BJGN 06-18-18 - E3 - Fallout 76

Monday, June 18th

The gang discusses TV with Legion, The Expanse & Silicon Valley; Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach about E3; Rev & Chris discuss Fallout 76; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said he Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus. She ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay JC makes a welcome yes welcome to BJ Shays geek nation in high in the reverent and play go across from me he is Vicky Barcelona as far as we have uncle pray as well hi show's namesake Vijay J. D. Drew and Manning the boards and Joey d.s hole. Some days they have does that we will talk television today we'll talk. TV thinking how can people get a hold of us your web site of cars and they each nation dot com it's gonna have all information and time flash floods. But if you go to any social media taking his second PG nation you'll find at the festival yeah exact. There's a lot of things that are going on and we love it when we get emails from our listeners he can do so BJ deviation And we didn't get one firm Greinke who. Who I would say it straight on well you guys have ms. straight on agents of shield guys are some confusion going on with a lot of the stuff yeah we have Il what bush. You guys that we we'd love love love the agency shield and trying to keep track of a million different time lines and things like that and all of the history of the show's been going on which is Ben pretty dense and some of the going all the way back to the avengers movie. Yeah we messed up every once in awhile. Ricky was nice enough to send us an email let us know exactly where we had kind of gone astray about a couple of things most importantly I think is really what I've bringing us back home on what's actually wrong with with. Yeah I totally forgot to fill thing and he is cool Rickie thank you as many as soon as he said all blah blah blah here's what's going on which is a ghost writer thing right. So yeah it was a it was a deal that that calls a struck with a ghost writer and that any kind of messed around with everything that's ever gone but that the injury that look he gave him and we we you know we brought that part up. But he he brings you is you know he's been a barely pay really good can detention of the shop and that's fantastic so any time you guys wanna. Maybe set a strain on a couple things please say something a little bit wrong is please let us know we are him educators after all but. I we did you do you still like to pound and so I mean the that we got shows like legion and things like that which is totally messed your brain up anyway. Yeah you're right away or had necessarily mean to be heard Leon as for the first three seasons Lehman throws BJ Colin Tyrone minister. Yeah this is one of those things where I RE stone Bruce Tyrod Taylor diaries yeah from Milwaukee then that's very tough but you did mention legion. Yes I did what I know I know you guys going through on this I am interested in Mickey's opinion on this and she may not even care because Vicki doesn't think like the average feminist. But there are some people who are I have the feminist viewpoint. Not happy with this episode this of this season finale. He was powerful but they were not happy there are people really criticizing a legion for going in his direction the show itself what. So basically. It everything I had made more sense this time around we're kind of finding out that David is not. The good guy he thinks he's a good guy. But he's not so at the beginning we think oh he's crazy and we think we are crazy you just had this thing controlling union has superpowers. Turns out he's both okay. Zero superpowers is usually not a great combination. I love this because. The idea the concept of good and evil in our society which is a constructs and I don't necessarily know pick really is it true concept into Danny and how philosophical are relieved that you wanna get. This show explores that because. You know the good guy and a bad guy and even Sid talks about it I thought you were the good guy may be on the good guy and you're the bad guy. When reality when it comes to mental illness which is a what David has the gas it's not about good and evil it's about somebody who just their way of thinking. Is so twisted that they're doing bad things thinking that they're doing good things. And boy this episode. Hit upon a subject that off pretty much everyone can agree is the worst thing to happen to a woman. And it happened from the print happened at the hands of the protagonist. Which some people think is a huge betrayal option never have a protagonist do something as evil as this in people's eyes. What I mean I think what a powerful exploration into humanity but people are digging in. Basically what had happened is you know she figured announced that no we need to stop B and try to kill him and then went back got stopped in he managed to basically kind of change her. With his super power mate made. Kind of cheesy events in her head tissues kind of in this different Lawler cents. But basically was drugged and that's a she tells and that you drug me and then we had facts move oh yes and I had to move like ballot what she said to him in lake. They all realize even for real came back and helped and one of the big points they didn't really click to meet and why did future said. Keep wanting to gets up past dated to help find troops body. And it wasn't to save the world it was saved I