BJGN01-22-18 - Flash - Gloomhaven

Monday, January 22nd

The gang talks TV with Flash, Black Lightning, & Electric Dreams; Rev reads a list on the odds each Game of Thrones character has on ending up on the Iron Throne; BJ & Chris discuss board games with Divinity Derby & Gloomhaven; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells sunup today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Welcome yes welcome to BJ she's geek nation and I in the river and play go across from me is Vicky Barcelona and I we've got. Told crew heads you know these shows namesake Vijay Jay and that is true. Named Joey do you root for the Florida. Is follow cancer through a commitment MLS cup I'll send data show we will talk. Television and we will. Talk more games. And maybe a little movie talking as well along with the geek she would be keep being big key. How can people get a hold of us get a hold us DR web sites can have all information PG each nation dot com and it's going to alcoholic social media pages based on Twitter that he had been PG and he should know us. Some think he's so much and we didn't get a listener email. Very excited to read these because if you wanna get all the let's PG geek nation is the best way to do so Ricky sends us an email this is regards to some of the television talk and some of the speculations for being he's he cheats and such. We he says in the comics these steps first coup coups or in the show as they're known this is the gifted right yes yes. They're known as the frost triplets. They are clones of Emma frost created by the weapon plus program code and I wept in that fourteen or XIV. Whichever way you wanna go that mean. The ultimate goal was to create thousands of clones is that they could combine their telepathic abilities and kill every mutant on the planet. Whether or not the show decides to do anything that leans towards this way or not remains to be seen. Obviously dig a little bit of the back story of what could potentially happen or at least the storyline and it's gonna fund. And then he goes on to say this was one of the keys questions as firm would be Joker would fixate on in the marvel universe. I think Spiderman would be his target the Joker would either become venom himself and come up with schemes to try to coarse fur off or force Spider-Man. To his level or he would constantly be infecting people Peter included with the same BO. To be ought to be activity only us. Pretty. These that Kenyans get not to mention the amazing banter we would get between the two. And I kind of have to agree with that economy Spiderman has the like the no kill policy. And a lot of those sort of things on that line he's not obviously a you know a reached a cup mean a billionaire. And venomous Penang and pretty much in everybody yet another I'm actually really excited to see what they're gonna do with the venom movie. When I decide to bring about justice he where it goes and they've got and they and Adams got his own book and Marmol and he's crossed over to Spiderman and like I said venom has been in flash Thompson venom has been in Brock what's his face Eddie Brock at Iraqi and and then there's a new dude that's got event MAN amend and where do our new kind of venom that actually infects people he spits on the and they become like that his. Yeah yeah he becomes like they venom servants. I don't know and they got anti venom mountain which is there's and like oh yeah I did there's like a family tree for like that event and Cindy -- yeah and it is ridiculous there're some that came out in the ninety's that we're just like different colors for different calories like the Power Rangers and a point yeah. Apparently LA for those who did know them at least thus becoming October of this year will really yet I haven't heard anything to who I mean I'm reading an article or announces Tom hardy then venom movie with him. Hobbled feature Peter Parker but not Spider-Man completely anyway Tom parity you know. Low not a party better. Injured arm are all hold our pulse. If you he's sorry. I kinda have a top top Marty crash I don't either go to Beijing zone over this he's he's even being on a show on and Netflix Cokie keep blinders and he's got a itty bitty tiny part in it but he's seriously my favorite part of that and show. Which is an amazing show what I suggest is I'm essentially geeky. But it's still really really awesome and I'm Marty makes it amazing I think there's another show that he was in there was those who really good I think was taboo so dead yes the bad. Nice decent pretty how about another and marry me. Let's do some television talk because we didn't get to flash. Well that comes out on Tuesday night so we need to that's right so now you have the so the new episode of the I guess if you will sweep turf. Summer season wherever the hell season Moran. But it's backed up flash came back here about a whale over a little over a week ago. And yes flash is on trial may be because as we left them before the winter finale. Orient the Christmas Felix. Flash. Was caught murder attitude now is ordering the thinker basically Alice flash on trial yet well now it's it's it's very balance on Triad OK because he was outwitted by the thinker who can think of like ninety steps ahead of flash matter what he does. And my favorite kind of Ellen yeah and so nicely today that figure had a LS and his body was deteriorating he was