BJGN 07-23-18 - The Expanse - Gloomhaven

Monday, July 23rd

The gang discusses the season finale of The Expanse & the 2nd season of Glitch; they discuss the Kickstarter campaign for the board game Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy; the review the board game Gloomhaven; We Ask A GM about character death in an RPG; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said he Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always lose you are now entering the Jewish ACH. Welcome yes welcome to BJC's Keith made shin I and the reverend en Fuego across from each key is Vicky Barcelona. We have local grass Obama and the show's namesake Vijay JA YI yes and running the boards is Joey diss her own mind today show we will talk to. TV we will talk caves and we'll talk about killing characters and role playing game. Oh yeah and of course they DC when. Vieira web site you're gonna have all information podcast and more of if you just go to any social media page into second leading the nation you'll find us. Yes thank you so much. We want to get right into this TV talk right now Dana topping. We've been waiting for Alec yeah I would say oh I do lose a couple things that we were gonna talk about the media wasn't here. And now it's kind of contingent on BJ being here I am back yes you are let's start off with the expanse and they expire and they finally had their season finale after me asking you if it was there's season finale I think for the last or goes there so and then it's time they have the season finale I wasn't here so yeah we were never going to be on itself eventually. We are now finally talking about it so what's been going on with the experience just as well because Joey teases like yea he's watching the show but he was behind uncle Chris you caught up with these fans I have like two episodes. Oh I I have been so busy we knowing Ford and grant are no no you know any man is no not a thing I watched Luke cage. All viewing it you you finished all written. I. I. We don't you most about what I meant it a little hard to watch it over the course of the week and have a good did you finish it now it's the family says he apple. I think we are herb. We just finished up so it's the media certainly does and I when I feel about blue crystal fall and that's what Gary Roberts went back and I don't know I guess is we have any have we've talked about Jessica Jones militants that if we did at one point we did yeah yeah well I'll speak of the show her mother talked about and after this one because that's been over for a long time we are talking about button. This is about next. Yes and Joey. Yeah I usually likes to put on shows like this send you know I think I have a great first season and a sex isn't the second seasons a little bit of a let down. I got say in his third season was awesome and really I really was I got I got really no complaints the only I think I would say is that towards the end. You know when they fear out there might have been canceled. Yes they wrap things up. Nicely but you can tell I think got a couple following she's a little bit till I was a rush job yeah. Now I know I don't know if that's true its interest in because with some scifi shows they never got a chance to wrap up far escaped thank you past Seoul in an and it seemed like it was just they didn't have enough time to wrap it up because when they were informed they weren't going to be able to have a season. Four are of more Arafat for season five Parse it. Whereas in this show. I think date does feel like they were they they knew this was their last season until they got picked up by Amazon yeah I mean luckily invade they did seem like that this season could wrap up if it needed to in a sense that there wouldn't be that cliff pay unity kind of got in the season two or Susan want for that matter. But men do you really love the characters now on the show because I do. Yeah I do to email like if you you know I'm glad Ghani was my favorite addition from last year even though last season wasn't that great season but we got Johnny. I really like Gani. And and of course the I can't think of her name but that the female politician. I'm sure there are Christian yes thank you Christian she's fantastic she's such a great actor. Oh my gosh I mean you know when I saw her in and start her Bed, Bath & Beyond I was so happy that I asked how she was like a federation official I was like oh good I hope they put her in the fourth yeah that was a really cool touch yeah in new they've brought I think they've brought the mystery back. I haven't shown a season because out the second season it was more of a development of of the pro maul killed like okay area what it is is an and the Connors and they're working on an attack for awhile but this one it was Mike OK at a pro market was doing whatever it wants and nobody understands what it is. And there's a lot of deaths in the season. Obama RSS. Yeah and I am saying but the problem molecule that you know it seems like this molecule will it feels like it mirrors the people who interact when it. Because the two major factions and an interactive with his pro molecule. Would be what's his face the doctor. The guys limited and oh my gosh the visual here and now yeah I know there's a PR mile and his group. They interact within all the scientists and their evil people of course whatever you are actually becomes very belligerent. Now all these hybrid things they create the other people we get to see directly that would be Mao's