BJGN01-29-18 - Doctor B from TakeThisOrg

Monday, January 29th

Rev & Vicky discuss mental health & ECCC with Doctor B from TakeThisOrg; Chris fields questions with Ask A GM; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells sunup today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. She. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Welcome yes welcome to BJ Shea is geek nation and the reverend inflate out. Across from me is Vicky Barcelona. And we've got Chris walker mr. Uncle craters and thorough programs older get uncle cradles they get cancer I like her uncle Chris slaughter strange the third EO pay and Doctor Strange. I know in his mr. Doctor Who conducted. The day after uncle. Talking over there are many new boards is Joey. Where he lay there is late then yeah lately merely lay yeah yeah he's not dead. I knew that he can't really elect behave make it weird thanks I don't day's show we will ask eight GM. Who may be uncle Chris. We will talk mental health with doctor beeper take this dot org and of course the key cheap with the key being. Vicky how to people get a hold of us they get hold of us via our website BG station dot com. It's gonna have all our podcast on information and it's our social media handles which is just beating each nation you'll find that's awesome. Thank you so much Vicky and now Chris. You are the game master for our weekly star finer game yes I mean we've mentioned that a couple times and I wanted to ask you. The question. And we've got some questions from some listeners as well. About you know we've started out there's a hey if you have any questions that you would actually like to ask Ed GM. Well given to us and we'll find out to the first thing I wanted to ask you as we've been playing in the the first module that was out for star finder. Yet. Yes which is incident apps on station is the first part of the Aviv the very first storyline that they have about Garrett and if you're familiar with the way pathfinder used to run things they would have. I'd like eight years worth of modules that strung together one long story eaten and am I really like the way they do it in this this first one think it he was it came out on the launch for star finer grabbed it right up and I was like OK let's play this thing. And we've been playing for. Mostly every week four legged kind of about five months now I think hang in there were out by the hour thereabouts and the one thing I want to ask you is because the last time we went into it no spoilers the other worry about that. We were in a dungeon zone as a beacon mean it was a thing that we would have to crawl through their location Vietnam and we only managed in the hour and a half to two hours that we played. Get through two rooms yeah. And stuff 00. While I had that aren't aren't all dealers rooms and a dog snowy hell no not really really. Well authorities had shiny objects on the I shiny objects in terms of a player character whom we him. Part of the partisan group didn't necessarily wanna kill. Because we're pacifists in the the other person decide they really did wanna kill. So we had to try to get through that and it's just. Lot of the times trying to think outside the box but everybody is trying to think outside the box on what a certain things can be and it's kind of like. Way is it really anything going on with this and then if my question do you was. How are you dealing with people who are going slow fine tooth combing a lot of things that after we look back on it. Yeah we didn't necessarily be as early inspected as we have been going through. We're kind of taking a long time to get a grip of a module so how does that affect you in like how would add GM. Who is dealing ways that may be slower players are being a lot more deliberate attack how can they deal with fat. What are the things that. I like to do any time the characters are taking longer than they probably should the and let them I give them all the rope they need and if they wind up wasting a whole bunch of time they look back on it maybe they think own maybe next time we don't need to do that again but. I've been I've been blessed and cursed with with with this game group that were playing with right now because they are all. Quite methodical they're all experienced seasoned. Role players so they know. That the one time they don't thoroughly searched her room. Is the one time that they are gonna absolutely missed the one key essential piece that they needed so yet they they spend they spend a lot of extra time looking at everything and and making their roles are saying if you like check this whole may be up Travis Jamie go try that. And that's fine. Once they get to a point where I know they've found everything that they can. And that's one may it will either introduce a new elements or I'll say you hear something down the hallways is a classic when I we have an eight times in the past or. And especially since this is a space themed adventure. I'll I'll talk about a blinking light or or your you know we've got telepathic characters and I mean again you needed team to leave by you since don't think. Try moving along usually. Usually let characters are given full reign like you know what if you get what a waste your time doing this you go right ahead. It is so gruesome it comes to mean says this is not any fun. That's when I know that. I'm doing a bad job and that I need to change up my methods. We looked at two rooms let's say yes you're true for two hours you have kind of fought that otherwise I doubt you do it that we have a we have and EU actually a he used it a nice turn of phrase which is not an uncommon when thinking outside the