BJGN 04-19-17 - Geek Out - Pop Culture

Wednesday, April 19th

Vicky B hosts another special edition of Geek Nation with special guest Brandon Jerwa! The Crew plays the game "Geek Out".


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. She. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase the nation and what do you need some really. Name. Of Vicky they're running everything I'm so sorry. Are you were there it's ruining everything can pass. I'm Vicky. So drop AG another of their being the old old man list upgrade I'm not gonna say. Christopher manager loves. Up for work late Diana I don't look that good juror no ha ha. No I am he'll do a move that privilege that a good defense and that's cool that's cool my dad was the car dealers are gonna freak card sort of like what you do Carlo. Or lose. The record industry and I think it's a sudden. We released the my guess each Monday Wednesday and Friday check out our website and all the podcast the BP. Just say rise of the machines and I kind electrically deviation on two men flag is on FaceBook just search for BJ she's deviation. By the way if I say the thing we're supposed to say to Alexa and somebody else there election on yeah they will turn and I know that's great to follow us on Twitter and mr. Graham. Then we're yeah I'm still a good iTunes to crash tea and program called they should stop it. I mean intonations sent a text or leave a voicemail 19802243353. On the YouTube would BJ be patient ports and an email. PG AD fusion at Fans assay on the show wearing. Just gonna be planning a month to play any game on the before we get to said game I realize we did not look at this. But so we are once again going to be participating and mocks is gone legs in this year's theme is going to be infinity had to get it kind. No we're not trying to do when I'm not willow what is there to get Simon Kennedy gunman round I had to explain MR. Do well. Old. Wish. I get it the gunman thinking. Any hint. But relevant here we are raising money and this is actually going to really great cause treehouse. DJ got her FaceBook page it's going to be right there you can don't need be there myself. Mr. Chris Walker's Brad Tomlinson doesn't. Our Josh she's been on the podcast with us. And the job. Im winning so wait you've he's tag in this Josh person my irritation clearly lost in the mail added you never responded. No that's not true wesun Obama mailing it from room I would talk to mr. walker I don't want to her grandmother that's your problem have to do the eighties podcast or under that eighty's how we tell me it is that eighties. Thrill confuse it with this Levy's or the eighties to break. I didn't. Feel free to make a donation end like I said it's a really good cause Brandi playing games all all Dave to read me. Noted though that in the games that we are going to be going this is not a game they'll be there at all and we showed me again because. Well he built so our away the children will play. I'm an adult. OK let's have a technically if I can't fail illustrators and it's even though it. Right so this really game we've played before on the podcast and weekly with BJ scored got election like smashed my face is a lot of the monkey. OK well a highly all played on the hot does a very volumes how do you remain sorry about high banana. And needs to meander run to branded. How how is this called peak out but I only have the pop culture versions but rarely known trouble little bit. The way this game blazes that we're all playing one on one or we can be the teams that let's do one on one for the sake. One play will go first annual world that I determine the challenge category. And so we have categories like actors celebrities to take place which is to Citic location. Not show a splitter and literature. And elegant stuff yes yes. I don't like we got me aside those are just the U glossary terms my dad add movies TV books music and then random food. Like random random random let's just assume I'm going to win and we can tell the sovereign now please just OK OCO mourners and manner and start healing healing how. How how how how. The basically you'll read when you let's say you roll the dice you get. I read it. I will say can you name six romantic comedies. And then you'll say. Can you name Saul won T know enough about a half three and that's one possible what are sort really hate fest of curious no good you know I don't drink and get the iron eight like they even play in the rules if you say something men black. You can't say men in black two is all in one so can I say men in black and men in black men Wichita. Is that the prime Virginia faster and I think America as soon as fast superiors. China's appears Tokyo drifter. No I know all name brands are they have different names they don't seem franchise that counts as 10 all right all passengers movies lookalike wow yeah. So I don't assume and is up. That psychiatry and thanks to build a lot of owners don't know who knows their colors are hot start the hardest I like he would explain to him out of steam trains and cars out but yeah I think it. Yes he can mean six romantic comedy here we we turn to the next person he knew names and you will say yes or no. Then an expert thinking you know I know as a person stage of all term. That's what I have to said Nina moss. People actually. If you cannot tell you I guess negative points. If you if you do you get a point. Yeah because I get a gold star no you know about a blue moon. I'll give you blew wanna Rambo there wow I don't want lawful my past that I have a look like and how awful listen live or die sometimes greener rent any here. Like if I like turtles. I stopped high or go first. Again I had done role that I cast my only good skill