BJGN 07-20-18 - Ant-Man & the Wasp with SPOILERS

Friday, July 20th

The gang discusses the latest episode of Preacher; Rev talks to Gareth von Kallenbach about San Diego Comicon news & rumors; the gang discusses Ant-Man & the Wasp with SPOILERS; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan so I'm flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering the Jewish easy venture. Well yeah and welcome to BJ she's keeping me shin high in the river and play go across from me is Vicky Barcelona and we have all cool crass Ohio this show's namesake Vijay Jay it's good to be. Good to be what day. Not end running the boards it if it is Joey. On today's show we bold talk for free sure we'll talk Garrett one Collins Bob and I we will spoil AF man in the why last gasp. They're ready for that and of course the geek she would think he'd meet Vicky how can people get a hold of us. Via our web flag yeah nation dot com it's going to have our pod cast inflows social media sites but I mean. He is taken BJ geek nation you'll find us. FaceBook Twitter this and he exactly and now let's get right into it with some preacher talked. I've been totally slacking and I think at this point I'm just gonna wait for the entire season Harry and I go okay now a danger at all this gang has Sally guys I know I've I've you're really bad about it because it I'm excited for the show does not necessarily excited to watch TV in the summer. Like he's just getting to that point wonders like you've got inside. Never really value menu you you've been moving ally you've got a lot to ask your plate so that's it so yeah you're gonna have to just catch up and it's like you said game style I know I feel I feel like a bad geek though. Well you are and it's not that about that NRA reestablish a nice to confirm that then so what's been going on with preacher. Well. We know that he's been any Angel bill he's kind of stuck there after the Brit resurrected tulip season they found out Cassidy the vampire and they're basically using him in their tombs fight club situation game. And right now currently we are in the last episode we did see that too that was kind of hanging out with mrs. Believe Adam Miller man illegally here she wants to find a way to reverse his the spell that keep being Jesse there. She'd. However kind of get stuck having had you know. Runaway because salt about geyser after her and this is what madam Boyd had a tells relate well you know Jesse Custer broke my heart and he also. Killed my brother basically because Jesse was afraid of her getting hurt by his family so he said I don't want anything to do a few year piece of trash brother came in for retaliation any accidentally killed him. Well yes that's going on with Jesse right now he's trying to. He's in the the weird fight club my spirits even though what had to be when he chopped up Cassidy trying to save his life and try to put him like a FedEx box. I face I mean that's you know packaging and everything you freaking yankees does Barack is any after he's yelling at him that. Really man you could just like this tendency over years something and. Which later does happen perfect rating in America. Certificate an incidental pearl flip through dialogue that's on them. That's exactly exactly Cassidy said it was so. I realized that my mending ad just the age of and is not in the senate apartment so he I see only I don't know would. He would you say he might be a scary to. Me. Mean me. And our country. You're funny yeah. I only do as the saint of killers in the to have as well know having a great conversation with Satan who I think might have been the greatest character of the show. So good how about Africans. I'm trying to think Likud is that he seat reminds me of like the south park's Satan illuminate swing and gave corals seemed for Tunisia is d.s music video makes swing if who's the other in the Alley that other legend legend they add value to carry all three of those together this is the state. You know the great line let's get the formalities on the way right just whipping guy errors Harry businesses with a guy over and over again with us she was like the angels that they're yeah I like I guess assistance and here he's all like I'm not gonna really enjoy this. I'm okay. Dealers walk away because he doesn't scream at all or anything this entire time he's getting Wiki c.s like back completely just not cool hamburger not even know just like drill holes are carried the ball is flying out and. Or is that ribs from Iraq and yes I thinks that's actor is mostly a a voice over actor I'm looking and seeing on Satan has down Jason Douglas he's he did Darius told him on the Walking Dead was the only other thing that I see here that. Gather a lot a lot of the rest of it is all video game and Mueller were no sorry dad but yeah was he was so I mean that was that was incredible. Overall I'm enjoying it although I know I think it would like it more if you want like an epic series at a convention and I think I'd really just fall deep into it so you're saying Israel's got the right idea kinda nice even Joey d.s place this year oh yeah I buy like this is a long more than like over the past seasons it's moving a little quicker I have no idea. How all these families have these weird Mike. I guess on earthly abilities 'cause we find the other failing to Jesse was involved with earlier that you know he kind of screwed over. Also has some sort of abilities spike to I don't know