box seat I have a group of players right now who. That's their whole MO often these are not that I don't have any hack and slash players I don't have any had to slash characters even these are not. Tanks these are not meat shields so much I mean we do have one but he's. He's the only even semi aggressive. Character that we have the rest of you guys you characters are thinkers. They are in recent years they aren't. What's the word I'm an overnight delegates there's another word asset there was task that's for sure. It's a lot diplomat he had diplomats diplomats Ike because it's our finer look at its oral like Star Trek when I'm going in there are looking to blow everything up right. Are always my characters my character doesn't necessarily able or violence is just the fact that terrifies him yet and so you get into those sort of things of course we've got a a character who is who has a giant destroy you Mac. But at the same point to you from doesn't use it for that you regard this door yeah death. Illinois it's really interesting to see this replace so as to what you're saying at that point is. It's OK for people to take their time and let them have fun and maybe don't necessarily need to push into something but once it starts once they start exhausting those options you can lead them in a different way when I just. Just little sort of sensory thing. Bottom line is pay attention to your group and if you can hear you couldn't you can hear the tone people's voices he can just tell by what they're doing if there are starting to. Get too far off track or if they're starting to lose interest in whatever it is because one of the other player is doing something jump on it. Don't let it get stale and go ahead and just do your thing and make getting get them to where they need to go. Now this modulated doing is kind of already pre planned but do you have like a major points do you like to hit on throughout like an exchange so Francis X eight spreads going from point a to point B do you have some TV know is going to happen regardless sports mortis reform. Generally speaking these these modules as they're laid out do you hinge on some key events. Taking place and in in in the sense that you can't really progress to the next thing. Until one certain thing happens and once that happens then yet in the end there's always a shift in the narrative at that point is well it's like oh you found all of the information you needed. So now maybe we going to take care of that information as opposed to let's look for more information. And don't need to in as a GM it's if it's your it's your it's your job your duty to kind of guide that way yet and sometimes that can be a little more difficult than others depending on your player based. But a lot of the times it's be patient with them I realized that also just by watching new ID GM because I've tried to do it myself and a lot of times in my well we need to hit this this is this that want you to be here at this point. You can't really guide that I know you really can't it's hurting cats a lot of the time NSF at which isn't a bad thing aren't I gonna get a good that I love I love the fact because it'll throw that out McEntee of the questions that we have from other people but we'll get to that in a future they've got all men's and if you do you want to get a hold of us. BJ geek nation at just title it's something up like asked the GM in the subject header so we do know what you guys want talk about. But right now we talk with our very special guests we've got someone who is a really really about mental health and a geek. It's always awesome to have him on with. Us today is a guy we have had on before doctor bwic take this dot or. Doctor B how are you doing today sir I'm doing great thanks for having me you guys have a wonderful service that you provide for a lot of conventions. And most the time a lot of that the convention goers will no the AF K room. Which is something that you guys do but you're so much more than that towed tells Leo listeners what take this dot org is about well. But we started unfortunately as a lot of mental health words did it out of tragedy. Our founders lost a call lead to his own mental health struggles and in the grief today asked. What we do. And so. Take this began. By us morning to let people know. It's okay to not be okay. Yes yes Tom there's the ball stigma against mental health is declining it's still really significant. And we want people to this feels as comfortable going to cement a health professionals they do going to see a physician yet and he settled down. It is one of those things where a lot of the times people will be unfortunately stuck in their own brains when it comes to those and they think that. They're the only people out there that are dealing with specific things. And while everyone struggle as a personal wine and there are a lot of people out there who are more than happy to help guide people. Through this absolutely and so take this take this began and has existed as it basically an educational outreach organization that yeah we have the AFK romantic conventions and over the last two years we hope over 5000 people and those exemptions bassist. Buy it. We wants people to understand that clinicians are human work we can even be fun. And that we can but also that they're not alone I mean that's kind of our thing it's dangerous to go alone. And we want to help people learn about mental health. But in addition to that we also do consultation services with team studios with conventions we actually have to do full valuation and with the team before we can even bring in FK were himself over really there's a lot of