BJGN 03-07-18 - Anglicon

Wednesday, March 7th

The Rev talks with Scott from Comics Dungeon about the comic book picks for the week; Rev reviews Thanos #16; BJ reviews Star Wars & Spider-Man comics; Chris & BJ talk with Chris from the British media convention that focuses on Doctor Who, Anglicon; BJ & Chris review the board game Rising Sun; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells sunup today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase keeping shot. Yes walk to BJ Shays geek nation and I and the reverend en Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona. I we have a local grass Solheim. I show's namesake Vijay. I think is if somebody else teases wow could master. On today's show we'll talk a lot of com makes cool disgust and also Doctor Who convention coming up later in the year. Four games. What a board game or game FF pack and of course the geeky would be TV Vicky how can people get ahold of us they get a hold of us via our website PG each nation dot com. I can travel information hot cast doesn't he talk and be digging nation on any social media played a public like us they've had since again they're absolutely thank you so much on that. And since it is comic book day we got to get right into the comic book talk and we'll do so with Scott from comics dungeon Scott from comics dungeon joins us today talking about the comic books you should pick up and let's start where they good old DC favorite bat man. Yeah you know I'm at bat man's got so many titles well there are sometimes are saw a little hard to to jump right and about which. On this one armed. You've probably familiar with the telltale our video games gasoline. That the Bettman would have been out our convert popular of the stories of them are pretty good. And a between Putin when Putin to the took a big jump. And that this comic book you'll forget. ST. Yeah look you know it's it's. We we see this cute you know you. But the club before injustice to have done a lot of comic book arkan asylum also did a bunch opal. Additional story that you give the color books there's a great way to get some of the box stores some of the characters. Amber. And that's one. Introduces that shot into the telltale hole you know burnished. The you know Batman still kinda do what a government in these stories it's not. Is not a battle and we know from our from the movies were at all super experience all out who stole. Try to figure figure out of place in the universe how we interact with the plea of not. And all about and you know so come on it's it's it's it's a great story great discipline to just jump in particular that played against. I actually haven't played the game and I was able to jump right and then ask. And and and get a good choice so there's got. That is awesome and like you said there are so many different Batman titles if you're a fan of video games as a good way to bridge at a like that moving on from that I would be remiss if I didn't want to mention some more. In these dog it sort of things then you have you there's a plethora really of stuff out there and now we've got something going along the lines of by the infinity stones. Yeah out Seoul are dug up. To thank salute wouldn't need a new story first OK yeah immunity to it including countdown is. Is kind of crude into the billion Kennedy comic. Our story line that caught the second post to preview to talk about the other one before and what that's what they'll do that. Remind most schools have all the impunity stones of the marvel universe have the that our coast man it's hard to keep track that's actually eight. It is such it's it's it it's absolutely great and the other interest in playing into this talk of changed colors for some reason. Now is to kind of bring them along those same lines as the MCU's so I guess maybe people who would seat one from the movie wouldn't be confused as the old ones are or something else. Yeah well I think that could he would I don't exploit makes you believe that maybe there's something else. Mom for example vote but the residents on the reality into the stone is actually the title planet now. The right soul how about them put on the dollar ad did. That makes no sense we're back. Yeah Hulk so little solution really really interesting questions here and they start. Telling him that there's something bigger stake it start talking about this and put. Eleven per buying something like that at times but the university the green where written and kind of go well this could be another rewrite them or is this going to be a lead group of the marble your murders and arm and also it's. The the mistake dropped. Happy to help you know soul it's it's. It's kind of got me intrigued to see what is wrong with this story and it's weird there's gonna climax right at the time to the movie as well stroll arm. It is still going to be interesting. That's not a bet they'll get way he had had the outside of London club up as well to. Is that a usual at Har. R&R two streets are. Again just how did you up to speed who had the stones when the big loser eat out some of the platters are. In the end. You know when there was doubt that made me go OK well now and to go back to the way back machine. And actually spit Seahawks are about to go. And I I know I don't need to tell you but panel's first appeared aren't meant to equalize. It and now has a long time ago man isn't it wasn't one of the you can remember but I can still remember that I mean you could imagine W three when I came out and armed. I'll tell you read the story it is slow 1973. Everything groovy M you go. Our. But are but what's great about it is do you get to introduction to two took. Two panels and Dodd lacks a destroyer is also introduce that's an issue. To their organs are you very much intertwined. And the and I'll say drugs that you see in the legitimate career not a structure familiar with here not on the speaking. The