BjGN 08-05-16 Star Trek Beyond Spectacular!

Friday, August 5th

The gang talks about a Dead Drift event coming up; Vicky discusses movies releasing today with the Geek Sheet; the gang talks about the season finale of Preacher; Gareth von Kallenbach discusses TV news from SDCC; BJ talks about Outcast; and the gang goes deep with the Star Trek Beyond Spectacular!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay chase he thinks. Yes welcome to be dishes geek nation under Everton played out across from me is Vicky Barcelona. Moved really little color while civilian and he kept stealing my lunch today I'm. That's evidence that Chris walker walk I gave clay and he joins us all. We got this shows on the eagle saved over there mr. BJ Shea yeah. The third. Room then anymore. Okay well and running the Morris. Who drives a G. That's your eyes are no move for him I see I personally like him now I say hey he's your best thing has happened in this country. Tough tough math you'll be even drinking already anger that's going on Vicky I give people get a hold us. They can check out our web site saying check perhaps our podcast our blood and everything BG nation dot com like us on FaceBook just after BJ she's keeping nation. Follow us on Twitter and insert rammed in state grad. Vijay Diggnation. So that's excellent as always I've won many zero GQ 43353. Feagles is listening IBJ each nation at and check out our video that YouTube dot com slash B to geek nation. And before we start with today's festivities which we have a lot of I want to give it a little bit of a shot up for some friends who we have had on the show. Can and Matt from dead drift don't give two meets in this event. And we're trying to get ahold of them but unfortunately bigger road trip being right now so cool dad to gen gone so local was able to actually get them on the phone because my attorney you know when they're somewhere in between Wisconsin and Adrian. Saturday Garrett from that area so unfortunately we were able to but I want to pass on this and for me I think we should there I'll fancy taking their road trips well where they think they're special because they get to go a conference and come that we wanna go to our current wanna go to -- I don't know hopefully some some year soon forget it appears they are good at doing something really cool for dead drafts right now the series is done is cool but they've collected the first sixteen episodes together. And a super cut. This is going to be eight feature length dead drifter movie. And there are going to be premiering it if you are in the Seattle area August 19 at the raid gun lounge. At 8 PM. Details can be found none did drifts FaceBook page but we've also posted the event on our own FaceBook page to be just search for BC's geek nation or dead drips you can check this out I know that a bunch of the people who will be there captain banks Hannah Greg in a bunch of the other crew will be there to I'll watch this. So if this is a series that you enjoy a you are in the Seattle area all heck I mean if you wanna make director Don these guys Richard today and got my not. You can do that so yes again this is August 19 at the ray gun lounge at 8 PM. All the information I guess that is on both of ours and dangerous FaceBook page. Let's talk a little TV late note you know what what what what were about as we're going to write in to do these Star Trek beyond spectacular after all mark festivities. And so I don't wanna take any thunder away from Vicky so how about. Right in the middle of the program. We think he exceeds pre you know we're doing he shoot up Trevor all right fine yeah we still gonna talk about stuff. Swiss TV is out of water literally it is is because Friday and we actually have some good movie coming out this need well some movies coming out again I hope to hear that our men actually now title that's not a grain rotten tomatoes suicide squad the big one yes that's one. Moves wow rocked wind you know that I'll win a special law struck yesterday. Chris and mark both did gums or review a review on that. Andy and I missed death by an episode goes to weigh well what was it the consensus. Around Chris not awesome. I like to see a lot of time instead how plot he did say are yet during the Iran and what about. When it was at 33% idea I had done admit there's a kind there's even people that are trying to like shut down round tomatoes because there Susan club movie that I should those same people aren't going to wanna shut down. You know DC movies from being made after the action is watching this was after re shoots yeah yeah house to show your Ryo shoots are never a good sign I know I know it but I'm going to actually go see it hopefully this weekend that's the same thing I don't have a huge priority on it but the fact that. Where did you podcast we have to might yet we had to watch it I this is if they had 90% whining to gap until we everyone is excited about this movie hitting it looks great and it's going to be fun and. That's exactly how I went into this thing but that did not happen everywhere and everywhere there's a lot of advertisements for I know BC has all that money but when you see hot topic just Shell's shell shells of suicide squad stuff and every other store with all of Suzanne squad stuff it. I wanna hear my guess the goalie has to say when he had gets back because I seen I'd right now this isn't a movie as looking like it's going into one of our spectacular stuff. And less he can provide a really a good argument for that case it really tiny thing yeah RA that's a we'll talk about it more or once we are allowed to spoilage season yet we are we're not gonna do spectacular right. Well Melissa no the reason June 8 unless there's some compelling arguments to do it. Will discuss it a little bit more support Hillary the other prize you and I will try to see if perhaps before that spectacular gas whenever I but is yet it's not going to be it doesn't really sees I sat and I needed I mean. I don't anticipate this blowing up the way the fans want it to like being this is amazing spectacular thing that everybody loves and spends all their money on and then. Then at that point we would think by doing a spectacular but I'd I think they're gonna go see it in the gonna be disappointed and it's it's. Too bad I think it's gonna make a lot of money especially with the gear in south and with such colorful costumes and everything people are gonna wanna 'cause played this they're gonna fall in love with. Certain characters and again I haven't seen so all I'll give more of an opinion meeting next week I have to. The next many on here is something I've never even heard of and have a 96% certified freshen. Undrawn tomatoes in it hasn't all star cashed in as an animated movie it's called the little prince. It has limited release and extracted by the same guy who did come through panda. Any to panic take on and tell own in this saint Anne's father on plunge into a very young and it and that's why I'm gonna keep Chris sorry to get tickets look at a classic and support and love or. So the voices are. Jeff Bridges is the main character guy who crash Landon asked the and the Sahara Desert in encounters and mysterious young boy. Who claims to be an extra terrestrial Princeton and James Franco isn't this agreed to make Adams Mariane called to cook tiller. People mean when you ask Denise though Carl and Paul Giamatti. Wow all are there really is this. Cats are good choices and like you say Chris this is a an award winning book yeah how much beloved children's classic are huge and it's one tons of awards it winds up on a lot of people's like best of lists every year but I it's. It's a classic and her reason it's an incredibly good look in the have been incredible passes for 86% against certified fresh at 95% of people wanted to be advanced sea bed is SuSE it's cool I don't. Yet shouldn't this might be good wanna take. The line it's a horror movie action adventure horror movie that actually got 80% total Leno so far with 80% minus CA it's called the mind I can. And diet that Connors and Rachel met those are born with incredible sight the Connecticut abilities. When word of the supernatural talents to child they find themselves prisoners of Michael Slovak. A deranged doctor intent of harvesting their power so after a daring escape they are free from a sinister institution. But the crept doctor will stop at nothing to track them down so that he may continue to siphoning gifts for his own use and I'll be Cristiano and yes you wanna COR minivan we got. Since it's got if you kind of have to see if he got a little friends to get kids in the mind's eye if you wanna be. Parents deal remain so much Vicky on that let's talk preacher dad and season finale occurred man. So I'm excited yeah this was indeed coolest way for them to do. You see. There was a bit whoever ends everyone that yeah. Explosion GAAP yeah and my favorite kind of explosion a giant methane far explosion yeah like that I wherever diners everyone died from cal fared since. It's pretty astounding. There were some really cool things in this it was essentially if you read the comics. Up for re cool. Q the the kind of the buddy road trip have. Good acting and comedy or heard. Mystery he sort of thing that the comics entail so it was a good set up towards that. And it really showed it daddy how how broke in the and still was oh yeah and how. Nobody seemed like there was nobody undeserving of getting blown away at the end. Everyone had their own problems but like when the old ways he gal went even when Emily