BJGN 04-25-18 - Comics & Board Games

Wednesday, April 25th

The gang talks about the final Deadpool 2 trailer; Scott from Comics Dungeon discusses comic book recommendations; BJ talks comics with the end of Invincible & the latest Spider-Man; Chris & BJ review the games Valaria: Card Kingdoms, TAK, & Vye; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!



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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells sunup today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. See. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. Welcome yes welcome to BJ she's beaten me Sheen on the reverent and why go across from me is thinking Barcelona. We've got although Chris oh hi this show's namesake Vijay shave their head and run of the board. Joey knees as a rat on today's show we will tot comic books. We will. More games like that and of course the key key could be TV didn't wanna leave well I don't know that I think you know. All of those via our web side DJ gay nation dot com contest plus the good stuff but if you're on the social media you trying to find his second PG nation and I'm pretty sure he'll find us. Have resolutely and hit up that. Social media I'd go to the FaceBook page and search up and find out are little links to the mocks and got what it will be talking about the board games about it today and in a little bit but this is for a really good cause and age especially in the local Seattle area so if you're in this area. Please please donate or. If you cannot donate just share the link to all of your friends because I'm sure somebody out there will be more than happy to help this out and what is the cause again for this one guy. Chris I because it is the wellspring of family services and and guys if you guys have been losing to us for a little while or even not even for that long you know that this is something we get really really excited about every year we go only play in the gauntlet this year the theme is high fantasy. Scott let Rome's this year so I'm very jazzed. Two things can't wait to see with the poster looks like because that was take one home yet and okay. I where I can which he with the what the customs and stuff this are going to be accent now that's really really amazing stems not only are we playing these games but there's other competitions and things that the news content at all. Ali great costs Vicky please dress up BJ had a custom. I don't custom what is it. I always Wear Iowa's were Nestle so as soon Judith sport jacket. And I get a teacher at the goes within his within theme mr. all of nice area as a great job every day like I wanna dress up somebody as high elf. Pool nice to us that somebody's got pointy ears and stoned and now how well a a millionaire or Sears long hair in a room and man up from the man who argued. Again hello may I ask is an identity denies. Aren't we gotta we gotta jam packed shows that we need to get right into this first stops last week the dead pool to the trailer. I know one back or end. Holy crap we. Is fantastic such ago I mean I'm looking so forward to this more so than the avengers RF you shut up so I don't rule them out like I I can't wait for the avengers. But I can't wait for deadly remark is soaking it did this this one of those times they really wishing never govern a my movie pass card. The hazard that oh yeah yeah like thirty bucks a Monday's deal the movies in my gosh our buddy Josh you mega gamers and the Borg in alliance has one of those keystone meeting yet one in. How he's right because I'm assuming I really think Arafat have different plans but I know you can't see movies without cars like in. 3-D and stuff like that so yeah you can still see it in the normal the Internet at that point one Assisi do in normal 3-D N a OK moving on from that we do need to talk some Conosoga sample trailers off yeah it is absolutely fantastic as go to Georgia now. I'm not for us and not safer work and not for the kiddies yes I got to face the page Jacko significantly which dreadful memories for his musical god Nokia so I know if you see it at work he would make today better anyways and I. Yeah it's should be allowed at grown on headphones on my favorite thing is it's not so much the Easter eggs and all movies have Easter eggs but the fourth wall breaking these tags yes like one eyed Willie. You weren't in Tallahassee he makes a great a great line that really gives something people said as far as marvel and DC together and when that what the problem and I. There's another round tomatoes thing when that with the videos sent this in direct USO in the sense that it's so good description I just what Terry crews and everything's on gas this area crews. And as a nice homage to mystery man I mean and Canseco now see that he's interviewed they're interviewing super Matos and in all areas Everyman like for that yeah you know so I I'm so happy about this speaking of comic books it is comic book day and we need to actually talk. Actual comics so we're gonna go with Scott from comics dungeon to give us is recommendations. All right we've got Scott from comics dungeon with class and I'm very excited because this