BJGN02-05-17 - Brandon Jerwa's Lord Kongo

Monday, February 5th

Chris answers your RPG inquiries with 'Ask A GM'; Brandon Jerwa discusses his Thrilling Tales RPG module that he has written titled LORD KONGO; and the gang discusses the new Mario animated movie venture and if video game movies are really *ever* very good!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf. Join Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can. Hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs. Ladies and gentlemen thanks a hole engines you are now entering the Jewish he's the nation. Yes. Welcome to BJ Shays geek nation and I in the river and inflate oh. Across from me is Chris walker oh hello joining us to date is brand danger while you can't prove not sudden. BJ Shea. Jolie diss and Vicky Barcelona are on assignments. With regard explained is probably. Hanging out on a beach indeed hear what kind of assignment of those three complete the other. And it's really good question. Chris I don't look at all of us I didn't go to BJD vision dot com contribute some or all of your social media platforms FaceBook its program what have you. Just look for BJD nation you'll find us. We're hard to miss. And brand and we talked on Friday about how you are a very accomplished. Writer. That's how you haven't written in the later scenes for comic. And you've actually done some other writing projects and as I was very interesting to me because. Chris and I both are well well deep into the world of role playing games. And you have written you've written an adventure. That I think is really interesting because it is are they really 88 rather larger monkeys. Yes that's true inspired by the George Michael song monkey. Come floored Congo now. I I can't write a damn thing without having an engineer traveling. Yeah raised my best friend. And third so it Eric lost some kind of deal like a monkey ball situation or whatever and nurture. Where he'd now is the editor of adamant entertainment which is Dyson paper role playing company a fine yeah. There's another guy named Garrett I don't know Gareth I just hear about Gareth I have visions of him like the kingpin but I've never seen in Africa so he may be an alias. Maybe Eric was Garrett the whole time. Bu I I seem him some templates direct so. Basically thrilling tales is the the RPG and it's it's it's Paul great is I'll say yes you know sort of thirties forties type. Pope with the yen may I might as I enter the monsters are right I have rocket attacks and and what have you end you know basically it's it's it's cheap it's digital only there there are like print. None home option CA I PDF and such I had PDF straight and it's fun I mean Eric appropriates an 81 or a module you wanna do giant monkey like literally you wanna do giant monkey. And yeah I got and I didn't end. It was tough rating for games is rated RPG stuff especially I found to be tough the a lot of words give us a lot of words and and that's encouraged where. With a lot of other things it's discouraged you know you might be brief little bits on there like pull up a lot of space please. And that's it's it's an interesting take on that because Chris it has been the GM for our star fund or campaign and we just finished one of our campaigns can be modules. And with star finder they do the same thing with pathfinder where it's. A mission but usually there's like six of them that kind of of god go together to create a path. And I know that you're running through all of the modules reading them and trying to figure it out so it's kind of interesting did they hear from a person who's been running nose and. You ever make your own custom campaigns I have done that in the past so I had and with him with mixed success I mean when I was younger. We we we would just played dungeons and dragons or gamma world or whatever laws and we would try to. We would play. Whatever module we happen to have beaten but he has since Hoover kids and relatively poor. We we sometimes had to make up our own stuff so we would with a teller little stories in new and a lot of times it would be very derivative of something that we had already done it. Guess this is something that I have done before but I've never gone to the extent to literally. Right. What amounts to a campaign and a look at this thing it's 41 page what page PDF and I'm living through here and only about two thirds of it is pictures so I think could have future. I loved by the way I I can't say enough about the artillery the name of the person who did the are working working its Cold War we lose gentlemen I don't know the way this is cold and I am okay. And we uncle we loved called we we see couldn Spokane every year great artists and into the shadow for dynamite. Has done other things if it finally nobody ever drew the shadow over all morally that I sort of guide him to me first offense and just the sweetest guy ever but. So. His stuff is in there on the arts side. You know air that a lot of us that juggling and everything I kind of handed you know. That I don't you know he's like I finally of people to do that. And then some of the material in there was written by injured police Gionta who is a filmmaker and actually houses. Auction on one of my things wow and so material that he did for another module. Sort of crosses over here we can get the content concept of the science city. Which is a big feature here and you know there's like. There's a lot of stuff and a little love and you know we I wrote a but I the ideas the lake you know the story pumps and you know all the the different sort of campaign ideas and it's a lot of fun I actually would love it if we could maybe do it thrilling tales gains don't mind that as a fine enough get trauma and in here to run it and so. And I just like I'm just imagining I mean I love trotman and I love him so my sister like he'd be punitive doesn't