read into the future or contact the future. And I am I'm confused but I only good can feel it's nice features it. Can only get a first it was very slow because we are getting in a deal what's Jesse has kind of surrounded himself with what kind of life he has and then just what it's kind of a garbage community he had. Yes and he's he's a he's a good guy the whole time. But he works for really bad people and you don't really know why except that he has the last name and they'll have. Yeah a nag sometimes that's all media is it's the family that your silent as that was his mom who basically was if you if you saw the flashback scenes it was mom was involved with that family then and that's why he got stuck with that family and then put in the box and then ya quit fouling our daughter that really is his grandmother and I was you know right against president Lyndon not having a good connection between him and madame she's finger really care about Jesse. More than one party she never found a replacement for Jesse's since he left us shot failed again which makes you wonder why he was so special and now he has this ability sorrow I don't know is the ability right now he's a soul magazine stand where I can and oh yeah that's a stretch there's just a lot of factors he can't believe is. Where he's married now he simply but he need to find a way to get sold axle when he could use the abilities but also you know not have part of the soul and health and so the big wrap up at the end obviously was Cassidy decides that he doesn't wanna leave without to look but tulips like Ollie in are now I don't love you that way you need to leave Mathis cast he's clearly and your children actually I mean he's not a crafty as person when it comes to love and yeah. I love potion move from grandma's so what can you guys summoning you know will's gonna be as. Tillis obviously I thought it was in middle of but I can't remember the book so well but I think it's he's got to use it on somebody since not a reason to look in Iraq and radio or maybe it's gonna end up in the wrong hands or is and I Iggy you know someone Els you know it's going to be one of those things and the only picture in my god that dogs as well and a lot of -- is he's that would be hilarious. The scenes of killer is falling in love with Cass city known and coming up and I was never seen him when god tries by the motorcycle lets you know just like golf freaking out like not paying attention I think god set up to deadlock as the devil has plans guy he knows Gaza not there are new worn out and and I think -- just screw her her opponent the man. He's messed around until the double tries to make a move an ominous thing I do like saying yeah. And like like I know shows going which is what I love. Yes because most show still like I know what's gonna happen and misses and then some and that's going to be bad this summit I don't know. Yeah I think they did a better job likely to be tried that same thing in season two where they have a whole mystery of where is god and it didn't hit as hard because there really wasn't off. On good plot that went along with that there was a lot of roaming around they're kind of meandering around in not Holland's yap put in this one there's like a stable location and a bunch of stuff going on around it all matters. It's just gonna get weirder yeah exactly that's SA and a bright red Satan can pain on a weird dark office. That's his office that have Laney and have we seen herr Starr yet no one time this season to just one element in India the first of the hard together Hari Krishna shoot out yeah how many hour limit and inner S and also to look whose cost Jesse is sold because she was gonna kill her star in the whole gang right before Jessie was about to get his soul wow and they're like nevermind you're you're overshoot Mattis who they are -- -- about I don't know. So much going on and see what happens. Moving on from that saying if Cindy you comic con is happening right. Now I know right now I do have all of the news and all the information and there is some stuff out there right now titans is the new trailer that has come out in I guess the a grim dark world of DC come ask again just dead men gas we have on our FaceBook page if you wanna check that out but a person now here to give us some more news and rumors from San Diego comic con. Is our very own pure bunk. And yeah there is on Colin Bob. Joins us from skewed in review that is SK NR dot net and here at San Diego comic con is upon us and I know that your gonna have a ton of information act skewed in reviewed. Let's talk a little bit about the rumors going down especially the fact that marvelous saying they're not going to be DN SD EC so that I mean that really means that DCE. Is primed to do something man. Yeah emotionally it's got a one wondering because. We have studios and the capstone were not going to beat air and than bush lo and behold they show up and it's kind of welcome. You know the only one channel you from certain one of you sang and when they say we're not going to be there it's we are not having eight channel. Mysteriously they shorten the boost they show what the pop up they show up to add in the middle of another panel or something like that. And you know drop the thing Americans. You brought a connection point now. We know that marble will their other games we know Marmol is going to do their to their television series and we know they are going to be