BJGN 05-16-18 - Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition

Wednesday, May 16th

Rev talks with Scott from Comics Dungeon about this week's comic book recommendations; BJ reviews the comics Saga, Star Wars & Oblivion Song; Rev talks with Karim Muammar about the upcoming 5th edition release of Vampire: the Masquerade; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells sunup today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. Yes welcome to BJ Shays geek nation and I in the record and what else across from me he is Vicky Barcelona all half we've got local Chris owe her a pain goes namesake who just spoke great their BJJ I know that guy and landing the boards is Joey the do agree Joey I don't check I'd do I'd today's show we will talk comic books I. I will talk vampire the masquerade as well this is not the ninety's. Would not go back and I am. Yes in of course the geek she would beat you being gay thinking how can people get ahold of us feel are so I don't. These big heat nations dot com it's gonna have all information are pod cast floods. But if you just Ivan dig nation -- social media you public and that's absolutely if you can't that's a little silly break and you guys should be going to our FaceBook page to help us out help a great charity and that would be dealing with the mocks gone Leyritz. Yeah all right everybody is away this weekend the anybody yet I was gonna ask Sunday Sunday Sunday alumni and garlic doesn't eighteen realms Tyler Tyler notice Joes like you're gonna win it because like down and god we're well. Our only our our our goal over the years is to do slightly better than the previous year in the Laguna pretty consistent one or two places higher each year in Iraq in the first year that was when I was playing. That was the worst we did not act playing AM back I lol no I'm sure that's an related you know guys related you guys have some some ringers and this year with some great board gamers who we've got guys that I would not play this year. We've yet we've got to we've got amber who's very good games and we've got Chris is very good game GO. Josh and I are good at certain games but some of these games Josh tonight we're gonna contact the hottest facial relationships. In a couple of these games we tougher than this deal region near their bit I think I think we got a this year. Although I will say they'd be they had to eliminate the trigger and again for time yeah. Path still I think you heard. And Florida broke the news to me the other day and as I know hanging now that is not even if anything is gonna be epic in Austin amazing because the mystery game at the end. We did trivia was umi BJ and peaked Greenberg perhaps. I don't want to we were number one yeah we were at the trivia and I'm so we got so high and but it's easier that they've done trivia yeah we we we always been a trivia there are things some guidance and they should do so after that I am I gonna say I think that tunnel. Like bring us down match he's tough target because Al via all the donations go to the west repayment services. And we have raised 4000 dollars as of the time of this you guys are which was our goal to. Always I am I think he's a monopoly on donating yes and thank you geek nationals all of your level I get a list up for and do some shut up on the next FaceBook posts and open about this and yet so. Keep donating keep sharing that around to your brother but there are your friends and social media and just help us out this is a great cause we love it and it's the Sunday. Sunday Sunday Sunday and if you aren't able to go to the mock boarding house MLB to watch this it will be on. I twit dot TV slash card kingdom currently playing its area. And maybe you can see as some of our group doing well odds are. Moving on from that it is comic book day so let's get some comic book recommendations from Scott from comics dungeon Scott from comics dungeon joins us and I Scott or can people find you one line. Are out of luck I'll mercy course include auto works yet and it's a great comic bookstore locally in the Seattle area if you are here definitely check it out. But if you're not well Scott does have some comic book recommendations for you when he got four is this week and. I don't they have got kind of agreed. Print on books on first one. Is a new miniseries on early most Joker. On me and for those who remember how we actually got her start in the animated. About manned security. Sure yeah yeah. And and this this sort of backed an attitude. Ali is kind of become DC is dead pool and picture to a lot. A lot sweeter now more innocent back and you'll play whose hand on this kind of Harken back to. I mean you see her and Joker just kind of hang in how. When mr. Dudley do it and it's two nude and I don't want to pick conduct my used to because I lose salute. I wasn't cute when that book letters I MO but back to when I was younger so also the political fund sponsors or recommend people poke check out what now. It's been interesting because with now Harley Quinn in the Joker definitely was something like with the suicide squad it's not necessarily for key is though when she came out I mean I bet many animated series was an afternoon cartoon shows so is this a little bit better for the end kid knows then other works. Yeah definitely definitely you know aren't I don't know that I give it might farm bureau although it currently. Middle school. I'll awesome perfect I would dusty up for us. Another one up from DC you dug deep sea nation are numbered zero and what this is that it's kicking off three major. Event an opening in the DC universe bombed this summer. And we'd get. We get. Are more restored from Brian Michael Ben milk on the new Superman are real on you. And that's been truly on the others there's a mystery from the beginning. Couldn't smoke was nowhere to be found that people don't seem to be upset about it but big notion not a