BJGN That 80s Podcast ep 1 April '84

Tuesday, April 4th

It's the inaugural episode of "That '80s Podcast"!  Behold the triumphant return of Brandon Jerwa!  Witness the extreme nostalgia!  Listen in bewildered awe as two relatively simple-minded men carry on a mostly coherent conversation about their memories of April 1984!  Space Shuttles!  Scary movies!  My Little Pony!  And more...


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your geek flag fly ever in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself. BMW dark club that's BMW dot clubs. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay chased the nation. Yes welcome to be GCC nations this is that eighties podcast. Secure officially HG wells. Time machines to April 1984. The challenger astronauts were able to complete the first team speed satellite repair of the solar maximum medical scientists discovered that the virus discovered the virus that actually causes aids. Rescue at midnight Cassel also known as rescue from midnight just sort of is the 1984 animated television special based on the has put toy line my little pony. Movies and you lose Moscow on the Hudson a decree Friday the thirteenth the final shot what are. And police academy that's the one we really want it on. The world of music. This is spinal taps on track was released and can log ins and Phil Collins battled about for the top spot on the billboard's top top 100. That's footloose went straight up against there against all talk us. Lazy gentlemen just. This is that PDs podcast. All right well welcome. My name is Chris walker walk like playing with Regis she's each nation. And I am your host for many this season that these of those ladies it's missing eighties. What are my evened things that I need podcast. That lovely voice you period don't call it a comeback it's Brandon juror was back again with the geek nation and so good to have you back when this -- it's nice to be here are its current strength yeah I think so -- let me let me check my driver's license or a quick it's been a long time among I'm not familiar with anything I could even give include the building the fact I had to be let them a -- Well I'm glad you were able to get in their mostly because I'm one who let you in. Had this idea is something that that I I really I'm really got excited about it when you brought us up the other night when we were out walking along in the rain together at the if that's holding hands and reminiscing as we do what it is what exactly who was the idea behind this. Well first off we should tell everybody that does this inaugural episode like how long we were planning that's a hot. Two and a half weeks away yeah. I I found out that you that you were recording on Sunday as yet and and the weekdays were sort of hanging me up a little bit obviously and so. I said hey great all new record Sunday is could could we do an 85 doesn't really doesn't we've heard it and also we're doing it again and here we are my in my OCD was bad enough. When we had nothing on Tuesdays. So I wanted to try to fill that space in what they want to matching Goering dot com podcast wrapped up we had this hole in the schedule and there was nothing happening on Tuesday so I wanted to try and do things so talk to grab talked to BJ. Let's do this other thing Brennan wants to come back he's got a great idea great concept for show let's just do this thing. Hold on a second I thought the whole your schedules marker on her away. I know that's going to be Edison media a lot of I don't know what we're America what shot across the hour and I got the start up my leg here with a smile on my whole deal was look I know I love the eighty straight I feel like these culture is pretty hard right now you know totally pandering to the audience there and Pomona and for me it's an area of love and expertise and also. Was that you can draw a lot of straight lines from modern culture and the things we love you back to the eighties you know so any of those things what you you mentioned though the public show. I'm my little pony yeah. I had forgotten that my little pony was that early I mean I knew it was around is the thing I I didn't know they were making cartoons back then again and you re you have you know represent card carrying -- yeah absolutely he has and it is so I I do think it's inching though you mentioned that Phil Collins internal organs were we're battling it out dad late the movie soundtrack that's a lost art and the loss start your right if there was an if there is a text king a crowned king of eighties movie soundtrack it's got to be kidding you are not wrong noun man caddie shack yup you actually loosen up. Top gun top gun as prevalent yet jeez and that was that was that was finished it absolutely. Another thing too in comics new teen titans with the issue 41 beacon tales of the teen titans right now that is in itself has not significant however. We're one month away from issue 42 which is when the Judas contract starts and one point 28 key. Installment of the eighties comics the Judas contract word death stroke who by the way razzle sparrow on the television show aero Nardelli and Dell stroke infiltrated the titans using a young girl named Tara. And it became a big events and was a huge story that has impacted mistake they made an animated version of it. That you can hope and watched now awhile yet of that of that tortured Ron Fournier ya how and so that was big also she hole join the fantastic four. Which we didn't know yet he's an and the starter was really connected