BJGN 08-20-18 - Lone Shark Games

Monday, August 20th

Chris & Rev review the latest book for the Starfinder RPG system; Rev, BJ & Chris talk with Mike Selinker & Trevor Kidd from Lone Shark Games about the latest games they have, creative design, and the state of games in 2018; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said he Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay cheesy things. Welcome yes welcome to BJ season he may see in high and the reverend en Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona. And we have a pooper head over there are only show's namesake Vijay Jay as me and Joseph Louis DE wow. Path. Our hand on today's show we will talk star finder the talk board games with some very very illustrious guests here and I got to go oh cool. FF FF I went young men went soon and of course we need cheap wood they keep me. They know how can people get older less. Helms actress anyways I don't wanna hear what Clinton did you nation dot com move food. News that I could ever those leading handles podcasts and more of that is just beating each nation FaceBook Twitter and it's a grand. Still oh you are legitimate Manhattan he had just search words search for a Peter vials of its troops trying to tell me something can happen. I'm here though there's Cheerios and. So before we get to our guess I do you want to. Mention a really good book that Chris and I picked up. For our table tops our role playing games all rolled that's right did you guys they're not role playing game and nothing toe yet we know we're in a whole lot of that not only are we playing in AM I a fund RPG but it's in space BJ I know I star finder oh my spoiling a sort but I got an -- out there aren't enough really slow there's so when he says they're trying to do is there another game that's awesome and space right now besides our final race highlighted so. Seemed so not RPG's after tabletop stuff. And we do a weekly game Chris is the DM who has managed not to kill us even though he's a close yet I guess I think even turn a couple times there could. Bob but now pies so has come out with a no there are reference book in this is a really good one because it's the armory which means you get all lows though cool goodies which include. Weapons armor magical I don't gag commands all of the crazy things you need to be the most mad as persons prayer. The rule book came with a pretty basic set of adequate means you can buy weapons and armor and all the things that Wren was just talking about didn't do a lot of magic items certainly didn't have the ultra rare artifacts that I have appeared now in its. This is just an expansion for the regular game Dayton pretty much any any good role playing game has this sort of book. Come out for their series and server and is no exception. And they don't really excellent job with this they have thrown a lot of amazing weird exotic stuff and actually mean this is our space in their planets with different strange eight lines and things right. They have different technologies so why wouldn't their guns and stuff be really different you could I eat what amounts to a lizard did you carry around with you and. Out of its mouth comes lightning bolts OK here I'm so that. Yeah you're buying a good that means from some enchanted believes. He admires a bag you'll New Orleans man and I mean let's the boom gone good. I need to buy don't have enough now that there's a pair of boots that lets you walk around with no gravity as if there were gravity and change up your mind like welcome the ceiling now. Pour it. Yeah I'll move what are the coolest things that we did after this last session was. Chris as a DN decided that we would. Meets or at least get into what essentially what would be like the architects room in the matrix and and speak to one of their deities in space. We did we ancient ones heard in my. Some I don't. How about a bone guy in the no no no no no no bone guns forgive anybody I would give I would give I would look you know 'cause this agent and but there was a bunch of really cool magic items and is that a chance to. Spice up wait your what your adventures doing Andy gives incentive for a lot of the adventures to go and do some fun things. Yeah ice I sold it as you guys did a good job and then there's a lot of cool new stuff out there are so here's here's some of it for free from your from your DM because I want ES two experiencing things that would maybe be a little bit too expensive greeted by on your own oh god yes. But the reality is there's so much stuff in this new book I didn't have time to get those lists out to my players. So that they can choose and pick and buy things for themselves elect Adam Scott Dixon coast having an idea. And it worked really well in terms of I mean Chris knows what we're going for with her characters so when we are trying to do via Duluth we kind of figured out right away what would work for each person my character's kind of going into sort of a spy mode thing and and it of getting a hat of disguised dad has risen just knew instantly disguise themselves. So it's up a lot of stuff that you know weapons and armor are part of it but like used Chris was talking about. Magic items and things that aren't just necessarily like. Super powerful things that will make your care to build roll better orange no no do more damage but interact differently in space and it it it's great so. I suggest going to your local gaming store picking up the armory for star finder if you are playing began retail on the as about. That 3999 and that is from prize though as you'd expect yet it is worth there it. With us today are 2 people from the Pacific northwest gaming scene who are mainstays we've got Trevor Kidd. And Mike's a pointer from loan shark games. L lo and I've put you guys were in jet at gen con. How was that how did go for you. We Winston cup and it was awesome yeah I had no Wi fi works actually dole launch our team was it and gone and it was awesome we've we saw a lot of our games. Pretty much all of our games that are going on right now we also going are now what you know yes absolutely how hectic is gen con now because that's one of those I've never been to gen con but it's. The ones that I need to for my bucket list I need to go and do you busy we get a chance to play games anymore. I mean he had will live but I mean is this is crazy I mean there's there's. Was 60000 people. Oh wow it's. Solidity belted out bigger three years ago already had a do you say editing football stadium that uses words unless I. Juno we don't really know little and well like going on here let's just use the colds football stadium so you can. Now play games. On the same field and Andrew Luck threw