BJGN 03-14-18 - Anna Chronos

Wednesday, March 14th

Rev talks with Brian David Marshall & Jesse Munoz about their comic book on Kickstarter, 'Totally Unstuck Adventures of Anna Chronos'; BJ and Chris talk board games with 13 Clues and Firefly; Rev talks with Mike Robles about EA & Call of Duty; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells sunup today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Welcome yes welcome to BJ she's beaten me Sheehan I in the river and it played out across from me he is Vicky Barcelona. Now we've got uncle Chris oh right the show's namesake Vijay shame yes it is and the man running the board is Joey. On today's show we will talk be about a new comic kick starter from a man in the trading card world solo game designed really. Yes we will also talk a little four game losing. Spray might grow bliss we'll talk video games and of course the heat she wins big TV narrow he. How can people get ahold of us people can get a hold of us via our website BJP nation dot com but if he just type in each day to me chin on face. Twitter any of that trust me you'll find us so. Apps and we think he's so much and we're gonna get right into it with our special guests we've got two people doing eighteen. Some project that deals with a little time travel not and is currently on kick starter which to meet today are two people that are frankly amazing because. In the world of kick starter it's always a good thing deceived people first stop hits your goals really early and second I'll have an amazing project I've got Brian David Marshall in just in junior is with me for deep totally unstuck adventures of and a crow knows how you guys doing today. Our dog or eight. We are doing nothing to lump so tell me a little bit about this this comic book. So this is story. Who is the daughter. I'm guardians they got her parents Polly market and our work. For a tiny agency called the stopwatch. That protects the timeline. You know guards against Todd anomalies against you know chaos in in in history and make sure everything basically runs according to you know. The plan. And does. She is they don't want her in the family business in cheek kind of figures out a way to put hot wire time machine and cut back cut back I got into some trouble and there is some ramifications from Matt. And guy. This book is gonna be about hard dealing with the ramifications of her actions and you know who. Bonding with her family. You know coming to the kind of becoming an autonomous. Person you know not just their daughter if somebody if you know of our own self and also about forging that family around you that you. May get like you know everyone knows what that's like two. You don't walk into comic bookstore for the first time in five people who are just like you were walking two teams or convert I didn't find people who share your passion and this is going to be by Carter go and throughout time and finding people who are just like car. That same sense of adventure that seems heads out. That rebelliousness or oracle or opt for economy and the warming up that family as well nice and it's also. It's also that went crazy fun time trouble stuffed after it. Like yours will rely character stuff and it's. It's fun like tundra like your Lowe's Beckham's future new African results like we really like tapping that we have time monkeys like actual content he's. So each series it. So Brian you are you you are the writer in this and Jesse as the artist. What is it looked like what's experience like for you win your doing these sort of high concept time traveling sort of saints. It's it's full on it because we need. Really blow out I think there's no real limits to what we can do. With time travel and then Blake tiny space in. Different realities and stuff so as an artist it's cool because. I we disorderly dreaming up bands. William Burns been really great about and collaborating. On the story in like sending it to works that are what type of things I'd like to draw it's been awesome. Nice nice yes I would think of it as like California writing comic books like him making the movie with a limited seats yeah. Yeah isn't that the truth I love that sort of thing and it's like first love you can find this on kick starter and he totally unstuck adventures of and a -- us and right now first off congratulations. It's fully funded already there's still plenty of time for people to go and check it out and make sure that they packets so they can get this first book out there and give the early versions and I have to imagine that you're going to have some kick starter some stretch goals that people cannot tried to help achieve. Yeah we we didn't think we would need to have them ready so quickly anyway because it. In less than 48 hours easy breezy. And got our first she sure actual drop we have our first one is that you know we're all died Jesse and I met through. Playing car games below. You know and does so we our first I stretch goal is to me. Stop playing cards can be used as tokens for your favorite card game nice shot because that or. That you know I bet assuming that somebody people who are seen this cakes are also like to play card games to. I you know there's there's kitty cat tokens in monkey tokens in human tokens and it's all sorts of course softened that's every one to. Purchased physical tear. If we hit our next KIR next structural 6500 dollars will get ascetic tokens. And then enough you know we just yet I have a lot of friends and comic book industry and that. Our next retroactive that is we are going to a lot of Barry cover I'll I mean we have a special guest artists lined up we have a revealed to a better be yeah. But. It's gonna be really cold and really exciting in and everyone who has. Signed up for beef up unexposed peers watch here or higher will get a second copy of the book with this. Burying our cover. By a mystery guest artist with a if if we can't 8000 dollars and Ira campaign