BJGN 03-26-18 - Game To Grow

Monday, March 26th

Rev talks with Adam Davis & Adam Johns from Game To Grow; the gang talks TV with Arrow, iZombie, Final Space and Star Trek Continues; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells sunup today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Welcome yes welcome Vijay Shays he may Shanghai and the reverend and Fuego across from me he news Vicky Barcelona and we've got. Although her as overrule the show's namesake Vijay Jay yeah I had running aboard the age Joey DE SP. On today's show we will talk TV. I will talk with a couple of awesome RPG. Players who are doing something really great moon made it in Vijay movie review. And ignores the geeky could be could be thinking how can people get a hold of us. So we have a website gonna have a caller information it's just BJP nations dot com. But he tight indeed take each nation could probably find as any social media page media especially the top ones he's got a letter back and say Graham. Arsonists. And I did mention the fact that I did talk with two people who are super awesome in the local RPG community because they are doing much more than just playing a role playing games they're using these to help people. Mostly children who wins social issues and with me today. We've got the two Adams Adam Davis and Adam Johns from game to grow with me Ted day I got to Adam's I've got Adam Davis and Adam Johns with the organization game to grow. Now Adam. And we'll see which one and I think I've never interior. At a Miami it's you. Add emerald city comic con recently. Let me ask. Could get better and it was after panel that I had done what doctor Beaton we've had on a couple of times and you mentioned too was the game to grow is a bow and I really really love it. Cain explain it for our listeners out there what exactly deemed to grow is about. It's a game to grow as an organization we just found it last year built on the last seven years that Adam I have been working using tabletop role playing games. In therapeutic social skills groups so we see kids colonel Romeo five groups a week serving just about forty kids every week. I'm in some of these kids have autism ADHD other kinds of social challenges sometimes just trouble making friends at school. And they come to our groups and through intentionally facilitated. Dungeons and dragons. They get to build their social skills build a friend group build a social network. And then. Grow and. Indeed be able to actually go out there interactive so it's it's interesting to meet because is. As someone who really is an introvert for the most part I can understand DD trepidation the anxiety. Being able to go out there into the public and talk with people. And obviously not to the extent that a lot of these people especially the people that you're dealing with will well have to go have to go through but in what ways dead is going in with dean. At first glance it it doesn't really I don't really understand how how we will help. No sir as so. The real Brill the real brilliance of dungeons and dragons is that it. Gives an opportunity and and it's a farming experience where you're playing a character and that character can deal aren't all sorts of things they can be an extreme version of yourself it can be something different from yourself. And through that you can. Practice a lot of skills that you mean neater that you may use within a social skill setting within within a one and interact with other people. So it. It's almost essentially like. It will help a person to become the characters that they want to show to every wine net. And it'll help the because they'll realize this is how I want to react because I am this character out there even if that characters just mete out there talking to normal people exactly effect we got to even normal people talking to other people yet read has anyone else exactly I'm at in fact we really firmly believe that you played a character that you need to play it whenever moment. Early on one of our groups we had a player where we didn't we didn't have a lot of intake and at the time we didn't know what kinds of challenges our players are coming in went. And that we had all our players start in a tavern classic oh yeah absolutely I think that's got to there's no alcohol on our games to play with kids are says Leslie drinks soup and of months. Any takers for a theme Goldenson exercise rumored girlfriend and I characteristics as the felt unsolicited maven Seamus is walking around serving everybody soup and this tavern had a rule where he had nuclear weapons into a big magically sealed chest in order to it's a store them away and I carrying weapons that makes sense and. All the players listen around treatments he put Shamus and also and skeletons burst from the floor for our walls and it's attacking everybody. As Alou went around the the group and asked everybody what he'd do to react to these options and some of them are casting spells and some are picking up. Chairs are protecting some of the other patrons of one of the players holds up his arms we can kind of look at the inside of his of this forums and he says. I summoned my weapons to myself. And he had designed as characters with with renewed tattoos Williams and arms that she did activate new orders from the weapons. And Adam and bank. How I was at the end of the time and I said it doesn't work there magically sealant attest. And he certainly didn't really angry is sort of consciousness he sort of turn red in the face and experts that I if I can do this whole character is pointless I'm lacked I can do anything with this character and Aaron Davis turned around and said yeah you're characters really angry. Was due next. And any compound opinion consciousness and he he said I'm Rick