BJGN 07-16-18 - Jonathan Tweet's Over the Edge RPG

Monday, July 16th

Rev talks with Jonathan Tweet about the return of his Over the Edge RPG; the gang talks TV with Cloak & Dagger & BattleBots; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said he Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always lose you are now entering BJ chase each patient. Welcome yes welcome to be days Shays geek nation and I in the reverent and playing go across from me he is Vicky Barcelona hello. These guys Chris walker local currency. Okay. Yeah. Dad yeah LBJ Shea but we graduate do you drill or not act and today's show I will talk with a one of my favorite game designers Jonathan tweet. We'll talk television with Hogan dagger in brothels bars and of course the geek she would beat you deep Vicky how can people get ahold of us planned sorry I discriminate the last time. They're never gonna end brand BJ he may send us. Known as are rare in there about. You can kind of apologies I know that. Have you any help any if any any hat. You can OK okay. To second B detainees in the face begins where you'll find us he has a design denounce I. And I said that does gonna speak with Jonathan tweet we had him on a little while go to talk about his game the the essentially ace children's game called clay Eads which will help you learn about evolution. And now it is a little more of an end adult sort of setting because we need him to talk with him about his new. Well his old RPG he's bringing back wit to meet today is Jonathan tweet. Jonathan the last time we had you and it was to discuss. Helping children learn about evolution with clay it's the gaming grandmother fish as well that's right. And this time I'm excited because you mentioned a little bit about this. Over the edge the RPG from. 25 years ago our country it's it's been a little bit numb a bridge is now. Maybe it's triumph for a return I can Syria now because already. The kick starter goals it is blown past didn't just a few days of first off congratulations on that thanks. What is over the edge toward those who may not know about it. It's over the edge is tabletop role playing game that. It's modern. Weird urban danger. And it's very free formed so. It's all designed to. And true supercharged the players creativity to come up with really interest to characteristic it and all sorts of interest in trouble. And then they'll takes place and as we Rhode Island in the Atlantic called a column are shy and at some. It's sort of the place where nightmares go to breed it's all. You know though all the weird conspiracy stuff that people kind of believe in you know whether it's conspiracies are. You obese on the moon or. I'm at chem trails and but but it's all. Weirder than that it's all the sort of post modern crazy. Mind control. Sir William S. Burroughs Philip K. Dick that kind of thing. And this was I mean this is the kind of stuff that was Hoover prevalent in the ninety's especially. And that is coming back now and we see a lot with the white wolf world of darkness that is making its return. So it just makes sense that something like this would would come forth and back you have worked with rob pain so a lot and at with a free form RPG's with thirteen page which is one of my favorite one of my favorite systems out there so this has me really excited because when you go back to their free form it's less about key role playing as an oral el Al all right buddy role playing of the characters that you want to create the ROL he now they're still rolling in the game straight because you have the S special senate McDyess don't go with this so how do you how does the dice rolls work in over the edge right. So that's a great question because one thing that's all newly is the system it's still free form and super phone home like the old system was. But in fact it's more flexible and and works on a greater range of possible power levels in the previous one did it's way faster. So when you're trying to resolve a conflict. You roll two dice clutched to succeed the dice and the total between the most faced the indicates whether you succeed or fail usually need a seven earnings. And then if you're either of those states comes up a three. Something bad happens to you though none are no word yes or no succeed failed. Equation and the Sunday comes up for that something good happens. In our resting so it's sort of like a far more critical except that it's more open ended and you can get a fumble wouldn't succeed and you need a critical when you frail. Which is a good way to start out there because it puts it in the hands of a the game master but also the player character as well because that's one of the fun parts about these the free form is that when you have and an exceptional win or maybe a win with a complication. Which is. Dealing with some GM is it's one of the greatest one of their most everything into the wind with the complications. You can have a lot of fun with Fannie can get real. Really interesting when he gets in the that's. Rain and that's what you're seeing like literature and movies and whatever I mean even if they're not great stories they have these cool twist where. There are here are succeeds but also think that happens as a result are they here was defeated but learned something important are. Yeah what's out what was the original inception what were your thoughts when you originally created you'll read system back have back in the ninety's well that's an interesting story because. When I created this game I had given up on professional role playing the design