there for the comic books. So who can obviously there's going to be a China Marmol merchant are solo at a place so they opportunities are there and Seville at this point yet. This point we're just talking about and sees it and how the marvel cinematic universe is going to be there were. And like MM are saying this is gonna happen but what we just give via a potential scenario. You get these sayings like Kevin Smith just has Campbell and all like each topic world. What from shopping Kevin Smith for a moment oldest animal to have per Larsson popped out and show walks teach our captain more trailer or got you know like that you know that could happen amend technically. Yes marble was not there and they did. Kept contrite he in my whole crew do on the spiel. British controlled all so you know things like that cost or they can still released a trailer to the web during that time just not a panel but. It is Mary interest in that they're not going to be they're considering what her big competition has got rumored implant. And I mean we're talking about there's a ton of DC stuff that is coming out this year including I know that they're shooting Wonder Woman 1984 now but we've got our command as well I've seen the commerce. I think on Entertainment Weekly and some of the other Macs like it's they looks. Pretty cool. Correct and we'd I have close tension directorate change one who people may remember we get faster curious realms. It was kinda want to trick people behind sort franchise piece flight out shout or question mark trail. Trying to get trailer cut certain particular comic during their panel on. The morning. And so old you know the moment it can't spare it's going to be all over you can pretty much penetration the most gonna pop out we each forty matured you might get the same thing pursue Sam is actually by it's going to be there and you're probably gonna you trailer. But timber here and some really interest and potential rumors about wonder why. Really. And what we're hearing and is now this is Shirley Chan have played the way back machine on us but a while back we talked years ago when the G-20 tree explodes Itar how we won and and they have their upcoming film channel on May get one pro destruction America wonders souls church and they came out and sit Morgan show you machine that was just dome this week. It's got temporary video tracks that sort of shut MM turnout speedy open inching murdered rated the trader gas. And and they showed us a little bit later in their presentation they showed us quite a greater what the age and everything like that there're some people saying that that might be a long blind to what we get we'll get a domain show up and we may get one of those okay Pearson Pearson much more footage now it'll be similar to what happened last year with the adventures where they showed footage and it was no cameras no recording industry is now being released to the web period is and they kind of relied on people say okay this is what I saw a map sort and church or two that's one of the loudest on the ground right now. Now I say I mean that's going to be loud guys I cannot wait did you see how that's gonna go because I still have hope that DC is going to be old blows through and Wonder Woman was really good I really enjoyed HI am hoping our commands going to be along the same lines. Now let's talk a little about bit about the Walking Dead because. Right now we know what is going on we've heard that Andrew Lincoln and Gloria Lauren Cohen are out halfway through this season and should do we know really what's going on at this point or is it still just rumor and speculation. Rumor and speculation but you know the old saying about where there's smoke too much longer losing them on the blue or which now. That being said this is going to premier real interest in expenditures are actually was able to get. Are confirmed for the interview what can bet chest. Now we know intra Lincoln's going to be there we know church urging Morgan's going to be there and now we know some of the other cast members are going to be there and you know it was just simply I'm Gerald going to be there and the others now. This is worst its interest and teachers you have Tom. Jana currents Gutman who emerged preeminent Star Trek movie even block. You know that there's probably going to be a lot of people. What they are and I'm wondering how are gonna cover deserts are gonna say don't don't bring us up just I can just imagine air Sri chime in each with people it's going to be arguably Michelle really emotional really Michaud. And dairy either going to be making an announcement to get to convention probably during the panel organized sidestepped it but. You know I know restored to show but it it seems interest and smell their analysts because this would all those rumors swirling people are gonna be. One inch and a list and I. Don't trying to are gonna get away with just saying you don't wait and see wait and see they're gonna have to just keep some type. Gas and I mean this is just more of those things that nowadays we have the way that the Internet goes out there surely people going and using drones to go over this sets you got to do a lot of subterfuge did throw it out there and sometimes I think at this point honesty might be the best policy. Where can you know and here's the thing I need our mission and about just the other day and I know there's Paula church because you're apt to keep the excitement