BJGN 03-21-18 - Oblivion Song

Wednesday, March 21st

Rev talks with Scott from Comics Dungeon about which titles to pick up; BJ discusses Robert Kirkman's latest work, Oblivion Song, as well as the latest Spider-Man; Mike Robles reviews the early access game The Darwin Project; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells sunup today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Welcome yes welcome to BJ she's geek nation I in the reverent and play dove across for me he is. Vicky Barcelona and we've got a whole crew has moved to show whose namesake Vijay Jay aren't remember him and Manning billboards is Jolie diss and you're really you remember me yeah on today's show we got some comic book Jack we will also content. And video games and of course the heat shield with the heat beat. Vicky how can people get a hold of us yeah all of us. I six feet now that you know if you think he carries through your works like that that's amazing music is she something death of speech that he thinks about comedy how to. Have you heard anything to somehow get through that that's a great job again ballots haven't in years and threw it happened about them. I think it's a yard out the last nine years the Pentagon and we're here already so we have well how about I had just taken away from you guys and talk with Scott from comics dungeon about some of the comic books he should pick up Scott from comics dungeon joins us it's got first off how was your emerald city comic con experience. You know every year emerald city give bigger better but this one moves off by all of that that was just. The people of Obama about to meet and just. You know how excited everyone most of bowel what was there are out of business we had a great time items and personal at a great time so. It's always good it's always good to hear you having fun at the comic con gonna know as as someone is going there with the with the company and with the comic book store sometimes again give you can get a little bit hectic. But the fun part is actually dispels the all the people in May be seeing you know getting semi new comics and all that fun stuff. Yeah I oh and speaking of new comics what do you have for us for this week. So are this we go to our. Or are got a couple. How to make great comics are ones from BC it's of the critics. There's been an out of the hole. Are dark metal com. No we are serious. And are what conclusions. And it's. You know. Real quick you played do you do you take on what looked fantastic more. Is it a little bit larger team but how that consummate. Inter dimensional. I feel that the current cup before have so many years. And act and an even had a stretch you guys. I. It says. Yeah do you not allow puppet man has. Been involved in the DC universe for a long time that he is part of the mystery of the dark metal. Well and it turns out that he can not. I consult and others from these. The dollar multi verse energy use and things like. There's just broad standard can build the entire issues you never bore hole. Mr. terrific. Plastic man and at the end music circuit called Armstrong. Whose. Actually part of the BBC. Universal truth Alan Moore superhero universe know who did he did produce you don't all the good knowledge you can't strong. Holmes has played in a million projections are if you can become probably a good. Social kind of a classic Chicago story look through but I love plastic man armed. It's our job well here's one of the writers on this two. You know what every touches is gold to. You. You also told our. And even vet our rights do these artists permissions issue scored just look at it and it's a great starting point that someone out there to pick up. I'll get introduced to some coaches have been probably haven't read about. Before. Armed. And consumer goes. Nice excellent and now let's go to the marvels side because he doesn't more stuff for the Infiniti countdown. They are absolutely are. It's kind of caught me and ingenuity countdown ticked off book and all of this week found that armed. And the action starts to happen. What we will we see initially produce our drugs used to pay you now on on the planet albums how. And right politically they're just kind of you know literally their name out now. Could you kind of become a bit about. Well how close lately. And then all of a sudden statutory common band independent enough salt to meditation. And there's still about us. Pat I know I'm going to do I'm gonna guess the wager that Ed doesn't bode too well for the qatari. Yeah. Because I pleaded guilty and some action there but of course there are with community fund harder loads up the other end of on university grow into galaxies. Band and our man on our problem. Fighting to garner. Other Gardner is hard to groups origin. Sounds so. You got it exactly right it also adept AD group here you know doing that I am greeted by angry gangs and other garbage just walked out and just. I'll kind of Kitna who went out and then not. Our group kind of convince them sacrifices himself to board just pleased and does the ability to garner and kind of guys who. Yeah I think in my current or bay hill into economic well fortunately go immerse no public garden. I know he had an idea I mean these groups touched. And right. Does does does