and this is really interest he gives you mentioned card games bonding together. Brian I've no new to being a the aid commentator and aids. Front phase for a inferred card games in the past I also know that you designed. Other games as well. But I didn't even realize that you got your start in the comics industry. Yeah hey I saw her work in comics when I was a teenager. Which is a long time ago. Beaten black guys I was. I don't know I had my feet. You know ever remembers the first time that they play magic the gathering and I kind of like. We've changed your brain chemistry a little bit you know moment actually since. This is what I wanna do right now Bob the first time I ever had that experience was. Reading X-Men 141 days of future passed okay guy and you know I always read comics but that was the first one really likes. Lightning bolt the main. And I just decided at that moment that. You know I want to comics to be a big part of my life and die when I was teenager isn't high school I. Took an unpaid intern ship. And publishing house called Doug blocks comics. Which was doing me why do books wit de cock grown and Jorge Torres and Keith gift women's team did it go. And you know like. You don't cherry or where you work there like it was crazy like I got for all these look like. Huge name comic book artists. That's really where I got my start actually veteran right. A comic book as a teenager. That Rick Butler. Penciled in eight. That then that's great comic book that was draw on by Paul Smith. I got a great Paul Smith from the X-Men was like that the never happens early in my life. I got to work with a new brand new artist that nobody had ever heard of named Kyle baker who drew a comic that I wrote it was it was just crazy crazy period in my life. It as a jedi Judas orgasm teenagers there's gotta be insane because at that point you're like well this is just something that normally happens rate. Now I I noticed I was like really quiet I didn't. I I didn't want anyone there to figure it out you know. That's the they're like man out or realizes that's how they didn't hit the ball away from ray yeah Jesse how did you do Eurostar what was it lightly moment for you did did bid to become don't want to become an artist. It's funny and Cabrera and I've talked about this. The X-Men were huge growing up I'm a little bit younger and then ran for here but yeah. Jim les X-Men when he was an uncanny X-Men and before he wants the excellent books being hit you know these huge number one. We'll fight for covers and there's an issue extinction agenda an uncanny X-Men to use at least you. Drawn by Jim Lee. And it was as a kid it blew me away it just seem like. How awesome PX and where there's a panel like warring. Jumping that. Archangel and insists like. Everything as a kid I just heated up so. As it as a young kid I was drawing I mean that's kind of a story most arsenals. You see comics news wanna draw them in and the X-Men in the ninety's were really big for me. Then I guess your family after us it should be X man who did Jim we drew with like. Black widow Captain America Ferreira no what are what issue is that you remember. It's no I think I wanted to use this before that I can't remember the numbers. Let your. This great fear. It's amazing also because the ninety's some people consider kind of a dark time for comic books because you have all the crazy variant covers and people trying to essentially. You can say that they're going to fund their Childs you know college on these comic books. But the fact that it was still inspiring because of the was outstanding and you could tell immediately that it was here is and I remember following him Q image comics as well when he broke off from that and they did doron think because you knew what you were giving what that is the our was so amazing now I just. Here I love. I think I think than I do is get a bad rap because of the big events it's like everyone from the outside world. Thought oh I can make a bunch of money off them Superman guy like right. And so it this whole league the the verbal the bubble burst but to be fair. The comics were still really good like if you read death or Superman in my it's not darker returns or even but it took fund read it's a really good read it. It has some some great there are gonna going to injury ends and some of the guys I'm in so late in the ninety's. Market definitely. Was affected by. You know everyone trying to make a buck and there's some really good stuff I actually missed a lot of play DBA idea is you and execution of ninety's Comex. Yeah add there was a lot I mean I remember Amy said execution but I remember just executioners song being and a completely and utterly ridiculous pretty convoluted story but her weight you would just pour through it because you can I'm pretty sure that I can I can figure out what's going on in maybe I can be the one to crack this sort of code pink. Sure can't and if you're reading that book had an Indy kubert on X-Men I think they had great glow on an X force. Amber and Peterson I'm Kenny ex members like some who really really did art is sort of on those books are good times. It's so weird how all my favorite artist and the trial in the excellent at some point she's. A perfect fit that it is funny also at this point in time you mean you just think about I mean with and a crew knows you do with time travel but I'm gonna have to assume it's a little less convoluted or where you go on with this eight out ninety's inspired isn't it. Are well I think that it will draw people's teeth are sharp I'm not I won't have that ninety aspect aspect. That's amazing I love you guys again check out totally unstuck adventures of and a kernels right now on kick started this is for the first book 32 pages and right now wouldn't you heard about the token you heard about the variant cover these are things that you want to help out get the backs and helping out right they're just