BJGN That 80s Podcast ep 2 April ’88

Tuesday, April 18th

We watched Beetlejuice, listened to Erasure and “Weird” Al, and marveled at the election of Sonny Bono to the mayorship of Palm Springs.  Buckle up, April 1988 was a bumpy ride!


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In the movie theaters that are the last emperor actually won an iron Oscar love that movie nine us with great movie. Bright lights big city was on the screen the seventh sign eighteen again come home and that little thing in my group called. Beetlejuice. Pre daughter jerk. In the music world Alice Cooper almost died onstage when one of the props for the gallows in malfunctioned unemployed to afford insurance match do I need. If that's what the settlement and ready to do that. And former pop singer Sonny Bono was elected mayor of Palm Springs, California. Please gentlemen welcome today's podcast. Yes this is that he's like yes and I'm Chris walker what sort of playing with the dishes each nation back again and you take the good you take the bad he's taken both and there you have brain injured. And that is a fact of life. And I fact of life I let me go ahead and do the thing that we did at the end of the last show okay first I'll tell people how to get old and I love this plan we ask you professionalism and I respect how to bring it back to the show. If you're worried BJ issue is key nations specifically that eighties podcast which is what this is this is that it was into it now check out the website and podcasts of BJ geek nation dot com you can do the Amazon echo election. You can just ask for he insurance Yankee nation until on the tuna and it probably won't kill you in your sleep right. Leg is on FaceBook to search for BJ she's geek nation. Twitter mr. Graham at BJ geek nation sent a text leave voicemail 9802243353. Or are just you know do the email old school BJ geek nation also on the YouTube yeah yeah and check it out share like subscribe over in our YouTube channel you don't come up they're put videos on every week and it's going to be. God we can watch it yet happened. But hey at least I hope so you're you're deeply immersed in this now now I really I really am as they waited way beyond waist deep in this now sure. Time and effort to make sure everything comes back to mean yes of course couple years ago I didn't else Cooper comic and a one issue and l.'s super comic for dynamite. And I love that I had a great time that was one of those weird things oily water at those random issue most Cooper though it. Yeah yeah I can do. But how long though is that none tears from her peers you know I mean the river first Erica on the Brittany spears game. And boy that Sonny Bono being elected mayor her palm spring ball all that didn't set any dangerous president so none at all. I remember hearing about this and not not being that phased for two reasons I didn't know who Sonny Bono was or what Palm Springs even was at that point now but my mom went and every every adult I knew just went just nuts. Yeah somewhere somewhere super excited about the Ohio that's great another bureau like. Did guy who used to run around and play second banana to share. Is a mayor in a town in in you know in California oh my goodness that's true oh yeah I was very divisive issue I can't firfer folks at the time you mentioned have bright lights big city. Yes and Richard is an excellent book how to yell yes definitely very strangely written books but it is written in the person that in which we. Which the writer refers to year yes. You do this you do that yet and read that that was very odd not a lot of books that I can erupt in my head do that at all. I EI it's very strange I'll get the soundtrack for the movie incidentally. Featured a song my my favorite band Depeche Mode pleasure little treasure went on that they then they tacked it on to. The music for the masses album as a bonus track yes Ren and thank you so much I just won twenty bucks. I had I had at least I had that most two episodes before you mentioned Depeche Mode. Are you know what jokes on you body because I bet twenty bucks I would mention Depeche Mode. Not sure hopefully prevent your mobile I'm not sure who won them. Yes yes so bright lights big city at half time and and OK well we're we're gonna move on from depression. Tour ranger huge step and I informed of her short duration Q how innocence was a big album for Asia eventually I'll blow a little respect ship before. I wore out a cassette copy yet of that for sure and then move on to the CD later yeah do Briere and your theories absolutely that would everybody had that album. Oh my goodness yeah I mean I didn't I didn't have it right when he came out but he was definitely one of those albums I've won I was that's been in my own money on season things like that later that was. Very important to me and him a huge influential. As first shaving my music tastes and things like of that album. As much as anything else really really affected that another great album that affected my musical tastes good but I think Heidi and Richards thing came up the same month in year. Weird else even worse time in 88 and that one night. I'm by as soon as it came shirt. You seem like Gaye releases. Oh golf fan I I even remember what I was doing where I was when that came on I was I was staying with my grandparents down an organ and we went into just a little and this is a tiny town but they had. They had a almost. Scaled down target where was a little bit of everything in the store home oh where were you were accountants that have baker city Oregon ought to baker city used to go to the beach or baker city surely density makers and she's I'd know your thing of different town big city is on the other side of the states or there's not a beach anywhere. What you're the one that screwed up the story in our my mistake Fiat anyway I have never actually heard the go ahead