BJGN 04-14-17 Hosted by Vicky B? - Cable Casting

Sunday, April 16th

It's a special edition of the Geek Nation podcast hosted by Vicky B with a guest appearance from the one and only Brandon Jerwa. We discuss the recent Cable casting and much more! 

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your new flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase TV show and welcome. Welcome to another edition of Vijay Chez geek in the nation and holy crap I'm Vicky V low rent Madonna Simon denies Simon I mean. Getting sure wish she'd. Red. Norway went on a gonna say probably is backyard late signing a far far from any news good to me this tiny year where I have to run the show. Thanks who's mayor may not be an injury NT cup top dream team includes big bully is AS. And the prodigy has my privileges and her of the roaring GA. Have kind of a cool name it's kind of sound effects. And that unless you know we kind of forced him to do this and we're kind of glad he came and mr. Brandon Zola I was holder escaped. Mr. cake thinking that that turned out to be a lie I guess you can get OK okay what type front panicky and John FK thank you for that easy to give their bread and always nice to have you back. It's okay to swing at all of the balls a hundred fine on the love. I love for rendering this granite to let people now having get a hold of a difference a multi quarter mile in my own podcasts yet you take orders from this one today. Annual lake gets. Short order we're the president how tough are really looking not camera OK we have put all this nonsense every Monday Wednesday and Friday. And if you like your all the let's check out the website and all the podcast is Vijay keeps nation dot com on Amazon echo I'm still not comfortable with this. Just say oh look so please be patient on through been it's the feature may. You leave your children. Like us on FaceBook and search for BJ she's deviation falls on Twitter and into the ground could start firmly nobody like I want walker doesn't have a lot of guys do like Europe we have got to do it that's at three geeky stations and potentially the voicemail 1980224335. Period. And should listen you know be picky usually you know dot com you know. I take issue madam with your your information sheet here I'm not using because it doesn't and she does mean though Vijay each nation at And then there's the YouTube. We usually do little thing called improvising as legal lung change it up everyday do you feel like learning how to make a list properly I'm com slash B do you measure I'm sorry I don't fashion all show up great I'm I'm so I'm a professional I know how to do it on the women. But guess what we do have a few things going on today there is casting middle lot of big housing is they give up this week we're going to be done McChrystal or trailer euros what are all. Britney talking about addams family and iron dream team that's for an had a Stanley TV show or movie and then then we'll have to keep sheets. Turns out that awesome walk the old guy Ali GE U is ready for an up and he had. Sunnis Remo you've got to dig deep to right exactly Clinton sentence in the dark you can't tell the difference tough tough tough talk now about the amount Harry I'll move Vern he thought they smelled the potato head yes I'm a lot cleaner. One of the big news item that came up this week we finally. Finally have a cable. We have a cables we wanted to name it he and I can't can't kinda out of nowhere. In so many neighbors in the recent months like and this was not one of them like we're that Michael Michael Shannon Michael Shannon Brad Pitt they had concepts are yellow Bret glad that went with that idea could have been wrecked it could have been a breath and he's not a fan but it also could never have been Brad I agree I think the only reason they said no was because of scheduling conflict which I'm kind of glad happened the Philly he's. 222 Brad Pitt. Pierce Brosnan. Yeah yeah. Billion because there was firefly references in or filling in reference Lagos in one of the trailers for what he's or trailer is already billions already wonder man. Guess he is so wonderment. He's doing everything and yes you all of this that's not a deal breaker we have alerts and now now none of them we had somebody who's already anybody. In the marvel cinematic universe that we have Josh Rolen Josh Bruins which I think is pretty fantastic although I talk to read who is not here because he's not having fun. Each to each fifty Hillary and I says that he has no idea what any of the American morning references are and I like to mess with him Sunday he'll catch up one day. But I was really really hoping for John Ron Perlman and he was so she was a university in Lang but I feel like he's what do you think of the solely. Giving you can do it sitting he's already been like since Eddie Jones hats yeah I think I think he's ready to call for a. He's got the face he looks the first he's big enough now not pregnant. I I would love it if he would do his excellent Tommy Lee Jones impersonation. On my iPad screen plays young. Agent K. I think he should just beat Tommy that you know national I cable I I probably will adjust less Quinn TI. Could really