BJGN 06-20-18 - Lords of Hellas - Mortal Engines

Wednesday, June 20th

BJ & Chris review board games including Lords of Hellas & Chaosmos; Scott from Comics Dungeon gives comic book recommendations; BJ reviews IDW's Star Trek & Saga; Rev discusses the new movie based on a book, Mortal Engines; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells sunup today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Welcome yes welcome to BJ Shays geek nation in Ohio and the reverend en Fuego across for me he is Vicky Barcelona out we've got these shows namesake BJJ. Am rob Bartlett I didn't forget about your prayers here over. There. Yeah I. Treated got a dilemma men and I do think about it and I who is your whole nine yards and like you know again you are asking me if I yeah I know you're always there though. I guy gets on today's show we will talk for game will be Jane Chris will definitely keep that up and it may or didn't we will talk comics with Scott from comics dungeon Vijay would give as C is comic book takes in of course the geek she would Vicki B. Vicky how can people get a hold the last get a lot of us via our web site BJP nation dot com it's gonna panel our podcasts blogs information. But if you're on any social media page face the incidents later. Fiji geek nation you'll find us yes and now what's actually start right off with some board game discussions you have got a goal line all you're talking about right at. Let election become kind BJ was kind enough to let me play a game well I think actually Josh trying to play analyst gosh is it. But BJ had played before so was an and you reduction to the game for me and I got to tell you this game was fantastic it's a lords have helped us who we out. It's it's a new kick started game that it's got lots of great meanings oh man and you know this thing are so fantastic so. The basic idea of the game is that take you are now working into a new are working and playing in a new dark age of Greece. So everything's sort of sort of cyberpunk he leases fell winner but the gods or back end to ruin over the way and role in the hours so if it's a really neat sort of futuristic but not concept we worked really really well anyway the point of the story as. You there's an area controlled. Bears. Some PPP. Located may a little bit of buy a card and management yes sir. And him. By the way you get to build literally build gigantic monument to the gods who fired dad so with the minis and such yeah so your your borrowing only about an inch and half tall maybe we knew. But each of the shrine that you can build one for Zeus 13 the noun verb Lebanese Lebanese. He gave a celebrities yes kinda got a slight mistake. Mean. They come in these segments and each one of the actions which could take in the game is too. Build a monument he put a piece on and then put another piece and he put another piece on oh that's certainly a guy to have six inch tall. Statue of Zeus with a gigantic crackling electric whip. Wow. This minis are so great. I need to play yeah yeah it would you play effect when you play if it's a color affection you you know you have your hop flights but then you get to play a hero dad. I got to play Herrick please. Which was you know he's very key to what he's supposed to pronounce that I understand direct and some other obviously some Greek amazing you know figures. Yeah I I don't remember who all we had I know that Helen was in there yeah. AK Helen of Troy oh yeah made the most beautiful woman daring and director Patricia. I got traded I was trying to remember whether while you were talking Resnick who was the dude I played that day with somebody. I Europeans yes your windows. Tea your goodies you Mandy stay so young but these and of course very symmetrical so you have to. Everybody has everybody has like troops basically hop flights and and everybody has an eighty symmetrical. A champion that you have. And you have attributes that you need to raise three different types of attributes this key goal. Leadership strength and speed that's it yet leadership and they all figure into how well you can maneuver stuff on the board. Right so York halfway to interact with the other players is. Is hot lights and that's why I asked my job and my interests and you fight exactly CF to play these comment cards out of your hand. And each one has Leahy of the numerical value or special action and no you di is also its content and our school good surrogates out that that random nature exactly the only random is how many cars he managed to drive and what those numbers ads that add up to it the right at the right time but yet it it's there's a lot of control about the the situation everything that is going on you make the choices you made the decisions and it's. It it's a really really good game. Yet there's no victory points in this game it's just four different wind conditions. And you've got to do one of the 41 before anybody else does and you win and just one he had just a one OK there are legendary monsters like the Hydro and and and and Sarah -- and avarice yes amber is here cerberus you don't talk and ask him dad and I Israel I believe there I screwed cerberus there you go fluffy actually. That. That's you have to fight I am and as so you can win by killing us certain amount of monsters she can win by basically. Ben holding onto a completed monument for surmount it turns right. You can win by controlling area a certain amount area for the game correct and you can win by basically controlling a certain amount of temple's