BJGN That 80s Podcast ep. 3 May ’82

Tuesday, May 2nd

What do Diet Coke, The Falklands War, and the number 867-5309 have in common?  We’re here to tell you all about in the latest episode of "That ‘80s Podcast”!  This week, we cover May 1982 and Pete Greenberg joins Brandon & Chris for a healthy dose of nostalgia and random geekery!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Join Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of sun flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your geek flag fly and Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs. Do nine do you mean I said quiet on this set. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chased each nation. I. Yes this is BJ she's keeping nation and this is that eighties podcast. The year 1982. The monster made it. In the theaters Conan the barbarian and the road warrior and start trick to the rest of content shaped all of our young little minds tops on the charts I love rush to hold I don't have a black parts as well as a little did you might remember and teach if you have a certain phone number. 8675309. Jenny. On television the weather channel premiered. Diet Coke hit the shelves for the first time and the United Kingdom and Argentine bird. Deep in the midst of a ten week Falklands war. Ronald Reagan was your president and this is that eighty podcast. Yes hello welcome again my name is Chris walker walk like a plane with BJ she's geek nation now with me today eight. Brandon Holley. You know look when I look at you I think of caviar dreams and champagne nightmares. I don't think that's exactly right but I am rich and famous this is what I'm saying and I do have a lifestyle. Also today special guest star. Clearer. We'll know. The only. Going back it is day and age since I've talked to you on the show that is true I was trying to look like an eighty's catch phrase to fit me theme and them yeah I usually have one prepared for Brandon but that today I just kind of decided to wing it. Yeah I know I want you to you want it to everybody among China's tonight. That's eighties some may of 1982 guys are really says yeah on manhunt point order openly worry has and we chair Jerry organizes ever manager of brand. So we get our first show yeah we did. And we got we got some mail about but. Love and I love and I love. I heard from Larry Flynt he Peter Whitney and her reached out and he loves the eighties and I actually thought about inviting him in but I know you have a strict one Peter lament yes oh please just can't handle two Peters at the same time itself. This was so rooms you've won through July and now we're I want to know you always it's good to know your limits right. Anyway we may you have experienced what is called the mandala effect were we oh massively missed remember something absolutely we talked about police academy and having movies. Right yeah there are no movies and police academy puts I. I know. Peter had just watched it he contacted me similar only good thing about it. But please can he has new movies it has a lot of foul language and has a lot of dirty suggestive things. No boots huh. So we were your miss remembering your mother putting your hands over your arms in the theater an area. You know you we can't. We can't be responsible for everything if we try to entertain Clinton voter I went there I had a point of order we can glad we went alert order yes sorry these whereas the chair now recognizes. The the distinguished gentleman from Southern California that's neat. So so your name Chris is moms couldn't handle her eyes maybe she thought movies were time. She hasn't seen the move your shoe right you know whether the movies where they're not you know traditionally acted on the Internet first. And he did exist what did the Internet now that that's true move on to Star Trek TV show it I'm sure it did. Knew that our record in the sixties or earlier back in time all the time and then there's the Internet. All right so Brandon. Thank you all that we might have to add a new section called corrections and omissions but that's not. For now or anything but how can people get all of us went on they can check out the website and. The podcasts that Vijay geek nation dot com Amazon echo I don't I don't like that by the way what I think it's great that that you're getting out there but I don't like that the gay guys can just be triggered by saying Alexa played each nation bow down to your robot masters Brandon. Technically it's Alexa a plea geek nation on tuning in thank you exactly. Fukudome thirty been termed an obviously. Well I welcome our new robot overlord misguided agenda that is being pushed rate here like guests on FaceBook you can search for leadership is decommissioned. Twitter answer Graham that's at BJ geek nation. Sent a text or leave a voicemail 19802243353. Peat you see that I'm looking that you're not at the number on the view so proud of the fact that he had our phone number memorized remember when we all had phone numbers member and a I guess that's a haircut like that you know this is a true story I have lived with my girlfriend for almost three years I don't know her phone number. That on purpose if I have to hash out a little pop pop pop up if it wasn't the if it wasn't the password I needed to get into our Fred Meyer accountant I wouldn't know my wife's phone number. Thanks there's organized YouTube dot com slash BJ each nation and then there's always the email. We know how old fashioned at this point in areas BJ geek nation at connect to say about the future if you're listening to this in 1982. Does that work that was sure okay. I use email less than any other conversation medium now. I think it's all text or FaceBook message at the point Pete. I announce him now I mean not a lot of emailing or just no way to a lot of emailing net there and you can't respond of that thing 'cause he talks will honor. We should know by the way OK I like to keep things out of the present and it's worth noting that there are but he Pete has graduated from just you know dean Karabakh cupcakes on the radio heat who runs a record label