Barnes off a skeleton in front immunize our medium within I want I think yes that's totally successful. Yes you it's just focusing on trying to lag avoid those situations where you're angry on the inside as as the play here and to try to focus that I love that that is so awesome that that's a big part of what we do is we we figure out sort of where a player as identifying with their character and and whether sometimes we we build characters because. They're the person you want to be. Threaded the character has a charisma the character as well liked the character is able to talk easily add any thing. And what that player who's often times socially isolated we wanna give them an opportunity to feel successful in that moment. But also in the story that I am just told we take some of the challenges that a player comes in with and they can put the challenges on their character. So we have a lot of players and characters who have impulsivity challenges them in their regular life and the character's very impulsive. And the players are impulsive because they are mirrors of each other absolute end to end within a situation like that we would do something the opposite very we we would let there. Character beating impulsive land. And the character of the clear who's in the table it's been a wise person who gets to sort of correct them and and help I help sick character grow while my character got a lot of trouble because he touched that magic item and a net teleport at the same realm. If they did it oh man that's a learning lesson. Exactly and that's these are I mean and this is sort of the fun things to you because I remember just playing. Is that you can learn life lessons a lot of those things will resonate especially if they're. You know not happening to you what happening to your character it's one of those things that we'll help you remember all those things that I love this again it's called game to grow. And people can I know they they can find you on social media add to search for game two of the letter to or -- number two. TOO it is death of gaming mediocre I think we we technically how of the game number to grow. But we music I okay plotting on it because hey follow him so it is game TO gross a game to grow the website. Injure or dot org and where did you like how did you guys end up meeting up originally could you guys said that this has been around since last year but you guys have been doing overtly gay Elise and together have been together for about seven years how did you guys end up meeting up. We that grad school so Adam and I both went Danny act university Seattle I Adam Davis I have a masters in education this nationalization and drama therapy OK and then I am I have a masters and a couple of fairly therapy in America actually licensed marriage and we purposely Kirk. Oh wow so we met in grad school in classes learning therapy and I am I have time was working at an organization that provided some. Social skills groups using dungeons and dragons. And so I might facilitator who left you something else I had an empty spot for a co facilitator. And I came up to Adam after classifies and Adam you won a played. So it but I felt like. Yeah I think I only get paid to play the unity so we we ran this this social skills group for a little while it was for somebody else and then we realized all of the amazing things we can do if we were intentionally facilitating. That the dungeons and dragons experience using the stuff we were learning and any act I was trauma therapists like I said so it's really dungeons and dragons can be just sit down drama therapy and whip and with game to grow you guys it's more than just. Role playing games correct yes. Right now the groups that were running are all role playing game oriented Molina used tabletop games like forty card games and in our group support especially over the summer what it's harder to keep attendance for role playing games and our plan with inner grow what we wanted to do with it as we created as a non profit. As we realize we can do so much with all kinds of games. And so we wanted to expand into video games into running tables up more game groups into our VR on this whole. Oh absolutely. And I actually just helped the Atlantic streets and down on South Seattle helped. Develop their curriculum and training program for a program using video games and I electrical behavioral therapy so if people are interested in say they don't have something along these lines seems very. Very new and very special especially to this area but if people are interested in maybe creating a club or something along those lines to help out you guys are more than happy for people to contact you as well and help facilitate these sort of things. Under present were actually in the middle trying to develop some like materials and stuff and so training materials like that you can get in and be able to take with you. I'm but in the meantime definitely reach out and contact us we go and speak it acts as around the US arm and and other conventions are on the US and we love talking to other people who were starting. Similar groups and their schools in hospitals and imprisons. In places around the world. That they want to use dungeons and items Ortiz any games as a as a therapeutic educational modality we love talking. People what has been your experience so far going to conventions. I have you been going to a lot of them recently or what's the plan. I think we've we've been to about fifteen night. Our own years various kinds are on the OK okay come and if you wanna see we've actually film a lot of them you can go to our website at her seat. Back before we founded keen to grow I mentioned earlier we were doing his first seven or so years mom we were through an organization called wheel