life. Yellow and it and it's your card yeah okay go. Okay read the yellow and two titles in which the night's temple are weak and you know two titles in which the night's temple are appear. Two titles two titles in which was nice categories literature book keys under turned to. Move. Should give you another card yet because no one's gonna know I want to Wear out well you know little truth be known milk from guys visit. Four titles with the type of animal in the title. I'll come on Brandon. Or less. Moral lesson coming right and as regions is no heat isn't he used say foray as a four and he says yes. I have to say can I 95 he says no I have to do if our got it. And then we got a close up photos are like so I view you say I can before and then he Brandon says IR. I can do five or let's hear your four it will though he's the judge decides on a judge sir sir put a brand new tonight no this is all clear we will you judging this is an aggregate community tell. And he's reading the card this turn. It was then that doesn't make it his turn. It he reads it so I'd like everything is also the challenge for me and if I can do you wanna try and win Indian ballet tap that makes sense I guess an easy day did you sort of betting regularly go I could totally do seven but you might be just like trying to VS your ad. Some entirely thinks for word titles with an animal in new and entitle. Listening to scratch fever kind of comes in handy I managed. And these can I got to know throughout that you know. Or you got actual nano and the nature of the game is not to come up with them and then say yes are you come up with than it is to say I think come up with 45 or six and we are called on it. Be able to come up with gas yes how are so like. Right now he should be saying do I know I'd I don't think I could do for drinking listen now to Britain. I don't know the fluid. I got like three I think you're up three. I got to you. Honestly now. Yeah I'm gonna pass to our I have had a halo legends are able distressing giggles. Well so what do you guys you're going Lawson sudden where's further north in the bears were out there are there terrorists aren't. I have literally I mean I was a little good stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life okay yeah I had. You're oddly goldilocks I ask everybody there at all part of God's Charlotte's web site it's not natural it is and unloaded it and they tighter and it's and and it's not an animal specifically in our there's there's an. Actually be a specific and remind mice through my minds. I Tracy thanks. Anaconda I believe sponsorship whom don't know of burglary at the movie Anaconda based on the novel Anaconda by sapphire and half I thought. Bessie bears prisoners. Our little read yeah books. And that happened to prove a tough couple of good and keep up front I thought he's no wrong and I'm. But there's something wrong about TV on coffee Clifford the big red dog mine. Do you know pull a lot of fun. She feels okay. The Lion King killing bread and and crushing me get I had sworn to myself that I would not somewhere during this game and during this episode yeah he's making it real hard. I'm using mocking day. That happened. I don't work well so they kind of ignore what you guys are saying. Tom can chat rooms are not up. The ankle and novel. Quote armed man bag are not ease this is not a book it's an expression that was Mano a. 100% yes children but now I'm gonna print and Richard Richard yours please cleanse the pilot. Winnie The Who is one of the other. Hand that died of brand and we got an extranet and we're gonna take. You can't see Brendan staging a great tackle. The foreign birds. And the that it don't don't don't. Parents. Thanks for mr. Brendan wrote I really like mine you know I thought I actually didn't touch yeah I didn't say yes I can. So where is the general doesn't there and child. From both he shot helped move a couple of more lack boobs and a pick current. He got. Wash. I have to have no no oh yes. Six city's. Term in which the Olympics have been hosted Huff. Faction of that once I can name who. Crap and getting it for. As I mentioned six Ken but can you name six. No does that bring you anything you can your neighborhood where Hanoi and determine the number here did the numbers Germans for UNU I polish. Then there's this whole thing more direct. I don't know a man child miss orange season just don't know where he's. Well I you know RBIs in the insect and I thought I was going to village and you know seven now Brandon go to hear your sixth soul. A patent really Hummer. Then Germany. Sure I'm London wouldn't carrying out. Atlanta I believe that's correct that's grant great okay mall as long as we're fact checking just by based on what we think we know that's not good for me I'm nerve and after a bizarre when new. Beijing right. Invasion giving him the answer all sorry that's what I was gonna say thank you knew how come those don't see president cougar in Los Angeles didn't I know when the like Two Rivers and there's national I never did a little as some think farther now with the Atlanta they're. Does his Atlanta and then he'd forget Tebow Vancouver is technically international. Com. Born with a hole little to do you will you just said I like to think international we gave you think who ring implying that it's not international showed up that he had a bad 'cause you're above. Aren't you both guards gimme that's exactly. I got blue room is television. Which I can you name her I don't I can't. The PBS original shows. I like all the networks abuse I'm not that I came you swear to god I don't do three. Aha. Now am I industry I got through probably you know you don't get to why don't notice she says he says he noticed