BJGN02-02-17 - Brandon Jerwa's Vampirella

Friday, February 2nd

Brandon Jerwa returns to the main show to discuss comic books, including the new omnibus of his Vampirella run; the gang talks X-Files; and Rev speaks with Gareth von Kallenbach!


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Eight spring is on me about how we get a hold of us. Profitable I didn't go to BJ keep nation dot com they can look at some on all of your social media platforms FaceBook used to Graham all of that jazz and just search for beating geek nation you'll find us we're out there exactly yeah so much if you are a professional. Granted our I have moves along with the you may not remember Brandon. But that unforgettable voice was they are. The geek nation podcast the main podcast for a long time I'd like to think that I made it currently you've made something and usually it's little brown and in the corner and steamy but we don't talk about that that much hey you know what you're introduced him at the top of the show and I thought that was real nice. And then also look at it tomorrow. A part of that eighties podcast. Yeah there Chris you in brand name and how nice of 198551980. Diet and at a check my notes but to Yemen today Brett I like to think I made that podcast now. I'm sorry I'm actively making that podcasts are aired so we do having living planted in here mr. ego you're their. How you've been Carol what. Well after making special ops the successor have I moved on to the video game world. Where became insufferable. Across the variety of mediums. That no no no yeah you know I. Actually have something to pin but I wasn't gonna template and then use that occasion come on the show pimp written and I found out that. Actually you just are short handed yet and I know artists via sort of do that's. Vicky is on vacation. BJ is on vacation I can literally just saw him well I mean. He doesn't wanna be here because you yet going to be doing stuff for vacation actually quite interesting because Chris you BJ in a bunch of other people a lot of the Borg alliance people and yet podcaster part of that are going to be spending an entire weekend playing board games. Lay out your own volition like curry is not a convention so to speak but a convention of people when Morgan. Yes so BJ's extensive board game family in this group that we hang around with. We lucked into this cabin in the woods up in the hills and bony somewhere and I look turns out right. Act and they said well why don't we just take a weekend in just have games that we want to play and we don't we're about working at convention we don't have to worry about random is coming up to us in mourning has to go play this other thing we don't worry about interviewing anybody else it's just. All of us in one place playing games all week long it's gonna be amazing. I'm sorry I can't help but wonder how is this different. Then literally any other weekend he is that it isn't just the location is yes yes so we have we are all going to be instead of all of us going to say to BJ's house for a Saturday. And you know we hang out we all go home of Laura. No we're going to be playing at the cabin and then just yelled at it's 2 AM it's been met so what happens when you play the resistance and people can leave. That maybe Massa I a lot of go to that anger is what I expect and this is the exact reason why I was like you know what I can handle playing board games for an afternoon may be sure you know like ten hours would be my make up and gave me as a guest but win the fact is. The only place you can go is like maybe like I hope there's other rooms they each. You know I love forgot it but yeah in a game situation where. You can't get away from BJ I'm horrified. For a look at escape room they're very I mean isn't this that you were ordered talking kind of terribly about it but at this same point. Odd beat is very a very intense gamers lets you are also was well because. You won't necessarily back down when it comes to BJ game no leg he will throw out he'll Hollywood and like. You're attacking me for this and that's in this and. Yeah he'll make you feel like you've just. But committed the worst atrocity. To hand and you're the kind of person who will then explain exactly why you did it and why it was correct for you to do so most of my dislike iodine and quiet there will hang on let's let's be clear the other differences that locker will stop when the gay men that. So brand and we did have to have you in for this but ends of the main reason was that's on your FaceBook post that they are. Re releasing some of your comic books it's it. Rated flew essentially the criterion collection version of Meyer writing which is the nicest BS like impairment Ortega. No dynamite is doing a new omnibus. I'd been thing on the bus and Tiffany finally correct me you like homer. I don't need or why do you say that occurred a ways she was nice and that is really what is there on the bus it sounds like a giant bus if I'm on the bus. Collecting Mira convent for all of they do volume one and they're calling them the dynamite years appropriately since they bought the license. Volume one had air Truman's stopping it and mark runners gas and a couple of issues viral standalone. But this volume two I believe is all me it's full of journalists. A full. There you go back that's not a euphemism no not a derogatory drill. Dell brand in how did you get started on vamp Perella. They give a determined he phoned me up and that I'm writing sample relative for dynamite. I assumed it was a crank call because none of that made sense and then hit that he basically just sort of outlined what he was gonna do you know we we always