BJGN02-07-18 - Comics & Video Games!

Wednesday, February 7th

Scott from Comics Dungeon discusses the titles he feels are worthy to grab from your local comic store; Rev, Chris & Brandon Jerwa discuss the best Batman animated films; and Mike Robles discusses Dragon Ball Fighter Z as well as Monster Hunter World!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf. Join Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can. Hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering the Jewish he's the nation's. Yes welcome to BGC's Keith nation and our and the reverend it's played out across from me he is Chris walker yes hello hi Chris. I we've also got joining us. He's just gonna make fun of me butchering the English language again. Mr. brain in your lifeblood of that eighty podcast today we're gonna talk about it that you're a little later. Let's in the thing you know an irregular. Geeky things this is normal people actions talk I'll stay an area everybody though right now are stuck in a press conference mr. Huckabee to get all of us people can get all of us are going to begin each nation dot com ma. But also. And that's the first initial media platforms Facebook is to Graham all of that jazz just look for BDV nation. You're sure to find that's excellent and today is comic book day it's Wednesday most the comic book releases are out there. They branded low don't you have a comic book a collection that's out it. Well it is some installed a few years ago so it is out there probably ahead at and in bits and pieces in various recorder been stoked. I do have my liberal omnibus. From dynamite. It's only forty bucks so I don't know why you're quibbling about the price get to. Yes get one for all of your vampire needs. Troupe known him know that that's exactly it's prescription book. But it's a prescription who has been. Another person who we have on weekly is Scott from comics done and for yeah. Here's one of those people and now he's amazing and he runs a great store in Seattle call while comics dungeon island that's irrelevant and he is giving us a list to some of the titles they he feels that we should pick up Scott from comics dungy joins us like. Every comic book day well most Wednesdays at least Scott how is it going and doing great routes our first thing I wanna throw out to you I know it's been a little while but I wanna get your reaction have you been able to see the ant man and wasp I trailer yet. I just hope this morning and I have memos on my favorite movies of the year when it came out so I'm actually kind of dirty jobs for this one's. It looks like a lot of fun and I really loved the fact that and Evangeline Lilly has some action scenes right out of it. This looks like it's gonna be it's gonna be as much fun as in man was before. Absolutely and it really don't like combat with the Pope. I'm circus act outright I laughed out loud at least they're kind of keeping at least a little bit of the Edgar Wright buys because of that the whole train scene in the first wind with the eighty bead toy train was definitely cuts from him so I liked it I just think that they're keeping it lead to some of that funded with debt. Absolutely let's talks some comics in you've got some very interesting ones with those what is this monstrous. So monstrous. This is the nobody nobody really river the trinity of the talk sort of image comics she's you know hog and you know defender hybrid dog did you talk about both of those half. And monstrous than in the other superstar it's. Maybe not quite as well moaned but it's certainly have the numbers to support it there's just this amazing high drama he's. Stories but. Will this political. And social issues there's there's slavery in their classrooms on the turnpike. But what made you more important is there's. Several reasons of furry here are creatures and cap pirated there's little bought food. This capital multiple payrolls let's talk arm and com news stories written by Marjorie knew who actually looks young maybe should not peaches. Over on the East Coast on a university. Up amazingly well written a book right up there with the surrender and clog in the only about. But the art in this news but again just Abbas for our solitude. He go to cannot sorry. News just amazement she got to Tokyo. Our our our news. Are you disturbed that pages after you're done reasonably good just there's just absolutely gorgeous and as equipment you know because of downloadable hi I gave us and it kind of coming back into with a monthly news or bi monthly cycles don't. Excellent good let's elect a fun thing in anything that has already been regarded highly and you look at you know if it's one of the top three you're gonna understand how good it is especially with the other two to BJ like you have said has been talking so much about how what else do you have for us. Well what happens are available from image are it's from the pop cull our group group saw chemical which play well you don't have. She's also a little bit of a divergence from from. Our movement violent if you will care and the and the the and that with a bit more of you know against social conscious most. A and a issues alone in this case these highly advanced race that would appear gone like to. Two lots of earth plane actually have to come to earth and emerge with your leader in order armed. Continue to survive their planet has gone to war or wow we've sources have been gobbled up to put interesting. Situation but it talked about. Possible that there are those the purity when there's that there's these are our