfortunately have to wait till January the end of January before receive a free to do ordinary men has those listed at 35. Peace unless of course somebody in lawsuits may know somebody Gil Forsythe has pictures they continue to experience there as soon. You know really forced I would love if people who we're playing a game and say good things spotted you know we're not critics will. Say great things I'm I have to reject them. Every joke and a mistake. What are different how we're different broadcast we'll play games we like to say we love playing the day we love playing here and we don't see any bad but it does not because we just love and well we we played this all we were Plano we don't have any more game nights. People been Matta may put the figure it off hey use a game as we don't. Listen only placed three of four players right now eyes sorry you're really gonna put I check ascendancy again I recession mentally I think that's why so that's that's that that's cool yet Felix they're trick at all. Did this game. Well since we're talking games I think this is the perfect kind of to talk to our guests are Ryan Miller from thick PVP magic quit now I'm glad you brought that up Vicki because yes he's standing right over here actually sitting right over here with the I. You know what I did so it's always plays like he's standing. And there tied FEMA. Designer and maker creator extraordinary there. Also a hell of a salsa dancer I thought the slowest clay Tivoli wakes competitively when players Gloria. Ladies Joan. Everybody. The whole room. Now that's remedy Vijay is thank you guys users such prolific you know supporters. Calling of the gaming industry and all the other pillars election means we're ready to kick starter porn I guess I thought that's saying I guess a more against the colors yeah pillars of the community it's this nice way to say that I'm addicted in some form my financial buzz is gonna pull me aside. If it's okay Aaron kick started yet generated have a whole lot of updates pretty much daily sometimes I'll tell you are today and one of the First Amendment but I did this this from this road I travel as started really early on it with a one game and it was again it Ryan Miller help make happen epic PVP. Which is a great card game and that I I think for anybody that is into collectible card games. A you know like magic the gathering things like that epic PBP is a great way to get you going. With awesome variety as well as it teaches people all hey used some of the mechanics you might need. To really go into the world. Of magic the gathering because it magic sometimes is really challenge you to teach people yeah. Epic boy oh boy you get plan right away and yet. It also brings in some new and fun mechanics is how you can manage well you resource is so that maybe you don't get frustrated because I'd like to play this card in my hand but it really does affect because they got. Yeah. I'm at the so let's let's tackle the right about epic PVP colonel talk about the latest version or license extension if you know you know where you we'll get a little miss as we talked about magic because it does get magical it doesn't just know it's Yasser that the BBP is the. To have mostly to Blair Korean your players more defers law. More players take on the role of these kind of fantastical warriors. Basically duking you know each other. And the way you may cure character in this game is by choosing two decks you choose a jet doctor represent Theresa deck there were presents to class you are played almost two necessary RPG. He I know I had yeah I didn't like I have seen a dark Nelson thing yeah you can really go our auto club barbarian you can no I don't know where else. You know I like the house when Marbury and actually to see us corrects me the picture you know done billionaire got my acts are are your. Yes so that and then so I. Come from ultra entered America and it worked it was the coast for a long time and our deal and worked on magic and dual masters schedule and a bunch of other games. I'm a big fan of cards and I'm and his rhetoric or game and her every year designed there's got some sort of cart element if not just a card game and stuff. I think they do so much four replay billion for various and then from things like that and so every few few was just my way of I've always wonder relief fund fighting game like for some reason numbing my first. Won my first pro game designs and I was like 1816 some dvds of like that. Was it fighting was adept at fighting game. And it was terrible it was all terrible assault Loretta I can't get our world. Gloria and tell pouring it is fighting aliens but little brother. After having you know we're playing one game identically forty minutes and he just puts his cars on goes you can't win there's a way to win this game on my aunt learn to help her so I just from that moment I rushed us might play it. Yes so you can seeded yeah there exactly there. So bad review review was yet another -- for me to kind of get the feeling across of like up a battle between two