just. There's a lot of hoops to jump through like a lot of great games where yeah you know I in order for me to go past go and collect 200 dollars. I've got to do this this this this in this and then I hear it via the Bluetooth. The sound really straightforward but there are so many pieces that go into. Getting there. That yet and it's in just a really satisfy this. This gain the weight guys are talking about sounds like it's got an amazing Murray played I don't there and is gonna be more monuments to come in and more heroes to play there are so yes he had an extension India on the significance and even the ones that got their kicks are fulfillment. They they they ordered the full meal deal but they haven't even got the whole package still don't know how I just I gave the clay so. Yes the replay ability of and if I don't know if this'll ever be for sale anywhere. But lords of palace it's it's definitely legit game we enjoy it Chris and I had a very spirited discussion AJ argument here you learn you argue about everything all the time when we've already mean we've got to therapy were in counts down. I got word period when we were American couples counseling you guys well you have two guys that I'm not really play seriously you do go here and that's an interesting point because most the time especially with Vicky and I when we're playing is BG will take the passive approach a lot of the times. Today is beauty BJ you like to argue this today and when it comes down to board games Chris will not step down. He will not back off and he will go right back at is that it may -- don't you all and I know you love it but they seem what I must like Aaron Aaron can be uncomfortable for people it does yet has it does put up for other players that I mean I don't let me let's listen this what we do kansas' you know. British jungle gym and my stance on if you a game that's that's all I'm pretty severely river may. And about this this is a lowered the palace that's eighty LL AS that is EA designed by at a local Penske and is put out by awakened realms games. To know and as Modi entertainment who we and a few others but yeah you're gonna find it easier to look at those two. Awesome thing got so much and we do have enough time for another game if you would have wanted you want to discuss so it's a gimmick Chris wants to play that he has got to play with a ship I graduated I played it once did this this is very interest in how I found out about this game. I I love social deduction game so there's a new game on kick starter I think it's already fulfill its already done. I called growl and by design by joys Igor. If they can sing Jolie's name right and loves her and Joey also does some stuff for Netflix this guys like can borrow you'd like he's not just a game designer he works in Hollywood and he does stuff and so he's trying to really bounce a lot of careers. But died so and part of the fulfillment was hey if you do this you can also get my game chaos most and another game and I look at just hours ago wasn't space alike space games and death as an and I and I it was for sale and I like denials are joy I'm not gonna kick it and wait for and I'm gonna go buy it right now I I chaos most it's a two a four player game. It's a really cool game and if you actually watch one of the game videos where you just get to see people show you how to play. You'll notice that somebody's living room just these random guys you'll notice there's actually a guy that we know from the world of heroes. And now who's actually I was look at this guy go. Looks really familiar and it turns out the actor that played heroes buddy. Oh yeah half games I forget his Lan Tyson the ice yes no yes yes I elementary follows me so good friends he's a gamer and now he must know joy because he's just they're playing complains hey osmosis as I wanna I wanna learn to play videos. Yeah that was a fun little surprise. I chaos most is awesome. It's and it's a cool sort of find at what it's like where's Waldo in space. And okay you have to find basically Waldo AKA the old void and there is a bit countdown clock to the end of the universe to universe is about to collapse. The old boy it is as the oval is a piece of artifacts a sort of genetic matter that whoever whoever has this at the end when the universe collapses. We get to then build a new universe in shape and an arrow and it. I'm always have to find the old void. And sold there it's there's there at Texas implant as such is seen a lot of games. And we have to travel around the universe to find the old void. And the cool thing on each planet they get its own packet and inside the package you open it up and there are cards. And some cards will be weapons some cards will be defenses some cards will be keys some cars will be. A bases you can build they'll be vaults. And then if you're lucky you're going to find the poll void. The thing in this game is is that you wanna make sure that nobody knows where the old boy it is if you find it if you keep it on your person you can get attacked by other players if they beat you they get to hold your hand and take BO what I don't know career but if you leave it on the planet the enemy you know somebody could just go to that planet and find the old void and ovary area left that neither he asks I. And it's really a fun game you're traveling around and you bluff thing with each other but if you notice to people continue fighting you go okay why is that person again targeted today know or do they have the oh void. And so you've got