BJGN01-31-18 - Thanos - All-New Wolverine - Runaways

Wednesday, January 31st

Vicky reviews the comics All-New Wolverine & Runaways; Rev talks comics with the latest issue of Thanos; Scott from Comics Dungeon talks about comics you should check out; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells sunup today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. She. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. Yes. Governor mediation is each nation and I and the reverend en Fuego. Across from me he is Vicky Barcelona. We've got out of whole crew as Ohio there and Manning the boards gays Joey. Think that's bad BJ Shea is on assignment I'm sure are doing something. Part is they really yeah really hard time. Probably. On today's show we will talk about a lot of comics because well. We love comics and it's comic book day parade hang the think he has good people get a hold of us think get a hold of us via our website it's eating each nation dot com it's gonna have all of those media handled and podcasts and it's if you go to FaceBook or Twitter. Jake keep nation you'll find that's absolutely and Vicki were gonna start with you were gonna book here I have to normally we ended with a geek she. Which is always fun but you've been reading comics. Yes I actually had a little bit of free time and and now that I am living with my folks again a little bit more disposable income and Anthony Taylor Lautner so I haven buying all the comics error the trades. That I missing. And that includes the all new Wolverine in which says he didn't know Wolverine. Has now given that Fella though. And sell in his honor his. Daughter menace and he did adopt airline comics. Laura Kinnear or XY three took up the mantle as the wolverines and she is now known as little green and then has her own series. And is African off them and she is so barring calendar I am on the third traded. She is in the fourth one I think comes out and a couple months and getting them all confused there's a bunch of books I'm waiting on right now I can't there's someone can. So you're really liking all new will bring trades yet is a very like girl power without that being thrown in your face. That's always fun when you can actually just have a fun story about a and first off I mean it's it's a it's a Wolverine ask character yes who has had to go through her own trials and tribulations it's not will be in but it's that same sort of ferocity. In that same type of Kara seas has yet she's gone through a lot of pain that I let you know one of the. And even said she's like unlike wolverines she was able to kind of escaped from NASA she's kind of implemented a no killing rule. Unless they really deserve FF FF you don't like never gonna kill again ceiling now we're trying and whenever she goes on anything or not killing anybody. But I see if they really were LA does everything necessary if necessary that is a thing that there could it issued always dispatcher was a weapon in so. She's kind of transitioning into being more than Nash unit that is not who I am. Some and it kind of spoiled it's in pieces your secure winery it can skip. Just kind of I move the little things get through this a little bit. But it starts off with. Apparently they have kinda clung to her or attempted to clone her oh and there is a whole group of gals all different ages. And the only problem with these girls are good thing is that since they do not have any bone claws. But they don't we agreed to in May still hopeful feel pain they don't he'll either. But they don't feel pain which just makes them essentially relentless because deep pain isn't going to stop them on but they still can't be stopped because they're. You know they're big they can nine. Stuff goes on they all either slowly bags they were slowly dying anyways from a disease that eventually gets fixed if she ends up through the course of these three trades. She ends up kind of teaming up with a lot of bad ass ladies so we deal have she hangs out with lost at one point in May and then killing some of the little nano by Thabeet couldn't detect. Within these these characters you know cells and she does that one point two up with squirrel girl. Of course I guess it was the funniest thing because what ends up happening was that she found that there is a tracker someone put a tracker inner because that's they wanted to see she was the real X wing streaks these clothes look dislike her yeah they cutter in and when they cut they put the tracker inner. It deceived you can heal until wish you figured out there's a tracker she put in a squirrel. They found in the in the late in the next street they find the squirrels the squirrels home make this girl its take in. The home get Speedo and the tree it's demolished home is a squirrel girl comes up into the squirrel that's all pissed off better. Yeah anime I don't I'm not