BJGN 06-13-18 - Magic: the Gathering - Spider-Man

Wednesday, June 13th

BJ reviews Spider-Man's 800th issue; Rev gets comic book recommendations from Scott at Comics Dungeon; Joe talks about DOTA 2's International Battle Pass; Rev & Joe discuss Magic: the Gatherings and if Chainwhirler is TOO GOOD; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells sunup today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. See. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. Welcome yes welcome to be -- Shays geek nation I and the reverend en Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona. Now we've got the not the show's namesake what we do but first up we have total current resident geek nation that study measuring who has no it doesn't know him and know we got BJ though it over there pairs of Mike Jerry Yang and yet there we go and also his prize he needs odd Joey. On today's show we will talk cop makes weight Vijay will talk comets with Scott from comments that Jim. We'll only a game dot. Maybe a little magic dot and of course we need cheap with the TV Vicky how can people get a hold of us. SATA ports he JD Mason Unck. Per. An iron formation podcast on leg gets out but if you just type in PG nation on most popular here. Social media these pandas how easy I absolutely think he's so much Vicky and now BJ it is comic book date in very bad Wednesday. And you should Hewitt you kinda surprised me with a question when you're like. I can't slot. Did his last issue was this month but then you said next month and then I was like gap because this month was Spiderman at 800. And next month will be Spiderman eight ill wind that. Which is boat last issue for DM slot very bizarre because this the act and so I wasn't expecting eight. Under and I just had it in my brain and it went have to wait one more month so I mean I was getting my other comics and comics Ozzie and I said well you know I'll go through NC. In no way I 'cause I checked everything and I did I'm glad I checks Spiderman because issue 800 has dropped. And it is as they say themselves the monumental anniversary issue here to conclude the go down swinging story line. With the red goblins all we. Is such a great what what are it is a great issue the cover that there's so many alternate covers but by the cover they have the main one is is going to be you know an old school where every phase from Peter's life and all that all the folks Norman Osborne Harry Osborne Jo Robertson and may Mary Jane everybody. As and it hangs in the balance as the red gob loses basically wanna kill everybody in Peter's life. And now comes the funny thing is how it works out I love this though at the real funny says is like the greatest sidekick ever because the little toddler. I think Norman Osborne army. Gets in he basically Graham talk kidnap some infects him with the I read carnage action know so little Norman's a bastard and is. He's run around being a Deutsche. Oh was that like the old lady's movie problem child always so great because he goes of as an enemy and she's I hope to get you some milk and cookies and he's make sure. As he's kind edging up rated either open them just like okay. There's it's a great story I really really enjoyed it com likens it to bittersweet because the only thing I have going is that I'm gonna miss a month Spiderman but I won't miss a prolonged as he's going to be doing my other theory. Book and fantastic four so. Did slot is awesome I I you know why if you don't like dance slot you just don't like comics that's all I got the pair have issues with a what he does. Because he decides to go home like insane like when peoples and I'm going to kill Peter Parker. K Andy you literally actually did it which is why it's so and then what else can you do that's a surprise anymore what could you do this revolutionary. After 800 issues of a book. What could you do that's new. And granted he did over a hundred issues himself today anyway but. It's like his run is really being great I have not been into Spiderman. I was in this vitamin a long time ago and I don't know maybe I stopped issue 400 I can't remember exactly. Again brought me back button and a look Jonathan Hickman is run on fantastic four was great there's a lot of folks have been great protesting for no doubt about it but I am very interest is to interest to see. What he does firm you know marbles first family. But this is a great issue. I it you know if you hadn't is let's just say you thought OK I don't know what the hell's going on I would recommend getting all the go down swinging issues it's part of the go down swinging arc. And I think this four issues of its you get maybe 796. Or 797 to start with. But it's such it's so good and what a great idea. That the green Dublin becoming the red goblet because he gets carnage involves. And how is Pete gonna beat them because really. He can't somehow wind carnage is infused with the green goblins. These stuff that would stop venom and carnage like sound and fire don't work I don't know he is literally unstoppable. Yeah and so it's like OK and it's pretty heinous how he wants to kill everybody and it looks like. They're just when you think everybody say they're not saved. And