house workshop. OK and so we'll has workshop I had a lot of YouTube videos and we still linked to them on the game to grow dot org website. So if you go to game to grow dot org. You'll see on the menu a thing called press and click on nine you'll see podcasts we've done videos of our panels etc. and to check that out and we are going to be pax east car yeah April anyone who is in now it's at Boston correct yes yes always and I Boston area if you're in the East Coast area definitely suggest checking it out and you guys are doing something special with when your panels there as well. Yeah and the passive we've done panels or just talk about how games can be good for you this panels actually going to be I'm a collaborative home brew 101 panels so. Well we're gonna do Israel I'm sought the whole entirely made up on the spot and we're gonna create an entire world and America and that storyline that you can using your own judges and dragons campaign or whatever you wanted to do. I'm working with the audience so to be an audience and what kind of helping us make it. That the subtitles for this is the cure for the common murder album. Good and if it gets anybody doesn't notre murder oboe is well it's essentially people that will go from downtown in your party and basically just kill everything he. I had been guilty and that every once in awhile sometimes you just wanna had a GTA had a little bit such as soon as that's experiencing it but what a lot of times also it's about learning and it's about discovery and it sounds kind of she's doing and put it but it's it's the discovering yourself. And what you feel day you're comfortable way and kind of going outside of that comfort zone and having some fun while you're doing. Exactly one of the things that really stuck with us as we start getting into this work was of the memories of these Dini experiences that we end. And I circling the Indy when I was eight or ten something around that that Ainge and I still remember some of those stories some of those experiences they've stuck with me throughout my entire life as I'm sure would be true for anybody else who's who's gotten that chance to really dig into those games and and build amazing story lines and build amazing connections with the other people. One of my favorite characters when my first characters was a hobby at warrior and I didn't understand really what a hot it was. And I remember that in I was very young as well and my mind my friend's sister. Was trying to explain to me about Hobbits and then it was kind of going over my head that it NASA understand it and and it was the OK when you walk into this from there's this huge feast is laid before you. And I was like OK and like Ono known now for how business is one of the greatest things ever and as like I. I was kind of like me are right I understand it I really enjoy it and that's one of those ways you can connect that way and I really love what you guys are doing. Again a boat out of Adam Davis and Adam Johnson act game to grow. Social media where can people find you had gained ground. On Twitter at mean to grow on. Into grand kids grow at FaceBook. Slash games ago I didn't look at it I think it's awesome again you guys think he's much for spending some time with us and keep doing the good work really do appreciate it yet I haven't asked thank you so much guys and it just search for game to grow the net the letters T oh game to grow. If your interest in that sort of thing going on and doing a lot of good stuff for people who do have a lot of social issues. And other issues like autism and so on and so forth they're helping them. Through dungeons and dragons and that's amazing here let's talk some television now BJ what you got for us in the world of so no flash did. It yes stuff flashes take its time off I think March Madness break out and use as an accent is there are still going on arrow actually is taking a little I think only one week off but died I didn't talk about last week's episode my so what and so we are at toppled hangar which again. You know we've got the whole situation where it turns okay James who has played up by the actor who played Linus on lost and turns out he was actually played and the new bad guy is take him over Anatoly I believe his name is. And I mean he is actually lastly Anatoly is. Part of these old flashback guys from brought by and he hates Oliver is all we're basically got a kick out of brought to us now so Anatoly has teamed up. Would this other guy Ricardo Diaz I believe and Diaz is the one that was pulling the strings a look like those two were the flood keys of cajun James. But no they weren't they actually worth. They actually placate James and now. Diaz is taken over everything and guy he's going after Errol of course including trying to get him out and as the green arrow even though haulers the mayor of the city. So they had to say you know they had wild dog who is one of the buddies of arrow in their in their super team evenly split up and now they're. You know mr. terrific and wild dog and black canary. Are just like F view we don't want you anymore all of our. There's a wild dog was gonna testify that Oliver queen was indeed degree narrow maybe they basically said if you don't testify against him we'll take your daughter away from use of wild dogs like no way man solid tactic that turns out that that was going to be thrown out of court but then they got another person that was the original speedy. Of course all these sisters been running around with the red hood but before that it was Roy harper they bring him back and he's getting tortured and getting his ass kicked wealthiest as inept and I haven't put on the red put a lot of time. A print. And a guy. Yes so all that's going on meanwhile. You know evil laurel