gonna. The husbands for a the name and so scrub girl being spun us. Not the and you know when the little families units again I you know but this one's got and she that is great she hangs out with captain marvel a lump planes insists the super awesome I'm very much enjoying a series if you've. Never read X 33 a little bit of her background story she doesn't have the mini sidekick Gabby who is. I think of these bad I don't think I've I've seen the pictures but I do I not this far in the trades yet I think they'd nicknamed her the honey badger. I can't act act at a and we'll bring in the honey badger don't even ask because she and it turns out that she does have clients she only has one on eighteen and she's got though closet she like the secret is that she could heal. And so that they become a teen into next retreat and it takes care ever and your family and and they actually adopted a actual Wolverine. Coca-Cola. Zero girl I think brings in the Wolverine and that they did just it's crazy like all the crazy mention the agency they meet. They hang out the guardians of the galaxy to kind of fix and stuff going on because there is. A little alien girl that just kind of crash lands on earth. Dies and is spread this virus. On earth that's killing everyone. And so they finally figure out what's going on there how they fix it all that stuff and then just to go find the origin of its and then. They end up needing to guarding the galaxies help with course except it but it is just so many awesome like. Eric in mischaracterizing how these guys interact. They end up pain I'm dead full of one point and that scheduling Gabby are best friends of course and it's the the cutest thing ever. And the they she made dental cry because she wanted to give the gift and it was a finger. It was her middle finger now daddy isn't her little finger index and the people he's there it's cry and talk. Captain marvel at what is. Weeping in the hole in a dead don't ask me Qaeda has now you oh road down the runaways for yes I'm kind of interested because. Are you going back to re read it because of the TV show what's going on so I'm not re reading them right away so runaways is then on hiatus forever and how I wish Biggio is here because he's been kind of sticky. Men and the timing is so she actually sat and watched all of runaways in one day. Rule. Binge did horror show it tonight like we are able to talk about it now we're we're excited wanna like talk about a two months Casilla anoint dress the color can. But it is a new run of the runaways by Irene will grow well and Chris and and the gun. And it's find your way home so basically it's been two years since. Eager passed away so they're like sixteen years old fifteen. And spoiler and comic. Happy Elaine I'm starting about yet Torre and she'd this is different from the blue shell I don't know how they're going to gonna win the Cheryl whatever. In them and a time. You know. Both chase and Nikko wearing murder world they are all kind of thrown in different comic books I know Molly kind of have her own little stent to. So they're no longer a team of runaways. And somehow chase being obsessed figured out how to program. Gertz parents time machine. Annie went back in times the day she died and in huge trying to avoid her getting her at all okay. But ends up some re living heard like she got stabbed and aren't tied now so he panics and grabs her breeder Mac in a time machine and brings it Niko is that you need to heal hurt like we discussed this I cannot split. Because. With Nico staffer one she can only use the same style wants. Only the staff does not like creepy spelt. TI he'll start rating of what's. They just it's a very temperamental. I knew and didn't get the thesaurus is right yeah. She must've been very very clever like. You know clamp the artery as a spells plagued me as a parent after an aging oddly specific than I did a good. And alienate our own. Oh how long wait and what a week since we even stingy would you spell since out competitor. That there might they're older now they're. Eighteen or so years old they've brought back a 1615 year old girl back from time. And speculative the band back together it's like no we're all living our lives like you know hit Molly's you know living with the family member and Helena is going to college age. Do you imagine late what waking up one day like hey where this group of people. Friends you know we're dealing with this trauma. And the next day I hope Isley you've been dead and everyone grew up around you. That sorry man I. And so I've only had a few issues in is super good three Miller I'll listing a really good job just kind of modernizing and dealing with those trials and you relations of what this would be like as a mean this is a very I mean not an for labels circumstance for sure her plan you could. I really I can't wait to