and I was selling mutual funds as my career. And and so man I want a I want Ned. After years of working on our Smart pick out which is a great game but merely have the very essence tents where he said he intense. I wanted something where I can say to my friends hey make up the character you don't really need to know the rules and it's a modern day weird so you don't need to know if you want to setting. And and then. You know super free for. Especially for the time just really how loose and open ended in so. I really thought of it has done publish whole game it's the game that I made for myself and no one else would appreciate because it's too weird it's too. Two free forum truce you know two story oriented. It's a little too out there because I know one of the things that I've had to deal with I'm trying to dungeon master just like out of the red box of and just trying to get my wife and a role playing games. It was. Well you can choose a humane a dwarf an elf or a half point you know she's I don't be a dragon. I might. You can't be a drag because it's not on this let's just say well why not nose like because of the rules state this that strength and with this you commute you can be anything new wind because you can work that into the game and you can create. The the idle land that he wanted to Israeli. And that's got to be it's just going to be fun any way around it just beat. Just because you can link if someone throws something you know. It's more improbable than anything else yup and you're talking about how you didn't think anybody would really be interested in this it would be only yours with your friends. But first off the kick starter has already buys already gone past its goals are. And so you know that there are people out there there are people who are players and there are people who work in the industry now. Who word then just shouting its praises and making sure everyone knows that they've acted as well you know it's got to be fine. It's really cool it's this is just a great place to be in my career where 25 years ago I did this crazy game as a young guy you. And and had a big influence on how people created Indy role playing games you know Bob Pattinson baker and right and had words and I didn't want to have you. And so I know I've learned from them they've done things that sort of shocked to media and you know ducks are your role playing game by. I saw a little contrary their stuff for the first time but now it's like aimed at decision you do a role playing game and so I moved I've stolen their ideas and put them. And in my game now and school really just great them. Come back to this really seminal. Game it's the game that sort of represents me. Artistically and politically and move and personality wise it's that it's that the Guinness closest to meet. And making sure that it was an urban setting why how how important was that for you in creating or the edge does Dan and and also now when you bring him back. He so. I think there urban setting it's super important for it and I'm. And that's because the service city's work place where anything can happen. You go around the corner you're gonna see something new. You know this is that the main city on the island is called edge and it's broken up into these nine neighborhoods girl different than. He's nine did districts and so you can sort of go from place to placing get different fields but what each one of those districts are so big that you can put whatever you want to in this sort of and that's important thing about a city is that. You know. In warm one in my campaigns. Halfway through we invented this weird cult because that are related to one in the characters. So now this cult had a chapter on the island and you know because it's a city you can just dropped be inhaled this actually warehouse the start now reserve has been reaper person that's a cult headquarters. And I am. Cold and there's just so much imagination that you can. Abdurrahman. With us in this city you know they're just so much stuff that you find a real city and then this is a crazy city and so you can really find crazy stuff. And play in one of those things they even mentioned with that is that day it was kind of the player generated stuff to tackle and all those things. And one things I loved about thirteen page in one doesn't the hardest things to kind of grasp as a player was that win had Jimmie when it's rob Haines so you know when he EU is that telling us it would be it wouldn't be so much he would tell us. What we side you would ask us to describe what we saw right and that will bring people into in it'll give them a little more of a a grasp on is what they won it means a little bit more to them on that end yup that's right. That's kind of beat ammunition so cool get any it people can check this out if you just search for over the edge on kick starter you can find it there's different ways that you can back it as with all of a -- and gave just the digital version the print version in you're gonna go with DS special court Alexis edition as well or a metallic cover why all really it's blows me away Kent writes that they can do that for that prays to god that's so cool I mean there's been a couple of the more I've bod the games. Just for the visible forms just to get like third leather bound edition metallic version oh so cool like it's it's. It's late future its retro futuristic nineties it's everything that encompasses this game is pretty cool bet yeah. The other thing you're dealing I'm going to pledge is. To me the exciting thing is you get to look