three so 'cause back to me you son of a bit of zoo. You'll Sesame Street and really Reba. All right we ran low Arthur right. Murtha was on PS I don't know how do you need to give serious thought had to do I know above. All right first boy do we know anything more now Brennan got a point of course with the Olympics I didn't think he's played as though that one play its first person a five point oh by the way is a winner at the end let's mosey about rainbow. No electric company and let. Jay you die and between the lions. I'm an Allen hit it really doesn't. The ninety's you're playing a night and leg and I never really watch says he'll he'll sign on track he entails and it was there with them Arizona goes on PBS I knew Rona I think it was the answer it. OK I get I got a green which is music. Since two songs in which church bells are hurt. Well I heard a yes or burden of now that's one. I think a guarantee of I have to think. Do you have three I I couldn't tell if your church tells us I don't know I Dario is now yeah well I. Okay put up for Randy he's definitely got four. The idea of so yeah you know I have four don't say yes they wanna see if began yesterday you know you can say yes it is easiest for the C a call on didn't I don't do too that no UST three I can't buy anything you can alumni Brandon doesn't say no to four then you don't have to do anything you'd pass the ball you DNA Kimi from getting the points I got I got power out. I'll say ask her circus you know what I'm gonna say yes to for ya know I gotta I gotta and a you know I've magna. And so mr. Brennan Joomla. It's. Pretty yes I'm ready always something there to remind me by naked eyes. Comparable. Oft com phone phone for whom the bell pulled by Mattel known Ernie Els Mel's face TV all. The church growth shut it happened and I got this you you're ready you can't because the Westminster quarters which is the song that church vols play. Hong Garnett wrong. Had a look at our program Perl script so I know what a night all the nice all right they go to push her friend and you know really save Pink Floyd time that this is a bit of bell well that's similar it was a good early on I had. Also loaning out. There are of good allied to it I liked it way that I get to point Sergio. AME I want your subtle point. But who can't pick it got any or movies that got bush. Six characters who are millionaires. Format okay. Can you do six. Tablet they're all those previously writing. It's not gonna get to me. What has surprised me give our I shall what are the pen and paper criticism possibly could affect the current hardball only how many police say yes though then you're gonna you gonna say did you six I six era and it is today as Israeli and accused seven. The agonies and the heat and two feet. I think I can do me I don't see you do date I'm gonna say no from my ninth. You're missing now for yet so let's let's hear you good eight characters that are millionaires millionaires not billion millionaires and. An important distinction to make a bit of billionaires but it's the dead the following all all those gonna say I could be technically you have millions. So they have thousands of millions yeah exactly of Richie Rich. Tony Stark scrutiny duck. They have bad man. Oklahoma thing. This is moving straight no need they just his character since characters or category in Louisiana is really letting us the name of the duck in any movie yes. What movie there is the there's that does Disney Chris Ellis story made big baby is an extra BOJ. Disney Christmas Carol yet he got Carrollton. That these to me in the least. Technically neither is it came. That we know he's a millionaire no he's not seen that house he's a millionaire uncle hold on what years Beauty and the Beast take place or Mickey do conversion rate it will be millionaire. What work are now hurting you don't have an auto tag Barack. 34 or five runs five earned the king Arthur were. You couldn't defend the odds are I'll got a lot of money and not knowing every day or Gomez Adams can be seen that room in the movie. Keep that millions of dollars and. Is this stretch now I'm yeah I think these things do a more established and -- assumption not much like we could even see anybody in the friends gang because of the apartments they have a New York I don't know if only reasoning and Harmon they got the apartment that she is because of some red line was that the ground that's what apartment what about all the other ones in the series that they did they get to welder living there is also. The 2000. He listens to her ninety's this is not much fun we haven't Lauren tiny Tim more. I got this school say lead to more than I had no idea. I didn't because you guys are just tiny little bitches think of the literally Claire Claire from clueless. But time nurse in the movie. I once had what do you say. Tough tough tough for nursing and loan cap that's a long look and you know I. Talk takes you know you can look at the Universal Pictures made a movie if he's here he's going to be you know experiences that I got me to actually longer hunter coming up the compound Greg generated. There are so many good ones one Vicky. And another millionaire. Killing literally every we don't and Leonardo DiCaprio movie literally everyone there no there's one. And that's the funny enough I need you on more convenient finishing eighth starting mall that you need nine more could not pass apple will now I've got a. News Richie Rich Tony Stark's kindred bad man beast. What is it. Adams technically Bruce Wayne root as well it's not an embarrassment for a couple of bad. Do you volatility that doesn't inspire you because reformed get them back they could steal. Technically bad men did steal from Bruce