warriors and so that's what the original set wasn't in it was a great success and kick starter and and it's been out some NIC getting game stores now which I'm stoked about home and I my father. He lives in Texas now and he horn to restore. And he picks up every few TV and yours truly this is in some design this instrument market. Well no our little on its proud parent is enough to go back well. Oh it's amazing absolutely. We'll oh yeah other helpful games are pretty I don't know I love I love the gazans I think it is like to bookstores all right guys we're well yeah we're we're. Spoiled here in Seattle yeah as far as helpful games are people we are I mean this is a great place for that's why I mean here I pity some people have to live and other places were sometimes they're game stores bookstores or not it's helpful. And you know but then it's getting there yeah. You know give mayors so. You've got a big TVP a huge success to the point where your father is going around the time you tell everybody that I think these guys are so yeah manager I don't tell my son but this is just get credit of the ad and if I was drink yeah we've actually we have agreed to we had a total outrage and Gloria de playing. News tornadoes are just. Can out of his dad and I vote did the same mistake. I would say I was out that it was an elderly and they got to be honest and I got a younger people claiming games that are you kids I'm the kind of folks take you. Medicine. And I love it doesn't did the same the mistake bridges referring to courses saying the word on the card as opposed to same conclusion and was fine Budapest globe and no other parents want the other there's regardless of iPad any minute decision tablet and the best part of who was. And you Hindus must be you when you made as big tease the smug satisfaction that set a satisfactory look on as they definitely says I packed yeah it is like sort of got past half. Joseph we've got this you're gonna get the higher the smug missile after Iraq's heavily that's it was a little area and that's low about. James in general they bring video card his worries and bring people together they make awesome memories I mean I still get my dad or how about the game and it's just. To meet them the magic in the beauty of of four games and card games is that. Memory aspect of bringing people together have a great time and your friends I was stories until later to me it doesn't get any better. And then be a part of making an experience like that it's is it just the best things yeah so no no doubt about it or that we had some good games of epic PBP just that reason CPI exactly because you know you sit many. Oh well really are well I'm going to do this and you know and and. And he'd because each race is different because each class is different. There are just different varieties say you know each race has a couple of special power cards each class is a couple of special power cards so now. On kick starter even our targets are never satisfied and are outside getting us they care. This north of the struggles and yes well yeah we gotta stretch those goals mirrored. So well what does epic PVP magic add to this mix of what I already love and I love the fact is they have a remote that special continued says I started the fund box cannot yet awesome boxer is great I want to let the awesome boxing as you saw the awesome boxer a year I'm using its -- moral and it's always the rovers and some yes and now there's something magical and merge or go yes so a PP BP magic is a standalone expansion you do not need you rejoice aren't the Nantucket. You pays your car you know earlier we want to hear interviewed is garbage and yeah okay. And it adds be. Host of magical race is a magical classes to became and then imagine. Mechanic to kind of cover like Carl -- magic works early and and that's the one that fixes all the magic vehicles yeah. That's no good can I know I I'm talking about this project for awhile and I had to stop saying that I'm working on a magic expansion because through her own magic is critical noted a moment. At the beauty magic. Cole expensive out of mentally users and users there yeah yeah yeah which I was you know I was a kid playing the India hated the term as accusers like a class like yes unlike us the awesome guys like. He always yeah that's how fascinated I branded meats Amanda Amanda so. He's managed to get more that I and you win here or anywhere you know I don't know economies on the magic is yeah imagine you're an enzyme or Manchester. Saw eight hours thought there was a thoroughly and consumer to put it but by then it has a mere expresso yes. So we added them a magic mechanic and it's it's pretty fun it's many LBJ can mention the the resources of every PP it's too early for mechanic and and in a nutshell how it works. Is every turn you gain to aggression is what's called phone that's arm and that's what you used to basically cast your creatures spells what are you doing are you where you're you're you're you're. Your movies or you have special radar as a more brushing you