is something bad happens in May and know that we are. Always a way but we're still really close and we need to talk about free comic book day because this is a big event not only for you but for all local comic bookstores. I absolutely hear Newt didn't like the Christmas. Both comic book I'll. Follow world at least it's the new newspaper news about the in the comic book store aisle there it is were. And correct me this year additional demand sevens on a calming please commute for three you can do that not stores. It's. Seattle are Marmol got a couple coming out these he's got a couple. Every publisher produces at least one not. One comic. Each store opens but two different promotions we're gonna have a Big Ten percent off everything in the store sales pace the columns some sort while creators showing now but. You are you come into the store and do the voting you do that I didn't are sort of you know we'll pick up 63 complex set some rules it's serious it's just it's phenomenal oblivion this route redundant with the blues. Like you're at least you know he's doing. And it's it's. It's a fact of the industry so much soul. Over the past decade. Are marvel studios just behind the big blockbuster could be released. A person could manage well. And they've actually got to change that this year will evaluate it and you were going actually on this Friday went you know common be seeing tomorrow so I'm kind of excited about. I and I know I'm looking forward to don't know much leadership Sandra yeah seriously I'm single magic. Good luck with that man because. This movie as actually outperformed the pre sales on black panther which previously outperformed the result like any other movies out. Oh you are going to be a big wind and speaking of which. Infinity gauntlet really was. Kinda has set the stage for the cosmic reality of the marvel universe at this point. I've put absolutely I I knew commission we needed and this weekend just a little ahead my mind and these can be brought to mind that I am bad I've gotten better loose drawn but one must remember all those George burrows who has done some. Iconic. Of stories including do you see these cars implement an error which is kind of there are going to be doll list but it. I do do you Vietnam how shocking it was a revision one and a half actually heroes you'd. Tear gas car and engine part on we are gossip about about it and they emerges. Nobody's really worried. May interpreted what I didn't do without our guys didn't end. Men and all of these and so there was any great this you know Jim stolen just. How about marble column make it home that deuce. This whole iconic. And you know you just did it. When he argued literal what do we do now is still really incredibly well and your content. And I think when you go to see the movie if there's going to be some of veins of white what can be in this book but also at the same point this book stands alone on its own and it's one of those things where you're gonna build a lead that and you're gonna wanna delve deeper into some of the other secondary characters with me obviously Dan Ellis but also with a silver surfer Adam warlock you got so many other characters out there that you wanna look like just delve deeper and figure out which ones may be though you know your new favorites. No I absolutely and you get these you get some are. By history around the moral values and history are on nebula. He's really cute little book and a and did that little one what do you see in the movies earlier in the beginning of this. Stories on. It's got a great group to go to vote. Two really good jump in on. Point you really don't need to know what to marble are cannon to jump in that kind of work we've studied quite a mobile. And are on the be introducing what it all into the movies. Yeah I'm gonna be really interested to see whether gonna be doing with that and how they differ from all of that and also I mean with free comic book day happening with all of this these are good really good ways for you you. Maybe five characters that you didn't know that you actually really enjoy eight or at least you wanna read more of a special like free comic book day because you can pick up some issues as something you may not have Bob knew you know thought that you were interest in didn't suddenly like oh well I need to read more about. This Shia are usually not enough what I like about free comic book Asians there is no excuse not to try something new you know. And that you know legacy and it's it's it's a great very. You just to go to the stores in Dubai and you can do that. You know every store in Seattle and still have more to do so yeah it's great all they of that. Absolutely Scott again thank you so much people can find you Wear a social media and online. Kind of the car's going to net com horses force you to redouble our little world all the social. Well possibly think he's so much Scott. I. Thank you so much Scott again comics dungeon dot com is a good way to find it now and get all social media on that I BJ yes sir I have a couple comic books that you've been reading and that she was like to discuss yeah well of course eight notice of some major events happen