your record Labor -- yes you know made nothing from the eighties but it you know get its current big name Q what's the name mere label latent. Print records you can kind of some the liver nets. The FaceBook or and I should mr. Graham and the Twitter or remember to do this that's. Richard and Jerry you're re releasing something so Gary you're gonna nostalgia of the loop as well probably out in huge dollars on the -- have to era at after we run out of the 120 episodes that we have senator so look for in this show we might we might have to do that ninety's podcast and then we'll Lemond connecting your tarred by music. Yeah so hundreds way episode for now I'm gonna let the whole. Lou we don't know where this is episode three only a 116. More episodes ago I have many and we are were happy to have you back to art director label. So will I vote and when voting listeners are both listeners out there. All right very all right hey hey hey good listener mail order man you brought that up PP from a male listener who call me or doctors say let it affect do they do good. Terms for the sabres aren't you if you listening in 1982 a Segway is sort of like lawn mower. With handlebars. And we will wobble they don't fall down now. Blum who so who's your mail. Allan stalker. Wrote a decent guys Kama and that's how you know this is very serious yeah. Doctor Alan Starker you know I'm mama you don't not know that yet but. Well maybe he you know went to medical school and he didn't go to medical school to be called mr. Starker so let's assume. Right it has and they threw two and he gave us his first name can we not just call him Allen. Guys now all right what's dark haired what does he say. As a high school and college aged person in the eighties I was looking forward to the podcasting you did not disappoint really here's the score we can't I guess it's an island. It was nostalgic listening to what was going on April 1984 my favorite time in the eighties was 8485. My senior year of high school and freshman year in college an interest in how the show goes forward. That's Allen from the cornfields of southern Illinois. Oh thank you Allan fantastic. Cornfields you think that it's what it says so old he literally yeah he wrote that well Alan Douglas he meant he cranking up that corner really appreciate it with corn. Who doesn't love a good green monster oil corn. And configurations and sold some great movies came out in the area. Oh until nineteen. Tell what you we know and maybe this may also help Hulu where you and 820 you know I need to where where were you what we're doing. In May of eighty to gosh IE I have I would struggle to remember specifically where wasn't what I was doing in in May of 1982 I remember of the house we were in this is in the tri cities. That's only because I know we lived there from the age of about six to almost. Ten or twelve years old so. Am I remember that house I remember. May of 82. Now while I'm Evan Jon struggling nine year old Chris with Smith is live at the door. Still runner and is under ruse and they get up early Moore is Saturday mornings to eat their cocoa puffs and watch cartoons. Pete yes who were you in 82. I realized I was just a year shy younger than and then senior walker over there living in San Diego will leave a you know we had a dog that there was lamenting the fact that Buck Rogers was off the air at the moment oh he does because that was the way of life for me. Didn't have the Andrews I will say this I always wished I did. Always want them never heard of them I had the Spiderman. Under ruse and I think I had I think at bat and I spent a lot of time in my Spiderman numbers. I did have eighteen that Jim has now. 018 opinion mills 1818. And 82 in I think. That tracks coming well what's on eighteen could campus there's there was the van unlike their heads the Kyra and I were sort of left hand. And I have to double check assure another little fun you know anti zag as we this is again that that Mandela affect. Yeah so if it's interesting that you know eighteen was 83 so I did not have their gym is never got while just a run free. And I really reliant on my program. The only good oh and I really didn't stop you know you're finishing the you can't remember 82 by IA was trying to recall this as well and I I sort of mixed memories because I I know that my parents were split up in June of 82. Because I have my ninth birthday and my parents would have department that was the present them at the site or no that's about it quite a true story panel as the press. I also have a very clear memory of going with both of my parents and this may be a false memory like walker has about the the booby hands. I remember me junction city Kansas senior wrath of Colin and I checked this before. Unprovoked on the the main Shelton. I remember both my parents fell asleep during the off of colony in the theater mile and they loved scifi so I'm not sure what how that how but I have a very very distinct memory in no middle outside fire really be tricky it's both I believe I made delayed they generally -- sigh -- I think they were on the drug therein might get hair curl and actually tomorrow so I just remember my dad snoring in the movie theater in and making people very he angry and all I wanted to do was see again put things in there years. I think generate. The city Il's those speaking out about Star Trek to the wrath of Condit did come out this month in 1982. I've heard of it yeah this was some good. This this is the movie that almost didn't get made. And because Star Trek one. Or a Star Trek the motion sickness I was so. Poorly received in the theaters it's the motion picture and no don't write a letter to slow motion picture of this motion picture goodness gracious. The the extended cut Pink Floyd video. Since the since I had that humanity Sydney nine and since it was so poorly received. Both critically and and commercially. This second movie almost didn't get made. And I believe in and you can correct me if I'm wrong you've got the some of prayer right there someone Willis we're learning through quickly until somebody pitched. The