have the more moves you to employ yes but the trick is that every turn after you gained two aggression and an aggression is a basic two faced a person of upper deck. Every turn you can draw any number of cards from your aggression and there's a really fun decision there because your browsing is more per draw that you'll have less aggression to play those cards. And so it was a really fun decision to return this for strategic heroic or how many Kershaw a pic of does turn sometimes a zero sometimes it's four. It just depends and then more sticks have some sort of get out of jail free card and so sometimes when you're up against the ropes there's really citing mower just scoop Arctic. Arjuna Toronto got under our didn't. Yeah yeah because top deck is a thing usually we hear a lot and in the world magic the gathering you literally could top death dvd you're right he's winning that one car you can go well. Right is what kind of LA hopefully it's one of these studies. 04 and he could god and and that's the cool thing about epic is because you don't need any dice any keep track rank as your life has kept tracked by using cars in your Brad Pitt and also hunting and how you play the cards is also contract of the cards in your debt which is fun yeah yeah. Yeah and so the Mets extortion plays right into that anger is all of these alike about the Russian system is it feels the soil I always strive for a little Immersion and game design a memoir agreement as a want to feel like you're. In the kind of conflict or trying to portray right and I like to grocery Ken because it feels like that kind of like a lower in a fight handsome as ever back away. To kind of strategize a plan my next move and that's what picking a progression means I'm less aggressive. But now are more options there I really think that speaks to the immersive nature of of the game. So when magic won every pick up cards you gain magic points for doing so it's kind of like as a manhole. All you have to like meditative bits and -- your man and Henry can sling sling your spells and do your magical abilities that's fast are sort of plays right into it and and is a really fun they've written it really just am so the strategic in nature of of the Doug progression mechanic so it's a lot of fun and again. And also the immersive value to cause a kind of feel like as a manager have to take a step back graders are like OK I'm a step back and draw my forces there this next. It's. One. Why. Blue. Only other focus we took for an epic TV magic is and and BJ you say a lot about how he always different tax on soft and and I feel like we did a good job with a PP VP. We're doing a better job with a pick the PP magic. Thought I guess I'm glad Japan has some of the back show us how to. Hello I did say so much about the way I want a mile when my car should you go. I did a good job and 2050 I'm not sure it's 46 and who are doing now I'm sorry so congratulations. Here's how do you do a better job we we focus on the theme more we added more character and morphine to the deck so cool there was agreement recover from what personally is really fun game sometimes it doesn't feel like I'm playing in the workers once adored it should do a complaint or from a fabulous toll well let's get to kneel down yes OK good European Daniel dousing your hands only to have get above the table right feared they don't have aren't you get the whole time N estimates. So espionage Dex I mean so do we have a high new decks do we have thrown this make us old. We have twelve X. There is a knuckle interdicted as just is not going to be in meet the reach over there is only for backers in the Muslim one decked him and predicaments is that my fat. It's how. You gotta. We have some really cool races we have good young demon demon is really fun he basically you're certain cards the war forces opponent to draw demonic corruption cards. The man his abilities to draw you just heard a random card and if it's a corruption card you take damage so it's like absolutely zero being used all I love the bad. The cedar. It basically gets you drunk. Like the singers of the hooking his tee all right just agrees to pile encounters on your opponent and more wind kind of level the less per predictable they can be. There's some really fun stuff there's actually a fun story about how we shall one of the races so I've got got some good friends up in prince Rupert British Columbia. When our country judo they have an amazing game store there called good time games it's just ridiculous they've got to it's a small town in British Columbia. But somehow they managed to get both these hundred person tournaments for urgent it was nice while and and a Goler is because of the crew that runs up place and the guy that runs that they are just an amazing group of people soars to eleven bodies ever since and so one of his folks that works sir earnings Olivea sent me a picture of these two girls playing a bit confused they currently get seven year old a nine year old playing every review I. Saw a door off gas and he says and I said