do a sanity check. On each other whenever we're coming up with stories and talk. This is literally the most interest and I've ever been invented Perella leg doesn't get old to care for the start of the sixties I was aware of it. In the ninety's she was in comics that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot fault exactly. And that's the only way that I know her well from the ninety's in the ninety's was a really bleak period for comic books and and then that travel and I think. I wanna say he started red Sonia and they wanted him to get a bunch of issues up pretty quickly so. They asked me to come and jump then you know as you know I've written so many things together and I knew his plan and everything so. I didn't feel an issue that I did an annual. Meanwhile want mark runners doing one shots that are all sort of like parity them you know they're mark since of humor and it's all still one universe. You know there were writing him. Then they handed it over to me and I honestly I never. Thought I order I've ever all of that I had more fun writing that then I think maybe. In the thing now why did it make it fun for you because it seems like a really I mean after the ninety's and what the character was about it seemed like. You can't go any further than sex pot you know they'll make blood sucker on that point my whole low for very approach him. It in understanding that I can do anything late. It's. A superhero book it's a horror book it's a scifi book it's a romance in its. You know horror. And and nothing is wrong and you're not. Going off on a wild direction no matter how you wanna pursue it and so. Mark trading one kind of story air trading on kind of story I'm ready one kind of story and are all valid and we even took the fact that. She had changed publishing hands. And her origin change like and one version she's from Dracula on which is a planet of vampires I cheered and then another and another cheese from hell. Right Blake. And Dracula on as a dimension in hell so we just decided to say she doesn't actually know where she's from and any of those things could possibly be true. And no one will tell the truth. Oh that's actually kind of fun with that there's also weird when you've got all the strange origin stories or is it. Now with all of these do you have a specific favorite moment that you were able to write remember Ella. Home hand. Yeah I think it it's okay so. It's it's that PG thirteen book like so you know to me like a PG thirteen movie. And I don't I'm not big on swearing in the books like I know I swear like a sailor realized I needed I I try not to. I try not to. Put that into the books other than your crap you're damn your head is some of them you know the things you say on TV. So in this case hasn't taken and used those words my editors are churn and there's a big confrontation toward the end where. Once again for the umpteenth time Dracula has revealed himself. To be the guy pulling the strings like they can't get rid of that an idea and he starts this big you know speech about how it was him the whole time Machida says all. The Pentagon the Pentagon and I. I tell our hero idol here. And they just cut to the fighting IG you know I I. If that happened more often don't let your nose like big indeed you know Paul about the guy you'd know this sort wheeled out exactly what I want is just. You know you always get that big flowery speech from the villain and that's the average Dracula the biggest goal of the ball and it was obviously not. And the Leonard did it very nice of old. And it's just a big giant word in the in the bottom of the pay up that's amazing when it's working people I've I would assume were being too big a comic Streep settlers I assume you're scaring us out of the back of love and Walker's got a couple in his trunk primarily. It's a it's a big book forty bucks. A lot of stuff going on and Abbott knows I mean that's can't swap illicitly issued 26 to 35. Now in the maximum German maximum Jerel I don't wanna you know them cart path he had odd but you have dozen other geeky stuff. And you've been watching the X-Files no I haven't watched the latest episode. 'cause it was yesterday when routing the shelter I had watching me rubbing with four yes you have so wolf will have you talk a little bit about that after though that episode previous to that we haven't been able to discuss it is no one else had seen at that time. Man there. So is this the episode I'm talking about is the deed this sweat on the forehead episode of lost our foreheads were thank you very much and that would just seemed like a complete and utter luster app on Nolan and it just it was like. Everyone sort of took the day off on the writing in the writing Herm. And then at he went okay you drew visibly signs. It seems that you were OK with this and the first two episodes of the season I was down four. Third episode I was OK with him that was along with the twins playing hang man because it was like OK that's a fine one shot this one just seems like. Everyone was in on a joke that I was not in on line. Do you not remember Jose chunks from outer space thank you that amazonian miles no okay well this this because you would you have seen this episode before I watched it. And so then I wouldn't watch it as I try to figure out where you were coming from a mischievous I can get you forgot about who return from out of state. There is an absolute precedent for everything that went on in the fourth it's so thank you okay and there goofing this the sort of the tongue in cheek the the everyone's in on it kind of a thing that you're describing them. Exactly the same by I got from that other episodes so