BJGN 04-16-18 - Table Top Gaming

Monday, April 16th

Rev & Joe review their Grand Prix Seattle experiences, and discuss the latest Magic set Dominaria; Chris reviews the board game Ascending Empires; We send some table top RPG questions to Chris with ASK A GM; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells sunup today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay cheesy nation. Yes we're going to be DC's geek nation and I and the reverend en Fuego. Across from me keys Vicky Barcelona and went back uncle courier has a aloha AV show's namesake Vijay Sheikh is on assignment and we. Joey. No I'm not all the lights on today's show we will talk magic the gathering will talk for games. Maybe a little RP GE's in that ever present more love more. Vicky how can people get a whole the last to get a hold of us via our website PJ each nation dot com it's gonna have all information dollar social media pages. But he got a FaceBook and your and Twitter although the second leading the nation you'll probably my best thing you can emails eight. Hadn't BJP needs CNET dot. She's just added I don't stop beating you need I go dot com. That's right right now at an ugly as an artist is that domain name beat Vijay Geeknews reason is is stuck. That's not a pretty amazing all right yes Vijay geek nation Aegean mile dot com that is where you can email us and Keith has sent us an email previously talking about his twin girls we're gonna watch senior hell boy. Are now. I now yes now. They are are thirteen okay aimed at the same year that held what came out but not the same day this is interesting the twins but on the same way they they were not born the same day helpfully camp out at the same year yes. Okay yeah but the twins are but there's a point yet realistically it's okay that made it down like an excuse that I now cleaner sound like that these two girls nor are two different days yet. Don't have one of those more like eleven I believe in but I like one of them was born on the hell boy or at least in it almost not knowing who actually UV became an all time he says the kids immerse themselves into the movie because they did watch the original held Boyden and I went with the director's cut of the film unfortunately I was not able to watch the film -- them but I was within earshot of hearing at last someone saying EU EU EU in a scene that caused them both to shriek. The consensus between the two that they agree on three review areas of the film I love this. It's great Yankee concert Leo yeah yeah yeah they like talking on the phone like they like did they know how to use a phone now adding another thirty. I don't kid he's just me out they can run an iPad two data of all different exactly. They dub this the good the bad and the ugly. The good was watching held voice saving the cat in the subway fight scene and a half the battle was the dated CGI graphics and the daughter said they are overlooking this detail because they know CG has come a long way since the movie debuted. The ugly was seeing was worthy kids sot Karl Rupp wrecked. Cronin with his mask off and where he was the creepy clockwork not seen exceptionally defecated in just a little while yeah yeah and that was the cause of the EU EU EU and now. These girls are good right totally game runner they're coming for your job over all the kids enjoyed the film and have a better understanding of the character in the game injustice to they both agreed that the game character was Mahler modeled after Ron Paul Newman's bumper trail of held VoIP. Also they said they were they had a lot of fun reviewing the movie and wanted to ask if they can in the future submit reviews of key style films. Asks yeah. Please give you wanna call. He's been like when your video and. You guys if you guys make a video send it to us are attacked us on geek would you be DC's geek nation on the FaceBook would definitely. Wrote that out there if you guys sent ardea you can send us an MP3 or send us a voicemail. Q any of those things or even if it's just the written word here love to get those reviews especially younger ones who. Get them on older peaking movies to see. How I love about those counts as older geeky movie like Ted have you seen the first Spider-Man like Kelly I'll. And Annie yeah has starred in movies like the first X-Men movie. Who you what was the writer's name that does that fares impact Keith Keith Keith Keith from talking you right now body Heath make this thing I have not heard a better idea. In decades and definitely it was awesome and definitely and a lot of good the bad and the ugly we'd love to hear exactly what they feel about it. And I mean if anybody wants in the reviews of any sort of thing. We're definitely a part of that the geek nation is everybody was out there you desert the geek nationals and we love to incorporate. I mean in the past we had Wagner Collin by the way Wagner on expected aren't there in eighty war review grass so definitely give that to us yet just at a list or click on a Rinker like. The best team movies we like a Star Wars franchise Lord of the Rings Indiana Jones may tricks that's what I'm curious about why I want to kids to watch the matrix because some of those graphics are still. Brady. I mean come on supply no exact height I didn't sign a couple of years ago. Who was OK now graphic wise. Don't do that Tom mattered I was also eat with them we came out so. Apparently apparently that a guy named Zach Japan has indicated that he will be doing a new matrix film. Which was announced