BJGN 04-17-17 With host Vicky B! - Addams Family Dream Cast

Monday, April 17th

Vicky B is hosting again with special guest Brandon Jerwa! We discuss our dream casts for a potential Addams Family remake. 


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An alliance is quick sometimes it's not. And a couple. A rise ready gees. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering the Jewish he's the nation. Well done today to look at me. Running is big man and Mickey man. Be afraid be very very afraid because he'll not go hey good note. And with might privileges we have June. Funny that's right with Mike Bruges and that's only kept change overnight the last couple days and then do it. Yeah actually really is now half zombie. Mr. Brandon is so would bottom out on behalf of mr. bottom after a lot of but you given the details on the people can contact thank you. And well you can with the that eighties podcast every other issues. Including that is that yeah. But I won't hear of it is there any policy units. This podcast come that every Monday Wednesday and Friday. Check out the website all the podcasted PGA nation dot com on Amazon echo. To say Alexa please don't kill me in my sleep and you probably won't order the creation and tune it also works. Like is on FaceBook that he gave she's nation follows on Twitter and its program. Certain. It's a ground while he yeah I found out right plus we commit to the pin over here 321. Senator. I would yet because it was an article every time you do better like god divided. It's like depending on your page. At BTV nation than the text or leave a voicemail 198022433. I agree. YouTube dot com slash B. The nation's I thought gosh him not being gay and yet. I think you've yet I did it did you think you just tell me found something out I've done. Alcohol. And I'll add BJP in human you know there's nothing in my read it. Group. And Venus yeah and let them that you might also note those feelings. What his healing by dean on their feelings. Today on the podcast we're gonna get to the Addams Family news and a half thing that we missed out. Oh. It's yeah. An article does not constitute knew they may only have nothing nothing is more toward for surgery this thing we're doing a podcast based on the mean. It is news because of what is news that someone made a fans trailer that itself is in news thing for and we don't have a band trailer Taliban are highlighted how. I had shot Soriano the movies and shows. If you go to the basic data posted AM really awesome fans. Each other where they mixed a lot of us scenes from Eva Green and Oscar I'd Dick. In May and obviously clips from the original Addams Family movie. And made you know gave it made it seem like with a Netflix TV series into the Netflix logo in there. And a lot of people lost their minds like this need to be having this need to be a thing there was your original and a Stanley TV series back in the day. And then we did have the two Addams Family movies and then unfortunately. We had the passing of grown Libya. In play Gomez so. I. His last move by the way it was street fighter. One of the great actors of all walk like I can't be volatile and his last movie was street fighter recipes broke just said his body on fire when he buried outside the Bernard all the way can I ask a question really quickly I know because you're all children yeah. Have any have you ever seen the absolutely legal theory owners I've seen clips but and here's a tactical area I can count on Washington when I was young yet. I know I have I've only seen double him on the music of moody you know and you then then then yelled. This contract was such a big hit. Not no I love the unfairly so much for those kids are puzzling Easter break. That I used to put a tape recorder. You know you can get it out don't we are it's not ninety shall I out a tape recorder and I would put it up against the one speaker TV had because stereo television hadn't been invented yet and I would record episodes of it. While I'm watching them and then I would play them back later and listen to them as like radio Obama's. On offense actually really here idle for a BC are yourself I answers. No but I act of watching the Addams Family movies and I really do love them and part of it I think that is. Like the allure besides the godly thing is the rapidly again bread these mean yes I felt means. Where it's like Gomez and mortician where there are probably think the best couple on TV after. Because not only are they super loving with each other they don't fight they're actively interest in their kids' lives and they don't discourage them from being himself he owned the baby. Changes into being like a normal kid. They're she still trying to read like normal kid books that the kid would likely she'd appear totally into it so. Great family neck kind of wish I was adopted into account the fact of the main mean in the plays mean. All of the stuff. But with this