quicker this dad's dad's dead they didn't really understand Dave Batista at that point. Well I. Limited though they didn't but I'll look at it took it to good order sorry you. I'm the real battles you can barely appears in this story but there are some who robot but a gamer if you will is America. And Iron Man drops actually and a defeated him and the and the and then. The another year or so before we get another tunnel stories are in the mall we universe those. Brilliantly he's worked. Jump start and was doing even the may contribute three planting the seeds. Oh OK I'm also a million Kennedy germs and the impact it's an album W number. On IN super stoked to check all of these out Vicky actually found me AS silver surfer. An older one that with us panels right on the cover and it's just it's just looking at those things and seeing already gets lease so stoked for the movie this year and I love the fact that. I mean like sandals is the big bad when it comes to that and he's really coming to the forefront in the comics and he has been for a long time but it's always fun to see a good solid villain. In the in the world to superheroes. So absolutely and I'd you know but with the deployment of our grown a whole new respect for panel in the end of that actually. You ask see this and try to go to and make sure everyone sings this song notes that knows some I mean is that I'm his silver surfer to Panos is glad to say at this point nine and The Herald no quit but I also limits god thank you so much to get people can find you just by searching for comic stands on social media. Where else. On the old Internet. Are comical to look almost seaport secret or top think he's a much Scott. Oh era. Thank you so much Scott again comics and not calm lots of places to find all the information just heard from on FaceBook ask him all sorts of different questions they actually have an event coming up next month discussing the Infiniti gone Lance. The but six. Issue. No arc that really showed off how awesome panel says. And what I bring it up well because of past goes then why are you the only dad it's a fan assign us and it first off it's stand know all sorry. Panos leeway and both ways I am a fan I am not the only thing and there are plenty of people out there to worry about it I don't you bring him up though because can a sixteen dropped last week. This is a very interesting comic book had because. At this point in time up until this issue. Fan knows had been brought. From the casualties. From this time that he is in now which is whatever you know time there is to the end of time where kings fan knows has basically annihilated the world he is one of the few left things. In this. Actual universe that's not good yet he was brought back by an intergalactic ghost writer with a shard of the time jam like to do yes. And then we found out in the an issue fifteen that the ghost writer is. Frank castle what. I admit it's so this one starts off with frank we get the back story of frank castle. And it comes down to the fact that. Frank castle was killed by Panos in his dying breath he was like I would do anything being. Do you get back at the big. Purple bastard. Moves which manifesto says a reread everything I. Matthew Medicare or happen makes him makes him the ghost writer. And then it goes into this point where collected shows whoa we got some heavy hitters hole yeah it's it's. Convoluted big kitchen sink this bitch on this one and eight galactic shows up and running from fan knows. And they're like hey I'll I'll help you if you give me the cosmic powers and now let me become your Harold so he frank castle becomes the ghost writer slash Harold of galactic as he's the coast surfer. Yes. And then yeah. At that point he finally teams up with Panos to become. The Herald of standalone slang word it's a whole convoluted mess but it is also really awesome does Arizona go actually after Jessica just ran out as always frank castle the guy killed Kevin doesn't care is frank castle is nothing to a person like scandals. Like he is in it do brilliant comedies like a blip on the radar like. Well maybe one silver surfer who isn't so sober anymore at the end of the world into our overall I imagine yet it is absolutely fun it's absolutely need to run surfer is it a goal server that he won a medal what is your little core business of city and surfer are cool I like bad and I use wielding a weapon and in the last panel that I will not spoil the like SA kitchen sink. This below are not new in guy comic book day and I absolutely love it I need BJ. You've hundreds of comics. I have Star Wars they finally they finally wrapped up the ashes of Jeddah which you know Jenna was the planet that was in row one. Where I had yeah yes so and endeavor so they this takes place of course between. I episodes four and five of Star Wars and so on the empires go back to jet because they want all the crystal so that there Olusegun to have the power to light sabers it right but hey this is how stoppage and I won't get Ritter we'll take all these crystals they can't par otherwise there was anymore that's an idea gesture and I suppose a crystal can be used for other stuff too. And did well other rebellions like now you did good and legislator was facing off with this queen who seem to be a Jeddah to help the empire. And it looked like she is gonna help the empire look like princes lay it was screwed this turns out now queen just like you know but I had no idea empire and her camera on your side your country to face make it look like you have and I guess and convincing and watching him hit the gas and and a half and look at a face off against the big bad guy whose general of the empire had cyborg garment. And then Luke Luke made it happen little so everybody GAAP as little bit Lucas is doing it you know accidental leak and again it's it's Luke between episodes for a five salute hasn't had training