return of calm there was not going to be a second Star Trek movie like the French as I was just gonna be going under. But they brought on they run Ricardo Montalban and brought on I'm Nicholas Meyer and that was the magic that they needed. To push it through and get agreement for the second over. Andy Moore didn't wanna do you want to monitor it but they promise they kill him off yet a 100% Nemo and he was like I'll do one more that's a big bold move yeah. Revisiting is like we did it I would put the cap on it I really not that interest and and was in search of on TV at this time. It might have been. I've been because I always love you more on that Kelli is there really elegantly oil. So apparently. Spock to death which was the selling point. Led to such a massive. Lashing out from the fans old man and a bigger reversed Meyer Nicholas Meyer Nichols plan Nicholas Meyer. Was not. Super onboard with that but to you know you have to go with the way of the public opinion and and also worth noting the film is significant because it is the first feature film to contain want more yeah. Hang on my shoes and I don't think it's movies it's not true Islam a complete sequence made entirely of computer generated effects wow all. The sequence in stature to an instructor to it's going to be it's going to be an issue power now. I believe so no no no not just assistants Denis is that you can get the young generation yep there is cutthroat and also just the jumping back real quick in search of was 76 to 82 it went off beard it. Are seeing very accurate they're they're right there thank you when you Osama rep have gone yet in the theater. And sparked guys in did you think like that it might. Yes did you think he would stay debt. I was nine such things didn't really cross my mind I was just really upset yeah. Yeah so I guess you could say that I definitely believed that that was it because. At the time I wasn't reading a lot of comic books where heroes come back every other week. You know I hadn't I wasn't watching you know soap operas where again and the guy you thought was that was really just on a long vacation they. I'm bringing actor back in the characters and if this wasn't a thing for me yet look so honestly. I probably believed under percent the that was it for Spock. I know I know I did and I just from everything you like all bets are off flip what is gonna happen what do they do in rank you know maybe this is the end of Star Trek forever. This house that yeah. But this was the first. I'm there major beloved character of mine on and on anything on television program movies TV and it. Anything like that had happened to like the first time I lost like somebody who. I really really cared about that wasn't in my immediate family. Second for me because console you got to remember yeah empire strikes back ends and we think console has done for. He's been turned into a coffee table and I I think I felt that ultimately a little more than I I felt Spock but I've felt Spock. Exactly where does the orange thing I had a slightly different take on that 'cause at least man now I mean you re you're you're I those who say. At least you know they're going sequel so we know that were serial rising an ounce Alou wasn't dead. Right so I knew there was more to come break and they would address that but first seven or eight year old kid yeah IO Hans solo gone up yet. Now I feel that there. Brief rough rough and I'm mostly a left privy to yet another yeah well exam without having her return for all the talk about an episode yet know when Andy isn't it time that somebody finally focused on Star Wars. Geez I mean there's none of covered up their another movie they share my young childhood but I think came out in May. That was Conan the barbarian now I didn't see this one in the theater you and I didn't seem a little. Yeah HBO special it was on all the time get. But it's significant to me because this is the first movie that I specifically remember a naked woman that. Yeah yeah now they definitely want their we we we we we cannot yet exactly no one's gonna sit right back to me but. This was the very first time in and I think my mom wasn't expecting it because I saw just there and there she was. And it was quick you know the other seem what are they they release the girl into the cave with him so that he can be bred to their finest docs. But the fact. Com and this movie that's still to this day I think back on very very fondly and I realized that it was. We kind of lady. Kind of racial Lockheed sword and sorcery sort of mash up lab based on the comic book that I hadn't been reading at the time but it went went. Dog off for right after a slow moving public but I'm what are what are you guys recollect about current or Marion. I was not reading the comic but I was aware of it I may have had an issue of Conan like you know you can pick a pile of books at the garage sale yet. Greg and and look only later what I understand what agree comic it wasn't no highs should have been having it together the whole time. I unlike you I didn't see it and I don't know why I didn't see it. In the theater necessarily because I was going to a lot of movies. Maybe eight you know you just you just miss it as I did with the rogue warrior now and we'll talk weather at the minute that. Yeah I didn't get into it until later when I was on HBO showtime you know what have you eaten. That's that's the way I experienced it to us through age feel I think just because known in the house disinterested and seeing command and therefore I'm not going to go see economic and I'd wanna do. Somehow I was aware of and I don't know that's a good point you have my Mamas never big fantasy. She loves scifi but ran into C apprehension and there's really not her bag and you might have seen the trailers and decided may be that the little blue violent coming it's hard to say at the time but I mean yeah there on the phone caller yeah. Well sure I've got to remember she's out. Third episode jungle is directed this you know who wrote the screenplay for comment I think I have against who they Sutton and I'm not