necessarily it's to save the world from David tuck the Davids the good guy. And that will eventually Spina Farouk is gonna be a minority killed but no Farouk gonna help us kill you or contain EO and I. That group didn't die there David didn't die there the world didn't necessarily die there but the beginning of the little interest because it was like flash soared three years. And you have. I'll Wear any and and and most are faced Melanie you know they're they're young I don't know humility Melanie. And like I don't I don't know how long we've been in he had our bodies are but I don't I think member since she is nice yeah she was. So it's kind of like okay what is going on did he actually destroy the planet does is become legion. Because he's not a good guy like not. None as silly a good guy but he doesn't do good things all the time. The comic I guess it goes back and forth I never right ever read the comic and as I hear that legion in the comic sometimes he's goes sometimes is bad sort of like Magglio yeah you know whereas sometimes Maggie goes your body is sometimes he's not your body. Observers creator ensure no no holly actually sat down with Entertainment Weekly a talk about whether an out of their plan was to make David a villain. And he said yes it was always is always part of the planes is GAAP for me I always had the question in my mind what would happen if Walter why it was a super villain. The breaking bad superhero show this idea especially in the X-Men universe is that the moral line between good and evil often fungible. Meg needle which just brought up eyes sometimes you know sometimes they're villainous sometimes on their side the idea of what the right thing can to do can shift depending on the circumstances. So it looks like this is done plan all along. And they just want to make him a bad guy but I love that he's really. You know not a bad guy. Well when the superhero thing comes up like that isn't always that the sort don't help if it back to kind of goes along with terror darom idea of thinking you know so it's like they might be a good guy here because they understand they're gonna die if they don't yet as there is a bigger threat or something like that great. Going back to that did the mental illness staying. You think pitchers they hero he thinks fake your whole entire worldview is absolutely skewed because of what you're dealing with as some of the greatest villains that we have in the marvel universe. They all have mental. Problems in some way shape reform act rationally CST for sure yeah I mean magnate L you can understand why easy you know he does not wanting to have a concentration camp situation ever again so he doesn't trust anybody who's not like him because when you're different. You get put in a concentration camp and I doctor do home I mean that guy away. If BA hid their bad guys insane he is out of his Mott absolutely obsessive about. Reed Richards yeah like in eight actually is coming to ahead in the comic books which is a really huge staying. Definitely to desire is going to lead into the fantastic four when they come back for damn slot few there's a lot of crazy crazy stuff that is happening with that no pun intended on that. That is just. Blake it Italian so crime it's small you do it now has a really sweet relationship with Reid's daughter and you know is now yeah it because she's a super genius toddler of course is. And comic effect and that's why I love this show because. They're mad that they had this whole rape thing happen. There man people are some people are really mad about a saying that should never of happened the main character should have done that and I should meg going. That's exactly what should have happened and it's fantastic that seated is showing. That you know we see this a lot in real world women are abused things that had that happened today that are bad that happens to them and they still sometimes go back to that person. That they they have a love for somebody and it's difficult for them to shut down love off Ian no matter how badly they're treated. I thought this was fantastic. End and but that's all he really wants but I mean his twisted childhood that this power inside of him that he has and I mean it the million regulation isn't Spain and it. That doesn't make him a bad guy he's insane. And unfortunately using the most powerful mutant probably on the planet so yup that this is going to be a great third season. The people that are upset that this went down this road. I don't know what's wrong with some of these folks it's beautiful television again why I mean I don't get it I don't know why people. Can't watch this and see the beauty of what's being discussed again the human condition. It just amazes me how people just may because they're critics I just wanna write headlines as. Does this say that's probably the case and that some people just like to over correct to anything happen to think well we're not supposed to be OK with this it's like OK yeah like we're not gonna joke about this or not can make fun or light of this. But we can still talk about it they're over cracking take no early Canton remic know we can joke about it. But we can talk about in discussing and they have it eat like a learning tool but Adam in happy for any people. Moving on from that this season finale of the expanse BJ I would only that it wasn't the season tomorrow is not know and we had the trouble the expenses is that I never get to watch the latest episode beat. Aren't