we do lose a Mano a beloved character that we've known for a long time and an analyst very. Yeah we lose somebody the Spiderman universe com news and it was really okay. There was very touching you know I mean it's one point I you know I thought we're gonna lose some other people. And also there's another character in spider man's world that. You're going to be surprised at how this all ends up and it's cool because I haven't seen. Some of these folks or at least at this one character being involved the way he was. Panos is not here but let's just say there's been a thorn en us vitamin side for a long time and he ends up actually try even though weights trying to out but he really isn't helping he's kind of been a pain in the ass in this story line. Trying to do the right thing. So there's a lot of cool stuff that goes on it's well worth it doesn't isn't big issue to this is issued a hundred yet it easy on pages 80 overlap lots of pages out there is one thing that makes a commander seemed to me is the fact that if this is a hundred and dance last last was ill wind is he going to start off a story. Yeah B a one shot is he going to say here is the lead in and I'm gonna give the reins to someone else this is really. I'd like to think and what have you isn't I'd like to think what happens is this and it's really fascinating because. What you find out is Tom when they do Doctor Who and they do the regeneration season and usually is at the end of on the last episode like for instance. And it'd be the last show runner and I'm blanking on his name Moffett Stephen my guests. His last show was the Christmas episode that's not where we got to see the new regeneration into the female doctor. I didn't know hole is that what they do is he writes that bad episode the whole regeneration that part of it. Is the new people. Like they're. And then there and they're all brought in to do their part and so. That's always I didn't realize that happened so I'm wondering if basically. You know Adamo sedan might say the guy hey what are you wanted to write about what's the story and the and the story will be established like the plot and then gamble just started off. Gotta be Anderson CN NEA could have a new person going to do little minute tweaks maybe some dialogue tweaks that would fit more along what they would have them do. It will be interest yeah I I don't mean people might already know because they read behind the scenes stuff I have and I don't know what's happening within Islam with a shoot 801. But it is. It is kind of fun to see they've already sort of just kicked off something new already at the end of this issue we. All of this is interest thing where. Well. A guy that was very helpful in this issue Tom who you wouldn't expect to be helpful. This was so great there was so many cool things that went on and the guy that was helpful. Looks like now all right at the end is issue he's gonna go back to being not helpful even those and Peter said so hey dude it. From now I'm we're good. Because you're health movies and what you do beyond this is going to be on you know but until you're good right now because you were helpful let me that we met this dude is a yes so I'm not it was good to ask gosh I mean I'm gonna miss the anonymous dance club but he will not I mean he had to say hundreds out with a bang stuff as warmer shipment. The story arc that go downswing and was a great one and don't worry I mean you're gonna hear fantastic four. He had a good all I was I had diet sodas and I heard this story Spiderman though I thought it was going to be done. Yeah we'll have to see how it how the how it changes of Seattle how many give it a shot because you know against like dummy back into eleven the character. I've been with a for a hundred issues if you can believe that I can't believe it's been a hundred issues of that I got back into Spiderman has been that long. And now I know where I'm up to speed I feel like Donald van in the family now put up a that's there at the that is and now we're gonna move on Q. Stock. From comics dungeon gonna give us this week's comic book recommendations. Scott we gotta talk comics what he got florists this week. And I had a great start all the Bastille we've been kind of build them up to builds this to Brian Michael Anderson insurers. This story you are at do you see. Which are. Are we were still waiting for reality to called Belmont Sasha can't let yeah array if you look at. The suit doesn't have the opportunity to kind of the climb what what she didn't going to be and who. Our upcoming Ron do you already ballclub action and Superman down. So on the looking at this first issue are we going to be seeing a Superman knew as a blue hue is made of lie aid or maybe there's five different Superman that are coming in doing it are is everything game changing about his so far. Well you know all of the big deal is news. I'll read underpants back to them. Yeah out of the way it works we're excited about that too you know. Comic lovers certainly he how to approach some DiMarco sort of remember apparent. I guess they're older parents let. I don't redundant about and yet as well it's funny that nerds that nerds who actually give give. A