because she and she sacrificed the mayor miles and can adapt when I was like you know what no one is redeemable in this place known and it was it was just like all right cool now we can move on with the story and be fine with that. Or even a little bouquet like it blew my mind that last seen after they saw quote unquote god yeah. And they found out look navy and really not really out there for us like to heat up we kind of milieu exists but what's worse knowing. We you know god doesn't exist or know that he knew this but he's nowhere to be found he's not really there for Rio. Knew it that's that's the most SFR ID that's why everyone lost their minds yeah and the little girl we attacked the bus driver like no we're not out. For redeemable I know how Indiana I think they deserve to do that. But as they are redeemable. Eight I didn't like he was so crazy because those label all these people have nothing to live for seemed like mascot. Played just GAAP hanging himself gag oh god yeah I like. All my guard either I was like oh yeah lake between people who have nothing left to live for right and then everyone who's just like well there's no repercussion at this point so like two little girls doing now what they did and everything else. Yeah I almost felt relieved to win the whole place just blew up then like there is a sense of like if you don't weigh at least these people aren't going to have to deal with their lives and no one has to come into this town and see. Just a complete and utter just blasphemous destruction that just happened. It kind of goes back to there's a comedian Ellen said something like if are you really a good person if you're the only reason the only thing that's stopping you from getting all these bad things a higher power or the promise to get and to have men knew how you really good person. At and nobody nobody is nobody has tell us conversely attack and a carrot the stick is really be happy of is that percentage keys humanity in line yes yes I thought he big I've got reveal or lack thereof. Was handled really really well so are they gonna deal with this if. It's comic book example drink after anybody it felt like now I'm watching kind of a comic the show but for some reason I say it felt out of place that a sentence. Anyways and I think that's kind of the whole of the show I think we said right there everything is out of place. Except in this universe where we got vampires we've got angels and demons and Sarah famine all sorts of crazy. Creating a great slow burn I mean because the bad the book is insane. And this is a great ride to say look we're gonna bring you up to speed with how insane this world is will get chewing their qui you know will ease you wind to it. Because I had friends that know nothing about preacher but they were intrigued and like you see shows like lost they try to get you in slowly so that you you know you can sort of eased into where it goes from their loved the story. Revenues go hey this is show about angels Jason after I think of Genesis and as a vampire Barack and there's a guy who's got to face of the site NR send nano and guys and all that they were like let's easing into this and speaking out about our space I liked the fact that it was one of those things that was mostly on resolved. But it's also not forgotten yeah it was just like even right at the calendar I am didn't forget about you. I really want I think she might be the only one alliger durable in a sense because even though he did something that he truly repented and even yes I Cassie was saying he's like he's to see keenly sweet. Yeah two nice and heading you just really depend Ferguson's. And I'm wondering AF. Because in the comics sheriff route was still around the I could see him I really love the actor who Iowa say I think the cause I thought he wasn't around didn't need he may get a little while because amazing don't go do something yeah self exactly but I. Ask her and bill was destroyed. So I think that good plot point would be have a to have him around because he's still going to be following. Cassidy to live in Jesse because the unresolved issue of his son. And while they're looking for he's gonna be following them I we are cremated right so please don't know better Latin jazz I'm I'm assuming and hoping at this point there really accepted. And is still being set the you're the lady that was awesome pull out front so and so yeah course the saints are notably I don't know where it yeah I don't know in the comics this into killers his guns our final. Lights you up. I come back ask what does this have come back and that's the thing is we don't know how they're gonna handle that because LeBlanc he had to block I really hope stay he'd like to belong to doesn't get off to. Because came into your. Were mind so they know for a part like I I love. Joseph gill guy and as Cass city and I love like everyone else in this show and just play every snag as to look all the characters really make they seem to have grasped what they need to be is these characters and it kind of throw caution in the wind be like yes is ridiculous but we're gonna do it. But those Jews at the pairing fantastic and I really I really hope that it's is not going to be glad. At the end you see few your comeback from hells by Seattle and they're just sitting on his comic books you know messed up all you know detected it very very sad. The one thing rep before he gets on the bus and he's like don't worry my darling my dear Sandra yeah yeah implies like there's something deeper going on concede he was ready to have sex of the that the political although it's probably jealous of them and you let RA does audacity that none announced. They showed that there is a love there and I am going to be really end this stand in did this standing theory we at this point we can't confirm it or anything is that they are actually Genesis is parent. Oh okay and. And so Fiore is. The Angel. And it did blanch is the double right. I won't tell you though the way they describe it though I look like feel your was really like disgusted by the to that involve themselves and if you remember them talking about it right. It's felt like I thought one of them was like disgusting horrible. And it could either a he was putting on a show because everybody thinks you know yeah kinda like inside guy you know the mood he's not supposed to hang out with the earlier the wing use. Africa and mates the same deal maybe he was putting on a show because he feels like when everybody knows that that's not supposed to happen in those two aren't supposed to get together make anything gaffe. But it is that sister standing theory you just play a lot of people have put a lot of connectors together and Summers thinking that possibly. Just through their conversations. On the RD have a good fondness of each other and they were discussed seeing it like dealing with the Genesis as a child and they're just lagging you know move like they're trying to rid discipline is Arnaud you know. I don't like an adoptive parents because the parents they did the thing in the got stuck with them in the kind of they love jacket yet and we don't know who's gonna update any kind of an open seeing. But it I mean if they get rid of the block. Homelessness gonna go away I mean there's no way the AF flashbacks I guess I hope there aren't big enough to flashbacks the whole cowboy sequence throughout the season yes I was super confused about what I was intrigued and like I want to know more wanna number mortgages have stopped. Do you think that's going on and deceit about is his version of hell yeah yeah you had how we go through it over sand over tacitly gunmen stunt but so well done. And it's that that that reliving the worst part of your life over and over again and not being able to change it whatsoever. And knowing that all of these things are gonna happen and I really take a look at it he was trying to do the right thing I mean he was trying to save oh yeah eight GAAP and that enact. That's his health. That is depending on link with what you if you Europe religious like I dagger of Catholic kid if you don't except god doesn't matter really give their if you do except god at the very and even if he did these horrible things he can get into heaven but if you don't like he did he says I love. I love my wife I love my daughter and I loved my horse and it's like at god they don't play and that's it I think we got that one thing don't know we killed. Just because he's out of god I think that's a skirt and. And so now we we can now we get to see what happens with two Lippman and Cassidy and then preacher as they go out in the world ostensibly to look for god and us. And I that I think is gonna be amazing you know kids. And I did an interview and that we haven't seen the show or if you try to convince people see the show that the one thing I feel like all girls my age especially complain as a design and a strong female characters. Until it is probably use. And the best strong is like this problem of the strongest you know characters on TV right now Ali gap actual confusion she has suffered a lake a great deal on her life and she still comes up kicking ass they are not silly. Don't go on kill people like she does. Bud's home really can't do the women and I got up and tell us how are you sure. That's not the list they really just an imaginary gnome he's your approved brain and. I had to put a little bit of a bow on this I found this post on the I'm preacher sub Brennan from ready user Shawn Douglas McCardell. Who says I read the comics back in the Dana