BJGN 09-29-17 - WarRift

Friday, September 29th

The gang talks TV with Gotham, The Orville, Star Trek: Discovery, and People of Earth; Chris & Rev interview Benjamin from the board game WarRift; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus. She ladies and gentlemen geeks have always since you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Welcome yes welcome them Vijay Shays he nation and I and the reverend Fuego. Across from me is Vicky Barcelona ties with local Chris Paul little V show's namesake Vijay jail had to go and Joey V running the lord what I don't own. I think that I did day's show we will talk a lot of television. We won't give an interview with a cool kid villainy suite four game and then of course dead heat she wins big TV. Thinking how can people get a hold of us. He Jake each nation dot com and that will lead to all of this social media's which is basically just Fiji he nations. To spread across redder onboard a profit on the board around under. I'm thumbs up. While if you guys love video games and I mean c'mon you listen to blessing so you should. A GE. Two this is happening in western Washington at. Field events that are that is in Seattle each news. This is happening Saturday and Sunday October 21 and 22 do not watch come and play we've got hands line. Just assault many things virtual reality dash board games for people like Vijay and Chris who just can't get enough of Baghdad and east boards with rocky league being played Irish with a 5000 dollar prize pool not. And we'll against we can't win the killings well no not you. Member had to be good. DR he was rock amounts together raised by the VR people who really are you out there like crystals it's. Race well if you guys wanna check it out you can get all of the information and tickets at GE. Two dot lie that is the letter G the letter. To dot lives. Now when he's toxin television because well a lot of stuff is happening is much do you tune the the fact that most of the show we're watching right now are happening on Thursdays. Were a bit a bit behind in episode behind for every once every listen to this today there's a show. That actually happened last night that we won't be talking about it yes. So eyelids start with these season premiere season four premiere of Gotham. Yes we will and also I would like to say what I have a show I wanna talk about before we get off TV shows do OK so we got very good so starting with Gotham where. Hi this isn't the the most comic book he beginning of this show that is probably the most common bookings show that I have been watching on television and out of all the things that are based off of comics in such a really amid much they take buddy I know I have not been no I have not been but I know you can if you want two on Amazon prime. Does it take you so good but it didn't but I digress. This is now where we find to be Batman. Yeah. Like I missed I'd. So I missed because I was still everytime I see a commercial for him like. That exact noise every time I actually I really would meaning you don't like maybe damage not only did any article on the mask and like we've already eaten like we mentioned many times like I think the best way they show could have ended the whole series. Is like it may be a shot of him with the CU looking over golf on the nappy done and that's where it ends. Yeah I you know I I I even romantically I thought the same thing but now that ratio goal is involved. And you can see that bruise just wants to do something to make this city better because it's so asked Dobson high especially since he really felt like he did some bad stuff to Alpharetta the heat had his finger on the button of the virus that was released attached virus. I'm I'm liking that we're seeing baby that many an eight you know what I'm Dick and I didn't think I. Ought to check it out and CF but I think what it but I haven't really haven't seen it all I cry I just. Tensions high as I haven't seen it check his new time at a time. And boom in all yeah yeah I thank you but nice down there and the thing is this is supposed to be Gordon's story like that was the original idea of an era every time I got to go the way dramatically and I. And it's it's it's good but it's just say this my feelings. Sales think since you haven't seen it I would suggest that you do watch you because I am the biggest proponent of heating on baby bats he hates maybe bats and I was OK with it. Hey I know much of the marriage of hormones don't know how cell wanna watch this this thing is why is is that this show has gone is so old comic book he'd just have DD DD via static of the show up all the characters are acting like not going full on ham. But it's it's very much like every panel onlooker or every scene I'm lucky that looks like a panel from a comic book and like. All the way just to like the way penguin looks now. Like it just feels like it's a comic book gas and to that end. I'm OKA waited a little bad man figuring out as a way wearing a mask and he doesn't have you know the years he doesn't know that he's you know gonna fashion and fashion himself after a back. The so there's