and 36 rousing whoa at the 48 low. But they go quick you're OK we're OK I just take turns it's not terrorists aren't OK it's only her but it goes quick because you turn is quick to dominate them on the move here the board is easy to move on I'm gonna do this and that. Are fighting his eyes and and the way like cosmic in congress style where you have cards he put them down and add to your weapons scorn whoever wins wins. And then you of course might have to have your hand looked at. It's really a fun game and then what they do is and they haven't Cardin there that allows you to speed at the death of the universe by eight. Basically clicks page turner is a click. So you do what you get past a certain click in the game you go why anybody can have that card so you go to determine oh I'm all set to go and got the O void only added it was last until this last round and you do the math but somebody just play that card and go off on my gun when nobody's gonna win. It's. Still I don't know who would you tell him he had old gap now and I I'd Josh would ask Josh word I shot word I think everyone on the board so alliance word and you're trying to find neo void he's trying to keep and you're also trying to find this one device that will speed up the game. Because that way you have total control and also trying to keep it higher Ed and quiet so that nobody else knows you have it or at least put her on the planet were you locked in a way that nobody has 64 that's fantastic it's it it really is a fun game it's into and is available now K osmosis and it is by a will mirror us mirror box they're busting yet yes exactly so take it out now to for players I can only to please you guys nice it's good game sounds like a lot of crying growl looks like it's a good game to Vietnamese to get dances too I can't wait to play that social deduction kind of where wolf he style but in its O hello but puts it on this year yet that's. Okay you are. I actually read the couple are really need to move on because it is comic book day and of course we've got Scott from comics dungeons help us that was some comic book recommendations. Scabs from comics dungy joins us for this week's comic book recommendations. And the first one I'm really stoked about because I love Scotty young and now we're giving his take on dead pool. We absolutely are. Are you a sixth term have been waiting for this group's us Gaudio doesn't bomb. Rulings on Marco you've known for its cover art is kind of you mention these all are. Sought cover art but he's got a great job on the walking boot. Keokuk Heidi carry Lampard are most. Are popular but Yost does pole and I pinky kind of nailed it I think and our leaders. Look I don't know long time dental plan but it's really enjoyed the movie mood a little bit tone of the book coups if you tools. Like who just taken right out of the movie universe. Peace yeah actually it's it's it's often you actually get to see god are Medtronic teenage warhead in here who's a great foil in the movies touched off for him. But. The Pope the stories you start out dead pool kind of have a memory wise and used tried to use and Powell. And one and a ball skipped one of the short stories and here is he's trying to are come up with his origin story. Cat the and as you see him go to do that do you have a relief. Of the borrowed some UC news. See a bit by a radioactive spider you accused. Parents kill them and our very small unit ship off of an alien. On but you haven't decided yet. But you saw Google just sort of solved now what are the things that I've noticed that Marmol has been doing it hasn't been subtle at all it was really it came to fruition with the whole. Ultimate nick fury looking like Sam Jackson and and today it kinda melding into the MCU universe now let us on a teenage warhead was a comic book character. I had a different set of powers and what we saw and I know dead pool movie are they going in where the the movie now I guess sonic is going to be can and from now on who wins the comic book ordered like I mean it's dead pool does it. Really matter. Right yeah I think if anything like it in in in this in this issue they didn't really. I'll play with the powers are much but they actually you know broke before wall in my we're pretty much the most obvious just trying to. Are. Run on the coattails of the successful movies. Alright Perez is absolutely did okay. Yeah absolutely so there are those who do Chris. Groupon. Really it was a difficult position more than and Jordan a couple of. And this next comic book I really think is cool because first off I love the bad guys and you've got a legion of doom and. We've got did you do Justice League number one on the loose got. Spiders so. No lose lose. That these are huge do you got a team together it starts off a kind of feel like you're old animated Justice League Unlimited serious. And you can say it one of the things are you see here is using all of just salutes you see all the heroes and other materials feels great. You like you said. New and different didn't know that McCain and Obama would see religion or do home you know would broaden Hamas drove the Joker. What can hurt. Truly chilling news. This true colors. Not. It's it's great actually pretty easy job or employment hope for people to. Give me introduce you seemed sob. And anyone who's watched cartoons. Rose a sudden he's going to be AV and I will be able dump and a bit of just how well avatar. Awesome that is so great man and again. Comics dungeon is a great comic bookstore in Seattle