his. Past and I. Frederick Hess says that's necessary because there that I heard there's not a lot of free place space for board game and though in the you have to pay money sometimes Gilligan tables at Donna if you just wanted to play games that weren't somebody's book where they were demo and well I mean it's curling can nice reversal. A loaf you know we are growing outrage it's like now we're taking over the stadium. It's. Been. And jocks are. You guys get you know you can't practice they were playing games I had asked well I told everybody was an affinity for volume are as big of a geek is always flew down here Arianna it's it's the biggest are to assume -- and yeah I read all stats you build your team new level up as you go basically you will have something you know you're playing your opening game you lose resorts along the way you always have somebody else cheats all the time like basically that's so basically every view the gamer aren't good power to break and be beyond the dizziness of the gen con and putting out all these games. You've done something you guys it doesn't really cool as Theodore humble bundle as well. The humble bundle is a lot of the times they will put together a bunch of things that are like minded. In order to do something good for charity I know I picked up a bunch of arm RPG books have picked up comic books graphic novels in the past from this and what have you guys done with it. Yet just the the last two weeks we. We launched they deem design and humble craft. Humble bundle which was. Designed to really medical purposes the first was I was releasing a new version of my book puzzle craft which has been out of print for awhile and people really wanted to. So that was kind of the excuse. But then when I started thinking about those like what if we put all of those books. That influenced me and I've been a part of in one place so that game designers whether video gamer or. Or tabletop. Game designers could see them all saved time and just get them and I just went I went down my friend blessed I was like you put your thing in my. It's. Going to fit there's no discussion yet yet I just doesn't request knows how many great depends. So we got nearly everything. With the exception of one designer who quite literally could not find a copy of his book photo OK can now find Dave Dave digital copy a little book he wrote which. But I really kids that's a key mistake and I'm going into the game design business and I lose everything is a bad play and we're not naming there's no resentment and that was a very good friend north. But they're cool aspect was it it took off. We raised a lot of weather is 300000 dollars while all great. But the best part of that. Is we raised 70000 dollars for. Girls who code and girls make games one knows when a loan sharks principles is that. Is to correct the gender imbalance in the game field. And to so we have a lot of women who work for us and we thought well what if we do thing that could be. Capable of creating more of those. Right and so yeah we raised like 70000 dollars for them and so on one of the biggest things ever Hudson's premiere. I don't know if I can appreciate you guys trying to be nice to people in the game career. Okay so that's the guy I don't know if that's really what we want to usually immunity. To be honest that's. Really why they've hired Trevor. Because I'm not. Let us know there's so little here and I die if we ask well why do I have no I mean there's a real true through my head this says like illuminates guy in general ray Brent. But I have this sense of being late kind of the mastermind of the puzzle you know the the person who tortures people. I that's -- -- mayor -- you know you so yeah I always to a troll who's just a wimp when you know low lying fruit I'm going to be mean and not even clever in any way shape reform but there's a little bit of like okay Mike who view we see you have a thing what did you do -- is put into what I know what's what's the catch him where he you know like what do we have to us all I can get through the eye can see in an alternate dimension you've being essentially jigsaw yeah I know are you out just just putting it out we're OK I don't like blood and yeah we we were we were at the gauntlet and now we're like we're too bad medicine as they prayed in my gun I was like okay we're not gonna live through the senate. I ask is Mike Mike you CEO Mike just basically doesn't want he wants all go crazy by the right this is over wolf there's truth to that that's why TrueCrypt is a yeah. Up parts strewn temperature and Helen you've been with launch our Trevor a man so I think it was he ruled her nose so it's been a busy couple months for you and curry ask. Room into the fire late there was no question Mike Weir I was like I do we have to hold what do we talk about the games we have coming out Brendan that they have come out but I was just like. Well we know these games all coming out in this humble bundle and a little craft and there's those who do you do and I can't do it like I'm gonna snap. Unless I give somebody. Who knows this stuff and Trevor miraculously. I would say became available. You know that was that was fun not I was talking to my year you don't come enjoy my time off and you know there were some part time that's six that the only. Marty I know I don't know I've got some have got. Some things for you Trevor he those those who live ten minute conversation in this in we it's been great. Trevor is definitely changed the the face a loan shark in in. The play literally the face of it brain I mean like I've been always like the personal front. And tremors like that I can do this yes the plans would initially were just to come. Mike and our Kremlin just make games that sounds so good news you want to make games in degree I would love to I would love to just disappear for six months yeah I'd say Leo the good restaurants to chef doesn't have toward the front of. I had. I'll tell you financier out of visited there and did you know because let me tell ya I would I'm one of those guys it was so patiently waiting for ninth world to come on this like kick that and I we checked that milk us I watched some videos from time to time going. I want this scheme in my hands and looks so cool it looks like it's really just turning the genre on its ear. If you will and tell us a little bit about that game because I love it it's because first of all you got there the golf course I don't know yeah I had an and I you know again I talk a mean people. I sit there go the source of the cool those boxes games things that I've ever seen the components all of it payless Amazon and so was always know what I don't like because it was the right color