a battering there's no batter saying it's him now him you know kicking the crap out of some guys and at some point seems kind of far fetched even with his training. But I mean I am accepting this at this point and it's one of my favorite shows on television saw more than half. B two even. Yeah and get this sort of thing if we can if we can accept hit Carol we -- and serious if we can answer if we can accept that enjoys that training since she was a baby she isn't count again she's still a very small creature that was you know beat the crap out of people. I look at it like I can I can accept. I can accept baby bats and went and the assumption is is he has been training you and I don't hear here Al and it's been treated well the show I wish I I'm assuming that he's been training. Ever since the first season. Because I think that's when he started asking enjoying a little bit at a time and a Yang came in early sort of thing what can only think that the the ratio straying into over in the well again Philly what two weeks. Yes and that's a problem we don't know the passage of time it is yeah when that comic book time when we don't know exactly how it finds out and we always say oh I mean if he's gonna fall the movies we know that rage will train him eventually beaten anyway they're counting that's the one thing I wanna see and I cannot wait. Is when penguins start struck seating answer skin fat. Yeah OK. Yeah. It's they would accept endings Guinean have a but. Michael Palin when was distressing gonna come he's yeah this interesting you're right that is the one thing that hasn't really been like it was like candy I and I just I can't seem Robin lord Taylor getting heavy he just looks like he's in reason for the resins like craven is a non at the end where is just like kindling gobbling down cake or something I don't know Iran or Hilary didn't dodge ball after death for the there until a voice that you guys have been having are not going and it's definitely not an there is some smoked salmon. BJ crew is now Star Trek discovery and I had I had and I are very excited foray in now we've had a chance to watch the if you have CBS alikes as you can watch the first two episodes. I a lot of people who don't have it have only been able CD first episode. Thoughts on the demo first I would like to say. If you'll love Star Trek discovery stay right here if you hit it started discovery mark runners got to grandma. I just ask podcast DOT is a big shocker that Mark Bryant in Mike these shows and as I sort of watching and I go oh yeah he's hate this yes yes. He has some in interesting discoveries about discovery including its acronym. And are really what's so a smile on Conroe and I I am an acronym hug well Star Trek discovery IS TDs all access TV if that's awesome hate it. Yeah for Roy that marsh runners. Well here I like commonly Briscoe and discuss Chris. Probably like oh we both love Star Trek we Chris I would say is from the big one of the biggest starter fans I know. How gather the first thing I got an email from from CBS letting me know that the episodes are available at 5:30 PM occupants on the Sunday and I went straight to the TV. Fired up as an okay we're watching these sit down two hours we got us and just washing through straight. No brakes no nothing just kind of went for it and I was. Enjoying myself the entire time I had so much fun with this new. Sort of take on Star Trek universe and here's these things that I love and here's the federation here's the clearance and here's the here's here's here's what Sarah oh man. Can we talk ravaging screenings. James for Internet slow so amazing he's of course gala event we read yeah yeah yeah yeah exactly yeah and dad he was Ferdinand from or my lack. Yeah and he's soaring James Frey and his pleases I'm happy days a bit of a geek elite now in the dollar and you. He's got so much geek cred behind him now he's he plays against Iraq gets this about several measures announcer it's Iraq is leave his famous slogan. Barack is the concept yet. Up. I just I I was really getting into and thinks any Quinn Martin green is knocking out of the Parra got lighter wind out there are amazing to watch what's happening and soon to know that this is her story. But team to be only get behind them. Her history and what it is that's brought her to this place to this level we have. We have a first officer who is essentially a very very broken individuals she's got some really deep seated problems and here we are helping and helping watching her try to get worked out and figure out how that's going to affect her like in your career and every known historian here that are morally supporting her into the screen and we put that they know where today we are helping are watching and and I really liked it I liked the has the meeting this of that story and it didn't feel like just another episode of Star Trek it felt like the first part of a movie almost in that way and just that I just got eight she was great and I didn't I can watch this show. A million times already watched the most twice. Everybody's crying about how the cling ons are different NN