little in a bunch so to speak about these things but actually is a big thing. It really is to put an iconic. Costume and just you know it's it's it's just part of Americana personified year's home. Too hard part of that just to change both it's a good with their basket amber are. That those who are given us a little bit of an. Of a new history of crypt on that and a actually introducing the new. Dylan tour Superman pool a will be interest of the scene where this goes. And what type of less. You took Superman so our. They'll be an interest in so a lot of them we'll see what happens to Lois in and you are the and other noticeably out of this story so far. Oh interesting museum that now another thing that you I have talked about the past or are the interesting mashups that have gone on in comic books. And one of these is kind of putting Hanna Barbera cartoons. In a win any sort of comics and that's what you have with us today as well RA a. Fluid music news. We're just. Are absolutely positive that took me back to two to my childhood. We've got three crossover is just this last week Warner is awful man and Jabber jaw. Doctor except I I I was not expecting to hear that it is the. And it's it's it's it's hilarious because all the manpower to talk to George hall are with two dished a lot of people and that a double double ouch stop I heard. I don't know. Slowly. All of and he did bad and they were standing in the convenience stores so on this this is good it's good to do you do to prepare and soared because our. Our job dog who penal from the future. Very they know our homeland from an animated series from their home now and I'm proud. Vote for an hour and a great mad bad story that a backup old captain Kidd now use than the arms which. I'll. You know right I don't know. It is one might think is I wonder how many kids nowadays. Will take something like this up and have no idea who Jabber our captain cave man are and that kind of gives you would opening to be like to note here are some of the cartoons from them from my getaway in older geeks from our past. Absolutely. Yeah I'd buy I know my kids have never seeing double dog captain caveman and are the American middle experience in ma well. Cartoons so I do put you know that's there was a strong global superstar and team and put in a mutt and blue carpet and arms. Where we find that blue welcomed a world actually a longtime ally who are bad man. All I'm not dynamite it's actually just kind of old chat about slide more. Talking dog units that it was really be cool cool story. East. And my favorite one because I love the flash. And I love speed buggy. Still class speed I need to hear about. It. And I'm that you actually get an origin story first beat but how does it mean problems. He's talking car. I. I'm sorry and it's like I I'd give anything you'd be totally super fun and I just I do is love just you can borrow a million of these that mean I'm just gonna be cracking up because there's no way that they can do you all of these as does its Ed sounds so outstanding. It it is it did and you that you are. Honestly these these three Brooks and all of the mood so much greeted the books I've read in the lots to Marc Cooper were just just aren't. Our but not just. Slowly or not just trying to be over dramatic with characters that cap to be over dramatic again and and and you know like you said this doesn't just formed during the dude Saddam look younger members in the Kremlin. And them. I just shift some of the memories and tablets plus some of them just on cartridge. Absolutely is there's some great ones alone is something good for the family Scott thank you so much how can be able get older feel online. Our children go to college and and our common seaports and prevent organ obviously all the cultural pop forms. Think he's the most dot. I thank you so much Scott and that moving on from that. We're gonna talk a little bit about video games because donut to defense and the ancients to us is one of the precursors to use the the legal legends type mobilized. And this is one it wasn't the first one it was one of the early one he was pretty much the OG gap back in a warcraft three days and they do a lot of tournaments in most tournaments make a little bit of money her morning well it doesn't do what's going on what the now. Potts who donates an international. It starts August 20 so why are we talking about and now wraps yeah the compendium which is the prize pool that is up player supported while most declared supported me not has begun and you combine all levels to help support the great teams battle for a huge price full. Other don't have a new way now are the seamless it's not like up paid to win system it's like up paid our current two wins system okay explains there you have the more levels you buy the more access you have to contents one block so prosecute buying a meaty game. Interesting now they give you all these different options and you can earn all the same things assist on time thing now similar to how they'll always be except that the way you are mr. play the game. So now it's like okay say you want I'll probably get the skin it's five dollars while safer six dollars a donate some voted to six