able to. Transfer his consciousness into a another meta human who has the ability to read minds so he now he has another person's body but he also has their meta human mind reading power well yeah and so he's the toughest villain Barry's gonna face berries on trial. And it was a wonderful romantic scene where iris was there how him to the world because they figured it was failure flash they won't think you're a murderer. And flash what is flash energy was able to take her with him and stop time basically they're both revenue newcomers say small everybody was frozen so she was like flash a fine. And it is a romantic classified momentum. He sit down now made this without visible figure it out let me go to jail and of course he goes to jail and on the waltzes. You know Henry Allen was here with so corny things like oil is is dead cell that he's in now of course and does that work well because they reported that the media has a comic yeah I guess they never click the walls you could just. Area. So I of course it's enjoyable I like the flash and there was into his new character who basically was a blow up guy very much like the glove guy from heroes. And they were able to. They were able to free up but does Cisco's breach powers are just full on he's becoming a legit guy and and they're gonna have plastic man in need of that guys kind of you know look classic little. Nobody's likely. I don't know if he's really hoops classic women's from the unit of from the DC universe. He's got a really cheesy costume you can see what happens if they give somebody a costume that looks like it's out of the comic books yet without any definition. And you realize wow it looks like he's wearing a one dimensional piece of cloth and I presume that intentionally in man plastic there was always a big favorite of mine and well he's he's good he's I ne'er do well private guy who now has the ability to be classic and I. Yeah he's fun to watch haven't shows are about so that's gone flash but I wanna talk about Alicia very quickly is because I I always record last five minutes of a show just to make sure I don't miss anything case my DVRs off yes and there's a show called black lightning which I haven't heard a lot of talk about mark talked about it on last week already collapsed he did talk about needed watched the first episode. What do you think he he did he didn't say that he would watch it all of the time. But it was definitely. More worth catching up with. Every once in awhile. Yet the first five minutes I saw it was interesting in that you know it's it looks like it's gonna mop up pretty predominant African American cast and then of course after American superhero and he's a vigilante from the past who's retired. And as a father but since stuff happens says that down this kind of like you know guess why it's a racial thing profiling I'm gonna have to be black black lady again. Yes I kind of think so. I'd I am I'm wondering how will be on the CW since their shows are all about romance that this guy is a little older than your average superhero on the scene. I wonder fees that they're gonna take a lot of the stories from. From his daughters because they play a prominent role and is this a guy from any universe that we know black lightning missing from DC I think but when he is from DC can no longer are comic book experts out there send us a message let us know exactly what that what is going on with that I'd love to hear about that is well I like the first five minutes cool wolf we'll watch more -- I and I had no runner kind of likes it that's amazing yet another one that he did Lichen and that you had seen as well was electric dreams are and this is Philip K. Dick which you may know from a scanner darkly. He is book was based a lot of his books have been based on labor induced a blade runner -- it was a really big one as well. Are your report that was Philip K. Dick as well I didn't even realize that I tell you right. And so this recall chart of stop. In this is now real dictator oh yeah. Yeah and they are on the short story we can remember it was wholesale rates yes gosh I read a lot of Philip Qaeda he's done some great a lot he did he has done a ton of great thing as there's more stuff apparently right yeah and this is now an anthology series. Indy even march and mentioned the fact that it was kind of a key in two black mirror. It away then on the day he felt that it kind of felt flat. Chris I know that you've seen a couple of the episode I've yeah the first one a piece is seen the first one Anna Paquin and Terrence Howard ran so how do you how do you feel about it first impressions. I thought it was very much like a black mirror episode but when I was watching it I didn't I was an anthology some might. While they're gonna go with the storyline for the entire season no no no at all different ways now so. Because it was enjoyable you know the first episode Chris and I talked I thought there was a plot hole. I would love anybody who's seen it to tell me if there is or isn't a plot hole. But I I can't base the entire season on that one episode since there it's an anthology but I'm so happy that there's more black marriage stuff out there. Yeah is and it is definitely. Smacks of black mayor I won't I won't deny that it lacks a little bit of the of the edge of the darkness beaten the black near inherently hazardous American made is that why coming