I do I dislike the episode for different reason and I thought it was lazy. It was a throwback. All I'm not I wouldn't he shot for shot but all the same beats where they're like oh then this guy is attorney cubism and oh in this guy's actually being controlled by the O in this. It was it was that episode all over again and I was like the guys Shia and. And here's the connective tissue here OK Darren Morgan. Is the writer and Darin Morgan let's see let's let's take a look at some of the episodes he wrote. Humbug. Clyde Brockman final proposed a member of the Claybrook and were the copper for ages and Jose Chung from outer space. He also played the flute man. He rarely Atlanta. Or do you what's now whereas one of the key shots and having us on this episode. So here's the deal with the X file jerk free yeah well I I don't I won't crazy I didn't get into the or hiding get into the first run like the original okay. It just how didn't necessarily so I missed a lot of that to the back. So I mean I got when they were super imposing him in the older scenes and I got that a lot and my wife kind of helped guide because Arnold these are key moments and key episodes they he's now imposing himself on and they're doing is really bad shots format okay I get that. It but just everything just seemed really strange to me in Augusta currencies that currency in the middle I was so bad the Irish just like I IE everything just went over my head okay this is some strange in the way that it ended. It really bugged me the fact that suddenly just. I like a fifties style looney bean and act oh wine ambulance comes in takes an up and they just. Right away like it was it just seems so surreal so weird that I won us talk with you early I thought is this another Scully fever dream like the last episode last season. But it just didn't get what you just as. At that time left Walker's birthday party truth. And nobody after the question. I know I know so I'm very curious though by the leader Morgan also wrote the spectacular episode last season Mulder and Scully meet the winner monster I like that elegantly you know have fun you can see a theme here met. I I'm very curious because my big complaint with the X-Files and I I watched it religiously was a big deal like that. I would go over my parents on Sunday we want to X-Files together do laundry you know home. I have dinner. I want lone gunman like I was in two yes. How in the hell do you watch this have you not watched it because. It is so dependent at times on the people having watched the previous late edit that bothers the crap out of me. I it's been so long I want them to just cut the ties like this whole thing yet William I would rather they were looking for will I am of the black eyed. Never got and the rest of that light sea off the first two episodes I really got into because it was story based and there was you could follow what thread without having nest is like they brought everything up to speed on Matt. And I was OK with so you have the one shots in the things that really tie in that are really really like inside joke to me and I at this point I do absolutely miss the nose of the issues I have with it there so that's really where it comes from I know a little bit about the show I did watch some episodes but it did know the overall on the overall arc of this of the stories or anything like that. Other than some we keep you know doing a worse things that are like looking up an episode yeah all I read on Wikipedia's I'm pretty sure I've got to just. And it sure you must've been a hard core always. Oh yes I never I never I never did get into lone gunman I didn't I didn't feel like they have had to hand it to carry their own show that. Oh yeah I was a hardcore I was I was a religious devote he. That was appointment television you know Bakken enable for AD VRs and all of that kind of thing you know you have to be home. At this time X-Files is on period that was the job. Yet so not totally terms as this is all this is all fantastic stuff for me a really enjoying the season now with this latest episode do you feel about it. Well yeah it's it's it's good to Williams centric episode and I really want I want them to just cut loose all their baggage I would love that however I will say. It is my favorite episode concerning William in this new era. OK so at least it was focused on something but it's still continue ion like the first two episodes of what they're going on yeah. OK okay. Maximum amounts aren't. You know if I know I mean I really like abandon them after this would be fun yet. I'm not satisfied just ended is satisfactorily well and I mean party say really I Jolene Anderson is said this is a wanna do it anymore GAAP and they've basically say well she's not in it were done so do you think this will be the last season. It'll be interesting to see how they ended. Where little drummer Patrick announced here. A news. No it has a good question MF gish is there. Right yeah I know it's the thing when I when she showed up and was like OK so then Robert Patrick can be far behind but that was you know I season by the way appear next files aficionado and and dig through the archives American who worked for you. Find those special ops episode where mark and I talked about meeting the smoking man and telling him. And there's a great story and yeah story I heard that ever and it is overly geared to live that affects half a all right well we're gonna move on how to speak with. Mister Garrett of on Colin bock is talking about some really interesting dvd release news Garrett on Colin bots from skewed in review you can find him at SK NR dot net or just search for skewed interviewed all