all right just stumbling through his jet I powers trying to figure stuff out. Very very well done hard to believe this in 43 issues of Star Wars. They have dig 43 issues and somehow given as many many great stories between episodes foreign five I don't know when they're gonna start going our right let's give you stuff now between episodes five and six perhaps tour. Very very well done and on so that that that's that and despite Emanuel is out ladies gentlemen and it just came out not too long ago and this is awesome they've got a bonus story that was written a short story written by Broadway playwright David Heine yeah so that's a thing this. They got Brian O'Reilly and today I guess it's like all right it's it's pretty fancy a and this one I love it hate dancing on again I'll do an Indian dance loss of bald again so he did right some of this in the we will it was so some consumer and seeing the last issues of dance on and don't exactly know when it's gonna happen. I assume it's gonna be sometime after 800. Think this yeah stick around for Spiderman 800 to 600 remembering the issues that way again sort of makes sense. By day brands we don't really hear a whole lot about ready Branson. Is she's old school character I believe Elizabeth Banks play Betty branch in one of the Spiderman movies and I'm not mistaken. I think that's kind of a who lives in that is legitimate Garfield ones if I'm not. And yeah AA. And does she is trying to find out what's going on with her are old man and Ned who did it turns out and it leads is alive and amid les is another beloved old school Spider-Man character. And it's all about the motto about these mysterious guys Colby in for sir is and yet so. That's a that's what this annual is about and so yeah it's it's called bury the leads which I think is fun because Ned how Lastings LE DES and food and of course that's all the other work in the newspaper industry so yeah you're right on with Betty branches Elizabeth Banks and yeah that. PI as she she was kind of a girl that was in Justin impede in back in the original issues and she worked at the daily bugle when he first started okay never really they never connected I don't believe at least at least the re the ones I remember maybe they did at some point but it was always either Gwen Stacey or Mary Jane bit. But no big Brandt was kind of air like hey Pete what do you think I don't I don't ever simply click on I don't know America. But they but she ended up paying he would never like that so. That's the latest I've been reading did you the amazing he's been amazing Spider-Man annual my friends nice thank you so much and well we have a guest in studio and we definitely need to talk about this convention because. Well BJ UN Chris are gonna love this and well Chris move gas take away we have a listen. De Chris Nelson now angle comes chairman this year and last year. Yeah last year or two years running chairman Rangel gonna end he's good feels a little bit about their conventionally guy coming up first of all Chris thanks for joining us today. I am delighted to be either nor any pitcher current. Yeah pitcher come well why is he gonna have to do too much pitching we are like huge Doctor Who I know it's on 300 feet pop. DE yeah just cell yeah you've ever made I don't I don't I don't like this because it's all about that then and I know I Doctor Who were producing anything but going out there and I think there and I got. Men and the content is coming up this November 30 December 1 into. And we held a delightful set of guests coming and starting with nickel Bryant who was apparent Joseph. We embrace our own no way I am Harry is common to hair now I hung in the ground she does. Hand to joining her will be. Hattie hey rich who offer red morally from red door files yes based on the street and how she's so she's awesome yeah. And her rocky horror picture shows owned Patricia Quinn the agenda to Leo wow this age play and both movies Carter. She's also a Doctor Who hasn't changed she had CA. My smaller role but she hasn't jokes about it she has been on it. And we just to sign on me he's miles from torch were known low EIT. Of now she was also on doctor the issue arises torch would think it was the Dickens episode yes dad she's awesome she really I see is such Gary and Hulu yeah I always want her to be companion and I really did a good idea what they always did they always take actors from Doctor Who the you've seen before and either make him a doctor or make my companion. So I thought well he's good regularly hero you know towards what I've done all right this is just as good in London and the aerial. That's a range restless yeah well you know. He truly is and we also are going to be doing an artist Sally this year. And so we have Lee Solomon who is C. Marvel UK comic book artist. Otsuka and now he's doing he's done a Doctor Who stuff he has been Carl or twenty years ago hey yes fairway and as well as a number of other things that are all. British. Related stuff 'cause it's Chris and Kristin Geiger McCaw and yeah yeah yeah some people yes we do. I am really looking forward to it and I mean I know BJ of course of myself you know huge he huge angle files to start with but especially with all this Doctor Who staff this is gonna be. This is gonna be amazing now is to do about the history of Eggleton this is something that grew up out of another convention is that. I it's been called mangled car and the whole time all right hits started several years ago I am not. Quite ready with the math guy and I can't explain it here. But some. The first angle Khan was Sweden originally created to bring. The actors from Blake seven. In two stand and in the Pacific northwest. And Brookline net originally ran for sixteen years. And then after English on sixteen it took a little break. Four or push. I am 910 or eleven years I don't remember exactly how well OK okay. And then come. In a