anti. Many parents are weird you know I don't say anything for failing hasn't engaged in the little mile voyage ahead right now nobody is perfect. Food poisoning included but this week asking if we had to make our own. Netflix series or even move the and we had to pick the cast. Who would be the perfect casts for an out of Stanley today and I go to the theater and accessories. OK so why don't we why are we do this and like make suggestions on such under on the show but I do what I'm telling you. When we you and your character by character. Like this okay so let's start with Gomez Gomez Adams now. There is no man more perfect than Oscar Isaac I said NL out okay and that's who they used in the Netflix through this fan made trailer. That is are smoother manulife there's not he's also the greatest pilot in the rebellion. Yeah resisters what everywhere call so let's put aside Oscar Isaac I'm gonna go on a different direction I'm gonna go with. Pony shall lube. And renewed and we violent it was goal Adrian monk TVs monk. Wow. I do in nova now I know who Nagano and I don't know me so I see it I see it I had I had Jason Isaacs. For Gomez if wheat which Jason I Jason Isaacs the man with the blonde hair in the pale white skin yes or go man is yes and a tough tough. Colorblind casting a kinda caught like Jessica Gomez most of the Hamilton. Addams Family. Made up shows is that I mean I think a state that he's got that sort of slight. Steely slight weakness that you need out he's slow enough the thing we haven't you you've seen the patent family right. Is like you know yes I'd like to kill and he's goofy accent trick like even though he's sitting there trying to kill you with a sword. He's like. Like nothing is an herb bringing him down really unless it's really bring him down. I mean the minis are. As a cult like I am the totally beats mine that yeah you're right there is no men or purse Barbara so. Ultimate the medalist has already what do you what do you think and then yeah I I've never seen the show and I have literally no I do have these people are so I'm Mike and it's tarnish your amazing listeners who felt I would just be shouting just as Dolph Lundgren he's hurt us and peaceful for. I have big diesel polemic characters apple. On like it one day yeah. OK so more tissue work and go to Vicky I wouldn't Oscar. Or a. On the Oscar Isaac I think Kansas is humanity on and couldn't think does that compare it to the I also is an Oscar funny man. No. OK so mortician mortician the it's moving key elegant gothic demure the matriarch of the Addams Family. Spyware or people out of most obnoxious person who they go so. We have heard a horrible. Electorate. You off the ground I'm I'm. If you have eyes and the other thing yeah I think she looked awesome and I just but it would be too loud wind like. Not not play a half. I like Newton exhibit that's that's more and certain. Although Eva Green that is inspired casting a that what I was penny dreadful. I just took it up and and despite her startlingly long neck. I am very I'm I find her very Hillary either green even and Lori one I like that too. I've got to disagree Weaver my. Well like a kinda yesterday's you do it addiction do most any dignity she's just fantastic mentally chi and think Christina Ricci. So you presumably will somebody did it but a year to those amended I mean photo shopped a picture of her face on the kitchen. On the mark to shift from Italy he's Anjelica Houston open and anyone and they can give her really really deep tracks Gadsden very how to keep it it clearly showed the belly button that's being. It is a guy. As David you've goes the call to dress for us would be fantastic. And I think. African phenomenal and that's really good that you're Christian faith and hands of senior region on your eyes open. I'm in this guest what a what a baby those two would make a high. Right now we're really to get a more fair response on this one. Uncle Fester. Ongoing way outside the box here yet hearing me I'm going with Charles that's Dutton. Look up Charles this users you know you know you know drove I don't know I mean do I don't recall yet so cracker book city crowd hello. Yes yes yes that's done what we know from. Being the only black in this addams family and Fatah Fatah pretty gothic being Oscar at the black brother. I don't alien theory millions three trials the best alien. It's pretty actually helium very. You it's actually that's not the best daily here a few you'd recognize and yet you. Uncle Fester as a picture of like I think he was Michael Shannon in the trailer and England Philippines both Hitler blockbuster. No I think he'd do well for either the edge at those eyes. I've got Christian narron who is hold door. In game at all unless the OK pretty. Actually I like that. And indeed faster and be weird if there if you heard it here and talk that wasn't just go to our. That would be weird but he's got to do a Sunday give them a chance