get the trade trade won't come out until April. But I did get a comic talent is solid day every month until then. I think he's a much Vicky and speaking of comics elegy the one comic that I get every month as Stan announced that I was fifteen came out last week. And I'm loving it first stop. The Ryder Dice-K it's an artist Jeff Shaw are killing it. The art from shot is outstanding there are some amazing pieces of art in this book and it's fun because you get to see an old. San Els who has. Defeated the universe. Bring his younger self to the end of time essentially to help him fight someone American spoil who it is who don't marry easy. It is so freaking cool but we get to find out some more things about the fact that there's a cosmic ghost writer right now. Who has a very interesting name. From main an old. An old hero that panels has no idea about but I'm pretty sure everybody else knows those clothes on that one. But we get to iron out and introduced an introduction. I know how it is true it doesn't share any machine you may know their character and their fleshing out the back story of what happened for these 100000. Years that Daniels has. Essentially killed everyone and at this point he's always doing what he always does panels pines for the incarnation of death. And this is why he brought younger fan knows to come help him first up deals as one big issue that he has and that shows up at the end of this this comic book issue but then also to help him find death. It's amazing I'm really enjoying it I feel that if you like Stan knows if you wanna get some relief fund build up. Two. The infinity war which I mean and CU in the comic books are completely different weather start to streamline all of these things. Definitely pick up stand nose see how bad asthma as bad as villain in the multi verse really really it is. Now for some other comic talk about something Vicki and I haven't read we've got Scott from comics dungy and to talked. Well and complex area of Scott from comics done Jan in NASCAR where can people find you one line if they one do I do so. Our commitment to dot com Morse GeForce GT three dollar or. Excellent and now we've got this week's take on some comics that you feel people should pick up and let's start off on the monger up front because you've been given us a lot of good recommendations on that. He had a you know includes this really try to run defense. The cars are so many years and I just a mullet mom's footsteps all new to me so far as I get. Enjoy it if I could anybody because Seattle for most of us we talk about the big tool whole lot but it's nice to see different things on that end. Definitely and an animal but it picked up this week you called delicious in dungeons. And isn't it. If it just to. Where you look at dungeon crawl through double play do you envy your in new those low role playing games bomb. Thought he didn't budge from the elbow or something like that video games you don't dungeon crawl you have. These. Please call Bruce over the battle of the football and almost one. One and there are. He made it to you via drag him and then they imagine themselves out of the dungeon but unfortunately. You do it much but once he made in the ability of a drug and ultimately die well I'll let us know digesting dragons a little. It's so there's still oh. But they'll love all the local collisions are they have no food. To make the journey back. Until then make a decision state you know your car armor of Oshawa working together. We're just good people we kill the dungeon an out though I know. This is not now what kind of Indian decent network now Russia. I just think if it sounds like battle chef meets dungeons and dragons actually sounds a lot of fun like a lot of fine. It is better than it's been aware that we saw are often make a walking much room Pol Pot stuff. That he's got a huge scorpion and a thin green slimy little flavor. Sold. You do. It's it's just it's just where this could mean not only did you talk about it and you didn't introduce all of the book other than just on pure fun and one of the characters are struggling with. Well I don't on the TV and that's you know uncannily that it won't eat rat or bat and I don't want to eat during veteran kinda humanoid I don't need you now or or dwarf for. This is even this actually seems like a good primer for somebody who's getting ready to do a dungeon crawl. Lol you elaborate dungeon master to be like hey Lou what we do this. And it. That is awesome I enjoy coming back to the big two when he got to the fare from DC. Yeah I just can't go a couple of piles and you see first one to Wonder Woman not one Norman. I have a couple of really great road east high. Greg wrote poems we'd rather not all overwhelmed but not James Robinson. Whose. Focus for doing not Starr band. Some touches the ground and see who's writing this and