dollars and then you get access to the skin after paying ten games but the you'll also get access to the international 2008 seed. Old OK so they're going to bid in essentially what they're doing with these scans and that is they're they're building a prize pool. I'm not only through like sponsors but they do have that as well. But it's from all of the fans that are playing this who who say yes I want to help support these pro gamers playing this game so they can get a prize pool that makes it worthwhile to because. Maybe at some point you wanna be doing this or maybe just wanna support your favorite team and hope to see them win this gigantic prize yet and for those who wanna know right now it's about fourteen million dollars and fourteen million dollars. Crazy. Whole yeah how they masters pool was 24 million in a lot of I don't know yet they act that is to figure they ought to do yeah. Hi Andrea. I liked it and I love it honestly I think this is look bad I mean. I adored in my opinion this is through steam now frozen don't know but yeah we have study really good job that may be having people want to contribute to this because one of the big problems is right you don't wanna put up a four million dollar prize put yourself as a company could I don't know why SS pure money got to pay camp right in Sioux. How do you keep people engaged to watch anyway zone now right. This is both if you watch you earn rewards you played a game you earn rewards you by level you earn rewards everything is about earnings while also giving the players and of course steam but yeah hey you know that parallel got to make their money their fifth spot and it's awesome and big gains of just started a lot of clip rent not worries but fight to get into tournaments the satellite assets are Dahlia has started and I mean it's all your great teams always remembers a deathly go out there keep an eye on it it's a lot of fun and docs. Who managed three brings point five mil this year I think so. Garrett probably and that that is fantastic. Moving on from that going from. From video games to. Well the good old game of magic the gathering boy yeah and this is an interesting one Q because Joseph we we just had the most recent pro tour happen yes and it was dominated by a an area single yeah my done an area really. And it really came down to one not red cards printed guide to gobbling chain the world which is a 331 strike for three ran so our our our. Which is really a monument. Two cats what is it do now now is a 33 US first strike but also when it comes in the play it deals one point of damage to all opponents and all creatures that those opponents control and and planes Walker's. He this card is very Arianna that they're amazing because by the you know albeit if figure by the time they're you know it in a fast read dec. By the time we get the three men do you put that guy down you have a great chance of clearing the way for the guys who already put down you are absolutely correct and is sort of negates any sort of if you got a new little man ran for what plan or else when Orioles was reprinted in common area people are very excited. That it gets her and I one single avalanche looks and it makes little little awkward. And that we just had the pro tour and it was dominated by chain warlords there were 28 copies in the top eight of those of those through those three red guys yes. That got a shock no red dec wins again and it is a lot of oh yeah also made EK it's come down to the problem of magic the gathering in in the recent a couple of years where they have had to. Ban cards out of the standard format. Mostly because of deep parasitic mechanic that that energy and health speak says an energy was just too good oh yeah that was insane and they didn't respond to lose any answers close. And so they had to ban some cards and what that did Wednesday or today yeah yeah yeah it created an environment where suddenly it's okayed a call for the banning of cards. And this is something that magic. Tried its hardest not to view previously before this it was some years before when they had the band stone forged mystic and I jays the mine sculptor is a long time ago and they just don't want to do that the last two years they've had a band at least five cards Melissa than no lease with a card like that there is a way to to hose around it I don't know if they've done because I haven't fallen open. Where the pro red creatures because that's exactly what you usually do when you have times like that protection is all but gone at this point you know more pro red creatures protects proof now yet yet in the the issue is that. Protection has too many caveats to it that creative memories for all else that is unfortunate because that's proof is one thing but it doesn't stop damage exactly. And that's part of the confusing part about bomb man. So the weird part is about this cardinal of the controversy is is that wall okay Custer or read that should be the part about the car that makes it hard to play. Magic has had this thing now we're playing two colors in any manner sandals you want you can deal then so. You release on the sort of the series before a state and a red car that costs three so this car