early last year again earnings and pins Q&A when we did he just directly. He probably is that he used to caddie I think you did them he did already Claremont Kanye get here right okay yes I can just I don't know I know I ate out he did try to work extra money I mean he's incredible Hulk that you don't know what any diddle actress so you don't have simmered down. So yet he wants to actually expand the matrix universe with the new film crew not to reboot not do anything like that but during those time frames of you get neo Intron Indian all of them running around. To actually. Work on something. That is running can group is that there are so close so I'll something like that from current concurrent yes that's the word and they're pretty pretty cool 'cause I think native they told in the movies that there are bunch of different versions of so one right mails right out so you better be every at all on most of the ones as well. It be really interesting to see even the more of the matrix stuff I know we could little off topic and that group principles for a raft. Moving on from that list talk about gay meaning and first off. Joseph a couple of weeks back to you and I attended a magic the gathering event called the Grand Prix Seattle. Yes both of those under different reasons on Grand Prix Seattle is this was a really big event because they had two gigantic tournaments. One starting on Friday and one starting on Saturday. Friday it was legacy which is a use you give you a lot older cards. And as bad as such usually the that the deck prices are a little bit more expensive I'll be a little bit all yeah a lot of men and then after that was standard which is the the most recent formats and rotating fashion and I did not participate. In. I went at play commander I hung out with a bunch of people. But you actually played in the legacy tournament yes the main event yes so I how was that for you offers up what did you end up playing I played great just over which is. A lot of small. Small casting cost spells backed by the Dover secrets which is the flying aberration insect that will go and I. Your face yes that three to find for one death and so how how was that how was the tournament for you. A lot of good a lot of fun I went 43 I was 41 now lost matches in a row and then at that point you need to be I think what seven into to make day to yes after six okay six and two yeah. Did turn and I didn't I made a couple of mistakes and but. Nothing too big or major and you've got called man goes really bad kind of thing. The formats really funny it's by far my favorite format. A lot of you'll complain because force of will and a lot of the blue can't trips the one costs it costs tells you like filter through your deck are all legal. And so the teams seem like they're repetitive and away yeah but. There are so many choice is it going to stacking your jackets almost morbid dec builder in legacy of all good call yeah I had that makes a lot of sense on that and I mean. There are so many intricate plays and you look at somebody who has maybe one or at some point zero lands on the table. Like how are you Blake how do you have any sort of dish decision tree. But it's. There's a lot going on yet the work they've been in legacy really shows you like the worst parts comment to which every game at the thing it's not perfect right in they really they that you don't really see them in legacy for that reason Mike Mann has not has bigger problems colors not as big as a problem drawing cards and as big of a problem creatures are more balanced and it's weird Beckel all these cars are unfair but. For some reason it's like jam and all those things through one door in order to -- how perfect I don't touch it kind of a thing Diaz so the term it was really fun I helped -- everyone I'm matches was great op mode to three games almost every match all that's also fun to it's not like he wouldn't we it's getting blown out sucks yeah exactly and it doesn't happen very much legacy. This is the first channel fireball that that I've gone to OK if yes sorry my second one but since the new rules and everything. So we started 9 o'clock now who they eliminate the player meeting the player meeting is you sit down across across for a first round opponent rated nine you hand Dudek sheets to judge a while they go hey Bob applauding it takes five minutes just so you real quick biz is you're playing you're three rounds is going to be. And you start so I was done with my around my first round before 950. Nice and it's only eight rounds now as opposed to nine relates to play yeah that is true and it helps I mean first off eight rounds is a lot anyway yup but nine really put it kind over over the top on that and I mean you get the TV. And then again going what you can go away six and two yet to get that you automatically get into. So once you get beyond two losses you know you can kind of pack it in in. Yeah adolescent males and I mean it's it's because he's bigger events obviously there are some people this is at the Washington State convention center which we haven't had a GP in downtown Seattle. Ever you socially or down in downtown Tacoma yap and so eighty easy location I mean I was done by five. You know which is unheard of the gas normally you're at those places if you're determined even going through halfway through the day you're there are told five or 67. So it's great to know of disturbance for almost every person inflated it on Friday it was done by like eight dia and they could go home sleeping