machines you'd get the story here on. Introducing a reintroducing. On this solution long so I'm not sure it's 0001. Woman now camera. Out to young the young girl who was rescued by Wonder Woman but she did get injured she was paralyzed. And armed and shoot my movement started kind of bond in what eluded her in the hospital hallways but as happened with zero's she's. Just busy seeing the world and there and I do to build things and told you so she's just you know little left Al Arab armed aliens is Goran. Now I think that I hear exactly. She's actually has an opportunity that how that night. Implanted in her tortured him walking your home doesn't she know troopers on on the ball should kind of lost the gold. Well at home and more than just got this one woman and I just finished an enemy here like a little bit miserable to strip but video restore that tradition in this news. 10 my little brother between brother. It is named Jason. Not from a character we know too much about you. They're just they're not reintroduced. And are ever are sharing an apartment and I pitched he's. The monopoly law and a little bit. The I don't slack. As a brother I AIC without Legos. Yeah exactly and you can dramatically and not you know all of IOC. Downey and all this food. Did you played so so you can dispute number about there's been some question whether people are truly heroic character. Or not you know but. But there's some interest in. Sort of the developer bought my Robert Gibbs lays out pretty great place to start. And then finally what's last title he won I share with us today it. He had a lot of damage this is a new number one is spinning out of Dark Knight metal stopped and talked about before. And it and the two DUK on news. An incredible character you don't Marlins played well is running on the military's. Do you have among global do you. In trying to pin numbers come out but our business you can only come off or an hour. Ask Paris and the doubts on the you know Hulu we learn a little bit about we don't know well. Is complete origin now whether he used YouTube to and from the military and the scariest. Just you know he's got in a com what kind of all hole. Else that is it's it's an interesting start of this new on line of books that don't know they're doing. Critical the most senior law calls. Those characters and story telling but they're students and brutal how to use models in all doing different things and it is kind of brings back. I feel like you know seventies and it is. It's stupid pills talks about it so that. Nice that is awesome I skied really do appreciate get now the new titles some of the old standbys that people maybe have forgotten about with Wonder Woman and not say that they've forgotten her so much to say is that here's a reminder she's still out there she still kick him as a there's tons of stories out there and again Scott from comics dungy and word game can they find your buddy. Our. On him how Merced courses remote I think he's a much got. Our good thank you so much Scott and again go to all the links that you just talked about he could find nonsocial Miller just for social. Media just search for comics dungeon and now it's time the earth. She Swiss TV what they've got Torres Mickey. I it's there's a lot of movies that come outer TV shows and everyone kind of heat some for what ever reason then years later everyone just won't shut the hell up about a fly it was and that was all because of how the Pope like how they had an episode to air out of order in news. Everyone's losing their half fox kind of screwed all that up we aren't. And people go off of like the rotten tomatoes may rating in the yes I do you say them but they're more or less Jesse can I get an idea element of a guideline yeah but I like to hear what people have to think. Think about actual movies so there. I found this list from looper dot com of critically hated movies that are actually awesome and it was Casey will you guys thought of these movies are. This money is I type fight BJ about hook. That movie is fantastic. I love that movie but also I haven't watched it since I was very young army came out in the 91910. My gosh I was like twelve when he came out. So I can understand why it would be so awesome to Robin Williams is Robin Williams it's Matt library ridiculous costumes Julia Roberts says team. The Laurent. I think yeah I don't feel was bad and what do you want me rupiah for him he's like drew so and he was never really saw Arizona. So why might be on Netflix if not I'm buying a dvd on your all borrowing it though tiny elements noise are in the theater. Play slowly again and I knew him. Math math math I was seven. Teen. Okay. He or that old school none to be OK with it and I drove Williams and I was very excited the junior. You know I I but I've seen it since an ailing dad doesn't hold up my leg up for me. For