in the world of comics on number one I'll talk about is affected dance slots run on Spiderman. The amazing Spiderman is coming to an end to them. As Spiderman approaches its milestone 800 issue which they started re numbering the Spiderman comics. It is basically Shell Oil rig cause they're gonna say yep we're gonna go back from we're gonna go back to her basically in numbering in that way. If you're a member of the 700 issue was doc talked basically inhabiting Peter Parker's mind in slot I think made a great thing and made it a whole new comic book and where you. It was fantastic people said they want about their slot girl haters again I'm an old school Spiderman fan read them back in the Stanley days. So you know when they were new. So I again I love what dance slot has done is sad that he's leaving. But then again happier than he's going to be doing fantastic four's only rarely have cracked that pay. So I guess so it's gonna be great that he's going to my favorite book as opposed to what he's been doing my second favorite book. This is held a story arc inside the go down swinging story arc where Norman Osborne and carnage have gotten together and act and basically unbeatable Kazaa you know sound and heat which used to be able to affect carnage. Not really so much anymore because of Norman Osborne's and goblins serum. So the combination of all this is just making this a very unbeatable foe for Peter. Peter had to call in a lot of help because he was seriously damaged by carnage and Carney said look I think what Peter if you give up I won't kill you. I will tell you I everybody you know you just can't be Spiderman ever again. And so Peter found work around symbolize don't have to be Spiderman to be like a lot of friends including it was so great to see oh here's the human torch rated Iraq Paul and Mercer. Of him being involved and it's still that help you know model paralysis in their silk is in there and who anti venom. Saw what looked like he had the ability to stop carnage but unfortunately kind of made it so that he had to have his mind and other things. This is a great way for dance like to go out and out very soon issue 800 will hit the stands my friends and the wrap up of this whole story line. Pretty damn awesome don't read gobble and just doing a Google image search look bad pass on I am aware thing spoiler alert but the red goblins decided you know what he wants to keep the business in the family at Harry's not gonna join. How about Harry's kid. And he had so little goblins boy is now. And it's not he's been he's been absorbed by the sim beyond not a Brady. Not the way Harry wanted like to go let's not white changed his name in Tel he's trying to go to. His dad and now he's just a crazy grandpa now and yes so scrap my grand kid. All absorbed up and they don't go going after Spiderman it. Moving from Spiderman. And not its this is actually a comic books as ending. And yeah to the end of data which is invincible EI and invincible had a long run a lot of folks know Robert Kirk and of course from the Walking Dead and but he's got this little book that's you know he's pretty famous for. And that's invincible which are rumors are the Seth Rogen is involved in making this into a movie so I'm excited about nesting. Yup and mark Grayson and all of his buddies have come to an end. Hi this was a sitting and and I and I got the trade a lot of you folks are fallen on live L yesterday and get along time ago but I've always just doing the trades because I wanted to have this trade collection in my possession and thought well. You know what I'm not gonna follow along monthly I'll just binge read. And I finally got my trade about couple weeks ago which was the end of all things part two. And basically it's just that the Belcher Mike the new bill to might wore and Marc trying to figure it out. And then once he figures that out that he's got to figure out about Rex robot who basically is created a great world to live and for the planet earth. But he's basically dictator. And nobody has free will but you can't argue would Rex is results. And Marquette to find a solution to bat and we get to see it would which is what I love about the ending seed in movies. They get to show you the next 1050 a hundred years of mark's life. Which I thought was created so we get to see is kids grow up. You know things like that and calm the it was really well done it was a nice homage. And at the end of the trade you know all the artists and Robert Kirk men get to talk about what they loved about the book and why they're grateful to be involved. So even if you read the the issues. It did the last trade is really good to pick up because you know they always have some extra sketches totally and some farewells. But invincible sad to see a goal but you know Robert curtain and he's got that new oblivion. Song song out so you know he's he was a young he's gonna he's going to be an easy. But I find end and Martina and actually Robert -- said that. Yeah mark story had to come to when and he is like we feel like this was a story that need to be completed and this was the time to do it. Nice we gotta talk board games as we mentioned earlier lawyer