nobody ever sentenced cried about how to cling onto different limited Star Trek the motion picture. Lately there's a lot of things going right about that first motion picture but the cling ons were never complained about people actually love the new. And I love the fact the you know what let's let's make it big because they're making these guys the enemy again and us next gen fans know and beyond that the clintons are not our enemies anymore. But there are now making them super enemies. Also love the fact that the first officer Hank after we're both female that's it you're seeing a great people complain about the captain but if you watch the two episodes you understand that Michelle Yeoh play that kept him perfectly. It was a captain it was not suited for what the what was to come right the whole thing there is a story of federation that's. Really get like not ready for what's about to come and she was. And because the Balkans as so logical they do things not based on ethics or morals they just do things based on logic and so the solution. That was given to the first officer and how to deal with a cling ons. Was rather brutal thing. But the mothers alike are brutal or not it was just a logical thing to do threat and the humans have a hard time would like wearing this capitals like they do a lot of times the other you do there like we don't wanna do as I do devote to the airline revenue you should really listen to him again and your first officer spent the U the only human to go to the science academy I think yeah I give her a listen she wouldn't. And it was a great mutinies situation which you don't ever seen star fleet really I mean I've you know. Unless you know Kurt being taken over by some unpleasant crazy woman doctor at the sport again I'm I'm. Did you recognize who to cool mud they had clean homeless no Tacoma was death in American gods. And I. The I don't know it's. Guy reminds you somebody who bellies there man we have and I went lifted his name is like that's who that he had so much make up on it was hard to tell exact. Calm man yes so I started all got to watch a third time now got it's I loved it a lot this is that there's the special effects and an MMA at least the first two episodes maybe they shot all their budget there but I think and we haven't even seen. You know leave him a great actor who I always forget its name. He's an ex captain and oh yeah I six yet Jason I which. Fulham we know there's going to be some more moral problems for people in the federation and Jason Isaacs seems to be the perfect captain to cross those lines staff yet we haven't even seen the discovery gets a big red and senior Shia hack yes she was on my ship for the first two episodes which is why. I couldn't believe people are complaining about the caps like that I'm nobody I don't think the scab zero block and this is not that this. How bad this is older than ever hear a different ship now OK so going from start to discovery to the other Starr or Starr urged. Oh X exploration show Yamauchi I yet yet again you or bill are you are idle and Alan are you OK with you heard bill now that you've got starch or discovery or hold the next generation. OK why just. Yeah well it's interesting and I love the horrible because it shows me really how far we've come. Because they really that with the sets and just the way the characters are. It's like he had that show was done thirty years ago Star Trek the next generation end and it's a different world and a different Star Trek just like next gen was a different Star Trek and Kirk. The original series. And the hormones reminds me of that and yeah the normal actually had like. I could see this being a real next gen episode has absolutely need this thing that gets me is there's humor but they really are doing their best to make you think that this is Star Trek the next generation. And the director it was a brand rob gaga episode I mean they did get gusts up to file is all I'm with those next young guys. Unless Huber friend whose own brain and promptly he's that he was a director and producer and he was have been responsible for next jam and I had recognize what it was the and he's. And their efforts context for generations IDs being lawyer I hear you have been all over start since he's a middle of next and he's also an executive producer for your belt Republican I hear ya gonna general and he also directed it so I mean. Can I lie I love it I love the board is character of the storyline is gray all the characters are great the only thing that I don't like and I made which is a dream that I was on. IE it's it's those ninety's references. I don't want somebody quoting beyoncé air Destiny's Child. They're quoting everything like they quoted McCain what somebody said then they're this happening there 2050 something like days she did mention that they're out but it's 400. Years in the future I would give it if it was one character who was sort of between who is and you have people deeply held value I am not everybody. The first generation has everything recorded in save for right here a little device in front of us and they're doing it for