stuff we do behind the scenes. Is it really interesting because a lot of the times when you look at something like that and depending on whatever convention it may be and depending on. You know how much you've seen the convention grow because of a lot of woke me. Conventions. I don't necessarily know if they've blown up but they've really come to before front leg there's one literally every single week and so it's it's really interesting to see that you guys really do a lot of due process in the background to make sure that these things are something that. Will be safe for all all the con. Hours job and part of that is educating not only the attendees that the conventions themselves because. You know as you say there's a lot of conventions out there and a lot of them are run by fans who have a lot of passion but. Through no fault of their own just not necessarily a whole lot of organizational experience and so are we want to use our expertise to come in and kind of guide them in the direction and that. Is health scene and happy not only for that are for their attendees but their staff as well. And you have been due being you've personally been going to many conventions alert. I recently just coming back from I know tax south for her. On the what has been the experience like. For you. Coming to use ED is the conventions in these new or years the fact that they are blowing up they are getting bigger and some of them are finally getting a lot more organized. But it is also what's the wild west anymore when it comes to that. Well I'll say that my experience especially when I was hired as the clinical director of take tests was very weird because it. I went from. Consumer. News and immediately to. Industry insider. Area I mean I'm not necessarily out in public the same way other key point no arm by it. Tom you know I'm talking width the people who are setting policies and so was just. That was a real big shift for me to have to think about things not like somebody who's going to their local gaming storing you know complaining about the policy at a suddenly the person I'm talking to was responsible for him. So that's what I saw and seeing behind the scenes seen how much all the conventions care and Inkatha yes yes. And that's the thing it's like a lot of the times with these conventions are like oh well either he there to make a buck and etc. Saturn elect. Sure they're there to make money to keep themselves going because they wanna make sure in this is a fun environment. Most the time with a lot of these phantoms especially with a lot of the smaller ones that we've seen all the gaming conventions or the specific. Genre of fan conventions. They want to put out the best thing there they do it's it's so much more than making money it's their reputation is on the line a lot of those times and they want to build a fund community or. Also wanting to play candid. Secretly had a selfish real light click I want to experience it too I want to do these things like that maybe we didn't have 10203040. Years ago. So in a way it's like hey let's creek is awesome community so that we can all share. And be a part of it instead of you know for I hear I mean chemical. Younger than my B day and Michael only ten years or so younger than rather than the wakeup becomes aware when you're you know a teenager there was really nothing there. Via there was very few of them and it would be like I'm going to be going to Norwest con during the Easter weekend super lot of fun but it's also. Pretty small especially convey considering there are the giant conventions we've got now like packs and emerald city comic con. Which is amazing because you sent me an email myself and taking a little while ago asking if we would be on a panel. And first off thank you so very much for considering us a cut but I also thought it was a really fun thing because you're talking about how to incorporate your and we're gonna be talking about this. Incorporating your key keenness into what it what you do for a living so what you love into what you do professionally. And that's a lot of people's. Real thoughts on this point is like how to white turn that into it can I be YouTube star or can I just live off of podcasts. And you look at those sort of things and it is possible. But there's a lot of stuff behind the scenes that people don't realize. And that can take a huge mental poll on people view and I guess. In and hit and I love it because. You guys you and take this aren't out there to help. Re may help people realize all of that. Yeah no absolutely and you know one of the things it's really interesting about. The sort of Internet mediums that media technically that's are being pedantic. That's the good that are emerging these days is that they're really bucking the the typical structure of previous forms of media I mean I I've been listening to your show long enough to know that you both started out as interns you have to learn the business there were gatekeepers. And you had to do the fundamentals before you got to do you do well now you don't have to do that and so what we're seeing a lot what we're hearing from people is people who had an idea who started something who got popular but they don't know what to do it that. They don't know how to sustain that they don't know how to manage their own stress in doing it could suddenly there in the public eye and they don't know what to do one of the big things right now this year I've seen a lot of articles and videos and such are. Trying to help people deal wit the burn out of being. Streamer or being of blogger or being a any sort of professional gamer. How do you deal with that burn out and