if you're around that area please come check it out also he can find it online and where can they do that. Our. Son and I call him Q accorsi Credo of old cops think he's a much Scott. I. Thank you so much Scott again just head out to all of the sites that he said. Just look for comics dungeon on all social media and that will help you out. We do need it talks and other comic books BJ what do even reading well you know I've I again I have a limited amount comics that I read like everybody else tonight I'll always do a lot of love to IDW because they've done Star Trek right by me. So many great Star Trek all the new Voyager whatever she you know every voyage urgency discovery. And I Erica. Perhaps maybe to something went on the Voyager when you know in every now. But John Byrne who we know as is a great artist in the marvel universe RX men and for media he also did fantastic four and he's done these photo plays based on the original series Star Trek where he's gotten Paramount to basically give them a bunch is stills. From the TV show. And he artistically takes them and puts them in different situations you create. New stories and so it's now it's like live action pictures were and he basically does a lot of computer graphic imagery around them. Oh okay so it's like to people are real but everything else around them is cutting green screened or are an eight if you if you in the world of comics a big gap and he draws around them and but he but he makes it CGI looking not like comically calling my nine yards cool so that it looks like the what he's got around there is also three dimensional and realistic and I universe. And the latest deficit issue that I got was issued 21 the enemy of my enemy. Highs it puts captain Kirk together with one of his greatest foes it in the world of the original Star Trek and that is of course clean on commander core gas play by John Khalifa also also was the do was Balt are the trader in Battlestar Galactica the original series correct and Toms so I'll I love John Cooley goes and everything he's ever been in the great sixties character actor. And seventies as well I don't think he's with the sending more. But it's a great story about how Kirk and core have to work together. As it sort of because there was. If in the world of Star Trek there was this or genie in peace treaty where these farmer looking guys turned out to be energy beings and they for baby at the cling ons. And the federation from fighting each other. In the first season of Star Trek the original series and while there weapons were too hot to handle. And so eventually that or gaining in treaty. I did get it's either nullified dissolve something happened because there's you know the cling ons deduce from engaging later on in the series with with the Star Trek guys but core was. One of the original him and gosh Isaac Cole Los was a guy from that into trouble troubles that particular calling 90 that. Clinton play like Campbell who also played so this does Esquire true to remain an hour we will remain I don't think I'm blanking obviously with those as a Andrea those two cling on commanders were the ones that clean he was Goldman back and forth with a lot. Core of course it probably my favorite. And good so it was a good DA called enemy in my any good issue on IDW I. And of course forever is either you're Vicky who's doing saga is the wanna you guys I yet not so yet but I hit the trade them yeah and as like you were with tables compare that affected trade waiting on all of those are they waiting I'm having a problem of my what my lovely device just I can't but anyway and inside got. The latest issue which I can't say the number I think they're in the forties maybe fifties now. They the other on the run it's it's a great story about Romeo and Juliet story about two millions that they're both of their races are fighting like hell. And they're together they made a baby which is considered an abomination by both of their races Eaton and then there's another race of creatures called the robots basically even though they have like organic bodies in television heads they're pretty they're pretty are polluted area and a bit that and prince robot who basically is run away. Also he's developed a relationship with one of these aliens and it looked just when you thought prince robot was going to be a nice guy. Well he's sedated so yeah well he's he's about to be killed so he's got to you know he's gonna sell it he's got to sell out everybody. So you end and that's the and that's where we are where in his kid runs away because he's got a little robot junior than the the the prince sling. And and that kid doesn't wanna go they were gonna get new identity is so that he can go live happily ever after with a one of the aliens he's with them. And then of course our two main characters well they're always on the run hazel who we're getting it through her eyes the whole story is the daughter's eyes or getting it through she's running about it. And dom can it it's still great man you know it's it's a Bryan cave on. And Fiona. Now for your name because again my damn thing is not being nice seeing people stay gosh thank you yes there. Well written well drawn and this sometimes sexy stuff from their and they dance and oh boy and girl parts get Jones invent an interesting area and what I really like about saga though is the fact that it's so you know. It does it's not like oh my god have I think I can explain this. PCR also just. You know tasteful it's it's maggert to it is is an hour