pink and I lied to and just let me you know getting you know getting you know its regular pay go in this Zynga might do it zero stars you Harold let's remember where we go you know we're usage is someone giving us at their creation and we appreciate rather then go back to the artists yeah. You need to make any different color pink rhyme I'm gonna tell Mo at site I don't know what this world is my oh. In this podcast and you think my games are not the right color for Internet yeah. You have just seen the gauntlet thrown down I don't know but you do not get to see that to me you know anymore so I mean I know what has ever said that's his buddies and I don't settle now wait just yeah it's amazing what people complain about and I look at my goatee guy's a guy I don't know what your problem is but you probably just don't like fun because I was still like but that's the problem with our friends isn't -- just only I always love again well I RE ES on the so called green viewers if you will likely get on -- nitpick but it's I here's a nine world trade name a skill building game which I say okay. I love that I've never heard this phrase before estimated up yeah. You may not Mike and and you backed it up because you know what in this game might actually do have to do much else yeah so. So you mentioned the box so let's start we'll work come from of that box with the concept of the game is that tastefully is a billion years in the future that's billion with a B well and so. It's based on a world by our friends Monty could games it's called human error and it's just basically like the age of me and has risen and fallen eight times and now or in the ninth aids in the ninth world. And all of their stuff is still lie in around we have no idea what it is so we put it on our heads and open doesn't need this or what the Santa but I love him because of the night when the sophistication level for their preferred but if you will there be beings living their still very low some dedication double. Yet unlike our original literally say medieval times there was no school stuff flying conference put my head late so the idea is that lake when Nolan in this world has invented the combustion engine. But they come across. This thing that just flies on its own in the Gideon yeah Subaru got so not until I am getting nothing you Courant T center explosions left and right. So. But it's a very positive game because in the future. All races. And gender stuff is is gone like we just we have some aliens are bopping around in a one of them some sort of thing on the back to some other being in. And and we just you know we just said let's just make this Malone is where we never really explain anything. Greatly we don't even try. And so you go around this. Crazy place called the ninth world who's got. It's god. Various regions that you can explore and and and like all my stuff it's got a million different like. My game play modes yeah and it right so it's it's cooperative it's competitive it's solo it's what every war and and we were is really wanted to since the lake. This was an artifact that from the future that you just could not quite completely grasped. So in this world. There's all these model that's floating around in the air like you're just looking around and up in the sky there's there's it's like goes crazy rock up in the sky. Nobody seems to freak out about that which I would freak out about that Faisal the moon some Neil it's like you know and just honor that's like twenty yards in this. Guy I had no I what I have looked certain plays I would like about a new engine gas that's no moon hey that's an old name then and so if mesa arts so. So I walked in one day and I went okay here's what I want for the bucks I want it to be a monolith I want it to me like. Twelve inches tall five fee no side at a fight into those items are and they and I just wanna feel like it's floating in the air and I walked out when collection. I had met and everybody was like what he's he's gone back and so good the guys in my officer just so brilliantly. They came up with this idea working with our printer. To make a box that sort of stood on its side but when you. Oh lead on the table you could do it it basically looked like he was them. But chest with. A map of the world all the way around it that you sort of pull up in the folds out to be the game board and live inside his leg. Special compartment with Blake here's where your days ago and here's where your cards go and holocaust and so. It was really hard to communicate. Blake will we were trying to do before we had it. And then when somebody first saw it they just went I want that I want that now. And I definitely that's just that's and that's been great lake every time we just literally have it on a table. It doesn't stay on the table now nights it was. I demoted and tong and sirens means if you will look at every time employment while I was like cool well what part of box that's cool a look at these trees that's cool thing and most inept and yeah right that's that's that's great but let's let's clean. Even the way you go rain do rounds and rounds are fun you know there's story an end there you can read you his Q did did you immersed into the story immediately you know almost every aspect of the game and it's a very colorful pretty game as well yeah that's. So our team. As a couple of differences than a lot of other teams we don't separate. Billy game designers and graphic designers link there to do the same people. Generally and so so when they come up with something they're like whatever Lola this and we go yeah let's do that path. So I might win not one of those people like I do some of the graphic design and the people are like oh that looks really good. It's. You know I don't know I don't know and I believe now let's let's let's go to business originally I our prayers and I don't remind you women come in colors are really very it's and so more painful and it's. So Lou. But in this case they just sort of have to say you can do it littered literally nothing you can do Rodman because it's a billion years in the future we're not trying to make any street you know anything you put in this game will be awesome. And so yet they they made it look like it was. The game had kind of been racked. In a weird way like all the all the freedoms are all broken yeah and all I really get your right into our right away it's like your son is like somebody dropped it from a great height. And you just scuffed it off in the dust and here's your energy your fist right gentler re are games publicly garbage of. Hello. How are you. If I have another game that a I was fantastic Chris and I have just recently played and I know. I know a lot