I figure that's something that you would have good idea about you know. Just those sort of self care sort of things that you need to do in order to make sure that you can. You know not get burnt out after a very short amount of time. Oh yeah actually while. I rely on the people I know who were successful at that. Because that's not my specialty group Norman audio and that is not my specialty my specialties mental health side. And so. Shout out to blond nerd Brittany Brohm barker who is local and she's a working for eight years to do old her support and what she did at first was she just started out. Couple of hours after she used on marking. And then she start you know she started soliciting keep. Old with an offer sponsors and one not and slowly building things up over time but also setting personal limits. Yeah that's the big thing you need to do it's does it goes on the same lines actually just Damien. You need to take those breaks and as pro just as hokey as it is sometimes to win you know your Nintendo says. Hey maybe need to get up and go for a walk once in awhile I feel judged by dusty could I did too but they also have to take you have to do that little self reflection and realized. Maybe it's right maybe I should go for a walk or take a break or just do something else. And that was one of the things that I'm always realizes well you'll come back with a fresher mind. And sometimes with gaming that helps out. A lot and even though like the stigma of mental health is you know slowly kind of being away we're talking about it were having you know unfortunately a lot of in the last. Year and a half we've lost a lot of amazing talented artists. And I think we're talking about it but there's a lot of things that we don't talk about and that's one of the things that I I think is very important is learning to communicate them nerds. Sometimes. Really well yeah. OK we weekend and where insurance like or perhaps I ask you heard it in her leg out of them. Oh yeah yes so it's like in that's one of the big things that I feeling again. We need to learn and share is and so we will keep you should absolutely and I will be talking about that and more ma on the panel on Sunday. Very exciting go to our story yet must forests are but yeah I wanted to it's just go ahead and go to US emerald city comic con dot com they've got all the panel listings it is all there and we'll have we have it posted on an the geek nation page bill will reduce that as well to make sure. It will be at 1:30 right away PM to 230. WS EC freebie. Thank you so much. And then now take this stuff or has a lot of things going on from I wanna talk about the the patriot on a little bit like yes. If for people who don't know out there teacher on essentially is a way for. People who are out there doing the things that are not necessarily on the grid like we've been talking about. I'm doing either podcasts videos YouTube streams. All sorts of different twitch stuff. That people can kick in a buck or a level of donation. To get back some sort of contents and help out the people immediately and you guys have your own patron as well yes we do it patron on fort slash take this war and one of the cool things about it is if you get at the three dollar level. Per month you're helping out one person if Kara. That is amazing death that adds up. It really does in it's it's it's funny because I'm just like oh yeah you know it's a huge. One of those things where it's you know just a dollar a day will help a child. Think about fifth cut cut for three bucks a day I'm getting the sales bridges are for three dollars today but you can help somebody. How a fun time dramatic convention and be able to have the experience work they'll want to go back and also want to be included in this community. And one of the cool. Experiences I ever saw one a bit will be coolest things I ever saw was. Somebody who was OK with me sharing mess this is our am able to you yet. This is somebody who had been suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and his entire adult. And for those of you don't know paranoid schizophrenia is you know you you have delusions here voices CU you you think people are out to get you an elderly always negative yeah it's ten it's a terrible affliction and he was able. To go out on the main expo floor for this convention for half an hour before the symptoms got the better of him and he knew that. Think came off the main floor quantity of care for half an hour recharged and that was his routine the entire weekend some people might say. Who do you can only be out on the floor for half an hour in the are those of us knew if Kay were Michael's mother of god you can be on the floor perhaps. You are freaking hero duke and it's going back into those things and you get that positive reinforcement you get the recharged and and even as Vicki said as an introvert I have the same thing. I can feel when my battery is low. And it's like one of those things where. I eaten in suddenly looking for the exit and people are what's the matter it's like. I'm just not comfortable anymore and I need to get out of here and you give that. You give people a chance to go to something more in the need an exit may have that it's available in its save space and most Imus just. A quiet room oh god yeah we have coloring books we've got in we've got clinicians they're not a fair pies you because we actually don't do any therapeutic services and on a service based organization were education base. And that's what the patriot on goes to directly support none of them are like four staffers are full time and basically the more support we can get there the more programs