place likes going to look angry like Tommy Lee Jones Josh Roland great and yet another unique. Succeeding. That's not enough that we have an actor now that there is a face a good putt on the cable I realize that my trepidation with cables basically still the exact same because the real question is how the hell are they gonna do cable. What is cable going to be you'll like what he's gonna feel like victors. It's such a weird character to put to a movie. I mean it's it's you have to Chris is dead pool but the save time now you've got all the whole the summer's family big yes you have to. Deal and Craig are you disapprove and I think as well yes you get really has lots of yelling and lots of guns yet to be really drunk. This sure is Kim yes I feel I don't know about ball would go to Tim I was. Up big drug brat you're doing great tennis is radler had a lot of what happens to. Hug. But it really Ryan Reynolds even tweeted out there really Gaza until he says not ash fox the agency. Asked. You can't plea to characters and bringing universe just roll analyst sick girl and I was in Sabrina the teenage witch. And as Carlos the Spanish word. I can find it to the top playoff rounds how happy we'll do languages you haven't you haven't constantly fighting shouldn't finances in Spanish or English and happen with nine members of the. Am I mean correct have you thought about committing the fully learning one and that's it's my son commitment not a thing really heavy do you know any commitment extend. It's been a long time I thought maybe you have Richard it's. Anyway I am excited about the same super says look this does love love fan those same cable yet there is to favour count book characters so now he's just gonna have you know nighttime and a major cartels got a lot to deliver now as far as arrest insert narrowly want to take it just see red be really happy to let the real news here is is not so much that just throw newscasts cable anymore they just broadcast to strife. And SD who should pay it oh is the IDF strikes being in a state actually say additionally James bro would strife. Oh that's that contraris growing ha. We're watching the F Saturday movie you and explain who strife is because I like the he has fallen out of favor and sees those strikers is a clone of a clone of cable yeah. Okay yes and I lose but who was who's the sinister apocalypse who made strife. Who gives I don't know them because there was only one of them and energy basically yours as soon knives and is like an evil cable and he is the bad guy in the lovely executioners song. Which if you have an afternoon to waste. Do some ups yet you Vicki just a sudden your reaction when you Google stripe for the life how tough other the why is in the middle where Vicki. How how come and when I wanna say he wears the suit knives I am not joking how much oh sharp edges and a busy he snorted at the seminar taught and genetic degradation or whatever I on the third what Cordova color aren't they still looks like good old Nate Christopher Nathaniel under the helmet under the knife helmet how. It was like a big reveal when he revealed he was cable and boys. If you look at each trying a meet Phil or anxieties makes list Von. The low was ninety yeah yeah just take anything in this day and mixed with strong enough I thought I. Are they all mean that I did think he's gonna end up being in the X source ms. beard I hope so yeah so there ends up being a source movie. Look they're saying I really help that's 33 guardian. New mutants is in pre production hasn't outlook to see had me if you can be like a leader of the new mutants like he wasn't that that small period when cables existed before cable started routing and immune C that would be beautiful. Well he is a big named persons I like to think like OK what's what would he be willing to sign up for big and small pump up. And I don't know if he's I don't resent us now which is that's gonna do and helmet to Cody contract settled at. Yeah I mean promoter for most of what we've seen him as then as he's probably getting paid a crap tonight to just sit there on the thrown at him then TGI hit the Mark Campbell approach yes it's pretty diligent with more hassle thing is. Ha ha ha. Take that Mark Hamill camel that I hadn't got to do a demo. Harry Potter thing. Yes sure we know that we have our young helpless Dumbledore yen is not Q lawns Dell which makes me sad or okay yeah. Pretty good actually wasn't and then I think Johnny Depp is gonna be in this movie as well next fantastic beats a beast movie who plays a pillar. And we know why money killed or editors owners whatever he is he's the big bad guy they allude to little bit towards the end of their daughter franchises. Basically that other big bad guide and made Dumbledore famous by Kagan has asked usual unusually gamble you Dumbledore is like love and like he had that. The little within right now this that there's never actually any mention doubled or an eighty romanticism in any of the actual Harry Potter franchise is just digging around and has talked about it okay fine. Stern don't because I don't think it's kind of a lazy way of putting things in your story Cleveland's day care draft is not