Wayne. Well. You know now we're staying still won't happen yeah I'm off. Get him we're gonna get a point I get a point do you get you get a moral point a to point out a whole. I don't know the last time we play games so you got a thought I would if I'm seriously you get up for it because you didn't win the South Pacific declined I don't know a lot of I mean I really you guys are unjustly you know not Laney wind even though I deserve its power lunch and I'm real goals aren't finished cabinet had a house call upon a look arguably are you on the agreement we're sure her make loans and it was horrible and I AM let's just. What's it going to eat given that I. You know I. And I just realized my being cut it's gone you guys really that show you really to move on without me we had a good of courage and get a clean everything and he played out I got you. Multiple is god you. Ordering a war you could. The but I don't know that my mind being middle and a replica. For a our room I mean almost. Vicki if you wanted to cheat you literally could just named every actor in Nevis is the end movies. If you wanted to know that's true yes I'll errors in their own movies a little yellow only the majority of the oceans webcast hey how you are not clearly themselves in the count culture the citizens they're millionaires in the movie and in real life. There are enough. Two authors. Who didn't need to look at the content off a much truth to the. And I heard about guys there's more to with America. Two authors whose last names begin with the letter. Last names to send got the okay. So brain do you have do. Yes did he do you have thirty and her. Family Allen. Imus no all right Brandon. He. Oh love. Patterson. Bill Dan Patterson. I had a real feel. Should we be deleted the Paterson James had genealogy data that is going to end of the summer I know I know those are doubles you see at the grocery store the state Paterson and George. Do you wanna dig donated to charity like you trying to think you're negative content. Hang out there donated to you for easier beckons you blow move. Does say Christopher Poindexter a thawing out as a national arts is that is out of his writers aren't heard Tom Payer. What am I if based on market with all those whom I know I know god all well you know the last days. John Parker will get over Tom tire and so sorry I'm happy Chanukah. Christopher Poindexter road he writes a lovely. Homes in time Lovie don't become a things and the that's his pen name. It's not known to can move them you know not a real person and Poindexter somebody else. He's worrying Louis new green music. And it forced singers from the nineteen authorities don't just who know him coming up I got the thing up and half minutes they know. He named for a. No. I don't think so bouncing now though he's not heroes not not a not a lawyer. Frank Sinatra and. Dean Martin and Rosemary Clooney. Yeah that's George Clooney's aunt cracked a book how hard. Carlos is already over boy I had. This evening grows we earning you know we don't think her height. Of their earlier on non known as thorough and Leo one day ahead careers that spanned Yang went on. If refreshed not sure you've heard that I know it just. That's your race at a certain your I only got I remember seeing it as a kid and then like they would like come out like a chicken that leasing Frank Sinatra song for us. Analytics and I know no hang on wait what was that's my first. Introduction to him for a. When I was in Kilmeny like Bloomington I'm sorry your mister Graham buying you are around we think should bring doctor was huge so. Can't. You were around when he was huge aspect in nineteen Maurice. Down you know had. Thank you Wear helmets and review the more I feel like trump has raked anyway so I'm I've rolled the die I have a car. I eagled yellow which means he literature category coal grain food nutrition and it's. Sort of got I didn't know I'm making this up. Two titles it which a cat is the main character who could hot enough. If. And not look at how high you will run. Well I'm going to do not only do you have very many boatloads when you don't count you have. Yeah for me I think you do it a failure Jose at the you know and others is this is all are born here this OK we've got it's your time and time enough. It's. Cat in this I don't know that is the main character both main character ends up. Do you always have to call him to write an open Garfield gets put to sleep our field. Though. A dummy and I Hassan. You gonna do until. They didn't give a gel dummy for how. About that was a moment to shine no one out this interactive why are they is right now good wouldn't it. Load he's good friends in the traffic tough tough tough tough. The top cat the the of everybody's top cat know the bottom Canada and congress digits and I'd sure love bottom. Husband have natural gas Brendon de. Our weekly column bottom half. The truth now seriously warriors still about cats. Written by my friend -- only the Jenny looks Lakewood that I had to drop some named Elaine who failed to drop it and it really tired and you see you thank you. She tar something that's on hold out. All of your graphics honey. Look oh. I have what movies are ruled red compact. Four films in which Will Ferrell Pearson now I want. It's easy game. Easy game Dawson gets back to me. So that you are now before he has to do if I I can do for so go ahead be seeking to five over there. I I can find. In 86 Mickey. Oh and. Can I. 123. Or four minutes I know the other islands. I'll visit all of and I also named the series when he did. If you lose hope. I think it is six. 97. There's so many in movies I'm picturing right now whose names I can't remember the teeth are there all kind of the saints movie