BJGN01-26-18 - PUBG - Valeria

Friday, January 26th

The gang discusses a new kickstarter up for Valeria: Card Kingdoms; Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach about video game & movie news; Rev & Joe talk about PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds & the Overwatch League; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus. Ladies and gentleman speaks of allegiance you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. Yeah as welcome to BJ CA's geek nation and I am the reverend Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona and we have a local grants full off the show's namesake Vijay shape. Gaffe. On today's show we will talk some video games we were talking kick starter for a four game from some of the people that we loud there. We will also talk with Garrett Bud Collins Bob get of course the geek chic with a big TV. Vicky how can people get a hold of us people can get a hold this BR website each day each nation dot com and it's going to have a caller information podcast. As well officials meeting handles which is really just the Diggnation. On those platforms it exactly. And now he wants to the south because BJ Lowe's card games and I know you Chris have played malaria cart keying down oh yeah and may have a new expansion that is out on kick starter right now still about three weeks to go from it called shadow Vail moved it introduces all new monsters citizens domains with a twist of coal odd twist on classic or whatever your Yakima of that out. As it says on the kick starter darkness looms upon the kingdom of old area. Where wolves vampires and another shadowy creatures reach out in the night to territory or people. Although new citizens have joined the fray some specializing in digging out these dark creatures. Don't malaria card kingdom shuttle they'll brings a whole new set of citizens must restore means it Duke's. Did you complete standalone using components from the based game or mixed with card stacks from the based game. And the preview execs expansions for new experiences. Including Expansion Pack for relics different pledge to levels he can do all of those different things that you wanna do with malaria. If you have played anything from daily magic games before this is definitely going to be something that you will want to pick up. Oh yeah this thing looks amazing and they've really they've ripped up the there are work on this say it it if its biggest game is a gorgeous game and I mean this is done too little really really nice and it does have that. Sorted darker feel to and you get them he's in where it was and vampires so I'd be as well and in zombies but yet the guys that Al we've talked about malaria occur kingdom's on the show before and it is one of our favorite favorite games and I. Cannot recommend this new thing. Highly enough go put your money down. Get this game. Thank you so much on that when Chris you're welcome tennis and a little creepy thank you were there for him to welcome and thank NN. And the assignment compared ball we will move on from that though and we'll talk with mister Garrett of Vaughn Colin bock. It's viewed and reviewed as Gary as bond Colin bod you could find him executed reviewed that website is as K and. Yeah it was a very interest and saying that it completely unexpected and also from a very unexpected source a new game which announced out of the blue last week with no reception will know. The real concern during the stumping liked us seminary in development now do they have they asked full name of the game were they just seeing what it's about. They don't really have much of anything other that basically what we. We're told us that talks next which is sake. Potential gaming armor 20th Century Fox. Sent out a press release saying that they have acquired studio called cold iron and col Byron had been it's made up production work termed some people Manning approached titles such as Star Trek online should you hero split all our little friends like Bioshock command to border land series. And they announced that oh by the way they're working on AER shooter. In the alien universe that will be coming for PC and console it's. Wait out some way away much yet so I know there alien game and it's been interesting because I know that a lot of the alien games have been hit or miss in the past do you have high hopes for this. Well here's an amateur and saying it's being done much talks or overseeing themselves and you know we we've been doing a lot of research on this one and it's actually who really interest and the longest time (%expletive) you have the right reached delegates and we all know dealing games and we all know that deal and storming Marines distorted for number reasons we had people tell us that. Had it not been so well into development. Terms of award shunned the Braves. Didn't sells well should hope so basically all planned first sequel were shelled and that's kind of where Britain's been so bench combined now the fact that covenant didn't do us well the box office as they hoped. You know hormone like OK what's going on here and and all the sudden we have reports that Disney is buying trucks which would include the speech feeling and franchised. So you can Chia was not exactly the landscape where you would expect something like Dutch and the hole sudden out of the blue here comes this news and that of course you know where you're rumours that the well called fire was actually on a thought on a real hiring wave which you about a year