comes out and everyone goes well Dili when Davis everything in a new format with all the wins the you have to cast discard answers your whole art type beat me in this format is about one ones. Because they added all is awesome cars in Iraq they won't lose our only dominate but it's okay wizards must attest that they must have known about these interactions. This car's sort of more than waste land did. Press and it's and it's high heyday so forehands so you're saying Joseph I don't worker so it's not just mono red text using this cart boy though it is just what's Amy on our red and it moderator reds like decks he had those are the two what they're doing it see that cart should never been anything but a mono red. So if the land is allowing that you know you're right they wrong at Jeff Segal is taken place yet that's a problem that I just you know there's a card like that you you know okay red dec wins but then again you can you can but if you don't play that with other. Other colors that's just unfair the one thing that I will say about this and is the problem way if the reality verses the pro tour. Is that. A lot of the pro tour players when they're doing this they're testing within their groups and they're trying to figure out the best tax and a lot of the times when it's a new sec is done and there is very new this is the first kind of marquee. Place for them to show off to new cards and not an area and how they will affect. The the many game four standard. Now what he gets down to this point is that most of the time in these ones that are right after released. The the format is aggressive because you'll have Steve very aggressively Costa creatures. And a lot of times it will be a model red deck that a lot of the players will play. Because we don't know what. Interacts small aggressive creatures or what interact with them the best two do that. So you're not gonna have the the controlled decks that are able to fight those because they don't necessarily know what tough fight yet. And so I think it's a little early to call for the beginnings of cards we now don't know what the the acceptable responses are. There might be cards out there you definitely can't play a bunch of one once and think that you're gonna have any chance of playing. I think you're totally right this card can't depend won the format or nonexistent this artist and it's clearly there on purpose and denounces the other things is that a lot of pros that didn't play the red dec tried to play these innovative green blue artifact export these blue white controlled ax. I believe reviewer two wants only peavy went on after the pro torrents that I should have just played the black red yeah support choice not to do it could have thought that might be able to get needs and as another way. That's concerning one because dollar an area that was actually are the pro towards that field later in the standard season and it was before. And holds a few more real it's hassle them more and that it would be broken. And sue you don't have to convince a team of pros causes it seems a six now would've come together to play these pro tours every three months about even. You don't have to convince them to play control. Most players love playing control. Yet because they want they they don't want to put all their cards out on the table and hope that you don't have answers they want to have all of the answer right yeah. And still playing the aggressive decks while I was a lot of the times may be the right choice. They didn't you're not going to want to be doing especially these pros yeah because of that card is not used for an aggressive strategy but used to basically disrupt somebody else that is not what reds' all about re exactly NN cannot win they're doing with this and it goes down to the fact that. Chain world where is absolutely. A problematic card that is probably one of the best cards to recently printed. It's over might believe they printed eighths the reef the reef for three that your opponent can't gain life. Has menace and disappointed editor at Time Warner could just comes in the battlefield. And it is still not as good as this part yes they have to read it yet enacted ban that when the frost and on and it's all it comes down to. Essentially what is context what is in the format and what works because usually a lot of times with the girl with the red strategy it's all I'm going to just block their guys with little guys and tell likened stabilized and with the frost a Dodd. I you can do in life you take damage if you play new creatures and indeed there's added an issue that comes down to that still not as good of a tool but it's like a Swiss army knife this gap this change the world where I mean first of all it delays what people do with their planes walkers because now you go off I wanna keep them around I gotta have a mid to. Yeah yes means I have to I. I have to be two more than what I wanna do this set off whatever I wanna do exactly and it gets down to those worried you're going to have to figure out in its. As senate seat at this point with the hive mind that magic is. That it's gonna be ups of the pros to figure out what can combat this and if they can't come up with something. Then