gay and any way that matters if you pay attention to this story. Comes another finally doing it I guess and they're gonna have. They're meant to cut it to their enemies you'd love it's gonna be Jude law and Johnny Depp which my head if that had any at all. It a fantasy of yours and you're not imaginative and did. What he had no joke. Well I hope that JK can recover from your harsh criticism. Ha ha I I don't know I don't think Huber from scrutiny ducking into Ohio money every day as it's she's okay the ultimate total vomit you can't really just goalie ray review to come forward and take a shot better and I got an easy thing that billionaire down and did I did see fantastic these are having gone I did what do you think. The source fun place fully fund I wouldn't say it's an exceptionally good movie or anything but I did like different Harry Potter franchise can follow its I'd say the same I enjoyed it. I don't think it's. Great feeling we're putting is good enough what is the hold up with the other Harry Potter movies. Well then there's no different recollections of her eyes yeah I'd get the job done up as much Harry Potter. So does a lot less than yet not very funny and I had been there enough. Like it belongs like there's even little sort of musical cues and at that that if you were watching it. In the context of other Harry Potter things make you feel like you're in the Harry Potter well first I will say that I believe. Definitively that this is gonna become a series of movies about Dumbledore because. I don't think that the lead character. In fantastic beasts is meant to actually sticker on and I have this this instinct after watching a movie Newt's commander. Yeah especially with at the end of the movie when it's a very clearly like Kate turns out this movie was a set up for that big double door door unlocked car whatever his name is subplot. I know it's a different character. Yeah I make sense here I think because the doesn't really seem like much of a hero he just doesn't really do anything he does some things in a movie but he's mortars cut like parent alike. He gave us the story and yeah he's he's still living but doesn't that create us. Suvs outside character of the falls around a lawyer quests. Hey enjoy okay this site care just call him out and qwest was the best part of that movie he was he really was actually my favorite celestial marvel universe is the living my Gotham. I think Madonna and the living without them I like it that I think it's still prince bakery now there. We'll dying from marble to Harry Potter let's get delivered to you know typically territory to DC did you see. Luckily there you're Asian tiger or any credit for good nothing murderers get real little I guess. You're welcome those little luck yes no I think if she does what skip over this just record territory dirty to stumble I feel like. All legal territory. A little bit of a hang find yourself and you go into a report upon you like it hurt us is how hot it's been around a little bit when we come out here in the co chair is mushroom trip passed along aren't affected everything from home or. And. And but does digit annual US opera man movie casting news. Yes it's no I didn't because I can dish it off command you goats is that I wonder if you don't good to be joining the movies. As. Mirror his mother or father so I don't know you better way no way we live in a different time now and do whatever he wants to use just how fast. What am I didn't realize how many great actors are going to be in this movie. Yeah they're really make it an automated and wonder if you don't ever and we got a season hello all we got amber heard as near us and them little flow as the oldest though as the food science advisor to. Between opting out command and I don't know strongly today. Is that it's our commander in vaalco these that analyst vaalco vaalco yes I am old globe via Nicole Kidman is gonna be clean at all if nice since mama. And then I'm not shared some to your Morrison is gonna be Thomas curry. Oh that's that's document stopped public hypocrisy is his earth problem to her on the early show run at Atlanta is on earth as well. Shot obstacles how. A soft compound that Sony they Canada's Lauren and pacify that we know of bloody think. I'm you've you've probably out of all of us flutter about Brandon is a little more romance I'd. I'm excited I'm not men movie in general happening its its interest to you if they're putting so much in this is clearly because of the reaction to did Newsnight Jason Ramallah. Like Jason almost seems to be the one people are actually excited about CNN com I'm surprised that this character dolphins character is going to be an economy still you know there's a lot of when they announced Superman movie you know which one of the four plots are gonna get. Right when they said there do we want to Roman I was like all right well I know what Romans good to be is gonna be about war I think so. You know these these things also to right themselves. Because of the way the source of true works in the we've had to introduce these characters. I have no idea what they're trying to do with our command are both. The bill is going to be ocean master that's