with wrinkled secret wars no it would also launch on that from now we'll wolf if I couldn't talk about that they're doing really one of the first big crossovers yet and it became sort of the way of doing things after the success of secret wars were trying to launched a storyline in the and all that Mattel man that's that's another entrepreneur of the coming up that's kind of where we're at is is things are changing also I was nine years old. Well I was nine years old living guilt police Ohio I was one month away from seeing the most important movie of my life ghostbusters again another episode yeah well who do a whole episode on that front I love GI Joseph I was you know doing that obviously that would pay off in the years to come to Idaho where you are and what were you doing. Oh man in any may of 80 April. Believe in April I keep doing that I keep doing it April 84 leaves little room in the very first episode of that is by John you know a good return having fun having fun. And any at the role of being grown and married to a woman named ape I film it to whoever and anybody that's yeah that's just dumb walker very duo in the month yeah we're capable of all the view being married. To a woman whose name is a month and the jokes that just never stopped. Especially in that month rim as of right now but in Italy before I was I was the tender you at at the tender young age of ten. Well nine and a half if you when he picture about it. In the living in the tri cities and trying to. Well I I wish targets I was trying to fly under the radar but I didn't he I had realized yet that being in or was unacceptable. In my school settings and so why hadn't quite keen deny that either I. I thought I was just being me and an average is just doing my thing out there you know they're lit up in and the eleventh Star Trek in and dress and goofy and I don't know it was it's it's weird to think back on and on and on ten year old meet. And if I could have told him you know what you're not making any friends right now a focal. Yeah I don't know if I would have done anything different but honestly yeah that that that the stark realization didn't hit until a few years later I was like well wait a minute. Maybe I should try to act like other people but then I gave that up too because it was a it was boring. You couldn't maintain it in Braylon Iannetta who. I I do have a couple of recollections one a quick question because you grew up in those sort of rural area and I went from. Kansas to Ohio to Colorado before I was ten years old. MTV launched in 1981 yes I 1984. I still had not seen it although we didn't have I don't watch a night tracks. Hang out later night flights how died and I was afraid my mom what he was watching nightlife because leave it there wasn't. You know Cinemax or anything but it was certainly more risque than the nice track and it was out of WTBS and Atlanta which was not a network then. It's just a channel we can pick up yeah because we lived close enough to pick it up into ordinary without really hit it had had you know little. Bit of multi state to read Jack and nobody every bracket heads were you watching MTV or have you seen Ali. When in my house was one of the first and so when MTV launched I was already a fan of the the the of the art form if you will. HBO used to run half an hour show takes. Oh all of all music videos and that was my first introduction to it so that. I was I literally watching women and MTV came on line up in in my state and yeah and change my life forever so by 84. I was so that I was trying to I actually stayed up for 24 hours just to see if I could do it and watch MTV the whole time. I guess I think I have been in the so late I when I hadn't seen like I don't think I'd seen it for longer than five minutes I'll I think there was a kid named Justin Cox in junction city Kansas and his dad worked for cable company half and we had cable would MTV was extra. A hole where we live to how yet you had to get it was a premium deal okay had to get Baxter and he had extra does that work for the cable of course exactly so here. That was that was when we had the that that plastic box on top of the type TV with a slider. We have gotten the right and we is about UCL yeah we didn't get the buttons until until we moved to another house and got cable again but we had that it was a it was a plastic box and it had a little. Slider. On that went from one. All the way up to I think was 76 or seven meters something like that in those with a channels that you you into the brush option along like that and and that's our kids shouldn't TVs didn't always gonna have a remote control. Not at all I think also does a side note to around this time I was carrier under a metal. Bicycle pump a cylindrical bicycle pump that was just you know a long metal to. And pretending I was scared of wall of a portion where and daredevil very popular I don't know all the lines superheroes on that play. She is like number one by far at least top five definitely stopped five. I was I was actually. TV because I was a kid and we had cable. But. Wind when the challenger went up that time to go fix foods the space satellite solar maximum Gillis Max. I don't remember exactly what kind of a satellite it was good I mean that was huge news. Like the then there's the spacewalk and we in it was an unassisted spacewalk and and oh and by the way we're fixing a satellite literally orbit while its up there instead of you know it because of add up to then do you what they did was they just crash to play