traditional opera and all that Dutch. You know. Let's look at the Danish human side of Russia. Andrew Lincoln kissing bush. He is chairman Jerome and torture were huge chunks of a year now they have gone several seasons on the show and I'm sure it's a case of like a lot of people. Future television shows are extremely grateful for the you know blue she gave their career their break terrible storm it's all that but then you also get to a point where you shake. It's gone on longer than I thought it was gonna go when I signed onto it while I'm. You know really well compensated. I've been doing this for what eight years now ask and it's taken out you know 789 months of my life the media just may be I'd like to chill out and you know go back home in May be just you know be no movie here Choo every your community 1213 weeks showing vs eight months and I think you people should dedicate yourself look I'm tired and I need a break or something like that people might accept that. I have to deal with that and Meehan on no salting the guy on that thing I mean we've gotten eight full seasons of the Walking Dead so I'm definitely DOJ went to that now finally. Our league innings Spock in star trig discovery. Boy than a million dollars and number I don't gear here is its can tell you. They're just we have been asked to come to be Star Trek the interview session however. They're not confirm spaces it's kind of a first come first served lunch but you know it's yearn to I didn't Gerson rumba once chills up that chip yeah. Now we do know when we have had a couple of promotional photos such that. To pass it via an outright just gonna factor into it. And so were charred commuter price chair nearest port captain Kirk. We you know we're actually that she you know brutal Michael lynch and deeds are exception. Adopted. Daughter sooner or that would make stalked her half brother mental. Do you know we do know first fracture which we grew on the air tries under chapter interest or shall try to show. Due to match cannot stand to reason that the fact that she has you beat there are much they're gonna try to pull really close and straight bowl this a year you'd be forced locker to sign it near her try to she saw upon. Whatever the the way one and I keep you would have to be and that's mixed up mark. And that's what I'm thinking at this point Manny can do a big old tees like this and not have me work out that way because that's just gonna this is gonna (%expletive) off the budget trackers man cook off. Exactly and especially now you know no children communicate. China tradition on this as the second season. They change show runners as we discussed how we control about six episodes Turkcell and they're always rumors of other Star Trek you don't projects TV shows animated shows coming. We know older at least two more movies some discussion they need this season to not only be accurate but take a step forward over last year or so missions one of those things where. It's a Dicey minority cheap people saying well you know Spock camel and it to ninety chief peoples and you know old blundered anymore. Cast such an iconic. An accurate Spock. Even sir creek until a crude he has done. Isn't you know B isn't taught or anywhere near the same mobile Leonard Nimoy and that's always trouble as are you gonna go down that captain introduced yet another spark to us. Yet that is an interesting thought on that one man take you so much geared to gay and gears on gone box from skewed view you can find it at SK and our diet now and this is the week ended check it out because of all the updates that are going to be hitting the Internet from San Diego comic con should think he's so much here as. Any time to. Thank you so much geared to begin more information is coming from San Diego comic con just all the time so we're gonna have stuff on our FaceBook page scared we'll be posting stuff but also check out as Kate and our dot net. Now it is time for us to discuss. And a man and the loss true in this movie spoil worry. This is also I haven't seen them marine food and manuals and yeah. It's no you haven't seen the movie I have not Z I thought wow be behind on preacher you're just behind you are bad you know I am wow really about Z here's I'm guessing that's I have all of these excuses but I mean they're literally just bad excuse knowledge I don't know that was so I mean I there's no reason for me to put forth on that but. It has been out for awhile and we do have fans that want to hear our opinions about it. But I think it I think these first opinion we she gave Afro is from our. Our favorite Brazil 20 easily yeah yes absolutely. I got and I mean literally in July and has a hole in the camera there is in. Do you think you would think OK. I don't know and I am as my young talent it was a good round beautiful but aren't those islands with thunder Wagner. What's the. You can nation come back because there is no way he inhaled. Yeah I'm gonna you're so let's talk about the gentleman was home. So whereas for me this movie is on our own may view. Battered. And your holiness. Let potter movie I love Donna carriers of a love the Soria love. Ever demos of from beginning to the end. It wasn't really experience it was also my first. Ford yes experience things movie theaters next to my awards. And men men though all the characters were fantastic we do should be and is going to be elsewhere as Captain America. As to Mike Hsu favorite characters may