daughter. And and of course our boy Thomas Jane. And that we hadn't seen a whole lot of Thomas Jane but Joseph Miller of course that character did come back. Even though the home when he could see him was colder than here yeah but. That we were bootleg what was going on and it was a glue like Joey said. What a great way to make you wonder is this belligerent or malignant what I what I malicious what are they doing Newton Whitney with Holden because hole is a nice dude must do the right thing and is this whole Miller thing. Is it just the pro molecule messing with him so the promo did do something evil. Or not is so they they did iron that out didn't they Joseph they said you know it just probe molecule isn't black and why AD RNA isn't just. Evil it actually might be both evil and good depending upon which way you look at it. And he kind it's real open ended the and a series sue because essentially there's been this deep this whole time. That may have been trying to investigate they think it's alien life because a kind of grew out of Venus I believe right. And they didn't know whether or not it was tossed style or it was trying to help them but the whole idea was that everyone is in Iraq with the pro remarkable kind of fix is gonna kill him or trying to kill him. So they finally go win. And turns out eight they don't know so. It it's reacts to I guess we call hot style actions young and returns to. It was hostile actions send Andy was actually he grew out of the wrecked fleets. As from the ballot Jupiter. OK as I live. I don't like Saturn V it didn't need didn't grow out of BS science vessel that went down in Venus and X investigated and you saw the signs Cecil B exploded open and you saw all the people just for Iran that's not where that came from I thought it was from the Tora molecule remnants. Because because when does that usually Mao and and Miller were there were on Venus right there they were we Indians and then something went down to explore Venus in Brett that equipment got totally row. Two gas and that was a separate thing so I when when when Mars and earth were at at war essentially. And then at the mercy ships are firing on each other because of internal mutiny. That's when the per molecule. Missiles were launched from from not from Ohio from. Yet from Ohio or what I forget it I got the missiles weren't wants I thought they was like able one who got through. Those are pro remodel missiles those remarkable regular that was the that was decided it was I don't care mouse people try all of the evidence you're right gas that's right so that when that what we saw of and it was real quick shot and if you were out you're really too much at the end of that have so you have missing completely the young the poor molecule was taking all of the debris from the ship's. And that's where. Because because and I'll tell you why eight I had to go back and watching ends when the the gravity racer. It. This one shy guy decided he was going to be the first person fly through the that day to day he set a course for the orbited Jupiter. So his way back outside to go back and say wait a minute. Where did the ring co but there was a shift at launch from Venus are some sort of the yes no yeah vessels that launch from Venus there was from the right so that the probably a combination of that vessel and like you said could agree OC I do good things got chaotic animated rang maybe. But as our find out that. And then and it it's a great it's a great series it's hard to cover everything and it probably there's a light you know there's a lot of back and forth I was a little frustrated with that hey miles got a second daughter and she just happens to be able to begin the gap that was a little blue and annoying story line but I still and then at the end it didn't matter because I'll do the right thing im like okay whatever. That again joy I think you're right all of that was rushed. And I that was would sadden me about the whole idea that being canceled as I think that including demonstrators character who plays the second in command of the adult or ship. The Mormon ship is he just was wearied. Those last couple episodes he was a cool guy eight who was kind of you know he was he was a little loose cannon but because it was older wiser. Never was really in mutiny here you know he never really wanted to mutiny and take over the ship from the approach from the our younger female captain. He just was an older guy that was wise and and Chris Alden also felt like you know Marsden and earth treat us Delta's like crap so it's kind of nicer second class citizens that have a very are overly. Exaggerated Jamaican accent. Yeah he was the leader Harry and you know there we have odd because everyone knows is a pirate it. Even though I mean as adultery are probably just reclaiming what was already yours in a weird way the exact self. Interesting take on the idea that OK there's something that's gone almost as part of molecule it's not it's it's not necessarily. An aggressive hostile species eat eat eat it and it that there are multiple. Gateways now where they can travel anywhere they want like his war two where they wanna go or worm hole whatever these things are. But it's like OK that was unexpected. Yeah and so the big wrap up is that we still don't know what her remarkably quiet sense but it does end up opening a bunch of different states. Once Holden finally figures out how do not seem like a threat because the idea as everyone goes into negate all of adulterers the martian