of people are very excited to get this because it was a collaboration between you and Penny Arcade. Being storm watch. And this game what is interesting in the terms of it being. L looking on working keep it geek they talked about it being aid a graphic novel game I remember a panel that you did I think we might grab with Mike from Penny Arcade about this game. How long ago was but it sounded so amazing. What you guys are talking about and now it's finally here it is fine. Like I really enjoy this game tells little bit about phone watch. Storage. Is a give this set in your fancy forest that. Is the entire world and it keeps moving around and the villagers. Have to deal with the fact that you know they can barely get by isolate. Keep getting in trouble as villagers do it is owed what they do to solve their problems is a little bit unusual. What they do is they go to a verge retrieve the tide of brim Oman and if they pricked it a lot of and maybe some in the ghostly spirits of the storm watch which solve all the problems. Yeah I also read like are they worse yet death asylum goes is so into my digital yeah right they. What I need some some of these things your dislike. Really feel like. That's very scary looking break is good giant orange and being broken dies and whatever. As you're like okay go go go build this bridge and left hand. You know building bridges actually that's actually one of the scenarios is is try to get to see these. Two towns to link up. Because they can't and so you're like okay we're gonna go in the forest we're gonna try to build a road between these two. Well it turns out that goes horribly wrong and so it was dad I says it was a bad idea to begin with the potential worst idea have you started FSA so it in this game is played as in terms of you'll have a story in and be read out on the cards in the scenarios and then you can choose to continue to play. And it'll move onto another story another scenario and it's a continuous like a graphic novel would be yes and then you add building the bridge leads to issues that won't continue and lead to more issues and more issues. All right we we definitely wanted something that. Broken down the barrier that a lot of people have with games like dungeons and dragons which Trevor. Trevor comes to us and dissipated we skipped right over this for Trevor comes to us from working on guns and dragons talk Ali hello there my own alma if you want my old old stomping grounds and so. One of the things that Trevor and I both have dealt with in the past is that the the role of the dungeon master of the role the person who leads the group is terrifying. It's just like you know you don't feel comfortable in this strange group from new people and you gotta. Deal with the arms like we then that we want and all that to go away so we wanted to give people just move the tools to be. Great storytellers. With their friends and so one of those sort of branching choose your adventure style. Elements another is that the game kind of runs itself. It's got. You know you. Never have to write anything down or look down and rule book or anything like that because it's right all there for you and then he breaks it. Go we might as skipped over probably the most important part you know which occurs to me which is that what it looks like. No it's edit as you pointed out we Pruitt put this all the other he want it to be a graphic novel. Style game with. Basically dean do you almost appears like about Indy throws out. Guys he's I think is that is a way that it might have probably sent a recommendation. And it's a gorgeous game and it's it's there's the Mike did some of the arts and in the regular artists so as well who joined him but it's it's a very beautiful set in that world addictive created in the comics well yes it's it's a gorgeous day. We wanted to make sure that you felt like you're in. Comic book. So like. The pair and move the map Causley you move around on they have like comic book panel style borders absolutely yes. The terrain cards that you put on the map look like the meanwhile captioned news analyst and. Even in the story board do you know like an RPG. Book or adventure you received like fox text and text is actually this big panel are with like little comic into thirds for attacks and the like that do little storage out of a comic book it absolutely doesn't and any and knowing that that was the goal I gotta tell you were you getting nailed it looks so much like I'm just reading but this does help to have a comic book artists well. Hello I didn't do like I don't know say and number dimmer gold to be crude from Boston yeah they're like okay oh good did you draw you know three panel comment because. I was cool thing you do boundaries and I knew all the time. But he was he nailed it and he'll we brought on a few of my friends to help out a few of his friends tell about and I mean. You know we we pride ourselves and our games are just gorgeous. But I mean. And so I can say these this sentence about all of them but you know I mean when you have somebody. Who has like a singular vision. Per game and then executes it. In their visual style you can't go wrong I like you've just. They you'll you'll find in literally every other game you play. So that's pretty good it's a gorgeous Emma I don't you want to welcome thanks a tiny grit and good yeah it's just so we did we and we know missed that kind of stuff but it's it's a very cooperative game need to play with your team to actually win each of these things are easily. Always these five. Gliders and I like basically. Sure Reuters Britain on crack there yeah you yes yes yes Murray now and and you might have to beat them before they just sort of coming up all the villagers right but you can't do that and misuse your powers properly moving people around golf being wants butter and or or doing damage. Tell us a little strategy there but it also. The momentum track which is another thing that's kind of unique about this game. The sense that we wanna begin to judge's garb. Like who ordered it to legacy as you put it on table. You can never look away from it you can ever check your phone your in elected just it's suicide to do that don't guess so that's been created this thing where. There was a track of cards that it essentially wrote a book makes the initiative system but it's also the damage system and so. The word the more damage you do something more you knock it down the track or knock it off the track actually can removed from the board. The arm the cool aspect of that is that. There isn't like in a lot of games it's like okay Trevor it's your turn oh he did that now it's going to be twenty minutes. Before we get back to Trevor stern