most of the. Home. Beer here and I'm gonna say yes I can do seven Y all can go on I I don't real tests are now very you know are you go for eight I might go afraid of my. I. I gotta I gotta make sure I got a really deep deep here you're here embody I can't I can't really. Miller nine. My god. That's 66. Against the gods got a real do more than that. Talk depth of course part have a want. This is of the camps and they can't be equals anything you then yeah accounts is one. No I only got six Troy got I can't do it okay I'll man. All right seven I got Zoolander. It's not all and there you know anchorman snapped. Stranger than fiction Alex thank you for reminding me of that one big I could go over your limit either narrow self or something step Brothers yeah yeah. Semi pro now we're feeling you know the good guy is the animals are lower now and else. Boom seven and I had so many more now kicking and screaming yeah I had a blades of glory. All legend of Ricky Bobby tell me and I really is old school school also chart a member of the entire. Where anyone is more recent ones the Lego movie. Love that movie winning thrashers. I don't get. By the way Vicki I I don't know how this came to pass but for some reason I donate dvd copy of blades of glory. On that spend your whole thing. All they get yeah. Let's forget also avoid eye when I offer good on I was doing and can crush Dale's my mom I know I felt so that I knew I was not only managed. While you pick a category pick it draws all right I got a blank slate of fortune who you know fortunately. So you to pick one pick which of those Larry. Oh boy oh. Wait okay no higher office and it. Two films directed by Spike Lee. And amateur actors Helena says if. What do you think putting as I don't Spike Lee movies. Hunch. Mean I know what you say that I'm gonna be like crap yes. I would now I can't do it. I'm getting having military budget director us to do their thing jungle fever girl six white men can't you need to wait engines and I don't know hundred moved who cares clarity into the air and others say I've never seen or really even heard of any of these I know white men can't jump. And that one because I can't count I don't break I don't think that's a Spike Lee joint. He. OK you didn't welcome welcome and Malcolm X arrow since a man old boys holding is he a game. For OPEC. Cents duchy. Stolen that (%expletive) I it's the Chicago I Iraq next where I am afraid also something bad shot Iraq thank USA Tara and yep. Very cool yup I did know some of these well you know one. Viewing and Brandon just think you know one times I feel like. Let's finish around yeah official will be the two of us RN or you are a little slow college and get a day it talent against what did you show. He knows I was cold drink at all. I did anything wrong with that know what the time we had so far jump 29 minutes hi group. I read it. Six films that take place in the United Kingdom. I he's oh my god. Does it but the whole move we have to take Placer is just a part of it. Pricing in just a part of it when he can remember those pants six movies six so it's seven for you a lot that they know. And zillions of yes or no Mickey a lot of gamers because what the figure out and then say yes it's can I come up with him on the spot and like I'm having trouble okay. It hasn't I don't like it's another thing you think of six. I am it was a some stock. And I got zoo now okay British received six this. Train spotting it in London has fallen. Mary Poppins next caliber. Shaun of the dead hot fuzz. From the world's then. Russian isn't technically you know they're not tell you franchise there called the Cornet yeah alerted our whole court at a trilogy but about a series something I wanted to come very here. James Bonds are there right it was universal cap as a James Bond and then I was injured insurer now yeah sure come together Secret Service. Clinton there is show a movie film is not the other risk is very call Sherlock Holmes but I look Holmes. Sure Laura is the show you've been rule I'm wearing say shortly I was goalie though if you meant to. Well all is okay well I guess we made us say let's. The other a lot of variations of the same story the name you pick is Qaeda important because he doesn't do that no I don't think Hannah is set Sherlock Holmes. If yes and being Italian and I haven't done it well the one with top not punish them so well there aren't integrated German a good point yep. To de Vinci code has always think she can prove that the art of state Madeleine had clear tonight yet no one. Strong police have taken home you know take on the top top stop the violence again I swear to get Google so he's gonna get zero scuffed his Jordan's. All right. We got a red 16 films in which well wedding appears. Three and six is a lot like so movies have weddings. Six films on 66. Films I'm an ominous say yes if you can do it did seven. Mouth American to seven now okay all right. We got to I'll tell my head right now. Putting pressures yup oh really. Thought what are your memories 27 dresses McCarron. The wedding singer drank. The princess Brett value out. Shrek. Then okay. And Beauty and the Beast. Plus wireless when there's a when he isn't there now. And so we're looking for four weddings and a funeral home you know no one that would really do want wedding planners spread to a Lerner really be immunity. Recently the last. Brainy Frankenstein any funny movie. It will keep her dining on son who's my number those books I finished this is not a mine that doctor seuss' very happy about the great book hello guys until next time. Stinging heat. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG easy video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot bluffs.