as the humans. And then of course they're stupid and don't know what they're doing and everything goes wrong and hold and ends a car also my kind of screwed up a little bit but they powered on all the reactors. They turn everything off and and finally it's like oh hey okay you guys are trying to blow up the for a mall kill finally Weller overall yes FF and that's kind of there like cliff hanger slash well what's gonna happen you know obviously. They have all these places they can go now because it's all palatable systems which it. You remember the beginning a series resources were kind of low and it in order gonna do and that's why it felt as in the martians the earth and earth shattering earth seems earth mere Arthurs Turner's well fighting all the time. So now everyone the chance and a new solar system. Except to the whole ominous well Holden has seen a future vision of everyone being destroyed by this one. Super and it's entity that destroyed whoever built everything that's come before this. So he's you don't really know if they're safer not. All you know is that owns like well human nature is we're gonna go explore these places and so he kind of talks to Miller in his head he's like hey. You know what you've been this kind of like guiding force do you know what's gonna happen and he's just like. I kinda wanna know what happens got nothing about it so we're gonna find out on the net in the next season but I guess what would destroy these super beings. Yeah that's the fun thing about this is that this could just be sort of like. If you look time capsule left by a race that's dead and make hey remember us in here and and they do it in this part of molecule format. It is a very interesting way of telling somebody story. They've put it EI it's it's a rich story of course the post and rhythm read the books that this is based on obviously know a little more I would imagine by yet. Yeah I'm happy Amazon prime is picking it up it's it's it is a good show it's very similar to mass effect and it was played mass RO OK yeah I am a lot like mass effect you thank you for saying that jokes and yes sir. Yeah Cabrera and a half I thought I was going crazy you know yeah I haven't seen anybody else talking about like that yeah I'm aspect as aliens not other humans wreck so that's the only difference but the same idea of located is a decent alien race that's good and there's a steely grace that's bad. Moving on from the expanse let's talk about glitch good I came out what last year now really I do you Google it's and I care not to over Tony seventeen a whole damn we aren't I so far behind well I'm and go back to why did they forgot about it it's on Netflix there's two seasons out right now are very short seasons like this. Six episodes no matter I think there's only ask you know these small episodes total you'll you'll recognize ma ma ma. Genevieve O'Reilly it's the one you'll recognize Emanuel also. In the second season recognize. And accused mom. Issue should issue me she meets Cho is unlikely to see what they've had me but an eye patch media gallery I would like pat nourish me and nausea light the actress was had met him I think yeah the Olivia the only ones you'll recognize characters yeah Schmidt. They had a guy you played like it. But John silver's and I value not black sales was also in the seat all yeah okay have yet he's also one this season as really awesome because we finally understand. How it is these people came back to life for the DC the first season you know timer goes and basically we. All these evil disturbed pull walking up from very elite like as the word before they you know worm died and one gal she still had a breast even though she had died of breast cancer and they had been removed. Says she was there with like without her scars that they were pretty much intact before they got sick or died. But they're people from difference in the air as. Yes and even died in the eighties and she was murdered and they don't remember all the memories when they pop up they just slowly start remembering who they are in need even how they died. I won was in the war the other thing it just so many different. Air as an there'll trying to kind of figure out why is that they're here how they came back. And we found out the season why mayor how is that they were able to come back it's a certain amount of like waves that were produced they can scientifically produced them. Somebody has thinking about them. In memo means. And then that's how they popped up Odom. They're very interesting news there and matters and that was revealed this season. And and unfortunately the only one can give us really the greatest answers. Who was and and fact is she was a resurrecting herself that we did know that the first season and she goes and gets harassed killed in the second season so nobody really can get the definitive. Ask us. She's been resurrected a couple times though it feels like that because she knew one of the characters that they think they just call him John because they didn't know he was buried and not really hadn't. He's an unmarked area being John doe on the show yeah basically they thought he was. You know murderer and that's why they held them but they we realize we find out the season that he actually was not a murder he was in love with this character. And then she somehow it gets resurrected again becomes a doctor in the dies again gets resurrected in. The prompts UA's that they have this as Zell in this area that they cannot leave otherwise