me I think it's a Robin Williams and some of the things I think you can pirate thing. You're Catholic how the governor has a African dust and hot man doesn't go endlessly as women. And for those who don't know to look. On closer than Clinton really choose one of the hired guys flaky like those said this and he's he's like are now any sons are way that it's a dude like she stresses oh yes funny don't you you can kinda tell looking military Intel that I know. I notice until I read an article in the acclaimed actor Bob Hoskins of a mistress means it and this stars started yes nine Nicholas is married and had it is and you may know Bob Hoskins as such great movies as Super Mario Brothers or a friend Roger Rabbit great I'm a firm yeah. Anyway a next on the list is alien three. I love daily hourly so crap how dare you survey group David Fincher man doesn't. Manner no matter awesome date they messed around with ending made is so weird in crappy and Sigourney Weaver was not into that blue button that says play Arnie weavers at the top of her game here playing a more cynical Ripley who bravely comes to terms with and and that inaudible feet. Yeah yeah yeah. Sigourney Weaver played a cynical Ripley because Sigourney Weaver was a cynical actress playing I'm sorry guys you didn't necessarily wanna be a part of how much for aliens three she really wanted she really wanted Ripley to die in aliens. As a die hard fan of the quarterly G I probably not coming at this from the right angle on a few people see. But three. He is that the darkest prettiest and has some of the best acting of the entire. Ceres and that's and that's mostly down to the caliber of actors that they had in the thing you got Charles Dance in there. He got. Thank you Kathy d.s name rock. Number let that show rock it was on TV's. Oh. I know your tongue you. Dutton is that the that the pumping up anyway. You had some really really great caliber actors in this movie mostly British people but. Sigourney Weaver and David Fincher I think it was a match made in heaven because he knew that she was done tired of playing Ripley she's out of it yet Charles's Dutton thank you Vicki and that's exactly on target about he was incredible in this. Cold weather watch it again even if you're a big fan of the aliens movies take everything else out of it as far as the franchises and just watch it for what it is and I I swear he. Game changer. All right and I learned that in an expert on the list and the cell with Jennifer Lopez movie. A full and he had Jennifer Lopez and had. Vince and deny this reality it and I think it had Vince Vonn as well. And it's much like a weird like this looks like a weird gothic movie it. Was yep it was absolutely wonderful. In those terms especially if you were into DA gothic industrial scene of the ninety's and this was essentially that but in it in and our house sort of flicked. Mixed in with a thriller it was beautiful. I can't remember whether or not it was any good it was bizarre holy crap did not really looks young and oh yeah Yang yet there's no private pile there without one team is is it's it's amazing. And I thought so he did you begin to think you would like you've had a feeling and. I guess just like I Latino actors out of the norm because Jennifer Lopez always has a slight girl and then send them cops are kind of vibe door makes movies like rom com like made Manhattan susser this year and the like this would be interest and yes. An X what is the hunt did. Whom I've never seen this let's don't Tommy Lee Jones came out and 2003. Monitor and often that's going to do with the what feels that an FBI deep woods tracker captures a trained assassin who made a sport of hunting humans. Has delta Banesha those orally and it's. At a Rick I don't think it's I don't actually I don't know this one at all mixed. I'm on fire who did not like man on fire wow really you know now fire makes me cry every single time it is not rally and monster movies is just as a fashion Denzel there it is Larry you know really been on fire he was it was solid. Topic ever sought in. It it will ill rip your heart out through. National treasure he. Okay. And room. Doesn't force I was fourteen. There was so much fun and see us out mom I write watching I die I don't sit there and it's not a cinematic masterpiece now are correct at all and it didn't it was popcorn movie was you sit down to be entertained for a couple of hours and just watching the. Over the top ridiculousness of every day and handling soap I. Haven't sat through the entire thing so I'll definitely say that there have been Dan's rep cottage. Light on series you like on T in two years something and they're just going through and is suddenly. Here's a thing in this connects to this this connects to this and got up and like a shot opera. Sean bean is and he's a zillion bad actors he lived only reason