or so ago some people trying to game could actually be much further development and they're. Letting on and that can only three we keep your first look and hands on that you know for Mary you're gonna Hawkeye and speculation some sort picture isn't going to be impassable online shooter like planets site which will continue in big you know the guys who did. Should hear her grows Star Trek on line and none others say it's going to be a straight up scooter some people say welcome to be more like a lot for their territory and work such a foreperson squad has to go through it let's hope you get there are all we know it's that it's shooter. And it's going to be on PC and the console sold. NIC and out. I think the dead being vague at this point is probably the best way because they can judge reactions from the fan base in Tennessee what they want if there not so deep into the into development. Or maybe sort of shift gears if necessary. Exactly and someone told me you're you know that would be great but I don't want him in the fold structure. Alien gamers should moral conscious were thought help out they have regular campaign and they have a regular game. What if one of the multiplayer elements was likable for players have you. Track conch and capturing the inquiry. Any euros or multiplayer mode to be fantastic or should exactly one month that is record of the game but yeah there are plenty of options you can go to your. And there is such a strong rests. Factor when year even when you're playing with four other people like a left for dead type game I could see almost an exact copy pork you would imagine what has sort of thing that would be so exciting. The one thing that kind of made me laugh through all of that was just the fact that you reminded me that. Disney's looking to buy fox and they could actually get the alien franchise so we would have the alien queen under Disney would that made Gus Sigourney Weaver Disney princess of that points. The only reason lately they've over that some people say it actually wouldn't be alien queen that Disney princess. That's even eat better they're greatly. Yeah I can't you know I just had I I don't she chicken granddaughter into the show up to Disneyland the bunched up dealing queen's so critical about her now. You never duke and finally this is an interesting one because I've figured after the last time we side Duke Nukem this thing could be debtor the door nails. And yet somehow someone besides me read that we should get a pro wrestler to apply am. Yeah that's who's. That you can really we're here so that over the years there and that's you know not surprised. There was talk of Duke Nukem film and it you know. Came and went to over the years I mean just popped atop my head I remember back in the day each chunk blood and Demps and was captured and held. Backward Duke Nukem 3-D in them they've set or you know we've got this one coming. And then it's kind of like adults Lundgren in and you know when we gained ten and one inch development limbo didn't hear any caring and then Monday game eventually did come out for a week or so years later at a rate. You heard. Your old rumor couple years after old Iraq's going to be playing Duke Nukem. And with the exception of him appearing in boats or pull plug petition which was a remastered one which gave me the option there. Plays duke in the multiplayer mode or Q&A clever movie you could rebrand the main character a two game and plays duke rather than their attitude on the main character but the game plays a similar gonna make him a few jokes every time someone calls and by the wrong name. That would set him we've heard you know your book scanners. Through the winds kind of tension that maybe there were no additional planned torch well now we're here reports appear in talks with John senate. You play. Jew and so now they don't have a director urged returning can like jet like foreigner who really ought. Why would you now we have to train cherish is truly jet touched especially after the response to the last one why would you be going into negotiations try to make your game that now. Either something's coming here now you're trying to jumpstart something because you know from a business standpoint. You don't make your game on a veteran cherished. Yeah I mean in less you had illness she won a resurrected and it just seems really weird for me in that sort of aspect I mean the WWE network has done and like their whole multi media conglomerate has done a bunch of movies. John seen himself has been in the marine. It's a bunch of other ones as well so it's kind of interesting to see that but also likened. I could understand to be like hey maybe we could make something happen with this and then if they've got something worked out now maligned. Maybe we could see another Duke Nukem game and like fifty meters sixteen years. Rated news or the other and I was stricken aren't. While there's nothing actually shoulder her a lot of warmer sticker box is working on the next mortal game there have been some. We know what have been alleged he concept art photos showed that bad tree Chara shot like that than what people think it may be coming and that's why they're trying to lay low because he you know yet aliens colonial marine you have arm. Battle born. You know a couple of games should not have the response they call now officially you're only talking about this game called project one vs one which is such code name it's basically a one on one shooter from Kyle online irked playing