recording schedules guys' eyes so you know we're on after the one I've seen the last one was I episode ten. It's great because finally Thomas and I know Thomas Jane is back. And we and it's been very AM we're getting to see echoes of him space punish your EI it's and it's very interesting. What do you that is this pro molecule alien whatever the hell this thing is they have built like it looked like a huge is lit it could be huge star game it's a big circle in space said. That they've builds that that rose out of the ashes of a bunch of stuff that they collected from Venus. And and probes and things and they banned as they'd be this is really fascinating but Thomas Jane. Is not really. The detective but he's like a shadow of what he was and he speaks in riddles trying to give Holden some clues on how to figure out what's going on it has there's wars and I mean all the factions are basically want to claim this gay. They're all want to fight with the each other. And the for the Rossum county which is their ship is I like at the center of it all they did and then everyone views and is really bad guys somebody even fudge is like. False message sent to make it look like Holden a terrorist OG and so here they are ownership and here's a message going hi I'm all the dynamic terrorists not ever wants them to people are fighter wants firing on their little ship they don't know all my guy I'll try to just keep it either. I'm him I'm happy. That there will be another season because we're getting close I don't know we of one or two more episodes left. As of the thirteenth of June. Three more episodes long and the Seattle bedtime there effort north thirteen episode season so that's awesome job and are at episode eleven is aired I just haven't seen it yet but. Dell alliance guy it was given a nine point six that was episode ten out of ten. Why must also it's a good series and thank god Amazon's baker had you know exactly I buy them is that that made my week when I heard that man so I'm not so jazz that is still coming back. One that we haven't really talked about in a while Silicon Valley oh as layout last season and it not these last season it's what dead most recent season barely glad they're season finale for our season five's acute and unbelievable they've gone they've done five seasons and to me it almost seemed like this could be a series finale. Yes 'cause they did did they defeated the boss is essentially. If they defeat the bosses like and a lot of seasons but you're right this had a view like okay they're going onto a new life it felt the same way with the hit at the end of agency shield where even though we know they're getting those season. You know it's like it's felt like here's our new world and our new offices. And Monica as well this now and yell hey we're gonna offer a thank you send defeated the big boss is too big that too big CEO's gala Gavin and I think Lawrie yeah on those two have been essentially cut out. Like they try to do some power plays and they just need didn't work a thorn in Richard's side in pied piper side for the entire series really when you get about it yeah all these people are suddenly now we know on aquae gyms and they bring in a government. Like at this point. Are they going to I can see it being with an ally and just end like the fights never over it's kind of Mike Judge is the Shura or being like how exactly you're never going tee and having to deal with someone trying to screw with your vision makes me feel like he he did it that way because this is the first post Ehrlichman season. And early Bachmann season a and you know probably thought well in case you don't get renewed emily's gonna have a sizeable bowl but with a little possibility that we could do a season six. I I think getting a season six I don't even know yet I like I was looking online and I couldn't find anything this is a little while ago because these this season finale happened a little while ago but. I don't I don't know. And I'm OK either way I love the show I love all the characters but the way it ended I I'm more than happy and satisfied with how we do it it's a fun show and I thought that I wouldn't enjoy the season without you know Bachmann Ehrlichman. Actually did I eight in nowadays. It's a wells on show Mike judge's you know Mike Judge of course you know you'll what he does I love the expanded role dean Yang I thought he was hilarious and just yeah see they they used him a little bit more but not too much. And it really focused on the core guys yet which is what it needed to deal yet moving on from that we need to documents to Gareth on college. I thought. Who's down he three. Erin Mon Colin Bottke is down at. You know its merger actually a lot of people that's it's expressed some frustration and went deep pre show how are reveals with the exception McAllister who Wear one notable warm incredibly unexpected stop smoltz Abreu look at stuff. Lot of people sheltered there was a lot of beat developers were holding back and you know one of us who has true attractive reopens red dead redemption your game coming in October. And that's regulations and panic created a domino cracked liked Colin Judy and rebels till five moved up to be out ahead of that. And then of course we're seeing a lot of shopping and territories so that you picked anchor there's been musical chairs and so one and so forth about being so that once you're out on the floor and started to see some stuff and see some stuff there wasn't showcases. There's