so what are you guys got. Well you know we've got as you talked about mock Scotland era three games that we have to know there's a mystery game we don't know about yet but three board games that we have to compete again for charity and hopefully be good at. One that we definitely knew and then two words. I did not know about but at the and there are going to be a challenge for me yeah the letter card kingdoms was the first one and if you guys want to go back and listen to any of our previous episodes you guys have talked about that when it's expansions. A guy at all times its daily magic games it's it's it's a nice I think refreshing. Hi fantasy take over much of Corel is a matter of fact it's a replacement for me I I got rid of my much Cora game because Blair are condemns them to me is just not cooler version of that game out what makes it different. What makes it different is is that. They incorporate some lords of Warner dean type mechanics and I homes. As well as the way you calculate your numbers you get to use. So if you rolled a seven in my Q coral you would just look for the car that was number seven. In the Larry card kingdom's if you roll a seven let's see role for a three. You get to basically cashing your four card Kashmir three card and cash in your seven cart path which allows agents and you're also playing on other turns like stuff happens with your cards and other turns almost every time not just with certain cars like much coral. And that's that's that's the best thing for me about what other cart needs is. It is one of these games where something is happening all the time either there's no downtime because you're always playing and managing those resources in trying to. Get an engine going to make your your area more powerful this is a game that we've talked about it we've loved and I was still haven't seen on the list for the government this year but the other two games I had never even heard of either. And one of them I was surprised I had heard of because I started reading the book that it's from and I just I guess haven't gotten that far yet talked to hack. And it's the unit. Game score is ten beautiful game with yes that this is all about. That it's from patch of rough this is king killer chronicles. Books that the name of the wind they play a game a two player game that is sort of flake just sort of like take effect. There's a little bit going on it but it's a two player game only and don't know much about it yeah is similar to be no they'll start ticket so the piece the actually play fizz been I would love to Osama create. Because it was like how would be great to play that game but they actually did do that for this game tack. Exactly they took something that I'm an author just invented for his world for the university built and turned it into a physical game and I love that kind of thing you've seen it before and a few different things but. It's. Tech is. Basically just laying it square tiles on board uranium from one side to the other two player game exactly it's just it's the it's the dark pieces personal life pieces and you're just trading and creator road from your side of the court to the other side of the border from one side to the other. I've contiguous piece is in you do that by laying down tiles or stacking up tiles and then moving them and you grab up the stack. And you move it as many state pieces as you have and there are different ways to different pieces have to move but that's the gist. Just get that line from one side of the board to the other and you cover of your opponents pieces. I who loved this game. Right out of the box if you like a chess checkers and yeah that it will have a little bit of go. It's go OK to go OK thank you I thought I was the only person whatever they go. Because every time I say it's kind of like go I get empty faces yet I don't know I don't know Antarctica in Atlanta go is an ancient Chinese game it's go with a chest okay and our lines just a little. Tesco Tesco. What is the other game. A televised and via. Is a it's an area control card laying game every time you laid down a card into the the into the shared tableau and plays up to what five players to yet they say F five players up to five players it's one gigantic shared tableau each type of land that you play. You will claim that land plus whatever else is connected to a based on the rules of the game and it's it's based on matching. Lands or cards that are already there or everyone has a EA family of special cars the dude that takes special actions thinking that you more space is a long way. Basically until the end of the game trigger happens you just wanna try and take up as much space connected contiguous space as you can our board. Yeah or thank Al connections whoever has the most will be sort of the biggest kingdom. Is and and Chris is right. And you mathematically at least in the based game becomes what other cards that really add more complex a complex layers to the game but the pace game is pretty simple but it's one of those games you go okay. I know that there are four copies of each card. If I'm one is gonna put down like my my my second coyote picture well if Chris got to thirties