to have a career that you well doesn't create for indeed day yeah I've beaten all over the world. For no reason he may have to be good. Hold or quota or. Call us it was a ravens the groans and people buy tickets at mr. during the. Michael Shannon though I've come to understand Michael Shannon it isn't just a weird actor he's so weird dude. Mike in real life watch him he looks like a lizard person who's studying. Comes through as finally act and if you wanna see the weirdest thing you'll ever see one watches up a sort of lips sink battle. It is so who. We hear is the real life version of into the enough Leon and a black. Yeah yeah yeah diggers here man what it costs yeah I you have to seek this out and also. Here's a great clip from a few years ago the went around my early on the Internet well of him reading a letter. From a sort of like the head of a sorority and this is ultimately bitchy letter and he gives us very great dramatic reading of this real life letter. It's the best thing you will help it's why the other network of how I am better than Tom hardy reading and like children's books. With these very very close in the category. That's. Classics that we need archive for future generations. How grainy. Who you think instantly grandma. I can come up with somebody for grandma. Omaha element list I can't say Graham a mall by the way I don't know drama. Annie. It lots of Cloris Leachman. You're my better half cup shop I picked her pain. That's Carol Kane Lillian and can we Schmidt. She plays paying when the other. And off the dominant I'm happy I am not go to Carol came to my out the cubs won it verticals like that and cried Scrooge when a stranger calls and all all movies that you children should. On the princess bride. Yes I've seen I want to books and I haven't been under pressure and I thought she's miracle max's wife a look at it and I issued I think she. She would look most like Graham along feeling. Is Leachman everybody's you know it goes liberty. Are able held out because it it's Betsy yield. Solid digging deeper I. He played you know I don't yeah you know not to name. That'd been named him and Clinton yeah IQ and that. He was all the balloon buys into chocolate factory in England all of them yes you're impressed with is yeah CG MI. Yeah I was yeah I agree with that with the C he had have a voice that you. Like Powell to. Politicking. In his lab and they had all of this. Mound depressed. That took him doing voice is that in the category I would at Juilliard. Like yeah. He's okay and I'm on the Ellen tutored turn yet onto the candidate I have been on a two to train before and as I have. And hurts. I'm good night I have a weird one for this one Steve Morton. Yeah. They Christian blogger. Also to balance and I have Richard mole who is bull on the court I grew up until I'm in the eighties I don't know I don't know that. I don't well and a half cup they give very tall and six but he. Okay then he's like three of you need him her to. It. Who also is missing Wednesday and hugged little kids the kids and Wednesday what do you think on any originally wrote. Militantly brown because they can think of another child sexual about it and that's all right grab it but because of where a public thanks to Vicky. I'm I went ahead and changed it to. Malign a one shrugged as that are named the series of unfortunate events she's also a young core of Zora and oh yeah yeah. Molina Melinda definitely a great movie she's. Way he little. A little she's an adult under I don't know that's Maloney a wind probe. This is mold Molina hot Jonathan what goes out no joke isn't bases is. I mean. Which by the way if you're a fan digitally check out to Susan for its own or X I just read the books and so I was sort of like. And a six. No moon is there it and it's almost draw only items that they get yeah like a really dark Q but humorous at the same time bomb. Unbelievable Weisman. Why that's not Maloney went through I have different feelings of he has. I have very strong feelings about her Bradford completed for reasons they redemptions up on midnight and I kind of freedom that. What's it belongs Ole eyes so I was I was glad this movie came out I know so few young actors and juncture I got Daffy dean at -- three. Mom your mom and yeah. That's how many times you see Logan. What I've only seen it twice I only get my vote ought to the more I than I have Nokia's results in an on time. She's fantastic and I Matthew Whitfield knives in her hands. Yes I'm so Logan think there are adding that the the best part of his when he was in my ear when she spoke Spanish that she's you know. Youth youth movement yes see I'm smarter and larger. Yes she's telling me. We've fallen probably heard her she will at least eventually be taller than me that are free injure shall never have let her when she sharper. Car. Welcome growth. I think I hate you guys so much it's an ugly. I. I got. Doing analysts' mean net terminate. But