because black bears British made no this was British made as well really leave because it started off on the BBC for some yes like electric dreams into them all I am no idea well the one that I'm seeing I mean it is so how have a lot of American actors because Steve Buscemi is in that future episodes as well as mothers so are these old things ours is brand new list. Is this is so Philip K. Dick over the course of his senate career managed to have something like a 150 short stories submitted to is set time magazine's. Throughout his career at just such a prolific prolific author of these their balls based on his stories we'll Mike my question is are we seeing something that's been on British television before O war. Only very recently electric trees so so it aired in Britain first Floyd did a get a yes unless quoted on the president I hear actually if you that's very cool cause they didn't do that would black marriage first they didn't have America act of the first season or two but it first Jersey's yeah is definitely British and in the third when you start again with my priced out. Tolerance and yeah well AL. I think then I can't wait to see other person I love Steve Buscemi I mean really that there's nothing that guy can do that I won't like yeah. Moving on from that we do know that we're not gonna get the the last season the game it throws for Quad Core O. But that hasn't stopped Vega is from trying to figure out what the heck is going 90 yeah so now the book he's aren't taking odds on who will sit on the iron throne when the music styles free press yeah yeah and there's some of these are great and they have all of the living characters who actually have names for the most part that at the bottom VD is the most bottom person on this list longest odds the longest -- thank you very much you sometimes like in word would be -- at 250 -- the LA -- would be 250 once again you know thoughts Ray Kelly awesome if she did not have a variety announcement. It makes him because Sam does come from pretty established family and she's married to an early and Andy if you the rest of this families to have any Buick assemble Charley is up twelve to wind that's like Neville I mean that's the Neville long bottom do you where he might have been the boy that was special whole time and Harry Potter will go around the room here and see whom your favorite characters and see where they are on the list and saw with Joseph Joseph. I'll man Greg he's gonna thrown yes. I want hearing to be on the throne Syrian land mr. is that ten to one and it is good only the fifth were I've fits best and I'm not bad guys had their. Chris. Well you know what I think I think John snow's going to be on top of this list with the best odds but I would I really want gaining on the throne and there's they're hearing the nearest target area and she is number true at 41. Porter won a little sides. Vicky. I don't really think she would want to be on the ground but I don't really see aria in some. I she would be great throw beg you don't second tier maybe like case on the you'd take that role that I -- your body gag sell beer number ticket well in hand of that clean unfortunately. Now be really awesome unfortunately are yet is down under sail well at fourteen to one died she says is also woman in talking about him dead and if you look at it I mean even those sounds is essentially the does. Ward in this of the north yeah yeah it's aria is a way low on that she's essentially with the prince hairy insert that follows the Ian and BJ fallen is only one person on the hound. Inside. How how does the only guy out gain on people rooting they innovative voted on the list he's healing can rule I'm not roil the disease hello Don Meyer you have you but he's en Fuego. He allows final I was doing it I'm telling picture him dying window with the mountain able to kill each other it's yet I gotta tell me I'm all there's a thing happen if it's up to HBO it'll lead Danny. And if it's up to George RR Martin's it might be John Snow media and John Snow is the number 19 to four odds. I next yeah and nine to force yet it was John Danny sayers say at 71 odds the night Kenya 821 lifesaving. Yeah. A lot of them and man and they really living room well let me ask don't sit on there well all our. Brian what about Brandon Xeon and a brand is under tearing and a twelve to 10 so add him in the nineteen together because people think it's the same guy. Could be interesting to say hello yeah what's that what's that you know what they combined yards and they had the same dude. I can do that map and I don't don't sit him. Kitty but let us know exactly who you think should I don't iron there do their runs the bank my idea my crops micro Cruz in charge of the bankers. You don't know these Lisa should be Osce Charlotte's brother any runs things its importance to most. Thanks for that let us know who you feel should be on that list let's switch gears a bit I wanna talk some board games BJ occur is. You. It was a board game gets reduced. And has a lots. Chris I just had this conversation we need to have an intervention but are two buddies Sean I don't know. It because I swear. We very early play the same board game twice those guys have an addiction they just love new new new. And they know we bought some really good board games really liken them and leave. If we played them three times gave like that saying