at demand script won't really so you can start playing tonight. Wow. So you just get right into it you know within minutes just to make script doesn't under the set final on Sunday that editor whatever but you know you can play here that's exactly how pleased. In you've got a special dye ace dice set up and if you're a vendor as well this is a good one too because yes special offers for the vendors as well to make this all this talker that's right. Now. Wit. Do you think are PGs in general now have gotten bigger due to. You know the ugly in the ninety's we never even expected the Internet the Internet has in its infancy but now with the fact that we've guy pod cast your videos and stuff like X YouTube do you think that that's brought up by the resurgence of the RPG and especially games like this where it's a little more interesting to have someone or group of people. Disgust and play other characters a little bit more than just rolling the dice and trying to suss through an hour and a half of Compaq had. Yeah I mean I think that that's. That's a really good point that there's move so many ways to learn about these I games like I remember years ago you know before YouTube or whatever. I'm meeting kids were like yeah I would I know I would like to play dungeons dragons sometime and they you know they knew it was out there in the new is this. Involved game and they didn't exactly know how. They would learn it but maybe someday they would find the right connection when I write on YouTube you can to see whatever he had and I mean that's one of the things. Add that it with BJ when we're trying to play new board game. Is that they have the how to videos on how to him just how to play the games in suss it out before you even sat down to play it. Which helps a lot especially it's like any games that dungeons and dragons are some of the more the current year wines with. Going from pathfinder on not. Do you need to have a little bit of that but with this you can just get right into it just took tell a story tell us what you want your character to be chaos and dad the burden is on everyone in the group helped to put it together so it's more of a collaborative brainstorming session than any thing. Sickly at the beginning of a recession there's a special time so the site for the players to ask each other questions out of Carriker. Only nine source so this is where that cult came from is they had one of the characters was our Christian neck or Mansur and my question was you must have some sort of horrible rival you must have. There must be some person who. Like you who you know is our I'm YouTube preacher or whatever it. I'm and so that's a benefit. It's of the player hadn't thought about that but sort of we came up with this you know. Evil preacher who hates everything all pleasure or what have you and then once the Dallas the enemy. But Brady comes out of this collaboration where there and players are ripping off from each other and developing their characters and fleshing them out as they go sort of like when you. When you're watching characters and two series you sort of learn more about them as they go and maybe find though I didn't know they had that power I didn't know they had that tool or whatever and then just sort of experience come Surrey different from. They're you know the synergy Indy experience where you do you put everything down first. And and then I figured out there you go yeah. Yes nice and now tell us a little bit about the group that you have working on with this help you collaborate with this system because you've got a a leading it all up is our camp banks and he is an all time over the entry and bring your really love says the move and guys were great to work whereas and sort of gets what's what I'm doing with the new addition and and and that's great things he's been super going to work with. And then Mike creative partner in this one as Chris lights he is I freelance oral playing designer and also an all time fan of over the edge. He's actually the guy that got me thinking am I doing in new versions several years ago now how did that come about so he who didn't direct message me on face. Look at us like a lot of hay Una I don't know if you ever ordered wanna do a new addition of or the edge how do you we're happy to work on it. Via the Internet has done a lot for that I mean that's who I how we're able to reach out you know you're back in the day and get everything going on. I see that Chris has worked on shadow runs which is essentially a spiritual successor to a lot of what you've done well over the edge and so it's cool to see that in get those give the feedback on that it's fun to see people who are fans yes want to bring it back because I know our heart is into Leo that's rate and Daniel Chris brings a perspective that I can never have because I can never approached the setting us up sand. Yes and mean it she is essentially your child your baby at this point it has been for 25 years out so it's going to be hard for you to be. Objective when it comes a lot of stuff so people can help you out with that. Yup and I guess I wanna get Musharraf to revenue laws because I'll Robin is amazing I know so. A lot of they're really most creative stuff honestly in that setting. Four over the edge guy comes from Robin announced Beckham hadn't 92 those. His first main gig was mean. Having him just sort of submit. Items for me to plug into the game and really out. Wow so he got a refund then super super cool super cool and so. Like I lastly I can't compete with Robin shot. It's. Best bet that's