sinister name for a poor black man to another very sinister name to take on the command. But we haven't seen Eddie do real news about that it's been concrete dumb but this. This character is is the king of another underwater the civilization the sort of rivals Atlantis that's where. A man's wife is from. And so it might just read more about salmon that civilization but it's also a black minutes from but I see that it's going to be the whole political ocean master thinks of this I've noticed an idea. Not I I'm excited about it but that's because again. Senator about things I probably shouldn't. You're the wrong with who and our command and I just RDC ahead of time as a sort CGI is at its worst ones go doing water scenes. Those little boy always underwater joys is more fake to me. I feel. They're gonna have to really like with the trailers you see him coming out of the water in the water splashing around him I feel they're gonna have to rely on being played above water using the water. I really do hope to have just a million swimming pools or something tentative really thought this out because I mean like you said the casting is great but man and it is a dangerous territory. We we did a little bit they do in in the bad man be Superman when he's looking at the footage and kind of grainy and he's currently he looks like an actual things like the way they made an ice kind of block C handling glow. I'm I'm I'm panic and carries over an hour later I am of. Where did these movies my big concern. Is that there is a DC multi burst OK and all the actors in the world. We have parts for Dolph Lundgren in two. Different aspects of this multi yeah. Currently on the aero below minimum Adolf longer it was a bad guy on Aaron is here in the flashback plot. Heads every single episode of Arab by the way I've gone. Also hundreds of this show every time every day and a half but it's he's got the. Low blow moving on from casting news we did tend to get up we did receive a really awesome trailer this week. Fuller rag know. All of how very easily lied to and it's the and I think that's somebody had mentioned Arafat read it somewhere they said it's because they're gonna eventually try to connect to guardians of the galaxy Smart move is a really fun trailer but it did feel different than seeing any of the other like. Captain America or even avengers trailer is it was. Like more like Canada it's dark and then. You no different. Eric ma and yes folks. And he did and I met I mean the guy can get excited about torture or because the first horse pretty here is all right the second door was literally waste of time. And this putt costs. I was like please whatever you do do not try to beat. A really like you know I insightful we should be a store movie and this sort of flu like here's the coliseum doors and do some fighting everyone else is better something like. Yes that's exactly what I wanna know what does he played a little more inexplicable Jeff Goldblum and I don't know who's really he's the same race I think I read that this he's the same race as other collector. We kind of the same same group group it's something mostly blip but that's OK and I. Let's just won't get 1019 years though don't I mean don't you think you evil would go and I are pretty emotional race. A street where crap they show is one there's one very short shot. Of of an audience watching what is obviously an editorial fights flight seems to be at the plot. The big drive forced upon that stores captured speak to be a gladiator on this planet while elsewhere Helen is taken care NASCAR. Limiting carry Munich strength. Where this other is audience watching the and so you've got it looking on one side and got Jeff Goldblum on the other side of this big long couched. And end this this shot is just pure Jack Kirby it's got these designs in the background that just totally called back still looks like a draw on didn't let her draw her Phoebe almost straight yeah absolutely legged it doesn't even look like there's like these weird like we got to me just look realistic there earlier this is like Jack Corbett is Drupal walled up on this day off and so let's she'll it was whatsoever what is read customer bring doe eyes just sitting there are watching the fight a celestial casually. You know bet non store verse Hulk. Yeah not an earlier time I was so overcome with glee by this this trailer. Like I think that if you're going to do for up one of the of the franchises and make it a little more fun four's a way to get absolutely and and they are trying to populates the the cosmic universe I think. That that seems pretty clear in this is the best way to do it you know what I love. About Jeff Goldblum being in this movie we'll debt they're scientists for so preoccupied when they're not they could so they didn't stop to think they should. And good barrel thank you for. The good guys who initially I did anybody here's an interesting comment sorry these material command how tough very very apparent holes got those. Big gas at Mars like I really didn't think we're gonna do that. Writes about things that we felt local weird each. All of it right there and scourge of machine guns that's straight out of. The the