sure that I can play of I totally know you have to act. John the last fifteen minutes all her style all her home phone and you actually there's cons and here's you know under the Terry conspiracy about what I wrote a letter and asked. Larry it. I don't know it's not a good thing. I have no conspiracy no cure I do know that Schwarzenegger did most of his own stunts right which was a big deal than. And that they had two swords in the swords were. Increasingly expensive yes and grand each. I actually just saw one of those swords at the remote pop. Formerly known as soon there it's immature they're just saw this past week that's right. Well welcome it's too it looks great was this some who was this the second it's. Or third movie for for for Schwarzenegger because I know Hercules in New York. Was there one in the middle of somewhere what a what the dead this sort of soft core of more and I'm the man has something. I do look it up man speaking of bananas something or other bananas knows why you guys do that. I while I am. You know if Schwarzenegger Lauren this is going to be important when he becomes president. He can't become president if she or from what I'm just wait for that amendment be very glad that. I'm telling you man demolition man had everything right. He's got the Dem I'm on my MTV had a handful of things before come and the Barbara area. Money I can iron out there which is like the obvious one right like there's an episode of Streets of San Francisco and usher because I'm in no it's not a movie but he does have an un credited role in the long goodbye. Wanna. He's hood in August dean's office is really see America it's more interest now yeah. And who. You know I mean otherwise is that Tuesday a little TV here there. Our scavenger hunt apparently chose yeah I remember a miscarriage or not I don't tune medicine ball as scavenger hunt is is in 79 so we we won't ever get into Atlanta and I miss movies like that he threw. Jam. Movies religious Starbucks people and a thing yeah like a huge ensemble cast can tell just then and there's some crazy McGovern in name yeah yeah we'll and then maybe those we'll come back interment cool attitude will write one and will will cast doctor island Stockard from the cornfields of a little young maybe aren't that I ideally he'd be up for. So let's see let's look at the legacy of cone and of course you know yeah we had Conan the destroyer of course after that and we did the red Sonia spin off also true although. That is not good cook the Conan is in it though shorter winter or John F death and then of course there was a terrible remake and you're leaving one little bit haute. He includes a common guy you founder of the barbaric and this is on a true man I loved where would we be good up and are now. Although it should be noted that fund our predates Cullen and as a movie. Sure I don't bust. The influence of the character for sure. Thank you for that well known are just nothing electric correction you know you don't what else can Adam Curry and Ellis a huge. Oh that makes sense too because they were gonna market proponent toys and the GDP TB decided that that movie was way too violent to sell kids toys for. So they re skin them and just sold them as a whole new character. How like ten gentler we allowed to go on the spark there to lead mistress because like I just wanna bring up the he man action figures yours sir autumn back in the day when I always came out had about and they were never my thing I had a he man that somebody gave me as a gift mentally and I thought they were cool but they just didn't. For it looked like. Scale signs to Star Wars and Jerry Joseph were the right there understand I'm eighteen action figures may have led to different sizes analysts there was like this sort of consensus election figures we roughly the three and a quarter right. We'll go with that many years he's scheming and things I don't know what to do it and their cool but I don't know what to do with them to they couldn't really interactive anything but themselves with that's an interesting point to his. I would I had a couple few my neighbor whose folks were were crazy and spoil the heck out of them had like all the accessories and both loving your child as a crew. Griese didn't just stay with me on this and so we go over but we couldn't we couldn't do that we couldn't unless they were like some sort of race of crazy giants know what I. Mash unit I'm right where you guys had scale those TV for your toys so yeah OK yeah I was close to learn and dude dude dude doesn't work in the world and it doesn't make. Yeah man. I would I didn't cross pollinating as long as things we're the same time we I know I definitely I just our hours is scheduled to borrow star were ships absolutely receivers guns and enjoys very well and I feel a lot better about going into my childhood girls thought. And I'll. My movie that I never saw any toys from the road warrior. They do exist now. Now now I'm sure they must Wear for everything yeah right. But back you know I may need to answer remains. A no toys from Europe where. Oh god you don't what was that Fred. Because they George Burns won't know George Burns but I mean that big big big guy it was I'm it was boss instead. Was and then yeah. Because oh god oh god book two were both Bob Denver bright that everybody in the in a value dole they shoved him out for younger guy. And it was he was a guy who played Boston that blossoms dead mostly younger guy for anything ever have a do you really cold I'm just telling you the younger than Bob Denver has that her Bob. Bob Denver mayor John Denver paint you're not you know daughter Denver know Bob Denver with silicon. That's not from god. John Denver was the singer correct and the star of that the old guy and raised in Paris corrected by a by by ideology and and you're changing Denver Colorado is named after both of them. So I'm Pamela last year Gregory dear I'm looking at the garden only level yeah I don't know facing that dude man I think he's me and I think that there were term what was the next oh god moving them because they know he