well let's have let's posted to get better bring it down. Yeah higher embryo any time we were the space it was a big deal like now we do stuff in space and there's you know civilian companies and private contractors W is like go some US based the next. He used to be a big deal even yes even in the eighties it was a big deal and every lunch was a big deal and an and I loved that and in an economist that I got today got a Menino and of course later on there was the the challenger strategy tragedy of course but at the time challenger was. Challenger was my favorite. I mean Columbia was great but challenger was still my favorite. How is space shuttles felt like something we own two as a geriatric regulate we didn't you know rockets were. Rockets were cool that they learned they were old they're past hey actor run. This one flies up and if like that only land like an airplane and that's what are talking about nobody has to be scooped up out of the ocean by rabbi and an aircraft carrier this thing could land on an aircraft carrier that's very true and I love that loved the love the shuttle that was that was that was a big deal for me. You know yeah me too now this assignment America. Ads being being a boy and into boy toys and things like that I never did. Have much time for. Were for my little pony I Amazon I was not that culturally aware of it I mean I knew it was a thing in the I used and sit through the commercials while I was waiting for you know scooby you to come back on or whatever was out watching on Saturday morning. And I don't know this is one thing that is never hit me in and it's hard for me to conceive of the idea of them have grown in culture now honestly because they see means online all the time and I see different things in conventions and all of this and but it at bay hill started back in 84 with a little a little half hour made for TV special and then launched into this amazing incredible phenomenon that we have today. Yeah how long were were right on the cusp of of sort of that big cluster animation GI Joseph the series have launched yet we haven't one or two of the miniseries. They'd take a week. Yet where the time until some toys for pet and then they had actually there were commercials for the marvel comic when. And there was. There was there was a lot of weird to long. In effect of that war would do require them to have educational content that's with a yeah you know knowing is half the battle thing came from but got so they could advertise. The toy is in the classic sense the way they wanted to so what they did is they. The promoted the comic and it was ten times UT storm shadow zipping along in and it tore away. To recreate what's going on the comic and commercials and it was he was corporate synergy at its best I had. And by the way did at that time you do was outselling the X-Men wow yeah nobody was greeting common world nobody was really extraordinarily it is. Color there early eighties were dark time for us from our own general hasn't thought at. There are getting there were heading into the they were there are getting there yeah DC was also. During some tough out there revert. So let's let's talk about the movies then discussed at the beginning I read where you love to watch where you love to watch. Risque humor where you allowed to go a little. No not really. And I never got in trouble for violence. Yet meet their flags if there was if there was any kind of nudity your sexuality happening I got sent into the other room when I remember watching terminator on on on HBO. And when when when Kyle and Sarah get it on I was asked to go in the other room. Until an early death idle hands over the eyes. Because my parents didn't want it we can stop the movie of its usually to that was on showtime HBO yeah exactly. Don't know I personally take me to Richard Pryor movie so good failure foul language was not yet the only leverage of violence they OK okay and I was a huge. Similar type of hypocrite with my own job they're your I can't see any broad set fifth. But foul language then people lose during each other my only no problem you can. Well April 84 was a great agreement removes a you have a cup and I think creek and where the boys are 84 both for both fairly titillating as they all share in her love and not dwell alone one of the two movies I wanted to talk about today and I is a masterpiece of raunchy humor and groups yes. And a B police academy police academy gal that won that one. I actually my mom took me to see in the theater piece honestly entered her home I think I managed to do I think I did manage to get the I covering up for for one or two minutes but that you realized it was. There was some are actually going on really well Erica we'll just we'll just carry on this and that was one of the first like super funny movies I think I remember as a kid and and just recollect things seeing the fear and just laughing and laughing and laughing and I realize now that there's no way I could've understood. 