suns are coming up so and by the way that's Karl urban everybody yup and you don't. No offense that's curler there with a shaved head and machine guns and by the way I just wanna say everybody's excited about Helen as well they should be. OK however over an agency shield eight slash man I'm glad I trial spoiler. Is turning up so dole Jimmer we universe doesn't have any good female villains and Sigourney Weaver is arousal the defenders so we're all good. To be great to forty years in rough order cuts. I'm I'm taking it personally you are I'll talk about how tough battles for anybody with long hair cut Ian makes you sad. I have first solo shot but don't put on that helmet on light I finally got a guy who's got the wind is on the hill went up again. The translated wave and I thought it would too I do not over Israel to pull off the work out there are you know what I actually do women I think it comes all the make up their putting on and all that diving get really really helps. Three great it's gonna look at our 45 minutes of pure awesome yes I did we all NN dirty no one time I do not starting out at. He he he knows everything 45 minutes of trailers before and he's he's I hope I haven't seen yet I can Taylor a separate studio were right now these days are predictable that's that's that's her I did read an art. But did suggest and I read an article on me in the title. Could hell. Possibly be the marvel cinematic universe scanners to death. Because she is bringing yes you know to ask guard do you guys think oh what do you think of that proposal. That would make sense. I can I guess I can judge could view that night. I know that they've said that that they are taking a sort of different angle with the character of death as it relates to panels. Also there's been some financial scarlet witch and Infiniti wars fighting somebody with a staff and the staff looks a lot like fire lords the moon. Wherein I wonder if they're going to fuel the concept of herald's. Because collectors has herald's yeah I wonder fan of Santa's gonna have to herald's. You know I we could see that's you know the way he whom has. Doing he had. Must face the blue guy from the decree that Iran and accuse their hair root user sort of behaves in an herald its way. No deal or insider Vernon us yup saint Anna soberly yeah he has these followers. The thing is weird because LA is bringing death which is different than being or creeping death. Right there the fundamental part of death approved of motivating Santos is that decreased death to please her to not falls her because she creates death may be you know the causality is his backwards on that I mean like I enjoy baking cakes but I also like to them. Could funny that I enjoy eating cakes and I really hate based and multi dimensional and then a scare a visionary about I did not a list of questions that people asking about the trailer. One being where is Oden. You know now yes probably a lot and we know from Doctor Strange. He's missing yes. And then back going and like how is Doctor Strange going to factor into the story is it going to be like before. I can still have a long hair when he talked to doctor trained. If you Paul's the scene where Heller. Stops and owner. I believe that you concede. Another body just off camera and I believe that is Doctor Strange because that team appears to take place on her gas city asks and I enjoyed frustration at our school. Aren't really loved that movie financially and I've always liked her character but I thought the movie was just fine and I look forward drew more artistry can look forward to watch them. If you get a little they had to finally get out front like they'll hold a news has been and everybody's known about the whole thing about the hawk our workforce and figured ever yet it had to be the figure the trailer because it wasn't your if you insult those like a refusing to halt the clinic where they first about the trailer. Nam and I expect Doctor Strange to be the second or third trailer does that also like anybody that was seen Doctor Strange he knows he's going to be in Iraq Iraq during the entire it was about go to ion TV and he's like one of the first ones were said. And another question is is bad communion going to be gone forever. Sure is she got the course totally definitely no more doors ever exactly. And then what what happens. Can handle handle on number five time like I'm like oh no I really see it yourself in the trailer on. Let's see inflating food and not just enemy you can understand their nominees from pretty this is much bigger or more and a -- call my staff somebody with it happy is great and I think I -- add however I loves me some. It was elbows so this and that. The over. I hear what you did you know about the the MMA fight now so he took up MMA fighting recently trained they made it like like a BBC documentary about it. He got the ring won his first fight what I'll vote. Mono culture day could receive zero I got to knock him out and I'll drop my god I think Donald like that he knows who he just stood there pigeon. Great. Day can you just turn like an arm and a little bit and also you are going to linger and Conrad I'm sorry completely unrelated another