prayer. So we don't know what's going on so are dull the interest industry. Now here's a question for you now do you said this is a numbers zero and I've seen that over the years what is the difference between like I zero N a number one issue. I a number yields typically is like an origin or. You don't kick off a bomb for a for the historians Islamic groups in this case it's it's just a one shot sort it the quick and easy and noted that part of what is into the comment on the front slow oh wow. Yeah I usually get three great story of slow for twenty bucks. You can Superman story you get are really kind of far cool Joker story to kick off the Batman catwoman not wedding not the company in the summer he had. You know poll a lot of people who import about. It's it's been come all the books out there. Our fan but just hopefully you kind of get. I don't want to reboot but produced yet not a couple. Couple new team alignment and all of and it's in the no injustice so serve as a result during the week or so. I kind of a prequel and about social. A lot of it is universally enjoy this one issue than there are two point person. Along yet exactly now really gotten enough time for one more what are you got for us. We've got dust and glory it's a brand new entrant in the age and a and a you know. Are we. Fast and furious round oral Speed Racer fan or mad Max round are basically cars. Are. You gonna like like this one that's aren't. Don't not a lady who's trying to get money for reporters are surgery to save his life I am so she gives a couple of bad guy who turned. Well this should happen popular. Sure I'll make as usual as they usually doesn't have things like is. Absolutely it is gorgeous spoke highly recommend that image number one's always plot Michelle and I are already commander in Melbourne Bulger put beautiful sort got a. Are some give it thank you so much Scott against Scott from comics dungeon like a sense if you are in Seattle Chad command you can find him really easily on FaceBook or were those web sites again buddy. Our son and our men seaport agreed autorad thank you so much Scott thank you so much Scott and Vijay I note that you yourself. Do a little bit of comic book reading SI do as a matter of fact solo what are some of the new stuff you got four outside aside his back you know I've Bryan cave on is it is back to put not some books in a regular basis and so we are already in that chapter 51. Arguably there's safety issues and this is a sad one I I won't spoil it for people heard a you know waiting for trades or whatever but yes. Chapter 51 is kind of a sad one because there's been a hunt going on you know basically a bounty hunter is looking. For our our two main characters and hazel mommy and daddy and I hate and of course hazel herself as the product of two different races and their warring and so the idea that these Romeo and Juliet people would get together and create a baby. It's sort of an abomination and some people's eyes open hazel is adorable. And it adorable abomination yes. And there's a couple of tabloid reporters that have been involved with them that have the scoop of the century about all this. And so this all comes to ahead and we are though I mean at least their story comes to a head even and we get to seal of that was side got. Tom Star Wars which has been doing a great job marble Star Wars you know I really loving these as a vigil yes IA half of but I think I'm getting a little fatigue. Oh really don't know because just in that these are happening in between deeds the original. Episode and this is the problem it's actually there on issue 47 and and I I give them credit for the most part they have kept me it kept me enthralled. Because it takes place between episode four and five season I think. What I would love to see them do. Is basically say you weren't done that now we're gonna take you between episodes five and six days you can move on because it is turning into we've got to rescue somebody we got to stop somebody from doing something bad to a planet. And we're getting the characters that I just don't care about at this point and I'm I am fatigue I have done your marble I don't know if anyone else gonna. I wanna see between episodes five and six and and I want to episode six and seven. Let's go there with the Star Wars universe Aegon a little star worn out with a hole with a an editing. Again it's about right now and he's not he's not lying so X yeah I mean. They're trying to liberate -- Colorado okay -- you know I think there's so much at a game with the stones if you jump around none of the now that's on my -- almighty that's a whole different guy totally yeah on the other side though a brand new book by Robert Kirkland which is why I think in a way we saw the end of invincible because he wants to do oblivion song ever got -- -- that issue three of that in Madison I got to catch up Eileen for the first point beyond the first one is basically there's a parallel universe with as a bunch of monsters creatures that basically feast on anybody who's there and unfortunately but he's human beings. Somehow got transported to this universe. It's the monsters universe of bit looks just like our universe that talk about an upside down and accept the monsters are in charge. And there's this one dude who basically may think Cole he is trying to basically find his brother who was one of the folks who got sucked up. And in this in this issue he finds it very harsh truth about some of the people living in that universe. 