was in there somewhere. Or are those the lose lose the second listed actor and no value double the head while sidewalks OK so cap on Mecca. I do temperament and what does he know and tapped the loss Spin City during a major rules and older and older and older and older and older workers is now much much older we've played. Firm KP memory asked how tangential we can go oh I can edit all this out I do we need is to be rightfully here. Never let up but is it going to. You know it's gone back to America our little island because that's a very exciting podcast don't you know no business. Kansas political podcast live new moon in the moment with us and green machine cream of the John go a little cursor between camp there and soap. In oops. Right in that neighborhood big how big sister I don't mind having hundreds. Any episodes is this crap car had I am stuff yeah I guess right now I don't think I need an answer to this. Fifty. Looks like and I hold you I'm not insane Ted YLIO. Line although. How well do you live now OK fair enough and I'm agent excuse habitat loss big guy from old god you devil. Is that due to play dawson's dad what would you argues me about something like that so when you say go to the guys page or go to the guy's pitching what comes up. Whole bunch of things really aren't that I was thinking on you roosters that no blow to that encourage these yeah I think George like okay. Pronged hit anyway I feel vindicated and I don't care and mail says I actually has always been that hard and yet it's really great yeah it's very important they're 1982 for this to be factions of the road warrior. No I made. Finishing the note that we have a little bit of panic because there were some discrepancy in the information to the road warrior of course an Australian movie Blake and predecessor young had an X-Men X. And we. Had a little moment of panic because on the one hand it's as early status may have 82 right. Career or December of 81 run depending on which hemisphere you live and. December December 81 was was the Australian release on this one but were retirement the United States released. But that's an interesting point in and I like that you brought that up specifically because we have you think this. Very welcome nine driver and I appreciate that the is the type of in depth research that really hurt you think. So a we have this amazing tool at our disposal now that we live in the future we can literally on its. Time content and there you go way back machine have to do not let you know didn't. This is the kind of thing that might just came back from DeSoto wherever you do in Australia if you really wanted than mammograms and I'm glad I got it wrong rounds anyways. They told me it's fine we're fine. Go fits. So our time machine let this go back. Oh yeah the Internet. We we wouldn't we would've had to go to. Of a library and grab an encyclopedia Britannica and we probably wouldn't still have found out exactly when. You know. The rover there is released I think and 82 we were still using the encyclopedia board. Who lured him here where I mean I wish I had the rim shot cued up I'm glad you don't know. Who's and I I didn't see the road warrior in the theater and here's why don't really had it not fair because it's a no I really wanted to see really wanted to see it. As I think I mentioned in previous episode I used to find out about movies that I hadn't seen through star log yup and her magazine yeah. And I desperately wanted to see Mednax and they were running ads for mad Max in star blog but I lived in America. And was like seven yet when mad Max him out her lawyer couldn't see it and video stores were not really a thing and I wasn't finding it on the east Cinemax or the HBO so I actually didn't seem mad Max on the road warrior until I was in like. Junior home. Greg middle school and I thought to how dare you double featured them both some. Right before thunder dome came out thing I saw I saw rogue warrior in the theater before I saw mad Max because of a very similar situation I just didn't. Mad Max as it turns out didn't do very well in the united state know. Which is all a lie it was changed what the name was changed from mad Max two which was what it was called in Australia. To the road warrior because they wanted to either make people believe that it wasn't a follow up to that movie that didn't do very well or just trying. Like they were kicking up a new franchise and it hard to say exactly. Based on what I remember being nine year old of the climate. This was not a movie that you personally have not done very well and now they wanted to give it another try because the second movie had been so popular in Australia though like OK let's give this another shot in the State's interest yeah. Yeah ornaments and it's you know considered one of those seminal eighties movies a 100% yes absolutely and and we wouldn't of had surrendered without itself and I still won my fair movie. I didn't see it in the theater because parents right now you're not seeing that they just don't understand. Due to violent yet Q violent too adult theme sure what Niger. But by the time it hit HBO really yeah go ahead we don't there right fair enough and and I think this was scifi enough or might have gone and seen with my friend's dad it's for everything it's a Brady like bleak now we act like you know and then after it's great amid action hero and lots explosions yet. Exactly right Mel Gibson hadn't offended the entire planet earth you hate correct he was still just a note just Australia there's just gel yeah I can work its way across a comment one look at it see in the theater yet. 