joins him quite a bit I think to show is an improvement to the source material. The problem I had with the book is that and this goes out of his way for the audience to not have a connection with anyone. And this wins is that any sincere emotion and frequently undercuts it wears you know as CD dismemberment. Sodomy jokes incoming getting crazy with that. Which is funny the first fifty times but it really starts to Wear thin. To show really gave us some characters that to care about I like this version of to open Jesse better. Cassidy is exactly Cassidy and Kim cannon was more tragic thing cartoon he like in the book he and you gene is less of a pathetic joke any truly empathetic character but it's not the same road and go bird pulled back they actually show the characters of and bill at their worst possible emotional Nader. And their own personal hells and then blow them up with a nuclear fart bomb that's legal that's a level deeper of asked dubs did anything Ennis ever did. That's how I was just a good way to go about it and that I told Austin per mile sorry I'll. But that's a good good way to put put a little camper on that yeah I'm glad there's a season to right there is it's easier to get confirmed it makes you sincere thank you AMC because you may have a quality television I hope it's one of those things if people discovering go oh my god what this shows great. I talk to somebody and they didn't even know was on an air pressure fans as old yet you missed it is the season finale so. I feel like a lot of people I'm gonna like this with a new knew was there or they didn't know a lot about it there's such a good show. And one little beat LS it spoiler for the content parent to commandeer one and didn't spoil alert but can Canon does. Have sex with meat type people yes out of this seemed to kind of bag go away but I didn't man Oman is basically where he does make his daughter out of meat jammed and I like at these still kind of put a link to that he had but what I do is being he had the over the top in your face ridiculous he doesn't get that. OK to close anyway. Well I look I know our. Thanks half. All right well moving on we've got gears Vaughn college box front can. Review that escape and are dot net and he's got more information from San Diego comic con Jerry is a bond Colin box from skewed in reviewed that's as key and are dot net Gareth we're still covering a lot of things in San Diego comic con so let's talk TV and the stuff that you really liked the news bits that TV shows all the stuff from there. Yeah there's a lot of stuff I mean have obviously we're near the fault trees and Arab Schroeder and car wherever one that once you you don't put your best foot forward and pushing gold exchange Lanka are. Walking day and you're Walking Dead Nate had a very. Why should correct and slowly brought one of hitting Jamal role focused on it sure was some of the new shows that are about return triggered her sort in your. Or some of those doctor wherever it's junior programs about debut earned earned anger some really really interest in horses are sure. What really stood out for you that it was something that as a new show you're like I am definitely checking this one out. Well it's not really science fiction pursuit of growth and what are so low interest in what they aren't. It's been two Kiefer Sutherland series go to bed at survivor. There and to vote in the car wherever. Even though the governor 24 periods in the works third Sutherland is corn should be producing. He's appearing on a broad new series and that's very interest during. Finger talks about you know virtually current events and some of the little obscure parts constitution that people may not know well. And the chromosome that is apparently whatever there is any. You know stated assembly meeting they have to put a quote. Designated survivor any safe place and usually it's a lower level cabinet person and you know those you're Revver battle circle you're the president would like the education secretary should respect that you ordered something down to train a succession of if he can hardly say. Air and the idea behind it is he's a lower level government functionary who's. Pretty Merck should disgrace to these there are deeply personal scandal or something going armed and all the sudden catastrophe here. That pretty much wiped out the house the senate. The entire chain of command them all the sudden he becomes. President of the United States who gangs or vetoed it. Yeah he has no I mean he's not be higher level politician doesn't know foreign policy. But essentially he's the highest ranking government official why are so therefore he swung into our hosts who didn't know this crisis foreign. I'm thinking you know each. Pouring mud should resign and saw what we understand that eased. Just want to get out of government servers want to put the polls Campbell the behind him more whatever the issue is they're very brave young what are their as the porn is. They're hoping to report were you triggered a twelve caribou up and there are gung. And they're essentially because anchoring for the last thing I need to do it so this church right shoulder done talking electric walk away and I'm all done. And something happened when actually you know be sworn an extra look. No loves it hit benefits and that they were the premise of the series and I'm like you know I think you got open here nestled below an apology enough to. Yeah I blew up to pull people are and you're like OK that's good dog got something here that's good call I had my. North Carolina senator under so much other stuff you know ya wanna the other interest seeing new series is I was playing an animated show that amount far called some of soared. Error and are amply explained it states that figure he Mair and funder of the barbarian. Several other. Animated adventure tried characters. Who. Media have been the functionality of archer and the other more heard pinging and super heroes that are plunked into the real world all last Kenny Bernstein has kind of fine. Yeah and so that not coming and I look to that particular period up your really cured and of course you have all the other shows like the script is gearing up for her second season and you have the mature sure and coming Barrick. And you don't so much quarters some that are already out right now like the last ship is going troops new season. Errand of course you Rabito social work over our WP like the flash. And arrow and go out you know legend tomorrow and so many other things like that are true. So much good stuff treadmill. Now one inform one little lasting before we get jag get out of here guy Garrett is Star Trek discovery. I'm we finally got the name for that is the the one there'll be on the CBS. All access do you have any more information about this because people they heard the name. But there hasn't been a lot. A lot of information out there beyond that. Well exactly and feet and that's the beautiful thing about doesn't. Were hope during that there's going to be some because creation entertainment it's 200 watts bigger commercial this week and Aaron that is just a mega mega Star Trek convention where you know you get a lot of do you get all the capital firm stage you weren't sure a lot of people and so. There's a lot of talk yelled at this is the first time in years that there's a new Star Trek series and also a lot of people hope during. That you gonna get something good these things used to be worry would go in the early or pre Internet days where they would tell you these are some photos here are some stopped at a sports becoming in the upcoming season and you beat your. News on that and smooth up the TV shows for a while they haven't had that outlet. Lot of people treat you might start getting some catching your parishioners here's the double their calls to skirt filming next month. No why do make clear what you seventeen were. Launcher and it scorned speaks thirteen episodes. Per seat so it's not going to be episodic it's scored spears and so contributed chapters of the bought these are government and I lightweight belt Elantra are used to play out. Every single one break on that situation it could she's and one is not as the single story told over thirteen episode. Nice okay that's that that's kind of cool on that end and I'm I'm liking the fact that it's only thirteen episodes I think that's kind of a maximum which I might kind of willing Walking Dead aside to go into is into a show. AF it's now or shortly go over to 44 episodes are around 24 I'm kinda not even gonna be into had been at thirteen MI I can deal with this. Word and the funny thing is you pull back a little more from the from what we've seen orders all these rather increasing training you pure public for example you look at it sure. Some people say well looks like harbor between federation including our furniture well if you know you're sure church history and you look back far enough. Before structure to motion picture came to be changed Star Wars. They were playing around with the new series called dirt trek trades true that the Europe roughly. Thirteen to fifteen episode planned a couple of them became next generation episodes mean the design of the re created enterprise was a triangular bawdy. Within the salt restriction on top the only difference before the sell for a pop. Standard wears on the new wonder below who you could see. And I look at certain people would do you know of the picture in what is this set. I look at the track that the hole appears to be sure any chrome would choose their current