question is where lady sits on the warriors three. What it looked yelled T gonna look clicking might be fighting along with them he was on the couch with Jeff Holden scared whenever he wants is the answer great yeah. Why the health attacking sore arm because it's fun apparently loves to do it. Yeah I mean I look at questions of how hole gets barely getting to reduce the hold somebody symptom often displays like Y eight. Why is banner in space or did you did it leave it like the last of lenders grade where he leaves. He can we don't go to CJ leave this bait buddy then the brits better drama car he's on what color did say he doesn't cringe at he couldn't get. Quick general gambit quit just gotta space told the waitress Kelly and then again promising to send you to stay you know there's no interest kill him anymore than I do I do a loaded up program I'm that's there that's of CNET before. More on the guardian of the galaxy could be that the whole Peter quail thing where they just can be in the month I think that's that's likely yes my favorite is you know movies. And I honestly I may also be would have been CNET is glad he knows that this this the metro arena isn't just all on this planet like a wasn't planet Hulk there are people going and fighting people for a so whoever brings the war could also have brought cult. I tell I Syria but Addams Family stuff I'll just say the firm Monday we'll talk about it back then but China in San might only get to you. She is one more hours guy. She Swiss TV. Click or untrue movies and my headphones on no I do with the holder have a few guys that said one more time to go a little quiet. A million real living that might be considered nerdy geeky this. And. Than not even real fast and furious. Fast senate hearing all god what's already out why they hate each other furious comes out this week and say they do just. What they really. Now can't stop won't stop they have like three or four more planned after less of you are again meeting next week. No I give this. It's for those reruns in the trailer it's awesome one because oh torpedo and hope he gets shot out of its submarine ten breaks theorized. But that's the raw video grab senate torpedo ahead sort of growth since Obama. Somehow a good shot I hit Kevin. I don't imagine when these movies where hey we're just the Brazilian a street thugs that are stealing stuff and bring their cars don't last now it's like hey we're actually super secret agents that when they used to be that the bad guys are stealing like TD indeed gentlemen determine your first one was he got you need to get Todd you have to work for the cops Miguel it's always been the premise of the phone like furious the crazy is like. I like what do they learned from all those moves that Sherman time really got to have your family dinners and took drugs are working off last two years I may spend the rest upon how it's. Great they actually do I go statistical breakdown of like what happens during each of the movies and go from mood movie and in the beginning it was like gather like 50% racing and now it's about 10%. And it's like and there's like 5% of women behind cynicism it's amazing. Low Hyatt there are other fun they're not. The greatest masterpiece living gab why South Africa and even diesel things like Atlanta and the last one came out or when he was different this reason it's like Oscar worthy is like now know Hansbrough because someone passed delayed if not make them think Oscar worthy. This is this is no joke. I had never seen a fast or furious movie until I think the last one million. And I I was dating this woman and an on my birthday she decided we're gonna go see this movie and I I would 21 of those fancy theaters and as food and reclining seat. And I paid like sixty dollars in the middle of the after new roundup on my birthday how tough is she this piece of garbage and I was. Sitting there cruise movie thinking I gotta get out of this relationship no doubt no doubt no joke that was not a movie was I hated it so much it was a sign that I needed to make a life Chad. It'll laughter against when he fifteen pies made it was always you always definitely not abandon. It's probably wants another 61 that was more they had the runway scene where planes taking off yeah. Only thirty minutes. She and brought it out and export a mysterious who's gotten this. Is she doesn't today is due to a lot of man drops out of whatever we came on 20s13. Twenties probably I don't I love his movies of those sobbed Indies on xxx and they were like you know our guys he can act so I'm blows stuff up for an hour. Like tonight then play your strength tonight Adriano and oh yeah. But if you haven't seen the movie I highly don't recommend it but you know if you do like he's who has a really fun so we didn't have time to get to the Addams Family thing but we spent time on this current yes it is thing. Yes yesterday and that tight ship yet we do we do a good job we are good guys sit back and read some. Is that what happened to be back I'm gonna stick to my eighties podcast. I think from now and though he never got another couple. Oh Linux and then sing anything. 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