pretty well. Obama did and what's cool what reboot is boot is no big bat out and he's talking simple sentence that's why. Powell and. Mean I don't know about doubted that then you know if Abdullah it's big it's our. Well look what about a little noodles are joined group as these types of enemies its success. That is until like OK now I meant. RI RA that says pretty awesome. It's it isn't great. So are you don't discriminate when stories are not sure we're told little land but. All in all and then you'll Venezuela's proposal once horrible luck they're doing well look. People like that local. Right on the again Scott from comics dungy and thank you so much and where can people find that information about the comic bookstore in UN general on the old social media. Yeah out sort of can't undo not multiple media with error and both are common and not calmed secrecy is really important. I some think he's a much Scott. Also thank you so much again you can check came out just search for com extension on all of the Facebook's well just the FaceBook and on the news media you know your eyes somehow noted do and pay. De L are you buddy I know that you wanna talk a little comics hey listen I those kids love the love crap I want to to a little yeah look I think at two of those yeah I do all those things with tentacles and MD eleven Robert curtains and the Walken dead and all that to two million principles. About you're sad that invincible is done I didn't realize it's because I've been trading invincible busy getting the trades didn't know that my next trade which is going to be coming will be the last one as the series is and don't loans are also other format and how now do you feel sad that it's ending or do you filled with a relief because it'll really long running on here is -- it's I hate and I just hope it ends well because I mean you know and it's it's a it's a battle with the bill termites that you they did if they had just fiction behind. If his dad just did the right thing in the first place there and had this problem and our. Are laid out there and done now market loses broad Arab League was a little whack job anyway so. But is yet to do well if one thing you know one door closes another winner opens. So. Yes Robert curtains give us a new book which I predict will be another new TV show. Oh I'm so well yeah he's already got obviously the Walking Dead in an outcast where I don't know where the city's second season of that show is. I'm very confused because it it's it was on Cinemax. I've seen there's a season two I can't get it on Cinemax and I really wanna know what their labs and it's got prince binary and an end and Outkast is such a fun is sort of you know horror type thing. This history yet this is you know more like you know devils and demons and things that's what Outkast is about of course the walking gets about zombies and now. And Robert Kerr predicts a stabbing to these weird creature monsters from another dimension. And basically the story is is in a bit this that and the book is called oblivion song on image. And the story is a decade ago about 300000 citizens of Philadelphia where suddenly lost. In the parallel dimension of oblivion. The government made every attempt to recover them but after many years they gave up well Nathan Cole the starve our book. He won't give up he makes daily troops risking his life trying to rescue those still living in the apocalyptic hell skate although Bolivia and and but it could be that Nathan's looking for something else and why it is that he can't resist what they call the sirens call all the of the oblivion song which. It that would in this horrible world where monsters are feasting on humans and somehow these 300000 who's got sucked into this world and are basically. Appetizers and or curves and mending courses for these creatures. Nathan goes in there to rescue everybody. And there is a reason why he's hell bent to do what he's got really bad equipment because the government won't fund image Sosa is a rag tag team of him and somebody else. Trying to rescue people whom the government believe they're all dead. But he's finding new people every time he goes over the and he says look I think there's more alive over here than you think if we can't just leave our brethren or free here we get but the government doesn't agree. The typical government yet now. Oh thank you I've read the first issuing a Mike yet here's another TV show some of them really are magical assistance is a new what is it the simple fact that you look at the Walking Dead and how many issues they have a that you look at invincible how many issues stay out of it it's a bit daunting but I wanna get into occur -- story so wanna get it in on the ground floor in this really looks like that's the thing it's funny because he even talks about about anything coal recruitment on a Hollywood reporter article this is. It would be as if Rick Grimes to pop into the zombie apocalypse and pop back out go to Starbucks and talk about how difficult has a workday where he's absolutely right that's what it is that's really cool guy and it's it it's it's I mean you know Robert Kirkland right now man he is our Stanley. This guy in the air in my opinion he's just creating good Colorado sky bound is is just you know a