BJGN 02-21-18 That 80s podcast Feb 85

Wednesday, February 21st

That '80s Podcast Feb 85

Hosts: “Uncle” Chris Walker & Brandon “Wayback” Jerwa


US stamp goes from 20 Cents to 22, Mickey Mouse welcomed in China, canned and bottled Cherry Coke introduced , Miami Vice starts On BBC, less than a year after its American debut , US men’s mail figure skating championship win goes to Brian Boitano.



Turk 182 

Breakfast Club


Vision Quest



Albums - Smiths, Meat is Murder

Whitney Houston self titled 

Songs from the big chair, Tears for Fears

Vision Quest

Breakfast Club Soundtrack



Tales of the Teen Titans #50: Donna Troymarries Terry Long. (DC Comics)

With issue #150, Marvel Comics cancels the Spider-Man title Marvel Team-Up (Web of Spider-Man will debut two months later).


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can. Hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chased each nation. A yes welcome to be here she's keep patient this is that eighties podcast on today's episode will be going all the way back to February of 1985. I didn't see stuff went on in November of 95. The US they have went twenty cents to 22 cents and people who lived out. As part of the thirtieth anniversary of this land to give out his welcome in China. Canned and bottled cherry Coke were introduced. Should Tutu to chair pulled even remember the ads Miami Vice started on dvd seal less than a year. It's American debuted. US men's Olympic skating championship win goes to Brian Boitano. And a little movie called breakfast club hit the theaters now who will talk about some other movies but I feel like really we can do a whole episode. Just on The Breakfast Club what do you think about ever and it. I I think quite a bit about that before into The Breakfast Club I didn't wanna ask you sir Hillary a curve ball moment here we go. So Brian Boitano he won that male figure skating championship in the 85 that wasn't the Olympics on clarify right but he won that. In 85 and went on to win it 85868788. And then he got the Olympic gold and 88 in the battle of the Brian's. I will pick the skater. I was saying the other night and I think that the Olympics are probably one of the and I have no data to back as a part one of the most consistently successful television broadcasts. I know all time right and I would have to say just from my own very casual observation of the entire affair you're not wrong. In the eighties they were huge yell yeah field to watch the Olympics duties that we we knew we would go to people's houses and have. Olympics yet doing paths okay I guess I'm glad the way that just means. And I I don't know maybe there has been some sort of you know broadcast slump over all the years perhaps if there is I don't know about it and I assure seemed important in the news. I tell you what every morning on the news and news feeds I get a my computer and just listening to right to the guys talking on the morning show. It's news there's something new every day and it's exciting and people are getting really up about it they're like man this is happening and where we got this many metals. Go America Blair of Blair it's still think their. Does this curious you know the middle you cry while you're from or herbal turner. How can people get ahold of those who want to along like you announced walker they can dagger to BJ geek nation dot com. And and as it moves on has got to be social media you detour around you and you put in our name in the box stuff come up. You know and that's kind of interesting and later on a bad I was I was almost ready to forget about you know it. What I had your mind it's. A breakfast. So it. At The Breakfast Club you have did you see this in the theater branded. I'm gonna tell you the truth I didn't know at and I don't I don't think I did either I mean it was it was 1985 I was loses twelve years old. I guess it was only eleven in February and turned pro yet but. I the I was too young I mean I believe that outfit who I checked with my research team you better believe that was rated. It wasn't one that my mother was going to let an eleven year old to go see I didn't get the chance to see breakfast club until it came out on HBO. And which at which time I watch Annika correct. Current yeah I think that the same deal I probably would have been allowed to go see it sure I'd. I had a weird late Q I was sort of in that paper wasn't sure it was meant for me or not. And I want this I want this year but I ain't for some reason I thought it just wasn't for me and I can't explain it any other way. Then then that of course you know it has become in this. I can't it. Piece of our our youth man I was I was a drama geek as you know Wright and Barack. We for our advanced drama final. Or no our rehearsal performance violence or that is different laws we did a segment of The Breakfast Club. And I was Ender I was a mile estimates. And we were doing the scene where Jack is sitting and talking about the parents of we and he talked about that and our drama teacher. God rest his soul Dana brown. Had had very strong rules about profanity and he told me. Because there's a line you're supposed to say some of the bridge right at least you're there. And he says if you if you say