it's a lucky yeah yeah so you see you're gonna you're telling them to hold up combine the board games or yeah I'll combine them worrying yourself we had a friend our friend amber who wanted to play TI I'm actually holding off today if I remember the last time you. Bought a new Yahoo! I'm we're kind like saying hey look I I some games and we have Freddy ever surpass her this can euphoria is a great game by stone Meyer and it's a fantastic at work replacement game by still Meyer. And we I brought the play. But Josh and do you shaman like and these new games and sang here we go to an hour. Ed so it's like wow guys we we'd wiest as some of these games are really good let's play them once and a while. But one game that it is knew that he introduced into this was diverted divinity derby which is channel up on steroids and I don't always is is is going to be your replacement for Camelot. I think it will be for folks that won a little bit more strategy group with a game like Camelot Camelot Scott's strategy but it CA the but it's easy for people to play if you get people don't know much about boardgames Camelot is a great way to introduce some into the fun aspect of a different kind of board game and it has some mechanics that are different but not challenging and you can people can get. Get their hands. But the idea of pushing your luck in trying to make predictions and do things which what a lot of for gamers Lamar came up what they want something more then divinity derby gives you know we absolute. Only in it and it. Didn't have as much as Camelot is a really interesting and it has that same sort of betting mechanic and you're trying to. Some sort of mapped out who's going to cross visually for sort of global by it has a lot more or randomness to it and then divinity dear readers I'm gone dirty and is practically poker. Ultimate in my mind when I'm watching this and watching how the other people are playing in trying to figure out who's gonna play this kind of card who's trying to move which kind of species watching. Watching which. Person bets on which creatures so that the basic setup both of the game is there's a a race between all of these mythical creatures that there's eight of them six of them yeah placing just six of these creatures game plays three to six yet apparent at Phoenix. And and and Lamar I do is drag and I guess the person's death Angel and cool there'll flying around it's racetrack and they're moving around this Richard internal clock. But earlier this racetrack and you play cards and based on. What to turn order that you play the card's in they might move a lot of might move a little he can use their powers that a lot going on but being able to sit and watch. The way the other people in the gamer playing. Gives you. A really really good sort of leg up if you can pay attention he can really what it's going and you know what kind of cards throughout their interesting it's like poker and I love this game really had a. You have to make predictions it is a different parts of the game where. You know what place do you think this guy's gonna comment. There's a chance that they you if you creature can get disqualified that you're trying to get ours in half and the heart and you draft cards to your left and right so. We know little about what like we share pool I've been to the player left they share card pulled double movies so the cards you play moved the creature is okay as of as opposed to the dice roll in Camelot. You also player powers so you yourself have a symmetrical player powers. Which really can affect the game and I think in some cases I've really got to figured out because I die I thought I had some weekly empowers them to somebody else. And then there is a possibility that your guy can get disqualified. Yeah and so you might have picked a for first place you might have gotten in to be first place. But did somebody can manipulate the deck that he does even get to be in the race anymore his mood path. So I was hot hairy ants at this push Sherlock like Chris said there's no more involved. Carlo de Rossi designed to games by Ares games. Up some basic 45 to ninety minutes if you get new players I'm sure it's gonna take longer. It's a good game I I have. I have lost badly at this game a lot and I like it it's one of those games we know finally I am losing so they'll I would probably. Figure this out I guess I haven't figured out yet except I think you really read does homer. Have a great game that I can lose and lose and lose and I still want to keep playing. That's that is that is and play at least one thing they need it for about thirty bucks are under a nice Eddie and the minis look pretty cool and the article and I love it the cards are a multi purpose you can do three different things with a card and who so that is a fun thing is that little you know the diesels you put your cards on sort of scrabble style. It's a fun game again if you like Camelot but you want a little more strategic three. Well this is the game for you and it's called divinity derby. Nice and as you look up your next he knew I talk about Jewish quickly Chris and IA played a little fallout nano you guys have been played some follow up but I just want to say. Odd being a fan of fallout I for again love it. I loved it so much I loved every little bit of it just every little new lines of the fallout university and you get to experience