they start to die. Probably goes way users still somehow some way affecting connected. To very interesting show and I think it's scientific but there's also an element of god in demons and stuff because. We have a whole other liquids on the else dies these demons kind of take over these people's bodies and it's another faction that doesn't want people to be resurrected so they use people who are dead and resurrect them to kill the resurrected people gap they turn and sees as a -- right here and yet like bounty hunter is basically yeah RV ER it's really very very Mazar I. And they did it really well because you weren't sure these were resurrect he's. Ready you know basically because they might have been an an accident but they do we did such a great job like did they die did they not gap where it's like always he's is the car crash but he walked out of any seems like he's OK but things acting weird and and of course. One of the main characters whose wife came back well. His new wife ends up dying in childbirth but we didn't know that and she ends up being a bad guy Carlyle has term memories of still herself. So that conflict of being a bad guy knowing what your job is to kill all the resurrect yours it. It's it's it's it's it's a fun show and they get a lot done in six episodes the house but to say because this sounds pretty convoluted now can you get through. Just a couple of episodes a season really do that they know the jobs Australian so you know ideal of the Osce is now you're doing her right there are good show moving on from that let's talk board games first diet is eight will 'cause you like to talk about can a human kick starter today you want to throw while there's only a couple of days left on that combo we wanna put the word out that says this is something that your interest in in this is called. Clips yes and let us Nicklaus is a beloved board game from 2011. And this there from Ahmad told goal at taco hell and I sorry so sorry so grow our notebooks are who grew I don't know if I got your name right. I feel like Vicky renowned tang. I'm Erica time and it's Ito a lot of people love this game if you're a fan of four X games well this is considered one of the best ones among the best space ones of course for me twelve him purim is still bold ones the snow yet this game its interest in because it's a four X game that really a lot of people when you sit down -- you know what this is this is really -- Euro game with resource management area control and space battles in which is what people love because they added space battles to basically agree cola or you know of any kind of battling to any resource game that you have. Where is why I'm period is not really need though is it twelve here's a buildings just a three X game this is not a lot of exploring because you know where everything is yeah man. But in this game yeah they do give me the four axes and you know what the battling this kind of cool. But back in 2011 and there was a little fiddling with the parts if you were like me and my body Joshua to get broken token board game organizer for this game the cost as much as the original game home wow because you just eat they give you wait a cardboard sheets. Where if you remember games like I like like the guy a project or Terry missing gotten you you know UCL a those sheets are yet to put your put your your your your your wooden pieces on the air and you move them and they give you more resources and you put back yet let's resources. This game had a similar thing but the wooden pieces were so small like little cute if you had and they're gone you that I can ya got exactly I don't want to use tiny more than once and you like I don't know how many resources I have ever again delaying Houston before you that was much as thirty to forty cubes on your board. And so this is the kick starter for a new addition this is the second edition our annual Tom I mean I'm happy and sad because I went out and bought that broken -- organizer of the bad about that but. The second Don for the galaxy it's much more colorful new art work out and they've got new miniatures -- gonna wash them miniatures if you pay an extra ten bucks which I did so all hot and fresh attend all all hundred name a mime miniatures of and have a nice watch you party backed guest. Oh yeah. It's important this game and precisely and there's a god. You're you're not alone 3860. People at the time this recording have backed this kick start a project to the tune of 527000. Dollars to our own nearly. Five times about four and half times their goal. Yeah it's it's it's really I mean if you love your games and if you low or X games with an if you love battle with the Euro game I mean you really don't like this. It's different enough from twilight in period that actually you'll be like OK it's it's not the same game at all. It's well done they changed a lot of things now after all these years and they've improved upon some of the mechanics to nineties it just like TI did with TI four from three to four. Eight you will get a full line of ship packed one miniatures. There's also one where you can get a bunch of human ships there's a reason for that because you can play a symmetrical or symmetric way. And you'll have ships to match whichever way you wanna play. Mom and they've got their own game Tracy went to the company game trays with a Z and said would you build game trays that would actually store the yeah. Also act as a resource organizer that won't get bumped around. And