at that point we should be seeing banning sky she I hope I. I blue black don't usually if they wanna hit you from eye in the sky you know that they they're they're not good on the defense they usually will try to hopefully get like two ones three ones to get your from the sky and he can hit those guys creatures of the black and when scenes sleeves site owners of 31 that essentially what you draw a ton of cards. It's a 31 so yeah man I'm worth playing and that's usual blue black have to go through and they have to have nothing on the defense in order to have any offense. That you know ironic if you eat guys who made me think of of of something that I meant to ask the last time we talked about banning cards and and play testing and all these things. Do you feel. Blake. Maybe watch C. Makes all these cards and you know does some testing I assume. But there may put them out for ever want to try so it be to see if there's anything they haven't thought of and then go back invent things they mean is that a strategy or do you think that they are genuinely. Are not want to do that so I I think it's possible the other thing is I think that the players are just much more knowledgeable than the designers I I'm not their own there's no way to really test better than the field itself and you're not wrong and that is really what happened where did you think with Khaled dash and that and won't catch was that they ran into these issues led to exactly what you're talking about so now they actually had a -- design team from which are ex pros. On some old are indeed people and some new are indeed people that worked together to try and break these still it's probably even harder may have been nearly compared to what's out there the young well lines that are doing his name in the issue is at this point to is that the play design team and the way that that that magic the gathering works is they were in a two year in the future window so like the R&D team have worked on sets two years in the future so this is where they're working at. And if they miss something there's a two year window of that being being out there the play design team is very resent. And up until. Dominate area they really had no input in in dominant area they had a small amount in focus most of the cards were already ready to go to branch. They had to tinker with it a little bit so it's a do you tinker we're not going do is be seeing a whole lot of their full import until we get into the next sets we talked about a couple weeks ago when Brad Annika comes up for their three there's there's three sets of premier Brad Mecca. Amassed more gonna see play designs full implementation. And hopefully. We don't see the band cards yeah I did that they had to do that. This is no easy problem to fix you right in the sense that the pro players are now together and they have the Internet so they're gonna break formats faster. You have another problem of wizards wanted to push standard. And FR has been approached or format easiest one to break is a farm with no cards and an easy and it's right after they released assessing not have a lot of time either. Then you have the idea that well maybe was isn't that mindset of well you know what worst case scenario panned because we have to push these sets out so let's make powerful cards but. Don't make it Jason minds go to prom but government tree or doesn't seem like it should be a busted carpet again this is our Brooke. Current problem highway you don't here's I haven't played magic in awhile but you understand okay how many zones does a cart effect and what's the costs for this to end. And when you describe the card it's three red OK I already can think of a deck this would fit in. And then you tell me it affects the plane Walker's own. The players zone. The creature zone and only they're creatures on the I mean all of a sudden my holy cow I mean that's a lot of design and it doesn't have any negative affect on you because it won't target your creatures. I think in. That's a lot of zones that someone didn't put up a red flagging though do you think only one point damage is is a problem and they thought OK or three reds a promise like. Even of forestry ray deck that's easy super powerful card. It's good but it shouldn't be good against every deck right if a controlled cast may be watched helping its planes are residents say one more point of damage that's not very powerful the three dropped history we gonna do this Danish. The problem is as they don't look at the Shelvin did the card goes into exactly what why does this car make this decks so much better as the same thing that happened in the energy jet when they produce three super three thicker draw card now energy. They just didn't all about how big of an impact that that car would have in one specific to act so what happens you have discard it should be fairy Gooding format. And it just ends up being to guide. So and and I don't wanna be cynical about I know what's the has been doing a really good ever really long time but it makes me wonder if that's not the issue that may make these things. It's early I'd I'd build something. And then I handed to somebody else's I think is pretty good tell me what you