all these fun things. So if you do love the fog universe is another recommendation from another person I'd be meet. Go pick it up yet trigger. Yeah and if you'll follow it's a funny thing because we played so many games. I immediately look at the victory point mechanic OK and this is what I have to do to win the game might have to get these retreat points. And pat I totally just feel like the first time I played I didn't realize all the different ways that things can be done and how it has to be done I wanna played again. Because I just you know I love to get steeped in the universe. It's important to say that you guys love it because you know follow I haven't played a video game so much so I watched you guys play fallout. But I surely don't have the love of someone who's been immersed in the fallout video game franchise yet. And I and I think that goes along way at the selling it but what do what I noticed because now I've played. Several games by myself I played with you in the and Sean and Josh and then I played with Brett. And what I've noticed when we played it with Sean and Josh BJ we. Were pretty much focused on the main storyline yeah and and finishing those quests in using that as the the impetus to get us our. They are wing every two points. When I played with red meat spread out quite a bit more and and we played with with with with Michelle withdrew with a red life as well and so the three of us we had really spread out not just on the board physically but I mean when we were working different angles and trying to come and it. And in doing different activities that actually spawned so many more options as far as requests and those victory carved Arabic three point cards so that I think that. You're not wrong about you what you're assessment was that it would feel like the same game every time but that's one because at. The greater victories pretty much are the same that the majority of the victory point cards are of you've got to do this or you gotta do that Maria it's like it's the same thing get me in the red team of the blue team that's the majority there are some different victory Garza will give you wins. But you're right I think I just didn't realize there were other ways to go about basically. You know it's easier to the end and yeah I and I and I was really I was amazed at how different the game was just with Brevin Michelle has led to what it was when you're in China played and we played the same scenario I wanna go they get high Def. We wanna play again because it's. It's it 'cause it's a four X game I Gagnon a really is and I love for X games and it's set in the fall universe which you guys really loved what they did and I think to take a board game and and really have a translator video games as well loved his fallout. And putting board game Foreman have you guys go god let it feels like it felt like event it's like it's it's like it they've taken TV show like a fire fire Star Trek and even more game. You know you do a good job if people go like Sartre ascension to six our game a lot of close to six hours ago yap and I'm in the Star Trek universe. I had a job and you guys had that same look in your face as many came to follow dipped what other Burgundy got beach well talk about one of the hot games that are out there and Chris have you been part of this whole gloomy haven craziness because all of a all our friends have their own gloom haven days yet because it is basically. It's an RPG. A that's in a board game box in the end it's the new hot as everybody loves this gloom if he don't I have. Seen several un boxing videos the guys that shut up and sit down do an excellent review of it I have not been able to for me go my way into a group yet I wasn't on it. We started one with a guy that's a really cool guy plays a lot of board games. And our Josh was there too and and and the sad thing is that was the group I got started with. I don't know what were ever gonna start Josh is our restart result they will get a body Byron. I'm sad because it looked really like it it was an rich universe it would be fun to explore. But gloom haven has got you know the the thing about gloom haven is that it it. It has you know you've got miniatures you've also that's the end these you have different ways that instead of rolling dice you have cards that you play. And the way you the way you use these cards it's it's. The eight part of one card it then you can only use the B card in the next day even though you might wanna use the a ability of the nets are okay and eat when you use cards you lose them so you could actually lose your ability to do anything in this game. Because the cards are finite. Okay so that's the system so you could lose just because it's imagine somebody just said you only get so many roles of the die and then there's no more dice to be rolled in dungeons and dragons are done wow that's how you lose you just run out of dice it kind of makes sense a lot of times and like learn memorizing a spell as a wizard you can only is it once per day yeah go rest and sorted that thing I can see that yeah RL I wanna say this because we also played charter stone which is its own sort of RPG find game. This is really importance and an every somebody needs to know how to play the game and because I got a lot of gloom haven. Where for some reason somebody thought this is how you should do it we're not even gonna