game Tracy sure and it looks really good really this game is got tons of bits you get to upgrade all you ships literally you get to develop technology discovered technology. I mean hundreds. Of different upgrades you can do your ships different technology you find upgrade yeah this game is this game is intricate for scifi fan. The way people loving on all along the way people living gloom haven on the Tennessee side and there are people love the clips on the side by side for all of the different possible ways you can play this game and nice really well speaking of such lunar pavement yes and check out eclipse it's knew there on kick starter but you did mention to maven gets ahead and this is the game that I thought would be fantastic. And I think once Chris and I can figure out how to play this correctly fast. We will be you will be fantastic I didn't think you'd need be on the first on the first campaign. Because I said I'd already played the first campaign and we also when we played it for the first time did it wrong. But if you what there's some really good videos out there from one odd couple because by the British student I can member's name but he doesn't. If you'll see immediately is a drizzle Uggla maven British dude yeah well -- issues it's the videos right under the guys who show up and sit down can you which by the way if you ever get a chance to watch any show up at Saddam review many boards you can't do it they're so good salaam but yet if you watch those and help solve a lot with that game because this is an amazing game as you guys know. Another reason that I didn't see any man or any of these the futures turn around because I was busy trying to figure out how to play this game I had heard. People talking about this game since it came out as one of the most anticipated when most successful I can start campaigns ever. All of these things he had going for it has been winning awards left right and senator since it came out I have friends were playing inning can't stop talking or how good it is. But I wanted to copy for myself that I can play with the people that I wanted to play with I and they weren't available so I'd pick red I'm BJ instead crab well you know we did the best we continue doing your fourth choice. Did you guys that were the only people really want to play this with. Wow I maybe I grabbed me maybe there yes yeah and Byron by early grab this guy Byron. They he's had it since the beginning you know they still have a month and a month by many outs and maybe twice a month. Meeting and they still play it is I hate wanted to gigantic game in terms of like scope of parts of players like in the game is like 150 bucks yet denies so this is not a good dinner or not this game Nuno intermediate towards expert game a lot of peace is a lot of stuff going on. And now once you figured out it actually is a lot of fun I consider it a a successor to I hero last year in terms of its a board game. RPG. That is legacy there's so much in this box and we talked about it we say hell yes this might be the closest. CD encounter to an encounter on the road while you're going to. Two DDD. Michigan plays whichever location that is right to getting down and dirty in the dungeon and fighting what ever objective you need for each scenario. And there are. A lot of scenarios this is a game. Where you will be playing for years. Yet where they relate to the party probably what is true but gas if you like if you listen to us. You know then if you're on the fence on any thing it once we get to whip them we have pretty much then it's good for you if we get to what these guys out a lot of folks in just a diving begins right at the back as it just love games a guy like Josh and Sean from board utilized they'll buy every game doesn't matter what it is shock especially on his kick start to everything I mean these guys out of his mind. He plays the game once and never see it again yeah. This is a game that really does deserve all of the hype it really TS nine point oh on board game geek which I don't. Our I don't CA I don't see any sort of left. It has not spend any time outside of like the top three for the hot mess on BGG since it came out yeah there's no reason timeless and at number one. Yeah wow seriously it really is and for game that has a bunch of stand these I mean there's also there are many use. But free and also stand vis which are not people's favorite way to do business. Today it but it is it really it's it's it's it's you know and and everybody says Manning use wanna keep going yeah really continues to surprise you. But the good news about the gigantic fake book full of scenarios. They came with a game is. Sorry expansion coming out now I well actually no fun tour. Wow of course whoever runs circles it's going to be available for release on April 15 2019 also that we buy them we should be done with still what the second mission we and I don't think there was no matter and that's good we'll have extras a deal also includes a new player class and as well as new monster does have a new monster types. And three new Boston's wow yeah nice Healy. Yeah cool thing about the game as you create a character and you never can get too attached to it because the game make sure retire character and open up brand new ones in. It's really cool cause you got these white boxes with logos on and you don't know what's in there and and it goes okay go get this box. You open it you see your little mini and and you see all the equipment that goes with the