from the other earth tour earth 77. Lack siren people canary whatever the hell she is yes I mean she is. Is she she's a fake to that she's laurel Lance and she's back from the dead here so just she was on the run they thought they were gonna catcher and then she comes out to the media. Yeah it's about yeah. Hey and you see all over and everybody like how we gonna spin medicine because she's saying she's laurel and they don't know she's not really Lauro off today. And sell you know problems. So that's what's going on in the world Merrill Oliver is still after him and he. To Kate James and now no one can find it in the city's about to go broken their Matt they're mad at the mayor. And Gore's there are voters that while I was like I don't know why he would be eighty million dollars and a loss of Y amount America. If at and don't bet on blackness and I cut costs assists don't bet on green actually lol well all there. Yeah there it is that's what we're talking about a not a Chris Hill I you hadn't been watching eyes on me when it first came out true and he told me that you actually come back into it. So we are watching it because it was from a comic book that I had read that and really enjoy from vertigo all eyes on the Internet and it was fun and I liked it in debt. The first season came out and we had a lot of fun ended the the main cast I thought did a really good job with everything was going on domestically closely comic books. But I sort of lost track of it because it jumped it wasn't on the at Hulu anymore so I thought perhaps it had been canceled OT's. Vaporized gone no they just went to this he got that break went to the seat that go I went and got myself to see dub app and got all caught up and now what they just finished up the two Carter bring us in Seattle. And I'm loving this show again what season are they and now this is the beginning the very earliest second second episode of the fourth season just awhile see you there you had day yet have been your bid to catch right back yeah yeah we had to watch a whole season before we can get caught back up nice yeah yeah thank totally worth it and you really liken it real like it is a lot of fun this is a zombie show where does armies. Are not just mindless eating machines jamming around moaning all the time. Because armies who can function normally like normal people as long as they stay well fed OK another wrongly that. Plus there's a side effect that you get divisions of the person who's bringing you. You eat out kind of like to yeah yeah a lot like you actually and so what our main characters live more get it. I thought it oh wow who is. He uses this to help her partner I detective Babineaux with the Seattle PD solve crimes yet it takes a zero maybe how close to Seattle is in a relay that's now. Here's the thing of the they were a lot of stuff into the script about areas like you know Pike Place Market or the Space Needle or Tacoma occasionally pops up or. What everything there was an episode recently called beast mode where did that she'd bring a value of a ravaged Seahawks fan and it was sold well I don't think. But it's really clear that they films in Toronto or Atlantic Compagnie. It's not anything you don't look anything like an out of clouds or it could bet. Being set. The the new season begins with the entire world finding out the zombies or an actual thing and G city of Seattle being completely walled off with with about 101000 people being diverted into zombies. In in the span of about a month low so they were basically walled off from the rest of the US government says are at Seattle you're zombie town we are not. Don't leave. Basically fell every. Cut off and it has been indeed turns into exactly what you expected to a military state and just. How the people inside the wall are dealing with that of course all of our heroes our. Inside the wall makes an in Seattle when it happens so what what transpires in the over the space of this last two part episode Deborah north of Seattle is. There's a yet a coyote moving people across the ball. You know bring bring people I'm getting people out and well. That leads to some some deaths are like this and some murders and all kinds of trouble happens for our characters and wild and then sorting it out and also dealing with what's going on with the politics inside the wall has been. Really really fun and super dynamic and it just I just like it's in everything's about the issue that's that's an somewhere award that I would have expected them ago. Like exact very interesting that you actually that this been deferred they've spent the first two or three seasons trying as hard as they can to not let anybody find out but then middle of the third season. You start getting the sense that. He had people are gonna find out now we have to be ready for when that happens with a code. Well everyday happens and it doesn't go as well as anybody had helped in fact he does almost as bad as it possibly could and now we're pick and unleashes. Death so fun to check it out it's on the CW and yeah it airs it was a Wednesday night but my guess that watch it on my capsule I don't know and it actually really good eyes army turn up moving on you guys to eleven final space. That's the god yes I haven't come here ahead and behind it spite of like follow have been falling poll and Rogers for ever on FaceBook even and he Cano with a video doing the voice of all the cops know. And just a really silly like he would crack bullies are starring in one of those that the left them both for fruit flavored water. Can't there with the tough sobering note Rory McIlroy he's just trying and an keeps hitting him in the face the he didn't worry you know watching it. And you can watch it on the TBS. Apple or even get on demand but apparently