get a full days' rest and come back to be rate ago. And like me I didn't wanna participate in the turn because I just Blake I mean BJ jokes about how I did alight I'll go to drop and I'll just go home mad and what it's literally what will happen because they just give burnout to get mad so I went for some commander events. Our friends over at the commander in podcast had a cause playing commander event where. If you dressed up as someone you got an extra bonus point and Ian if you had that character in your deck you get another point. Played some fun and games of commander I went around that picked up some cards they need to get for a couple of my commander decks a whole bunch of you get to see pros and deceit caused players they were asked hunt of artists I got my wheel of fortune signed. And he'd get to go and just hang out with a bunch of fun people. No stressed there was. The road there wasn't a whole lot of room especially on Saturday but on Friday there was a good amount free just hasn't casual play. Hang out if you just wanna do some side events you can definitely do that they had those if you didn't wanna participate in the big main event they had sealed deck they had booster grass they're play any of things for you to do if you love magic this is like the best magic convention in and actually made me. Happy and want to play magic in paper again which I didn't really kind of behind Donna not dump for relief you're pretty cool because. I dream I Rouse got to go see you playing commander. Yeah pick I'll haters replaced manner Mayo came out with him for twenty minutes no you want browser it was a nice you're good morning I did see an analyst currents and the world's. The Oscars but every GP should be run like this it makes way more sense you know the brooms are expensive to weekends are expensive you more finance these events. Half TGPs yet have to every time different formats allow everyone to come together because I thought about how weird is. That a game like magic gathering has pros. Doesn't have like I mean may have approach toward but these GPs are says he just is important. Most of the time for the pros yeah. Because they have to get their points now and you as a casual player can show up and play in the same tournament that a professional player complain GAAP you do there's a boundary for people like that I can't go play in the NBA right now the FS a fast so it's pretty awesome and I think that's the big appeal yeah that's why you're getting 23000 players these sticks and they really are just like another column yeah absolutely. And speaking of magic UV. Just wanna do it at your local gaming store this weekend's probably one of the better ways to do it because. April 21 in its 22 will be the pre release for the newest set dominant area. Which is. They're they're tag is gather your legends and it is all about the return to domino area which is one of the actually the original playing in magic the gathering. This is where all of the original stuff legends ice age. Cash like attempt missed all of those what happened memorized all of these different continents were on this one plain dumb and area. And when they say gather your legends they are not getting there are so many legends at. Uncommon and above. There are some Superfund cards with this they're bringing back fun. Things likes opera link tokens. Duty is to break increase. They have these new cards called sagas which are insane first not all of them look like a tapestry of art is different because it's on. It's on the right side that is going up and down as opposed to just being like a normal picture. And then the sagas as they come into play put account running and you do the first thing that it says are like a one. And they and pack at the beginning of your main phase you put another account or onto it and the second thing happens and sometimes the one into the same things. And then when the third one goes on you do that third one and then it goes away. But it tells a story of stuff like the fall of France the history of Denali yeah there are just so many crazy ones the antiquities war. And it's it's just such a flavor win. Incorporating that with some really really cool designs on commanders on likable eventually commanders. But legends like I ate. That people are just really really excited for this set I am too if you wanna get checked can't chicken out and get a preview of what's gonna be going on with that you can go to the pre releases. And it's one of the easiest ways to get in a magic if your new book. A lot of the times he's pre release is the best way because first off the new cards. So not everyone knows what they're doing is I was gonna stop and read the card to make sure they know what's going on and was generally people it's it's a lower competition level. And people are gonna be way more apt to helping you out. Talking eat through things and it's not about winning or losing of these by beating new cars and having some fun. Yeah and at everyone's gonna wanna read carts and then girl's gonna wants out in Iraq so there you're gonna get rid of that hole uh oh we're gonna repetitive games for maybe they're gonna just wanted to play faster than that and it's never going to be like that it relates yet exactly it's about the fun and that's I mean this whole the whole GP Seattle for me was all about the fun and you're battling for tournament I'll I thought the top prize has. Yeah. If moving on from that Chris you were going to be key guy keep talking about the old in