or not be sure and you worry that became. Captain Kirk error on work you look at some of the people let her ball and look smarter he wrote. Directed search for choose Star Trek ships you can chart there you don't beat some people look they're pulling and so a lot of people are saying. It's either. Right after her perch where it before classic trek or somewhere in between me and an interest including those. We're so when William shirt under repair will be involved in the new show. And he. Basically said. If perhaps they're willing to do it but I want to be something more the report fight your yard like you're really liked what wondered anymore dear mature Richard Abrams films. But his initial concern was. Don't have an trucking out there and sure you're walker could not something internal of the story even GAAP and so word we're thinking. And as you know like we could go before the fact that the first episode gonna be you're near the restaurant you're gonna have to pay for their critical people right off the back. That's gonna wait are you aren't you hey if you expect a lot of people are gonna say all watched her first episode I'm not committing to the seven dollars army just went to what comes out on dvd. Or election whatever did your little people right off the bat that's going to be the question. That'll be as good question hopefully they will build a do that now I have no doubt that in that they're gonna crash at packed app first episode I Gary thank you for the information again. Gary the bond column box from skewed and reviewed as K and you can find information about TV video games movies and more at that web site. Gary thank you so much say it daycare thank you so much gear is again that is scared the Von common box from student reviewed debts as K and because the show all in the last episode it just took our time. And to turn did anyway and spoiler for anybody who may wanna watch this and you may wanna watch this actually. I was of course there is talk about stranger things which is a ratio Netflix no doubt about it yeah if you like stranger things I am telling you something. You're going to like outcast. Who really it's it moves at the same pace because he is no stranger things it's simply slow pace is action and suspense. But the same time it has some slow pacing to a leg old school and I love it it I love that about it I'll cast the same thing. And I'm saying spoiler alert because a aid because of the fact that something was revealed. This list last episode. And of course is always new episodes on Friday. They'd then that I was like well I didn't expect business school and the other premise is that there's this is evil. Evil this just possessing people of this town men and there was a there's a lot of history going on what the hell's happening we're not sure what people are involved with just regular crimes then. All of a sudden it's all tied together. You're just assuming that this evil bull lax sort of liquid he sort of thing that is inside of people is a bad thing command brits finer is the leader of the bad things. Wow all. So the one dude who was the outcast who can basically cast out by just touching them bring their skin. Great scene between him and branch finally. And he's about to just cast that thing out brand new off Brett with some great acting just look at who said you do not want to release me. Because if you do you'll unleash a monster. While. And then they do flashbacks. And the monster. Not the black creature thing that's inside of them matter of fact the monster is the person he's inhabiting. Dude is so lake lake actual lag I'm a terrible human be bad all it was so awesome I. I use CO wonderful scene Indian spoiler alert wonderful scene where it shows a flashback. There is breast fighters character not looking what we've seen and to look like that's I like cool this is this a flashback. There's a little kid locked in a padded room. He's got an apron on I mean he's mr. serial killer horrible human being. In the wall and then he tells the stories like. We came we're coming this planet we got our reasons whatever we're doing we're doing here don't we don't know why do we we knew we sensed that there is. A reckoning coming on a religious level. And there's been hints in the show. And all of a sudden. Here's brand spiders character about to go in Sydney about a UN be like a really horrible to the sport offense this child only in his underwear. And all of a sudden he has an epileptic types of fish false to the ground. Then he opens his eyes and wakes up he's now inhabited obviously yet and he's looking around like. They never know where they're going to land it's an interesting thing these these position creatures don't know where they're going so they literally wake up and a host body go. What the hell kind of F stuff is so he looks around and he hears a noise in the room opens a door of the room and is like what the hell kind of asked dumb crap has gone on. He's got the knife cuts the kid loosely kidneys is about to die any of those rotten and the kid of course runs out of the house. And you can and it's like you can just say that while the evil possession creature is like. I asked a body in my head held a twist on I just don't twist like you're just thinking oh yeah you can see it no matter what you've always been led to believe any possessions going to be especially for my Poulter and apple progress. But. The extra days EMI is as yet it's gonna be a malevolent spirit that is out to harm a V do possessed and it's gonna be some innocent person. It's so now so wonderful because it's been leading up to this they're being evil and Brett was portrayed to be evil. And branches like look we're you know the Seward who were hanging here we knew were noon including one person who's possessed. And it turns out there you know eyes of police chased an investigator and investigation the fire chief is known all along about these possession creatures. And the I fired she says yet it took over my wife in my life has never been better. She goes I don't want my wife back I like who's in her right now so the fire tear the covering this stuff I. Like so that's the point where god yeah they'd like they he's been helping the possession creatures come into town knew they gotta do what they might who know our card members. If this is how the comic is gone good for you look at this is why I tell me happy I ornament. This show is such a good show and seeing the success of the stranger things I'm realizing OK the pacing is slow will not be bad for people because it's it's a similar pacing the stranger things. It's on Cinemax I know you like what senate acts but that was at the same thing about stars right that's vs the evil dead can I network that you don't really think about can actually have good shows. And Cinemax is not Skinner maxim it's really go to Max checking out. Really didn't ask I had new episodes of season ends of that yeah a good -- it's a good episode says new ones tonight and series is almost I think this season's almost done but always is good that's awesome that is super cool and super glad to hear that outcasts like that twist right there is one of those things like. All crab OK there's more there's more links royalty I was just like going possession shares I was assuming was gone we are osu with a bad people do totally and we said don't do this to release a monster then they go because they were flashing back the whole episode. And then he's in they in a cell Lagos you will release a monster who then they show us the rest though flashback is here what he really is he like. Dude he's execute and a bad person evade being this evil black league would be thing inside of him so. How willow who knew Maurice I like I like you the shades of gray my guess really glad this she's a great. Cool check out our let's get on to our Star Trek spectacular this is something fun because if you were maybe checking out her FaceBook CD before. You may have noticed that we were well on FaceBook a lot of lifting it. And that as long as we get there early kinks and it works out and it seems to normally works fine. This is going to be our attempt to lie save this stream our spectacular. Call this a cool idea and now people will be able to interact with us while we're discussing the Star Trek and these Star Trek chartered beyond yes so. As you're hearing this on the podcast this has already happened exactly so. Google. And check out the video on. On the FaceBook does that mean our timeline is changed it. Yeah it's like JJ Abrams ma'am I'll crap this ever opera backpack at a better as the U Abrams verse version of the region Chez geek nation what I distribute yes so if you but if you've watched him before aides say the exact same thing but at the same point you get all the other stuff from before. And yeah that's good pick scabs. Who. Knew he'd be on us or will weigh. No Chris pine becomes me. That week Debian Garrett every step up selfless little bail out my name is already Chris how is Chris kind of be you it exists and how that works apparently double check I'm pretty sure it is personality lies who would be who will. I've been going Dahlia you would clearly I mean usually you'd be them yeah you would be bones. No doubt about it. As a person who who guides this ship I would probably be Sulu. Yeah if you think about it ballet and a human nonsense you I think that I did you beat check off. Yeah I had alleys and yeah I don't look at the second is the bet that this. Cubic. I was gonna say not to level I don't know I don't know exactly who she being my