he was he's been at the mormons who was the originally cast to be penny wise and it remake but that somebody else I'm really had an idea that in the forehead yes. Yeah him because like I just don't know any other actors young enough to be at that are Spiderman. Spot and pump. And asthma asthma now. I was totally thinking like who would who looks most like you know Bobby hill and I can't really think I. We don't really do little child already beginning why can judge just pugsley. That's just sit. Fine you know have a find out I went with. I don't know if the so you say his name gay and that didn't matter Oslo. The through it with kid from stranger things. Oh yes I want the hair the victims of a verbal but didn't think partly achieved them yet Alex shorthaired. I don't know that it's crucial part of the only video that apparently were actually he's too cute. He'd be just be a model of it. With the guy who is so really he's cute cute you say you have to go on adorable little catalog net yeah little creepy or that he might kill you your sleep. Oh I forgot to mention this and this is again a product of you a homeless males half I wanted to let you know that when I looked up. A choices for Graham a law. Hey IE Google older. Comedy actresses. Here's some of the names like. Emma Stone and hush up. What he Jenna Fischer. Appreciated Jones. Caylee quote pro. These people are what barely fit that's colors that they are similar story I agree this old hag Mila Kunis Hassan hot shot. Must millennial by the well it is completely heartily your fall I want you little and that raises and to you as Elena let those beauty standards and Diana don't know I I grew older younger male actors come up with somebody for pugsley I'm sure that's when I believe it's it gave me good reason to. And and I got results like Chris pine. An auto DiCaprio. So I'll Google Google does lets us to give too good to look at the exit only one age of actor. Also on absolutely no double standard routing and agent and I Hollywood guys where we've cleaned it it handled. This would not calculus the young male actor and a bestowed is old. Yes that's. Certainly amongst them manage him out I'm rude of them work and and my last casting choice is Vin Diesel I think. Because this seems to be yeah did you go and that I feel like he does of the acting chops to handle being hand this article I bought the Eagles and that's I think I want to desperate ads or did you know by the way that he gets a secret script. For the guardian got two movies that means that the heat it's a script that tells them what group is actually singing really at nobody else gets to see all the natural grass covered affiliate anybody should should be rocket you can respond as if he's actually informed. Yup that one I don't know I don't know if you've as a non pregnant for talks me I we have the information on in these. What they've been diesels that he rented line might go line at a thousand times but the action on the script to mean. He soften it the break we'll definitely contacts and how to say groups Mariam group I am I groups on how. Roads. Think the director and I'll just feel like you've sat right path. But you know I thought that he sold his government that does pay for now he's angry angry Barney angry. Very horny and I am angry horde you have to Internet. Ass kicking man and venturing into the. And I think it is a place among us futures are now I thought I triple. Triple antibiotic that can happen. This damn red and its Muslim countries I think may have come already. How the game to get a better game and games since the degree of zero. This is a geek she game. We can't blame relic of. This is the game but it obviously didn't lose again she reveals your game you are right on the world I will have to go on a figure for podcast the next podcast we will be playing games. Would you guys like to receiver ordered out this room and with that we should we see perfect yes OK you can do it like this journalist seems to be at a disadvantage or not. I annoy me they'll still speak to that have to be right or heart and you in that you are given that you argued that quick rundown of the game you are giving. Care you're human character card and attribute carts. And you put together characters and attributes to make the best. Super care Dirk. And then we all put down what we have made and we decide who would win a fight between these things all your blues as the Pokemon. Yeah sure could of I don't you know he might get you might get Darth Vader that actually has a dark matter ten inches tall. You have to Bobby I know and it's cult our debate he's my boy King Kong. And on how to play at third went away one than Smart cards in humanity where. Were like I'm the judge I will create a monster of a creature. And he knew that all have to explain why you guys would defeat Mike featured in the whoever I think has the best reasoning would win them round. We can play that we