'cause he just assumed. I need to go rescue everybody but the government doesn't wanna support many more than likely made him we think everybody that there is dead you don't even more money to fund to your ability to get over there and cost a lot of money to basically transport between. When the other team it's well done an end they really basically. Go win 20 here's the next level of this story. As opposed to just maybe droning on about NATO's mission. They let us know that Haiti's. These people all reared they got a hold of motivation and what you might think there's no don't live in monster world and also. Nathan's response to these creatures these terrific at two million creatures if you will. In the EU get to see his thought about these creatures which might surprise somebody who thinks his brother might have been he might want. I'm the asset that's on image and that's doing very well and so the hard on it to you because you're talking about could Dooley in monsters and stuff the monsters did did they just look bad ass and get the art in this. They did that that the humans it almost looks like. At times you go to the artist not a dry humans primate but I think you're right rev its the eyes focusing more on the secret it's just everything is messed up in this world. Hi as of this airing. Still waiting on issue 800 of Spiderman and hasn't it hasn't dropped yet soon soon and of course this mean the sadness is is that LB Dan slots last. But that gets me closer to the new fantastic for what it's like writing data will senator I know it will be one more it to build a talk about eleven we use it. Only on from that's one of my favorite RPG's of the ninety's was not one that was said in the past it was not once it in the future but it was one set during present day although it was a bit of made it interesting take on the present day being in the world of darkness and that would be vampires that masquerades. And there is some big news now coming out with the fifth addition a vampire the masquerade coming out and I've got someone on to talk about it sir please introduce yourself. I don't just an my name is Cody mom and Iowa as the editor in chief. Why Google detainment in stock called but I've also doing some impromptu work as a ad design and develop girls on the vampire the masquerade. Thief sped dish out. That is now on pre order and we'll release Lleyton yet this autumn this fall yeah this hateful all right you see all of okay. Autumn fall at worst modem as this is really interesting because right now you are in Europe at a convention correct. Well. Yes I have a means and why it will entertainment are now located in Stockholm Sweden. That at this time I am gives you were they on the which is the biggest gaming convention on an I am Sweden it's a huge convention taking it. About 800000 visitors and given the size of Sweden we have allowed the agent million inhabitants of the shoot I. So we are here showcasing about by fifth edition running some beta tests letting people away. Thirty minutes sixty minutes ninety minute sessions of a different dives marry us just some thoughts gauging the reaction on this and looking at tossing his. Play out there really surprising dominant role playing games are released without any kind of kind of testing that you'd expect from other types of games and we aim to. To get that dom. And you really do need to test this because if anybody remembers the. What to be honest we could have gone much that but we don't get a little evidence I mean people should get a use out of there all in all of these towns. So we still keep being a kind of like die school system people who think they're rolling a bunch of jams as he's back to drastically reduce the number of times you need to roll them in order to accomplish something and we've increased BF the spectrum of results on Hamas. Kostunica resulted from a single roll up. So. Basically killed two guards two backs with his parents don't. So for example in their in the old system I don't know my blog I got about McGwire in 91 position and you know it's still one of them or attrition gaming books but there was somebody shoots we've. Down but the system of them solo stops throughout the major additions and ended for a single for example that they are enough fights and you want that you don't need engage. Your opponents to convert them to roll initiative. And yet to rule and attack boat and they had year old Castro and then you have to roll hey I. Damage all and they would need to make sales growth let's play growth and each of these roles and had to look at the Dalai and reduce the successes of the number one seed was. It was cumbersome yeah leads especially brigade combat that wall itself is telling David you begin and we had a bunch of. To most people just how is truly in the game we go on the rules incident believe you know more paving the way for free form. In this case and we've decided that we want a system that actually yeah. This indicates storytelling so we aren't. Just down but we reduce its. Now that number real real roles for any engagement there any tasks to singular role yeah. That's an added complications of the four all and freaks out ball and it's something pulled the yeah. Wind at a cost me which means that your wild success comes from winning it you can still succeed but it will have obligations. I'll case so it's it's essentially like I know a lot of systems will use something what they call fail forward where it was ace and and and that is a great system and that's one of the fun things in I love. I've always had a special place with the world of darkness in my heart and it's one of those ones where you did did you get to deal and you to have fun with the supernatural and you get to be one of those monsters whether it was vampire or aware wolf in the past or some of of the many of the differ once and you said that you actually do you have all the old books did you play play a lot win them back in the ninety's. I've played. Well I played as much as anybody who played because these games well our. Mostly are more red and I think downplayed the word play to the extent that would expect. But I played my fashion are bound by both that in. Plume grew chronicles that in stock almost well since you wanna chronicles easiest way yep chronicles all of that. All the good