but we are what I was perusing the tapes while Graham was shopping for food or whatever was and I saw this thing and it's a grammar. I I have to have this please please please please please buy me this and and and in 88. I was. Goodness gracious for teen know that doesn't that matter that up. How old was you were seventeen and 1988. Months to go 1515151588. Hi Jack I don't mind us or we're just gonna. The original casual math casual life math so I I what the problem was is I didn't have any money in my own. And she set a buy for you but you're gonna have to work it off of course and MI grandparents of the time we're gold miners. I kid you not. Do gold diggers literally. Gold mine tunnels miner yesterday closely where they got all the money venture out they were up in the hills. Search and for gold or dig into ruled sold caves and mines system alone a second death. Has one of your grandparents ever exclaimed and ironically. I. Not to my wreck which is a city California that I am. Familiar with the Yankees who have been through their a couple of times but but yet this this I bought that and again played it out probably were erected tape or two of this before are moving on CD's but. Yeah who weirdo he nine. We always back him to sing and play concurrent. Way what do you think about D. J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince because they were. They were coming out about this time two keys to DJ on the wrapper to gather their second album and arguably the when they're really launched them into the sort of the center stage of what have almost comedy rapid and almost you know you call ahead at the time. But this was this is a hugely into I mean the team so much airplay for parents just don't understand timer on my street things like that those were. Nightmare in my street really I think I I think in all it all and elude the degree to sort of inventory of of D. J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince I think. Arguably summertime is their best song OK I'll give you that now what happened later but nightmare in my street. Forget I had a Kasinga I had the album but I I had the kiss single of night well history. All Qaeda so many cussing though he tells me those were wonderful kids back in the day before he could just buy songs all occurred in dynamo in the secretary magical talking rectangles. They had you have to go and if you couldn't afford to shell out 899 for a full tape or even sometimes goodness gracious 1299 for a double to set. You could buy one or two songs that time. In this section of the music store called the single true end. For me it was not so much that I couldn't get the album or whatever because I was independently wealthy of course of course I thought age fifteen no. I was a remixed chasers are personally to get through the remixed yes you can get to usually are to single you given. Instrumental version on the beside me. Or an actual beside rarely rarely ever an actual gas side you really jittery Victoria yeah some other all turner radio mix yeah. Breath Simon I'm not now but those are those those those precious gem is the rarity is where it was on the other side and I wasn't on the album. Those are great I mean it's like a like a 45 from back in the day but you know on a cassette and it was just stay within. I loved it. So who don't from the music world actually were still dipped one light blue in general are we born in April of 1988. There's some pretty notable notables. Spoke of no golf. Well yeah that's being music Rihanna born April 19888. That's great Michael Serra is dazzled those Rihanna Drake. In his current trading pretty much infant. And for the right along the Michael Serra Mae Whitman. On those needs more men I know loves me some may wish they had yeah I just did Wear a commitment here emitted and lululemon you know Michael Sarah and Mae Whitman of course celebrated their birthdays together whilst on the set of Scott Pilgrim for those who were unheard of documents and you know may from from parenthood the TV show I do. And I'm sure several other projects that I can think of off the top my head a little thing called. That show all of look let Michelle what are you talking about I can't think even now and it's bothering me. And it can you give me looter and any information about it I'm trying to I'm trying to think of something hey anyway we are under pressure. This is awesome yeah she on this is based Justin Bateman and oh. Sure. It's a global got arrested development. And one. She was she was again Michael there is. Girlfriend in natural life suddenly walker remembered the name of the character he was talking about a that's my swallow around Howard and that was made that was a really good right now and I thought he was in the room I was looking for AF are looking for a millionaire or ginger become Irish marching through the door we're good grief. For all of you potter is out there Rupert grit was born I don't think actually because I wanted to be loose before the show I took a big Rupert grant prefer came in here. Opinions expressed do not reflect those who cares W management staff for advertising Rupert grant curly and snatch yes I'll bet snatched him he's also doing it and you show. Compare and these are jokes people oh by the way one very important film. Moment that we we'd didn't cover in the intro Leo over the well on April 10 of 1988 and the golden raspberry award the coveted gold has rear ward. He has given to Leonard part oh my goodness yes you remember when that was the worst single count he'd ever done. Well the house young days of just needing to forgive him for Leonard part so. And if I was there was then gas now that we looked so awful my mom wouldn't even let me go to theater. I remember that we wanted to go see what. It looks funny yeah I love this Bill Cosby there was all stored on the street from our house and we were. Do you know