did a little easier less. Merling you know before term became president and I would have said that you could never be a judgment no I think I'm never. I'm fine on the themes just I don't know why don't I don't think that. I'll think that the judge were to be Trump's America. That's true. Political thought because I would know gonna hit podcast from the other side of a wall that he. Towns across the river. He's crafty we'll let you do they diesels got went into the quarter. At. Like I got it up. And can we have Wagner this. When does that start. Wanna do the one person be the judge and everyone and now it. Sure it okay let's go to market it so it's the judge first a judge first rate. So dropped eight point cart drama like card maybe blinked genetically I'd say that your South Africa. Daylights I have a which read it let it in this what is your take by the way five cards announcing. And to dial I'm on the 2005. Yes you. And then by placards. And I'd like that's your hand and card games usually have a handy Italy all of them equality yes. Pricey gonna pick one of the white cards. I already have an addictive and five yes and you pick black carting your hand apparent. That goes along with an attribute on it oh yeah right so played clearly card what is it howls you're owls and that's hand. Become pregnant who think the job of funny how about that at any female Al and I'll drop like card at random. So just off the top of the deck or off okay see your Alec the company that has been pregnant and he itself walker and his little less Porter. What are had yeah. According pregnant Powell. You. Wouldn't think that a printing create a monster or being that he defeats a pregnant Porter now. There are no limits on an period. But apparently randomly tell you from and you pick ethical I I I can make the decisions he's got one like art one black guarding you get one random. Okay well all right okay so you're one way card yes and then. Well she that is a look at the other ones that one's that the winners in the winner so flip what you like right. Lord Stanley and my family would want me to say this a hockey player okay with. Armed with a kitten can. And you tell you guys what you got a job whenever I'm faced drug use and. And who also. As superdome. Yeah hockey player was super jam when he reached the als for sure. And they got the blades and he's got the kittens and employee hours ago here at a reference on the back of his Jersey instead of a name that says TF views you know Clinton did. But Iran has faced no long time and you know probably I don't I do yes they're gonna learn it stands for the cup this thing. I. When you five all time. Yeah. On the previous podcasts you'll know that he's about Howard audit. Have a part and you picture where you Google Pakistan. Which isn't much yeah. CNET video. That you're in the video fast. Hey it's. Deference and assume a wrestler. Is going to be. Can run. 200 miles per hour building a straight line. And. Is really angry. At the right and it. I've got ET. On a jet ski. Which you know the deacons still fly comes off not a particular. He's got this into the bike you just looking at twelve Wiener dogs have a which I have that board just to drag it going it put the opposite of Santa's sleigh. Yeah you know after it appropriately. Little dad fly jets do you EG audit dragon dogs. I didn't. Are pretty that is pretty good argue why are our monster creature can defeat Jolie's. Pretty easy seem wrestler he said he just called up on him and a 200 miles an hour and leaning green and releasing a straight line now. Al does do his boo who who do not in any different kimbo little got to work and programme and Renault and now the Smart now. Pregnant it's not Smart enough to not get pregnant but what. To ship I don't know this what is now is that our life. Mean he is ready for kids maybe this is positioning its fighting us eight holes and she's ready to have kids did you ever think it maybe Bratton octopus ultimate. I mean SL. Nom to say rethink your drag racing hard. You don't go to quit wrestler. And Joseph the budgets which you like ET on the jets he was at play then. Then hides and I don't want to go like that it written some legal route where the threat. It runs it's great that ET on a jet ski and locked my walk and two well we don't. Hold on we've heard wait why am I making future Pittsburgh coming days at a hockey tournament hockey players you know anything when occupiers I do it infuriates those dangerous killers in the book Artest back. Well I have super jump on them onto the kitten can I feel like a kitten could destroy and now at trial. Cat's little creatures caps a little Condo and myself. The self practice Allen pregnant she'd even be any big in big owls are and how small do you think cats again. Big yes fouled out that they wrote it stands to wrote it is a candidate Al eat that saved it is the hidden hand in not cannon. I'm their minds are still in front of