record our call partial and then there's the school bird true are that these human and the dogs aren't perfectly good. What that's what's called the zinc in total ticket and had a and that so you can help us to read. Bleed clock salute those people but all of the polls. In the community in society and it that you see how they struggle with each other I'll lose resentment for one or the other and are again another gorgeous book are very usual put all cal but definitely. We're checking out our says it's probably one plan under people's radars. I love it because EU and you get to expose. A lot of our listeners to things that. They may not know about but things are some very interesting I really love the idea of monsters and this one as well. And finally this is kind of us something that might be interesting for BJ because he's lament I've been lamenting the fact that. The fantastic four has been broken up for a while all of them out or not doing their own thing. And now maybe that some. Thing is going to be changing. It certainly feels like it the other group our model to a more on which are the throwback to the somebody's land are the same. Have a in this case is slipping in the human torch out of a fantastic four. You get to convict him on doom in the past two and you know the boys club been in the army. Obviously are of our great crowns with one of the best part about the relationship. And you just the lewd banter and expect for their ads and they. And it's. It it's it's it's awesome to our better than the are going a little mission through to find read ensue in the kids and that. Don't know where they are but. You know just just seemed to go on a question about with a shared mission and our job he's done some challenges to the powers to me he can't blame mom like he used to play Monica. And this happens all the someday. Yeah Middle Ages really are the best and superhero should not really be that different even though gosh since I think Johnny's bananas Tonys for like. How long now but the at all I couldn't we all. But I don't think it's a great look it's it's it's it's fun and lighthearted but it it it gives you hope that we can cue the fantastic four are together as a team again and no as street. You know look marble and talk to do these do and all the things debate they're doing now together have been made in her perfect sense to bring them back into the hole. Yet you really hope so because I mean that had been the rumors of the fact that since marvel didn't have the rights to the movie version of the fantastic four that was maybe the reason why. I don't kind of went to the wayside and it's interesting because yes they are basic it's like they are the founding fathers you know the foundation. Of of Marmol. And it's sad not to see them out they're doing the thing that they've been doing. And sticking them out in C you know we know universe building for for their for the kid goes. Is kind of fun but I wanna see everyone back together I wanna see the family back together. Yup I I'm I'm with I'm I'm I'm I'm excited and as we all know what my top one might talk to say that mobile bookshelf right now so subtly look at chuck. Awesome thank you so much got against Scott at comics dungeon where can people find if they wanna series some review questions or any just questions in general. You've got undercut placed their core commons and a dot com or seaports to create our board. Possibly be some mascot. Not from that we have I have an article from I GM and I thought this was interesting because it's not necessarily comic books but it's comic book movies. And it's the list of the best and man animated movie titles they made a list they made no latest in as we know from our mr. mark raw nerve lists or be gassed. But we're still gonna talk about them anyway. And I don't know how deep you guys are into a lot of these in light of these movies. On buy it. I know that's in a couple of I've seen a few haven't seen nearly all DC makes. A crap ton of them and yes movie truth absolutely so get your thoughts and some of those as well afterwards once we get to this list because I know that you talked. A little bit about some of them and jerked me wanna bring them not knowing number ten on this list his bat man bad blood. This animated movie earns a spot on the list because it's simply hard core and this action packed film has seriously impressive fight choreography a solid focus on Batman and supporting cast and even. Alfred gets to throw some punches. If you want to enjoy some brawls and they spotlight on the cape crusaders allies bad man bad blood will be worth your time. And I mean here is they're showing I can see night wing backed girl Robin in. One character that I'm not too sure about so will be interesting to see on that one that's actually seems kind of fun on that. Number nine on this list is. Bat man oh I believe that character is back wing old bat Wayne Ellington. A lot of back characters on thing. Come on that now the next one on the list is Superman bat man Colin apocalypse. Colon apocalypse I'm in an opponent and Apocalypse Now. It's not get better now. It's I hired by Jeff Logan Michael Turner's comic book storyline is animated adventure is technically more of a Superman has super girl story but it deserves a spot on this list for one simple reason. That man makes dark side. Concede. It's an entertaining movie that's packed with cool moments like eight jog dropping final battle and that meant taking on apocalypse is forces. But the focus on the dark knight's tactical mind plays a key role in