Armenian. The way the UDL rolled dice in this game you really the way Yuri guess fight is pretty cool it's card based. I don't have to worry about you know ruling a critical one in gate you're dumb ass killed. Yeah may or may not have happened once or twice in my life suddenly RPG and yet though there's a lot of ways from modify or to happen I doubt there is truly a lot of randomness to the game I mean in a good way like it is within our PG. Because of things that can happen with your battle deck in these it happened with their battle that demand initiative order comes into play yet whatever cards flip over. You'll have a you'll have they enemies and they may be the same stand these that you might see but they have different levels plus their cards and either modify them and sometimes in a negative way for them. See you never fight in the same Skelton twice in the aftermath. Moving on from that are still talk a quit shortly because we're were bad overtime on this but this is an interesting one because it does kind of fallen to play with I. An all role playing games and so forth. Recently a couple of weeks ago on critical role which is a show. I believe on twitch had dungeons and dragons endorses. Budget voice actors including GM Matthew Mercer. Go and they played dungeons and dragons. And recently they had a very epic. Death of one of the characters. Which means that voice actor no longer going to be a part of it is there was a little bit of a backlash. I'm from people who you know essentially when you're like watching game of the Romans in one of your favorite characters gets killed because that's gonna happen. Gandhi and people will freak out about that people did because as a as a beloved character. On but it led to a a question that came from an email be digging nation G Miller com thank you Adam for sending this was. Dear GMMR. Chris walker hi yes we have are asking DM now. How do you deal with they play your death. Who because. When you have a character death in this happens. Armed. Do you try to avoid it or is this one of those things where you just let it happen and let it as it no as the dice roll well depending. On the situation now I have guys. In my life that I've been playing better than during his with four years and I mean years and years are really really long time and we've developed the sort of relationship. DM player and even when I'm out the player and there then then begin master than then we understand that there is a fair chance. Then we might lose a character somewhere along campaign depending on the level of the campaign telling west island has been on the other hand. We also have sort of an unwritten rule amongst each other that we're not going to go out of our way to try to kill the PCs. So it's not going to be O you've fallen to a drop in U died Kerr get out of here it'll it'll go through at least a narrative for a story. Now do you. Senate do you set those I guess parameters at the beginning of a game so everyone is onboard that I'm not necessarily going to actively try to kill you yet but you might get killed by some of this this is. A dangerous game I think it's important then if you're dealing with new players not the kind of people who you've. Have become friends with over and over several years in several different playing session several different types of games all of us. Make sure that if you sit down with new players already even have to be human and new campaigns say look guys. We need to talk about what happens when you when one of your characters dies and you say win you don't say if because you don't want them to think. Then there's like. Something the you'll do for them you wanna make sure they understand that you're here to play this game and if you if not ever ever ever is not cool with that then you modify your your style and say okay we'll hear what we're gonna do than guys yeah you're going to get to a point where you would die. And then. Here's what will happen. My you know I understand how frustrating it is to lose a character I know you've got this I think that you invest in us time and I was ever into an all of this experience. Yeah that's terrible to lose that. So if you don't. Speak with your players before you get started and then something happens down the road you're gonna lose friends. I'll try out yet and that's one of those things because people really take their characters to heart yeah I guess sometimes those characters are extensions of them very much and a lot of the times if you're if you're a person who doesn't really. Is is an able to you know express themselves all the way a lot of times the character and we're doing stuff is how you do that yet. Eight exactly people get so attached to any and so did my only advice in his just be up front with your players about how do you expect things to go. And if they don't feel the same way then you have that next conversation you say OK guys what can we do. To get this moving to make this happen because I've got his game or that one play and if they if nobody can come to an agreement and you just kill all our characters. Yeah that's right so how are you gonna try and he's got my eye and you can only about ten minutes guys so I got a sinkhole comes up yuletide. My favorite is a pit of whipped cream. 