oh that's great Tom you know I because that's reduce rollover you know low seen people I'm your time was on the night had a hand in making. And as she goes well there officially requesting Mike in his. Which is the most geeky thing I've ever heard and it was amazing no Mike communes for those you know most we all know my units are well no it's probably just got a little ignorant remark I can is our aid dungeons and dragons or race of mushroom people. Also thought there is so I knew it sounded familiar but it I guess what I see her eyes you know what I know good for him and not realize there were might amidst so I have. Gonna be audit upon elevens offices there on Pennsylvania at the time when I got this is the message from Bolivia. And I see the story picture in the semi canoes and I'm like I just love. How dork you amazing Q this entire scenario so that's yeah that's that's it that is amazing and I he's trying to turn a Luken and Jordan were there at the office and I don't pay you know they're requesting my mechanism and they gonna do here is it warmer rules. And and so you know I shall have pictures on dirt they all and we had been looking for a quirky fun magic race. And Jordan spits out this is always to took this relief from mechanic idea for the men were like dawn and Salt Lake with so I don't know how people touched nauert called Mike and it's does you know don't want to upset my old friends there and where you are. But collings borrowings. Comedy of the small mechanics are actually they started that they start the game and they have this is these 10s4 cards that the U shuffling your opponents decks are clogs a verdict was sports. Meanwhile although it and then as they draw their cards are like Clarke he has boards and they can give the sport back to the four player but it cost them dearly to do that and so it's really fun like you basically get congestion from sports page and that's fantastic so if so is really fun like you know just anyway stir those kind of like these kids going harassing my kids. Because it turns out of Mike edited saved this girl's Carriker and her do you need your favorite Paul had given its life for her to play for release. Yeah I don't like on I and so so that does seven or nine yeah I didn't. I'll tell you never heard. Before but so yes or did you know that you know it and. Is he still like how we really wanted to import the character in the theme of these decks and really make him feel fauna and goofy and ten and just add a new flavor to the game and soak. You know if you want to just get in on this level here and then pick up. The the epic B match except it's completely standalone. You can get it with the awesome mark's hole really is a new awesome blocks we knew our on the outside hey guys those who listening also must he go chicken on on on the case heard amazing it's basically this huge. Magnetic closure box would drawers for the decks and and a drawer from the counters and everything. He really is worth thirty kicking it the next highest level so well when the when are we likely to see this available then now this I was approachable. Item. I should know insolent and I don't think that's. That is well it's. Should have a job as a series where very nebulous. I have well what date does the extra starter and I'll tell fifteen days left and careless error in sixteen days left I know there's a posting fun eleven has. Only they've done something liked him. Projects they've literally once an early a couple of times they're hundreds super solid on shipping on time. Junior brought in product on time the time the early was do something out of their control. And so I really did have a strong track murdered. I don't know fun to eleven not castle dice missing grad school for girls and employees. As well courses epic PVP and it's it epic PVP is a great game I break it out to anybody who's like OK I don't know about these collectible card games ago now let me tell you this is really just in we're gonna you're going so quick is so fun and and it really does introduce them and I love it sounds like magic goes even further. The magic expansion. Where they're really seeing okay I'm more stuff that I can do when it comes to cards in altering the game which is what's a you know trading card game still. The cars changed the rules to the game usually. And it did its it's and another reasons good introduction for two things return for games. Is that trigger is a very granular you have to build a back you have to in on every card is kind of a decision making him like what you put analysts up. With a preview BP. Like that and it is so you get a little customizations you don't have beckoning grandeur thing. And the united shouldn't drink organs assist you know I encourage users to such a fund their source for Playboy either CR or an off. I'm mirror we're so I was on the cards are really really great. Yeah quote Brian thanks for six was committed there out where people get a hold you. See Randy Miller McConnell as my web site. Rhyme or games on Facebook's future benefits are that