the combination of super jump. Kitten kin and once I have to jump start the kitten cannon at the Al which means I can get it in the air but now he's got the high ground you know I have well yeah. Love who thank you and then of course I just go up and I just hockey player of the you know. I've got I've got you to Brandon ET hello nice I think even he would know what to do with an owl that got. Unfortunately I think he's character cholera a water. Action at so here here here assuming Al's gonna be up near the entire time she's pregnant have you she's tired she's gonna get tired eventually this zinni there hanging out to treat it just the high ground I assume grassland. Boom right into the tree not cabbage over. But he can relocate Al Smart and he's branded scarecrow not only is going to have a high ground he's got the feel ferocity you think of hockey player with a candid as I did it help you I was the first one goes to break Jirga. Thank you thank you this is totally expected and it's you know an ex judge I will be and it does this credit card to. And now one more dates euros here it. I've got some good ones who write in and out now it's your turn to compete creek amongst us. Time. And who owns who. And we are you on the black when an opening that buddy you. Always have to fight each. And yet he and emailing writing us and audience that we're playing around there's different ways that nobody cares what you think. The doobie rules lawyer you counsel tells runner who has already immensely and we can't go do it again. Yes. But all major if ridiculous game it's called super fight by the way it's night sky bound games they have a top line tons of expansions is that as I've down late Robert Kurt Mann is an honest guy about this guy abound that that is from an image comics well they have. Have rated. Expansion and that makes entered here which is pretty Osmond and bring that on purpose. And there is also that a walking. Enders when they give you location and. The delighted to have a bunch of dark color coded via data the whole rainbow expansion next few all the time at a convention so usually there are online is the truth coming up I you'll like her. Like our. Naked clown who I live this the dirty version is of mixed into the. And I didn't have amounted to better you know within make it what does that mean about you and make up on the score then Colorado fully make out okay. And also fully intend gender issues are the out at say wig. Food is the constant as naked as weren issues and the night. Some pictures clown with the weight the nose and issues. Yeah and then with his little higher return and his little or can attract gears. Leach's opponents help win touch and who want to touch or Nagin clown with the regular class out. But creepy are your kids and there's going to be great if I found my double keep the at a mall there I was below guard one face up from the lactic. Top half is blank after another character Kurt from the deck air Turco are so the bottom half is they can clown and a couple that I got these shoes and and wrote. Hello. Tough top half. Is smoke monster. Okay your resume lost. Yes no I haven't thought about this half spoke off the front I Qaeda and its its hard to get past the club genitals but haven't. Little things that you see smoke monster kind of picture like a scooby do healing the weird my marsh monster pelicans like something from Scooby Doo let me out of smoke the top I didn't picture Seth Rogen how tough their. It's an atypical sweet guys. And a half naked clown in half top is is now on there and then and it's nothing but clone junk and smoke. And then a little and she is now. A Leach's opponents help when touched there I would Jeffers and eat it. I'm unstoppable here folks and I'm going to be a vampire slayer. That can and become an animal. Who and John plates here in a naturally it's from. I can and that is a helicopter. And should lightning. Allow. It fairly leveled out there at the end the only guy that's low rent and a helicopter on basically Beastie Boys storm Buffy in a helicopter. All of one. Drew. If the goal it kind of animals can drive helicopters. Now to. I've got a boy bands. Farm with ghost pepper spray roof I don't know if they each have one division what now in Russia now has Thad Allen one or the other and this is redundant. Is between. Of the loom. Yes though that the so basically a budget because ghost. Then ran into decent. And I'm going with. Means to be between. It means that you're going and it child beauty pageant queen of the more we need a shark on a chain. Once our yes Julia Clark ought to today. I think you're gonna need. Helicopters could hit I poor call but aren't at the U pageant. It gets better while throwing better success yeah hello I'm picturing pictures from I gave fairyland right now listen I don't even think about. Growing up there hopefully. Sharp got to change there and there is your friend your pants immediately on