mean he helped lay up. Blake Wayne you sing curmudgeon. You really do think mark runner yeah but on that same note. Trotman is essentially I mean he's that he's or. I don't wanna say and as I can you might hear this and then he might just be speed data right for same site. But seeing him as a GM with you guys would be kind of malaria is from migraine became a personal that's a good when daddy ads that's my friend so where did you say let's first set of where did you even start I mean you were given the concept. Did you begin at the beginning or was just like the framework and then you feel about measure going along. I kind of went and looked at their other modules like no joke to see how they were structures usually you know I'm gonna after this term in this truck in the trunk and then. Then I just started writing and I a couple of times Irish covenant I said I think this might be garbage I don't know how could I get I had never written anything. Specifically. Like this I mean annihilate you walker in that in high school. We we got bored with the marvel superheroes system that wasn't enough fresh. So we created like a Gertz. Superhero universe and just made up our own characters yeah. And whatnot and you are probably very derivative but some of the things that came up in those gains and ended up putting a natural comic snipes years later. We got choked to answer your question I just sent them on broad and I mean I'm not trying to be stupid about it that. Well and it's also interesting because I mean IA does this simple fact that you started in comics was because you wanted to write a comic book and you had to look up. Yeah how to write a comic script he kind of dissension is due this is a lot of research at the very beginning just figured even the structure of it. If you don't know how to make a thing that you wanna make look at another thing and I guess Seattle right if I don't make it look like that that that's half of literally nothing better than living the there's a template and yes Fredricka I wanna make a cake well do you go to Kate looks like now we find that out first. She did not happen. So thrilling tales don't we'll take and I you know there on the the director RP GR a in a really great thing to look up to yeah yeah oh yeah I think I got lost on that I had not really I think I go to and as I was looking in my own release relates and the Dirksen. Yeah okay I was really kind of taken by the way I can have pretty much anything you could do is click click click and you're good you're. We do have a segment that we're trying to hit pretty often with mr. Chris 'cause like a cities are GM for star finder so we've tried to throw out some get some questions from our fans. And having east as segment called. Ask a gee am. And Chris yeah we do have a couple questions today and one of them is. From Jake Jake says. How do you incorporate dvds or worship being in campaigns. I'm trying to use that person's story and flavor but a lot of the times it just gets convoluted. What. Do you do you Fortis the with the key to incorporating the eighty's in and day and and gods and and all of these things. And and religion for your characters into these games is to use it that way you did as just. For a little extra flavor if you try and make it the focus of the campaign. It's gonna go off the rails pretty quick did it it tends to be. Very very difficult and a lot of times if you if it specially if you actually have. Obviously they're completely overpowered and there's nothing really going on with them and you can't really interact with a moment level. But what I try to do is they take into account. So. You come to me revenue say okay here's my here's my envoy and they worship whatever this. God is or there's there is a deity that is associated with with what I do yes I am. How to weigh. Play into that. Is it important so that's all we have to establish rebel renegade is how important is that peace to whatever campaign as your running and if and if you can make it interesting and fun. Then what you need to do then is sort of lean into that limit and say things like. Well you know you worship a DD who who prizes honor above all things. And at a certain point in whatever story it is you're running whatever campaign it is your running. You can make roles or even as the GM just randomly determined and pointed at them and say you know this is an opportunity. Your god is watching you. Don't make the wrong choice here don't mess it up and you can now sees that as a guide for. A lot of the a lot of them have alignment sort of kind of yeah it's like especially the dungeons and dragons and I million lawful good lawful people. You get a lawful youthful character first stop. Hopefully all of your characters just evil at that point yeah exact words a giant pain in the ass but you gusties as a guide to be like. Hey you're doing this being you believe in this it might not necessarily jive with what you're going. Yeah you don't you don't need to make of the focus of any story unless that's exactly what you're going for but. Keep it in the back of your mind do what I do I have like little two little cheat sheets with chest. Bullet points about each character and I say that OK you'll revs character is this kind of a person this is the alignment this is the beauty that they worship this is their focus. And I I try to prompt my players to give me at least a couple of paragraphs of back story Newton so that I can use that to sort of incorporate in and anytime something comes up. Where I feel like it can add to the story. I do. You know it's as simple as that and eve you have to think on your feet and sometimes he can plan ahead for something like that's Michael Campbell in this next. Chapter I'm gonna make sure the red has a moral dilemma and I might need a point in the literature via deity at that point. I have doubt and I assume