probably a better place to say yes well one nice to get the link for this guy did on yeah. And it just looked up at big PVP Colin magic your arm you kick starter Cole you manage to left. Nicole and Maddux and as you just move the tournament how do you imagine a little color match I around. The riddler well I know you're doing now every newscast that event Friday her. Yeah really probably transmit your calls on fans you know I asked if you remember Leona gunmen using larger. There's always a whole other thing tell us or gun that day you know he always had this. There that obviously has created some call a magic shot. They prayer in extremity resolutions for no games like years or peninsula with lazy and Ryan those fantastic in once units at he imagines they as I said man I've kicked did yeah you can get a benefit and we and we played the original courses commit -- box and are. Yeah and Bryan's awesome Ryan. You know we've had a chance to really play a lot of fun games and as we said and check it out man. It's awesome awesome things started doing Bremer who. And the fact that here's a little bit I found this article which is really really fascinating to me because. We always hear about stories of actors almost getting a role. And their pass up for another actor to gliding if maybe this tactic could have done better or they wouldn't have been even come close to leave their original actor. But I found the whole list only for dot com at actors to almost played the Joker in this isn't just recently the current Joker all Jonas and we're all had to learn bouquets are going to be kind of interesting an M partly because they are some of them are older and and -- C when you guys have to say about them or eight one is up and actor named Jose for her I don't know posing as is say he's an Academy Award winner but I don't really know him to what's been used originally countering. You know he was reportedly up for the rule of the Joker but out. I don't know what we're retired and Sarah Mara Joker so is that old Shia and adults are now isn't there has not here and there are cameras uneasy that's how popular is mounting anger that's how popular that show was a lot of people wanted to be in match out there really was such it can't be super success for a. 1966. And 67 so I am not surprised the funny thing is though even though he has found a spot on the part his son Miguel went on to voice a bunch of famous DC characters like mart martian man hunter aloud whether wizard an awful man some of those kind of cool. But next. And this unjust. I don't understand but it's kind of cool okay Frank Sinatra same thing for the 1966 Batman TV series he did they wanna Frank Sinatra's the Joker you know yeah. You wanted in on the joke about it she wanted to aren't you right now under Cesar Romero had already signed on. Okay why. I can't imagine all the lies is the Joker. All man. And secretary of that scene this is a guy he used to drink an entire bottle of Jack Daniels before he went on stage so I feel like he could probably pull off really compared committing Joker the. I mean like what he could put off like a Canadian team Joker in art Terrell that's very he funny can't be you know Cesar Romero where you know even to the point where he wouldn't shave off his mustache so you can see it especially if you get the blue route back I have to then I guess see the mustache so clearly it's so awesome. I just I can't imagine anybody but Cesar Romero claim that Joker he was just so good being the didn't do Joker Merrill yet it's really really hard to imagine anybody else out there are old friends not a dealer there a bizarre bizarre I do like how they do have the connection here so apparently Sinatra post humorously scored his Joker are posthumously buster met with him this. But you're then it was a very humorous look like a weird way to say that word that. I'd like to post generously paid before I get funny I don't know how. After I get funny you decide that poster person and so in from rock steady is bad man arkan nineteen. He had a rendition of I've got under my skin which actually plays a vital role in the Joker related scene honeymoon so at least there's this connection I we got you frank. Tim Curry. We'll also missed all man and he wow now that Sarah is in Britain in 1989 film. Ask Tim Curry that would have been there really just amazing and I think he's he's a guy would love to see get a shot and then you know I mean obviously you know he's got issues now but don't have an amazing man. Really did end up going to record multiple episodes of back in the animated series bright performer camel go up replaced him PD so he did the voice a couple of times but apparently he sounds like it sounded two similar to other roles he currently had which I'm guessing I don't like fern the only car Charlie Palmieri and also they thought that his he is a little too terrified to tough terrifying that TD demographic that sounds Tyler let's understand. It's like you know we know Mark Campbell mark Hammel is the Joker actually ready as the Joker