raising Keener. Seems there we always area there was he's just there. He was and he says that we got oh early meeting what I knew Scott Ellis got a guy that got about a guy that would be very key gas rallied in the last movie sky I was drinking putted at the bar and itching feeling that he's got a better title giving that solid mid -- Christie can be keen to know I guess that leaves Kirk. For me know okay. Alright okay so. There had to go is that so let's start with the initial thoughts of Star Trek beyond I'm and go kind of around the room on that and you Joseph you've seen it as welcome that's I have excellent so everyone can try to give their thoughts and BJ as a man who has I -- I ask you ruthlessly defended the honor of this series against people such as mark runner yes it is your your new hater I didn't he hates I don't need injuries seen this one I swear all you know he hasn't seen any case it all right at least he was already he was pre loaded with hate on it yeah what how do you feel being an old school trek fan and coming into. Via third the third one of of the new track. Well I you know I am because Simon peg whose a friend of our main radio show. I I was I was trepidation because they were I I I want it to be good I just wanted to be good absolutely and I am also afraid that I'm biased I just don't know if I could not like this movie because I'm just gonna like because Simon's Simon today and he's been so cool glass Tom. I surprised that Ron or would like this movie because this had more of an original series feel episodic Lee including wind even you know Kirk said. My life feels episodic yeah right there you know there are that was such a great line because if it did need this is the fiftieth anniversary my love that Simon in the crude Jeff please say here's what we're gonna do we're going to make this an homage it felt like in all moderation. To an original series episode to me. Yet it and try to make it like bill last JJ Abrams movies because they feel like if they try to wouldn't it. It when it worked GAAP Iger and that Amanda yeah I you know it's interesting I honestly I don't know if it's my favorites of the three movies. And on I think because I really love what JJ did in one into it the same time. I loved how it felt like an original series episodes so. You know I don't have a complaint with that if it wasn't what I expected it but I love what they gave me. And for those wondering the first Star Trek movie that came out gods and 95% on rotten tomatoes the second one into darkness with the Benedict comer that's got 86%. And this was standing tall at 84%. So there's a little bit of a decline on that this man a little out of my friend yes absolutely and it might be a little bit of oh all way air. Online arm on the no on my fans to this the third wind. I I had some small issues with that but all you mean like the little guys the beginning because they were small there Burrell Ellis Ellis Q. Maybe as bad as their their planet and by us. Give away from news I thought that was actually a big problem with the movie I it was it was really hokey. And it kinda set the tone for me in terms of them like. I I just wasn't sure what to expect way I expected everything to beat penny cheese all around just because of that opening scene and the fact that. That's seen dictated deserted did them a gust and for the movie. Yeah I guess it was cool to kind of tie it in but it just didn't resonate with me. I think at will when did you saw right when he came out alright yeah so yeah waited a couple of these and both of you had already seen and the US has said it's very episodic and I went into it thinking that. Yeah knowing that I felt right it felt like I was watching it along T show but it didn't feel long to me and I think. In passing BS that you use up the really felt a little long I didn't feel that way at all. Yeah I don't I said that if I did I've lost my mind for god. I just remember that you know it's interesting I think the action scenes are done much better because in Star Trek nemesis where you know the last next gen movie they tried to have action scenes NH just. You know it's just days they didn't know how to do it as well as Justin Leonard and I think that's what elevates this movie is they've taken an episode throws a great action in there yeah it works is a lot of great action scenes in there. And jail the actress I can't figure rename which is probably over here I should probably never guess somebody little Sears Sophie S Sophia patella. She's really delightful is jail I like your character like how she interacted with Scotty I like that Scotty had moments ago recruiter is. As current and dry loves. And I think this is probably why the movie sort of in some people's minds might have been a little flatter and I think he was it was intentional. Kirk was definitely older and maybe a little weir re having been out space for so yeah this was and I love the performance by Chris pine. This was not a young immature James Jim Kirk this is all that more seasoned and even maybe battle wearied Jim Kirk or or space we re. And then of course you had an emotional Spock because of something that happens and I guess we just put a judge well yeah because they were doing. You're classic line actually works. What's the spoiler for this movie. Star dies. I really doubt. So it really does talk guys earlier and it's so that job god I got done I think a dumbed dislike that I have and that was interesting I thought that was cool because. That it happened today you know in the in the movies where you know Kirk wasn't gonna ship but he always took over ship every time shadow was in a movie Perez they gave her back to me Scotty I know every movie Rebecca and Jen. I have iconic character development in the TV show or even in the old movies like that they have been good I just kind of picture an early Saul all lot of this TV shows or movies back when as a kid. But I just kind of pictured as Kirk has. I don't mess and I'm going to slay all the ladies amateur fight album while the aliens and do what I had to do I never really see and Hewitt how that side to him. Yet the movie show that a little bit more than they did I felt like this was wrath of Conn Kirk where. You know member he got really do if he were he'd get really deepened among hello emotional when he met now Carol Marcus and find out about his kid yeah that was a side of Kirk we never saw. Is sort of like I'm a little tired I'm older I'm gonna be an admiral kind of guy and I love that they went there because you don't know how many movies we have left. I thought that I really love that it was like an episode and I thought whoa. I wouldn't mind seeing a series with these three get it would all these guys like they did made me feel like he was more episodic and not blockbuster. But the same time damn they have blockbuster moments. Has wanted to check in real quick would those be watching now on the FaceBook live first of all thank you so much. I Gareth wants us to do this whole thing including earned. Yeah. Restaurant and think that's a good. Kind of stuff pooch via. Let's see Brian. Agrees that he's not her censure of this of this fear we really loved the first one and Stephen Warner says we're looking good gases. Are you the very imaginative camera back away from rev yeah I now root out there Israel. So. And yet it's it's an interesting situation that's why if runner hasn't seen it. I now have to have a conversation with him because I -- still gone gaga over the lost in space Blu-ray edition that we waited till was on sale before we bought it because it was last year there fiftieth anniversary but I did this. This is a beautiful fiftieth anniversary Ahmad I eighty I here's yeah and I and I can't wait for Adam -- moist for the love of Spock which will be coming out OK that looks like it's going to be fantastic. I am very happy would what Simon and the gang did Justin Leonard. Did a good job he did in it was yeah any trepidation people had because it's a faster experience I think you hit on the nail on the nail on the head there when you said that. He was able to bring in the action scenes any doubt what does the action scenes are what a lot of by the fast and furious movies or really well known for so he what it wasn't like he was like you know you didn't see the enterprise doing drifts or anything like that they've never worried about that stuff but he brought in that sense of action and adventure into it. You think a fair comparison to this would be comparing this movie guardians of the galaxy. Not necessarily like that I think are yelling yeah batter it's it's it robot buddies how aiming I have. I like the fact that they are able to arm kind of pair Austin in terms and have some characters that really played well together. I honestly had legs loans and Spock and so they were able to really highlight dare relationships. So in that term with guardians the you're able to do that how is some relationships that way I agree with that. Religious right I feel like the first movie was more like guardians of the galaxy because there there wasn't as much character development in the first movie but you still got flavor I could see that the guys they were there were a little bit more two dimensional and guardians of the first movie there was some three dimension but for the most part. It that was a two dimensional character movie which was great I mean they you they knew they deal rocket raccoon with who he was. You know and eight and grew to discard FBI and that everybody had varied but it was very two