'cause I'm like god loving American and a rocky three. Who dad and Lugar also saw in the theater took we'd all the rocky movies oh yeah yeah I'd that was but I'm sort of a family thing ray you do the Iraqi this week. Everybody was kind of an Iraqi is what I mean yes yes yes yes it sounds good right genders IE I have a crazy unabashedly love for their argument beast well almost all of them. And even the months there's speakers there's still parts of that I think remains my girlfriend loves rocky movies and I mean like we get a sense you have a girlfriend how I might go 518. And this kind of telling about the movie she says. The soundtrack and she's not wrong you know run me like eye of the tiger that was his first appearance of eye of the tiger showing up that was clever Langer and mr. to a brewing and also in the beginning your thunder lips which is hope hope that I think I airlift sand Mickey dies right Nikki dies in 93. So to. Three. Checked packs and I'd miss remembering an espanola yet Mary on yeah it's it's and also the sound Jackie say he and little piece of trivia. You know the song you're the best turnaround from the cricket here. You know Joseph being the leader is flushed and that was actually intended for rocky three but they passed on in favor of eye of the tiger so there's a universe. The same air Stoltz back to the future universe the alternate dimension where I am tiger plays in the credit kids maybe. And best around plays and Iraqi through oh here's the thing tonight you know also a thing to know about I have the tigers yeah that they wrote the song specifically for the movie. It wasn't a single that they had heard like hey here's a song and it fits kind of what we're going for Stallone like had some very clear vision specifics he wanted for a band to write a song and he didn't think it you're the best around was it was good enough. Or did or did he hear eye of the tiger and say oh that's the one I don't know is that my my reading in the info that I got duke never mentioned about our own heart assist with China of that now that's a great note yeah he's gathering you wanna talk about another movie that just is the eightieth. Or other imovie and and Sandra really yeah well. Well what else do you remember about me I'm making three run into him nick fury how. They never made a Mickey three wind tomorrow around this a community you live to see Mickey one. Now I you know he's not the best of the series now but it sure is home all the worst oh I eat I'm gonna challenge it's not necessary like the best. But it hasn't thrown a scary intensity. And Erin UT it's frightening to me there and I'm like he terrified me. And that's the guys that you've seen you know on on what levers that comes in cartoons and Jonathan different strokes and yes he cannot regulate all of Duffy and I was like the tough guy but he wasn't scary and this was just intense and and right and scary clover Lang was an area that's of uncertainty was just kind of a big guy I used gruff and as this thing but clever Lang was actually terrified. I'll give you that there is that there is agreed to SNL moment. From around this time with Hulk Hogan. Mr. T and Billy Crystal as Fernando Fernandez hideaway complete anything mile if you make the fees these great Obama people devolved and and the Hulk Hogan Mr. T just lose me completely off topic on target about Hulk Hogan's pecs you know. And they just they lose their minds up watching Mr. T break on TV because of some legal yeah during that. About the eighties as you can get now he's pretty amazing pretty often and just you're just like oh dribbled the ball to nuclear rectangular lake space robot to show up I'm your best friend that's the thing that I. Pete we we do it like to bring you in for expertise on certain subjects haven't hit one today and while we're getting their little boy what what were we eating an eighty care. This of this handle things that made their sort of debut in 82 that that I think your. You're you're pointing me towards. And maybe I am the worst of the phone being a good interviewer and I don't know it's great just I got like we're trying to figure what else is lien was still all right not off the I know when I don't want anyone as an emigre delicious the sizzling steak comes debate yeah it will it will move past that. Diet Coke made its appearance and 8200. Coca-Cola for the longest time held back on releasing a diet soda OK I thought it would hurt. The brand mr. now we're not doing that we're not doing that. Were Coke were were coconuts. All we're gonna do will never change we'll. Will stick to the want to fulfill her daughter a little bit like a year maternity pay out if it's made him money but then it was announced that Pepsi was coming out with sort of diet caffeine free version in the coming into and over the competition's doing it so we have to do it deplores meant the cola wars rate so many people died in the cola wars novel it's near the dark time in American history doctor pepper was very busy patching people up. Now what I knew he had names demoted to field medic I think at that point William William many retired doctors doctor Brent Wright. Who makes a break guys here in the coal fields of Illinois. Here's what I think is the really interesting thing to note about Diet Coke and it's still holds true today it's a completely different formula than regular Coke sure. So it's not like they're like we're gonna make regular Coke renting or sugar replace it with you know. Whatever so fast changing right there it. Truth be there you know using their M they just made a hole and they are the only recipe huh that's that's amazing and it's not an amazing and I think here's the interest in sure. Look it's it's no secret which rarely in pro co anti that's always there. It's going to be that way I think these were pro croak overall pay go but the thing that I really wanna get too I was really settle in do your research service the beverage that I think swept the nation and 82. You had a you had a annual listing you had a crystal light. Oh yeah how little daylight Chris Lowe let me showed up on the scene in 820. And if you think about like than this sort of marketing them. Pitch of like a tilt coup they because it's die do you have for you dampening. And the powder and you can still smell that powder when you dump it into the pitcher impact. Yeah and it just does this mystical cloud of free vapor. And just after resting up into your face red every time that was lemonade right. You know it's really worried about this and this is very true story. Have brought