BJGN That 80's Podcast March 81

Tuesday, March 6th

Hosts: Uncle Chris & Brandon Jerwa

March 1981


Mar 2 Howard Stern begins broadcasting on WWDC in Washington, D.C.

Mar 6 Soyuz 39 returns to Earth

Mar 6 After a 19-year run, Walter Cronkite resigns as main anchorman of The CBS Evening News and is succeeded the next Monday by Dan Rather.

Mar 10 "Bette Davis Eyes" single released by Kim Carnes (Billboard Song of the Year 1981)

Mar 24 "Nightline with Ted Koppel" premieres on ABC

Mar 30 US President Ronald Reagan is shot and wounded in an assassination attempt by John Hinckley Jr.; three others are also wounded. News coverage is massive, and the Academy Awards are pushed back a day as a result.

MUSIC: Bette Davis Eyes, Kim Carnes

TV: Greatest American Hero

MUSIC: Believe It Or Not, Joey Scarbury (first and only album, America’s Greatest Hero)

21 March – After an unprecedented seven years starring in Doctor Who, Tom Baker makes his final appearance as the Fourth Doctor in Part 4 of Logopolis. Peter Davison makes his first appearance as the Fifth Doctor at the conclusion of that story.

MUSIC: Keep On Lovin’ You, REO Speedwagon

Marvel takes notice of the growing direct market and produces a title specifically for comic shops — Dazzler #1 sells 400,000 copies.

John Byrne and Terry Austin leave The Uncanny X-Men with issue 143 being their last.