I know probably got a note that I mean and I thought I'd assume he'd yeah just closer the treasurer of. It's. And as someone said Lilly car this articles like into Nicholas cage's miscast as the lead it what some might. That's let's part admitted to. Nick let's get his miscast and I can't imagine anyone else playing that down because the house and not be real you have to credit Noah Nicolas Cage should never be this person. It's. Like forever yeah yeah. I'm sorry heretic. All right do the rest Constantin loved it loved it I was little too young to watch something about it and scared as I want to watch this that's when I first. Found Tilda Swinton. Yeah and here and her portrayal as the Archangel Gabriel was fans has there isn't plus I'll I'll watch Rachel Weisz sit in the chair for two hours and pay twelve bucks gentry. And I don't generate greater. You have to be wasn't her was somebody else was I was when my thinking of another movie I thought. Crap what's her name this is fun mad Max yes she's that I released early June. Was she not a movie with him at one point in my in my McKeon who do yes using the devils advocate that's what I was began. Also also doesn't get credit for being as good as it's related to the area. Boone authority I had a I had an upset about the water we rhetoric here at the I thought if you love those sort of things in those goofy digital shorts that they did. Andy Samberg is at his fight is just an interest and say about. Hot rod. But I also thought the the simple fact and I think the band it was Asia the did the final countdown. Who thinks that no war I era Europe OK so your does the final countdown to the entire soundtrack is. Europe. But not the final countdown. So it's that sort of read it's just perfect it's perfect it's ridiculous Will Arnett is a great bad guy in this hi Danny McBride at he is fine associated prizes this is yes and yes like it. And I despite those yesterday I was Chad was my buddies and their like you imovie as grave and nobody mile high rightist and it's yeah running absolutely next one no wing -- mounted on the non English Katie another Nicolas Cage movie. Oh where no one really knows like three seconds and no liking what's gonna happen now Gallo MIT professor John costs Lara links and mysterious list of numbers from a time capsule to pass the teacher disasters and sets up to prevent. The ultimate test that are behind it bombed and there are a lot Rose Byrne Brian's and it. What more forestry key. Gnaw away netted out royal right. Only ten no no no noon here on angers. Near and so on yes super super duper is that fantastic yup Robocop Tony fourteen no I liked it. Whom I did flashy original I did. I know. I look back with about a clash of the titans watched the original aim just forsake the new one sorry it's resisted ruled everybody and then how marriages aren't on the quick listeners think he's Senator McCain wants America vulture good loss Ridder. Didn't hit the bad batch. Cynthia the last boy scout really really good. Anaconda loved it shooter. Didn't feel one cowboys aliens as I like cowboys and it is that I love how annoying and are aliens was. Nine it was not a good movie but I liked I. I don't you wanna see Daniel Craig is the southern area you should check out Logan lucky stalled are all so good southerner I was crazy just all. He's fantastic I've been meaning to rent it to show it's my dad. Snow White and the Huntsman loved it I mean it's Christensen were never announced crapping on that makes sense that everyone else is great sometimes intense the majestic Manila skies and no nobody else I was good didn't like it. And a reign of fire. Way to fight there was another. News deals and the good meal I olive green our great race there after the ghost and the darkness yes dreams make guess the last castle yes. The moth man prophecies note with a mock a whole lot. Richard Richard how here interrogating a U and assess watch basically you're not gonna give his fear of an international free tech TV networks sorry my don't have. Yeah I yeah in my in my as well have been you know shark it is verses our debaters on differential in nine verses are oh god hello I'm. If I'm wrong. I watched back ya ask me that I don't load. Ocean's twelve the fountain Leavitt Leavitt eagle vs shark no because secret life of Walter committee not good now you he accountants. Then. In your mind. Trouble now pain whenever quadrupled since I don't I can't Winslet and as she looks like a bridge. Ironically I don't know. I don't know this is 999 that's going to be something to do with them British. We've suffered blow yet in the news are 911 points off means a criminal mastermind of against a Russian the mother of the stuff. Except guys. Kennedy. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying he culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot bluffs.