now that I'm never gonna happen in this. There's a there's a lot of abilities that or even on some of these is the character cards that say use on. And allies turn around and so it keeps that inner activity going on all the time now it's an innocent smile like it's not just like oh my users it's like no less time we were planning you know you can like use one of his abilities on everybody's center and a half and it was like it was necessary Ellis and craft a. Right impact in that particular case Vera prickly on my turn I did almost nothing. Because I was I was so tired essentially yeah from doing from making everybody else's turn better than oil finally got to meals like. I am not yeah burn through all your power Kurds there just really well I guess I can't in charge of this Hillary interest rates and yet you also fireball the turn before it's. Unless I had. Time I did your part keeping up with the RPG element you also have the pathfinder adventure card game as well. And what are the differences in mad because. Storm watch is essentially a bit of an RPG game but also mixing in with the art in the comic book style. How does that differ in terms with the pathfinder game. Well I mean it. The key with storm watches you can play it. As. An RPG full on didn't or you can skip it all late you can just say. You know others these cards in thorn watch where it says like if you act this way you'll get this bonus we bribe you to role play essentially yet completely ignore that. You could just say you know what I'm just not interest and I just wanna move things around on the board and pathfinder as it turns out is based on the a fairly popular role playing game yes there it. That's your messenger at halftime literally ran and then you're you're you're. So the best part is you show braves prison of this. This is preparation which is the first scenario. First adventure in our box that you're already we're like mostly came prepared with this weekend big fan yeah yeah so. But what are users so. We don't need you in the in the pathfinder and your card game which you know has been it's now entering I think it seventy year. Six or seven years wow crazy. We're working on our fifth box. And so. But the key with that game is that. You we take all the elements of role playing. That you wanna keep and let you keep them so you can keep you don't plan strategize and playing character if you want but. We let you strip everything out like you you can just play your turn and move on player turned move on and so it goes really quickly takes the concept of playing an RPG and reduces it to 45 minutes and and so some deep. All that's all the time I look at gas IA I basically. Had no way and I hit this perception I mean I'd done. You know moral severe as adventure game in the trailer house on the hill and a few other games that were sort of bridging the gap between. Board game and and and RPG. But at some point I just send me and that the thing I hate about my life prisoner of time player PG's anymore either so I dedicated seven years of my life to fixing that. But I know I remember this is not really don't think there was the simpler. I don't have time to clear PGA's and trying to come up on the way to get more time to plan it's. Usually Wear regular time drovers. You can blow welcome to my ex marine everywhere and it. But it really paid off with pathfinder because people who just. Couldn't get a group together or couldn't play more than lunchtime game suddenly were like playing all the time we would we put out the game. First box and we thought you know people. Only got this. Person who's when my fear root user when my game's ever was this person who said this is the week after it came out and gen con. Well I've played eighty times. Hello I'm sure there's a nervous but as far as I'm not sure there's a lot of replay value here and like. Saw how you can hero particularly media and immediately you weighs 00. Ella bully he'd played every character in every adventure. To determine that solo player yeah so so he's he did find. Declining to replay or go anywhere that's the dad and then said then. Yeah. I'm 300 hours I don't think this game any resilience as early to tell you my. Game the people regain that people come out three most insane. We've played this every week and they've been doing that for like six years spends. So it's been great. We. Hit this point. Last year where we realized we were doing something that we thought was not very cool which was. Every time we released a set for the game we essentially sold you the basic ability to play over and over again beaten. And so we were really selling you the same cards. Like half the box we're giving you. Was stuff you already had and eventually this is a poor choice can tell and so on V we come to this conclusion on box five. Okay it's. So we said look listless think this out a little better looks let's make base said and that it you can play with everything and then just continue to run adventures after that point. And so. We're we're going through a bit of a revision on the game which has been really great. I've been. Currently rating this. Thing called curse of the crimson throne which is set in a city that's on fire and it's really bad to bring youth and we haven't really had anything recently that I could compare that to. I had my. News for you dad. Excluding inspiration now so. So I don't spoiler alert if you have a limited Seattle you don't know what we're talking you know not only world is on fire all well all of Canada is on fire in your own we are currently breathing and we send our best to everybody in Canada definitely California just wait to send some up our way do. Trade. So but it's but yes so it's really it's really fun we we took that over two kinds of content and just people who are doing so. I I think they give as a really brave future I. You know we mean it I was like oh if we're lucky you know this is going to be like a big hit for one year and stuff from now it took this our magic player realize you know what card drawing is not always the right thing to do. Loan and I know I'm yeah I'd like Bristol and grow these yards and now I'm ten million yeah. It's. Been good and everything. When you when you train somebody to play pathfinder and you don't tell them with that win they drug their last card they die. Their behavior is not what you want it to be and I actually I mean there's just like now and get to the end of the you know I've played smash up when they get to the end of the decade yeah. Okay okay I have no you make it brings him good care of her Oscar wrap. Since then I know you can't characters did you Gloria. And that's actually important thing we didn't talk about like the