honest because there's no way that would have been a character called bones in the 23 century but they named him because he was a soft moans and what they used to call people in the old west they did that to placate all the western lover's back in the sixties they would never had a character called bones ever yeah. This in start tracked discovery then I think that would be kind of. Her I exe has never done that can definitely I can say it's my only small nitpick it's nothing that it's going to be enough for me to stop watching it. Brutal flu alone come. I saw this I mean this is the least it was a what a turning point in its plot point no I didn't learn and but I mean come on I'm Dennis funny BR and touch luckily I mean they're not real looks at how likely that the kind of raw early topics in the show and then doing it. Very Smart but very fun. And it came time to think he doesn't know there was a gigantic Star Trek episode with our commander riker and in a sexual of being that did they they didn't have gender. And if somebody decided to choose to be a particular gender on that episode that was considered wrong and got reprogrammed Kyra this is totally odd and best day yet for so yeah president made just straight. Beyoncé reverence is heard they do it's funny like clean on save beyoncé is zone I don't know it was eight character quoting C either beyoncé was asked these trials can't range Omar are. Are you are better I'm going to drive her you I want I don't like all you know what you know this person said it's like Destiny's Child like view tenth cousin or whatever it's. Literally it wasn't an alien reference it was a straight policy and I don't I don't like that he thousands reference here's the thing like beyoncé she's a Jennings she's going to be known to all others helps you clean. And it cost is history. Time I got there they have Vijay and you want to talk about one more TV show I guess ideas matter fact I do thanks body and that I guess all areas. And I was so surprised to find out that now recently we had the season finale of people of earth. Our room. And what is going to be if it's it's a great it's a comedy on TBS which. I don't know people can get it or not get a know Chris is having hard time here I know outside of being a cable subscriber. If you haven't started watching the show some of the guys from the office made this show about a by a group of inductees. You portray a lot of body added into the season finale was so fun. So fun and you know I just can't say enough about the show is is is in and actually for a good part of the season the main character. Who has not been on the show because he was dead. OK but they hope to bring him back to life because I was honored shall make you do that it's it's relatively heartwarming. And it's it's it's well acted well written. I enjoy this and the whole space staying. And they in the last episode is called game night where guys like he made his own board game. Happy but he did it because the aliens hypnotized him so that he would kill everybody in their little some some ailing support group because now the aliens think TP support group is too dangerous in the might reveal who they are. And K okay yeah and guys so it's it's pretty it's pretty fascinating it's a situation. It's so much fun and they had a new character and FBI agent doesn't believe in anything it turns out the FBI agents. She was actually born on a spaceship. She was a twin that was born on the stations and they basically gave her away. Because they did they were like only Heller Legos as baby and then they got rid of the mother not realize in the mother had another baby and so. What really is realize why separate these two twins at birth and she has no family should adopt that I've got to find a way to get her back to her family so there's alien while figures announced he meets her twin sister. But in my purse twin sister and her mom are kind of crazy because. Well they were just a really great. And of course the FBI because there's no such thing as aliens laying on well. Are paying very well done is so they just ended hopefully get to see it somewhere thank you so much on that. And now I'm going he did damage to learn about board games then well we've got to look at how Chris we actually had me we have a guest yeah. With us now is Benjamin had three one of the creators of war rift on kick starter now Benjamin how you do today. You know great chill anyone else on some awesome. We stumbled across this project a friend of mine was say is seen eight an avid kick starter backer and he just. Scours the thing for every game he could possibly find and he sent me a link to this and said check this out these guys are teenagers and they just made this game. Benjamin how how did you learn how did you come up but this idea for this game. Well I'm. It was Napster actually got kicked out of private schools freshman year and a lot of street time right when I got back there my little brother and me where we were a big magic be gathering players this is our hands we liked a lot and so we were actually designing our own cards or magic the gathering