also on the Amazon and a iTunes. And he's a cool move Hulu and Netflix sees in due time Mino. I don't hear so writes there's plans on gassing to get that elsewhere too but there's a lot of places you can check it out if you don't have cable system alone laughter not that I'm watching go to sleep now I'm OK I know it's early in the background because like finding new things Elena say to people. Like that's gonna be my well of phrases like everyone went archer. You know for freezing again it yet and now it's all about final phase of me. It'll be interesting way to do you say something in none of us respond you're B elect. Yeah that is set and that's the thing is like Vicky I'm only watched the episode wants him to use like I watch it forty times a phrase I. Sides. Like I am not watch the same show as many times and go to and I want you out because I don't like me identity theft but that's what I'm not saying it's bad you do is remember that not everybody is do my -- we won't know why I'm just gonna enjoy seeing these crazy is you have hey that's just a singular entity called her cheeks BJ so yeah. But I got a future that I did when it. Our this lineup I had and I could say but I'm gonna say it anyway they said on the shelves. Tough to 81 points. Paula that's a good one yeah probably just some sort of random creature nobody's actually that's a phrases mother dealt creators mother used to seat him apparently lost he had very funny it. Let me say it like to put it into the show they put into the show and it was only later did I latest episode that aired that passed on Monday night's. BJ quickly Star Trek continues. Well it's tough to do this one quickly because. This this was the fan may show and anybody who remembers James Cawley and pick magnolia. These guys basically did space Star Trek continues Star Trek phase two start tricks the new voyages. Fan made them fan made Star Trek episodes that they didn't get paid for they built their own sets I unbelievable they got guest stars. Like guy George decay and Walter Cain eighty. And then they started really hauling in some people for structure continues with the unknown who do eleven episodes of Star Trek. Continues in they had to wrap it up. There was controversy amongst Paramount and some people that we're doing these fan mail all star I had no gas TV shows. And eventually Paramount said somebody made money off of their production I don't think it was Vick in his continues people. But they just basically said Paramount said that's it no more ruins and everyone Vick was able to negotiate with them and said look I would like to wrap up the series. And could I do two more episodes in and and Paramount's like you know what do you weren't the problem what the hell. And I have to tell you something man. They did a great job. The first episode that was ever done a Star Trek war even though wasn't aired that web NBC was where no man has gone before. So I love that the last two episodes as far as these guys concerned these the last original series episodes in their brain. They called it to boldly go nag that's how they ended it cut to partner. And it will it basically said here is what happened at the end of their five year mission. Right to the point where we're seeing them phase in the new uniforms that we saw in the first Star Trek movie. Wow hole. I and I wow I watched as the mark runner who goes deep in the Star Trek original series. He couldn't believe all the references and all of the deep things that they covered and all the Easter race they put in there. Including the they've introduced a character who I thought was just throw away character that they added somebody named Smith. And she's been on the show for awhile and then finally Smith says all I was involved. With with Gary. And they know from the first episode. And you know Kirk's body and end up being a guide them and I'm like what's. And she is so it turns out that she has a big role in the last couple of episodes as she said yeah you know wide I many I am a person it's got superpowers to because I was holding Gary's hand and might what is she talking about I went back I watch no way to know where no man has gone before to wrap up. Very is a blonde woman who basically says hi captain and he goes oh good to see you Jones she goes no no my name is Smith. And men hung up he's a hawk down Jerry grabs her hand as they go to the galactic barrier back in the sixties. I'll love that they and Jonas said we're gonna make this character and had ever have a big part because it is all about Casper power and they get the wonderful Mikell O'Brien who clinical O'Brien who played one of the companions. Perry and Doctor Who which was great because they had Colin baker from Doctor Who and he was her companion she was his companion. So she and I mean they they got all these great guest stars from everywhere mile loop for a nose been on the show. So many great guest artists so it's just like an old school geeks just absolute dream it's amazing they've gotten more dead ringers for the Ron Allen commander in the enterprise incidents you think it's the same actors that's just how goods to how she looks just like. That Ron Allen commander so they wrap up current they wrap up spot they wrap up McCoy as to where who what where they went after they they completed their five year mission. Which you can see oh yeah and and they went often to their own thing before we see them again new of course Star Trek the motion picture. It's wonderful they they it's amazing what they do but this eleven episodes start trick continues but there's probably thirty somewhat episodes of fan made stuff from Cawley to me no not who I think. Mean yeah it's worth a watch you feel like you're watching seasons four and five. Are the original Star