search for on kick starter and guys were can people find you if they've got questions are just wanna fall you on a social media we're gonna do so. I easiest thing for me as I am ma. Top eight games GOP's number eight gains on Twitter. And out I'm pretty responsive especially if you ask me about Democrats that got me ahead a bit. Yeah ma I'm on Twitter as well it's just my name had Jesse Munoz community. Awesome and yeah we're we're all over the place trying to promote this book as much as we can't make it. There's something is like we are on the percent and it's our goal was to do a hundred dollars we're not making money from this book. We literally just trying to get the book out so. Any. Money that we get above the fifty per hundred dollars is going to be put back into the comic to make it better right now so yeah. Well I add also and also tell more stories like this with these characters. Down the road yeah we this is not just like. One thing we wanted to do and then you know kind of drops Mikey get out of here we have a lot of a lot of stories to tell this universe. All right on guys thank you so much for spending some time with us and continued good luck with this kick starter in even more have a great day. I'm much much thank you so much again Brian and Jesse for the totally un stuck adventures of and a crow knows he can pick it up right now or at least back here on kick starter. Let's talk a little war games guys all right Chris what. Have you been doing have BJ maybe you as well real names or email or older you know as much you can do those are wants army not that we will not end with them much. Well at least to see the other ET CC the other we efficiencies and played a couple of games. What are you who we yeah I think so again which we've already talked about our old game get that Jamie Lynn and I react and go find your friend who got the kick servers and steal their comfort. Do they are really really nice. Oh good another another game Maddon was new to me that too we played it was called that thirteen clues. Yeah this. I never you know it's what I tell you I have clue the old game. And you know you hear it was one that we all grew up with but you never pull it out but really it is a good game and you wonder could you build a better Mel a mouse trap. And you know it's surprising that nobody took a look at this well once seemed bond takes a look at anything you know aren't a ton of video or not I had he asked and this is funny because si Mon is known of course for cool manes. But they actually I believe had built a better mousetrap. I think you're exactly right on this one BG what they've done is they've taken the game of clue. And removed the board and the moving around Pargo yes so now rolling dice and not having to go to this other room to make accusations of not having to. Do all these other things it is all based on these cards and their are. Special I shields or ram. I like Mysterium shields yeah like oh yeah I came after mr. players shields. To where you have your secret information behind there. Abbott then the thing of it is is there's also a side of that shield that you don't get to see that also has information on has all of the players. Have these shields with three bits of information on the front that they don't get to see and that is your weapon in your location and your. Murderer this reminds me a lot when people would play poker and they would put one of the cards on their forehead exactly yeah so everyone can see at least one of your cards yet yet so you know right where I'm going to tell lies so yeah you it's it's the same style of it's a professor plum he did it with a candlestick can you know in the ball room kind of a thing. These guys go a little bit more in depth though with the person in the place and the thing if you will. Yeah exactly so that every person place or thing actually has. A suit. And the Bane I I would I would and I hesitate to sell I I thought I'd say modify or a modified that's our ultimate death so yes so suits and modify or for every for every person every weapon every and every location since the Simpson just the color of the cards so there'll be there'll be a location in a weapon and and a murder and a murderer. After I suspect he suspects were lower for certain guilty in suburban isn't. For each color and that's your seat but each type. Will be one or the other so for these suspects it's male or female if it's a location it's indoor outdoor and if it's a weapon it's either a -- weapon or ranged weapon. So do you take turns. Asking the other players what they can see. Because god because in the regular clue you've got an envelope with went with obviously the three things even in this game everybody has their own set of three things they're trying to solve it and it's different for everybody because you know you can't see it but. Everybody else can. Also on the inside of your players shield there are two more cards. That you can see he's always yells that CIA depending on how many players you have in the game is also rolled hidden cards where you can also investigating you know and and those cards are either in the game routed Indiana plays I forget how many does that play played up to 60 yeah back of the page -- May have older browser here will tell you seriously this is a fun game we're just six so you're sitting around and you're really basically a you know depending upon how many. Magnifying glass tokens you are that's how many questions you can ask him types of questions you can ask them and like Chris said because you can ask about color you can ask about male female you can ask about inside outside melee or you'd ranged. So that he's dead that's how you're getting your clues trying to figure out who done it. Yeah and you know you and you know you basically start again you take three cards and you try to make them as different as possible because that way make a little bit more difficult for your person on