great comic line in and Robert currently is just you know. Churning out great book after great book. Which we think about it who's done that who's created this whole universe the way Stanley created Marmol in his own way. So you know prost occur when I mean it's it's tough to be a Stanley now with all the different books and all the different things or grab our attention when I was. Growing up in the seventy's reading you know the fantastic four Spiderman. But what I'm a lot really grasping for my attention the way. Entertainment grass there's so much of an authentic invest a young person's attention. So I curtains or some definitely props and it's a good book to check out it's on image and again oblivion song Shimon apps check out my house they say like it. I'm confused did you say season until Outkast is outer it's grown to be best I can't figure out the I'm confused because according until like I indeed he's like the second season and came out April of why this year that's what I've seen the stuff that's saying like oh look waiting for 2018 July lake I don't know. I'm very confused by this because it's I MDB saint RD came out but this Sutherland saying it's coming out later this year. I think IDB's messed up willow just some more research but if anybody out there knows yet this an email late I would love to figure out what's going on with that also if you have a keeping up with Spiderman they're getting close to issue 800 also getting close to the end he had slots right. And wow let me just say that he can you leave it and that's incredible pass so the green goblins. And only because this is really awesome if firth for us for happens for firsts issue 700 there was a huge talk talk. Spiderman interaction which of course that led to dock rock and having Peter Parker's body who so that's what you did for issues 700. What do you do for issue 803 you know I had slot. Well how about. We don't have a green goblins then we don't have a hard goblins. Have you heard may be a vote read gone blue wives and what is the red goblet of the red problem is when you say. Hey Carney goes I'm happy I'm Norman Osborne Imus war yeah I'm I'm Norman Osborne and they're now it's in my body. Prevent me from ever being agreeing goblet again which means I'll never be super powerful but I really. Hate Spiderman though I forget who he is I used to know who he is but I hate Hui is well what do you say congress who make a deal in congress like shore and you think well as I mean this is it cars of course takes over nor Osborne now you'd think it's over enormous like. How wet carnage a boycott is just isn't me because I listen and open it carnage except if I went carnage kills people. There's a different reaction on him that he's ever had before is like you know this kind of chilling is really satisfying more so than ever I don't understand what it is then you're Norman go. Yeah out baby you want more of that let me drive this bus and carnage is like. I said. So Norman Osborne and charge of carnage is insanity. Now and guys and oh and by the way Jay John Jamison who does now know Peter Parker's identity. And tries it only took 800 episodes he tries to be helpful. Unbeknownst to us this whole issue there is that somebody that Norman Osborne is kidnapped and he's like notified about Norman doesn't know he doesn't remember that Peter Parker Spider-Man until Jonah goes. You wouldn't this it would in his whole life you need to do is probably imagines like throws girl from a his own blow that's why did the good MI and there are CJ Jones James Mike. Boom. Yeah map pack snow totals. Myers and get Erica Erica so this acquisition 797. And old man the next three issues leading up to 800 the red Dublin everybody I'm stoked Nuys now we need to talk a little bit about video gay is Mike robe bliss joins us and you can find him on all sorts of social media despite surgeon for the microbe was Mike how are you deal and man. I am excellent area I'm doing very well and it's interesting guy that I was wondering how well you were doing because this your FaceBook post about this game which and I know that we need to talk about the Darwin project. What can you tell us about it. So it don't project is a game made by I'm occult scavenger studio and it takes place in a distilled green post apocalyptic Canada. And I know that I know I know I I know I know it's a week it can women really helped it post apocalyptic candidate can be Iraqis to be exact. And the sort of to the world looked like preparing quite the same can be nicely so someone somewhere are being created Havoc they. Kind experiment slash reality TV show where they take and it makes the problem in the canyon Iraqis. And they've fight for their lives are about battle Royale right and we see okay yeah Rleal. You know afford nice puppy. You know those in the call in those games all the crap well I like about this one minute it is much smaller less Italy can pinpoint employers of you know there's not a ton of weapons in there you'll get a bone marrow. And an ax. And that's it you can upgrade both those items like for the most part well I got that right you can you you you can die from cold cream their crimson you don't know or to. It's it's in earlier Chris Cornell and you know squad but there's an absolute