took trying to grab my mechanics to Litsch and then the plates mother deck builders like judge sentient and and dominion which and we really like to know. Those games like need sure it just still you know accountability attack in couched that Schilling who cuts my nation without you know you're passionate jump into the key GG like Pokemon match the other inched so he became PH and this. Tech building tabletop games and you're like you know I. We like it sentient and me like magic so let's try to make you kind of again it's sort of like extension which which are more player interaction and magic mechanics like you know we're abilities just overall a bit more complex. On the and that's kind of how it started. Nice and so worried right now is available on kick starter people go to kick starter dot com a search for war rip they can find it now. As and meet region guys Chris barely mentioned a little bit the fact that your teenager you're seventeen years old. All been witnesses. Are there other games that you had like besides the magic in that you're like I these this is why I wanna give into designing games late if it's really amazing that you wanted to get into this man. Yeah arm or I mean honestly like it surged when we design the whole thing believe it when it's ourselves right there aren't you taking kick starting like we cannot put the whole game pitched and now one day like. Home. Yeah yeah I got home and you accusing. NTT you know carmaker that we are using to make our you know magic games Marc fein and he would work inch on and you know warm wrist and look like hey I got some ideas career coach and I even know what you're talking about a surged that we were kind of went through it and leave. Put some of art you know interactions in there and our mechanics such Anderson HM that we really enjoyed and then we played with some friend and were like you have to kick start this plane could sell from now on it's it's kind of been a learning trust us but yeah. And it's really really cool I mean I went over to you website worry if dot com us poking around a little bit looking at some of the game mechanics and that some of the rules and things like that I'm. How do you when you when you pitch this to other people when you tell when you've got this great game that you invented from nothing. Do you what's your elevator pitch what do you tell me about this game. Man they're pitch on. Well pretty much HA. It's kind of like culture to Turkey are you know dictated sentient or dominion Khannouchi played extension option then. I honestly the closest thing to our game oh win you know the amount of monsters to gain on the shield at the end of the rotation option everyone Malia is that they're over certain amount on the and you do your own customized by Paula says everyone buy into that same. Cool like most builders comment also the rich mechanics so when you placard or by blood and their rotation which I want burst. Takes a wrist shot that killed Al randomly each and then you get those cards on topping your texting and usher who got Kooks I can end up getting encourage him and I'll spot a link to catch you don't play it if it's economic class tight battle go to ever plastic it is discard pile so. Yeah and you don't have to put it right no threat to UK an additional two currency ignorant you discard pile which will eventually you know shop shorten your deck when you Matta carts okay. So on it's kind of cheap discount way to get well cards. Nice how exactly yeah I mean that's kind of find that that whole I don't know if I'm gonna get your cards I don't know if you're gonna get my cards I'm I'm I wanna play this may be any is spent all of the morning you know for myself. I love that idea and really really cool. Who won the other thing I spotted when I was overture website though as you've got a really diverse tag team of artists that that work for you in contributed to the design that think. How did you in touch of some of these people. Yeah so on com solely surge started. I had and knew the people that originally told us we should kick start which. Yell at that point we learned that most of kick starting is like 9080%. Of the artwork arm because that's a really gross people in Portland and your project through initially. Can't tell ya so. So it's 1001 big game we really we can we learn not to the other an art like we wanted to dumping the Dallack legalistic and to teach and we wanted to be able to design into dying each class to be unique coached so we we kind of I had big Schilling didn't we talked at some other people and they were like which probably got all our arch like thirty grand and now with a good deal and we're just thought oh my god yes. So. Much so yeah they're they're like no way meanwhile her brother we're gonna tell what you can grant chart or anywhere close to you know anything like that so I contacted over 500 artists on inched exemption and out of there like 500 I got like around fifteen that I really like that where talent to inched and they were each willing to contribute I think like ten are key to each court it's to church collapsed and a kind of one