and there is some I guess you could say that is good -- it is that there usually is a point for why they're naked but like they show all kinds of relationship they show homosexual relationships they show you know I'm very inclusive and oh yeah that RA that's awesome like and an alien no sexual you know another word for that yet. Ask Tony Awards someday we'll discover aliens prince immigrants iRobot Leven says he's like I am flew it to know what like he figured out let somebody else was. A transit her species and he's like she's the golden you knew it and think yeah I played well and they can even though they hated each other any kind of had a thing. And they know I'm I'm I'm down for whatever kind of thing you know I. It just ended. The but I female sexual. Yeah dad oh yeah absolutely I am ensured good job buddy tell you that yet and it's it's not a great series and and and well worth the trades no doubt about it and so that's those are two books that I have I sort of jumped on this weekend read about guys and before we get to the geek sheet I have distant a sure thing I want to talk about because this thing really struck at me for my skis on TV season gees she's short and we've before you talk about the heat and listen to him while he's not around and I know there are it was unintended hello I'm going to be short joke Ricky listened power. I'm punk exactly so today you may know you may not know I do love these steam punk culture to you really go remove it. And I realize I've found just via the the Internet that suddenly there was a trailer for a movie. That is being produced by Peter Jackson and you may know him for a couple hundred movies her return as that is again ever do you might be something like that climber who knows we'll see now apparently this is going to be coming out in December December 14 of this year. The first teaser trailer came out for a movie called mortal engine oh I've seen as I was at yeah I was you and I sighed oh gosh re absolutely. Looks good it looks great and the premise is. That. Cities and towns and communities. Are for the most part for what I can gather so far is that they are essentially mobile's. And they are on huge like a senator essentially caterpillar. Plague tank treads nice you going around and they're going around gathering resources fighting other towns consuming other towns the and and they shot of the trailer you see. Lun again and taking out a soul mining town and bringing them into the fold. What happens. Don't know yet. From the book this is actually based on for Busch Series I have to reprieve because it's called the moral engines quartet. And is there one pack of awards C is candidate a young adults slash teen figure fantasy kind of thing which is really hot right now for movies we know that's. It is interesting too because I guy picked up the first look at the library and it just says like teen on the on the supply you know ice well here we go it's a quick until a court a quote quick read I've got rid of first couple pages 'cause I just was able you describe it you last night. Eyes about 300 pages for the first book and large type so it seems like eight. Gets to the point essentially up. There's series is the thing some kind of excited to see if this'll strike in more of the twilight area or in the did divergent area where you kind of sleeper nobody really went for it but. Or just a huge hit that everybody for him and so I'm I'm I'm jazzed because they think the concept is amazing and the books came out in early two thousands yeah. The American print is then 2003. And so it's been around for a while. It's as are you feel terrible I've not really in my reading phrase anymore contends so am I missing all of these awesome steam bond books they ought to read that fifteen year I would read it now and I'm going to be reading it now but also ordering its fifteen years ago as well somebody hearing you say is recommending more books got it yap pretty much for your indignation and it's interesting to see if they if the genre will take off the way zombies of the retake operate out of the Walking Dead in the superhero genre. Because the steam punk genre is a thing yeah it's as if he brings a lot of the time yeah Brady Q maybe get us there 13 like will something like this make it so that everybody just wants to go see a good movie with a that I Eckstein Parker not now know they take a look at this team bond movie and maybe people. You elect does. Some people do sort of like west Stearns like you know there's I don't know I mean firefly and had that wonderful combo of you know scifi western and this steam on concern beyond that strange of western and signed by and when you were growing up westerns were everywhere here then they just kinda died out but maybe win the technological. Westerns with either steam punk what we see with west world. Mean he's the western will make its way back just evolved well the first one that we all remember. And we gotta give a nod to it was the old TV show while while west absolutist I I think that was your Aristide not on the national and waive the no guys yes that I'm the movie that we have to move around I had an as a linebacker al-Qaeda yeah sat yeah I don't know about that movie was a giant spider. Yes an amount much legs yet the line yet energy issue yes exactly seasonal business what happened right up half a penny a little bit more on them Jack he had just a little bit more wells so I'm very determined that yeah I'm ready to go see a cabinet mayor reading and read it before. And