we're massive massive. Millionaires so we had a VCR. And Leonard part six at some point was the only movie I hadn't rented from the corner a star I still never pulled the trigger and as my god and man. Also in my notes interestingly. It looks like a leopard part six. Which would be any different movie and maybe better maybe Canadian honestly I would pay money to fear at Yahoo! also in case you were born in the eighties or you weren't around. There were no Leonard's par one through five that was a spy spoof from there you know computer see full easily lost over. And then and that fact that it was supposed to be a joke key thing but I want to just being a big men some big big Mazzola do you have you ever seen it no. Now Tuesday good men had to this day and some the other movies we did touch on Bartlett beat city obviously. The eighteen again which was in the family. Your freaky Friday's series and and and whatnot but this was the this was the one where if George Burns. If I'm not mistaken. George burns and Kirk Cameron Murray I know Kirk Cameron was in the one Dudley Moore. I'm here which was. Like father like son. Wow this plan turned. This was I guess I was busy watching all the good and obviously. Go ahead. This with this one did the young kid in this one was was the guy who played fairest bugler on the TV show. Churlish latter that's him Charlie charter actually I took a big Charlie cluttered up front here premiere. Well thank you for that he had no problem yeah this was this was a great era for those kinds of movies I don't once it's just the judge there was positive highly door you can see the body swab movies you mentioned you mentioned like father like son that was the body he's mob movies this year all slots well so that's not that's very different yes what with a heat hardly the only hard PLO OK when this is. I just heard that yeah you know I government and John you know I think it's good but not. I loved those movies I'm gonna let her here's the thing eighteen again was it was probably my least favorite. I just I just couldn't get into it there's the vibe of it was not very good for me you know it is I I was kind of I was kind of worn out on George Burns at that time. I think all of the oh god movies of course sure and hurt the entire oh god over Italy entire oh god Hoover absolutely. And I just I just didn't have in me anymore that's fine at that point the US arguably 300 years old area that there is their lives to be house. A movie that I didn't seem to theaters and they didn't pitch until it came out on on VHS was critters to the main for the main course here as we think the critters are you know what legs critters. Was an appetizer test triggers two degrees you're right there really got into the meat of the thing at Ed during critters to obviously be kings of critters wasn't more gonna move you move and yes the mood the mood is Jewish. Of crummy gremlins knock offs was was that critters and this was around the same time that says let's use critters and it was some good leads and it was munchies. All of them and she is munchies I kid you not as tic stone idols come to life as tiny monsters who eat itself. Yeah now I've done nothing that's usually look it up. I don't know what you know what I was watching good movies like colors with Ice-T and Robert Guerrero. Colors collars dollars I am in nightmare Walken psychopath talk and king of my jungle tested. Wild cat stalking and sure Rick is a fear of fire it's live life like a firecracker quick as my views on these other way types of words I I don't know Newton. Based beer that's what every were talking about where assured yeah. No this was one of those that lists super huge made a lot of noise when it came out time was it was very controversial and time there was the training day it was a training Davis Tom I think you're exactly right and it was critically lauded the I think I feel like it won a pack of awards I don't to have that researcher from American women have a little rooms were high school know that went to attend a cosmic has got to him because he's got a telephone line connect. But probably the most important moving if not the most important thing to happen in April of 1988. Beetlejuice beetlejuice beetle to both those. So are easier I don't see him I think we're gonna hurt it's 255 times for candy man but right three times for beetlejuice and it's been like six team new four John Travolta. So be careful okay to me I don't want anything up my nose over reports exaggerate. Sorry beetlejuice came out April 1 which seems appropriate absolutely I remember seeing and I lived in Longview Washington at the Thomas on the long real theater just couldn't couldn't get into that movie quick enough. Had to see it there it was big talk you he's big adventure kept had been a huge success and Burton was feeling the weight of success because he was big adventure was so. So imaginative that Tim Burton chairman Burton act found himself stuck for inspiration and yeah. And he got some the original script for beetlejuice by Michael McConnell. And he agreed to direct it. And then later there was a rewrite the studio didn't understand the movie weird. They they really didn't understand the movie and in fact at one point. They wanted to call it. House ghosts OK Tim Burton suggested as the colder as they joke. Well why don't we just call it scared she less. Horrified. They almost went with backup got scared to sheet lists. While all that's oh boy. Well and I know what to say about that better remember when this one came out I'm I was already excited about the idea of another morneau and write a movie. And after seeing the trailers and things like this I wanted to see this movie so badly I went to my moments and mom. We gotta go see this movie please take me. Is him on fifteen and driving anywhere fourteen remnant know and that's not a thing so she says says she says