you probably were on the set much earlier than I'm giving you credit for but I do have to ask. When it comes to having your your players give you back story can did you do that before we played thirteen page. Wait a minute when we played thirteen things I didn't know I was I didn't run that when I know but it was such a big aspect oh gain rap like that oh I wrote I wrote us yes I had I had like of short story about my character and I know but I mean before that were you doing that older player. Oh absolutely okay oh absolutely this is this is something I mean I've been an NG inning since the second grade and in the not well obviously back then but you know I got out of yes. This is something that I've I've I've done for a really really long time but you're right that that is a system that absolutely nails. That piece it's in it's really interesting because having played thirteen page and I've done it a couple times they have what it amounts to TDs and I can't script so there's thirteen icons and menu will have relationships. With we have three points that you can put into -- usually one in each and it would be like I have a positive with the with the empire I got a complicated with the drew it and I've got a negative with the litch king yeah you've got to work that in and when the biggest things in one of the biggest problems with that is. Especially with thirteen date which is by hands down one of my favorite systems. Is that the GM can get bogged down because everybody has different icons and you have to figure out. Well how do you incorporate these two make it interesting for everyone. Because you'll have especially with like even dungeons and dragons you'll have OK we have this you know god of war that this Pallet in follows. But the other person doesn't necessarily give two craps about that right Heidi you make those people care about that or how you incorporated entire story. That makes that makes everyone I care about the story. And that's and that's down to the to the level of involvement the players want to have at the same time. If your if your players are interested in rolling dice and beating a monsters then maybe you don't have to worry too much about that kind of thing but if you're really. In it in it for my money good RPG is a bunch of people sitting around telling a story written and if everyone's on board for that and they can respect the fact that you're going to be throwing these types of curves at them. Then then that did that's all you need to do that that writes itself yet you know you don't need any help from me. It's a lot of help when you get people who were on the same page sometimes people who are on the same page I think yesterday at how do you even deal with that because I've had some of those were on like a K people just wanna hang out and yeah drink and maybe not place so much and they're you know throw me. Like why are audited that in my while you. This is the story hook what do you want to do it around monitoring can have sex with you know Nancy is our prior like let's have fun time but I thought up a yeah historically how you kind of prod here. And those are the guys you really got to work with you know and that's and that's your problem of the GM and that their problem as a player that's all their interest in didn't you make it interesting for them. But you make them understand also that well it's gonna get in trouble more often than. Yeah well thank you very much you're welcome again people sinister name W dig nation and you know dot com putting the subject header ask a GM and then crystal check those out will ask some questions and that figure out all of those different things. Now let's move on and talked about some video game news this is thinner SE because. Raymond came in he says you need to talk about this I did I was actually quite surprised I didn't really think that you order a video game person I'll be on. Hold those regular to tell you are actually been purity have been playing over watcher and destiny. And my new free file name Friday the thirteenth oh have you played that oh my god one of my favorite things when it first came out was to watch people on twitch playing as they would. They would get into the characters and so it would be like the ditzy jock or is the valley girl and they laid. You could you have the voice chat and they would totally get into it it would be really great to watch him get brought up by Jason yeah it was a lot of fun so you actually. Ali I'm not not to disparage you by QR and older person. Up I don't know I may or may not have the twitch skills of a younger gamer how are you faring in these games that are all basically just for for pitchers with a control. Well one thing I do is play do not track because I don't feel like that would be a good idea now I'm I don't think I should interact with people directly in this incident certificate I'm okay I'm terrible and over watched thirteen year old daughter's been teaching ugly overlook that Jim Carrey character a guy like Manny. And I like soldiers 76 and I realize those are very common characters but I can't handle the ones who like their their hands pop open in the age you know like you got a hold of magic ball and and you know not 1 I am hi all I do you know mountain yeah okay I'm gonna shoot the crap. I would have pegged you for months of mean ran out of the gate when asked how pig you later layer so. How. The destiny I'm I'm finding my way around as loser bunker I don't OK I had to hybrid cars and went on how to play the site I would like to see a destiny movie. Lily yeah yes I'll sewage over watch parents I wish over watch had some plot I didn't I didn't and I didn't oh. Oh yeah yeah it's again it's no plaudits it speaking character go right shoot people and meg complete an objective and I know there's like story things you can the other slash video there and red -- I'm not I'm. I call them and health during a man and Ellison who. I. I like it. I'm getting into it slowly but surely but I wouldn't have won I wouldn't want anybody to see me doing well this is interesting because Nintendo has announced even you really wanted to meet bring us. The new mobile app titled Mario Kart to work. Now this is. Eight Mario. Act now do you Mario Kart app in this seems to be along the same lines as what they did with these Super Mario app. The one read just press the button and jump like not only Super Mario run yeah yeah yeah exactly. And here's the thing. The game is currently in development and were released sometime during the next fiscal year which runs between April of this year in march of next year. And additional details to be revealed later at this time. So all we know at this point is that it's going to be a Mario Kart mobile app that everyone can play. Yeah if I had the pictures over recently deceased relative on my phone. I would delete them. Two maker breakthrough well I'll all of he had no joke. Are you are are you a big Mario cart yet hearts TA to our guests are Dario Carter Kurt. Cart parked her car talk efforts car talk every okay yeah sure that's around and right everybody light. Now IA and one of the the purges like out last year was the classic S and if you got the one that no one calls and listening as that sounds like cat and disease did you throw in the content only and no actually I was fortunate to have somebody who stood in line up for me it was like hey I'm gonna get an extra what do you want it I was like yes yeah. Yes immediately. Mario Kart is one of the finest games even the old super Nintendo version and they've had done it. From the 64 I think this 64 was the one that blew up really big we used would you say it's the most fun a string of the most honest listen here in nerd the finest has recently been completely accepted along with Foner. As real English words not my America I can use more fun are now be wooden double up on it now our job. Fine and well moving on from that but more Mario news and this one is actually be quite troubling like I'm really. Into a Mario Kart game yes on mobile sure we deserve we're right up Mario is like a sex criminal puzzles and a homeowner deal or no no I really hope not doctor Maria who know her dad don't play doctor with Mario guys come on it's a new time in new age know this is interesting because Nintendo has officially announced they did a lot of announcements. That it is partnering with illumination entertainment to develop a movie starring Mario. And enemy to. Okay very different as well as illumination studios right now is the people who brought you despicable me in the Armenians. In RS TS knows this makes it. Okay yeah. You're a little bit more say now are a little bit more because. In my youth they had in not too much of my use but I think in my teens it was in the ninety's I believe 1983 who. The Super Mario Brothers movie came out. Starring in the I believe Oscar winning the Bob Hoskins and winning by then yes I'd Dennis Hopper. Which you may know from such pretty he's a speed. Handed John Leguizamo who has ruined every movie he's been and can have consistently airs immediately yes absolutely you liken spawn. No thought. I really I was waiting for a real life. Blake do you like him in this. Hello. Yeah literally you already terrible too long through thanks very yet another area yeah OK okay. And I think he's in a Spike Lee movie where he's not a bad okay thanks. And it's a nut yeah. Shall we had a good number of them are gone our Jerusalem here's a great summer's him. So Sam know he was hot trash in the Amazon okay I just they've got too far from the Dr. Seuss source material for me I didn't figure worked. So apparently yes you are correct this movie starring Mario will be an animated. It'll be interesting to see out how they're going to do it because. Obviously we don't really understand what's going on this point they made a bunch of announcements including the Mario Kart game for mobile. But it makes me think it's like half bitten. Good videogame movies because here is the issue weighing you would think that media gate like a you would think that there would be a world that possibly something good happen that you see the Mario movie and you like I'm really excited for this even as a teenager now that when I was fourteen years old this is going to be the most coolest thing ever sorry again butchering the English language. Com and then we get. You're the most stupidest person record we get the crap that is absolutely 100%. The Super Mario Brothers movie which Bob Hoskins said before he passed that it was the worst thing he'd never been a part of it would take any other questions about it. And now we've got. Other ones that are not. One we have we have this is creed movie that has Michael I think the fast spender in any dad Michael fast Bender is an amazing. Actor who should for all accounts have made this movie great guess what. No no I don't know any video game movies Chris can you even think of anything that might work be worthwhile. For this the I cared a great deal for the first. Tumor in yeah yeah okay I really liked it I think they did a great job Angelina Jolie was everything any leader to be to play Lara Croft. That was for my money one of the best video game we let me ask you this please. I have because I can't judge I have very limited exposure in this regard although I have played hamburger and amber is a big good Tomb Raider movie or is it with just a good Angelina Jolie action movie and I think therein lies the problem they didn't lean as much into the video game aspects of it. As much as they wanted to make an adventure movie with Angelina Jolie and here's the here's a here's an IP or to tag onto that being said I kind of like the new Tomb Raider trailer. Looks potential. Yeah it