read the instructions they in their brain they said. You don't they don't want to read the instructions you just start reading instructions as you play the game and that's how it goes and they made a big mistake I am and I I I I was a nice guy because I'm from you know we're in Seattle if I was in Massachusetts I would have ensured that guy out same. Otherwise it's always good show on that made the mistake nobody you would have chewed him out yet and charm and he made charters don't mistakes and it was a bit I don't know what it is with people. They just wanna learn with you in the room and there's nothing worse than playing a board game with somebody. Who doesn't know the rules and you're just sitting there and he's reading the book. I just feel like it's a horrible board gaming experience. I always make sure I watch videos and have somewhat of an understanding. I know what's daunting but you know you make it a miserable time for good in the game like gloom haven. All of the great work that was put into this game by the designers and creators to have somebody break out of boxing go I don't know. But I wanted to play it and it's like me you know dude seriously you go today we we played like it seem like two hours and then we realize we're playing it raw and then I'm I've that I. Because I look at the book endo auto we're supposed to look to the book it it's called an instruction book think at the Augusta but I think that's just a storybook you're definitely gonna have to cope act and actually. I read through the watch some videos and then wait X with that said the artwork is beautiful the whole concept of how you actually that you have a character and then you know what don't get attached to a because eventually it'll go mountain is designed that way so that you are going to have actually experienced new characters in the game again went through. Five it's beautifully done. Arafat to get to play again because you know I guess of the game the game provided they they haven't slow we know we have we have we have a lot of people I know a lot of the people likely not able to late night table top guys haven't as well maybe I was videos on the everyone that's said and they just love it now it starts at 26499. If you wanted to not think he's doing a lot of stuff yeah and the box so big you're gonna have to move out yeah. Fly you into it. Play for the are not on board came experienced you know or you don't need to be better you don't need a DM because the games a DM yes it seems like it's legit the real deal and what I played event I really really looked nice thank you so much and it's time to get too old. She Swiss TV. Picky what do you GAAP Flores are. As still on the last eat she we discussed. A little bit recently returned about publish Trevor who is yeah dad Sweeney yet as Matt Sweeney and also porn stash feel like that show yes but. What is going on in America and god seasons you know. I've heard some really paying troubling thing is the best way to put a ring it's it's supposed to be out like this in the next month it's like right February and it was it's been a year has announced it there's a hole while mess of what is going on our tourism rumors and everything to good show so firstly if. Frank Fuller and Michael Green an accident they were the show runners so many and on top of that Gillian Anderson also says she's leaving but she's also leading XC editing machine like tired. Acting maybe on television so is she like leaving before season two is that or is she going to be seasons who's going to be done it's what it sounds like she's Lee. Eating leading there's also rumors that Kristin Chenoweth who was actually kind of relieved at the end him was also unsure she is going to be coming back you. But according to this it's as has been some confusion around the cast exits. Apparently had Jolene Anderson seems to just leading everything that is not surprising new. She was not necessarily going to come back. Bank Chenoweth as far as we know so committed to the show obviously penning her availability because you know. We're having they're having trouble getting the second season under way. And a lot of people are hearing that he'll gaming is going to be to show runner and that is not the case because currently he's doing the show running for good omens and he will not be physically show running to show was. So he's going to be working closely with the new show runner of American gods. But you know he himself will not be doing is it. Moon and it looks like I Jolene Anderson is leaving because Bryan Fuller in my corner leaving so our role because they're gone she's kind of just peace outing on that so kind of at least puts to bed the rest that she's or puts dead didn't you get what ever that's saying forget that she's leaving all of television like and regulated I mean innovative and admit I mean. That inmate would make. Sentence but this also does make sense as well. Has they're suspecting that possibly the earliest we get it would be late when he ET. So by the end of this year the Mo old bombardier dash. Though let's show so beautifully done CGI work. And to get a those episodes out first getting to make sure everyone's they're gay your show rendered get you know the Scripps and everything which assuming they have the Scripps QE3 conducts and well we didn't. And nothing getting done. Until like months so the problem arises we'd