be fish fins even better because of this whole institution in this. I've pursued and leave. The original was also was a great choice by them by marvel. It is life harder feelings for the movie reminds me of the 80s90s. Comedy movies YOB. Why assuming your superhero movies and having their challenges or difficulties. And their hopes of them firmly. Promoting family values. Some man who's got to do everything to save CIO. And going to the high school and reunited family saving. Your daughter. Man oh man I can't stop him out as we got to see I don't know maybe 23 times before you are years. Maybe I don't just won't survive so. I guess a great reveal so. Offensive guys thank you very much guys seem excited. Vibe from. Nightmares Amanda yeah Advani kicks ass thank you so much buddy and that's so we each says it might be is favored beyond infinity war. While you are you guys agree or disagree on this and her. I wouldn't put it like I wouldn't say it's on par like care. It's a good will leave that I don't like infinity ward better now okay I think that he I think that we like infinity ward so much because the fact of all the other movies came before an infinity war probably isn't that good on its own but because of earnings come before it. It's it's it makes it a lot better but I think a lot of people said you know -- been any war is okay in the you know as some movie on its own because it's so it jumps around a lot you don't get to really get into any of the characters a whole lot group we assume a lot with those charges because we've already seen their movies and already love and you you're right I mean like you said it has its had ten years eighteen other movies to build upon that and get into that he can go in you can do all these jumps you can have three different groups doing three different things. And I think I mean I would even put black panther of the of infinity war. In terms of like standalone movies like you're saying so I kind of again. Kind of agreed but not necessarily because I mean then Intel cards held too because I feel like it's not a complete movie it's like watching back in the day when you have and and first VHS for a second the agency only seem the. Oh about ant man and wasp what are some of the things that you guys really enjoyed about the movie. He hit him on the head it's very lighthearted yeah Tom BAA really really is oh is it PG thirteen area has a thirteen yeah it really I mean it's you. You know that yes they he and the little girl and and he there's an opening scene that's really you know if you're a big daddy daughter Stanley kind of person you're gonna love the opening scene in the movie. And of course you know I. And what he's been up to use since you know. Captain America and basically broke about a trick then is that he's been under house arrest. Yeah years and they cover it layup they cover of why he went to help on civil war. And why the wasp doesn't there yeah and and and why also Hawkeye was well not why talk I was never you realize okay yet another new Hawkeye our guys still I MIA we don't know what the stories of hawk eye but no connection to him in this movie in our esteem com. Yes so I had to you know it's it did everything the first movie did and more really a you know they they added a cooler villain. Henry John common I really really like her a lot she's in kill joys. She was and a great episode of black mirror and she was also in now ready player one as if you remember that that woman that was working for the bad guys are ready player one who did all the court martial arts stuff. So hey she's good I like her. I also liked the fact that ghost was not here you know wasn't a two dimensional bad bad guy points fish. Firm was and it Tammy and are more it is great man yeah. I know one thing I did confuse me at the beginning of the movie we get a flashback and we see Hank Pam and we see. The young little analog plug Karl yeah he and Janet van dine of course Ashley wonderfully by Michelle Pfeiffer today of course you know wash mom. Read the original lost I would not mean I don't know if this is the thing here's Peter but he just is to start playing the movie just started playing and then it went into that's exactly I yell what are we awful that's how they were also post because I remember right my run. It starts once you start the timer once you hear Michael Douglas starts speaking and Mike that's we use it they say after the marvel logo are after something. Yeah I did that's an abrupt right it's oh yeah you didn't know that that was the beginning in the moving yet you to lake I thought it was another trailer and at what the hell is this and then you see a young Michelle Pfeiffer appear on screen which the way the CG daddy did on the shelf life for an on. Michael Douglas. Was fantastic really expecting like super grand Mal quality if this was really got jets get better and better public you know not these people. But you're totally right Vicki I actually for I thought that exact same seeing the movie started and I thought we're going into one of those like Pixar shorts no -- -- and then I said the Mike we have may be like they just forgot to switch the still real quickly enough for something they forgot somebody's latest third in the movie are you know I miss something usually you out luckily I knew who thank you run. I don't like a little preemptive thing you can tell because of lost hair shorter like she was in the first movie and they found