stuff home. And we've played dead. Not so in my case not so much wearable but he made she is and how they gave up by the as a real favorite the first. I remember the first edition of maids really changed came to mean a very sort of and that time of life and just look at the ball differently and it's really. Helped me big backlash. One of the beauties of this is like I said it is set in the present day and is specially with the ninety's it was the world of darkness everything was a little bit darker dreary your lot more dangerous and that was a lot of that drawn to that especially in the ninety's with the gothic culture and being led out through all the years up until about 2004. Win. Everything kinda came to a head in the end of the world sort of happened especially vampire again Hannah. Now at this point in time we're looking at 2018 it's been fourteen years since then are you continuing that storyline. Or is it a reboots. No we are continuing that story line if you correctly it. The ad that you have a scenario released wasn't a single scenario that was actually four different alternatives all showing up. Ways in which the Balkan down which means that none of them are really. Cannot. Came. So we basically go with the idea well well all of these for alternatives could have happened but maybe there was a bit the delicate. Maybe you had that is now maybe jab guys are all going because it's. All about about bias and hundreds hundreds of thousands of years. Well isn't going to end overnight for that. It's going to be up process yes maybe we are you how an hour right now made what we're seeing all around us in the wild. Are symptoms all Jihad not all the slow collapse. All the wall for both men and vampires who knows. But every duke and do you read I mean the only thing that we can't really take into account on the you know dissolve reply to whale kind of thing one of some of the more extreme scenarios but like I said all of those are optional yeah at the time. So. And it's one of them it's one of the most fun like you're talking about just reading this stuff I remembered picking up books and just didn't like the Klan bucks just to learn more about it in this is beautiful because now you can go to world of darkness dot com in its got all of the information and from there you can link to mood did fears. I'd dot net which has beat. Free orders so right now it's gonna be coming up the fall but you can get the pre orders now and that includes the fifth edition core but the and our source book the Camarillo source book and you can give him an amazingly. Detailed deluxe versions. They've got the special dyes and everything. All of these really really looks fantastic it would take a lot of work has been put into this. Well to be honest what you're seeing that our mock ups our final game is going to look even better and I case. Yes. There that we aim to keep the game. To make just just the first game bound by an idea Juan was a real eye catcher but he didn't really look like any game we didn't look like a game at all. When you look at it when you're ready did felt like something else. The rest of the lawless and it caught up whatnot but that's style so we need to Soto. Crank it up again. As our ambition is again to create something that's transcends. The is John Richard getting game that feels like more than just a game both visually. And in the balls come dumped. And some of the visuals have been outstanding aside the artwork for the Tory indoor and as some of the other stuff out there and it looks like you guys are just keeping up right where you left off in terms of the geese dial in this setting and I am. How a you know just out of the moon just excited to see all of this it's got to be exciting for you to bring it back. Yeah yeah absolutely not only that tells me you know up in Sweden. 25 years ago that oh well they're going to be in 25 years a going to be welcoming the fifth edition of this game. You know right when you're still there to get out of the crowd outside distance. Debt that is so awesome man Karine thank you so much for spending some time with us and I am really excited check it out and I know people go to world of darkness dot com they can get the pre orders but they can also check out some of the alpha testing as well so they can get an idea of what you guys are gonna be throwing out there. Yeah the health and yet the alpha testing is we've gone a long way since the alpha test but they will be getting at kind of a teaser on some of the system's declare that on the story is really good Matthew Dawkins made a great job about one. Awesome dream big he's so much for spending some time with me not a problem thank you Simon now it is time to get to rule. She Swiss TV what's going on in your world bikini. So the thing that I let let them arsenic university hasn't so talking about it because I'm gonna cut my thinking and talking nothings I don't know how many games CU was her. Big thing that I don't know and so anything in London and trend a loss is coming up and Louis in the year. Site in my theater mean there was somebody ahead took like an always an arena in Philadelphia when one of the guys get Dylan played if Houdini take the latest in through that gap. It's like marble giving up played two inch man who lost his moral stand and we just ROX and I. Yeah my day to. I have a feeling there is going to be something in that movie that will be the key to beating them I is it might be a small key but I bet they're gonna put something and I'll travel and I'll post long he would do I quantum universe maybe they can figures and if they're Smart they know that mean they should be something in there that says hey I'm surprised they didn't do a little -- tees so that people go see him and wants like at the end of avengers infant anymore now I don't know. At the senate might everything is the characters and how funny it is which is very difference