I don't know it doesn't it doesn't look that kind of thing and I'm no light as the mom mom. It's by the same guy that did. Yeah that's not selling its. Yeah yeah. So I'd I don't I don't work my butt off to convince her to let me go to this thing in and ended able to take me to it and then I just teaching your life forever I mean you're absolutely come on and that's seen them this was before I was really. Old enough to be aware of the concept of a EE director and his body of work. All I knew wasn't the same guy who did QBS_B. venture with their loved some like OK it's going to be more that it's an awesome. Do you hold on I I I I wanna I wanna take you a moment on that statement because I think. I think it seems preposterous I'm sorry go ahead. Spew were you not turned into Spielberg marathon no absolutely not well I don't I just knew that these were movies it early and never occurred to me to draw that line this was around the same time well actually this is about ten years after I figured out another thing I think about actors in the fact that they're not always the same person. I saw I watched an episode of Dobie Gillis. After I had seen all of Gilligan's Island I look and you still be Hulu in my mind he didn't understand that idol didn't understand so much. This is confusing to me and again and I'm sorry I don't mean to deflate Betty I don't go it inflate comparison for a bull by the time. I was aware who would like when the whole Dobie Gillis Gilligan thing happened yeah. I started paying more attention to that stuff Tucker before that I just watched movies. And he didn't occur to me to even figure out the people were acting it because you know a good actor will be different in every role now and then a good make upper costume department will make it seem like that's not a thing. But are honestly eat up to that point. That the Dobie Gillis billion conundrum. I eat it didn't occur to me but then once I started switch it on us are paying attention to that stuff then I realized it was everywhere I was like oh. Okay that's the thing. ER I tell us. Young Dion absolutely and I think too it's different you know I have for our generation as adults like my son was almost eighteen lake I raised him to know who these direct brush and actors are right. My my my stepdaughter prong turns purposes about six months ago said I'm starting to recognize. Actors which is very excited she was starting to recognize actors when she saw them yeah you gonna meanwhile yes. And and make that association because she does you know we. In Leicester taught I guess you don't pick that up naturally it's like this which goes on and then it's all I wanna talk about everything we would watch of the. This guy proved that it gets the girl who was the thing right are pretty but the the director thing was much later for me. That's where it just wasn't a thing that I was aware of and then at that after that point and then when I can say that was the turning point for me but after that point. I'm paying more attention to it and then now it's what I think about all the time you tell me a movie coming out. Used to be I'd say what's it about an end then for a while it was O who's in it. Now the first thing of the who's directing a who's writing for it much more important to me now as an adult because I know. That's what I like is not necessarily always that actor or you know. Or or that particular genre story when I'm interested in is seeing people who I know are fantastic artists and seeing more of what they do. The on now we live in America to where really the audience recognizes who they hate and blow FS and will ruin the movie you know that's actually her. Hello. I couldn't know then. Where you like mile meals or question order back on the beetlejuice Tommy character I from a very early age and I mean like 767. Years old all right I was reading late movie magazine slate and there was an official magazine for Star Trek to. I had it right or I I would read agreed star blog you know like Eurostar all love Charlotte. And and so for me I was giving this director information and and that I didn't give a damn about writers yet. I didn't know they were important process yes Tyrone hill and everything in the so for me I guess. That's how I gave my not a LC used to. Read the TV guide to learn about monster movies. Don't so I knew about all the monster moose registry which ones I wanted to watch org check out the book that was movie monsters you know even though I hadn't seen movies. So I would go into the catching these movies on cable that I had to do a kid like Pokemon you had to catch him at. And she. I I would already know late kind of what I wanted to see and I usually knew something about the movie before I saw at lake screen molecular scream yes. No I never really had that I would I would usually not find out about movies and things like that until it's are never forward on TV oh you know OK and and I didn't I wasn't plugged into to that world as far as that goes and has read comic books and the magazines smooth if you can call and as much cracked in mad we're pretty much. My brain might stay girls might go to I wasn't. I either wasn't aware of or I just didn't it didn't occur to me to look for things about movies because movies wouldn't know we're not as big a deal to mean at that age none until my high school years when movies it was when movies really became. When my main stays route of of fans coming to agreement. So yeah at that point no way you whether something that I was. I didn't have any access to any of that stuff but. So beetlejuice realtors was appealing like you say when owner writer Gina Davis was hot Ellen yeah Alden was hardly a Michael Keaton. Couldn't have been more on fire oh my goodness prayed about and and that man hadn't happened yet exactly this is this is that a solid year before that many McCain yeah also that they're