a lot of gold out terrible sores serves both here. Well start us off with when you're a man. Okay roll right off the ground I would have to go to reach Chu now this is the a long time since we have the first round so it's going on 78 years and ritual where each. Defensive back with that what they've done and they've expanded the alt the world sentiment that the game it's about thirty set about thirty years after he rounds first game. They are saying what other out there will be a multiplayer component actually just got done playing acoustic piano I was the only person finished each ball level guys I'm database that the official answer it's we're focusing on making each. Campaign pressed we possibly can make jet Nadia it's not a nobody you know you trigger wasn't at least thought they were so pummel your plate yeah that sets. And so. You know it's got to vehicles got to combat it's just it's got this didn't and I infused. Frantic combat gear earlier in the post apocalyptic. Well each slam I was a general bonkers get your radio control boomerang that you take you people out work to earn a doctor and you know it's. It's just a frantic bloodbath assaults purse first shooter. But it also has increased vehicle component to ensure catcher vehicles are rocket launchers intact all sorts of weapons that showed supplying vehicles and I think it's gonna be really good when it goes from out. I really messed sounds so much find what does DF Flores. I hit rancher who now what are well obviously it's not the shall be second hit man game in his speech second under the new publishers now we got to walk through that the other day where with hands on and one of the great things about it this year all the attention expectation 47 going troops you know taken out people you -- -- -- you wanted to castrate them you wanna change clothes that sort of sank one of the things they showed us as we had a target in any race car that we had to take out around us and grant so we went Permian. Just to work guy and the crowd to security to shaft to a member of the trip per unit of the shortest one of the church was when you get into this area are you have various options do you watch your Obama McCarthy and detonated as they go why do you wanna put sugar in the gas tank you wanna lose no real pleased that they're gonna give view. A lot more options now you know some people say well I would have the option whether to our shoot under our night from new argued it should. They're trying to give you an even larger. Story line where you have a lot more options kind of a more realistic setting that they don't wanna use a weapon at all. You have options to try to do your job. This is pretty cool and sort of me out final destination sort of way all just happened to be a strange coincidence. Absolutely I don't know what a joke around with that one what else. Jet now the other one man and you matched strange game called strange first jade now would we do rap game play out on the site they were fantastically lot of video or recorder and play action now. Thank you Brett like a four person perhaps coop game going to be emailed all the rich platforms. I guess the best we educate in the mistaken a little bit of Indiana Jones globally Tomb Raider what a little bit Bob the mummy you player and I wanted to for care workers in this group called strange gave their grocer brown and a carriage bolts. And you go round. Basically fighting pigs were fighting zombies I archery Arab armies things like that it's got to quirky retro looks when he's thirtieth. Being too wet but you have like this it's funny error operation and stuff like that going on things like you shoot objects to be spinning I'll play traction pop up that you used decimate. Out of bad guys you have to try to machine gun and assault yet breezed things on guys shooting past tape they return match you'd you would do stop on our books someone looked funny things slow you do what most guys do what I narration like what we got to be and it's demo strategies this gigantic ball sleek sure and excrete critics growing sure sure. He bars and at which you don't it's done and it champ you away like that and and it should straights so the black and white and you don't it's like. Pretty cool so I get to do under reported out men do episodic update content and yours you know like a modern and that the great thing about it is we just post video last night and Marty getting people on some of syndication site saying. Just now jump onto my must wireless Shia yet you always it's not one that's coming out from one the major publishers to play a well known publisher billion particularly good alien vs predator game many years ago. But it's starting to get that once people see it and know more about it it's becoming yeah I gotta check this. This sounds something totally in my wheel house just the terms talking about a period piece and electric tour next time this sounds like you're talking about with Indiana Jones like a whole adventure earnest and doing absolutely. How that's so cool man that sounds like it's just one of those quiet things that you didn't really quite expect any three. Exactly and that's one on the met many things out here and support a truck you know the trigger saying it you have to know about what you're seeing all sorts Lowell scorched about at and it's like well I didn't expect that that was even better than I expected so a lot of really good stuff lot of good stuff. That is really exciting and I mean