no all the damage which is great you can just launch is so great I am totally fine. You know you can increase that let you know company in the eighty high creek are totally crime. Or why not that's the cool thing about the don't project is in addition to the inmates there's a special collateral culprit director. And what's neat about this. Is the director gains action point and they can Alter the game based during the game. Like any good battle royal map. Who. Items and areas get smaller right so like they they want people to get to battles. This to happen in this game. But the director can actually choose to which areas to close up. Had another part of wanting me to do they can steal other players they can more the monster who protested that they get clear speed boost. My spirits it is called the manhunt and they didn't specify one player to be the reaction to go on everyone's radar and whoever kills someone get like especially if you bought a talking and you know more upright it was. And it's just it's really neat aspect of game playing and it's. Mainly made streamer like Kramer can scream their yeah current British show I'm there's twitch in our actually push and exert. Interactivity. Would have been viewer vote. On who get you bonus his players get closed up who can be hunted. And it's super cool car. And that and I haven't seen in these cancer or other I think our project is going to be like a really great watchable sport to me great spectator sport. It's fun to play at an inmate but for me I'm all playing as a director or whatever emissions just neat neat feature that not getting games like. This does sound something along the lines of on the actual Hunger Games because you have people out there you know watching this voting on things and maybe sending care packages to the actual combatants out there's so it looks like there integrating something that action hasn't been seen in most other games. Right and that's what makes him so unique especially instead of when you when you next year I think it's a steam iron and that's what but again it's still an early access opposed both. Looks systems. But when you connected to which you can get and I watched the giant. In occasionally they were making a quick get out of the hole or across a whole bunch players. And it's really cool to watch you know the viewers a vote on who they wanted to. Get you know get steals or has cooled. And it's great at the same time and this is what might go to post talked about is. I'd jump to make games and watch other streamers. Where they go in the director and the inmate stressed are like you know what. I'm a regular low computers ordered Gilbert amateur radio local Olympic Games with the director Warwick what you got comedy show on the inmates can with the directors and its directors rating falls below what certain threshold. The team's abilities who OK so watching. And watching gamers take directors hostage basically resting analyze you know old don't use this award you a lot Kirk. All man what are veterans stuff like that there's I mean all right it's a game has some fun with Dick and yet you might get screwed every once in awhile but that's. That's the game you just go and you play another game. Exactly I got I guess I was in the game and as I watch the director Richard combatants plucked. One looks for help. Leave your fully warmed up the other one. Very little help not as warm and totally do you want to make this a fair fight and I a leash you'll love to do that we're near their. I'd like now open on it like it is bigger issue ultimately I hacker site. And that and that and that guy came back and won in the person that a lot but what does it look Osaka equipped. Read it below and told me you did so because they killed the other. See that's I mean I I understand a little bit of salt but win the mechanics are in the game did you specifically these stains and you're making it interesting in terms of drama. Like. Do people not watch television shows this is what it. Goes automatically. Think how I can I want to I want so much hill kitchen. And I how we get Superman Melissa often greet chapel right now are they keep the creepy. Why they keep in the crazy ship that cut and then people don't like because it makes good TV and I guess you're right like he always makes for good TV. But it states agreed to schedule do you act between cameo as you know what this system doesn't improvement. I've had some friends dropped comments and be like Olympic if this sounds like maybe they just get rid of via communication like the voice chat like ultimate count all the director. Yeah I'll be all and are you operating system. And that day. Aren't twitch like you look a look like any cramps right so RI and in the game and also the director didn't want people vote they can being planned that way. Crandall creek uranium particles are good weight hello all locked maybe there can be some sort of which interactivity where it spectators actually break the record you know the directors come on the show I would certainly interesting to see where this game and had. And that's the cool point you did mention is the fact this is early accesses sounds like the company is looking at feedback from the people and I would definitely say yes maybe you could