222 liquid to breathe and to airy just women while you've gone granite white screen son. Why. In this article that's a little bigger with that one that works only in school and what little quick pick up pretty Jamal does that does not minus. Something tasty to my death Jared pat and dying in honey. Oh yeah Johnny dollar and most Israelis who are I wasn't discussed OK guys we need to move on the size is killing characters in the word if you wanna send an email and that asking GM. BJ indignation at just put the subject had asked GM but now it is time to get do. She Swiss. Dish he what do you have for us right so. I'm very excited about Louisiana because of CNET posted on the FaceBook page that apparently the teaser trailer for stranger things 30. How cool Giuliani and I. Yes in 2019 is when will be staying flat screen while far away this other power between nineteen is like last month six Zoran. And so we don't know our. GAAP and could be spraying it could be summer because he was the last one fall and during Halloween time yeah asking could be more than a year away yet I'm just sick. We are now. I what did you as a and now we might have a long way one of the best movies ever and yet as of today. One of the things that came out recently about dead even Harper's character which we know is hopper. Is that apparently he won't be getting a lovely Dubya love interest kind of a Willett need joy ace the interview I really wanted to do it and I enjoy dancing around harassing him and her fur in the entire two seasons come on but it says I think we'll start to see and take more risks with these new languages of intimacy invulnerability and maybe you'll start to see that he that he has need to have not hasn't expressed before. Like on the show. Well it makes sense because he surely had thought he had a fatherly instinct about women the second season -- no doubt about him the way you know they did the whole relationship with him and eleven which I thought was really really well done. And we know he's kind of you know how nugget if you will because elite member in the first season he had that like interaction with the librarian you think Diane I didn't Khalid and a man from the yeah yeah and then. The featured what does that say OK I forget you have. I am in love with him I don't even know how I know I. That I'm their dad finally. I read about like the big strong are losing just like the medley he's a goof ball on real life to know us here and honestly got about a four and another guy who's where even way older you know Ron from him is between the two of them ongoing daily winner yet which held boy you're going forward as far as I. OK I need this. Boy niece and the strong just upper body in there really tall detail. And the whole earns and the horns do it here at IRA it's annoying for one person who's been known to spoiling everything they we can't tell him anything kind of person on another one in the marvel cinematic universe I'm Holland and I don't know how do you also we know he cannot. Yeah keep a secret she cannot and he kind of accidentally slipped something I I can yes what grade. Are we going to be seeing more of the call quantum realm is that going to play a bigger factor in avengers for potent. Arab guests for mischief. Yeah or two but technically fork gap you gotta. He was talking in an interview Hughes talk about the juxtaposition between that and come to bash is Doctor Strange in his Peter Parker he said. He has the most difficult lines though he has to talk so much about quantum realm stuff. I just have to talk about yet man that's awesome to mind easy but his is so difficult. Oh geez. A lot of our site among those in the current version that they're here Aaron narrow. Bore a gaffe so maybe maybe the title of the as yet unnamed avengers for will be. I'll Marlins who is up again maybe I just dealer or the quantum around the thing yeah that's unfortunate because like he probably thought it was innocuous just to making scientific terms but having seen them all that's where I am man hangs out. Oh yeah they fold a quantum realm look a lot lake where Doctor Strange playing in the movie a little memo. Yes or monitor all of them in the dark something because of the dark crystal. Now that's star crystal. Start coughing can't extend the current starter rose. A long Derek Jeter of the so yeah yeah that's is nice thank you doctor street Jude the dark chocolate minimum is I don't know yeah. Let's Blake and you don't accidentally save a quantum Ralph. You know especially is I'll call until I'm probably like ally as they got banks ice outside and yet he just called the dark dimension in so they could call it now meaning they could eventually like Disco hey that's actually part of the quantum realm isn't that bizarre because store mammal was supposed to be gigantic but what if he's actually do any day any time any yeah at least some sort -- acting more like the galaxy universe is were all my cat's -- like yeah right up such well -- Alan -- universe there's a whole micro Burris around ruled by the -- man. Cycle and the which is from of course it does well or airports oh. Yeah we thought if anywhere is Doctor Strange isn't a lot of great Yankee guy just he gets dusted. Man they're gonna have to figure out a way to bring him back we've got the original avengers. Essentially that you re doing now with rocket now a couple of others and that's what if I don't expect to see anybody who was the main guy Dustin maybe till the end of the movie comeback doesn't say is that man ran stock. Forever or until the end of the movie yeah. And unless somebody goes in you know I Branko zealously and somehow win Marmara alone yet captain marvel will be a part of that and we'll see her and I see we