that. I'll drop the curtains blow. I think ha okay and I hate to this day. I've never known for sure if he was. Doing that. So that I would define him. A week because he came out and did that the Boeing quote. Okay at the end of our little piece to close all had our teacher come out and do the borrowing quote. And a lower pretend to be independent so I IA at the last second deliberately short of the landing and what you. Are. I worked around it because they got scared and I I think I should have taken the opportunity hands of the said the thing and Eric and I mean. And that. And that's why they call you Brandon artistic compromise your thank you that we did have to of course I transcribe it by hand the whole movie oh yeah. I'm gonna use side what seemed we were gonna do because there was no script there was no Internet. He could you couldn't just go find all of the all of the lines and all of the quotes in all of this. You you guys you had to watch that tape over and over and over in right furiously. While they ever went on screen was speaking I do the same thing for the princess bride I did that for dreaming little dreams I did I probably did part of The Breakfast Club. Good morning Vietnam almost on the entire almost entire movie by hand. And then just whose incredible it was a it was a clean amazingly go about things but yet so this movie like a lot of people RA to feel like. Who fell into that. Very very defining moment and it and I wouldn't call it a divisive movie at all I think anyone our age we'll tell you that breakfast club. Changed their lives. Oh for sure yet virtual you know I am I wrong here no I mean. Yet is it was one of those things and and it was all of those John. News films honestly -- yet he got John Hughes kind of loans are childhood says. Let me let me hit you with a few items about The Breakfast Club feel like some trivia items. Do you know besides John Hughes and obviously a writer director. What do fares dealers day off and The Breakfast Club have in common. No no idea now. They were filmed at the same ones who. Wow which if you think about what The Breakfast Club is that. Actually tracks right it's not rock it's not a new location heavy movie it into. It's very much a sort of it's a bottle movie normalized. Let's see Judd Nelson my ring wall didn't get along simple minds really doesn't like that song. Let alone a. Other titles that they were considering where the lunch bunch and library revolution but you know I had heard about the one you catch well it. The lunch bunch may have also been a sequel because originally Hughes intended to make. One sequel every ten years. I know. He didn't know and I pray to god they never remake there's no because you you can't remake. Yeah you're taking the concept if you remake this Marie a 100% much of it doesn't. He doesn't currently the at all Taylor made and maybe that's wrong maybe that's completely wrong and others say it aloud. That may be completely wrong I'm not sure and it's hard at that point. Is it playing people who would have told you that that was just a remake of them something from the fifties you know it's. Every generation might have something like this that comes along but there's no reason to call it The Breakfast Club and in trying to rebrand it nightly news channel and has more. I will tell you as we get to the into the topic here that there is a the new criterion edition tomb of The Breakfast Club fairly new poll. It's got the four K digital restoration and those rounds on his audio commentary with Anthony Michael on Judd Nelson there's new interviews there's a new video essay with John hughes' production. Notes that Judd Nelson Reid's idea I mean it is. I'm not even scratching the surface of all the extra stuff yet also fun fact in the we can move on him The Breakfast Club was shot entirely in sequence. Well which that's rare most movies often not to via that's something the size actually not a thing. One of my all time favorite and The Breakfast Club there's an eight. With what are we gonna tell people that knew about The Breakfast Club head off on your Casilla by the way go see this movie exactly using a million I think if you haven't yet well let's so let's see what else is on the docket shelling our. For a right. Yes. I you know what that's great deliberative Fuego just walked in an area I was playing. This is a perfect balance my last day yes man he has influence. This album. Was just it was the soundtrack of my summer one year and I I cannot explain how. How many times I played this album over and over and over that's for this this and weird out in 3-D release you move the two audio cassettes that it took with me to my grandparents and when I stayed for a month. And that was just over and over number. Both of those well in February of 85 my friend and careless whisper. Was one of the Tucson that was holding down the top spot we'll hear the other one a little bit later married and this one as an ear worm. Hasn't cured because it's good the other one. You can't get your head gets his sect he'll hate us once we've played OK I got an idea I had it's I'm in a bad song that's another song were referring to abide. Man if you here five seconds of it it's in your dam had all