and take over shale plays add to his thing. And then if you end up getting the forest you go all right why am I gonna put this down until I wait for the person for the third one down but sometimes people won't. They your special ability cards which you hope that you can be used as late as possible. And it's difficult. Game two win and master but relatively easy Miller. Gas and other animals and those are some of the best games are the ones where you have the decision trees that will go for a long ways but you know exactly what you can do in the game from the get go yet the artwork is pretty on the cards were as nice as the and it's pretty basic we all have colored cubes so you just basically a put your colored cube on. On the card that you just absorb basically into your kingdom based on what you played. And yeah I eight you know I I'm happy I don't buy because Levis again I can bust out quickly teach somebody but then the people go hey I wanna play this again yeah you just get engaged like OK I think there's a way I can master this. What I know you guys are gonna have to be playing a lot began got a trade and for the mocs got Lance right we're just practicing today is management which is happening towards the end of may and we'll be having hi Lila throw moxie to talk about -- what more is going on with all of this as he gets closer to the event. But again check out our FaceBook page like he said we are collecting donations if you give us some donations will give you shout out if you wind or you can just go as I guess as the French say a anonymous a known that would various support us all you can and now attack is spelled TAK. You can advise spelled. Well now it is time to get tool. She twists dish what he got for us Mickey Wright's so that injures is almost here. Hello all I couldn't tell. Not that -- is walking round with a like is infinity underwear in his Infiniti he's beer will be a review tomorrow on special ops with mark and myself rather. That's why isn't checking it out we are high and I usually you wanna go to a movie he's gonna hate you will not hate him he played he says everything I know well here's the thing I have to provide the. Counterpoint to his from edge and they're just damn good because he wanted to watch lost in space and and I said no. OK. I want. This show I'm gonna enjoy it right so I found a list that we don't know what's gonna happen in the fourth move because apparently the title gonna give it away that's what we don't know what the fourth I don't know that it's it's it's got infinity war revel be disappointed that we like gosh that's gonna pick his famous is probably gonna lose and no symptoms. All right so we have been. Who will survive when it's all over her two brains run. Will be fine just fine. Just don't do anything stupid and proceed with caution or good chance they're going to die there's only one person a better survivor I'm really pissed if you'll pinned her doesn't survive. Wrong French I don't drive around your pool right Josh Bruins are zero you know he's to busy making Geico commercials okay good. But what do you guys already here guys is opinion on the next movies like three and then also for who do you think is not going to make it. Will you will not make it again and again and again captain Americas and abided looks like he and Omega put them but Chris Evans kind of hinted that he was gonna be done after the next avengers movie not this one so I don't know yet is that just as he just had red Herring so what what yeah I hope so because I mean as much. This this movie needs to have stakes to it Hawkeyes gonna die it's. It talk is not even in the promotional material why there's no way he's gonna show up things or go Hyannis and want help my friends in the days or like in the first avengers is in your mind controlled play for the other side who there it is Iraqis dead again I think but he's gonna go I think Bucky I guarantee you look at me waiting Italy's Captain America event and the winter soldier that's just how little heavier guy he needs them to take over for that McEntee Bucky going for phase four right gaseous like Captain America for phase four but think about them that they don't finally he gets his buddy back I mean really am of this long journey of getting his body but he's back home and he's dead it feels like that would be just great drama but he gets taken out early and then cap goes down. AP and it loses it is well remember he strides and I'm seeing that scene where is her take on the whole gauntlet thing right after the Tatis cap you're not Camilla stopped at buddy no good point. No he's got massive crane is this list to know who they believe will be fine just fine OK Peter Parker gap that's going to be in these duke a Marmol who's gonna make you minor break I feel like a lot of that sits docked. Chela. Yeah yeah absolutely you do not kill off the dude that's got the biggest best batters moving until avengers comes out there is Peter quell. I now. He's he's you find you have probably so I think he'll be fine because again I have guardians three right in the month coming out well I think an ad that pointing maybe go moral will live but nebulous gonna