dimensional. Whereas this movie. Definitely I think we'll see if we see a third guardians of the Ghazi maybe even Gary Emanuel was seen too often will see more characters being flushed out so I agree with. I agree that there's a comparison of the guardians but I wouldn't make this movie the comparison I'd make Star Trek one odds or comparisons. For mile and a silly characters that I was comparing it was more or less the fun. Because this movie was fun. I had a lot of light in the fund happy you finally find iPad that's really cool for someone who's not a fan diffuse that I'm glad to hear that was I was sitting out laughing again if you don't really know the characters like you know how they how they eat together. Ma'am I lugged it I love seeing how they they played off each other area Knightley just a hole at even. Think this is the big sea island aid they start playing beastie boys' sabotage everything just goes arrive like. I sorry OK Vicki got a right not live guardians of the Alex yet you look at how ridding the media yeah that's a good point now that you mention every year right that that definitely had a guardians field. It means if you compare to Star Wars over the last hours who we saw the ending is very much in very similar in the sense that it almost is too funny. You don't say like the way to do like sabotage his play and that's what kills the aliens and we liked. Here's this random kill the deaths are saying there I don't know what's going to happen C are enjoying it micro with Emily although I did really like it. Is this summer's from that trilogy you know this is the third one in a trilogy but it's not. It's really associate sports movie in my opinion full recall it's a different worlds if you think about it. I think I think admitted this is just me but I feel like trilogy is just become a thing like you have to have at least three movies in it big big. With lords of the ring that that might have been the start of it it was a trilogy because it was three ball and you don't finish a story you'll wrap up a story in one bowl you have to wait the next one to get it. And with these movies that are coming out which are quoted by trilogy is. You're wrapping every story up how what to call mocking Jay and all the Hunger Games you how means watching them the art trilogy that red Star Wars are. This is more young warlords like a serial as opposed to a self contained trilogy that's why M I'll I loved about it every but the problem is is that if you're a random viewers you're gonna expected to be the third movie that's true G risen expectation adds a trilogy and a half gallon that's ten and maybe that's kinda how I felt about it because. I need this is this is one of those things and we talk about how episodic hit a kind of fell and you guys are thinking of that as a bonus and I think that more of a detriment because. Then the plot armor on this cast was in impenetrable. There was that zero point I had any worry about any characters. Having any problems I have I think I I didn't think agers L buzz L Elvis character I had as the villain. Had any seeing that was really electric spectacular no end there was no danger like I knew you knew what he was trying to do you and you knew his reasoning and it was a good. The way it was written it was well done but at the same point I knew they were gonna wrap it up they're gonna is gonna be tied up and a nice neat little bow at the very end it ultimately. Nothing was going to happen and like there's a lot of stuff happening in the movie. Buy it there's no repercussions across the movie or beyond in the universe. So I think one thing I'm wondering if it's because where he soon nauert the game is browns the generation mentality yeah like where's assuming that no it's safe. Yeah and this when everyone was completely safe in my and that's end and that's not what a Star Trek episode was and I Gary and you know you're wearing a reds you guys make a really good point and that's what I think gets a little lost with this. And I don't know what's the right vehicle because. This the big shocker this movie the what's supposed to surprise you is the fact that crawl. It is not just a crazy person he's a L I should say he's not just some sort of I made two dimension are buried there until it's like oh here's the shock of a movie. He's actually a star fleet captain and all the crap and then and that's what Star Trek did they always gave me this message and the message of course was in fact and I and I loved it which is the fact they. You know the federation actually before the federation. He was part of something that was kind of like hey we go until everything. Yeah hang out and and then they each tried their best to do so to have him acclimate into a federation sort of our peace time society. And quick and he couldn't do it. He just couldn't do what he tried they gave him for me knowing Chris and I sort of suss this out a little bit. We think they gave him basically a crappy shifts in and we as we look at the timeline. That ship even for its time was probably a crappy (%expletive) because they say it's the first ship to the war for but by the time he got it it was probably an. Old ship but hey guys they gave him a clunker you can feel army caps did you know back out of the battle I am not an area has put at a place where you can't do any harm so they send a deep space to go explore it and he's not gonna like breaking Evey are causing problems. And that's the real cool part of that move because that's what a Star Trek episode does Piaf but you're right the we never thought anyone was gonna die and I watched the original series nobody was gonna die his first because you watch rerun after rerun. That wasn't what we want but we loved about it was stuck. You know with a live live there any of the Frank Gore should reveal well he's black on the side black side you know yeah and that's the thing that they captured in this. And I love that about it but I give you guys are saying there's no he should have been at it like where is the thing that wears a trilogy part gap where is me think he's somebody might die hard. That's tough to do when you're trying to bring the essence of something from fifty years ago but the real essence of which I think Simon was trying to do and his co wrote in I agree with that it up they know what the big problems with me is that I grew up on Star Trek as much as I love Star Wars and everything. I aid I saw wrath of Khan I've seen. And theaters like my my my my mother and my arm or the people that brought like the four year old into this years to go see a grab your car yeah hey dad and I seen search for a spot in the theaters. And so these were movies that resonated with me I love this in almost every single one of these movies in the theaters. And so that is what I'm looking for a looking for that movie experience. And so when you get stuff like the enterprise being destroyed multiple times and I multiple times we've seen that anyways it was. It was a traumatic you know we caught a good dramatic event for me to see that in the theaters here in a search for Spock Fiat because she's like. All this is the enemy and they didn't just add do you ever happen right yeah so we saw what happened to the consolation in the TV show Leo were seen other stars haven't read your right. That was huge and they did this one it wasn't so much because I knew was gonna get 67 at the end they do kind of a quick frame blue blue blue happen with a very good movies yeah they're done which I in my favorite line from Beverly crusher do you think I'll give us another 1000 get back I don't I'm outside the letter sent to him read Delgado is just one of those we're just it ultimately didn't necessarily mean anything when I went sounds and is also is unfortunate and spoil that the trailers another thing you're right if you don't write intense true are true spoilers food and much better. Agreed. I'm not really sheriff's like that I can really filling ballad the big part I think like the spoiler that they would have been if they would have done the villagers tell that thing. But you guys are talking about ships and stuff and Brian on FaceBook is beyond FaceBook library now kept in check out the video footage if you didn't see it live lighting check on our FaceBook page right now. That he did right. Whereas at he sends out as a non spoiler and Kirk was talking to the admiral talk about the enterprise being the best ship in the area as she mentioned there is one still being built here. Yeah I was really hoping. It was the excel CR. So I'm not noted in Q link either like if they would've gone with the excels your. Of course is you have throwback to the movies selected JJ so yeah I really interested to see what that looks like exactly it was that deal was that the ships that Sulu. Yeah yeah it's actually it was cool to see him after the guessing it was super cool to see him in the captain's chair yeah outcry that's out there anyway that. Last I. I don't what is so cool every single time I don't know I think there's no really come on late hit captain his own ship he deserves it well in the in any enterprise and B he was an excelsior class ship too so not. I would there as much to look at this a movie and I enjoyed it I'm glad my mother Vicki I that I am so shocked and happy because you know you you know Star Trek fan I mean you're when he asked and you love this movie that's has a lot I mean it was sunlight what wasn't like the one thing I have problem with it I I I new agers double as in the movie. And I did not realize that was him. In till the