MUSIC:  9 TO 5, Dolly Parton

Cost of Living quiz


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can. Hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Yes we're going to be dishes he nation this is that eighties hard fast. On the stakes. In 1981. At this stage doesn't. This month in 1981 harsh Howard Stern began broadcasting on WW DC Washington DC. The so we use thirty now I mean returns to earth good return or did come crashing down in the rain and green hellfire we'll dig into that a little bit technical return after her nineteen year runs Walter Cronkite resigns as the main anchorman of CBS evening news and succeeded in extending by Dan rather. Nightline with Ted Koppel also permits now conduct US president Ronald Reagan is shot and wounded an assassination attempt by John Hinckley junior. And damn well there was a lot of really great music in march of 1981. We're gonna talk a little bit about that my name's Chris walker walk likeable though BJ she's geek nation uncle Chris I'm BJ in May eggs with me is always. During the Jerel and hum a couple of how to cook. Brendan yes how can people get all of us that it wanted time travel. He basically when they can do it over and get to contact us. Realized their mistake yep travel back to the point when they should've contacted him deserves some too big it does something wait too complicated when it's never happened. What's feel what's the easy way to get all of us I would be BJ geek nation dot com oh yes yes yes or gore all over the Internet brilliant all over the Internet and how much you're in what's your Twitter handle. I don't have a Twitter handle you have the Twitter and I'm I mean I do but I don't use a fair enough well if you wanna go literally order you can look for me on Twitter I don't mind at all I had that set at. Uncle Chris underscore 999. And well by me on FaceBook likes to have its brilliant or well I think thirty use the things got all right fair enough. You know. The assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan yet think about this because you know we live in in a constant news cycle we have multiple news sources here in the you know 20% to remove it endless supply of new sources through. The coverage on this was so. Heavy in 1981. That it went on nonstop for days on all the networks and they pushed the Academy Awards back death by a day if Anna. That's big power that is that is big power I mean it assassinating. Al who at the time with a fairly popular presidents you know they didn't assassinated right well I mean as an attempt such an attempt to court access he was wounded hey yes ma guy shot absolutely not for nothing I do think Lee claimed that he did it all four or one miss. What was the girl juries are Jodie Foster that's right I grew I could cluttered I'm sure oh I'm sure there for a for me. Alone John Hinckley junior. A you know are also blew did you know that in march of 81. A single was released that we're going to become billboard song of the year it's 1981 hung. Not gonna wonder file their federal have a little pizza that. Some time back. Teddy Davis on the hill are owed me something and they realized yeah this stuff I had. I'll admit something really I didn't know. How much Bette Davis eyes were over that even comment below the hi it's chaos. Why you're not from music you know from my from degrading to Greg another up and that is so weird are able to get hit pause for second annual figure that out really an extra pleasure. Yeah. Suddenly I that he should cut. I have I had no idea what him what do Betty Davis was I hope until this song brought to brought ms. Davis into my into my room into a world. I feel like I did know and I couldn't tell you how or why. I don't know if this is true Boca. Repairs then go ahead and hi yeah I sure think there I have some political news would like to share not sure because I got. I have heard apocryphal a boot. That. There were radio programmers who when they first heard this song. Thought that it was actually Rod Stewart. Yes I have heard that Salmonella talk a little bit of yes no idea that's true but I can see how what happened here how what happened and Kim kerns very very pesky. Voiced Yemen. A little a little on the gravelly and I can die today I did hear that you know went as saying that now. Not something again concurrent engineering really know what taking turns was so let alone are Bette Davis at that point but Tanya doesn't choose two or three albums and when this came up to this was really a break after a career that was not. Didn't hear completely down the alien successful and and then this was that hearing this wasn't loud it's just skyrocketed to the top of everything and you remember her to almost single. I don't how nobody does how how how old was she on in a Downey a soundtrack right around this time as well I want to say the same soundtrack personal. Well she was 1980 she got an element made an amendment Shia am issue I know she did manage to parlay this into quite a lot of well. Media coverage. She did have a track on the flashed and sound and that's it fly I'll be here where the heart is there 1983 I knew I'd I'd seen it somewhere I love that song if only I could remember when you where to get only so so yes I mean bill we're sorry to hear though nothing recent death. Didn't watch a lot of Nightline. Now. Didn't watch a lot of the news programs in general but everybody knew who Walter Kerr. Yes you are abandoned or other man yah and then take couple comes on the scene in and you've got what it what amounts to lose late night. News wars against. Is that would be would have iron I think that's where when it started and you know within it may actually have been. Precipitated by this whole new cycle of covering the presidential. There's an interest component and a gas and its connection I'm just you know I remember you feel a real power grab between the networks I remember it Blake. It was it was growing up it was Coke or Pepsi guy order should be. Ted Koppel or Dan rather that was a thing. Like people LYU widely wildly wildly polarizing issues. Q do you do you prefer take couple or do you prefer Dan rather I was anything that's what the movie so feast choices about. I'm not sure I don't remember exactly and it's been a long time since that seems to be jam and I think there was there was Coke or Pepsi rather what probable. You know I think you're exactly are your I think that's about precisely how that went. Yes I was lucky enough you know what I was watching what are you watching the greatest American hero believe it or not. The going to be critical and usher. They took me back on now. And I think Joey scar very chilly start very epitome of a 100 I yeah I mean you don't get much more one hit even mad at depths but what of one hit. I it was really intrigues you hero and well I should have first and the song like. I thought it was the best song ever because it was about assuming you don't mean like you know it's not a superhero. I don't know. They and it was about a superhero super hero. I am I daresay bumbling. Because he'd be basically he gets his superpowers and no idea how to use them ranked the instructions were left off for him. The British American hero was on ABC from 81 to 83 made its premiere. And in march of 81. Stephen. TV history yeah. Spoilers spoilers with the music they're paying a nothing happened I think it's fun though I don't I don't hate you Oakland and I continue to have the feelings I have for you say he later cow eyes simulated it's it starred William county. Who was a teacher named Ralph. I I. Women or guys guys continuity here the out so. Well finds this suit that gives him super human powers it's. Why aliens to rain today on a cigarette and that's an alien suit aliens and a loses the manual or are they don't drop one off with a Souter of the suit eve falls into it he he comes across the seat and has no idea how to use it but it first thing you do when you find it supersedes put it on. Yes and then you just figure it out that's what I do ya a 100%. He had no actually he takes his special needs students on field trip. And it made limited aliens I mean I think that's exactly what are our kids it's the worst or rigueur origin of all time Ali I got terrible substitute teacher gets super under Russert a no manual. And he's instructed view team up with Robert Culp. Like you do and make sure to ask mark Browner about Robert Culp one of his personal heroes this is true oh you know you're not he has children I make it into the lower call. He has mentioned it before in the past definitely I caught a cope out cope list. Wouldn't say is that I think yes Michael we I think he is a member of a cult coordinator. Homeowner but yeah I know I watched that watching a show that was that was when my favorite thing favorite things I mean it was appointment TV in this is everything is pointing TV 1981 because you could need even if you reported Sunday when your VCR. You know you still had to be there to tape it so if you're if you measure quickly and gonna watch yet guess what. Regret maybe Yasser. The greatest American hero was you know find it was diet superhero action bumbling you know sort of thing Connie so there was an. Tony so I like what in the hat. Now they are rebooting the greatest American hero oh and they're doing a gender swap okay. With a new character named Mira who is described as a thirty year old woman who loves tequila and karaoke. And has spent her life searching and failing to find meaning. Much to the chagrin of her traditional Indian American family so we're bringing in a different culture wow yeah. We are bringing in a gender saw a lot to unpack there I'd love to try and and also the greatest American hero OK so where are redefining what an American hero means. It's all very forward thinking he's I don't know if this is necessary. Move remake. I mean as long as they make it like super greedy but they go down there the bad man rode with this now yet. Should turn turn turn turn the greatest American nick if you're into like getting the peace that is American hero sure you know very very put upon injustice and get depressing independent. Totally conflict with herself that that. I'm fine you ABC has ordered a pilot who have cast the role excellent the starved girl Maas LE read. Oh OK any young man named Humphrey care. Have been cast in the us and I mean we think he's the Robert Culp oh probably equation Kent oh. Yeah yeah care will play Max Smith a new account executive at the agency who works with mirror and doesn't give her. Softball you guys they're gonna be mismatch mismatch this is this is buddy cop fish out of water and I know. Wrote Rome romantic litter this guy who make a good hooch okay. I thought. Well we'll a lot of them are sitting there something else on now on the small screen that we want to discuss who. Yet. Efforts to now know yes doctor drew. Oh god it Doctor Who found your these enormous amount and it's it's real that it sorry look. I wasn't watching Doctor Who anyway I kind of was during the summer if I was visiting my my aunt's in Oklahoma. Afternoon TV's the Tom baker doctor drew one yes was on a lot and you know I made. Recognized Tom baker as as the doctor I was the only one I knew as a kid he was sort of the Altima incarnation. And he was the doctor for seven years and brought it to a close. On the 21 of march and 81. And then handed off to Peter Davison who became the fifth doctor. At the and of that particular story Greg you know what Tom baker you move done but it's all right because we're gonna keep on loving you. NN get a bit. Yeah I am. RE. Oh speedway. Greatest alternate and name I've ever heard in Portland refusing called Mario's feet dealer. Which I'm respond with was pretty good. You know it all of that when I was a kid aria speed wagon and churning. And bands of that type against that sort of super glossy. Rock and this this was I if I was always aware of that and and I liked it when it was on the radio but it wasn't something I was a fan of and I find that I Morningstar object for a in my old age that's fair I really like that song and I'm really I really liked there then then they hit the RE SP regular hits dad their son harmonize where. Similar finished up and I don't even I didn't realize I don't think about it in that sense and that I hear I'm like who. Yeah really frail unless you out now and I have to say as a writer Heidi infidelity is one of the greatest album titles of all tiger I thought that even since I was a kid. Yeah I just it's it's a dumb word claim that it's very very good so good so good having our USP dragon had their fingers firmly on the pulse of you know they they are kind of taken over for the Bee Gees it in my mind like they would just write a song and you would be good and everybody would love it doesn't interest they do another one just like it that's interest and I mean I actually I get what you're saying thank you appreciate that well. I think what let's take a little break I love that on the other side of the break we are going to come back and well. We're gonna get to work. Well Brandon Heath let's we're back pocket. Well I'm glad somebody let me now yeah yeah you're welcome that's that's kind of how I do it wasn't. Yes march of 81 we talk. A lot of nerdy stuff on this show anger about general now mostly you and I were just about nostalgia for all kinds of things TV movie music and whatever but let's let's get a little bit let's get back to the geek nation roots a little bit here and talk about comic books show me. We are the new geek nation roots there X the rest of the shows will bend to us. Then it seems unlikely and we'll we'll try it will drag blitzed a few freedom break mark her honor first. The red already all over okay that tree sitter. Yeah I hear the universe did that our work Forrester. The let's talk about comics so I have mentioned this before I'm sure it must've come up. I used to get my ass beat when I was kid for reading dazzle or comic oh under. I liked downs torture she had an interest in story she was a musician which are inspired to be she was the superhero what transpired to be and I actually really dug it now. The interesting thing about Dantzler. Who if you don't know is Allison Blair Iraq Starr well morbid Disco queen. Who can turn sound into light energy Oakley. As she can make dazzling lights but she can also turn it into been like beaten as a right OK okay. So marvel. Notice that the director markets which is of course the comic book shops. Rather than your your. Newsstands charters interact at the 7-Eleven right the direct market was actually starting to. Grow and and produce some some real tangible numbers so. Guzzler was a direct market exclusive book. Really yeah he wouldn't be able to go pick this up NSA flares up correct yeah. And as a result the bay got a good return 400000. Copies of volatile one which. I dare you find your collar professionals that yeah now now now that's that's that there's no way I would be the best selling comic the last decade right. So those were those were huge numbers then and it's their massive almost impossible numbers now. And I do believe that guzzlers ended up going to the newsstand at some point because. I was reading downs where before I'd ever been to a comic workshops I got my hands on and on her somehow. They got no lie I had some dazzle or books in my backpack and they were found at school by some police look at some near do wells trip and I got my ass kicked a few times over Clinton won was the one was the immediate finding of the book the other was sort of residual. You know he read elsewhere and therefore we must kill you also significant issue 143 of X-Men. John Berman Terry Austin left the book after that they have I'm very famous Ron. They killed off this gene great character converted into and it's something called the Phoenix alone or bad day it's rocked of the marvel universe and. Phoenix stayed dead for many many years and then didn't. No more he can he can't take you know you're looking but they yell they'd held she greeted them they bail out in depth look like. Have to run she died an issue either 137 Phillies starter of the six versions are like we got to go ruin someone else now have to I have my guys they didn't ruin it wouldn't know we know now I think they AM arguably saved it they were working they were doing their jobs yeah that's a dud that is not there is no mean task and that's something you would at least need to put in what about eight hours today on. I got ya at least in my guys would like. Like in eight to four shift early episode ten within a ten to six yes 630 if you got a half hour earlier fish that Iraq. Yeah I'm helping. Dolly Parton night. My game powerhouse most. Point oh man doesn't look unstoppable. Than 95 was was on the charts. And and doing very well. The movie itself had come out I think the previous December so it was story riding the wave of just being hit song. Nine to 51 of my favorite movies. And for our whole area it's funny to this day I have nested I don't know how many dozen times. And a six months these same same I have I'd really love that movie and it is so fun. You get Lily Tomlin who for my money in the eighties was one of the funniest sector unions working out there. I just loved loved loved Lily Tomlin has just been very sorry I don't mean memorably just remember folks. There's a universe in which Saturday Night Live is the Lily Tomlin show and that's true Merrill. You'll want. But no I men and you get Ted Jane Fonda in there I doing some comedy which is always fun to watch I like Jane Fonda just fine. I don't I've never gone out of my way but I think she was perfect in this into that role especially just. Just fantastic yeah I Debbie Coleman dad. Let dad when he called me. Dark yellow Dabney Coleman that's a movie. Do kids if you haven't checked it out you do need to go and check it out sure. It's thirty some odd years old now but that is not the point my friends that is not the point it is. Timeless you shall we say timer job for sure absolutely. Again this is a movie and I'm I've mentioned this phenomenon before in your very well aware of and I know he's movies to my mom loved I loved where you want yet another. In fact I'm pretty sure we saw it together that's you know I guarantee it and she and that it came on HBO and I watched it pretty much every chance I could. We love your mom right net ya know I IA has. Easily seen that movie. Fifty times maybe more that was the beauty of being one of the first houses on the block to get cable here and by extension HBO yup that that HBO guide would common. Every month like you become a week before the end of the month. So this is what's had coming up on HBO next month I would just pour through and I think and I would just like. Oh my gosh okay this is the date this is on this date that is on this is gonna be on this many times during the month whenever above above all about and handle the ratings right in their annual with PG I knew it was all right knew what he's gonna have. Violence and I knew it was gonna have nudity and you know of course LaMont did as well at that point but I could. I I would plan my mother thought up. Well yes and I would make sure that I was going to be able to see everything one CNET are going to be inside at 4 o'clock on third Jack has hawk the slayer caddie on. This is what I'm saying you know. And you know GMTV guide and I was almost a mystery to even HBO VH BO guide was great in one channel. And this is exactly what's gonna beyond that channel every hour for. A month. Loved loved it. So I 95 what a way to make a living. Speaking of living I would like to give you a little cost of living quiz no rule in the cost of living rough where the program. Here okay go ahead and hug I'll get ready on the I don't think I have it at dean being you know pay a fine print out all win okay. I'm gonna give you some items and want you to give me what you think they cost now okay and then what they cost in 19810. Thanks for. A postage state. A postage stamp now is that like 32 cents or some like this miserably I wanna say on the last time you mailed anything and I haven't and we get those forever stamps and as a matter Arianna. Eighteen cents eighteen Cincinnati went sorry you're supposed to tell yeah that's OK I'll go to try to get loaf of bread now. Loaf of bread now is you're ready you you don't U I Tony Brad back to when I was eating bread which is every as recently as about a year ago. I can get into a really nice loaf of bread for about six and nine sure. Well I'd just the Wonder Bread step I think you get net for strike three ducks of 03 or four dollar bargain shopper was sure dialect the wheat crust in 1981. I wanna say 99 cents. 54 cents. All right well so okay did not depend on truckers and as let's move to another staple sugar milk milk and gallon of milk now when I mean. Really in an ever had packed it. I don't I think to 99 that's what I think personally but I've done no research to another thing that I I don't drink as much of as they used to have. So but in 1981 gallon of milk probably Runyon who I'm gonna it's going to be extremely close to bread wanna say 54 cents more than you think a dollar 69. Wow yeah okay jeez no one's surprise did you have been clearly. Gallon gas. Oh gallon gas. And this was after that day the gas. Crisis is would you want it seems like 76. Or 37. He's podcast of the things that oh we'll get W government when the when we run out a month's yardage. I thought. A gallon of gas less than a dollar 89 cents. One dollar thirteenth and get so close and right now we're looking at what 399 I think 3-D I saw I. I saw I sighed and the what passing gas station MW yesterday and it was. I guess 39 Nina Hodge I wanna say a 389. But I know I know a Safeway in Tacoma that gets it for a 286. And I feel like I'm saving money. And should I drive the 45 minutes to go over to get it down that's practically worthless and I'm telling ya. Hello I'm gonna put gas in your car much as the car cost. Oh a car you could get into a decent car probably only now now now. I know you're not getting into a reasonably. That back in 81 I think 3000 would be to really nice vehicle. Merely a nice used vehicle 5743. Dollars fluid these prices are not adjusted for international rates they're just an average. Well. Okay. I don't know there's there's. Okay. Here hold on here asked for the song all right ready are you holding I'm holding OK. Income average. Annual. In ho. Yeah one nowadays. I think I think if your not making. A 100000. A year doesn't that it does not qualify you as slightly hang on or you make him a 100000 I don't know I am not. C'mon I applicants can cure what they like okay how about fifty. You're buying lunch pretty good yeah I pulled the plug if I was getting Andre senior. 'cause Reagan under any year my wife wouldn't have to work shirt and a no I don't make them out. I just I I saw you know number you would you I saw them a little bit mixed pro and actually thought I saw some numbers recently and I thought that that's what they were calling the like the middle of the road I notice I. It was a hundred grand I'm further away from an older than I ever is the same in OK you know lets you know luckily right let's say sixty pounds of elicits us to be an average person sure okay all right. 111600. Dollars. While some only pay in the Philippines 54 since the bread and exactly and I guess that's okay after a pair won one last a veteran art costume accounts. Who and I have Blake I bought a house before and I have no perspective on what across now that house that. We. We're good forced to move out of because of the owners want to sell it they were selling for 230000. Dollars everyone's lips say. A modest but roomy house certainly in the neighborhood and not a big neighborhood got a busy neighborhood not a special week. Close to any major. Shopping centers or anything and had a had a lovely separate garage to look dude love that garage and solely so. That was 230 my folks are trying to sell there Condo for I think 350. Jack. And I have seen houses advertise this. In in and around the queen an area for upwards of two million. When Iraq your world baby broccoli. I like our hurricane average cost of a house in 1981. 96240. Dollars. Karbala in the 100000 mark yes so so I could pay for with a year's salary that's excellent back. Catch their shares touched again everyone could walker making a hundred. Oh here to do this. Do this tests. Not exactly that I don't know if so are so what do you think Brandon do you think we've I've pretty much shed. And I covered our bases here with then it would mark the 1981 I guarantee we've sucked all the fun out of 1980 well I think we've injected a great deal of an intuitive you that need. But I what do you think you're go to those places that Brandon mentioned at the top of the show and don't let us know if you have any ideas for what we wanna do for April. Thank percent of our way we will. Give them their due consideration images take whatever you wanna do instead so laugh. That's when everybody yeah. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our PCs and video games or are just a major fan of so I fly a culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club next BMW dot clubs.