some plans like K we kind of wanna create this machine. Just tell like K okay this can happen before maybe during the civil war time our after the first name and movie. But before our current movie see kind of have hey this is what happened. Maybe it is nice they do a Smart thing grabs may have to villains in the movie. One villainous stupid blah he's like believe gangster. The only as a bunch of money he cell oh yeah parts water and Calkins is grim eight Seattle loves him and he's an idiot and you get it fast he's never gonna win he's the bad guy be you know is gonna lose it's gonna cost how thick right we just great because they've the other villain in the movie was not really a villain but you know you don't know that the whole time. Bag is a super powerful yeah I got a mess and they are both working against each other but really in the same way. So they add that light hardness with personal being a bad ass and I think that really worked for the movie on nice. How did they were both trying to everyone was trying to get ahold of this object. And they were all not serving the same purpose to of them worm will supposedly bad guys. And Joseph he's right it did add chaos just like all right well they defeated the bad guy there's no problem here is long gone and I Vermont and I'm and that's how hard and his character is so awesome it's like every bad guy Walters ever play with that southern charm button is that while Montel you gorgeous and just when you go you're such an idiot did I kick your ass. He does have an ability not to get his ass kicked completely where he still is a factor epithet and yet you'd like Joey said he'll put this. So he can weigh Jenny he's admitting it without a doubt and not so good and I gotta give morrow credit I think fed. You know minus the fact they're casting is is great right I think there's something about marvel movies that when actors go into it. They just bring out the best of the script in the sense that they know they're doing a marvel movie and they know that everyone's important it's gonna be light hearted and funny and even the FBI director kind of stole the shoulder on the Iran. Hard he's got a fresh off the boat yeah he has got good junior right he would do if they would just in the there was so much comedy in this probably more comedy than any marvel movie and it wasn't over the top though either wasn't like OK there another judge okay it is at this stage yeah I just done so well his character ant man is an idiot I mean they set it up so that you don't mind any jokes in a movie with mammy and you realize he's an idiot. Educated he's an idiot yeah I mean they're really easy and things go wrong you can't get anything right any messes everything up. And it works it just works because and a man itself I never thought it was an interesting character but anybody who loves honey I shrunk the kids you're getting now with this movie. They're a little bit upstairs dealers they offering guests are run home at the end and the for the FBI guys come in and you know the entire dumb I know I am I didn't take my ankle bracelet off at all. Yeah the car doesn't act like a superhero ever and I think that's what makes movies so Garrett gaff here just a regular guy that happens to fall into an Iron Man suit kind of a thing an asset to leave a cocky guy jackass he just like I kind of wanna like hang out my daughter and not get arrested. And it's never been the best suits you know that other thing is there's always either any of the wall stressed that all you do need to digital ally with her blasters and pack go because you didn't have had to rebuild my studios are delighted. Like this. Yeah in this movie for some reason I did think he needed to second C you can the other one was gone and it just malfunctioning the entire time. Which is funny because you'll be in this lake and basically like a kindergartners body types I really street some downed that size and he's trying to grab stuff. And you don't I'm not I don't know this is a great comedic movie when Bobby cannon volley who is a great bad ass bad guy actor. Is playing like the light hearted like a lovable goalie I give my guy and yeah exactly they're fine my girl can't even though we're all our fans hey he's likely he's the he's the new husband that has no problem with the ex husband. And I I. That's why we can't Valium like I'm probably never plays a role like this and of course Michael Pena steals African shall there and done multiple times he has a similar routine that he did in the first one that was really loud. Truth serum yeah concert series at the end really only got the sister Sarah Palin I yeah mostly true seriously silly Sarah does exist it's like truth serum. I was when Lilly has the lost. Bad ass yes she's good how Sosa yes she does a really great job and she really adds. She adds stability to the movie she adds grab a testament and 8000 movies and Michelle Pfeiffer remand home. Arena lots regal I was content to where I was. Michelle Pfeiffer is a totally real. Reminds me of Angela Bassett and black Panthers they may have that violate their on the screen and you go it. These women are awesome and they will be awesome for the end of Sicily and the time he had that is great so wrapping it up before we get to the geek she what would you guys give it in terms of scores between you know zero and ten. I an eight. Yeah that's where I would go I would get in I didn't expect to like this movie I wanna get