character lives on Mike you have a character that is cards right it's your equipment that your abilities it's elect our stuff that but I have to play a game you switch out like oh look I I got this sort of an add my deck upper arm that's my deck I got to spell and the pass which our cars is a limit that you have coming. The Dietrich pretty underdog in the new move onto the next adventure and the whole game is its cards. I don't even know it is because that's great yeah it's it's easy to carry around it's easy to play it's it's also download the old little cards then these are cards carriages or cars everything is guarded and and every county guys aren't Kurtz though. All right guys aren't charged and everything else we find your inbox isn't a parity that's true okay well and they're cardboard the Phillies. Okay. Today finally I talking about a Parker the adventure card game he had so tell us a little bit about hypocrisy factor I am not familiar with this one so talk propose or follow up and our predecessor weird lead to. The pathfinder venture car games so when we're first. I was first trying to figure out you know how much gonna fix RPG's forever great. And that's obviously those true and if I was like OK we you can with the humans idea and then refer Ryan went through experimented with them chat room and all the other developers are committed and fear not we've we've got to do this about something. Are we can't just say we're just gonna shuffle cards and say oh you've got to read five that's good. I don't know if I've got great short while we give me one of them read fives as flee million he's got to be about public so we said it in the modern day. Sort of horror universe where. You conceal the monsters in the world. But the downside is they can see you don't and then not so keen on that because some of the wanna have caused the apocalypse in your kind of down on the all apocalypse. So I know I know you're you're kind of a bad ass super hero boy you've forgotten everything about being a superhero and so so over the course of the game you deem memories that define your character. And so. So we have this sort of concept in this sort of morphed in the pathfinder game but then when my eye opener game did really good. We decided all right let's do this thing from scratch. And and I keel with this sort of weird thing where. You build your brain as you went a long way I'd done a lot of research on alzheimer's disease and then and sir the conclusion of what happens to your brain is as it starts to deteriorate and I was like that's terrifying I don't wanna think about that would have put me didn't something awesome and so I sort of took that concept and said what if you deemed. Memories back and they meet you cooler. And so wow OK but also more unstable and weirder and so. So the game is set in the Mel and what I mean by that is we have an app. That. You can download this free and it changes your game every day. Really now so you oh my gosh so are you popping up and it also adapts in real time so. We look at what happens in the world and we. Make the game out of that. I. So Harry monsters in the near yeah I had slowed might have done in my life Larry and yeah we fire elemental yes there's a definitive no we call it now like can we win when trump was over in Russia and there was a prudent summit kind of thing going on them and then when the bombs cyclone hit the northeast we wrote about that not all the stuff I think it was a totally gonna do about meet the shooting. Yeah yeah and so did area yet Michael Wolf when this when this goes live you let me know and it'll be it'll be an argument dine him that's a really that is. All of their image features give us what new warning I guarantee you when you listen to the show since day one you're apocryphal out will be about this show. That is so it has amazing so. Assuming nothing else is planned for that the played let's say for example it's like Christmas yet I don't I don't know at Dover is reluctant to bring Christmas for you because people like Christmas. But so. The game is super cool we we've it would take a lot of time to get it out because it's tough to do right but. We're. Our final installment of it will come out later this year. Every. Said there's there's there's. Ten chapters to it. And they reach after his wildly different in the way it plays so for example there's there's chapter that's sent in Seattle which is about. The columns in the Gomes or all of drones and ai isn't robots and and they do all sorts of things about their programming the you have to master installing it that is another chapter to take place in the midwest. Which is the fate chapter loser theory bikers on the wild hunt. And they. They have this giant carnival where you have to like balanced dice on your head in and shedding shot and I solar on the boards tonight can knock base over and all that kind of stuff and every chapters just totally different because they give each. Each game designer Sid this is yours do whatever you won't have to. Ends. And then I wrote the text to go along within trying to make it all makes sense we got actually all of our. Favorite authors to rate all the memories. This fragmentary memories that you pop up so. Patrick were office did the worm set in Wisconsin. He. You know we have Jerry Hawkins doing the the phase stuff and and Erin Evans and Kym Johnson and just. Of Blake a million nebula and Hugo awards are in this game which is. Pretty how to add that is so cool and so we're going to look Eminem I'm good writer like I like writing and and so forth but I was just like I don't want all this to just be what stuck in my stupid brain let's. Let's get the really twisted people. Okay. So rough this is thing so he lives in the town called Stevens Point, Wisconsin and pool for all I know we may be the most August is some so yeah. We put him in the game like we we created this time go a camel points and meet a crazy author type. Who suddenly goes missing and his memories are like locked into the lake. We already my home Town Car and it was I he wanted to do it is like what are we just director own that is a list all the good things we blow up the I'm so I didn't do so Andrea we just got to have real life with so our favorite authors. It's basically the most literary game that I think you can ever find islands. And I I just I can tell you how much fun we had making it the fact that it's gonna finally albeit out of the end of the years can make me really happy. Nestle the flesh and the double of the last two yup I'm parts that are coming out and we get the thing with them a little bit rich and content. And by that I mean we ran events there was amid a special event that one of