of oil tankers got when he wants to he can be very menacing sort of present yeah Miley and dad have Carson did it's it's got to actions leader. Yeah that's a look I. I was like really. Robin Williams. And not once by the way and Brian Williams wanted to be he wanted to be the Jack Nicholson roll aren't true comic book nerd and he'd meet you you know she's actually. Offered them the role. But then that after Nicholson had declined it but the Nicholson changes mining came back and obviously we'll Robin Williams didn't get the role and it and out of an branch that you have the whole franchise was that the red letter. And Batman frontal area heard about that too he was almost a riddler that then and that. It didn't periodic. Yeah I well I wish I wish she did get enough of against Jim Carrey. Except I just feel like Jim didn't quite get the role the way it should abandon them. I really really and I think runways in my I feel like he would have been a little better in that role and then now Williams also apparently tried to get into the Christopher Nolan sterility that was passed surfer Heath Ledger so. Well kind of Unclei makes sense yeah and I'm but in Seattle they I would have picked Williams for the Christopher Nolan style and like I could it down a you know for what they were trying to do. With that would be in the third Batman movie because Joseph Schumacher was making an homage to the ceded to the ITV series in the sixties because that's exactly what he was doing better movie career including the holy rusted metal food line from Robin I mean that was all like this is gonna be colorful Margie it's not going to be timber and style. That's why I love. Robin Williams because they Robin wanna run a little bit more gravitas. But still the camp that we were looking for this. If you know if you watch she'll TV series AL frank especially the real afraid portions riddler is terrifying. He really really is terrifying I mean he's not typically terrifying he's campy. But he's also just my nightly terrifying and all eyes and really the point where he's gives you the schemes at some point where that's typical to do wanna TD can't be things yeah. That's what I was thinking that you know Robin Williams could have done better than Jim Carrey if you are trying to do an homage to that 66 just like you know Cesar Romero is Joker was. You know he they they they would they may do afraid they don't you even though was skippy you still afraid these villains. Where is Jim Carrey's river I was never afraid of him he knew he was just too much of a comic book being cart's not a big companies just aren't any there was a time where he like that triggered the height of his popularity maybe in the early why they wanted to and well any any I think he would have been a good choice in May it may be face any real demand because you know we've seen gem Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a great movie he's done great stuff Truman show. I've submitted no later ration as they made a leader in his career and that he was known for always being now weird I've seen like videos of him it was his idea was this mask yeah as the riddler and I just inundated I don't know if its direction. I don't know if that's him. But India it's too bad that they didn't really look at the sixties and say hey Alina Cho show Margaret and go hey here's what I'm trying to do so maybe I should show you what I'm trying to do. Because the riddler was not it not not Jim Carey and aiming to face was not an either or two yeah no I mean here yeah. A rundown these the last cut your mom apparently John Lithgow is another potential cast all although there are many decline oral I don't care if you see inappropriate for his set of skills. Which is interesting because he did play in general serial killer on Dexter so proving he does have the ability to do that. Yeah he wasn't cartoon you go on Dexter he was really am he was a maybe he was amazing as trinity he was so amazing is a jedi killer but. I still thought I would love to have seen him you know and it will delight of his and I impolite way of him saying now Tim I don't believe emissaries who had that the. I another actor who's briefly considered for the 1989 film girl was William the so. How of course our event yeah yeah we joke any freaking tiny one yeah well I had a feeling and that's why I think he got the green problem yeah I think has agreed goblet is basically marbles Joker yeah yeah yeah. Nextel Sam Rockwell. All Santo who are on sale would be great debt gathered is an amazing actor I would love to see him play any Dylan little pickle and yet he was he was considered for the the debit cards and I know there's no one as joy as as the Joker in half. Who were who the new Roman in another dark and I contend it was Adrien Brody. He actually believes are an interest in playing the Joker in the future because he was up four inch. That's up really he knew there was rumors that he was gonna make a cameo on back and NBC remand Donna just suspect yes that was before they confirmed the jetliner was