very end I forgot myself I how about I forgot myself I did dance yeah they resident can tell I feel like she's saying that she was changing in kind of going through these things I kept forgetting that was handling exactly the sad thing Allen the one thing. As they did a good athlete or as a candidate comer batch wasn't maybe he would he was an encumbered matched by makeup if you will fit that I LL have to as I can't even even you know even Nero you know look pretty much like dale Eric Bana so. You know if it was unfortunate that he was so unrecognizable. There and his voice was processed at the beginning so yeah it was like. Just it just it's a media that was tough for Idris. Just also tell it he wasn't. There was nothing unique about I kept getting confused with all the other in ends so I couldn't Utley is assisting one of the Renata I yet he'd only just like in a fit elements when that that one guy gets shot in the head in the up and you never got to mangalore is I think that numerous you know regulars yeah. And what that looks like and that's just I couldn't wrap my head around until the very end are you saying all aliens and the same Vicky she's never seen since he's a speech just. No I agree with Vicki and I think it's one of the problems the only real big problem with the movie is that they don't establish their own storyline slash setting. And they don't leave your bread crumbs stood for you to follow every kind of wraps up at the end of bow which is nice but if you think about it doesn't really matter if they don't revealed he's human you don't. Really can I knew somebody else up but I actually did and they left one bread crumb. And that's when they first showed that video that are her looks at later on ask yeah I show that video I said all I've got one of those guys is who he is but because why else saw that video now what what's the point but he you can't connect at reckon it's not a point trailer which I am so I'm I'm. It's okay don't you know that joke a lot of your your right it's not an obvious break from you're right which we EE EE yeah it's a stretch I only know because I just know movies they don't show any less is a reason but that's not a normal brake problem you do know that it's going to be important but it's not important thing. Because there's no way you're going to be like oh that's you know those persons and he might get from its old me be these guys are humans in life. That's about it have a whole lot of what's it called the fat man be Superman effect when the whole flash Julia sequent top and I have no idea what happy and a Boris. Until the second time I watched and just that part it wasn't it isn't the way better than them and easy for an alternate way better. But that one little scene is reminiscent of what to one of the big issues with them and be Superman. Term. Also guys enough for not invent obvious Brigham has made me love government. Sorry you're happy now karaoke I have to say they've brought they made that super space station real fast bike that was one that's what's good as well. I'm relying on good lawyer no right like well. You're right Joseph I mean is it. It was nice seeing Matt to talk run them well. Very well. And I can't and every movie I know is the first every. OK if they must JJ Abrams think he's somewhere. Yeah he hours keys that yet he is definitely Diaz the eastern end of follows JJ everywhere. I Larry I haven't announced in February yes. Having someone randomly Justin oddly walk by you I had after I got. Okay I don't see yellow dog apparently held I don't I don't know I kind of really interest DP your clothes are not have offense to not know yeah I'll keep my. Cause and we're about this but I here's an article I found senate pay actually explains where what happened to Carol Marcus. Because you mentioned her little you know I was gonna bomb that she wasn't Thomas set you know as I got thought this is going to be a thing get during the latest episode of the Star Trek podcast he explains. That. Her absence in the film was because he and Doug John the film's other Ryder. Believed they would underserved her character and have pointed out they killing her off would have been the worst thing to do he says quote we we thought rather than have Carol marquis is to be not used to be reasonable capacity let's just not include her have her real live in can an Indy race to come back at any time I appreciate that they didn't mention make mention of where she was -- I know it seems that. That during that where she is during the events that pay had some preliminary draft of the script that explained her Ab sense. But the mention wasn't included in the final version of the film quote. I think we had some winds to explain her absence in the initial drafts that are going off to start work on the Genesis project did it Daniel learning got a lock and she's Bergen on the Genesis project somewhere I just set that. I just said that are too busy reading FaceBook comments yet. He's too busy looking at that very often 'cause leg act not Pelosi and Reggio. John and video of monitoring your river that is she's she's wearing this red shirt it's all like a dress on her all 'cause you wore the door that was the one I wore when we went to the start drinking PM. Donate now yes and rights he doesn't like as far as I never got like tighten up a bit here on to totally make this my my got me. I'll bet and you get yourself and I still haired dude I got her UV that's on kids so yes there is costly in here and tell Larry if everybody got app after app after app. Yeah let it fester just like a little easier on Halloween we're. Too big for catcher Gary clearly does it but I love the fact. The audit of the characters all broke out of character especially Spock Spock was so good in this movie. Because he's injured he's emotion all and it's just hilarious throughout the entire thing yeah I love that and we've seen that the original TV series where for some reason he was forced to be I know emotional. I love that they did tell him I love that they in the Vicki visited their spending on the characters these are two dimensional characters and that's a lot of fun and that. So you know I by and large I really did enjoy this film. I just don't think because the way like the way it was set up that I really need to go back and see it again. I've seen a once. And I didn't even feel the necessity to go back and see it again how did you guys see it IMAX I saw in 3-D not IMAX it was one of those where you get into the theater and it's picker reserved seat. And I was the only one who didn't have front row. So I just saw in 3-D not the IMAX I would have liked to see it in IMAX was good and IMAX and I saw a side to me and then I saw a 3-D IMAX I three it makes a difference if the it makes a difference in immerses you in different scenes very nicely but it would be got space you've got the stimulus I magazine's star good does a little the little's did little b.'s spaceship said that they had this -- spectacular ship's destruction. An IMAX. Dad yeah yeah that's no big deal that we've seen the ship and I said Hala the beauty of how they created that scene that was a maze like wins than they cells got a rift that was cool holy yeah. Crap that's ever been done no no and yeah it's guys cycle that's where I was like wow. Get rid of the new cells near the what you do blow (%expletive) up you don't stripper like that. In any current road I really you know that was good I you know I had that was really a powerful way to destroy the ship Vivian does she not know what I am you don't have to go back milieu we did some grace that's. Grades there they really did great stuff MM movie. If they gave us everything. That I think I would want in that movie. And I just didn't realize until I think about it yeah I think that's really what that wow I'm OK this is so much that happened to. That I just loved it and I will tell you where things a little off and I love but I think was intentional. Since Kirk wasn't the Kirk we've known in the last two movies yes intentionally. That also meant that it was a little off everybody else had to step up and a different way okay app and what question if anybody knows and I don't know Simon's gonna comment. Was it editing or just an eerie coincidence that at the end of the movie when they're toasting missing friends the first scene they go to is Chekhov. What's that AMR was that. I mean because I can't see it at the end going for Anton I think you put that in very quickly eaten but I mean how eerie is that if that's just how we shot and edited in it they didn't do any thing. BO posts Anton deaths the I'm buy anything because I am hurting we see about that but I was. It's better when I first saw the movie that chilled me because various with a glass and I'm just like pennies the only light the main character in the scene everybody else is not a mess from regular essentially some gonna be another grandiose but I really modernize yeah and if that. It was intentional I think it's cool if it wasn't. It's eerie as hell can't check up on a much bigger partner in this movie stat which is good fortune it's easy to get even more heartbreaking because I mean it's just a tragic events that happened with Anton and it's just so sad if on to see that because. Even listen you know is reading the news reports and his parents saying is that you wanna be a star he just wanted to have fine. And create art and he. He took that character to a place day I never seen in the original series he wasn't super rich I mean I mean super rich by Hollywood standards