this is just barely touching the tip of what is happening at. SK and. Correct we have a massive photo album on this shoot repute part of Trace books and were uploading and match shows go on so literally like the yell every couple hours there's another 3040 photos going right back out. Killer man take you so much student now has some fine. Our. Planet it's thank you so much gears again Garrett front called buck askew interview that his escape and are dot net and out of all the things out of AC LO plan that came high earlier somebody that's game firearm I never even heard of that franchise this is in very exciting because first stop if you don't know false heavy seas will be the latest follow adventure it's gonna be coming out November 14 gas pretty quick turnaround they did that would follow for when they announced as well. Palm previous games in the series mentioned vault 76 is one of the earliest bunkers that opened a little more than twenty years after the bombs dropped so this is going to be fairly recent asked her. The bombs wrecked and dad most of Somerset like 200 years in the future so that's or think oh so this is going back and tableau best yes. Is will be chronologically the earliest. In the game series exactly and so CNET did a list of other things that you can expect first I was going to be a lot more colorful than fallout for. Because it earth isn't completely poison to buy nuclear fallout yet. They'll still be the blast radius zones for like like the commonwealth capital wasteland some of those things as well but you're not going to see everything dead because it hasn't had the time to do it. This is going to be the biggest follow game ever made they're saying it's more times larger than fallout for which was the last. Game and also the largest in the series and android. It Davis pretty big yes. This is the interest in part about policy only six is giving a little bit of contention for the people out there it's going to be a shared world survival game that is entirely online. Movies you played destiny I did it is going to be a lot like that. So when you play the game you'll be on a map with a dozen or so other players not hundreds not thousands I mean it's the apocalypse after all. Yet that that was the best part for me because when you play destiny there can literally be a 100520800. Guys. People hanging out in one area button and you start tripping over each other you started. Steal somebody's kill after they've been Coke you'll still kill still you little little off topic the Pacific episodes and I know I guess they don't go anywhere. There's so much up opportunity offense so many other people to get in the way or to get in each other's way and to cause problems. I love that when they win because announced that follows a V6 is going to be down to just about a dozen. Yeah may what does that mean what does that mean that they'll have different servers so that only Max money in the military to another place China essentially like that but what it is as you'll have a server where it's like what would Jessie does is there's a hub. Where like it's a big town where everyone can go and hang out at and we go on story missions or other missions or go to places to build your land because you build a build settlements and that will be more of an instance area where there's about twelve to twenty people who I'm not everyone's gonna be your friend you will be fighting other people this will be MTV. But it also means bring your friends yet don't go alone a lot of the times roster probably gonna get racked. Like I said you can build your own settlement that's going to be about taking land building your stuff and you're able to actually move them around. I don't know how that what that means we're gonna get some more information as ago here on dvd just literally move your entire base from one area to another or how that's gonna work. This is going to be set in theme hills mountains of West Virginia the Shenandoah Valley. A little close to the capital wasteland of DC that we know so it'll be interesting to see where it all ends. And people who don't really worry about the fact that it is an online survival game kind of soft core. They're not going to make it where death is complete terminate your knocked him I mean a loss of progression. Like other online survival games it means that you will build a play he could take risks and fail without fear of feel like you've lost hours of game play for just one mistake and if you join in a friend's game that progression goes on with your world as well. He's so this is that it looks like they're taking all the best parts of destiny and and putting it into the thought university I am I am really excited for all I cannot wait to watch them because they go dad I'm dead and over again be yeah I like whenever mongering yeah because idea I can't run that controller but I do love watching them especially the gray graphics that they had may end their problem and now. I don't know southern going to be now I have an are also there it will be a collector's edition. Would follow up 41 there's a hit Floyd that you would be able to be able to get gas which is this a little risk computer here toy cars and an honor him and dad now this time it's going to come with a. Helmets meet the power armor. Helmet as a unit of Unita recently got a voice modulator as well and working him left and a working Atlanta and you know the clippers and there's not going to cost it 200 bucks or so don't worry