maybe you'll give a little bit recommendation or at least to review with you but if you guys do have recommendations on any books especially steep on books. I should just email be digging nation did you know about com. And now it is time to get to move and she Swiss TV. What's going on me he. Well apparently Netflix is going to be adding stream mean deems to exert why. Now of that is insane Netflix is already amazing NASA tech radar is reporting that mind Kraft story mode from telltale games will join Netflix as a five episode series on the streaming service what does that mean. I got you daughter yet so I don't know game. And a liar I generally IA says he I didn't know her mind trapped is becoming a TV series a five episodes here oh that's interest and now who. Yeah and that's kind of on the same lines they've got to do something really good with mind craft but I mean I remember like red verses blue if you had a lot of those other series that having you know avatars in games and you know talking indeed doing things. May be I mean it's hit or miss with these scuzzy Alley DM OG mini or metals. Can't you do you can't really movie and I calling a movie. Spin off after that well and that's because they had quality writing and quality. Acting and that's the key. Though there's a whole generation of my craft or is that is that like me I do not care it would have to be an amazing movie. Like lake Elmo because I didn't really care much about that either until now there once said this movie's amazing you gotta check it out. Bombs so it's it's got to be but maybe. For the target audience to people who just love my craft even if it's not amazing they'll probably love it anyway because of all my craft and that's a really good point I think that we need to realize that sometimes things are for you. Do you re cool with that in a one of the hardest things I think for nerds read the strong half. Okay that's coming to Netflix is a five episode series on the streaming service but. You'll be able to play the game in choose various events to see how the story and full follow that sounds. That's the telltale games is yeah they dude this is how they did that with the Walking Dead. Hi I've done it where it a bunch of other ones as well there was a TV show on scifi network and I always forget the name of dominion. No it was aside it was I can't remember but they remember that didn't like whatever you played in the game we determine the action of the show and by. I despise yeah I do assertive with the Diaz defiance. It's a cool concept defiance is a great show and I never played the game so hopefully we problem with defiance for me was that demon throws was out at the same time and I was super deep and that numb like it's tennis now indeed stories and everything don't compare ya if you knew about tell you if you need to show and you have a watch a show you have been watched three seasons only three. I want I thought defines as a fun show and I think that there was some good performances that show. But I will tell you this you talk about stuff not for everybody. I tried again to watch clone wars I know people like it there's the movie animated movie then there's the series. Dude I just couldn't do it then I just couldn't he didn't grab me so it's funny I'm a Star Wars fan but. That animation may be their style of acting email I don't know the writing it just didn't grammys so. You know and yet it's a it's an award winning show they choose so like you're right ravages maybe won't be for me but today could be for someone also now. How good my craft is absolutely one other thing and this is really confusing me so we know that Wonder Woman to use coming out. Based in the 1980s which I guess that's the thing right now actually titled Wonder Woman 1984. React Africa but I think it is down like he has an age I guess manhunt that's what I know she does not want she's part got us. But I guess and we'll let and I really got the pictures are out and we're probably gonna see this in the Sri weird. You know Steve Trevor a cool you know flew off capt America style with the plane during war or whatever to just. And we thought dead but he's appearing in the 1980s and an iMac awesome that's when I was thinking. That is why you're around the mall looking confused and eighties. Are nervous so she but here's the problem. He Cheri Lindsey is. He OK see that's the thing I don't need a sign up. They must be temporary because they made us believe in the Justice League movie or whether or her own movie. That you know when Bruce gave the picture that she was missing him badly like he was not around or maybe there's a sheepish fifteen type bad. One makes. The project. Hallucinations or bad you must shows up in your mind green I ask them around brain and I guess I like Els I like this possible possible plot I like and well it means a guess that Chris finds going to be back at least in some sort of form a manicure everybody. I mean I can't believe it I love how you can't. I'll take anything I like this time we're not we're not that close yet to have a love were thrown at him and he's only work on a little someday I don't throw that we're not everybody I think there's a connection there. From guys named Chris. Time. I'm in this release is. Just the hearings are you planning for him. Louis. And I was trying to have a masses and crafts comics and staying home. Your inner geek wants to come out and play plug where. To. Joined Vernon Wells six feet Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club.