get some feedback from the contestants but I think the viewers are really the ones they should be affecting the director because they're the ones are going to be wanting to see this show and they should be the ones reacting. Exactly I'm super excited when actors were in Minnesota electrical what's gonna go skiing and you have to like this crazy lavish get out. And a whole act act apple on this giant increase your curriculum that it not a bad deal to don't get Cuba right now on him and Xbox one and for people of that caliber. Which are gonna keep adding up to I think it's true I think it's working on the NFC they're gonna bring duo that's important to fight you to hear you reckoning is me. I'm Taylor prepares. Accessibility or there's going to be. Who wastes like after items to make you're not a major course and look you know more my little more and more could look customizable items. Spelling and game I think ultimately me. So they're they're they're working I had a very small studio I wish him the best of luck I'm happy it's somewhat well I think it's one that I ever want to clamp an act. It does some pretty awesome Indiana assembly government had to give Xbox is well so we can decent do is once that happens I thought I. And I got the bottom. I love it take you so much Mike again it is the Darwin project early access to let us know how you feel about it where can people contact you again Mike. They didn't realign Twitter continue to lead all the same a micro blessed thank you so much Mike. Thanks ma'am thank you so much Mike again the microbe was on all the social media and more and now it is time all our us. She Swiss sixty V6 what do you got for us. I got a lot of things that kind of tie in to marvel cinematic universe moon the eminence and these questionable but. Trust me I got this very first thing Tom Colin actually wants Iron Man to meet black Panthers. Sherri series tips Sherry Sherry Sherry yes Jeffrey Wright yes. Yes so I went up and I schooling Sherry so I was like wait. Now yes that. It totally makes sense I mean they're both. A teenage geniuses. And and guide to absolutely. I see a budding romance there's jubilation really totally interns in stark industries. Sorry. I mean amuses. And if Tony sticks around should be running starting this and I exactly yeah I only will he says well Tom Holland says I think Peter would love it's you know there's some great moments in the comics where Peter ends up and will conduct. And they teach them which is the actress and I have become really good friends over the last year and a bed it would be brilliant to have our characters meet up any would be so funny every these British. Dan can I know that Cortes she's brilliant in the movies actually my favorite part of black panther I would totally being. No he and I both in agreement on because I she was my favorite character black panther to absolutely that's like you are Tom Holland well look you know I do have the ministry the despite of it and amazed at how little 52 times my own way yeah I miss an actual despite I don't get out of bad Dallas for teachers to yeah I thought wow hole caffeine note to. You know but not sitting around laying down I think that you know reject. Does any free guys AMC theaters has announced that avengers and then he wore people haven't gotten. Why don't run for a whopping 31 how little all of the MC all nighters saw my parents thought politely turn out with the 2000 an eight Iron Man the very first film and conclude with infinity ward who did have that nineteenth. Movie well. Honestly it breaks in between like a summit via. You give yet you can take a nap during the dark world power and Manny tool room. Iron Man three and I AM in theory is true actually wasn't bad you got our why do you are the worst I tell powers movie Iron Man no Iron Man two is the second worst unrest or two is the worst thing. Norton's Hulk would be in their right. Ed Norton's Hulk is it mildly billionaire wasn't bad it's in that cinematic universe is the first woman Eric van a less and yeah writes you're right I mean I told skip and a Norton and dad there's talk of ones where you can now and not worry about it but I mean if. Like what how many movies did you say 1999 eat with infinity ward holding tournaments or dodge years I mean that's alarming events the rest of your life if you can find a AMC theater in your country bars are what every ghostly their car bring our veto power because we can't see my house that the closes what is that. Bring us sleeping bag into it just they're just think an aberration you're seeing a lot depends super seats yet you get those big question. Hello let me medicine ahead of the pack and he won nobody I think is the one time he should be okay to bust out your phone. Kind of -- -- make a living room kind of experience now I have a point know what that we'd just get out of thing you could take a nap is on you don't snore see it every night and I can promise you -- also an opposition activity advertising it to the person they are not advertising which location more new you can see lots where to get them or anything like it's still issue every single one of those movies and for BX just OUGHER comedy entire time away from costly Kakaako had a you write out your care and wanting to know