about that targeted twice the price yes I actually left I'm gonna help total that I like that right I was losing Matt Newman to I T 51 -- helmet would cost you in the really real point no. Mean neither yes exactly how I did about a northern journalist 120 cans and don't regret it. Yeah bottled gas. I so we are very excited for that there's a lot of he'll have all of that but now it is time to get to eat. She twists dish kinky what do you got for us I am my ever growing. Collection of means that I send out to my Conan could mean days yes I am using that term ironically your roots of my mean maze and a couple people in my life that I sent a craft and a means you and that's all that's our friendship means so we're happy I'm not mean bay USS. He would never be. Other I had really were some really fun ones in the dirty world and some are pretty uplifting. One it's it's as though whenever you're feeling bad about yourself just imagine how much Arthur Weasley would enjoy meeting you yes. Arthur Weasley is the best we can't just he's so great he loves muggles and those are really about us yes or why he's so excited yeah he loves or AME freak you're not a Harry Potter fan he loves all over non magical people. And all of our technology and everything. Casey was he was always such a fun character remember he got his ass kicked by Baltimore to the OS yeah our was at the snap well it was a legitimate really was in his team as Olympia I have lives I was the snake country and it was an Ghani Nash and and Jeanie Jeanie yes he got he got rectum and then a Weasley family so yeah you're right to keep. Yeah absolutely right Arthur Weasley the put a smile on anybody at all. This on and actually an interesting thought a shower thought. In Lord of the Rings. Looks like meat back on the menu boys imply that works know what a menu is and have therefore been to a restaurant and I wonder what I broke stride and mortar is like. Yes and CA Chris knows to do we have a lot of time to talk about this because I have given that lineup a lot of thought in my time I don't know how I mean the end of the means and I do I or an elaborate thing it says does that add another you probably need reservations because one does not just walking and CEO. Acres of our. Only new York and Erica I know what menu isn't there have four have been to a restaurant which implies that there are restaurants in mortar because it hurts I actually came straight from it and another place. Not going to start it also implies because the word menu has its roots in the French language implies that somewhere. In middle earth. There was a nation that evolved along the same lines as modern day France they're pouring Christine. That everybody in the world uses this one word for a list of things that you can order in a restaurant order and pay for inner restaurant is a menu. That is the weirdest single line in the entire trail here's. Here's my counter argument to that go there earlier bars and eons. That are in the middle earners are sure yeah henceforth those would have menus a word that was what I'm talking about well aware of the crime but are not speaking English do day. They speak. Common. Yeah but that's I think they do for our benefit out the anybody's I don't think any and speaking mysteries menu really isn't the word he used I'm I'm I leave that takes me out of it. I'm sorry Cecilia what North Carolina bar would be like right. I'm sorry I don't another hour at the bar and it's like you DNA standard drink of hot you know glass of floods so these two worst walk into a bar and. OK. Okay and I'm. I neither means to be a seizure I saw a lot of comic bookstore we went to Spokane. And one shirt says you're not raw you're not just wrong with the rules also say here's your Dick. That's why do people usually I analyst yeah I really wanted to do well actually wondering if there are I SO one minutes like seriously leg. The one phrase from nerds and make me roll my eyes all the time in most the time lately has been for my Star Wars fans. Well actually. Yeah I'm like are you hear it come shut up I don't care I know they're the other is that condescending phrase right there you I don't know you're about to be man's really shoot the it's it's even if the economy and explaining if you're a woman habits of any such an add tone. But really it's nerds blaming yeah yeah yeah I have a very way to describe it the other assured I sides wizard and says. It's called splash damage you cry baby suck it up and go whine to the cleric. OK good I thought I thought. Epithet at. Let me because there are games you'll play where you go wow some bush should be injure them or not you know like you realize that you just wants a fireball how is how do we not get any splash damage. So you know you're playing a real realistically campaign when splash damage is a thing that I think. And the other Lannan and toll blinking on his name I think Dominic. Let's these big money and Donna Donahue from my. That really cost you won't rise he laundering and murdering her him. Hot see themselves as normal size it everyone else is just unusually tall dad may soon and I was really had my fill. I like the rest and you are just all these really tall yeah I think yeah I fell 110 in the country Jimmy Jam I'm I'm coming on your territory and no I don't more years on Rihanna BE BP DCJ. That's true. Until next time guys think Mary. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. 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