your face games and board games. And while Joseph and I were right GP Seattle can you BJ in the board game alliance and god the entire crew aboard gamers went down to Portland. For dean storm twenty. Yeah we did so this was it a big convention for three whole days. In fact wait. Math math math for Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday well yeah whole day or days of board gaming and end and we played. We played everything we get our hands and we found me in places he's just randomly sit down at tables and all of the here's some real McCoy didn't. And just all they gaming nothing else going on we just really just wanted to get into it and play some of the other stuff that that we didn't always get around to sometimes as some of those longer games it was more complicated once they don't always hit the table and we need a dedicated space and you know what we stayed at the hotel also is not like we have to worry about going home or turn iPad gas yet it was amazing so could a lot of really great stuff. We got that exodus event horizon on the table which is a longer space game it's sort of a little bit like TI for house I mean with you and Vijay and are saying if Sayyaf which is one of my favorite favorite ones they bad back to kick starter for recently storms can have all of the extras for that when checking out Diane legends of adrift system is really for a game selfless love that did you I do you do any blind jumps into the sun no. Pack good tactic that some others record is. Thank you for finding them and I. Okay. But then that's the one that we we played that I had not played before they're really really enjoyed and it was called sending empires and it incorporates a really. Kind of fun and super unique mechanic and hadn't seen being any games before Nellie is essentially a four X game and explore expand. Exploit and exterminate our before x.s and we love those games and it is said in space we love those games as well you. But the difference is instead of moving around and exploring. Tiles that you flip over like he would inside or moving around and occupying crimes like you wouldn't TI for. The way you move around in this game is you take your little spaceship piece which is that the tiny disc. And you physically flickered across the board. If you don't I think you blew up like this idea across the board. At these planets that are turned upside doce don't even know what's there until you get over there and you have to get within. He the halo the stratosphere at Atlantis space shall physics game and yeah. 90 it was great and Carnell whole game and if you can anything get it just right then you can exploit that planet flip it over start putting buildings and stuff on there but if you don't if you hit you bounce off that you might Ricky ship. You know or if you overshooting your piece goes off the edge of the board guilty did the cops are. Our service doron you're new leadership he threw out of the universe why I fell off the edge of the earth and that's so so head on and on on and on raged levels when it comes to get much like. What lake is it entertaining or is that way losing your mind because he suddenly actually flicked it off of the table now I can see people getting pretty upset about this but I was having too much fun OK I mean IE I've messed up. Say especially late game. After the heavy handed bartender hasn't. Stick taking taking Jeremy we carried it. I started really losing the thread and I was just like him for fun at that point it's like what how close can I get political attack over there all of the other side of the word yet. And did. It was a really fun mechanic it was a it is something I had never done before and just really really enjoyed it's a highly recommend that guy is sending empire check it out against. It is awesome and then finally before we get to the geek she would be to be we got a mask it GM and actually this is. He asks you would slash yeah because we have our weekly star fund or campaign and right after Norwest con I was laid out I got the Conn tried something fierce and and I just I couldn't I didn't have to Amy just even sit in on and on honest playing. Because we do it over discord right because one of our friends is down in organic. And we wanna make sure everyone has a fun time of players who want to. I had there is no way in unfortunately. What came down to word is that we were traveling to an area. That my character could have probably helped out everybody got a lot of theft but one of the questions they came up and even sought on red it was someone asking. How do you deal with a player who misses the session. Especially if it's something like where their traveling from one place to another that might be hard. For the player to come back to you or for them to meet up because it kind of got a little awkward when we came back this last this last week at play again you handled it great but I think. Like how do you generally do that. So what. You have did understand as a GM is there are going to be times when you can't get everybody in one room together and if you are unlucky enough. To where you're one person who can't be there or at even someone who. Regularly is really really good and everything that this is something comes up the last minute and you have to drop and you feel bad canceling on everyone's via and and so what you have to do then as a GM is find me. Reasonable explanation for why that person is not fair if that's the way you choose to go I have I have GM that I would do this