day shut out Seattle local to the guy who always plays the saxophone solo from careless whisper over by the convention center gap on his now we have years and years that guy's been doing it and sometimes we'll just play that over and over and over again. He could switch to baker street they wouldn't Killen now let you know. So also it rarely find a launcher. February of 85 Turk 182. That movie you love that I love well I don't have strong feelings about it one way or the other so you'd you'd talk are going to love I have extremely pleasant memories of that movie. I would say that why. I don't nobody has been so long since I've seen it but I remember watching it. And for one thing. It had Robert you're in love robbery here love rubber ear. And my mom loved every year and I mean my mom loved Robert yurt the way young women who love. Robert you're called on the second hole is that is that is this is this the James Garner situation it kind of attack James Garner have as Robert yeah our relations. I just I highlighted Amato loves to its I. Loved and in any net in that way but the thing is. I've. HBO mum liked it for Robert Urich I liked it because I was discovering. Committee Hutton. And I thought he was quite good yeah I I enjoyed his work. But I'm. Yeah I gotta tell it it's been awhile since I seen it I liked the rebellious nature of it and that he was trying to do something for his brother who would who had been murdered in firefighters. Did that they have done in the elevator pitch a New York nearly firefighter cop cop. Is. Injured on the job and unable to receive any compensation. During and after you rescue a younger. Re so his younger brother. Basically. Generates a sort of grass roots. I don't know if you would call a day eight graffiti art campaign. To draw attention to his brother situation and hopefully get him some money. What ensues is he becomes this almost hear the people a folk hero reaction of the people in particular Turk 182 Turk himself be which you which was actually a reference to his it was Brothers. Home number correct so. And put the story. I like it. And I roller liking it took. So I might have to go watch this one again but I feel like it was one of those ones that and gave me an idea of why it. What was truly revolutionary behavior. You know at the time you know I had and I and I didn't ever paid damaged into the news not a thing we had seen much of in our media fur fur fur our consumption gave us now I imagine yeah I just felt so missiles that think OK well you look Turk 182 I love wit. So whom it was a movie that my mom loved and we watch together you know did you you hit that spot where you both like something Harrison Ford is. Detective John book he and undercover in the Amish community Kelly McGillis is. Suspiciously beautiful on a torment and I'm not with the Amish are beautiful. She does look a little glamorous to be knowledge via chloride there was blemish there was slipped clause there is a little bit rude religiosity pop and I guess listen witness is a perfectly fine movie I want to a wild long time but that it probably holds up. That's gonna get a Davis said Lukas Haas right yeah yeah. And then of course there's vision quest vision glad I thought. In Spokane if I'm not incorrect I believe that's true beauty care about is moving now nine a little argument. Yunnan I love Matthew Modine. I love running Cox. About what a good thing about it I I honestly have very very few in fleeting memories of this I know what to think the it gets held up as another one of those sort of iconic eighties movies but I honestly wasn't about wrestling or something she sure yet. He didn't do very well yeah oxides and and it was one and again as I say one of those movies that is sort of held up. If two iconic. Status. As a low eighties bill yet Linda Fiorentino in there who I love the idea that I loved that a parent you know what happened a Linda Fiorentino moves you around and I haven't heard much (%expletive) out of her success and in my gap. North that was the last thing is specifically remember her crime Fiorentino drives and on topic idea. Obama okay well let's low until music and let's talk about a little music shall we yeah I think we should but as first that we need to. Take it brief brief pause and we will come back. Talk about all the music. Maybe. It's. Bill Mueller you me your best. Everyone says that was wrong. Whether it's actually pianist kind I don't can't because you don't play a funeral. Well I don't know he played piano so you are empty and you respect me and I'll take your mind okay with that. Whether through affairs so for the play. For right. Thanks. Don't pay wasn't great the math doesn't check out songs from the big chair past IE when I was kid. I thought they meant electric chair. Well and I didn't get. Like the title of the album made knows it's Allison content. Well this is head over heels there were shouts. That everybody wants to rule the world. I admit there is no bad track on song to begin with one of the most important albums of my youth hands down cannot be argued with. Agree piece of all turn up half of all college I think that's apt or not Iraq there and knew when they're not a street up. Palm man you know there are