80% of the jokes are now at ten. But they get enough to please can be and come to if you want are about iconic eighties franchise. Clearly anatomy is other movies I. And I ended up going into the ninety's I'm pretty sure but you know one thing that I always forget about please can I mean we're doing the research for the show yes that's right some of the earlier researching for. Please Ken is director by Hugh Wilson do you know what. Popular eighties sitcom that I know you loved because I loved it too and practically the same person death do you know what show Hugh Wilson was the mastermind of hi I should only yes. I will say that our fascination with doing podcasts and radios probably tied. Inextricably. To this television program WK RP in since oh me up so I. And you look at police Kelly you look at W care. Someone told me want to settle at my job that the Britney Spears game that I was the Johnny fever of the work place. I don't think I've ever felt some things. As more of a compliment in my life know that that badge wanna you know wanna be the herb garlic near you do not. Yes and as someone who doesn't get a lot of compliments that sounds amazing. You should try to drill in your children get a couple of Benetton I'll let you know what you know here yeah this is this is great I I like I like the show I like how it's gonna grow Kathy member house special ops started off one way. And it was super great death and then mark talked gala culture. Now I have the heck we're gonna grow as time goes on to exactly but the other one that mentions that the out with a friend who thirteenth. With a live fifth was that the fifth wheel you know the mowers one with a point 41 of the hour when an important distinction to make. About it's Friday the thirteenth as they really wanted to cap it off and number three why can't imagine. We we have eighty Majoli M Friday at 32 reason they would they wanted to crush it at number three in the treaty. But the problem was the studio felt that they couldn't do that because they hadn't named it appropriately. To get them out of a franchise. Yeah. Yeah actually we wanna hear what certain. You want something eye test and the thinking must've been your your of that picture you know like. Guys I know we said we were gonna make another invent you know how the name of it was to be continued yeah. Yeah we we need to we need to finish that off I have I don't think our audience I don't think our fans are gonna be satisfied if we unless we named the movie. Something very you know sort of final that would be crazy I would normally fly analog that meeting honestly. Are you absolutely and the the director. Joseph Zito. He actually wanted out and hope I got half an unhappy humor is not particularly. Thrilled with being tied to yet another overly. Fraser can we now of course they killed off Jason Gore he's in this one bright. With the help of Corey Feldman. And sat scoring held little if it. Oh yeah oh my god absolutely. And also one George can fly. And greens you know hundreds or whoever I know her well the one George replied you know he wasn't permanently Jordan reflected. So what is Zito. Who also directed the prowler. He said initially that he was underwriter. And the contract consisted of receiving double money for the job of writer and director so he used the extra salary to hire another guy to rape the script. And so. The is the result is a mixed bag at best confessed should be noted that the final girl in this movie is a final goma. Oh oh that's why yeah and that in itself is significant because that's sort of broke for formula Kelly really killed of Jason in this one and then in the next one. For his thirteenth a new beginning he was and our Jason it was a copycat killer red paramedic. Also in case you're keeping track of home Friday the thirteenth part four takes place immediately after Friday the thirteenth part three like it's literally the next yeah. Yeah this I know I didn't see a lot of Friday the thirteenth I was always more of an elm street guy I was more afraid of thirty Diallo I love my own street and I loved Halloween. I still think out of all those movies the original Halloween and how we too are the best so easily. You can't even argue that there. But afraid if you're you're beloved as obsessed with Jason where he faced a bug while storm. Comics who have the Fraser you place and yes. When I was comic for greater. I used to bug until let me do a story about Jason's dad and because that story hadn't been told that there had been insinuations that he was some sort of supernatural figures Nellie would have to be a very. So let me let me tell you a little bit about. How Siskel and Ebert I felt about this particular Freddie who threatening this can of eagle. You know let's see Siskel and Ebert called the movie and immoral and reprehensible piece of trash and going back to police academy. Gene Siskel. Gave police academy zero stars as a hero played no thumbs up no stars no nothing you get to book guests. Hot hot bumped us tenants are that was the Roger Ebert who give the films or stars not genes have you heard. Only two schools like. A thumb yeah shockingly. Roger Ebert didn't like something light that is that's inconsistent over and over are you really thought about. There was a movie that came out in April of a four visited. I felt like shape to a lot of my life after SR it. Which was to Inco. Reminisced know why you actually helps us on the list I don't know what this is all okay Lou here's food is the elevator pitch on could go. A small they have all these meetings and so unknown would Otis was a minute maybe dollars that's immaterial. OK the IV the cart and but he pitch if you will then a group of kids Brothers and sisters. 45 I don't know six of them there's the group all it various ages from about eight. 