conversation. MIA and number of fans out to be very first and Doctor Who is these facts and Indian team. The decision was made to regenerate the convention and ace like actually I was just after the fiftieth anniversary. It's a yeah I took it down so what. In a started trolling around and finding people who would be willing to help the men and brought me on those set vice chair and didn't leave debuted in 2015. With four Colin baker has a doctorate. That's a great guest well I am very it is time so it and that they are definitely a task at hand we have to. Let's see we had to. Katy Manning who. Who played. Case. Case. He had and we had John Davies who has played a number of rules in new whom. Mostly in costume mean. He has and a dollar key has been a cyber man he Agassi and me unit agent he has been. Wide variety of things and so. Those were four. Guess at first here. And you can find all this information and get tickets and more angle con dot. Com he was unaware that only look on dot or you know tiger yes bright I wanted to ask you Chris windy you first fall in love with Doctor Who for Biggio no way is way way back in the day. But for your daughter it was a lot more recent than that we'll free you Chris when was the beginning of the love for you. I it was a long time ago and Tom baker was my first doctor Tammy to bring down there was when his shows we're originally plain and well let it be if it was when he shows where originally playing in these small town in northern Idaho that I lived and from. Much yes. He was. A while back. And we are always on delay we never got them original no we didn't get the marriage and we have not so you never know Alexa Gonzalez they were gonna some justices there heard screaming and sometimes but I but I I think like you it was mostly Tom baker is what I saw I know mr. Obama's presidency or more Tom baker the sense of anything exactly. Had NM I would be a cell like who's this who's this guy they shall prickly and I then of course a dog to love ya like you. Tom baker was my man. And now he was the first one but is he still your favorite he is right on up there. When my dad loved down and put up there with Tom all the little. At this moment in time since I have met. Colin baker and Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy Diana as a human being at saint Sylvester McCoy has actually. Nice my favorite doctor that I met. Any such a great actor he played or ran against a brown was a ran out around yeah. And The Lord of the Rings were reason he would he also played. The old man of whole lay on since they took you out. How yeah all right whole number of different things yeah that's right I forgot about his role on sensation. He's such a talented actor Sylvester McCoy and it's nice I never met him so I see here that you find to be an hour a wonderful job to go yes he he says he exudes that you idiot to me he was one of the friendliest doctors just the way he was on screening it's always sort of the enemy friendly again all of that yes they seem to have a big heart any age you know a very father daughter like relationship with base. You know will which you didn't meet. The more so than AL that was one thing I really got a definition that relationship like a troubled daughter that he took under his wing like you know what you just that you need someone to really appreciate you for you. And that that that's yet and that was a war that came from his character. I really was and Sophie was smooth so he's an interest in person to whom. Very very nice. So I can hear that man who can't tell us who you love on screen if you get to meet NN Saturday morning meet someone who turns out to be like. Oh wow I don't like your real solid and I haven't so it's nice that they turn out to equal people say this is happening again angle con is happening. November 30 through Sunday December 2. At the DoubleTree Hilton by the sea tac airport. Hi it's a good place where tons of conventions are good ways super open convention spaced and lots of fun some amazing guests yeah if you fly an annual video on Fargo I don't know you literally saw the channel yes yes you are the shuttle or you just doing across the world leave the light rail is already there so you say hello open space I have senior tarred as we'll be there. Yes actually we have to. Always going to be another target because there's going to be one a one of the tire misses is going to be up on stage. You can and the when you've seen that there. It and so there was that's on survivor doctor success console but I saw the console is doctor fights console yes OK I. So what are was taken because I was surprised as can be onstage gonna surprise hey it'll be it'll be apartments that's on stage all around nice to us Spokane but the console as well as the masters tiger sing and bull. On number ten Downing Street door all of which came out of market started last year. Are all going to be there for photo ops with them and we're hoping to hold another kick starter soon because we want to do the red dwarf bond except the. It's. The. Oh that's awesome man. You mentioned kick starter because the one thing about this con is it is all nonprofit it's in the that is that's a day I want people to know about this so nobody gets compensated and all your all volunteering which absolutely that's very very cool. As a matter of fact I spent far too much my own personal and hang on this contention assessment. Yeah anywhere and and so if you end and where do you send it to the proceeds the profits. Yeah and if we held. Profits soar if we have some sound far from actually every year that we hold me down charity auction. During the Khan. And it proceeds of the charity auction and any. An excess funds that we yet. We tend to send two KB TC. I'll that's not associates a local PBS station here down in it Tacoma in that area. That was the one place where I remember watching. All of red dwarf because