the left to figure out who their team is. You give them and you you basically load up their outside their cards so you know what they have and everybody else does because they can see it. But I don't guy asks and then I got two cards on the inside that only I know about. And through the question SE process you say hey. Do you see this and some person could say yeah I see it you think maybe they're looking yours as well as what you can see everybody else's so it's a lot of paying attention yeah just I think if you look at the so like a time of poker you can get a lot of cues a lot of tells with just asking questions we had that same kind of having to pay attention. But you know like Chris said. No border no dice rolling man you so if you really wanna do you make an accusation if you wanna find out about something you don't have to actually traveled to the room to do it. Which is what you said to do a clue and that could take you I rolled oh why again I guess I'm not gonna get the conservatory till next turn at bat download our crawler clue because you have to go back and remorse or murder down my gas but not a good idea. Mathematically. Not awesome this sounds like a lot of funny really good thirteen clues by c.s seem on could have you're not to the game now before we have moved on Chris. I know that your completion as. I and so I think I'd tell me about firefly. Okay so here's the thing really quickly as we're talked about my ongoing struggle with this and then how have finally been able to kind of find reach a little bit of closure on this that I got the fire fight game went back committee when it first came out we played it within like it trying to we're playing it wrong do you have now we love it and it's a great game. So I was really excited to get the expansionist foreign and there are two expansions. For the based game that actually increase the size of the of the galaxy that you fire a diverse and and you actually nearly doubles the size of the playing space oh my god gap has sold so the new board with a two expansions at twenty by fifty. I had the the second expansion as a Christmas present. And I was having so much trouble rounding up the last piece of the other expense in the first expansion the boots are expansion well guys I finally got. Hey are uncertain for a body man who look at all over trying to find it online it was out of stock I'm a whole are ordering website. God bless northwest as sports cards and games down into coma for having it just sit in on the shelf now I had a half that was the extra ships I bought and the Expansion Pack this basically a booster pack of cards. And so not only almost doubles the size of the playing field but also adds. Almost half again as many contact acts as well as two more shopping planet's this team is going to be insane when we get it all in one place. And you know something it really we love another name called desire and this gallium really reminds me of a design field where there's so many different ways that you can accomplish your goals and yes. As well it's you know exit and it wears I also has these NPC character is this game has NPC characteristic. I you entered you can interact with other players in the game as well desire. I feel like man you know if I love both games for that reason and I can't wait to play I can't wait to play these super expanded version instead of just what we had let me just say this and then I'll leave it even three readership slow growing families I did like -- don't have -- well I'll definitely have to give back with you guys and see how that plays out I would I'm very excited this year about the because I do glove side at. And I'm kind of didn't really give fire play chance in the and I will say this man and this is important because Chris brought this up. If you're learning games it really is important to find somebody that knows how to play the game because then I read was ruined because we gonna how to play thunders to on my gap he got our wedding as we didn't know what we're doing that I ask you know Chris you remember that you guys that I wouldn't like in his turns out it's a great game up. If you can find somebody who knows how to play game four if you're a person knows how to play game. Don't teach in new game to people without knowing how to play because that that is a killer a guy that's a mood killer or bad we've got a couple friends of ours we see you know what we're not gonna learn that game except with the four of us because you know but not a group of people gorgeous look and a half on exactly god makes all the different as they game and be able to teach it that's why don't teach games. They're not moving on from that we're gonna move away from board gazing go to cute video games with micro blasts Mike wrote bliss joins us on the phone today and this is interesting a step that we've got from EA. Yeah I guess we normally you know like what will be games like to review them or give a look shut up but we account we're really news pieces that you know we want a lot about cell. DA has noted EA access to available on PC clean up petition for an Xbox one tune and what that did it UK it's deeply yearly create. And you can play a bunch of games from the vaults what a Harley EA games you can play new games up to fight these early in the paper. You look at an hour trial frightening new give me it can't tell you don't settle are really good stuff behind their involvement that's. They just announced that on EA access origins which is the peacekeeper and you're going to be able this airplane Warner Bros. games on PC now Crabtree. Exactly is interesting in these are these are titles such as this. So what we're we're talking in baton man orphan asylum Cole while okay. Guys Baddeley are origins they go bad men's 1213. Win more games coming down the line like bullets normally lead to one the witness appeared in or not you know. These are all our years old again and I like old