myself sometimes. You keep a record of everyone's character sheet so if you have to use them sort of as an end PC. GAAP and can do that as well and that's what I said I was like hey if you just need to be and meet use me as an NPC go ahead go for it just don't. Just don't have we ran off and it killed our people thought man he's a savior to everyone because Islamic herder. But you actually went a different way with back and we've kind of gone it was almost like a back story building. Staying and we're getting into it where that my character has a eight interaction with NPCs that don't necessarily work. With the group right so was just figure this out what's going on at this time and then we can come back to back and do a little one on one. Building session for a little bit of a back story that doesn't really pertain to. The rest of the party. At this point. It's right exactly that was it is that we're very fortunate that leave the back story that we had been working on for your character and and GM's if you're not wearing a back story. For your players' characters and you're just working straight out of a module that's fine too but I'm I'm looking. I'm looking bigger world with this right now because I'm really excited about some of the new tools that are coming up for our finer and I'm going to be a direct mail campaign but getting back to you. We had something. Did a very conveniently fit. Perfectly which you not necessarily being there at that moment and what I was able to do then was at the I told dude I told a group one thing which may or may not have been the truth but I ate at the strip like that about where you work yet if they're listening right now spoiler alert. Top. And then brought you back the following week when we played again and did the the convenience of what was already going on on the planet where you guys are. Fit perfectly. And as the U. You were off doing your thing and then there's 88 transit system on that exists on the planet that is Blake overtake him essentially yes so I didn't have to worry about will there why don't we just fly that ship over to that they are ordered it anybody did it because they have the essence of what you guys are doing right now is an Overland Overland trek. And having you get caught up didn't make sense if you just drove up there is why wouldn't we just drive the rest of the way down I had to find another way to get you back to the group. And a lot of the times magic or technology will get a long way as they ever have as just to be a one shot to look for Asia in that we'll just get you back there and maybe add maybe you know space has satellites GPS thing here right where you need to do or maybe there is a transporter began. That one out of the aura plural of magical item that somebody had on them back and say all this is where your rat boom boom here you are exactly a lot of the times the players aren't going to necessarily question that yeah they can elect and be a story with in the characters themselves. Or can just be something that is just a McDuff and get you there so. In the bottom line into the date to make sure having fun and if you have a group of have players who are super hard courts stickers for story and you know Mitt everything's makes sense and Immersion and things like that. Then do your homework make it makes sense for your story and and get in their otherwise he'll just play and have fun. Absolutely absolutely think it's a much Chris you're welcome and now it is time or the Shiites and oh yeah that's right good to go back. Our I don't know because I guess has good and RI gad damn is Vermont Darren Garnett. She Swiss TV speaking when he got Flores straits has never really been around for a couple weeks I conceding all my screen shots oh good he's meantime it's veggies greens what's in my screen shots because I have. Like thousands of pictures on my phone Booth and army Buick and image your photo dump I know I my buddies like yeah not the queen of mean queen and then I'll sit there and I just dropped thirty. Cal once semi new on. He hasn't seen like 80% of them to so well what's been on your phones. What I've been saving it's sweet frowned at cheeky magenta and that's like it's your gender specific clue colored clothing for an infant's. And as you know that's spring marathon man I was peeing in the news please remember the Lil. It's for spell casters green it's. I knew I read his horn here and yellow is cleric. Nice truth but it another one's being other infinity largest all we can but we've been talking about it. You make off air and everything sorry post I believe this might be there Twitter alert Tumblr I like amber acts her name. And it says infinity ward is a dumb movie and why would you bother with all those heroes to fight analysts we can just have ant man go inside that. The post and make him grow back to normal so why isn't this just that's just. That's hit the purple dots we in his debt. A point of order month free sure Santos is theory here is more than strong enough to handle a man's experience I gather you restart I was thinking the other hand below. Them. Still on Adam Eaton. Yeah I don't have I says so I went I went for fees annual event now I'm back amazing thing about well let's let's look at that now. I wanna say the word he certain food so I. Iron maxed out. That's not I wow I didn't play we find it. On Twitter for a man it's at a few words say top English word for it that way people think your mailing forms an immediate. You know I actually got all the