they were the ones that or would actually give us the dead I mean this is the original binge watching. When I was sitting there because they would play all the episode. Energy member huddling around the television. And a stool honor even including. The new ones in this 101112. And the upcoming and how do you feel about how do you feel about the new ones eyes are still having caused damage I have an content either but I really want to let's say guy I want to but I also loved the original one so much and how they also a dig a warm place in my heart from my youth. That kind didn't. I don't I just love preserving Gillick that path and I will say this I haven't seen the latest season and I'd I don't know why my DVR didn't record because what I've got it set so they were running money stations I don't get it by. You can still buy them soon but the new seasons are really fun. And there and obviously they're older and so you get to see like some of the things that are working but they still. DL it is somehow they still create the magic and I think it's it reminds you Curb Your Enthusiasm we're because they don't do one every year. It's like getting to revisit some old friends and they seemed like all right how are you going to do it. I'm I'm pleased with the I've been very pleased with the all the new seasons I've seen so far from red dwarf better hang some. Again Chris thank you so much I angle con dot org Italian airline all the information and you also have a FaceBook page which I'm going to assume is really easy to find dejudder and the con. And that's the place where you'll have programming special fantastic guests all the hotel information all that information I mean social media's like a lot of times the best way did you gain and ask some questions and figure out what's going on absolutely would definitely checked about Chris thank you so much for spend some time what tests you are very welcome memberships are on sale of right now by the right now part of our on line. Thank you so much in that we do need to move on and I knew you guys are excited about that by half and is the guys are really excited about all the time a board games. We'll have enough time for one board game here so he'll then I'm. I gonna make it really really good run now get. Throughout thousands of years of history so. Japan has developed an incredibly rich cultural things around. Among many things food family travel and traditions true these Japanese mythology is a folk tales who largely embraced details of many different commie or Japanese god so yes and their exploits interacting with actual human. And that's a good with some so new and very low Simone here. All core many. Yeah very nice yeah he's good area. Called rising sun. And it's the it's sad part area control. A little better resource management but also it has so sold almost role playing. RPG style that really have ethics bill to because you are still trying to make sure pieces you're. Game player your pure character better but yeah. At its heart is a lot like the game that we played last your public rage. And that's not a very going game as saying this is the spiritual successor to that employed Eric knows how to make all good and all miniatures area control kinda game. What is different about this day and and view them blood rich the. Primary difference in this one that sets it apart from led regime doesn't just make it a clone of blood rage that Japan. Is there's a lot of negotiation built into our camp ready. I have I already you have we're not were brushed off Hawaii at the resistance levels as far as table talk and interaction. But there are benefits to going into each round of play with an ally or someone who at the very least isn't going to specifically attack you outbreak Kyra you have makes yes there are every every round every round of play there are certain options for actions that says can be taken all of the players are that will be taken my all the players. And if you have an ally. You get better actions the actions are all proved so if you go into around with no ally venue are more about. Messing up everybody else and saying well I'm doing this once or the you guys can't get the ally bonus for. But if you have an ally it's really accelerates your game and it's so did there's a lot of there's one rounds visited by the Tea Party round where all I do is sit and negotiate like OK let me give you this and if you don't want that and here's some money in a by the women in QB there is help over here whatever bubble but to set up that alliance. For that season. And you can be traded at at almost any time but he's come mine knows how hard there's even an actual article one of the actions is betray any gas you know special corps itself and you into it's not as good again if you're not in the alliance already breadth of this game. Absolutely fantastic I can't recommend it highly enough I'm hoping that Debbie Jay and I are gonna get a chance to play together soon but for right now. Check it out. Amazing yeah I don't know what it's gonna be actually out because people discuss their kick starter versions which are totally I don't know how we thought we get down pretty well gosh Marty Josh from Korean alliance. He plays Matt or is he likes to call it's so god dang huge it's a plea he calls a play blatantly did I. How. OK I don't know IMAP. And they will have a regular edition that's coming out soon if it's not already a by the time this airing death forcefully I didn't do the kick starter and I like coalition 97 and announcing new data to see moments right now but still keep an eye out for guys it is great ride my son is as good as they said awesome thank you so much now it's time to get to move and your energy. Wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said he Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying he culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot club.