no pop. And and it if they have played heavily on the pop stations but I think that was eighties music at that time there was an intensive thinking along that didn't really have a way to. Sort of push it into genre they just put it on the politicians correct and any charted like I'll let my little like. Like nobody's bidders for years doing just fine yeah I've seen them several times and they're great. And you don't for my money though it's always going to be about them. I want Sunday don't actually know the name of excellent but it was I hit. It was a when they covered for a decade or so I'm mad world that's not world which is actually from Tears for Fears first album the hurting. Which precedes songs from the big chair. But songs from the Beecher was such a huge huge hit. That it seemed like it debut album can mean this is true the way port here. Man that gets me every time pretty and and we we we can just do a show where we sit and listen to this. I don't think we. Lift your right we are legally I don't agree that we just that water and and injure would consider and with the Tears for Fears Saddam half an immigration bill that would be let's cancel this. You know crap right now so long and thanks for listening to the bearcats upset that they podcasting in next week for a walker care you're one listen to tears firstly I would listen of that show and I'm on it Whitney Houston made her column titled debut and a hell that was big and that album you did absolutely okay absent Atlanta Ryan Whitney Houston. She was repute and get her songs were very bounce him popular yet robber Dinara was obsessed with her and tried to woo her at Saturday Night Live now well I'm Robert De Niro. I'm I'm gonna take a swing at one on there why not. The Breakfast Club also a big sound check up did you have The Breakfast Club soundtrack I had to produce a tent I did not need to leave pretty in pink was the big soundtrack movie weird science but. Breakfast club like you know don't you forget about me obviously who but I did not get pretty in pink and a punitive. Sure if big album that I don't like but everybody else does so good mentioning meat is murder by the Smiths can monetary unity behind. I'm softening and my old age I don't I don't break my arm's gonna get them off or radio anymore affair. Messi did this this album was one that I he did didn't come into Miami's world until much much later five or six years later before I even heard. The Smiths at all let alone meat is murder in fact I started on Morrissey. You know I started on the straight stuff. Before I went to service you know Smith but I just at the time I had no idea what it was but that's good album I love it. Became cool so let's talk about those other ear worm that was dominating the charts and figure of 85. From the album. Agent provocative tour. Look if you don't know I'm not in. A have you made a diagram and now gonna Salmonella right it's a I just need to go work as your mom I can reverse engineered if somebody shows me yes so foreigner. Gigantic. All man successful rock band this. This was when they got into their adult contemporary phase. Juke box hero is in the rear view at this point. This song that you can't be man out and again I suppose I don't wanna listen to a group. I wouldn't say I automatically change the gestation when the sun comes on the radio but I automatically change the station in the soccer combined because of what you said. I know it will get stuck in my head and I will just be asking people to show me what love is all day long and I don't think anyone month that. I had listened to last night I'm sorry so going about my morning ritual and I couldn't get it out of my head normally virtually people who turn. Interest thing and I I'm not sure how I feel about it Solana on tour foreigner and Lou Graham the more often than not lead singer. Has no longer onto a solo career and Mick Jones the founder fleet of foreigner continues on. He is getting old and I think is not in great health. So foreigner goes on tour and there are times when there is no one on stage. Who was an original member foreigner Jones may or may not come out and play he Eric. And there's talk that Lou Gramm is gonna come back for a little reunion Biden there is discussion and this is not speculation this that is an open thing apparently. That foreigner may continue without any founding members with the blessing of the founding members. Huh and that's rare. It is rare and it's. I think it's it's happening a little more you know because lead singers dying and people get old but do you have a brand that continues to packed stadiums. And if you're lead singer is sixty and in firmer whatever. I don't where at what point do you become a franchise. Do you exactly and and do you end and not think this is your sound like an awful pun but at what point do certain members then get sort of grandfathered in. I don't how long have you the bassist been playing with. That lead singer of the lead singer who started it way back in the day you came on say twenty years ago I think. You're. Foreigners now if you're. You'll fall and on the you can put up front now I can happen now head and and and and shot earlier Jones now when you look at some feel