bite it no I love Karen Young I tell you I think her her take our nebula is outstanding. Truth I just re watch guardians to and just how. Insane she is that going to blood lust is so and if you haven't seen Jumanji she is so funny that movie really Karen Gillen is not well anybody has ever watched her daughter knows she's actually today she's Giuliani it's semifinalists who knows nebula is on the good chances and drawing. I asked. Ominous sacrifice to sort of aura that there URL is on the just don't do anything stupid you know second though like I got busy say I'm not crap gathered on I think vision I think visions done you have the then but since they're going to manners mean he's got the Mike he's got the stone yet he's got the minds don't right now Green Zone I Lama and Howard is right is that the only thing keeping him up then is or is he if I was a little while he do you really down the I think that's what's that's what's giving him I had heard about the mean there isn't seen where he looks human kissing her but I mean that could just be what he'd kind of association has got to which yes yes now one that I never expected any of the other yeah I. That really knows what attract thousands and all the comics get vision is these are Russian there it is GAAP OK so maybe he comes out the other side OK which matches Jim. I mean maybe I'll help from Doctor Strange now Giuliani kickoff a loan on your strange I think he's gonna survive and oh yeah a big part of the half court yet. He's definitely in and the will be fine just fine. Scott playing as well. I mean I know he'll be fine obviously at 43 because he has a movie coming out. I don't know how his body I don't know what that's like the taas. No no oh you're talking a lot to among them back to Doctor Strange like him members partners in a long walk and I just don't do anything stupid cat and I got a lower level he might build a squeak by sort of thing I. Carol the embers will be fine yeah I have an honor Vietnam. Nick fury says he'll be just fine because he hasn't. I think Osama trinity in Maine I don't think so because he said that he hasn't done anything but again that could they could just be subterfuge and rape and they're not mean you know he's going to promote he's gonna put these oak all of these guys together in the first what does he have to be. I say yes and irony I don't fertilizers member of the lake effect especially in that way he can really help us mideast fury. Manson says a leave just signed I think she may be in the distant anything stupid does she seems smitten. He's a billionaire and part of a narrative here in guardian story began being a part of that. Rocking it groups Sherry hope pin Maria hill are all fine I think group may because group I always come back pedaling group mile diet and a million little again vocal EA aquae it would tell us what day is that is is that two tallest girl. He had that is yes girl in Australia. The just do you think you may she could go actually because that would be a storyline is at. In addition so I mean I know young and I know she's a great actor but it and his sister I think's gonna stay we have now we need James bond's Q we give him I. A the just a dating stupid we RD said go more Bucky Barnes is on the slick he's done. And it Tosh. Ers you know gap without a rule James Rhodes. Sam Wilson won the Mac all OK and pepper Potts like it's here or Africa go there and this just in Noah Corey is. Did I'm Martin's care 000 tonight that the era media deny deny your area yes OK all he has yet she could go yes he's a power accord that the Korea she's on the eve widest general as the fall general ball generally goes. Assassination puts the Walking Dead yeah she could blow he had a short little plays on the should be fine. Oh really don't usually find that that's the one we thought was are Charles got him I unhappy she stays because I love her character. Yeah man let's see we have pepper Potts Sandinista that I am I would. Care gaffe I mean for her I can know you're trying to do if you're really trying to show losses after I mean you know Tony losing pepper and cap losing a winter soldier or even Sam Wilson. You know I think you see some loss happening which is what they want us to feel that's why I think those guys are might someone who wants some of those have to go and the. And raced through the rest is. And balk move from delegating stupid and Laura Barton which I believe is Hawkeyes life GAAP you know proceed with caution soul are clean said Bruce vision in the collector hemmed all about green court depend I was gonna die I'm OK he's DA he needs to dog dike large. And the chances are gonna die Steve Rogers Tony looking at mile and distracts. Oh yeah yeah go right board right now up for stand out and writes I mean is are they did a did not see that coming teacher maximum capacity because he's all right I have to ask you let me just goes back room then again I bring him back delighted to. Dole again what's your shield made out of quicksilver. Soon. I had. Until next time stay Meredith. And your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells says the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot club.