my laptop and a backpack in and it was my backpack from my last job. So I had you know little mic snacks and whatever your left on an 82 when I was cleaning it out. I found an empty box of crystal light like I was putting it in my water. Don't look at me like that hole is this better. How will play at least on the crystal light is what do they do well like I even utilize any of Omar is still treatment. But I Judith. The question and ruins miner in number and we'll leave her and we're limited funny how many how many dealer store your legacy it's that's like like ET Atari games they're just kind of buried in the hadn't been completely digital both rednecks all your old cans of tab off him task now have to have an RC's. Things that we can leave in the eighties very seriously I don't know heat RC. I'm not a big fan I say it's mine I get why people would like there's even a sort of choice. RC oh yeah real when I could I did when the it's in the tri city 399 and I that's aware of but I like her need to you know you probably give me a date range if you care. Oh gosh okay so I remember walking all the way to the knob hill markets of that list of bin. Around you are right around 1982 no knob hill is in Yakima. Knob hill market is up off of I tense streets in in the trailer in can. Well they live her folks who were looking for some Tracy's your mind you really got a trillion dollar hole in our potential material for the tri cities podcast and click OK I'm just this what the keys. You're like a tiara yeah. True nature so yeah around and around now actually around around and around Mamie till I was nine or ten years old because that we are living at the house upon fifth lurch and I would go I would walk probably. Twelve or thirteen blocks to get to number no market. Just to get Jolly Ranchers yet and article now ladies may be that they show I never really like no leaks no I'm not Joseph mum again. Yeah and cinnamon flavored toothpicks. That was OK okay that was a big thing for me as your gas because you're sneaking candy without actually being here this is obviously going to be a long show thanks for the buck trying to from the moment he. I wanna talk about music really quick we asked is this we have a a sort of debate and this is one reason I wanted to do this shows is to point out how we're still talking about some of the scrap. Now in the year of our or 2017 some of us are making a podcast about the script yeah raised two point. I Internet job. So some things were made an 82 Alexandra Breckenridge Corey month Heath and Apollo Ohno oh yeah. Cory of course late. Actor who was on glee congress so another young had a very tough to know I loved his work. He was very earnest and I like that about him and blues you know don't. Meet surprised and saddened that his passing absolutely some very. Popular television programs came to an end in 82 told. Barney Miller. Of Barney Miller who didn't love learning the visual Vernon only had predicted it. Bosom buddies which I love. And good. Two guys in in in dresses and then make him have all sorts of craziness you put those two guys. Really specific what was the wonders limit mom. Peter Fuller. He's com Peter schooler that really make any damn sense to him handcuffed. Can I can hear him in Hong hi Tom O Tom Hanks as well that was dominating that was not those those Jim Hanks is rather. Hey go ahead with your life currently mile please don't send any letters I don't I got out of the original song Billy Joel song for the other great Billie Joseph yes one of the best the incredible Hulk the only in his final sand walk away. Well. That's is she there has and he's always angry. How much did this on lake break your heart and marine and a three time still chokes me funny I can't give permission to play and Pointer Sisters song on the first episode while you're there all right won't blow don't get so excited I'm I'm not that excited you know no one is that we can't blame. The Hulk would come back to TV. I made him believe because I'm punishing I mean I understand what's going on here. Yes so the hope would come back to an animated series which I love did you watch the whole cartoon. Yeah I did I. I got a whole thing you want me if you can't cut the whole thing. They will pull pull pull pull up a the more it may indeed. All on Marco Rubio. That this doesn't hold up to me that the it's it's a little bit of a hot mass kinda all over the place. Here's some cocaine looked flat round on Wednesday Robin Williams with out real bad they know they can it work premise wise is a little. Shaky pen dumber was okay though yet I'm actually not complain and up and I'm the Jeep. I was never can jeeps before Merkin Mindy jedi action figures I did and invited them all in my head more ahead the egg you know mark comes in and oh lead in the American revenue that you can you can get it I think you can get a single fact or a crack in I work in The Hague and actually that's the. I need to take issue with them being just said he ready. Hit it to defend yourself can give you had no interest in jeeps until Pam dumber when was due to hazard. Now because you don't grow we Jeep daisy gets ranked I was ally won I was I don't know easy enough the Jeep so you were distracted. From pen up my her Jeep yeah I would but it didn't work in the for those leaving this current opponent or interest at home or wherever you are yeah ally Dixon has it was 79. Is when it started to ask him and I was asleep GTJ you're pretty good there was present finished off an 85. After after the cousins came on board PLO they had it action figures as well yet they did the article I had I am about to do that is because some might we have to get the conversational like TV licensed action figures that show I don't think we do smash and low lows and yet that's ethical vote toy Muslim. There's kids on the street who had the local toys and speaking of kids who got beat up he when I was living in junction city Kansas I had a friend named Jason jet. Okay duties who may have made some claims about being related to someone famous floats. Optimus Prime. Rick Springfield. Jets. I