my wife hasn't seen any of the MM movies so when this comes not only do a little double feature at rice hasn't done that as well now you know zone and resolve a bad excuse I'll given an eight as well. My my thing though too with there was I was there's a few things from the first day man movie that I realized it wasn't super memorable 'cause they're like talking about the quantum realm and I eight. Totally forgot even went into that in not only am I don't know the thing how did the first movie and I don't remember. I guess I need your lives. Well it's shocking Joseph would you give a yeah I gotta go 88 and a half but I think if you see this with the right group of people you might be given a tad you'll I think it was that good. Yeah we were fired you because when we go see movies were the theatre by ourselves intern at an earlier hearing with a crowd and all the jokes nobody's laughing maybe had a beverage a dinner. Yeah yeah I think Joseph is right to do gonna really give this movie high rating which. Again another marvel movie another marvel character and I don't know there's fishermen out of the park uncle Chris oh I didn't see it now. Eight out of ten yeah I don't know I'm not. Would you assume we talk about something now now. Is the biggest display really is the spoiler re so why wasn't and man in the avengers movie yeah why wasn't he in the inventors movie so none as silly. It doesn't really explain the we find out where he was acting so about the time where you know fan this is about to snap his fingers they decide to do some experiments and get some energy and stuff from the quantum quantum realm even so Michelle Pfeiffer is scared they're you know and the loss stand. Yeah Pam are all hanging outside this machine they made it smaller out of the van. And ant man is kind of hanging out like on on a tether kind of thing and it's OK guys like to hit the switch I got all the stuff bring me back. But then we get we can back and we realize that all three of them got sentenced. One. So it's. And ailing OK guys isn't funny. The mere fact they postponed no pain now floating around the quantum realm you know geez a lot of people were like going really they didn't know what was going on but a lot of you know a lot of infinity ward took place offer yeah and all of everything was as big earthquake. I'm guessing bells over the course of what three days today's and that's the thing I was in Condit to gap they'll -- which was still very just recently. Expose a place and so if you're not paying attention to what is happening in New York as you've got other things going on an eight iron on the run the whole movie that mean they're trying to stay off the grid depends because of the film is a good this Kobe and accords which is why you mad man was locked up and house arrest in the first place was because of the violations of Columbia records in civil war inner stand Hank tambien involved in their gender and so tankan and and the loss for on the run. And idea so off all in all. I think the explanation is fine for crying out Latinos behalf these songs are easing Marmol haters to Star Wars here's your late in the company nearly a movie she's definitely here is that I like to see them try to put together an entertaining amazing a bunch of movies already bought its radeon and keep it right together you would not want to see that. No. You know what nobody would see it because it's all those movies fail from all these people can make a just like I would tell you when your five friends and go see the movie because nobody else will. I just realize there isn't a single character and am at a loss that is important. That's good like oh you ladies at court purpose I feel I guess he didn't lose the comedic thing. I felt like every character or even inspirational thing his daughter basically I mean did you she's awesome. And I'm really helps on the movie too but even got the ministry the Turk a truth here we kind of like the balloon but can actors like. Yeah anything it's not true serum it's like that it is that even he had like a deadline. Yeah he did at the end yeah well thanks for either of you guys and everyone else wants to give more reviews guards post our FaceBook page shoes email be digging each and Jeanne. Dot com our lives and yet but now it's done all our. She twists Dickie V pinky what do you got for us movies could that is bright day. Already and that's quite a few movies coming out today but not really a whole lot the you're gonna wanna see see us go back and watch iron and man in the law that where incredible still. You know I'm. Because the equalizer two's only getting 41% all as a plumber. Which is very interesting because mark reviewed it on yesterday's spots and you really enjoyed it he was pretty ambivalent towards the first the first one would then sell them he actually likes a movie the critics don't we're married we're kind of thinking maybe due to the current climate of news and information any sort of escapism for mark is good staying up our sense he might have those sort of rose colored glasses when it comes to watching movies same it is Denzel link yet until dad asked. Yeah and how does he think he stands up to hold now. I yet he is but it's he is one of those like elder action things you know I mean we've got Lian Neeson doing stuff. I mean Tom Cruise is still doing the Mission Impossible it's. So I'm manager that's getting rave reviews too and he's older so I mean like I think