think. Except they're handing it to millions of people at once yeah and those millions of people are going oh this is pretty good but. This is better. Wall to give them credit this is the best limited format they've had another very long time so it's tough for me to just chosen bystander cause even to ferries can in modern and martyrs a deferral for the Kabila took me a little bit of a revamped so I think it's fine. If I think standard is -- always going to suffer now from that while there's going to be a best stack Dickie do you find it you know it's not sorry here and and it didn't and he's from the last recent years the best deck is going to get people crying for a Taliban which on the other powers goes maybe I'm a dope but I I look at the car like that car you just described and that's going to be one colorless more man now I mean look at renovating frost on the stand before every setback or an opportunity it's our way better than than war oddity more Lorena and shall I mean a 33 menace that you can't team life and AT down from a guy comes in -- play that's -- As a whole rest well what does he cost three very once read that one Red Sea bass on saying Becky you you have to increase the price of that card it's gonna die in the manner because it's got a before I say three red and one colorless or you know what they put their four man up. Five story is indestructible three man a check card deal to damage can only attack we got one Gardiner area hazard yeah yeah and I you go to jail guess unless I missed the days when you have given a contract yet yeah feature where horse walked to have a big. Yeah I can't remember is okay. Yeah are long gone when you're never gonna learn them so however we will have to see what happens with this and hopefully they don't have to ban hopefully solutions come but who knows. But now it is time for us to get who. She'd Swiss TV show what he got Dickie. So my hair moments in Big Bang theory is when Amy Farrah Fowler was chatting with the boys and they watch street isn't lost ark. And she put outs that Indiana Jones plays no role in the outcome of the story. So if he were in the movie the Nazi still without me are taken at the island open it up and die they'll just a way to get. And it kind of ruined Sheldon I. I thought about that has agreed episode and that team made it even beat the heat British Indiana Jones made it easier he did a lot of the leg work tracked it down you know all that stuff. Kristy okay are there is insecure can you are back a grumpy there I was aground after waiting and waiting for speaking if it. Because that's telling you there is a list on rain gear twelve great movie heroes I should've just stayed home. Had no outcome and the like final part of the movie and book weaker is he going to give your rebuttal here at this one are. The Nazis we absolutely never offending our because they were working with only half of the head of the staff of rough because they only had the printing of one side that got burned into. Crazy guy's hand. So they wouldn't they would actually have been searching either years probably decades longer than they would have forward over but have been a reason for me are. Done Indian Jones absolutely was essential. To that whole movie for the whole removing where we show them with that response I don't know we got children are here they do but I. Road you know I thought well how about Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone and Ontario. But he had very little significant impact on the plot which is as most potter films condit's professor Snead does most the work in get none of the credit that he is Terry saved from professor pearl we'll flash all the more. And doesn't esta foiled evil plot for Harry in the game even start to suspect hit him slash them. So Harry Ron and Hermione are needlessly going through those deadly traps in the philosopher stone despite it being Perth perfectly perfect protected already. It can only be obtained by someone who wants it without wanting to use it meaning. Conniving girl never sitting chance in fact the only significant thing Harry does it is making ease your friends of Tina stone by just showing up. The day spy they needed Harry there to kill. Baltimore that was the idea it wasn't that he and Sonia. In that movie they had to basically dispel and basically get to one of his I did they kill resort crux is there no I don't know that was everything he was just being carried around regularly yes so basically made it difficult for him he wasn't called for real they needed not to become pour a little girl and that was the only way that can happen is it Harry actually meet Sam and touches him and basically destroys the vessel that. Baltimore it's in it's actually. It's such chamber of secrets were the first sort crux is destroyed that's exactly yeah I like the end bring our guys is really seamlessly move really something that I just power watched like all you never know why I recently saw that Lambeau OK okay is our second I'm like in an end scifi goes whatever the new home Obama Harry Potter who's gonna show mall the other night. And it's a great idea and I have the mom gonna do it now. OK. Okay. I have an Indiana Jones and