also just talking about the running times I found out that the infinity war running time is a whopping two hours and twenties. I have to ask is young media cats and you know little. But talking about the marvel cinematic universe I posted a list on our BG nation FaceBook page a couple lays it out and yes fantastic Boren no accident care bears who should be rebooting on the silver screen to check of the articles from Rinker. I asked you guys what you characters from the ad from X-Men would you like to see the marbles and I universe. I think as some people did say mag Mino Richards. My brain and said I'd love to the mag need Oprah to get his own film are with him being the brother had a star Amy antagonists. He wasn't truly bad and I'd love to see is spots on meat and superiority translate to film. And we kind of got that with the excellent film and am glad you know I think you're going up against Iron Man in all these guys like yes that's not a work you're just gonna wreck everyone because they based so much. Of and CU in science and technology and everybody's everyone's got metal the only person he could really faceoff against would be Doctor Strange right. Which would be a fun kind but they don't have any history yeah well I don't really sorry is Smart enough to be able to find a way to counteract the would Wahabi effect that he has on metal there because it's got to be some sort of wave effect like. There's something that probably is attracting and end up on you know how we have radio waves errors so Tony can figure a way to block the signal that it has an effect metal wearing his metal he would be a little effect. Figure you forget they can comic book jargon all of it yet. I only be down with like an idea being like the old old gang kind of sitting behind him like have him reference. And the idea that there's never a better shot like we did with the gift did they can't breath there and seeing. What's your faces Lawrence's father. But it's like I would like to take a peek of him I thought you lived in a secure in my hand if you can name and I would like to say Sebastien. Low low is not an excellent character well I'm now starting it up and Graham no doubt about it no and I don't I don't they send. This is what I want I want in the avengers movie I want Peter Parker they're all get their asses kicked by somebody and what Peter goalless and I invite I got some frantic calls of fronts help and Tony Stark on yes you're you've got some friends all that's great Pete easily go well not great and then. I think it is if I was fresh oil and an error shows up and says not my reality and Luke. Franklin Richardson census asks I ask part of the fantastic player for permanent. Yeah he was but he better way back in the early days he indeed he and Johnny used to have a rivalry where Johnny was a dumb B nose job you lucky FBI and and and you know appeal computer was a so is really cool. And it would make sense that he would make friends and it would be via Johnny where they would be buddies even though they or you know opposites I have to say number one on this list will be Wolverine. How steep part of the avengers snow yap yes them agreed that he wasn't avenger. And one less thing to do because this is fun and there they wanna get to this week. Also posted this on the geek nation FaceBook page and it says picture it says you've been kidnapped. The characters from the last TV show you watched are trying to rescue the crew is coming to say yeah yeah. How much can how best man followed the pace of action polls and then the other noon and then Lizzie they're all coming again in the coming to save when they're gonna make it happen Yemen after figures probably gonna be out of content be baby bat man considered I'm watching all. The last one that I watched I -- Rex house dude yeah that's great I'm glad you're gonna save your Seattle with my like it's maybe I'd be there to kill me because actually stepped on a plant or something or be bad man trying to figure out his life and sucking at saving. I've actually got Seattle PD come in for Mimi and I was like tonight on the announcement. I'm putting up OK okay. I have no matter I Gordon Ramsay. Gordon Gordon what I would do just save me. Probably you Hugh doesn't address the yellow yell at you for your talent I do you have there in the kid I. Just call us. How jello is less show you why are you knew we Jessica Jones right now okay. When I posted this desk agendas alas I watched the life fall asleep I like to sleep say listening to them has seen a million times which is in Grayson Frankie. Some like the exact now Sasha so what you gonna Grayson frank give you my friend I have an idea right out of the last show I watch last night at when watching finals base now also hinted at the captain. I outline how to end and moan now what's his name. Moute mode capable of getting inundated and that Gary's phase clan a cop totally pig could save you island OK okay and taken iconic I don't think so I just let us know who would save you citizen email BJ geek nation at And telmex and I think they're being. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells six feet Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your geek flag fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club.