going to be the Joker did you guys like I haven't seen suicide squad yet did you like Jerry let -- commitment and evidently was he wasn't -- enough but did you like it well I mean wasn't his movie wasn't a mad man movie is Susan it's one movie I daylight to hammer but I would not not pledged that they didn't even left high aim I think they just to really showcase in the waiting needed to do yet he was a lot of talk in I wanted to see more action. I got an area that you like and just this weird guy talking and walking it's like OK I want see maybe I'm just again thinking Heath Ledger like cam enemy harder and disappear. Kind of that's tell us open if I wanted to. Shots it is so tough to follow he says it regrets and it took a long time I mean that's opinion the way I've got to be tough to file Jack Nicholson's Joker Malia and how long did it take coming 120 years or so close doing. Okay CIA and. Before we saw a new jokers so maybe this is still kind of too soon and another when they were considering I had this isn't before they'd pick Jerryd Leno did not make sense he rang Gosling. Compared Ohio Gaza and Joseph Kernen he's got chops that the Joker. He's doing well we have to say anything about Anne Hathaway's catwoman I know the rest of dry a lot of people submit accurate maybe I Ryan's gonna factor he probably couldn't walk when you immunity wanted to do. Ray disc tray is so I know we have like that. A quick one yeah dot lets pray I wish Segui is assisting yeah okay. She's got somebody out they now are right. She twisted. Chris walker. What is the fact that this is it right so any any better we're seeing an right and having seen a mixed up. Well there's a couple of movies coming out based on teen novels. The first one that I'm actually very very excited about is missed parents' home for peculiar children and all. Here this is the name it's a timber and joint. San when they are in Canada. Fannie and Joan did I'm sure he'll pop up and there's a market with a so what we have is where's the description there this cooperation even need the description for based on the bestselling novel comes and are free -- motion picture experience when Jake discovers clues to a mystery that spans different worlds and times a lot like this he finds a magical place known as miss parents' home for peculiar children. But the mystery endanger deep and as he gets to know the residents and learns about their special powers and their powerful enemy I'd like this but here's the big question Yasser. Timber and hits it a rest whether it was around menacing mood right there until news now live and it's home. 62%. It's fresh not harm at all yet as a brain has ever. And let's vote. 90% want to see. This of this book cook was flying off the shelves and it it's already did it's already a trilogy and this was this is an incredibly popular. Book series. And I think giving it to timber and just feels absolutely perfect that in this setting is very sort of gothic in and and and whimsical the same time if that makes any sense it's very threatening it's very important in precisely so this is this is a great fit David Green in the in the title role mr. Perry anything's going to be fantastic I love what she's done and I loved I loved her in that dark shadows moving into -- did even though the movie itself was. Our great. You shoes and a section 300 movie engine is also in that one show. The -- one guy go penny dreadful penny Jackie O she's great on penny dreadful fear entry that I guess checking out. But this is it's PG thirteen. Therefore intense sequences of fantasy action slash violence and why Errol thank you I love my Harrington can't take the day I love I love my intense apparel intense apparel. And the other one it's coming out as maximum ride this is a James Patterson and TC calls came from Mosul worried about this is a national hero all right we're gonna do those kind of movies on the cartel I don't know we'll review those movies different kind of ride is right fearless and wise beyond her teenage years Max knows what it's like to soar above the world she and her family or friends saying he nudge again as Ian Angell are all just like ordinary kids only they can fly. Ice this animated our real life and as a real life who. It's. I like that so yet Evans others Patterson packages Patterson look teen series but really really popular and for now on the tomatoes itself had not been rated in the 86% want to see it. I got schooled by the way we haven't talked about mister robot season finale because the prodigy didn't know there was a season finale I'm pretty so next Friday a week from today. Proud as you can see if I NN now I think this is a lot to talk about including there is resolution to whether or not zero and Eliot. Are the same person to really there's Reza. Candidates I want resolution all right to round it. In sonics and and seeing anything. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our PCs and video games or are just a major fan of so I fly a key culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW dot clubs.