last Chris say a low. So apparently it introduces Sean Connery as his data which is interesting because you know. Basically James but he's the James Bond in the archaeology world get any Q this is basically the same as traders and they lost ark the Nazis wanting a biblical relic this time the holy Grail and don't or find it's an Indy goes I'd venture which accidentally delivers a relic to his enemy's hand. Any and it's reveal the Nazis don't actually know how to get past all those great ancient booby tracks traps to retrieve the Grail. So any helps them and it is reveal that not tease don't even know what the grill looks like. So they wouldn't be able to get in the first place so actually he helps them more than increasing aides that he doesn't arc so come on man to here's the blood immediately. Not do one thing any help them get the thing the thing kill the Nazis Indies meddling ends up destroying. To arrange and in it and that the strain ancient booby trapped Phil temple. Where mine was capped and Indy loses the important thing. Mr. walker paranoid you're getting your results or he's just supposed to leave his dad in the hands of the Nazis who will likely kill him. I mean I mean how tough it out still that doesn't make the other people around it if it's okay good though this that I. Absolutely would not have gotten their hands on the Grail if any had been like. My dad that match what a guy. And a very hard he's bought me he'll give honestly do. Now. But this thread and did they alleged that Angola met Jerry potter that he wasn't helpful for any of the movies or just the source who does our staff yet because they're forgetting that spoiler alert Perry is the last sort crux. Soul yeah. I had very influential and needed in the in the hour he's literally a whore crux I know this yet so in other words. The NN that was kind of the cool thing which I forgot myself casinos in a while I was like oh that's right Donald there was sent a mop and even staples like. While drug genocide number I got paid to slaughter off. And it's like yeah but Dumbledore knew he could even tell Steve why it would work right. It now and then they have to meet Neil train station the only the old white precision hey Harry I'd donate if I'm dead you're kind of dead and I made a lot of sense I Alomar. Alien. Oh Larry Carter really could've been done they did meet him and really you're gonna despaired Ripley's good name. Now I'm just I'm not here that I'm just reading matches I ended alien Ripley which is Sigourney Weaver Weaver. Is the only surviving member of the spacecraft. I know you're mr. Imus crew since she failed to save any of the other members except the cat. And destroys most of me in her escape anyways. I think this is the outcome of the film would've basically been no differently now Ripley because everyone would have died at in the shape but it just been rendered useless. I mean sure she's the cat but left its own device that the cap probably would have diluted you know going to be the only million in place the cat can't fly this year up and down but I mean it would have died any like not only thing she Xavier is the freaking cat and herself worsen an opt in in there everything else what happened it's the same I basically it's really. As I mean it's been a wasn't seen aliens Chris Iannetta but I do think the alien what do survive amid dearth bingo yeah isn't that what. What how are they missing their eyes so that says. First of all the cat has a name. It's it is Jones the three of. I've endured. Norris correspondent Elizabeth. I though. For most of the film the ship's captain Dallas is the protagonist until he dies in the which point Ripley who's second in command emerges as the hero. If she weren't there are some the of the crew members would have taken over in all the same stuff what happened thanks for nothing Wrigley to make thinks the action tragic. Ripley moves onto the sequel aliens where she managed to save a few people who die in. Between the events of aliens and alien 30 yeah. And not that I find quite honest but an alien three Ripley and upbringing and healing to the prison colony in the Elaine kill just about everyone in the Ripley kills herself. Values. He's technically all the work. Of the whaling you tiny corporation and quite frankly if you wanna hang any of those movies on anybody it's then again it's their fault they're the ones who did it yeah man at the other really also once go check out the basement page and posting the link I was doesn't like any of them know you guys is totally the goalies they're ruining. Then for you there. But that's over. The sort of pet very painful for Christmas Henry you're our crux Harry homeowner wall. By the way that would save a lot of time every parent has custody without my you wanna talk about a guy who we just don't know what I mean it was a lot of businesses are about Dumbledore president of India dear heart cracks who have just need to have you get killed welcome this unlike some guys stay there any. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. Like where to. Join Vernon Wells six feet Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. 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