love rock and roll down the show wrath. Yeah yeah he had definitely out there in this month of return here are now remember that song from when we didn't let us know if it's bad but now I feel anyway yeah. Really I kind of look look if you wanna hear the song just put another dime in the jukebox OK but don't call me baby. So it's precious acute. To prove what a mishmash. Musically the eighties were turning into. I love rock and roll was knocked off the top spot by Chariots of Fire by Angel yeah up that the rules do. Yeah endure listening to like crazy in her question and all over the place but I'm we're talking about the American top forty year yes or a billboard either way it's it's pop music and defend the fact that aid purely instrumental song from an Academy Award winning. And the user like. Hard to fire bull arena are you suggesting. Guys Terry and I didn't I didn't enjoy it but I was not denying she. I think that's a that's got another target audience like I would fell asleep daring enough or time. So there's a lot of this talking and then slow I had no emotion railing and it was a big deal in and you know it was a huge deal the idea exactly that is some of the nine that before and you have bored everybody to tears out. Dare you I noting I'm not detect at about oh I knew this sail away with that attitude of the Fatah. Phil are no group blow yourself part of America. Name one underneath them but. Love he can do it the dream the life. I mean I don't think I have. Got to you don't know. It's a thing now I I harder to harvest moon far away. He there's more. A day without rain David RA I. I -- several of the albums like as do I honestly feel I didn't I didn't enter Rick Springfield to eat Rick Springfield and Freddie Mercury were the rock stars Rick Springfield is why I became a musician aren't I wanted to be Rick Springfield got the air guitar in the bedroom Jesse's girl don't talk to strangers yup and we are in a bit of the debate right now Pete personally will bring in this O street OK guys can all let me know when you do urban welcome a colony maybe you need to be the deciding factor all right Kara. So we've we're old enough now that all our favorite bands play at the zoo in the summertime becoming the zoo here in Seattle this summer we have a double bill of pat minotaur Merck Springfield. Now war. Echo in the bunny Mellon and the violence happens now I RA can make case for seeing either I've seen the final terms I really kinda wanna see Rick Springfield. No never seen them no millions and nothing but hit no remedy hits the better tar Springfield bill nothing but hit ten musically compatible. So you're pros and cons want you to added up. Pilot and actually the final comes anymore. Ray has Gordon you know can't hit the high notes and I think that's not which is weird because he wasn't really and they weren't a lot of high notes in there but you know you know but here again you know blister in the sun he single or register now. The solid since. Mean that's a little Mercury in Boca echoed about a man who by the way we're about to hit the UK charts. With. The back of love then in 82 yet so they've been around know we only seventy tech on the monument. But I I feel like if I'm gonna spend my money on on in the style Jabil and I don't mean to offend these artists you know. Walker you must be the decision maker who is thought to have been a tar Rick Springfield double header. And all this is because Tears for Fears in Holland notes are not coming to Seattle. So we have actually a whole another debate in general no I would I would put up the money for that right in there sure are not disputing that you absolutely would I. I fully agree with that decision. But then you still have this debate where's my ticket money going walker. Miniature Springfield well comes back on the bunny man. Gosh this is hard for me too because I may now have seen the violence stems I had not seen an embodiment of I have seen pat Bennett. Not OK now well ever the diplomat well I I literally would if if if you know radio you're no longer like conflict. Yeah merry. He's trying to keep on Atlantic car NR IR IE perceives this is a bigger issue between us you know before you force me to chooses I'm gonna say Rick Springfield Ellen Turkey walker Turkey Turkey. Through an answer and no ominously spring competitor. If you make me choose one of those two things because all hits while all what if we start a petition now Springfield but Lehman. Mean that's just. Rick oh in the bombing them you do them more mental embodiment. In the BB tour and the B&B tour that's my state has played bed and breakfasts we hit some awful and then when I think that besides I got this kind of stuff. But this is the kind of genius that made B movies happen it's about bees you guys but it's also called the movie was so as a Chris I thought you. See I think you're every single and 3-D movie no longer matter girl and I'm sorry no. But you're wrong CNN Honolulu rather not your living hell we get an injured left front office and at all. That's fine we can do that it all the way we're okay ten seconds. So I can get my bash are now absolute firewire I wish that I just he's Ramon is our nose for children. Both of dark threat against enemy we went about till I drop. Okay it's this time to think it by now the study and I'm not the only 82 of them made it through the I guess I got eight. I think we kind of do so it was about different working on the button frank. All right guys so yeah that is definitely and a veteran now I think may of eighty to leave that they didn't put a pretty good cap on their right. Sure yeah I think they gestured for being did you agree with me so much I tune in next time dear listeners I love this out of contreras that's I don't know some guys. Where. Say your way back machine to may of 1987. And twelve. Thanks for stainless. Thank you to improve. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying he culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone. Let your geek flag fly and Vernon whilst. 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