immunized because they know they're trying to get they're there having a battle over his fortune. Is is is a state it was only like go a little over a million dollars which when you think about a Hollywood actor only having a state of a million dollars. I mean these guys have houses that cost more than that. So you -- I think he was just young young actor do what he was doing Konami is future who knows because he's really -- was he does so he's done some really really good movies go check out green room it's got him in it and Marcus talked about it on on our guest spots but it's -- up Patrick -- -- -- as as so it's kind of a little bit of Star Trek up alone there on that and I happiness Star Trek for coming out and I'm happy with the job that Simon in the entire crew did I will on this movie no doubt about it I saw twice and you may be able to twist my arm to seat again attacked as as he was unlike Vicki said so if anybody wants to see -- let me know because it's only been twice and I can always a third or fourth time to see it. All right just a couple of quick things guys are responding to see Google folks on the FaceBook yes I only raise our hands. Answered to volunteer to talk next that's so we don't all talk over the top of each other which sometimes aren't having Hillary showed behind the scenes look at exactly so if you are asking what's with the raising of the yeah yeah. A lot the law. Of audio up presentations radio as well as podcast they don't understand the importance of that just because are you human brain works if people are talking over each other. It really is hardly he would bring to fall because you don't have the facial expressions normally if you don't video you you don't have the body language. That's why we do that for Europe because we love you for your benefits at the. Yeah we we don't rehearse any of the stuff in August so even though one normally when you listen to the podcast we all sort of feel like we're taking turns speaking the fact of the matter is we're into watching each other for a visual cues we're looking to see if you're dancing up and down again you know the bathroom like Joseph is right now. How did Joseph want to say something poetic so we actually put until he does get this same thing I love the half a well I have the Barry hey Jerry what's are getting surgery for. Yeah I have a question sort of clearly wasn't the the next movie in the Star Trek into darkness series right now because they didn't really come out there was no rise of the hero right this is another episode essentially. So will start trips for being continuation or are we gonna go on with this new life. I see I see them going along the lines of it being more episodic trying to build characters and going to affect. This IC good morning to build a franchise as opposed to you have being like the Nolan trilogy was 123 we're done we're doing this one story they're trying to build a franchise here where they can continue and continue making movies until these actors are old John Yang here's the thing you it's already been confirmed that leave immediately amuse him. We finally remembered you know Hemsworth Chris says Laura Diaz hits you footprint and our Chris Simms really as a thank you for who won that one of the Hemsworth. Or he's going to be and it looks brighter room freezing his role as George Kirk. So old war that's. Are we gonna get more tiny siamese. You're married another new time new new timeline but he's in intermediate which is gonna make got a hell of a blockbuster if he's in. It is is scifi so it could be something like the whole tickled Ecstasy around you. Tragically awful Superman movie that came out years ago where he is kind of partnership that that was kind of you know our where he's at vision in court Kirk Ted maybe. Yeah it could not critique I hope I hope not because that's cheap rent any athlete I've read and go back in time and interact was that some people think going back in time as chief. Like I gradually it's it's a little more expensive. Had a but you're right there wrote this book Amaechi vehicles and can't flashback great because it's dead Dimon was young yes there's no no flashback death but he always asks remember when he asked crossbar prime. He goes you know hey froze my decade what was my dad like you know away when they were in an ice caves into a situation so he does. He really does have a love you know like a kid would for not having his father around and how cool would that be if he you know maybe our member when Wesley got to see the hologram of his dad yeah late yeah I mean that was a powerful is easily incorporate the holograms are sent to my dad and could definitely go along those lines but he did. Thing that happened in his story line is now affecting like or what happened in his lifetime it is now coming back to haunt Kirk gap and I know you're Sheila what is going on you know life is now affecting. Now I am very sorry sorry I mean in Europe but yet then just let the shadows of like godfather part two. Re seeing the same. This is our turn to your point I'm impressions of what went on before folder now he's dealing with whatever is happening now that all of a lot once upon a time very once upon a time for the win I think yours alone. Time lines and who knew going at the same time kind of thing to where it's like you get both of the time my heart you once I had the Alley right words audited I wanna run now we're just getting into as well are very well yeah there's also there's the parallel everything I mean yeah I have a merry merry. Pueblo oh I know. And remember. I don't really evil George heard evil George Karl now. Well there's a bad idea is very you know on the Alabama don't you know Simon yeah Simon who signed an eagle at Georgia I can't. Half a car and unlike Gilligan a bag and find anything except I found two other people that speculate the same thing we think that study might have edited the very engine or check off. But has not been confirmed yet one quick thing I wanted to ask you guys yeah I know that's Sulu himself. John job. Now John show but also George decay RCK for some reason I kept wanna Connie white. Known today we know that subtly they said that he isn't a homosexual relationship men and George didn't really like about it that white I get your trying to pay homage to my life but now. My hand like you because the character wasn't it wasn't like it wasn't that what is our loves George decay George site luckily you know what I get that we're trying to fight battles in life but George is an artist he's like Gluck. The character was never JY were you know make the character something he wasn't and I love that about George is like the soloist Sulu let's just keep Sulu is so little jackets Jersey case the guy that's always fight the good fight when it comes to civil or are anything I mean because he went through interment and when you're back in the world war two and how does elimination Americans shake his hand yes so he you are George George knows all fighting the good fight on many levels he said he's also an artist but put that aside. What do you guys think of how subtle but it. Like you know I tell you like theater or did you just necessary dinner that's again made a big deal out of nothing it clearly yet it was a just a homecoming story was again we would like I thought loving and I thought as I know this is awesome there there is surely were that a star race they get to see their families that's exactly how I don't know I like so stupid to matter here how it is it's just it's our family getting to be together what I it's a running away nothing ever seeing what I love and this is why it is such a stupid story that means nothing the most powerful part of that scene is the wake Kirk looks at them there 'cause he's gotten none of that did you ask yeah that's a really good point on that is show that you know everyone has family unfortunately occurred not Kirk not at all I can't believe it when I'm alone again OK before we get into those I think it's Fabrice get out here but. Let's give our ratings I will start with this I would give it a seven and a half thanks had a bad and that's only because bring a little bit down because economic problems with it just been episodic and meet feeling there's not a whole lot that was necessarily. In danger at any point but by and large it's worthy of any Star Trek sand. And if you're in Hoover filling PGA is I think that you she's you deserve to eight regulators have had to be I don't know and I did take it over when I don't miss this OK and I Chris how do you feel about a man. Loved it we'll see again at least two more times in the theater and then now I don't his number mobile number I am I giving its. Louis is. I think time. Yeah thanks for playing on I'll play out of 50 you know plastic why we have him on the spot I don't know how god Vijay what are you eight out of ten is and yet he did know yes I'm with Chris and AM attended a dinner. Vicki seven point eight out of ten are constantly on and finally I don't know the. Doesn't seem accurate and ironically gives it a certain point five is anyway right kids IL we all think you have by and large it's a good one but let us know how you feel about it post on the FaceBook let us know him our runner go see the movie if you have an attack. Happened. And till next time that has seen nearly. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where to golf joined. Vernon Wells the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying he called sheriff Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus.