BJGN01-12-18 - CES - Rivals of Ixalan

Friday, January 12th

Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach about upcoming conventions; BJ & Chris talk about the time spent at CES; Rev & Joe discuss the upcoming Magic: the Gathering set Rivals of Ixalan; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells sunup today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Welcome yes welcome to BJ shades geek nation I and the reverend en Fuego across from me he is Vicky Barcelona ahead of local current us all over the show's namesake BJ Shea. And his side Joey p.'s. How we go with that but on today's show we will talk convention ends we will also talk about magic thing carrying. Of course the heat she would be to be Vicky how can people get a hold of us they get ahold of us via our web site PGA he nations dot com and it's gonna have all information are pod cast. And where we're pretty much be Diggnation across any socially pop something nice stuff. Absolutely and if you do subscribe to a site I do is give us a five star mr. reviewed those are always fun to listen to watch in C and all those things I guess not listen to because we just freedom. We are others that some words of. All right so let's get right into this because is well we've got mr. Garrett Von Colin Barr quick thoughts. Erik Von Colin Bob joins us from skewed and reviewed that is as Kay an. I always forget that I'd January really does kick off a lot of that a lot of attack a lot of the dirty stuff especially around the southern area of the US. Yeah it's really uninteresting because what happened to issue gets hit really hard which he shows weren't beginning of the year and then the chance to get quiet you don't really have a lot of stuff until March or April and then gets quiet again which and the nation no red peppers you get around Memorial Day you're starting to be almost a nutrient gen vehicle comic con come up so they pitcher really big at the beginning of the year and work yet a lot of check in video games and he doesn't -- in my kept I'm. Superhero shot going on right now include a slim but your weekend. And with the tech world as CE SP consumer electronic Izzy show kiss or just show at I don't know or know that one okay app and so they're down in Vegas and I know BJ is actually down they're sorting get a report. From him hopefully but you're heading that way as well what is the CES for the people who may not know about it. Well which ES it's a showcase scorer companies should stand. Media. At its lowest Czech people from all over the world you have people from Pacific rim who come out your food don't even shoulder approach in this country they're doing it to show -- people from their reach in the country in May be to possibly get a truckload. You know what endorse dude such and you had. Every Shane term gaming companies like you have to be sure you have Dell and creative labs and Nvidia match and you know on and on EV GA steel series showing everything that I watched checked key ports mine had action at. Video cards mother boards you know monitors racer are showing up although it's incredible action including this laptop it's kind of powered by a Smartphone are showing not a new game and Smartphone. But it's not just gaming you have things like massage cherished home medical home security cameras. Loans cameras were true traitors televisions. You know basically took. Grunge on a battery or electrical current it's where I mean you she's so much incredible challenge from interactive robots virtual reality. Our first car stereo audio. Cameras like your city you can think Connecticut electronic and English or perform it's their. It's always fun to see all the kind of ridiculous things that are going on out there because. All of these companies they have the product say they want to sell what you mentioned a bunch of those things below these companies actually just cannot screw allows some high concept items out there that may never see the light of day I swear to god I saw like eight. An article for like eighty a 188. Inch television and Mike first stop that's ridiculous and then second off don't we RD half project expert that's. Yeah I was just gonna mention that you it's Cold War looks Samsung product moves and it looks really impressive than their reasons other stinger remarked you know are are remembered for years. Another company had displaying and it was the harder plus interest and it was kind of there was maybe each. Half an inch that. And it was like I wanna say it was at least eight K resolution. And it was near three year after year right at the front of their irked. Goosen are you know every year I kept asked him how much search. Are they did more to talk about it tomorrow talk crunch and finally I think after the third years so essentially your before that. You know addition strong would never gonna come to market but if it did this is what it was gonna cost I think he named off something like 3540000. Dollars in search but. It actually draws attention to the front of the blue and attached Gerber chandeliers so as long as it does we're gonna keep bringing that I don't know. Yeah Iowa and Iowa residents so yet the next couple of days he'll be down they're trying to wade through what's real and what's just the not actual reality when it comes to those electronics to definitely check it SK and Arne. Dot net for that. Now also packs all this happening and instead of more along the tell excited to get more of the gaming side on that end. Correct Turkcell to chaplain and Sharon Antonio Texas this weekend to end that she is launching its fourth year from our mistakes and packs up. And unlike the other shows like action wild west which used to be pax prime look and Seattle unleashed in Boston this morning has a little difference. Armed focus on that. For example you don't seat. Microsoft Sony Nintendo. But first. You know you Ubisoft essential that the big boys sure you see. A lot of the independence and smaller accomplished now not saying they're not making games the PS four Xbox one PCs the Nintendo switched. But these are independent developers. Focus on the more casual gaming every now and then you'll see one of the larger titles there but you also see a lot of the heart where people like concern. Mop light can you know the mouse designers hatred memory shot like that you'll see a few of them. Scattered and as well sort of focus on that she shopped that if she you know remember the oil attraction here hall but in the bacteria do you have the Indies. And upstairs your have a lot of the Indies that it's kind of looks focused. Because she idea is to give a showcase to decrypt smaller companies. That are not essentially being dwarfed by these you know companies should put more money into their boots than these guys have been a year Iraq hurting too much stuff like trapped. While. Heck has got an interesting this CL I just because I mean it's fun to see what the smaller companies are doing in just the fact that you can get at. You can get you know a Al highlighted convention for that and then also the tech side those those those smaller. Bids they can really bring together a whole community is can there's a lot more fun on that and. Oh exactly and you know and that's a shame because. There are times you sit here and you're OK I don't really know any of these things nothing standing out and that kind of cause huge temper your excitement. But then you realize you'll reach you don't know about from the east title is because these guys are not lashing out huge amounts of money to release full page that's a major. You know getting traded so when you actually she gets the girl while I'd I'd not heard much about that state you know we don't get the big pure term campaign that you see it you go. This looks really good and that generates the boats in the word monopoly in Mexico and check off. That is also many new did mention a little bit on the the nerdy comic book frank got a comic I did not. That is correct you have page comic con which is a new company they didn't show how documents back to New York it Nassau coliseum and they are coming to the greater Glendale Arizona area where the cardinals played football bench and they have. Quite an impressive showcase they're gonna get Stan Lee helped here. They have Chris Evans to they have dialed her this all in the new Spider-Man action and lots of other people and you know originally it started ought to established and accomplished. People. Said okay this is one of the nation to look for example. If you want a photo and an autograph. Which essentially caption American writer and you look and almost 2000 dollars. OK what is the what is solution just basically. They meet breached you know toward those who can pay for it and turns out they are doing any more traditional playing this well they're doing Tom panels and stuff like that. They're going to announce their particular room and shops like capture. And you know in New York you have to Carol Joseph Henry can be old stuff like that that's that's can stand charmed her ball originally. But in attitude or so on the lineup so you know which should be interesting to see and like any conviction shell which are growing shows so this is their second one will be interest to do she noticed what we are now except they're covering up. Excellent and I know your ability get all the information see he asked packs south. And of course a's can't comment as K and CES. And Intel then people can take it out again like as an escape and are dot net thanks so much Gareth China thank you so much like gears like I said with Garrett there are eight tonne of conventions happening half. CES and I know Chris you and BJ were just there will get to that a minute. But you guys who actually be at a convention this weekend later today oh my goodness are oh yeah. It's con ceases NASA well what is orca Khan Oregon which is now the great convention that we have here in the. Pacific northwest it's awesome Joel we love our Condit it's a big gaming convention and itself over in Bellevue it's set to date January 12 through the fourteenth. So you can go to corporate conduct organ that still register repeat everything up it's at the Hilton Bellevue. This is a fantastic when we and we love going to this one because it's it's still has sort of a small can't feel still like a family run operation kind of a thing but they still have just. Hon of stuff to do all the time super includes. Of that yeah of their big their big things about saying like do they want to make sure that is the convention space is open for. Anyone and everyone to have a good time. Yes yeah and and you know the place where they have a two. Dragon dragon play use is a bit right right avoid is that right by yes I do the same as same place yeah also tell you is that space and that's a fun gaming space in the and the folks at the Hilton always and make sure their play tables for guys like us ill equipped and gaming into than the with the we have our big game yes so that's a that's him a lot of fun to get some cool guests and you know what we're. Info about Arctic on Chris thinking go to order con dot org that's OR CA. CO NN dot ORG. And Craig because this course over holiday weekend for a lot of us are happening today's Saturday and Sunday at us right seeking go late on Sunday night having issues with that may have been any minute now had a minute. Speaking of long weekends you guys actually were both you and Chris were as these spent a long weekend of sorts at CE. Asked yeah I'm of course you know Garrett does a great job by covering himself and that was our first one. And Chris your your impressions. I was. I absolutely blown away by the scope of this convention not only did they take over the entire Las Vegas convention center which is huge in and of itself. They had the parking lots filled with them. Buildings that they had erected. Just for the pond and a whole separate pavilion set up that was again. Just for the con and this thing was huge but then it was also like several different satellite locations the whole thing at the sands was almost that size again. Plus the media area at the Mandalay bay I think it was all over the place and it was huge and amazing it's so much to take him but. There was so much great stuff. I've been to Vegas and I've never really paid attention to hotels convention centers I would see in the Leo I'd see signs at a hotel going. Pick convention center this way I always thought it was point towards a shuttle to the main Las Vegas convention center. I didn't know the Mandalay bay had their own convention senator lynch. From my heel from what I can tell as wells that sands xmas day convention center as well the exposition area. Moves bigger or much bigger then. Seattle then getting at isn't what a difference otherwise it's an area which is the however he knows that's how they whole Leno host you know packs west and are emerald city comic on. As my fair part about Vegas hotels that most people don't know is that there's actually all hauled your normal walked out that is just eight to ten. Huge open in the yeah rooms yeah that just exists for those things like you can take it easy CC you think five of them. And have them in Vegas at the exact same time that's how much space there is in these areas and you'll it was just incredible and that that blew me away. See guys your feet are nice and tired at ten miles a day we walked like somebody had picked edit and and told us they yell you're walking an average of time I say activated its good this city yeah I got the technology well we were told we were given a couple of pro tips among those were comfortable shoes and we saw some focus some folks got because it's international so. People dressed up there were there and Eric dudes in suits just hang with us on the monorail. All dressed up what they're going nightclub and I am looking at the women and their high heeled shoes taken home man you're going to be on YouTube then no no you can't watch in my house knows. It was incredible and at the same time. Boy the folks at CES really rant smoothly one of the smoothest cons. I've offensive yeah I don't is yet and this is one of the most gigantic cons out there I. I I don't know what to compare to I believe it's bigger the comic con because they say they have the case is different over over the years they've had between 180 and 300000 people attend this out have to imagine that. Definitely more with that's what I thought yeah and it's not just insight with comic con in I mean even with annual comic con it's turned into. Essentially like Hollywood comic con to think about because all the movies TV shows that really have nothing to do with geek culture is a lot of the nerds with think about it. This is bringing in companies. From all overseas do you have some gaming companies you've got some hardware companies got VR companies but you've got. People like I swear I. Pizza Hut in Toyota coming together to make a driver list pizza delivery truck tsunami which I mean if Clark watched black Mary kind of you know co president crocodile episode yes that's what's amazing is reminded me yes they have a new season I guess in yet okay well I would just say there's a beach delivery. Beyond a little for the autonomous pizza delivery vehicle you tell if it doesn't look exactly like I think we return. Wells. OK to say tap that app OK we like the most impressive thing for me game holograms they exist them. In full lights. Along with a augmented reality Chris and I both checked out that that when we were we were just stunned. That somebody had a hologram emitter. And they were able to in full light because these cons as you know. Video they have fluorescent lighting their very well lighted and you could see in a very well lighted area. Bright holograms. 3-D that was that's what impressed me going. And from across the hall even I mean this thing was so bright and amazing in the in your exactly right I would not of expected of any of OC a hologram that wasn't that good looking in that much like I don't imagine it looks like in the Cirque. So way better than princess lay here my only hope will be one sort of holograms that well that kind of it's in seeing you say that because. That's hologram was with the augmented reality AR. In a fully lighted room you got to look through these glasses or sometimes a plastic shield you look through and you're seeing a whole scene play out in full light. And you're seeing figures moving around a lot that is what really impressed me as well they day is like OK this is a well lit room and I'm still able to see this entire jungle scene they had a green. They have basically a green piece of paper or green surface. A blue circle in that green surface. Then you look down through there and you're seeing animals at a watering hole all these body held a zebras and my power running around midnight at the oasis he had his like Marley noon at the oasis it was it was incredible to see yeah yeah just just incredible I we we we also got to go virtual kayaking Downey real river in South Korea ET. So this was like with the eggs VR headset sort of thing yeah and then I gave a gigantic or. That somehow was connected so that you could steer your I ask you this gigantic war but you put on the virtual set. And you know really beautiful graphics and she told me I can't remember the name of the river to river in South Korea she said this is what it would look like if your kayaking down this river. And my my. And I am I didn't want to leave you and I kept smashing into the rocks on the. I didn't want to leave AA this is just insane because I mean we've seen technology go from like in the mid ninety's to know what nothing. Like watching Star Trek the next generation in thinking hey those communicators look kind of cool made that little device that kind of looks like what we now have as an iPad yet that's kind of neat hole the hollow dec. Wouldn't that be nice to have and now you are. Really really close to getting yeah or politic experience I can only imagine in ten years would see. As he'd like robotics robotics robotics it's going to be as we are and you know what it is iRobot is happening this guy that's real. I noted just makes me more worried it may just talked about black mere everytime I want to like mere episode on my. Anxiety out there right now are offered them but I don't hear radio when he gonna have a boyfriend and a box like BI play out well Blackberry episode on the the remember how far away from Matt there. It's it's it's insane but it's also kind of exciting to see the innovations that people are willing to go on I mean Garrett mentioned the fact that some of these things are just. Out there for them to kind of bring people land like the the gigantic television may never actually see the light of day or some of these other things might not actually happened because they cost so much. But these people are just creating them to see how far they can push it yet. And did at that point oh maybe we can mass produced these maybe we can have some fun with and amazing it is outstanding. And his awesome big guys so much and again. I hope people have finally go check out CES next week we'll also speak with Garrett a little bit more get more of a breakdown on that. Moving on from that. This weekend if you're not or could come or maybe if you are or condom might be something you can do. I know Joseph you're going to be trying to I'd get in a little magic playing that's right. The rivals of excellent pre release is how. Happening this weekend so go check out your local store back all right geez I just seems like just say we were just hang in an X line now we arrivals yes and so the entire story line from excellent to rivals is that. We've got four different. Groups tribes of people so we've got what we've got the -- folk we got the vampires all right we got the tire air Larry ended we've got the dinosaurs. And then the people who write the dinosaurs so her together and all of that today and they're all trying to find indeed lost city of or zip top. It's magic I don't know how to pronounce one or. It's the golden city imagine the did the mine meet those of like you know the car keys to doors coming from Spain to find the lost city of gold and is it I don't know essential leave that. And dad now we've got a whole bunch of new cards Joseph are you excited for this. Yeah this set is way more powerful that no artist yeah and there's a bunch of Multi Color cards. And there the theme to try teams seem to be just explosive you're getting a bunch of lords you get a bunch of you know your favorite dinosaurs vampires killer dinosaurs pirates to an all kinds of crazy things vampires and Mer folk both have a two man a lords you which is a really big thing because it what do lord is is it's a creature that gives other creatures of that type plus one plus one. We've seen in her poking goblins and many others in the past. And the two men are ones are really super powerful lot of them being number folk ones. Now they've got two colors of the blue green and black white for both the bomb. And it makes it a little bit less powerful than the old school ones. But these are still really really good yeah that's pretty great and our currency don't worry about like trying to open a rarity like dagger and again zone. But the ultimate fix our there's like six is revelations thinks that Jackson draws no guards as the Orange Bowl lob ringer which was a stinks that was who created the is Aureus guild and wrap Annika so there's some story tying in. He for some reason is on this plane. And through all of the story he's the one that created the city of boards are caught in the big the big gleaming thing that she wanted that the dog out than that and I was trying to get at this point. And dad he is bad ass because he's a 66 for six who flies and then also. You can win you a whenever he attacks you can pay tax a white to blue and AP DPX like an X cards. And it seems like a guy she yet not quite good yeah yeah it's ought I would have thought that amber folk dinosaurs vampires and I read I could add up a lot of tropical island and like work well together yes but like the art really sells it and there's a great Artest called it wears a vampire eating a bird of paradise. Oh was this gap but yeah I sort bird of paradise that's related hybrids also know according to our look like it at the indicted. And it's great because I I mentioned the fact that the other countries to doors and stuff the vampires look like. Spanish con keys to doors you know like so much that they've got this we hats but instead of just a one point they've got two points and it's literally just to signify that they have fangs narrates. It's a harness we're. Lee fun super cool things we've got a new minutes more planes walker a guy who looks pretty cool the card is it's about medium if you look at power level for a lot of the planes Walker's especially at five man. But again first up if you open up that mythic in your seal pool. You're gonna crush fools like it's just what's gonna happen. On some notes when you are playing and a pre release like this it's sealed. I'm not a 100% shooter on the the the amount of card you're gonna get on each and like four to believe a case or four packs of rivals and two of Exelon. And you want to even though that there are tribes. With sealed it's really hard to get a full tribal mindset so don't necessarily look at getting into those that way. Most of the time it's gonna open up the cards you're gonna look at the bombs you have. The raiders the mystics see if they work well with the other cards that pair and then go from there don't try to make an all dinosaur back. Because you're gonna have to show Vinson dinosaurs there really aren't that awesome. Yeah I always say go with one of two minds let's go to either you really want a 40 for some reason it is that's what you wanna do right. Or go with just whatever idea you really wanted to do which he you know for me is I'm gonna try to get this city's blessing which is the newest and mechanic yes we need ten or more permanence and then once you achieve that you get the city's schools and that's a lot of permanency up in a while and yet it. But if you think about it. Ten permanence isn't necessarily that hard in the vampires. They have a bunch of things that make tokens a token has a permanent all of aliens are permanent and as soon as you get. Ten permanence and play. And you have a card that has descended on the on the battlefield. You give the city's blessing and if for some reason you go under ten permanence it doesn't matter you know to keep it the city's already blessed you exactly big economic players one problem exactly yet yet it can't be interact with there's no card that says remove the city's blessing or anything along those I think there's even a token actually that they made that says you've got the city's blessing yes it looks really cool big figure or look out for his treasures as traders also count as a permanent that you get to create which it a little artifacts Laura in oh yeah as those guys two and quake and smoke he carefully mine I want to sack those right away that it I love the fact that we've got more older dinosaurs. There's five and older dinosaurs in this one that there was some ones in the previous one as well. It just gigantic. Ridiculous looking monsters I heard that this is gonna bring Rihanna meter back because of the white indestructible flying. Super double right yet gather. Does that help us. Primal dawn which costs 844 regular Coke has kind of ridiculous but then you would have flight double strike vigilance trample indestructible. Oh lights the F out yeah but but but but that's pretty good yeah I mean you can't ask a lot of man about when you're bringing him back from the graveyard you don't have to worry is there an ability and ring and has said yes there is there always is actually yeah I don't get rid of them yet exactly. And yet that's another thing is specially when you're looking at you sealed deck just a real basic primer on that generally you wanna look at. 23. Playable cards seventeen land. If you got a lot of higher casting costing especially because how expensive the dinosaurs are in this had a run in diagnosed. Sometimes you want a mighty bomb you might wanna bump up to eighteen lands the kind of play by ear. That group releases are for the new heaviest of the nude so don't feel. Don't look at me when you say that don't be afraid to go to these and think that you're gonna be outclassed because people are there to help you people are there to have fun. I know that a lot of the times when you go to your local gaming store people more than happy to help. You look at your deck in between rounds you could switch out your Dickey configured out you can have a lot of fun because that's what this is about. This one is definitely about having fun. Playing magic and you know casting a really cool cards is like a Bruce fast it's a new set no one knows what it is you're go to over your buddy's house here but he stored this point kind of thing right you're going to go through attack. Right in although you only have six packs write this note has these carts so it's essentially a new field yes so don't like I don't know why I can't. Play my dinosaur this time around and feel bad for losing a match none workers doubt that it really don't it's really it's a lot of fun and it's a way for you to get better deck building. It's one thing I do definitely want to mention is. Read everybody's cards read telephone card with someone plays a card read their card. And not just assume you know what it does it has by and large and you and your opponent could. Quite possibly miss read a car or not understand and ability. A you can got to get blown out. Or not do things that demo kind of looking and beating Amy who had and a day read the card is the best way to go about it don't be afraid to ask for a judge you're not getting your opponent in any trouble. Long list or doing something that they're not supposed to be doing. But you're trying to get clarification on what is happening you wanna make sure and that he not only that you have a good time but you're all playing the right way yet there's always new rules interactions with a new set these are you never know but that was so early on it. Just imagine a pirate ship shooting a dinosaur which you and a half hours I and I it is really easily Muslim so I hope you all. Have a lot of fun out there are slinging your magic cards and well now it's time for our. Sheet lists each day. And. For past couple movies for land this weekend if you're running against the theater's new arguments million renminbis and mountain. Yeah. I ran the thing agenda. Okay well I always know make a joke about how kids movies Killen at the box office and atom like law and I do a parody too is like what might or packed in one was one of my Alley. Friends Steve's favorite movie. Alien out about the second one coming out and that's why do it had to be that movie the equipment lasting good golf at. Intend to have Paddington to go get a 100% and has like a Hugh Grant and so mean yeah fury of the children's are you really like those movies go check that one out socially Joe's going. Okay. I'm at a. What not so. Basically the same movie we've seen from this man a million times a commuter. With Lyndon he has mark griner did review it on yesterday's us pops over all the things. I say exactly what you just said that it's Lian Neeson being an old guy. Doing action movies I feel like if you if it's kind of the same thing when you watch the furious movies the fast and furious musically you know what you're getting yourself into and you see if you like at an awesome. But iffy and a that's it that's your forehead night. Not have a tomato reading yet. Interesting them that this kind of reminds me of atomic blind it is called proud Mary. Yeah fires and her eyes jeeps he Henson basically the movie is a marry is a hit woman working for an organized crime family in Boston. Mary's life is completely turned around when she meets a young boy whose path she crosses when a professional hit goes awry. Interesting game room kind of really wanna see that dad Danny Glover is NA and a lot of like that I'm looking at Brian. So it's Petit interest in am wondering why that is. I love her so I am I can check this and I called atomic blonde Santana this. I've I guess are you did see eighties he liked it but I loved it today plus like the soundtrack was and so insane at. Putts that I like I did get I download the coupled with our Eric. I MI and the kind of movie that is nonsense so funny movies created checked out or some of those older ones that are still in the theaters. And until next time and think Nady. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. 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