won't see any connection to that low post season gods of her movies in the ninety's I yes about won't have anything to do and and know unless she is she's going to see an infinity war right that I know and so her seemingly something like that yeah I mean if her movie may be at the end of her movie may be Agassi during like in. You know ai and after credit scene where maybe show a modern day version of her gas and hanging on the multi verse getting the beeper calls from nick fury meal micro related. RM politics hey Michael Pena is character just like oh man what won't this list took click an any Amanda's thoughts. I ever wins even though you're right now we don't know he can't and they did say Emanuel wants will return question mark. Did you ask you that I you know what they told me not to wait for them I'm on I'm on peace so I didn't wait for the yeah. Yeah analog hole attorney like I. Question mark and you guys you have to erase what I really did do well but I wanted to know rev what was your final count on us anyways by the way I returns at CNET I you know what to be perfectly honest I only watch did the three times in the first week. When they when he comes out only here's the thing it's like. Do you wanna buy some lire to one awaits a nice cents one getting it on Blu-ray but I mean you'll know lately it the double accent and where will eventually figure that output and getting it on Blu-ray immediately our demise of a bagel for KTV ominous sit there when the comfort of my own home where it does have an on an infinite loop. Dude and awesome house warming like the idea everyone comes over watches it feel more like twelve show you how you were press I thought that's actually had an information for BJ that will oh yes what's the excitement and I still pissed him off a little bit now hey wait a tick. So actually speaking famine in the lost the director out Peyton reed actually. What really wants to make a fantastic move up and unbelievably great fantastic form movie well I liked I liked the MM vs the loss so they are and wants her to do so Peyton can have a take a shot at a just lightning was not Josh. Crying wolf here's the are you saying but he developed a version of the fantastic four back in 2003. Eat. Where it was kind of like the movies he grew up on so he proposed a 1960s. Set fantastic form movie that would have treated the foursome is rock star is still think. Beatle mania but the twenty century fox release the modern day aide Tim Storey you know and sentenced 1005 yeah he wanted to do like 1960s version. Well they did that would expand first class. Yeah soul. I can work it could it could definitely work. You know. It's. It's the trouble is is that they are 1960s. Characters. And that led the way they related the way they spoke I mean has been such an evolution in society were talking over fifty years ago. It's it's a you know you gotta find the what those people be like today. So they can be relatable the way they JJ did with the still with the original Star Trek you couldn't have with those Star Trek charges Kirk Spock or McCoy. Talk to each other the way they did back in the six you know in the end he somehow did it to the writers everybody. Made up a modern day version of Kirk Spock and McCoy that worked for me. On if they can do that with a fantastic four that's the key their powers are amazing but that's the key. I think you have a good bad guy though I'd tell the whole movie revolves around creating a bad guy do you believe freight because they ought superpowers like you said there's no one else does it's not like a world where everyone is equal you know there are essentially gods in a weird way. And you know it's funny you bring that up Joseph because the undermine our in the Incredibles. Was actually in really good and I have enjoyed a great you know he had no superpowers he was no normal man right and I and our coalition to bring him first snow in the event doesn't Barbara have a the mole man and he had all these subterranean creatures. And they did his bidding and and so and all these creatures living under the your score that we didn't know anything about. Which arguably there's still discovering life in the ocean so. Could we believe that this guy could just control all that and like the undermined her have technology and creatures that would give them a run for their money totally I mean why not doubt and the momentum very tragic story two is so. Doctor doom you know getting bit by a more cuts. How does that even happen in my. Life and in the last. More remote remote and look. I'm excited that somebody wants to direct that movie gas to do it justice I am so excited plea I mean I. Barak's celta does I was just McKinley are saying excuse like what fifty years ago but if they kind of bumped it up maybe a little bit more like seventies or eighties and they did a story Kelly they did with the X-Men where you have plagued them young and then we see them flash Ford and have them on next story be about their kids. Oh that's interest to what they're older like maybe have won in between you can do a trilogy do the sixties or seventies versioning ED one with the kids being young and having all the powers they have an even do an older one if they want until I I you know what guys are all great ideas because now you're talking three fantastic and I. Okay. It's. Yep Peyton reed just you know coming and we'll look at some minutes. Well implement them as they nerdy. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot plus.