like The Rolling Stones or or or or Aerosmith who've been playing with their metal band members and their own getting on in age trip who have never sort of adopted. This. This sort of mechanic of of a bringing on new members to keep the lineup fresh because certain people are aging out certain people don't wanna do it anymore but the rest of the man wants to continue want. That hasn't happened to them but they also don't have the same sort of stadium. That schedule that foreigner. Like Eric every other year foreigner comes here. Oh yeah yeah constantly on the constantly on the world by the way we just talk for a second about how old I feel Motley Crue is playing at a casino I adult. I. The oh my cards do you remember in my liver. No I don't even remember. You feel the same my ideal. About bands that played casinos and I'm not talking about Vegas casinos like a parent played the MGM grand. You know years still eat into your your until (%expletive) do you find them but when you're playing at you know like. It just some random local casino on the on the on the West Coast of Washington State. Do you feel like maybe you need to get some career advice or do you need to hang it up or are you just doing it for the sheer fun of it at that point there is a Patton Oswald the okay. The title which escapes me you can find it easily and he tells a story about how he was hired. Sort of the peak of his career. To perform at the who leapt as he calls that toilet area which is just give a dollar. And he he was given a giant sweet and he was paid more money than he's ever been paid for anything in his life. But the story goes and he swears this is true is that he walked out and the crowd was so. Blistering early drunk that he never actually told a joke that you shouted his career at him for her. 45 minutes and he's like he's asking lady should I go back outright I don't think that she's like you did great they're eleven and he collected the biggest paycheck he. All okay so so maybe I'm wrong these these people are building their masks an hour late Mickey six need to vote house there something and that's why you play the scene itself. I can't come out of that if you I mean if you look at the money there they're making massive amounts of money to play. I can take it all back. Because that that was just preconceptions and I had in my head I know and because it seems like you know you're not playing. You know playing you know you're going to show where senator your you know playing you know the stadiums anymore Redick has seen no. But I. You can you tell me this push it all back it would good on him like current path and get your book you could argue that well done Aruba Dutch got stuck up. I is that it I think so no I did a little comic stuff over a lot of travail after a quick police are these are real short notes but. In February of 85 thank you can tales of the teen titans number fifty this is significant because Donna Troy wonder girl open. Mary Terry long and I bring this up because I want you to Google. Donna Troy. Terry long and see the greatest white guy permit on a comic book character you'll ever see in your life. For. You can play along at home folks. Donna Troy Terry long. The greatest white guy row oh he's a ginger soul that's the fact that our. Wait he did a way different. Oh yeah oh yet of the first one he looks like a slightly Tamer Bob Ross. You can act that. Yeah. Yeah slowly go if you are that guy in the eighties you can get wonder girl. Right now that's and that's what it is man you look at something like that is now wonder romance she's been in they were garnered just popping back in the next. And in here here comes this guy. Now that. Just risen already had national row it seems like a real schlep just real run of the mill milk toast. He's probably an accountant. Or car salesman or something and you know when her old. At that flips a switch. Sure SP II she like to normalcy because her life as hell and remember I did anything but. Anyway I was big in the teen titans of the time this was her untimely death stroke and Terrell were around the whole thing also. With the issue 150 Marvel Comics canceled marvel team up a Spider-Man lead title that I had a subscription to go for awhile. And replaced it with web of Spiderman fan which went on to become an enduring titled every other did take and we wanna much for you for its own view Palin and I'm. I'll be fine Munich in thirty years. It's never it's too soon. How did. My mistake this is that it is OK then and it's too late now the pathetic and a great guy you listen to that you can't without it well. Yeah I actually am pretty sure it's right about where we need to start wind down for the episode thinking so much for paying attention seemingly do. I wanna stay middle aged. You until I didn't. Men if that's accurate to say two men. Rambling about their child air quotes here and then demand from. Certainly at the end of the male persuasion talked and talked about about things that have been pretty much yourself what. That's why you tuned in the first place I'm assuming that the total and you saw the title of the things. Oh yeah I know uses your. Which. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW talk plus.