that. You know socialist some of his staff you know now just sort of summarize her or you know reworked a little bit but. You know like I sort of by those shoes are gonna feel. Yeah. This it's amazing and again over the edge a role playing game of weird urban danger. It's available right now to back on kick starter I definitely suggest you pick this up if you're a fan of this story telling games and this is one of those ones where it's best to be ready to improvise and have a lot of fine. Jonathan thank you so much we're gonna put the link up on our FaceBook page whoever can get right to it but again they so much for spend some time agreement you bet thanks for a think he's so much Jonathan now we also have the link for the kick starter up on our FaceBook page should go check that out to search for BG she's geek nation. Let's talk some TV cloak and dagger is anyone store and afternoon. Anybody else what you can F then I'll just didn't get me wrong no I I watched three episodes and I haven't been back in. Again it might just be one of those ones where all eventually get to maybe he'll try to binge did it did. Summertime I'm not interest to watching TV but I'm not really doing anything else that bill Mac right taxi yet taxi. We're not gonna I was actually more I think he'd throw and I and I and I cloak and dagger. Such disappointing Andy has basically figured out her powers to she knows how to use and what it took was her attempting suicide oh wow yeah and that's how she'd like has able to now use her powers it. However Tyrone is still doesn't how awful on grass bomb them he still figuring it out. Tinny so she was kind of working together with her mom's new boyfriend which she thought oh this guy's gonna be another piece of crap using my mom because she's hot. Because the mom is using this is a lawyer guy. Oh yeah I he had a guy today she was banging to make sure and I go to outstrip try to get the case going so they can you know. Everyone blamed her dad when the whole explosion happened yes and so they got their money in their life and everything taken away from them. And so. The moms that access for trying to figure it out candy later pay your kind of nuts but then she canisters helping the boy from realizes his intentions appear because ever powers Doleac. And he gets killed. Because of this because they're looking into it and says she is able to get to step out of the safety using her powers here a little daggers movements as she is continuing on with the investigation. And now she's kind of try to go undercover. Into the industry. Like as an intern gonna cook she really get lying in kind of faking your way into getting places and basically she's become a buddies with the environmental scientist. Who is the daughter of the other guy who's on the project. So the other guy and heard AdAware mask like really good friends and partners and work on these projects. So the big bad in this one really is the corporation has point okay cool because the first couple episodes so it didn't necessarily give any leanings towards who AA the threat would be the antagonist would be stellar kind of dropped me on the little. Technically two antagonists I think we're leading up to something UK okay then with the whole Vudu the ante with that ties girlfriend then did she begin in the she started this episode like something's wrong like something's going on in the city. Sometimes alone and says she's you know like doing a reading in trying to figure out what is coming in she's a visit another hurricanes like not necessarily just something big is coming to the city's home is true in this city is always been plagued with disasters of some sorts yes may have to resolutely she points out everything comes into position and the dollar counter. And she had like a 3-D printing of Tyrell she's like that he's missing somebody in so obviously we know it's candy just yet they don't know yet. But fear going she kind of implied no one of them is going to not make it through until we know only the beer threat by becoming whether it's a supernatural super power typed. Kind of threat or is it a corporation goes right now they're just kind of fighting which she's trying to get. Her dad's name cleared Tice trying to you know bring justice to his brother's death might chasing this cop and getting help from the other cop. Trying to figure it all out so. It's interesting I cannot see where they go with this I feel like the first season's not going to be the best season but I am still. Following along pretty well like I'm excited for season CO that's cool that's an hour and get Matt Kelly runaways it was. Cool this is fine I like Jake that's like I like the series. The comic book series but I feel like next season it's gonna get real that nice. This is an interesting one because I forgot that they were still making this Chris you're watching battle mocked yeah I am this course you are happy. I heard some I wanna ask have you ever tried to create your own battle plot now I don't have this kind of the thing humility are really really known around and you just go for it. Well. It doesn't count appealing build two things out of Legos and special magnetic is at ten and mean them no no I don't know why I I haven't. Nowhere near the technical skill or or or know how or her brains it's something like this together Aramis Oregon about an Obama can answer that. So you're just getting your fix there by watching battle bots you had so. I think I don't watch boxing horror I Ultimate Fighting Championship earlier messed up. It's not my thing but. You