Trek that is outstanding yet great great job and a great way to go out fantastic and fortunately we're a little short on time so no BJ movie reviews today are well I'll get to him there on Netflix they never go way absolutely. So now it is time. She twists dish out for a sticky. I it's a little while ago I posted on the BJ shades geek nation FaceBook page an article I Rinker. And its people are asked to rank of a 190 source character is powerful and man oh my goodness Florida the best to worst. And I also asked you guys you. Favorites are more characters. And I'll read telling guys think about it now we didn't. I don't I don't know if this is being joking or not this is is that the rays at the robot will want to know Clayton says I'll. Our guy. It's hugely underrated. Like I can tell he's joking or not. So I think sees it did because they in the image he pops up on the on the pages of our targeting punch in the face. That the yeah. The delegates it's unfortunate because the gun didn't really worry quite an interesting race. I mean really you know for oil for a cartoon race I love that hold guns in city and it you know looked visually beautiful but doesn't go Indians themselves I could have just done like is that your favorite care. I I just feel like I like them better Lee walks than anyone thought about species are talking about character I know I'm just going nonstop because I'm an idea and I I. I think I made it clear now you're very very number one has still won hands down be Darth Vader. On the actual rink a list it is not Starr is number tale that's horse I guess would be number one has got to be Oda. No we lineup mile an hour before or you thought Lugar Obi wan come on mobile number line I had a job in my top three is Vader you O'Dowd and Obi wan. Okay. And Jodie what are we talking to me sir Alec Guinness was I mean like they're so well what I'm saying characters out there yet right now it's saying both its Ewan McGregor and Alec I think you are McGregor actually made old we want all the more popular for -- what they're doing years they're combining to use it with a handicap match against Bader this is the problem here yet Katie Christians in and that's the picture they used to use our problem our active and again didn't do a whole lot for Vator Forstmann. Manhattan for the rink Kelly as the top five of feeling to know be Darth Vader Hans solo number three. You go to number four and then Luke Skywalker and number five now. You know anybody even cracked a tough to crack the top five below yours a whole puzzle of mineral always nagging but I really really like gin or so from my room Warren and and ray I think I think not only lose three good character I think why did you released knocking out of the park. I can't argue without generous so I'm jays it was at that was she was that the Jews together and really the leader of one you know yeah. I don't know if I'd put her in the top three hour rain though we are re definitely is is is is awesome. Rate came in at number eighteen nice Belgian again IG why in the artist who. Does are two words okay mum did not make this list a man that's. A 139 characters router. Six also people but they also including the ones from the cop cartoons. And thought all right no grand isle Shia AT make this green there is very not. Player's budget ours on a list okay yeah Baylor gun as a generation I'll get worse so we're easily pass that that I wanna see Schmidt for some reason we're summation makes everybody I don't have had an whereas lay is summaries. Pool I didn't Grasso. For the top ten yeah. Six is our TD to venture balk and then lane and a and then build affect the Darth Maul. You can tell. I small gets on there Darth Maul had a really long expanded. Runway at rebels and also in the comic who. Obviously there are called here a lot more going on with him ME at one point got spider lay eggs and if you priced well I really is at this point where my van quite on did breaks. He's one of my favorites the man is not run. If you. And you. You know my day and. They're easily act eighteen for some reason pat O'Bryant he's a tough economy forced ghosts. That's right needs an eight cell Joseph on the page rates for is number one is data slash and again this is going by the movies he says. To Leona three and her four OB one of my mom. That'll help the team forgot about him where he got to definitely go with how the teen we see on the list and that may help her team the panel and in the end how. We had eleven. OK yeah how we like a top ten I would sneak him into the top ten maybe it. Let's see hard to push out as many these very same out of the whole time so now Heidi it's funny he was a young guy. Who was made to look golden and when he was old actually fit right into the role okay if if if if if the technology Carlson is Darth Vader a lot of us it is a thing Paris yeah. It's a Kobe really you know leads in it please think Karl was like wait wait what you're. Carl. There are no do well and both of them Han Solo then the storm troopers are old yet store so let's see bets on a character Anna and lets you go fan. So nobody ticket to a soap. That's who I thought yeah I think everyone's just as saying cannon noted that old rogue one there they just ignoring I'm not thinking yes okay. I can't really thin didn't get in there because I thought I was doing was awesome on the first off my thirtieth old OK okay and finished thirtieth podium earnest when he nine benefits have rarely leaves on your twice so I DeWitt didn't really his right about BBA's twice apparently didn't know Jim. I call you lately is number 6760. Ulcer on that Piaf Pierce's numbers and she said nothing beyond a oh yeah I. Found for next and then thing they. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot bluffs.