in the DC universe even deadly to joke of the trailer got out of direct hit showing up on the DC university and that by the way bass line in dead pool and I don't know really good the movie I know I'm still giving it the best lineup and a. But it's who you are the funniest characters and Ian CEO. Who these guys give me your top three but to a cinema blend actually did. Whole list up on what you gotta give dead pool at this point and the EU and see you all that's it he's not part of the incidents part of socks at the top ten I got the top ten case I at this point if I give my top three can you Tony Stark. I don't know if he's innocent all he's had a lot of good lines pays 800 games all the way back to where he makes fun of people ask their efforts when we're wrong you know he has been now for us so we're on here Christie got number two I know he would. Nor had some good lines an after roared around AMBER Alert does Thoreau would be up there and a actually he's number six on the silence on the game so sorry for funniest lines yes star award. I think would be like who top line at least he number five days with the I'm I'm I'm like you know in his name bouts he's his character in tracks. No moral. I am very happy at the end they're not sure nice to be funny yeah too seriously so wish he had infinity war that's when he's just standing there I'm eating yeah you guys like it and the Kansas. Yeah you really did seem I know he might. He's brilliant Hinman mantis together are the 12 punch yet our outstanding. Those together I wanna see you buddy cop movie with those tough. I think makes it it's a real because it makes a connection and we saw this with the first guarding the galaxy movie how he can like an on the league there was a kid who went and saw. Guarding the galaxy he's like he has Ersan metaphors like me because they the kid was autistic he's like I relate to this character and. And is that and if it goes on the same lines with back here to what they did with mantis who has. Had zero social interaction and so it's that same sort of not even socially awkward it's a step above that they kick name then take. A beautiful because he because he doesn't know metaphors and he's just so simple and she reads whatever emotion reminds of me she gets it he's pure yeah. Yeah there's no there there there's no side speaker aside talk or whatever Doug double talk that's yeah debt are how it how is the guy out the one from four rag are the rock dude our he was so funny guy he's not on this balmy yeah aren't the Australian Procter and Olympia Italian voice Diana director media. That tiger with yet never cycle with TV Yang Yang in the if you ever seen he's done the flight of the concorde's. Somebody else is it what we do in the shadows when an Alley amazing like reality vampire documentary and then making a TV show right yes so wait now you're saying he's a director he directed he directed the Iraq and he did yeah I realize decided I voiced court I thought he was just the voice of court and all the rest might do it every guy. Yeah how about I don't know if you knew this because they did a lot of the filming I think gimmick Australia New Zealand and actually used a lot of local need is for a lot of the work yet. Which is kind of cool thing he wanted to make sure that happened so who else is on this list number tennis Captain America and you don't really think the women you know funny guy the with you know very popular mean my understood that reference you have to say that or even like in the last movie with us splint when he sent me neat group for the first time he's like I am groups I Steve Rogers yeah. Yeah so it's he's married here in that way because he's from a completely different time he's still learning things I think that's what make it's funny did and delivery yet does Peter Parker's he had enough in here to kind of pounced I don't know I have little rear floor to my number Saturday yeah. Yeah I was up higher and made up names now okay call that hey I'm Spider-Man if he's. Nine number nine. Number and I'm rocky Iraq his own guys are always an hour gathering sense number eight which I feel like we should have given it to. Court or somebody else Scott playing and Manning knee is funny he is Paula and in a sunny and I feel bad because of only what's seen a movie once does that add cool. And I don't like so I feel really bad for Amy and I actually like Paul rather than what it was third and that van order to Colin hey guys what's yeah hello how. And goodness civil war yeah yeah yeah you're absolutely right now and I'm thinking all right I'm not penalize gap number seven Peter Parker at number six is still our number five Peter quell slashed our large yeah lucky. Yeah I had a guy okay. An honorable mention Matt Damon I mean what. There that tries to become equal to that number three Sherry. Yes series from yak yak and it. And there. OK. Okay. I think though it does one of the funniest lines they set is a don't scare me like that colonize or GAAP. Yet but I see just the fact she's a Smart bad ass gal that's you know he's just a pretty bad you know sassy dim she's very sassy I you know I don't think I put her and Eritrea because she's had a one movie I guess you didn't beat the top timber that's really switcher with us Iron Man yeah I would I would agree with that idea when he has Tom Holland said he would love to have Spiderman and Sherry T not for I had alliance team teenage science nerds love it. Number two was Tony Stark and number one was track that is awesome I really liked that line and that's good let's go over the card data you know I hear from you guys listening send me your top three or even talk to and go for it. How do you think that's how the should be ranked absolutely. Anti next time as spinone. And your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells speed ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club next BMW dot plus.