our team main. Diva. She remained an event called sneak need. So it combines a series with these like sneak colts worshippers. Plus one other groups. Hours it's an airman my image to those who grew together so there's some random stuff and then everybody can more snakes there. Of course so immersed may well are prepping for what should running at a mature we watched a whole bunch of like. Things like grand mission Constantin and of course shark bit. OK I had I was out of the office and they certainly don't was actually work assignment now uh huh. The numeral working while we watch gossip me too much attention you know I do not put no you sure you might lose the first I don't know that all of us another shark okay an NB movie footage RS and then Modesto Ruth Schroeder's thrown jerks who viewed her stinks of people who are in the Conosoga. Development. Yeah I was Superfund it's not it's it's a bring him there has as many talented people working on it. It's in some ways like it's a horror game that sit in. Really strange time and is probably the latest scheme we have really in terms of its like. How seriously it takes its world lake forward she never cracks a smile from these guys are these these people in the forest are having a rough time. And you are the ghostly spirits of engines that are gonna help them out yet raid played there is no point in there where you get to just sort of do you yours you know do your comedic routine because everybody is like we have stuff to do listen. I do my comedic routine every time that they thorn what I'm I Brooklyn the crap out of Michael Joseph actually that is what does one element put him in the in a pocket of lake is this is impossible to take this current yeah seriously. And I mean it just it seems like four across all the gamut of the games that we talked about today there's something for everybody. And whichever how weigh how deep or how lie or you know how dark you want it to be your how much fun you wanna do ought role playing or not role playing is his lunch or has something really for everybody. We try I mean we. We we we are fully aware that our games tend to relay style commitments. And help people buy a looting and their like. We're gonna play a lot of this so we have to reward them over and over. With something cool they've never seen before every time they turn a corner some contested jump at them yeah and so games like apart her home nine twirled installing that just give us the ability to tell these deep. Fund. Super Bowl stories that I just I don't think. I only was anybody else who who sets that is their goal in the game industry. In my guy that's what I appreciate radar by you guys because he had I've I've recently had a big debate. Because the fact that some people just wanna play games Matthau and win. Sometimes in and I'll look at them and and I and and I just watch the I yeah I watched the documentary for twelve impair him for a three idea how we came out yards more. And you know it's you know might hear a Christian was like I hope people role played this I hope it's not just oh hey you know what I'm really good at math and I'm gonna you know do the victory points because. You can tell you guys do what these games you create an Emmy a wonderful universe and for some months ago all right Juan is gonna roll dice and not care about the universe that your games just to show that no please make this experience make it like you said make this a lifestyle don't ever come up for air. And just being there I love that 'cause I just feel like that's what are it's all about in the board game world. We know you missing so much of you don't do that. I think you said it creatively we. Are humans but we're really lucky obviously that we get the great artists agree raiders to work with us but one of the things I really love about our games. Is if you hear one happening. Somewhere else in the room you are immediately drawn to I didn't really cute like I gotta go find out what those people are doing OK okay sounds like they're having more fun than I am and and that's great because it's what the players bring to it that I'm obviously we throw a lot of their but they fight and it's all just cues. It's all just like you could make this yourself your thing. And so people like you know the power fighter game gives them all of the possible cares I think we've done now 200 needy characters I. Into roles for that game and I and you know you can. Are we using all these chapters that you can be in and and and you know seeing ninety unique missions we. I had an enemy that also was a lot and and no one's. Ever go and I like I don't. I'll think there's anybody out there and maybe even including heat who's gonna play all the things and all of our. It's always there isn't one guy yeah there's guys there's not a lot of replay god. It's clearly the times out of stones the you know you have 95. Yeah and then I would say this reliability here buddy now there will there. Is this one booster for our men and whoever is also achieve with the with the puck with the talk of her because you can basically play electoral playing games yeah I think Tigger. The thing on my energy put cards and Hewitt Leo imagine okay yeah and you have like you're you're seeing in the middle on the you have the things there have been Michael these monsters are here are these these characters are here in the items are here and Mikey just if you've you've played through all you wanna go it's it's tapping a high school we gonna go to the cameras through next okay. Yeah I knew you'd like oh hey Stephanie can instruments covered in blood leagues he's in much the latest is our aim at that point yeah I really wanted to make it two ways that's always. The other reason that is because again we wanted to knocked on the DMZ barrier right do we what we do is we the game runs itself. We believe it's it's it's gonna happen however it's gonna go and the players in the book so leave the game master call the guide. Just sort of has timed to sit back and sort of organize things and say what if this was next in maybe come up with a little little box text or whatever but. But it is Lincoln all of our games we want them barrier to be incredibly low because I love telling stories from my friend has store do all the work. Yeah and it takes out also the vengeance factor because in LA and a lot of my groups you know oil loud and sometimes in the in the bag meant a some ago you're just trying to kill my character right. You know NN and I you hate that is it as it is is the guy because in his DM because you just. Yeah I don't tell a great story I know I know don't lose a jail here we its cars as good. Yeah Jereme Perry I guess I can't deny your faults