we can create and bring in addition to the FK room. Tom we've got some other stuff on the back burner like creating a streaming ambassadorship program. Stats we've. Been trying to do the last couple months but other things with a limited time ended up taking priority. Start up mentality yeah exactly I think we. And things well no we can't make sure you focus on the on the one thing at a time and then yet Britain and breathe yeah. I. Another thing you guys are doing and I thought this is really cool you guys are hosting a contest. Pat mocks boarding house we keep you don't know mocks boarding house has two amazing locations one down and Ballard in Seattle and one in Bellevue. Both of whom were our beautiful you can just search for mocks boring you can get right to their web saying if you're coming in for emerald city comic con from out of town he should definitely had those places up absolutely. There's a lot of times well though there'll will be having like a shuttle service or something to just kind of bridge into those sort of things right. And you might be sitting in a Booth you know red BJ and I played in no big deal. I AS problem of what happens if you know I have left Phil okay and a okay oak was that the discolored one often the coroner Harry don't ask charity again urging okay we don't need this. Hi you're not allowed yeah yeah sure. So the US are doing a really cool about painting contest yes. So what's going on test well also this is going to be happening on February 17 at the Bellevue location and our friends and mocks boarding house had an amazing ensor our friends over primed to private your press the mid air space and war machine and hordes. Which is incidentally my favorite table top Ford. I met him tip top organ. And so David they're actually sending some of their studio team to be the judges for this speed painting contest which is a fund raiser for take this I don't flowers hat and one of the prizes are words I should say part of the grand prize is a one of a kind of worm would gaming the solid Gabon it ebony. With the rainbow would inlaid dice all that they made for us this is. He showed a sustained yet he showed it to a guy he Hillis customers a reason I'm I'm thinking I really don't think that we have hernia which I like tomorrow I'm not a. I'm really should be touching I don't know what happened royal bonnet on what I thought it really is the other is lakers owner mining mine sweaty hands Gunner and that's probably about it attitude I mean maybe we should touch it'll make it worth mare now underwater according ideology that will. But it is it's a beautiful I I just love the fact that. Yeah you're creating. Just fun environments for people you're able to. Have people show off their talents on something like this because speed painting is definitely well. Paging in general unease is hard eight or just even though it hey you know it takes me weeks to finish in these being. The fact that there are people out their proficient enough to get it done. Very quickly. And beautifully is astounding. Aria and army you know shout out to the studio team over at. Predator press they've been really upping their social media game and that's it to some like this speed caning. Video light streams that they do are just incredible how that is awesome I'll probably agree way for you to learn how do actually paint or get some tips and tricks on how do either do it more efficient quicker or just beautiful more beautiful moan because of the live stream there interactive and Dallas there heads duty container is just wonderful about saying hey this is what I'm doing mrs. how I did it this is how you can do it at home and practice practice practice absolutely lots of practice needed for all of those. And again doctor B thank you so much what you're doing is a really good thing take this dot org has all the information is get tips tricks. An amazing mascot that you have to have a paper and I don't know if that's cut and we are rather and I and I guess but I am going to be true but for this that's fine and ticking time and I asked him about I know Ryan's first healing not for violence no way to tell love for he I think for hugging her I hugging Vicki I will hug you to death. I'm sure you guy are you should get. Ads and again you've got to take this dot org doctor rework they find jolly old social media they won a league reach out well on Twitter at take this organ. Our FaceBook pages also take this forward we have a consistent thing no one and branding or something and his army is key. But I think he's some nights thinking so much and please please come and see is emerald city Gama god please we wanna fill up that room and talk about why were awesome and you ask our communities. And now well speaking of Vick he. One means she's here so. Let's get 20 yeah. She Swiss dish what Scott Boras Mickey. I got some information just random info not list this time hope to so apparently one of my favorite composers is going to school wire. X-Men dark paint X-Men. Hans Zimmer. And I he's eight is actually listening to the parity Caribbean serene soundtrack yeah hey I'm just gonna in the he's done all of those. And he's almost all the cards of the Caribbean he's done dark nine age he's done Haitians and fantastic like he did that's why he did inception and I believe he's been get it done for awhile too he's done some really it's. But if we if you if you've never seen an intense movie you've probably heard the Chanukah I could expect to hear almost exactly. But I'm very excited that lake that's also kind of tells me tried I believe he didn't do the sound better than the score for the last part security and