like death. And for some reason than the show runners who by the way that's it that that has a great feel and fingerprint that's put on every show in and day you know you just know that anybody knows Russell T Davies Doctor Who is very different than the Stephen mosque that Doctor Who I love both but they are very different you can tell a different show runner. And so this is frustrating that we liked it. And somehow they couldn't get it together to keep these guys happy that. Apparently they left due to creative differences that's all I'm saying had that irritates the crap out of me and I don't know if Neil gay men is a part of the creative differences or it's showtime or whoever the movie houses it's doing it. Alien that was our Joseph samba stars excuse me. Yeah and that irritates the hell lot of music customer it's like stop drawing me in with your product and F bring up the product as you can't figure it out. You know you've got to keep this you've got to keep the people happy that made it it reminds me of 'cause it shows they east lake even new media start to get hooked on like flash forward like I wanna know what's going on it is suddenly it's gone you're like come on guy is in my scifi. Scifi canceled dark matter and you know they cancel far skate before they were supposed to. I wouldn't they did that with oh my god. Yeah my meager one on the Netflix. With oh and 8000 jackass luckily though they they did get they're going to be some time this year getting a two hour finale yeah I can always notice elitist people I. You to a story arc show you can't let us down like that it's our tradition too because it feels. Like it had a full storyline going in. To making me show so it's not like when he's all maybe they're gonna go to different direction I mean there's a lot of characters a lot going on so what are even as creative differences you came history with one season. Don't and that's that the problem is is the people behind the scenes who want to add to their impression and or like a company I remember reading about the extent cartoon. 125 years and issues with it and they were in a constant battle of the original on her daddy original one where they that people kept trying to get them to put in like product placement toy placement help won't bring him out with Walgreens curtains and stuff you know just you know silly stuff and Emeril was like no you'll have to fire us in order for you to put that in. Fortunately for the X-Men they were able to you know losing stave off that sort of thing what was summer like as it sounds like maybe that was the case and good buddy of this podcast chase hall you know he told us the trials and tribulations of doing that. No one's watching anymore I wonder why did you guys mess would that and nobody cared if you left chase alone too many cuts might still be on TV right now. Luckily though I'm thinking about Gillian Anderson's character Miette she can beat anybody so she can kind of wanted something different with my face and that could be the thing you can try again that he's right I do know that I mean she loves children and that's a problem she in she played every one of those character she did play I mean even though she is so good that Marilyn in a row in this regard Adam Blake who do you think could kind of fit in the. Roll feel what it's startling they have yet they would have so good right now I don't even think they would have to go somewhere else completely. Leg don't even try to lake emulate Gillian Anderson she's royalty to. You know I mean it's that the I am really angry at stars or whomever is in charge of this I'm angry. That she McCarrick I love is and leave and I don't know whoever takes a place like I'm sorry you think you're actually matters right. Although the one I was thinking not because of her. She's nothing like Julie Anderson I think she's gonna come short this is the first thing that popped to mind because they've seen her. The able to make people's voices and kind of duel that he is Arianna Ronde. She's a singer but she's also at an IRS on June while snow is on she was on scream queens the and I'd enjoy her on that but I've seen her she's a real good when he gets in her via tiny condom. She's a serious she's a great impression as high you know like. She can't join her submission while I like I said it's not Jolene Anderson but it's like here's a cookie or here's lake I don't wanna go pretty Ricky. I ELY I I don't want any lender took a percent Asian cities as cocky yeah Imus went. Lose lose here Muslims agree that is so versatile she is fundamentally getting there. But Barack into that good point yeah again I mean look dear Vicky I mean I'm not gonna prove who are I run because I haven't seen any of her work so I mean it. I love the show so I will eventually get used to it but I am so angry when management gets in the way of art in it's that's what pisses me off I've seen it so many times I'm so bummed about it. We'll let a smelly you guys think who he thinks should. Should be the replacement I mean unless you're certainly BJ Israel. The fact I don't want replacement credit is due soon I never hit after another for better or did you kind of ice cream. Round comes because LA yeah well I NHL next time guys. Think any. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells six feet Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club next BMW dot plus.