social media and you can find an area we need to talk about dvd releases because sometimes people just what I wanna go to the theaters to watch the movies. Absolutely and that's is really good time Ford because there's a couple of up early high profile things that may have actually. Slipped under the radar that there and getting a little bit are more attention this week. That are actually. Coming straight to dvd either not do featured apps were released and in one of the cases it looks like there's a big emphasis now to try to slip away from the U member American mid 88 straight to dvd had a very negative commentary gone out and cab salute and now it looks like Gershon stopped it's trying to be done chew arm alleviate daft and you know the first one up is coming in April and it is too long awaited sequel to deep blue seat through which you know Warner Bros. putting out April I'll. Interesting no run again with me about the the original. LL cool jury okay saying others like that there was about a group of genetically enhance shark researchers who were attempting to cure alzheimer's. And of course if things get loose and they will make her church and do you know everybody basically Serbs are urged the most. Art that's right that was the wind that was a wan or San Jack that is bagels speech in the you'd see by shark mean to blow at all. Okay yeah. Right on the interest in killing about it is still led a process. And became a cult hit it's well but it's kind of languish there Renault and then we hear stories about a were sequels coming to purchase dvds sequel. No I'll be honest when I first heard the idea area I was told it was going to be so I try channel Selma march 1 I was I don't know regain their pixelated church she could interpret. Sort of trying to generate first true. The first trailer actually came out. And it looks pretty solid it looks. Like what they've done is basically. You're not a machine your real and changed in the cashton. But it does look like a production W house put money into the sharks into this sets into the scenario so hopefully. It'll have a good stricter match and like I told someone actually in the east temperature almost the humor entered there are nothing more than speech slaughter of these creatures totally soul you know we have Paul church groups timeout. It looks like some of these settings are saying you know the underwater sea based. A problem blow water that sort of thing and so are you Norman I'm excited she we're gonna go with -- And I mean you know you shark NATO has made a big impact on people as opposed people just want even just a slightly better production value when it comes to sharks. But at that a yeah and it doesn't look like from the trailer that it does happen much broader production belliard and sure you know trojans optional you know and -- -- get applicability to we have the shell ownership forty Serb leaders down we're getting aged sequel those were hit she got may which just -- coming in August were told Merle patiently waiting for the trailer. You know chasing chickens and that it's very popular book series so this could be you know that they're short you know of course that got another one coming chorus singer or search and social worker films and you'll just you know a little bit better production value popping up in the extensions well Nuys what do you have for us next. And you know it's cinch thing is you've got found some very interesting people maccast first bring word among the others it's it's set in Victorian. Sense. Some who steals Lowell. Jack the Ripper is on the loose but without spoiling too much many of the plastic characters. That you know a lot from the series. Are in the film but some of the emerged in different rules and you would expect them to be. Noon and yes then you know there's a couple of volatility about but I worry that emerged port open and Roger he's loyal and let's just say that there are several characters good and bad all who. Appear to route to show and you have the candidature actor Brooke Burke unchecked Stewart and its course has restored Victorian era against hunger to the world's terror and interest sing technological strings like a new blow open an airship from the medias concern that can anybody survive traveling at a velocity of an airship have to hash attack happened at perhaps have to be brought in disgrace all your idea -- good human human body can take travel up to thirty miles an hour safely and I also I love it well yes it is standard of course. Blu-ray option reached its dvd and it shall eat up behind the scenes creatures one of the great parent change teachers auditors they have a look at the upcoming. New arms it was such loving intimate it's shown that will be captain. Tell me which is gonna be coming later on them were all too little more on that wonder crunched up to that that fortunately good. This sounds like so much fun a map to pick up that graphic novel as well this sounds I mean ass down and led by this I just let victorians steam punk he's sort of stuff that's right up my Alley. Finally let's talk a little blade runner when he 49 you mentioned to me that we've finally got an idea of what may be the bonus content will be four on the dvd Blu-ray to. Corrective blu ray's hell no and they've been enhanced a lot of the bonus content would you know you have people that you know watching people who I am confused world Colin watched directional shelled one of the things they've done a study concluded a three pro launched that were huge in and out before the real issues the enemy launch the next -- on one and nowhere to run and mr. Olson things like block out what exactly is going on with this