commuting this or Katherine Harris in this Marie let us not a global health and our marathons stop later who were drawn to the you know Christopher Guest movies that have become one of my comedy staples easily and the home alone which has still never seen. And I'm sorry also really I know I'm sorry I just had some extent but in my ear what did you do I never see home alone and never cared to I don't get hurt and in. Everybody showed me Shirley on the golf except where homeowner you please no oh my goodness yes maybe we'll do that as I think we watch. So how would get back to believe that's a lesson about who we are now I have I have or haven't seen. So fifteen million dollar budget which you know machines like pennies yet right now chump change now and the movie opened on April 1 and earned eight million its opening weekend went on to make 73 million. And she was the tenth highest grossing film of media which you say temple maybe that's not so good bit. Like the power of beetlejuice and and now this also horror comedy rights were paving the way for your man in black hip other movies like the movie Shaun of the dead Charlotte sure I I wanted to iPhone may own they always spiritual let's listen of course you know ghostbusters or afford it. The the horror comedy was not a big big nothing novel Dracula dead and loving it it'll the first hike up those barely had a comedies or movies. Love at first but it's forget it. Critically receptive. Receptive resilient high. I'm here which he saw other sectors yes. A first fur times is the New York Times book that's for high and a first for the New York Times. Stale this. It's it's it's a thing and goes and whoever yeah I know this was. This in turn into Saturday morning TV show for a while now much later banned it. And it is one of those movies that stay in Eads is sort of in our blood if you will it's it's culturally a part of everything we do. There are not everything he would mean everybody has some sort of connection to it I think. If you said why don't you spew Jews beetle juice in a room of ten people I feel like Alton people would know what you're talking absolutely. I honor my I got through on the average and for the most part at least the people we hang around with now. Younger kids are growing up now whom who may not that I have great parents. And have an and is sorry kids. To the wonder revealed just maybe they not know. But I think by and large it's one of those movies that everybody has as some sort of connection to or is at least culturally aware of you know in that way so that it again it was. Huge yeah in in retrospect one of the biggest movies. Of my life. Are correct now interestingly enough there is talk. About a sequel okay. And you can't quite get a a clear answer and it's been going on like this for a long time Kevin Smith in his evening with Kevin Smith not stand up in this world you know he doesn't show and I wish I love these things Reid just talked to the audience been to one their great. A he said that at one point two before he was offered Superman PF. Which he didn't end up doing that he was offered beetlejuice goes Hawaiian yes I remember everything kind of know in 1997. When I was a radio DJ I was not really operator okay I IE I didn't know anything about rating. I was just a morning DJ. I decided to take a crack of screenwriting I don't have a copy of this and I got. A third of the way if you're a spec script also didn't know how to read a spec script just heads up knew nothing resting place. Paul beetlejuice goes Hollywood. Because I saw her shirt with a all the rumors of beetlejuice sequel because they've never died. That that this was the way to go and really make my name is a writer I bailed out about a quarter of the way through yeah probably because guys. Writing a screenplay is super hard it's super hard especially significant foreign you've never actually really. Written anything before. And I felt too ahead of very keen awareness that all of my references would require. Actual actor late. This movie I was reading would cost. A kid Jillian dollars unless you just get everybody to shore up for beer yeah there is that so I'm sorry that no one will ever get to see Brandon journalist. Beetlejuice goes Hollywood nowadays I know that too now you're you're not a back. I promise you like I got guaranteed you're not sorry about that. Sorry although it's beetlejuice and I think I saw beetlejuice more than 13 in the business of seeing movies more than once I was the absolutely adapt loyalists you mob up with your friends and great. Yeah I'm in Zimbabwe in beetlejuice hit the cheap theater in my hometown which at the time was yes please two bucks for a double feature we had a one dollar fee and high so wait I guess that would have been two bucks for yeah thank you really are after your UK YouTube box in the eve if you didn't watch both movies used to be did you Cuba so wasn't quite maybe it was double feature to box isn't your bookshelf I know I wish coach I can tell LA times this beetlejuice. And Edward scissor hands. And great balls of fire. I really between the greater than I guess I'm still gonna do even now even stranger things. Oh especially strange whenever they're very yeah I mean yeah say what you want but she's still Winona Ryder man. But on that note my love my love letter to Winona Ryder is in the mail of course that's for now I think Dell will go ahead and sign off and we'll let little. So are time machines for a. Let's say we may need. 1982. Vote okay all right that's about GI Joseph time I knew I had to that I I don't. I can't if there's an area glove third Harry you're just talk about we don't want to hear from you talk anywhere will do the talking got to let us let us know he understood it was the only serious for that eighties podcast because this is that eighties podcast. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot clubs.