site. You're you know you get beat that hasn't clouds got to go after the child child beauty pageant queen I mean you can't do it. Though one Italy he's an economic bond counsel and feeling simply would have a true the child away because of you know being exposed to horrendous I. I don't have a lot of experience in this area but I would imagine. And violent beauty pageant child would be one of the most horrifying things I can imagine. A veteran your foot eagle crap that you see shark NATO with the shark you know with bears coming. Yeah yeah so I mean it pretty powerful the magic of honey blue room and a couple of I'm a dozen shark logo. Star chart where we're jugular and there are through NATO have to hash start no it's it's all Alter yeah. Number I. About how how could be it'd better proof enough light is magnificent thank you really sure shark. Honestly. Are. You Maybin was thrown Sharkey so we need to start the and we are getting together and to keep I've yet. I could be as easy hello Mary did you ma. I call parents in general though they aren't the president now your turn to get revenge on them and give me his appointment. Idyllic in the company and its. Crap I forget what phobic Foley is this. But the gore phobia a fear of large speak out there and I just apple branded I spiny hair. Who friends I don't know is not a fan of spiders. Covered in spikes. Who Specter. Is also wearing skis. No it's just one penalty hey waterboarding is those keys is that I can snow skis and I'm again and he needs scenes but that's OK okay apple wow at Yucca tunnel and I just. I really picture it like a spider dressed up like a mad Max character and then ski. I'm I'm mention picturing an avalanche with just a bunch of spiders don't speak Italian place I don't quite a big puffy jacket you know I got to know how. I could see rain and become. Yeah illegally uncomfortable but all rights. Man attacked this what do you got show me what you've done it's OK I got the giants win because ever resemble humans are afraid of spiders. And it's a hundred stories tall. So super giant square and. Then there's also three stories tall I thought I thought. So I got I got. That happened to be 31 and a half stories tall that's how big this Swedish snuff as of the guests got to do a pretty big school in the. Doesn't say the spider is abnormally big eyes just as well as I shared with you it's you can't step on it without hurting you. And at the scored on a water. Yes. We'll despite Allenby and water will it what it squid product there must take its giant pretty identical to try to find a spider. What it's quite keel just an okay one up to the water and outs still and it's it is typical bit. Spider drowns. I doubt that zero that killed my gotten its courage and no way to go out there is slated to and I've got the Mario Brothers. Our group holding hand grenades at the bullying Mario Brothers can't do its job on spikes. Spikes are there are. No but what you're missing reported I've got armed with whole hand grenades BC news who fireball that everything. Not. Only hinder any that Miley think I'm a grenade filled with holy watered such as like bu splash water or. Manolo my mind I do not seem if NASA yeah only relish the hole in it and Antioch. Know that the people asteroids and until bull to blow away enemies to tiny bits not in the Emerson I only feel it happened like ten times the first half of it I also. Can steal opponent's abilities with a touch which would you literally nothing but you can be you can get so he's yeah I guess is you can. Mean Beatrice to hear guys talk some minutes pokey. The sort of like anti the one week as the rivers and creek and Cameron isn't and Brandon. What are your your your your character. Not brands to be tweeting known pre I don't I don't I retired from the sport and and don't we. As a magistrate judge recently as I wanna be very clear about this a while I wanted to qualify this. On the street fighter but. In this case I am the movie street fighter that hello well actually I. Awful. Are we clear I am I heard it you heard of her Leo the beans. I am the movie street threatened to kill real Julia we've literal jazz and and and draw a new character card with one you attribute as your sidekick. Yeah boom. Yet. My boss and half I thought that technically you're so. No reverent way herder with Tiffany now and they get another actually is also your bottle Lincoln Tiffany and everything she plays sure. Oh come out error did move well on a segue you're old enough and I thought it does beg grade now dead. A sidekick to the movie street fighter. You've got a bit didn't you are better than revs lower intestine that's not fast enough. And my will to live your uncle at the. Hey guys make your argument. I may admire him not you I mean you I've got. Mario Brothers from afar who they can't be hit by any spider bit. Port anchor it's what I mean you you've got to hit it's this whole hand grenades I imagine