put two robots in a ring together and I'm just beat the crap out of each other this guy and in sign me up and this season has been. Has been a great season there's a lot of robots are there right in the competition now and a couple favorites are back and today it's just. This is a show that I sit down and I watch and I just just geek out a 100% it hit you know like is that I don't like is I don't do a lot of sports at all or anything like that but when I see the media like who who's the match up today I want an honorary all of this is gonna go this week horribly one sided or it's a really good match. And I find myself getting into that sort of sports mentality and think well I'll just terribly easily beaten this type of a row about one time in the summertime the robot is you know failed every time it doesn't ring there's no way him. I got back because I've been watching this show since it came out this is this is show. It is that's what the ones that I've been watching a bunch I mean I remember watching a back way in when it was like the UK and I think a little blister for red dwarf was it was like the announcer. On and they've always had the different designs and they would have some with the flame throwers. The would have ones are usually the ones that did the best for the ones look like the big axe propellers or anything like on the front averages. Just sure as their opponent and I'll whores horizontal spenders so yeah got all we got a they've got what amounts to assault delayed yet only Longoria forty or fifty pound blade and if they can get it up to speed they can basically knock apart any other bought out there but it is on them. But you get a really fast wedge it's maneuverable wouldn't get under him and flip them or put him into the wall and hits over I don't act in a wage is basically like a moving a ramp guilty just slide under it and flip it over a menu you can't. Each you can have so biggest blade ever but if you're sitting like a turtle upside down your skirted right I watched I only wash solar one episode but I saw like a ram type woman to talk about going to sort of tomahawk or that went straight down. And it flipped it as it is trying to tomahawk it like flipped over but then Jim with the back of it ultimately what I remember that match yeah yeah crazy. Oh gosh what was the name them but anyway yeah yeah that that the there that I hammer by you're talking about that that but went on to the finals they ear and that was lost the bronco but that's you know that's a thing Broncos almost an install wrong goals. Bronco is probably be winning a spot in the series it's it's it's got a really really powerful flipper. And a nice solid body that is hard to turn over and hall also hard to knock out Broncos focus parliament favorite Ben did as the other Ludlow to arms and it goes. No I don't know I that's sad that's that's talked job. I'll watch John's great vigil looks like it's we Detroit or some to react and it puts you how happy bronco actually be crap unlocked judge I just few episodes. There's a lot of fun we. These because a it can get in a can give people really interest didn't stem technology yeah engineering side of all of that because. These kids that are making these a lot of times it's kids sometimes it's just engineers who are just doing it for fun but this is a really good way because this is spawn. Now when we did our old GE to they had the whole robotics lab and there's a groups and schools that are making these robots and maybe not necessarily to do the battle bots being. But it's the it's a way to get them interested so if you guy. Kids. Maybe nieces nephews sons daughters anybody who was interest in this sort of thing didn't want to battle by half and just and that point eking kind engaged. How interest to the RNA and beside and maybe do some even beyond smashing two Legos to get to Blake who treks. That is until market to your credit I. Are we do have to move on because now we've got. She'd Swiss dish or non Vicky. So. People don't like the new Henry can bill Mann a steel movie most of being in lake. His eye with us wishes to the trail but it fits to program. Yeah I am part of the problem was Superman is he's a pretty. He's head it's telling Amazon what have led to a wonderful reason why Superman never kills not you never killed just because his dad said so one day he made the decision himself because of an impossible scenario. To which then he said I don't care if it's impossible again I'm going to find a way to make it possible in the impossible. Lou. Okay thanks I'm doing that considering the fact that it's. Already happening in his hand and in this universe of the supercharged DCU movie right first. Sure. Why it at this point you need to do something on that end to kind of recoup then. Maybe saves Superman from being Mercury guy but I. I tell you they could've done any better. A better way to kind of show that at the end of the that he. Yeah like show more or not guilt I should say but kind of prove that hey I like the thing I like that idea it's Saud is trying to get Superman to become really powerful like Zhan understands that he is more powerful zoos like water through its entire life and thus. Superman goes all out doesn't know he's going to kills on. But I feel like the way they portrait of the movies or rent I knew what was happening and yeah and it was one of those things where it's like I have to kill side in order to stop him but I mean this is. A universe where we have like what was it the negative zone. What they have these superhero prison system