around with we. Play around the data and stoppage you know. Part of me started thinking going. What did the other question did she Duchscherer which they've already done this before. As saying the additional character in a future Porter ranch game and I. I promise you do yeah it is sure develops for players such I don't mean one of the core players but you know liked a tiny Tina type characters something that option on the story. May be as Claiborne multi play down the road something like that's just say it's not a do gamble we're gonna keep that name out there because. A lot of people say that the inclusion of him and bullets storms in rural have a place at first it looked inquiry putting him in here. Expect anything like you just trying to keep him out there are key contractual you decide what to do it and so really ought. Interesting times for a Merz and everything and I'll love it if people wanna get more information on news rumors and even more across the whole gamut of video games technology. Movies television and all of that they can do so by going to. SP NR dot net that is skewed review dinky so much Gareth. Any charge. Thank you so much scared again Escude review that is as Kate and our dot net. And that's so Chris yea how you feel about John seated doing possibly a Duke Nukem game. Bad day. I'm sort of don't yeah. Exactly like it fits. Duke Nukem movie one of the things about playing Duke Nukem and I've been playing at her a lot of long time yeah gamers experience Reagan knew magnetic. Anytime you play that kind of a game you kind of wonder. Who would play them in a movie yeah like I just immediately jumps to mind and and I think I think Justine would be brilliant in this I mean if you can have Iraq as as the as the big guy from doom. Then you out and I think Garcia there's already a president of the completely forgot her dad dad dad Dwayne the rock Johnson was held doomed so great movie. Was that I thought a great yeah and it it was really a movie based on a first person shooter you know what you're going into when you go see something like this yup LA it's not gonna be cinematic history. So I aide was a little too young to play Duke Nukem and also was not really isn't duke nuke someone has little affiliate. What kind of like was it very very serious are his allowed Aaron Aaron enrolled goofy in new. Was super goofy essentially he was using all of the lines from. I there army of darkness or they live. Any anyways. It was does them match he's vote eighties Stallone. Schwarzenegger type jolly mall yet when Sanders isn't a rip Byrd's mind need blowing up aliens and deeper and deeper. For that because I'm just picturing him heavy guys seem train wreck with Amy Schumer no link there's this is a hole isn't it though yes that's right and there's the part where he's. Arguing with this guy he's talking in movie in a movie theater and he's like. Eternally that harass the guy back and it sounds really it's really inappropriate I can't even say it and I lose the weight he delivered it was fantastic. That is all I'm at the toll seemed and that's. Speaking of video games Joseph you and I have been bonding a little bit death I think. But mostly Bunning about our ineptitude act a one certain game and we're a magic this time now are doing player unknowns battleground. Yes and yes sort of third person shooter and that's that's an interest in theme because at this point I think that it's it's. I don't know if it's gone gold in terms of like it's now on my version one before it was early access and they are always kind of saying hey it's a work in progress. And it's interesting because I just watched a kind of a behind the scenes on how it got made. In the guy who made it is really really really interesting. He. It is started off as an arm to mod. Which was a very hyper realistic army game he's like why wanna do some fun things with says I want a turning into a battle Royale type game if you seen the movie essentially like a Hunger Games type thing and this is what it is apparent unknown Bauer ground to go up to 100 people lane on an island. Air that's like basically rule wins one of the maps is it basically the lakers who almost like a Russian island. Like something more like Chernobyl would have happened or something like that and so just you're looking for guns you're looking for armor you're looking for gear. And the only thing you're supposed to do is go out there and kill everyone else to get to be the number one person. It's so odd because this game should be the least rewarding gain of all time it's good cheap it's eight byte them big guns aren't you amazed seeing. But this skill level. It sell high end than the one thing we want to do this game did it came out less than two years ago in 2016 he was like I wanna put this game out there they used. They used an engine with he found a guy why I think the guy bank Korea found him. Don't like let's go together create this blue studio put it out there now it's on Xbox Xbox just touted that they have four million players playing list. This game is bigger than a league of legends and the first team like huh that's dubbed. If that's math and it's crazy because it's it's like a game you've built in the back and for your you know your energy back at your house or something in the chat you know there are times when you'll watch someone streaming memorial will be playing in they'll just be driving along like normal and then suddenly the car will just fall. Into the ground like half of it will just end in the ground and you're like what the hell. But it's addicting yeah you can play with up to four people who didn't Rupp and ask you essentially I mean it's is pretty realistic to be honest with you I mean in terms of how quickly you die in Utica got us out but. It just the sense of like when you're shooting a gun there's boy drop off and recoil and you get items to change that mom and there's looting. Yeah so much saluting and it's it's it's so much fun in it it's it's it's a very. Tense experience when your playing solo and you can neither do first person or third person. And fur I guess since they've actually changed it. I'm only doing first person games right now it's a lot more fun and third person most of time I end up thinking I can shoot through a wall cannot clearly cannot. So the first person helps out a lot with that but the tension is. Enormous there have been times right know there have been multiple people outside and because of the way that the maps set up and I didn't have to run anywhere. I stayed how most. For almost the entire game picking off people as they would come in because I knew the second I went out. I was dead yet and it's some of the funniest stories when you get a group of people like you said up to four I've done some yours with three or four people. And it turns into a lot more fun you get into a discord. And it. I would definitely suggest getting into a discord for voice chat staying out of the voice chat in the game is probably the bad it's not the greatest it is probably the worst yeah actually in all terms of people not just the cities yeah. Yet it's really bad when it comes to that but the game itself is super fund replay ability is amazing yet because essentially you you feud game can last a minute if you drop in die because your outlook because you can't be resurrected if you don't take a lethal damage to central it group games against solo mode it's if you get shot you're just dead yet. And so what happens is that it's a huge map but it shrinks over time zone teams go from one minutes like thirty minutes and there is no more stressful all the time then when there's like 20105. People let me considered dropping in on the opportunity and smaller smaller and like. I would have to really play a lot better because now I don't have anyone doing cover renewing you don't people help me shoot it's just me now and one of the funny things that I see whenever I talk about it or bitch I don't know on Twitter something a Mike. And once as I do and like I love that game but I'm so bad about it. Everybody is pretty bad at it. There'll be sometimes when in a lot has on your watching like a streamer who is just like doing some crazy things since dislike. Figuring out that they can Jo Bonner of roof and try to get there and you seem get picked off because. Everyone is on an even playing field when it comes in this game yeah it's crazy because the reason takes so long to learn as you don't really use all the guns outlawed because you're booting quickly who died may be just pick a weapon and you're like traveling to go try to -- try to kill people on the U die so you're only firing a good guns you know maybe once every two or three games sometimes. One of the biggest things because you can find stuff like Scopes you talked about the recoil. DM openers essentially silence or stuff like that there's all these different things that you can get but a lot of times I'll be running around trying to find a scope for what men and all I confine our silences or pistols in my carry out that I made that stuff and it's frustrating but then they have the best team in the game. Which it alluded drops which are crates that draw from this guy yeah everyone can see. They had a huge like smoke red smoke becomes ought to vote. So it's a begin to get it get yourself killed he would be the first one there but I think it's fair to watch streamers that could just camp of death throughout Doug Moe people that happens I yap pro tip if you see a crate and it's not immediately close and the first person their right then. Don't go you will die yes also pro tip if you haven't our car or truck or anything. Make sure it's opt for free get out because I didn't kill myself I run myself over thirty I was that was probably the most nerve ray GI have been inning game. Because I was trying to speed. Passed as big as widely as Joseph said as in the map shrinks if you're on the outside where the map shrinking is it's basically electrical field and socially drink your life to get you into the circle. To provoke fighting NC don't get any campaign. I was running for my life I was really far out I had a car is going for it but I had to stop paying use a med kit to get myself back up to health. So Michael can you off my speed is faster and I stop I can hop out and then I can do it and give back in so I. Kind of tried to tuck and roll and get out I had only a sliver of health level is gonna start just you know myself and oh yeah. Brand myself over and hit it it feels so bad and that is the one thing about the game is is when your late. There's no mortar round imports grew silent your house and also in two way debt to Dario acts that are. I'd like you free Gallagher getting scared and like a scary movie and I realize or didn't how angry you are you know Sawyer right gas yet it's tense it's it's it's usually like to get fifteen minutes. Very tense game play especially when you're solo. And it's in the U dying in yelling and expletive yeah at least that's me don't you heard different there's a built in compass but the compasses you need to just view so while you're giving up positions are not exactly the same for your teammates so it creates some whole areas chatted yeah. I know her. Thrown and order Camarillo and now he's gonna. Yeah you know because when you're trying to win that it teammates get resurrected it and know. It's a lot of fight another thing they came out over watch has been out for a while but they have now started I think it's the over watch the world's leading gas to leak. Yes and this is them trying to get into the I'm sort of the sports game which over what has been a really big proponent of that. But at the same point. Giving it structure yes they if you are they announced last year there it is Lee American insurgencies teams can do they were and I do a whole player are recruitment process for all the teams and I finally started I think a couple weeks ago now not things that are third week. And it's been it's pretty awesome they've been getting a steady hundred Kate plus viewers. Every day. For their their match ups and to no one's surprise the Koreans are crushing that is generally how that works I mean they. Korean national sport for the longest time literally was star craft yup yeah so this is one of those things in the removed on the legal legends and now. I know they're doing a lot of over watch. Game play. Do you. Now the problem I've seen winds were trying to even watch some wind stream over watches that it's really frenetic. Off and it's kinda hard to follow. Are they are able to address that or are they working on that sort of thing at this point they did and they've they've. Found some leeway within a sense that they've they've created new overlay that shows you just the image of the hero. Like I don't know pictures they say we're removing him it's not perfect yet the camera angles are still not perfect yet but. Pot it's better than it was and it's definitely easier to follow okay see the thing that's gonna really be make it better is when the people were controlling what camera angle we're seeing through. Understand how the game's final that better OK and Adrian really put on that right enemy camp pro on that's an unprecedented effort. Eight hours today and there is there hasn't really necessarily been a precedent for something like that. This isn't like like football or you know sort of like actual sport where you can just have all these cameras in a stadium because you're never tool is virtual space. You'll have people floating around BM do that but she just it is it's. A work in progress when it comes as her and this is their first dip into it this is essentially it was are going to hate this is going to be the next thing they were creating and it you know almost the NFL he sports essentially is not there hope. Pot it's not there but I will say they're they're coming out changes quickly like they are improving things immediately like exactly what you need to do yet and that's what you really absolutely need to do because if you if your company who's trying to create something that people are going to want to experience you have to be able listen to that in nowadays especially with how to fast technology is. You've got to react right away and fix the things that dubbed the blatant problems and then you can smooth things out as you go along. And just harking back to player and a battlegrounds they have been doing that as well. Al maintains listening to customers being super transparent with that as long as both of these games keep doing that. Poured the in the towel as a worthy idea what World League they'll be able to have been very successful time it's interesting because. Over watch obvious as a lot of characters a lot of our roles that you ups felt so when you're identifying the pros that you like in this game you know your star players some it's it's funny to see that some players might not be as good as others even though they dominate on one character yeah just because of the switch so much because as over watch evolves as a team has more characters bounces their issues. You know some gears and get worse you know gap the other is a support that's good now to knock regulator is the pro that plays that support. Going to be able it's essentially step up to the challenge of learning new character or is he totally hamstrung because he's he's. Focused only on one character and now he's kind of out of the loop on that which is great because the arguably best player in the league behind. Plays in insane widow maker. But they always Wonderwall is the only good on defense can meet these switch it up and they or implement they don't put him and he's so good huh ha ha ha ha ha author and I can't believe he's played like its who maps I think of some that insane wow because that's the Koreans for today they. The team still fun to see the story lines that they can build on this just like you would in any sport sleek cast a lot of fun and it's one of those things where. Hey you don't have to be super athletic person you still have to have really good twitch skills but. Yep and the deficit FBS's chip Perle and and bush is on a great job with their cup which great commentators write they have they replace. Everything after each match and it's great there's almost no downtime on talked into it happens between rounds now how come back they show you the previous rounds replacement immediately popping the next game seared down from maybe. Five minutes or Macs and really a match that's amazing hasn't really good in. Come on its blizzard you know how good their production value is in their games you know are gonna keep doing that with anything else on yes games going nowhere I mean who won what game of the year my maturity your homework you know. I mean this I'm I'm looking Fortis are on the boss's spam with Boston uprising I not do and so. Hi. Remember. You know it. I'd be outside by a series you know and I know why you like the Boston uprising because there almost a crappy ads Roddick are used steroids have nobody really we all really only another did Joseph we've been having this debate patriotic. He's the supreme. He has. Had struck the wow all right we're done talking about Boston now linemen that. Now it's time to get to rule. Sheet Swiss TV what movies are coming out making. We got a few this week. From I would also. Them throughout. I'll go do something and I. We do you have may is run and the death here but they're still doing those in the third in the series its lesson I think they're not because the American go back into the the prequel a book I don't think I mean honestly it was a prequel to amaze runner. Mis titled driving next. Started amazed and now I'm you can order it if it. Making it oh man I don't know I didn't I didn't read any of those books that didn't they just know that there is in differently didn't see the movies either new I don't know anybody is he getting any sort of scored rotten tomatoes and 40% or. So I mean if you're a fan of me as a runner than I first thought and it was all right it. The first one was the wall were like they don't want to go into the maze. And someone got dies or some things they go into the maze and all of a sudden everyone's cool what the maze even though they know the building. To predator they get out of they fear how to get out of the maize and even realize that somebody's putting him in their for whatever reason and then the next what do you think someone's dead at least here in the trailer for the third movies out so it's kind of like one of those. A reminds me a lot of Cuba wave power like the man he has taken which is an old school throwback. Played a matchup between Cuban hundred Hunger Games and yeah panacea cube. It's got some of the coolest affects about the ending was BS and Libya was still a good look at it was a lot of fun. Yes like SA the third is getting 40% if you're curious the fourth plant are the second one came out 2015 Allen up 46%. And then the other line in the first 12014. Allen got to 65%. Commission so there was there was a lake a jump. Like three years between the last one and I think it was because the main actor Dylan a variety hurt or something who who ceremonies and nobody really cares I was a dirty deals coming out that you can get it up well I mean this not only because Christian males also and who. But it's not really mine mine mine mine jam and it's like Adam. It's called hostels. Half files across styles stuff I am not hostile we have a hostile. Is stunned by Scott Cooper is getting sunny 1%. It's like an eighteen NET a myself till the story of the legendary army captain played a Christian Bale who after stern resistance reluctantly increased escorted dying at. Cheyenne. Shy and Diane and still like I I've seen and means how many times I don't immediately think Sheppard. You know wow yeah she likes on mile sixteen to Allen called for the health and also the name of the native people like feel that the city in Wyoming and I feel that in them and blocks of strippers you know or you could. A little bit more of the flood that. But I and I shy and ward chief and his family back to tribal lands. Making the Har Har owing journey from fort bearing nearing an isolated army outpost in New Mexico to the grasslands of Montana. The former rivals encountering young widow played by Ambrose month pike and whose family was murdered on the plane sit together they must join forces to overcome. The punishing landscape Costello come munch. Comanche Comanche. That sounds from the McCain could have FF because I'm trying to say in Spanish from unchecked commentary but I know that's not right unemployment in. And play it does look like it's going to be ingesting like just based on the trailers I've seen. But I'm not really and I really into the oval yet and historical drama and you can very serious. And sometimes I like to go into the movies just without being super serious. AM. The last 11 something BJ I was talking about it's getting OK your views. He had seen any library to talk about this. He's not here or not I. It is called please stand by oh yeah. When Andy Young autistic woman runs away for a caregiver in order to boldly go in deliver her 500 hey all our friends. Yeah I have seen some the transaction. You looks really neat I'm and have a cup but I'm just like at. Which is rated a little higher I'm wondering why it's not maybe it will be one of those little surprises later well getting 96% one NC based on the alien as that I have watched is probably because of Dakota Fanning acting a room. This holiday partially is pretty up syndicate. Yes. And camp but that's that's about it but at the mountain on the wealth in the and the world of new movies that Republican whip it let us know what you guys have seen out there if there's been a movie that maybe isn't on our radar that should be system email BD DHD Until next time guys stinging me. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. 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