213. Stolen or you are you describing Power Rangers I wish I was so I'm glad you're not. This is did the brother of the oldest brother in the group is a sort of a young entrepreneur. Middle school kid he's running Keno games in the back room in and doing all sorts of things he's trying to get rich quick kind of guy. Are we all comes up of an idea as to resell. Manure as fertilizer to golf clubs and and other different types of businesses and that's that's is in the stick but it turns into this amazing business. That they run their oldest bunch kids end. I don't know what it was about a video I I I sorry I certainly HBO and aid really has resonated with me and it was one of those movies that I will always watch and I have watched me you know once every other year my entire life and I just. I'm really really like this movie and was one that. How it was a lot of lot of fun and it in his stars that little kid from. From a Christmas story. Peter going no the one who got and Canada and turn it DeVon was not a little kid in that totally to the kitty it's just tongue stuck to the to the poll. Well flick flick. Yeah. Yes we have here and we all know what happened that mean anything to re. I know I do the little girl didn't only thing that's who he became an adult film star later tonight you know we and I and he. He he touts himself as the only successful child actor to make the transition from mainstream Hollywood movies into adult film world. Prior flower yeah he was they use them he was the main kid and and and for me. There's nothing there's nothing to beef could go it's one of those one of those movies that like to say I will always try to watch and as far as. Movies about kids for kids back then that that's that's my top. That actor Scott Schwartz Schwartz that's it thing and I liturgy in his name to Scotch wants Taylor rule. So let's slow this kid to apply our minds we were joke commentator please okay. So this guys out of work and he is desperate for a job and he has been everywhere and normal taken. Because he seems a little doping. And he comes to a toothbrush factory okay and he goes and he talks to the boss toothbrush factories is look man I need to Jala and desperate I will do. Anything else scrub toilets and they're as you know what. I'm gonna send you outward as you can salesman you wore your. So many of you 52 expressions. Okay and if you can sell half of those toothbrushes by the end of the day I'll hire you on and you will be my toothbrush outside sales were up. All right mr. no problem I have got so I'm in control the situation. You don't believe for a yes or cancel so. He. The guy goes out where this fifty toothbrushes and he's back before lunchtime and and the guy knows what's going on her you quitting already goes no I'm sold on to productions. The big hurdle whoa whoa hold on one you saw half by the end of the day how are you should trust me I'm out toothbrushes secures the money can I have some more. Orange yellow came sherbet. When you come back at the end of the day don't you tell me hesitant at that path a path so gaga is no problem I'll be back in all sold all these two of its. Comes back at the end of the day sold another 52 versions that are out of stock. And the guy is okay your hired you're my number one sales were up but you have to tell me how you do this barrier is listened to myself fully table. Check and I got a big bowl of potato chips and I got a big bull course. Can and I put up a sign that says free chips and dip. And people would come up and they say. Free chips and dip I love this is great what's the catch no catch free chips and dip to a dictatorship. Typical horse. They take might meego this just like let's say if you wanna buy toothbrush I thought I thought. That's a if it meant a bit of my mom told that joke and I was like so satisfied a nickel for every dirty you're gonna learn from my folks are my you are my grandparents geez Louise I also tell you that incidentally as an aside is there the you know where we were in the eighties is a culture originally that was a hair lipped joked. Co and I I neglected to do the offensive Caroline boys and edit the joke works on its low absolutely. And no offense meant to anybody with any sort of you know yet official no construction issues before. But that's that's what where you have. I have not on purpose I don't I don't think this shows very good Millen no I'm standing out on the others might not your usual maybe just. Aaron I think the FBI director talking about poking manner whatever you guys don't do well there is no will will do that I do you real quick favour though brand new numbers on that are computer screen there what used to let folks know how to get a hold of this that they want to. How well they can America check our website and the podcasted BJP creation dot com Amazon echo Alexa. And really you can do that no yellow throwback on. So long you didn't even wait for so longer like he's on FaceBook just search for these issues keep nation holds on Twitter and mr. Graham. And cigarettes at BJ geek nation. Send a text to leave a voicemail 19802243353. I didn't even have to look off slow and that or an email Vijay geek nation we can do that full Surrey on the YouTube's. Oh yeah yet tickets are done just such derby dig nation and do a bunch of videos on their my on the cuts for Crist is the weekly if there. On the couch with Chris I sit on the couch and talk about BT go he got a better title. Knew any thing so guys that will we'll check in with you again later on your if your. Other ladies air around. I PLO you know I turned the eighties you'd like just to talk about we'll get to it all eventually let you know garden gives a little jumpstart small loans to we can do it. Hit a soft. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot clubs.