has potential but so did also like pirates of the purse showed it everything's yet the Prince of Persia move with Jake Gyllenhaal as a yeah. Now little white washed character on the outline I thought that there was going to be potential with assassin's creed again because I get updated graphics the fact that you can pull off a lot of really cool CGI stuff now. And they took it in a direction that that would be really cool. And then you realize no it's just hot trash and it almost seems like they're trying to capitalize on it. One of the bigger movies that got a lot of press and something that I personally shuttle's loved was warcraft. And I'm side he'd yes exactly I was expecting you come back raving about that thing anyway is. It was the avatar of movies visually beautiful story was basic. And I just didn't DA into it at all. Is an avatar imovie and therefore is an avatar the avatar of movies okay I'm hands of video game movies yeah pack all the time nobody like yours in order to save playing your media ar board game okay how how share the gas with no love for Mortal -- I love mortal combat actually I'm glad you brought that I haven't watched it since the ninety's. After I watched this second wind and which was well. A sequel if you have Christopher Lam bear was unconvincing as a scotsman and Highlander. That's where I play an elderly Chinese men and Mortal Kombat. The role he was literally not born to play. Christopher all of Bear's always have been interesting to mean I he was he was it horrifying as the raid didn't. There's a lot of fun parts of that movie down yet but essentially. I was not really down for it as much as maybe. Other people. Sure the hand that you're street fighter movie that was that was so bad mess and part of that. And both the lord of the movie is a little more heart warming because it was rolled Julian looked a little last yeah and you got escorts and hug and managed like us those argued yeah. But at the same point the reason why he did it was because his kids really wanted him to be M bison and it is so he did it for his children. He can't blame a guy for doing a movie even if it is an utter train Iraq. With again miss rolled ms. cash on Claude van dam as the American soldier and he doesn't even bother to try any sort of yeah accent or anything. Man. And making me think grow Juli that these kids aside and and he said. You'll remember the day that I played them by some as the greatest care your life but for me at that it was only Tuesday. Doesn't he says something like on the marine. I would probably anywhere else village was completely put it out of my mind that this is is that your recalling not anymore his lines from from a movie that I've tried exactly lakers had blocked out yet so we'll have to see how this works out I have a lot more faith now it's an animated movie gets out and hopefully they can just give the voice actor who does Mario. Could it be that it has BLB finally there's do you want Mario to have a minions level of saturation in the public. I think it already does I think he Arnold. Like already there really have we grown to hate air because. Oh you hate him and I'll with a fiery passion. OK well don't want to want to wait and see FL they can get to that level free view. I love the minions personally view the same another story though they're not pieces of cheese right now there have been hints. This even and a banana. Cuban and the same and analysts is that your criteria for what a bananas rams why I mean if you could self identify I think you're pretty good yourself at that point here right here yeah I it's not my job to judge who they think they are they and is mostly dancer retirement conventionally you know. Thanks for bringing Alec back he had figured it way back with Chris walker I know other video game news thing that we're further back. This is very interesting because I've going your way back machine. You guys did you ever play diablo yet the video game OK well David Brett Vic V creator of diablo has created. Or or unveiled his new project which launch is actually it's out now in closed beta. This is first team and it's called it. Lurks below which mixes elements of diablo mind craft and a little bit more and will launch on steam later this year even though it is in beta right now. The game will feature what a lot of people like is the Indy retro aesthetic. And now hopefully they're going to be they have a stream event that is happening happened last week he could look for and find out. It looks like it is going to be the first major release of bread accents 2013. On his own one man studio gray beard games now. It looks like ace side scroll or it's got that. Sort of weird eight bit like I said mine craft as static it's like a darker to aria. Is what I'm seeing and so I don't know anything about her aria where is the the TV sets earlier. Mine cracked out like literally that's your elevator pitched OK okay so it looks like along those lines yet and say it's called it lurks below I have to assume that they're going to have some I mean. From a man who made diablo it's going to be dark a little a little creepy. And makes sense it's always interesting with all these retro games a lot of the times and not necessarily down forum. But at the same point also I will spend a million years playing you know final fancy three on my that's net classic it's yes it's so I to see how this works out I'll be down for interesting if anybody is interested in this game if you do pagan airport he do get in the beta I would love take here. The comment any sort inquiries reviews about it let us know about it I've been digging nation at Again that we if just search for BJ she's geek nation go to beat seeking nation dot com for all of the information and time. And until next time yeah its. Stay nerdy aha. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW dot clubs.