crappy games like that Arkin curators never played it. Derek you're amazing yet Diaz does yeah they're amazing they're outstanding I wouldn't I mean it's awesome that WB's doing this and. You know I honestly don't know wondering if maybe they're trying to push people more towards. You know that they EA access to organs to distribution platform in Connecticut right now. The blizzard has you know their their activation you know I can play destiny call of duty you know at some point gonna be on regular Activision and blizzard. You know their scheme. Yeah there's one. And then he acts are stored maybe a critical bush and Warner Bros. doesn't really have something like that so maybe they you know struck a deal don't like you know or at the trial basis. We'll give you these games that are you know older look a median on PC and never can give everyone a chance to play. Our military Ellen downloads are maybe you'll you know think about now future games. Maybe who knows we'll start to CE. Books you two were Brothers titles as part of access program. We can play aside its earlier that device. That's got to be a lot of fun on that too because yeah I like ten hours gives you more than enough time for you to get the feel on whether or not you want to play those games and that no risk and that's that's great. And some games hit access sooner than a year like I stink. The game unravel which they're really cute little yard game but it was six months before it became creed played on EA access to the peak the only true though attraction towards end I am really really really hoping nearly expand this to console. I would love to be able to play a right. Love to find my discs and lack of. I know exactly that's the one thing like I'm so lazy when it comes to a lot of those things like even like I know I've got a Blu-ray have a movie but if I could just Avant on streaming our bad don't watch it but now. Right on the same way almost an. So now tell us a little bit about it call of duty black ops for. All I gotta all right so it's no secret and I'll talk about punishable for that I like English huge closet call of duty and boys are greatly fueled by the I'd love every single on such a future for call of duty and they just announced on October 12. Call of duty black ops or is common and like I already looking at what day of the week that it might take that they are like get your order I. Olmert and I'm playing the black cubs series. You know with their multiplayer of the storyline was so intense you know and a lot of old text option to lead gave us kind of a player goes a little like drove -- that you comply illegal driver and blow people up where you did some really good stopper for multiplayer. So I'm super excited just announced confirmed by Activision today at come compare this year to me the 2017 game. I'm wondering how like I I use I have met so we know right now all right we know that their maybe you know comedian make sure enough game played well probably company's three. But for now all we know that. Call of duty lock ups or just an out. He's been hitting your game platform of choice our tour twelve and I Siegel who go to reduce. Well you got a couple of months delayed so maybe play some of the older games it now make she got those reflex actions or anybody. Well so playable we're too so I'm mom and Paris nice addition to do you and I think he's so much Mike again where can people find your social media. Yeah I read twitch and U2 insult aimed at the bell micro bless thank you so much Mike. I am. Thank you so much Mike and again. The micro was console from me like he just said and now it's time to get to cool. She twists the big shipping what do you got for us this geek she is dedicated to uncle crests. Game and they. And I don't know tourism and news. Feet as I got a whole bunch of cheesy bad man jokes and get and I and in. Dreading his favorite things human please don't what do you call it when that man's gets church. Captured him and nurtured Christian Bale up and letting it didn't look for. I have the an impressive I didn't do that come and call it what happens when that man sees catwoman. Battering about a bone Bob Bob mama but that's called fat at all you're close ish. Weigh in the Dark Knight rises. Move. Your hand. Okay I see what level we're going now I was and it's a higher level in the battle wolf I like this on all right I don't think. Well what is Joker not plotting a murder. When he's riding his Harley. No okay. Let's keep. Yeah I'm ER I. I was I know he's got a motorcycle the joke I heard that I guess the Jim rightly that Yorkers that I totally thought that I was like I don't know remember motorcycle so low and then high gear in the wee while the ankle what is that man but his strengths. It just eyes yeah yeah. I trust this guy is that the like I get done is just masonry. You and me just. I don't know if I guess that's what you put districts that what is the difference is in bad man Andy rocker. What a bad ranking going to start without Robin. Hello my name this there are good that there's an easy vote you know it's. Now I feel joke on the alert them pretty good right now I'm still I'm married in this unfair. What position did Bruce Wayne play on his baseball team. Natalie yeah. I was like shortstop I was residence outside doesn't make it turned it is that the to let that man's favorite part and. The punch line. Larkin alright one more. Let's bad man's favorite fruit. Ben NN NN. And I had great truths and. All right that's a good wave brilliant and then what the hell does that I had heard yeah. I really true knowing my street for me through from the group through a shot possibly keep coming at subverting expectations. Does that video camera here I can't you know. And to a deserted on our troops gal hey. Montel makes some guys think they. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your geek flag fly and Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club.