new generation erupt capture. And that was very good intent to have stolen a lot of our mission to rationing -- deal in what happened in the thirty years between your ritual there's some really good things about probably due to captioning and how they did the design and walked try to you know make a futuristic project keeping in touch with your original what should you know let's remember the original was future Stewart when it was done now it's basically next year contract and then there's all sorts of things about the one that I really love Lucy. Evolution of the replica benched and then the rights of Walsh court which is terribly huge character in the chrome. I am a lot more stuff like gap so you know you've got a really good quality movie you've got all bigger picture and sound quality in unit terms of really good production and back story that helped fill in the answers. To a lot of questions people had and you know hopefully each it to dvd goes well on up. I set the stage for future pal thinks. Nice. That's always so cool when you get all the different stuff I mean I loved it when they did it with the matrix and animators and stuff like that I just Libya to give all that additional content. Garrett I think you again so much again you can find Garrett at skewed and reviewed that is SK and are dot net. Thanks Gareth. Q so much Garret again Garrett Yvonne column box from skewed in reviewed that is as Kate and our dot net. And not have a little bit of interest in television news crew were all our fans a game throws correct correct. You do in summer term it's not urging. I luster for two seasons realistic and remember anybody's name and thought maybe I'm not participating in this is much of it as a quitter talk yet we spent like quit we spent like the first three seasons getting everybody's name Ron. And eventually we've kind of figured it out I'm smarter than that I can't live like that but that's what the note well Peter dingle age you may know as I think your dad as the date or Syrian Landis turner and show that he says that he's glad demon throws his ending before it quote. Jumps the shark Erica I don't think he's jumping in sharks in terms that's just depends only about Arctic gas has just rude woman like these constant I'll. He personally asked if you sad that the show was ending and he says it's quote bittersweet because it's always the sad part of our business. Because she gets in pockets of great people for short amount of time. You get pockets might get in pockets but what I always kind of I tell. Well I am I wow. Friday and a because you get pockets of great people for short amount of time. Short amounts of time when you read and then you have to move on because it's always and it's always heartbreaking but then he added quote. It's time story wise sometimes shows stay on a little too long it's the jumping the shark thing. And he's not the only cast member who's ready to move on last year kit Harrington and who you may know is John Snow out here I've heard of them said he's grown tired of the quote incessant Bieber like famed. Oh you poor fellow I doubt like like. Yet the guys at the the brooding dark haired pale ski in beautiful man who everyone fines for Crimea river of money in sex you jest and I. A anybody say that as a ringtone for when I it's been goes on to say I'm glad I've experienced it but it is down and today he couldn't go on for much longer and the Mazie Williams who is. Mazie Williams and exist aria stark has said corporate shield her on doctor drew I'm not. And holed it's yeah. All right and then. She says I'm really excited for it to finish so there's time for me to do what ever I want it'll be nice to pick roles that I want to do you and consider this she spent. Basically a third of her life to playing aria correct got to be weird we see something like she's the Karl of game of their own fairness and can we not bring up Karl listen I'm still upset I am destitution. I'm pissed because I think the simple fact of the matter is is that they're gonna do some sort of swerve and I'm just gonna be like you lazy may have pieces of crap. You've ruined everything out you know don't buy it I don't buy it. I think there's going to be something they're gonna figure out some things like the thirty's cliff hanger serial they've already done enough cliff hanger things that I have no doubt that they're gonna try to pull some crap like that so do you think the alcoholic you like his dad didn't mad at the producers and treating at the you know he has bought a house thanks a lot like. I think it's a work I think you know here. They they have done some interesting things were they brought in other character or they brought in the same people in. Just to the shootings. Two. That I remember that you and me it's throwing their toys yeah yeah exactly they've done playing his stuff with this and after this stunt that they pulled with they need in bats from this season ending here says six to seven. I don't doubt that they have the possibility of doing any of those things in all Carl certainly if you're walking the characters he joked yeah this is a premiere and in my cat after you know like legitimately so it'll be interesting to see how did you at that I am excited to see what they're gonna do with schema throne but also at that same point. We have to wait to 2019 yeah style and camera GAAP gap because you haven't had time to catch up you can watch all of on high alert all their names you could unlock it or not I do. All right guys well until next time go see Winchester and seniority. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. 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