and all I. Not just I don't know. Just because I am I least like thirtieth angry headless bunkers on you is. I don't know how that happened reluctantly I mean yeah might call you didn't see the sign him as my car it's. The bar conclusion can I ask you Trevor. My again thank you guys so much where can people. Find all of these games online loan charge games dot com is our business are we gonna read about it between a biased our games meant please do it's shocked not launch our games dot com yes and just. Absolutely check out your local gaming stores and if they don't have these games tell them that they need to get them so you can buy them from year LC DS yes we we strategies yes awesome big guys so much. Love big news here and now it's time floor. She twists traditionally. Have forestry Keith. This means. What else is no ball and I like get. And so isn't actually a tweet someone posted at Jerry pleasure and they set up my grandpa got bitten by a spider and he was really upset. So I went to get some cream but before I could leave the room I I heard him say. At this age I can't handle the responsibility of being Spiderman Nash yeah I care it isn't. Right so this is a question for you and it's going to mean. You can only keep in your life to of these things. Junk food. Alcohol. Coffee. Horror movies can superhero films Star Wars video games medal. Or cats we general nominee to. Jump. Food and moves you've been their games and cats for me I'm Marty I've got my superhero movie I don't need anything else out there and horror movies or junk food or sorrow or is video games can be my horror movies. And cats are cats Andy Katz. Why do things cancer much media. I just like junk food have you seen my dad is a database that means you either have you superhero film Star Wars. You ask me tough I feel lemon go Star Wars is a filly does is gonna do is know for heck out of that book was happy on the severe movies to a guy I don't I don't know and stuff. This is incredibly bad list for me because many of my fears things are on its. Yeah. Robert can beat the jets and copy I don't well. Oh that's a lot to give up love my cats and yes that's a much in America and to be clear the metal on this list is metal music. I'll tell you I'm hello how. Like you an idea about mental I think you'd ever really run go that how about them and assumed that just shows you who the rockers are on the show and gets a bit but not notified and well and give a metal and basically you know living like mag need on my plastic prison if. Mean everything is a very things blasted the New York RA. Mean they're going on a power you're on a car. I think I actually have plastic guard. What would use I did I superhero films for sure. Let's see their I had asked this a superhero films and junk food to his there's certain times. The year. Does it really a month where I get real crafty mad junk food you didn't need it simply couldn't I mean that senator Joseph would you pick. Passed off ma'am I feel like I got rated junk food every a lot thinner. Okay I'll write you would you keep alcohol instead it's are quite keep alcohol and no matter guys yeah just as you need optioned right and a white never Riordan drink alcohol again. Our and then I'm gonna have to go with Tim Clark superhero movies are okay now days. Harris staying not an easy choice no it is not is a tough wind and all that I did post is dictionary to scroll down a little bit on Vijay as the issue peak nation on FaceBook and you can comment on what you would keep. And one more thing just a heads up since we're talking about just hours and things we loved. Let's go to start track yes OK we have a new Spock everyone. I saw this and I was really wondering if BJ was gonna. And that's about it can't boot and eat. Defense pact is set to star in Star Trek discovery and spoiler I guess if I am Bibi has listed how many episodes so far. You don't know posit spoiler two episodes. Not surprising because it really and we've seen the teaser I've seen the comic con teaser. And it doesn't like it might Spock is gonna have a big role on this the only reason he's even a factor is that the enterprise during this time period of discovery which is ten years before Kirk. Spock is definitely on the enterprise captain pike is definitely the captain we've already met this dude there was a great little flat panel discussion somewhere or are. Or I was appellate decision to some is emigre wanna won't like the entire cast. And including the doctor who'll. I don't know how he's still going to be in the show because he get his neck broken off and advise guy he is there so I'm excited about that. I'm I'm very happy to speak if this is going to be likes Disney like the dark arts teacher and Harry Potter it was like discoveries ever gonna have a permanent captain that's always be somebody different answer if a better and it's interesting just to look at him on a Google image search because. He does resemble a younger need mowing Elise choose the extent of making it happen as a spot and Hammond Michael Byrne and are connected because of the fact that she is the adopted if you will. Daughter of spots parents so that's why he's like at Bob kind of brother her so is going to be easy to see them interact which would be the first time in the Star Trek universe that that what happened last year was for some fun of the Spock had another sibling if you will. And so that's why this is a big deal they wanted to reset are you gonna bring them is Spock going to be there because that's kept him placed chip and smog was on board. At the oral I was gonna habit isn't an exact record shows they're paying you couldn't have a B Zachary Quentin if you think about it because the divergent time lines in the fact they've been doing all that they JJ Abrams verse sort of thing. I think you would cause worry too much confusion on that and and I would look. If it if you do you hasn't really been an a hole a study might recognize him in. But his grandfather was and we asked Gregory Peck oh really was Gregory Carl that's and it does that rather well that makes sense he keep that last scenario I mean kill a mockingbird is Atticus Finch in all those old school movies so I'll tell our runs in the family Internet staying metal refund to see how we gets out there with with Spock if he ruins somebody's child and as and out there that are out there okay you say that they stop if the class saying that the winning candidate shut up very well so stoked I'm so stoked for next season discovered love the first season so much yeah. And on like some dancing anything. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for every one. Let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.