and all of the same guidelines. And that's how you can do you look at art in all its cash it's kind of kind of shared inched our uniqueness to check on to I wanted to do you addiction and she better without equality how each. Each other class in each deck which looked relieved you know late night now addiction and elsewhere it's Immersion breaking but each armed. But you know it when you're twenty the world class you how your music art but nobody else had been a million either she'll which could cubicle. On cash and I should that contract up it was pretty much axed just a mutual thing and I count there are more keys for anything worst each and they can still sell their cringed on. They ya and so that's how I got old arch for a war. That's amazing Indian people can think there's not a big search for war rift on kick starter super easy to find and we're gonna have an on our FaceBook page as well. But I love the resourcefulness that you've had on this because as a key you're not gonna have a whole lot of the money to fund like he said to be able to do that. And created the game is super awesome I just love the fact that your young person in the gaming industry at this point for other people what advice would you give to people for like the first time game makers at this point man. Long. Com. Well I would. I would stoke interest let's line. And obviously your opponent I'm making a good game on and that's something you really want Bogut in the beginning like she don't start with a game that you charge and don't make it Blake and I make a game that you like key. And then the rest of year China and I just marketed and simple diet sure other people to be able to learn and play as well. Nice size some really good advice Benjamin and thank you so much and again gulf war rift is on kick starter right now. Check it out and and good Locke Gary have really Yemen and forwards is seen some some big stuff from you guys in the future to this that it in this is this if this is an example of what you can do. I'm and I can't wait see the next thing man. Yeah yeah I think really appreciate your question you've got no problem thank you Benjamin thank you so much and again you can look at four war rift on kick starter right now it's running now at times it definitely help these kids out some really good advice from a Benjamin rent there and now it is time I thought our air. She Swiss TV you keep putting up for us all actually this week. Oh yes so my weird thing is when I go through and look at the difference movies that are coming out this week make sure they do you feel in our nerd criteria sometimes it'll be your. On time and the house is designed to answer maybe this is. A drama horror science fiction and fantasy accordent Iran's made is okay halo anyway home to heal some of those flat liners guy. Okay Murray may vary Emeka and I believe the neediest it was the 99 news relate early may be but I -- Mark Brown I think talking about this yesterday he podcasts he talked about the fact that they were not screening it for critics. It is right now it says no to later but again nothing is available again no ratings on this whatsoever I a solid trailer and I thought it was good but I have heard people say listen to rest it was and I acted to be great in that's kind of the problem when he comes down to those sort of things especially remakes right now I think they're just terrified of critics saying well it's not to hold up to the original and now the original well. An engine that agree to see me now are there. Concert sounds interesting I mean Ellen page's in this Sierra southerly and giggle Luna which you remember from bro one mean we got people yeah others like Janine and don't breathe she's from vampire dire some crap. I don't I don't want to. But it's basically five medical students. Just kind of wanted to see what goes on beyond life. And these are just kind of flat lining up like basically near death experience season and just kind of see what else is out there in the link weird creepy craps upsets happening again exactly as it should you know it's like other than bringing people back to life bringing a ouija board QA houses and the other way you have weird creepy things out pictures and none on in kind of a similar realm re Liz. Is he gained 89% are run through it and I didn't read it here. Says Marcus diagnose the disease and is given a short time to live. Unable to accept his own and he decisive freezes body. Sixty years later in the year 2084 he becomes the first cryogenic sleep frozen man to be were arrived in history. Mark discovers he startling future but the big surprise that this past accompanied him an unexpected wave. Real real lives real realize. Rehab like I live live. Access satellite and I think I might add and others doesn't sound right rain out their fair three. Luna chaplains and it always nice special immigrants and yet many of economics and guess seniority. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon wells' sixty Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your geek flag fly and Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot plus.