time but I bilingual and there is time that happens like pleasantly comes to church related stuff yeah I learned that all in Spanish. So I don't know the English translation passed some see that's the. Meg meg do you like you can kind of get away away if I am but I thought they there's no bilingual. In me at all I do you like. So you I took two and a half years of French and I can call someone a little. Little fish. And may be a big cheese over my head and that's about it. Ingraham from Yahoo! and hundreds of Russia who think he's assuming compromise to relive the three possible. I evade them why you got any pens or maybe up to do this Oreo says so take your is the what are your fantasy novel Maine is your name. The with a letter is an alphabetical order. I'm G-8 laps. And I came out in alphabetical order com. Mean we've seen what he's though word for alphabetical order it's an. I can't say I'm an idiot prince actor. How remand. Nancy. BC DNC. I know. I repeat to you they. Mine is. Aged news do. I don't like that I got and I'll. Be huge news to you I am that there shops. That's kind of cool. Shots. Lately is our go kayaking. What does wait where's the curse Fatah I I and I don't have enough bells in my last names so I got to upfront and then it's all confidence maybe the I was 8 years removed Sears eastern your teen you're saying then I'm critical room. The I guess like that cursed angle rooms and I don't get you to keep your airplane flights I did Victoria gonna give me a little bit more variety Knight has. So it's like. He. Maybe it. If he did a CE as a again which just sounded be she or tenth. Curative Kenneth AC IO RTV now I am a house a hot couldn't help my favorites have to. Doug and yet ready that I get to ages zero managing him technical and how culture. Hail lorries to prove so I know has been a fun things message of faith but tell us yes Gareth and try to figure out what your pregnancy Giuliani now that I have no idea I in the words of course we did T use anymore and I've been watching a lot of those tax commercials lately and they use them the use one of them like us Kerr thoughtful on the could poker for flu like to look at thoughtful and becomes a couple took huge. So best work ever literally that we don't use anymore bamboozled you know when you know now that word flabbergasted. If not do that all the time native actually lessen this come Bobby pleaded not be I want to finally balance and of this what all the freaking time show and then again OK I can't say shenanigans one more time shenanigans. Oh caddie want less our daddy why they thought that was like a creature from the small. And then and look at what this is great and what this is just means turned upside down or like messed up essentially it's a leap out of order or in disarray. Can't tell you want a situation or even perhaps hasn't really really good. I'm glad I love this list. Lolly gag. Molly gag is one that Bruce achilles' all the time on Twitter trees only comes it's great Malarkey. Let's to peddle all in all unlucky. Even had a million we're gonna. Hello again I'm Atmel discuss I've felt that I just it. Through half the real hot of the houses as they might add they did cobra and that's and twenty. Mean come true meaning you can who ZD a battle. I used to downhill lie which got seasonal time it was now we're gonna go skip battle over here now likes kids I am not job. And comfort little bit and put up for nickel let's just break bread. I get ready for bed again Goodell because they weren't all right are able ms. glass wind. And we take the first three letters of your first name. That the all continent's great but and then the first three letters of your month. That's easy. And that is your north name just made. Pray that god I'm grateful to god that doesn't little more hawkish a little bit actually. Curse at the top guy. CH IRS EP. Forsythe played in the end does that yes you don't pop Odyssey and I know definitely sounds lists are playing record justice and jobs jobs not. Yeah I don't was going on there might Iraq through the so we figured out. Are the only way to keep the blood board CRA it's so another the screen shot I have. Harry Potter was a freaking jock to be honest yeah oh yeah because he was on the varsity put it's teams. Dark of the accord spot he did a history of magic bullet which would've been pretty fascinating. Just shooting is magic Knight and he's such a pro someone else says trust none jock that became a cop he whom married high school sweetheart and some of the please don't do. This to me not to speak to Harry Potter I found out the other day that Robin Williams tried to put staggering yeah I had to let him you know you're British right gap thing they wanted to maneuvered our somebody big I gotta tell you if there are alternate universe is I hope I could see average and hit hard. Earlier on American or become an elegant black universities have. Thabeet amazing. Definitely send us your strange dwarfs in what was the other one names. I. Don't ever let your vanity vanity at Tennessean dwarf named send it to has been digging each new I can also find this on social media as your honor FaceBook send us your screen just what random stuff have you saved it does absolutely and until next time guests nearly. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells sixty Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size YE culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at her and well just sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.