around them descends into an alternate reality like if they keep that sort of thing in line with that I just. Also I think generals on as a pretty compelling character at least has been in the past and it's one that you could bring back just getting rid of him. He is looking way more compelling than Steppenwolf was. I think that doomsday was. Except for the comic was kind of made him a little more interesting of a character as you go along like. Exotic. Is a good character and yet killed them bright and they have no bad guys now plus like that you're totally right they should just go to a different universe right and they fight each other debt alternate versions of themselves or something Leno Letterman the other guys come back I mean now I guess what I. Her mama. I think you know I remind me of the Steven moon they did really well I don't think they're really cared about like the villains in like the stand alone movies because all they were caring about was to do what Marmol has done. Yes creek this amazing teams like. We need to hurry up and get magazine and I. And marvel had the exact same problem it wasn't up until very recently that they've had compelling villains that's been my biggest argument against the series so the fact that DC is falling in the exact same footsteps just at eight lower than the go bots. They really all of superhero maybe they really are India and sorry daily lows ago laws but you know there are inferior to transformers he does know this will lose the the other Leo's. So yes fox you have mega blocks clerk if that's what happened with all the bad guys teaming up like are we not gonna get the Joker and like all the people coming together to fight Superman Batman together to that never happened or that's on mine they did did a couple of times Lex Luthor tried to bring those together I think that was what they're trying to do in the Justice League bonus scene because we had. We had it's not his name isn't dead shot it's that's right now dead by Domingo and LO ad giant LO is. Thank you yet death stroke is played by mention also he's going to be actually mangan that I already know he's going to be doing that. And I know they him lessons are putting together a team to combat that because that was the bonus scene at the end of Justice League. But. I did he got to do something big ideas have been worthwhile some hoping and yes I'm hoping Joseph. The only thing worthwhile so pars and Wonder Woman. One book I can't wait for one donate for either the and in talking about comic books and you know movies and shows so we've heard the guerrilla umbrella academy and he has read it yet no I have not the best the one that the there are way way arrow keys releasing her My Chemical Romance there was that fans scattering marketing. But it was an actual it's really good series Kelso did kill delays which is a comic book and TV series moving. So he has two installments of the impala umbrella academy so to trade her out and we do know that we're getting a Netflix television series. At some point do they get currently working on it. But apparently at you know right before you know San Diego comic con that's just you know right around a corner. They've announced a third installment in the series. The umbrella academy hotel oblivion and so we're getting a third graph and focusing years add to senseless little the second trade so if you. This is a good time to start reading I think I've only read the first one and I will admit we knew read this you're gonna have to read again. If you're like me because he. The main characters there's like seven of them are so. They all have names. They are how code names for them. And they are howling number associated to them this is like our demon runs issue where I mean we're calling people you know Tyrone Carter I chanting don't underline it and luckily they're different enough characters and you're like OK so this this this person right but I had to re the second time. Remembering everyone's names. Hey remember who is to do that goes on and they'll talk a dumb call by their first name and then they'll mention the nickname like weight which one is firmer crap which owns her. And sell this but it's a really really good series and I recommend you reading at the for the TV series and how are Netflix series. Because our schema thrown before you read the books I have are the books I didn't I haven't read the books at all. How long how he sees it takes you like finally understood every character. Like I want alternate site like I think takes probably season four or five were finally started like everything was clicking right away and it was it having to look at it cheat sheet there is a lot of the we're doing the might get their little I added she she just to try to make sure insults out who was who. I mean retrenchment novels my whole life and what's missing so I'd I had it by the universities and why why why. Now as an Iran when he was for me man once they started finally killing off characters I was like all I know who that is now I. Plus the best way to do it is to watch it with someone who's not good at this. Because you have to keep telling them people are okay to that point Adler a really great point there economists and and yeah. Well I don't need to worry Diane fails the guy would be easy as name right. Friends with head of. Well a little walls. Long until next time match fixing nerdy net and. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your geek flag fly and Vernon Wells. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club next BMW dot plus.