that's in the limited supplies it's never run out of fireballs in the Mario games. He got Mario and Luigi even if Mario took a fall and hit by the spider who you would still cleanup. And so I got three cards basically all of them just say big sell off on guys that I'm being cut a path. Maybe do big Phyllis spikes and ready I mean how big its bikes become obstacles by a small. Yup I let the body the spotter team not just like the the delay is an island's very small service area for spikes. You got lyrics we've taken down by. Merchants in the C. Urgent or bigger I might wait a mission in the desert has no idea we like here gingerly children from not that they are you didn't see. That I know that you didn't think he urgent used that hinders that you. And I don't wanna get into us and after a good time. I have to to doubt. Yes JoAnne I get. Angered its I bill you literally got dealt a crappy hand yes it did and it managers or not it would argue that the first vocalist of the holy and this. This'll be the final one for the day all right it's all one. So. I've got. The due to the mood had viewed it. Armed with a sniper rifle. Powerful. And has a six foot net and pop up. Giraffe dude with a sniper and say the white Russians are gonna get pretty warm and it has been. Through threats got to give him away from sweeping scope power something right he's got a great site that. It's very difficult thing heads up I'm Marty want. No way I think I I got you. I got to birth of you overcoming grosses for you know for iTunes the Aerosmith. Oh all right all I'll lead off since I have enough you have. I've got food on our own time. I'm gonna Forrest Gump. Who relies on sonar to see. Who could. Her blinking antiquity here's the NCR antiques antiques art and. You're a journalism here today I am. Brandon. He belongs in the museum OK first off we're gonna we're gonna test young Joseph here you guys know the answer to this so please I don't wanna note I mean and what's my favorite marine. Beauty and the Beast. Go to hell I. I'm not so we're just below to run the podcast and he doesn't even do his reason they give me a lot of power. Which which one of ST bigger related to Vijay. That's true and faster compared turn. I don't donate to get to know the answer it's just we're about to find out hello. Because I'm a marshmallow man ha ha hello. Hold on it gets better on ten stories tall and obviously obviously but here's the twisters ruthless twist. Armed with a labor pool. Well a little marshmallow roasts back Monroe. I get highlighted and I candidate contender Duncan Amy list. Where it will look like we need a new reason to hate you you'll see. I am Canada all of our odd. That all work here are the people failed Canadians are nice but the hockey sticks that's not so nice. As we learned your ass and here's the kicker. I'm eliminating all captured youth in the its bite so any your pat on. Are now eliminating a man I mean I can dry out nominal out of you stuff too weird down. To just the white card. Hello hello I'm win public punch you in the net. He can't reach an eye on Joseph I forgot you have I'm Rory and all of us that can't lose it's got vs the duke it out what's that movie. Arianna while quicker definitely ought to be very slow pace it would be it would it would be a thinker. But it could hit a good time. So we got the marshmallow man. Against Canada against Canada. Vs the dude. Your freedom force down and force. Think about how Forrest Gump all Forrest Gump actually did to save people was run for now I think he's got an IV can be sniper. Praised the dude does know or the moral and religious liberty Mauresmo. All of where who who and who are you again would you figure the dude. So OK you have a song about you there's a weird Al song about Forrest Gump I technically have a song about me the ghost busters thing and. Candidates are slow added. Yeah I know Canada those suck. At the sun now that Protestants. What do you think it is like to think the deal would be good thing folded Marshall and and I think. In March on and I feel like you would tread a smelly smoke or eat them as really I feel like the dude would you give up and get tired of this yes we'll probably do it none of this I don't out of the deal and we cannot coming to blows. But the marshmallow man. You trust her mellow man. That in his garage that the martian element is the most hop style a little while and I agreed I do. I agree and none of these are good at all out okay all right messed parable. Let's just assume my one thing known. Ha I'm gonna go with a marshmallow man. On what is defeated the because that is still the candidate of violent entity it people are not the reality air hockey players. I say by the way you just get much pop in it it's there you know that I I picked Marshal and deliberately because I knew that he was a Stoner commoner was the judge for the slime him. He loves marshals. Room. Well until like ten guys they unity.