older dude does break in people's bones and being the action stars is gonna be OK guess sold and Ellis is sixty. Not like I'm sorry OK I know who knows in his forties right 636. Worrying. Now when you sit not quite. Styles close and I played well I'm an American gangster recycle those on TV and I thought he looked pretty young and I saw a trailer for the equalizer while the move was on another old man out and got the wrinkles well it makes sense he's 63 I'm not realizing I mean that old he still looks fantastic and if he said he was 45 I believe it well -- I'm William magic's young I mean everybody who's old with a meal looks like they're young enemies so I I. I don't ask don't over the Rio BG can now continue your career as an action hero the equalizer three. I have to ask the people recently about this man on fire one of the greatest movies ever. Never seen it nanos CNN any device that's why got to say I'll let I think I think you're exactly the right age for that movie. And it came on doesn't use a little young women and came out you have been using the greatest movie out of all the -- agreed this is just think it's up there in good movies are you serious movie ever I believe I heard there's a great a lot of great and I really wanted to I think maybe what do you want the greatest movie you've ever seen her entire life seemed really hit the field there was the action in the music now. I cried every single time I watch a movie that's an even a real style movie that I like and I wish I didn't realize exactly with the YouTube is as sweet spot for you came knowing exactly when you needed because I mean because it's a good movie yeah I tell people to be easy like an ordinary as ever they do is not the greatest army alone greatest ever thought it 200 feet almost an hour the greatest movie of it is top. I'm gonna give me I'm in a miracle hyperbole. I know and a title role never bolt next son that's coming up this weekend if you like more of the dark. Yeah are kind combines the lips I do not. And friend in dar correct a web it's they're 64% train Al. That's not bad it's it's one of those where it looks like almost the found footage but it's people talking into their computers right and so do finds a laptop in a copy shop. There and do find is like sitting in the lost and found per month. And so he claims it and turns other dollars to our web like towards the toward we have been little he's trapped and I kind of like that. Yeah how looks can spooky who are. On let me 64 and seven if you like I've forgotten my MI and are you getting into if you like that genre 64% bump that up another ten points GAAP GAAP I here's the thing though TI wants this to be if anybody knows of this existing please let me know. There needs to be. A site H or something where I can watch the movie just chopped up without the scary part or has somebody just explain the movie was like picture see what the store I I. Just five or ten minutes but not a scary because I wanted to Seattle that's silent one movie modes urges her eyes are closed captioning and turn the sound off for only to read it still goes to filter in half and oh you don't want it before it gets ahead you don't for the blind. I'm actually I mean they will be good description of what's going on in the movie if I could get even more condensed version just like the ten minutes is elicit their look I wanna only particular amount when somebody decides to take into a minute to do right IRAs meal looks Arnold did yeah luckily for me a dime because it goes yeah I don't like us very pleased you wanna know about I don't know ending. Well the silent line not quiet please quiet place like Alan announced. If all of the rooms talk USC you are such a millennium there's one I didn't want you remained. I'm gonna watch it when it's on a plane because I wanna I -- because once not hysterical like what I but it Shiites out on demand already a quiet place and EI that's about it that is the get out of this year like no one expected that to be as great of movies that plus and it's not watch hockey man movie great no it is really Beckett because I really did a whole phone Booth movie related entire thing in a phone Booth you know those who is all right yeah right. Colin Farrell and I say well what happens and in in a quiet place and everybody knows that the at the end of the movie turns out it's not it's not aliens it's Dwight impact. My god really I believe that. That's good PI is crap I I honestly don't talk. And why is anything else coming out this not. Love. Queen and the quiet which looks an anime Murray and acquired a six and an imminent now it's like hostile to us incorporated didn't feel like I'm in gold McKee that he MacKey. Leon what did the guys that word fight against our fleet again. And Internet she Canadians get them marked EST I am assuming this is like a re release scared that a 100% in the DC with the new with the vampire movies are probably re releasing its if you're feminist could check it out eight cheer local old movie joint merit and not with campus everything else looks pretty good. Well I had ordered back to sleep. Nobody in Millen any of these movies in their own 40% to take our occupation. And a breath for next week with a Mission Impossible birdie yeah so good and I think that's why we negotiated jointly all you know I'll put them until next time seniority. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself DNW duck club that's BMW dot plus.