movie which I mean it was fun loving god. I think it's one of those like I like because I like reds a Caribbean but it wasn't a great movie by any means. Bad and the heat heated discourse and he doesn't do the score and that makes me lose faith in the movie a little bit of interest how he had he did the lying keen gladiator crimson tie inner stellar. Wow yeah he is fantastic like if you just put on the Hans Zimmer on like a pandora even. In Neil displayed. Really Yahoo! will not disappoint especially are playing like a role playing game raining boom year and so that Palepoi that's perfect for that yeah yeah. No I didn't is do yourself a favor and I Don Zimmer. But yes that makes me you know could not the Venus in the trilogy always kind of. There's. It has also of those characters that so hard to do well because she's blatantly overpowered and they've tried it they made each they've tried to do it at least a little bit the X-Men universe. In the movies and. I'm a little worried about sons and I love her love. Actress Sophia turn a bit like in the last movie I just conceal her like suns finish come out there are bad it's little bit and that did the big problem with Salt Lake with these. X-Men like to first class movies is that. Third hate keying the these searchers who have had. Long long long histories in just trying to condense them into. A singular Movielink a two hour movies I what they do with apocalypse they tried to fit all of it in there and he's such is more so much more of an interesting character and a nuanced character that doing that where he's just a big guy he's making giant. You know earthquakes and tornadoes and stuff in cities. It can patent it lacks the panache against the would be the best way to put it of a good villain and the dark Phoenix. Is one of those it's one of the biggest villains in the entire. Marvel universe. And so it's interesting to see what they can do or what they're gonna try to do a two hours yeah he yet to care about her and then and yes. We like San apocalypse I mean they didn't porch out at him really translates part time you do know it didn't really make any sense with tell it felt very eighties almost toy that's what they wanted to do for that when that was definitely an eighties type movie hours of the ninety's wondered knows eighty's okay it was AB so dark piece is going to be ninety's. Yeah which will be kind of interesting because to be perfectly honest and Andy sucked for comics. The move that I'm sure there are not yet drink carts and your right actually just roll I read an article about the 25 years of the X-Men cartoon. First of I didn't realize how many episodes they actually had him on that in the fact there was like a like. Three year like I hiatus between one blink one of the last seasons in the next one. Just because they couldn't get the funding and they couldn't get to people put it out there but I remember watching that went over and over and over us anymore he's hoping for a new episode always. It's still just watching the repeats because I loved it so much. And then I went through and watch accident evolution which is what got me tax Manhattan really between X-Men two and that cartoon series a watch that and then I watched. Wolverine in the X-Men. Where will bring tennis takes over day now's OK does the ninety's as well welcome back I. Of the new over the area air that came out a couple of years ago but I kind of lamented again if they don't have on Netflix you will. The I was looking I was putting on memorial I ask men would seem to be discouraging was a Marlins whose stuff and it does seem to be. Lists and I'm pretty sad about and I would luddites who watched that surprised how good those cartoons were gas Zuback match other member of the big key moment was when I was watching sentinel attack do believe or to her feet he I had a presidential finding ever yeah I did Jesse being like yeah. Pretty also I don't know if this isn't serious it was a bit goofy cartoon break and they didn't let it be goofy they wouldn't let they would lead any product or point place may be and they kept the integrity of the show. Which is kind of actually amazing to see something on Saturday morning cartoons yep plus a look gambit devils are very proud again and it makes no that's his game its ability to really isn't that special. It's kind of cool because he gets to make the kinetic energy has stuff but he had the one scene. That makes it all some pupils role play as a little kid. And that's the those staff post staff that's why I was always done a teller because you can always find a clause like Wolverine easily pay your sibling in your mind picturesque yeah yeah the NF. Chris let's look shocked like we've all betrayed him no no not even slightly I have never seen a single episode of this excellent curt yeah. All so I was I was. You know I don't think you guys crying still hurt aides like smoke some pot and watch the cartoon it is legal elements they have not done anything and you're not wrong about that. So I just even as he came along at a time when I was not watching Saturday morning cartoons anymore. I was sleeping on Saturday morning said I don't know and the party in Ohio. School you know them like that so I just I eight guys I just I have no frame of reference or are you know king and culturally aware of it I understand it's very good I heard I know better Bernadette I found the dvds he can by the music five volumes all you guys are like fifteen bucks apiece so one at a time. Well. In other news. Summit time thing any. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size YE culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club.