the story the fact that it is Kevin Conroy voicing the world's greatest detective doesn't hurt either. He ice I saw him do a table read at emerald city comma con a couple of years ago and he did. Hearing in person it's so strange because you just see. Any voice acting work it's always kind of strange to see the people who were he to do it again but it still come is such a commanding presence. When you see that it's always interesting to see what they're going to do when you have a character like dark side who is. I mean essentially he's you know apocalypse panels however which we wanna put it in the marvel side and you know we were powerful there's always chemical when he Tennessee that sort of thing. Number eight on this is bat men return of the caped crusaders. This is the outstanding. Missed all Jill light hearted romp that is. The animated escapade of the late great Adam last. Voicing alongside Burr or any jewelry Newmark gay. They going to say this is a no brainer for fans of the classic show and it's so fun that Amy back fan can appreciate it even if they haven't watched west series. A sequel featuring William Shatner as the voice of acute phase followed this failed I didn't know that Elian. Well a total stamp of approval on the east build those those sixty's Batman movie's fantastic. Now did you liberal they're not from the I mean yeah I'll have to imagine that you did see the original Batman sixties moved here OK and so does this one really kind of feel like you would be in place within all of that. I'm good good okay nice to kill her if they're gonna number seven back another Superman slash Batman and coal and public enemies. Inspired again by Jeff slogan this time L Ed McGuinness is story arc in the Superman Batman comic this film is popcorn entertainment at its world's finest. With Lex Luthor as the US president you have little to quilt on the days swarm of villains and even heroes going after the cape crusader in the main is still any Kryptonite. Asteroid public enemies is packed with excitement while also shining a spotlight. On the friendship between DC's two most iconic heroes Batman and Superman yeah plus it's got bad man beating at least Shiva in hand to hand combat. Who commentary and I'm not trying to be cool but this is just a sad fact that I would palmetto bush and I. Own this movie I've never. But up until Blu-ray Evans chair I never watched it ever did you purchase it or noon in Cuba and to me there. It for a different yeah fortunately Kevin Conroy is back in this one so I mean now you can I go back Dino that you have a good line on it a couple of these at this bullet. I'm not proud of that the next door on this one almost jeez almost looks anime as are looking at number six his bat man Colin. That's assault on our come. Colin assault on our from. I'm ankle in its opener from a mile from the isn't columnists all your first person shooter game to have I think that's name that I used to dance chair well here I kept in my villain named is that the black fog but I do call the soul of our hands and be checked it. These suicide squads live action debut was met with negative reviews and very mixed reactions from fans according to IG and thankfully task force Texas animated movie got a ton of love for both critics and fans also according to reality gaffe on actively. The team's mission forces them to break and our commit slalom and it's not long before Gotham as protector who is again voiced by Kevin Conroy. Gets involved bat man's famously accurate enemy dead shot is the lead in this movie but the caped crusader steals the spotlight as he takes on the entire team all by himself. It has some other pretty great moments. All in all the movie is a total blast. Number five. Batman year one day here he needs us having. The animated movie is incredibly faithful to be Frank Miller storyline that redefined the Dark Knight origin and right Jim Gordon the Gotham city. Bruce Wayne's transformation into the Dark Knight and Jim Gordon struggling with these cities corruption as wells being unfaithful to his wife. Makes for a gripping and matured tale. Let me tell you why it's awesome OK I think an Obama in his voice by Ben McKenzie who is now James Gordon on Gotham. I knew I tell you. Director Gordon is voiced by Brian cranes I do see that red flag here's an all here's the all star voice cast frank Cranston Mikey said. Eliza do you chew. Huge coup Jewish and coo Dirk shoot who we are who I do not like she's not mad in the us through Katie sack off Steve bloom and then also Ben McKenzie if you sit that's amazing yet. That is really cool it's really good I know I have not seen very many of these movies at all like I did I'd never been anything that I had a lot of love for you but. This was fantastic race that should be number one refers on yet. Well can't wait to see what four. 321 arm because it's an may have issues. Number four is bad man Colin the dark night returns part one and Teemu. I've heard from period they say this is a mandatory view being and for it because well frank Miller's the Dark Knight returns is often called one of the best comics of all time. And it's and ready to part adaptation does it justice and then sad it's it's night. Broken into two movies to ensure that no major storyline was scrapped adaptation features Peter Weller as an aged bat man in a story that's one big love letter to the source material. They say the stunning melee between Batman and Superman is extended in the plot with the Joker who's voiced by Michael Emerson. Doesn't watered down the clown prince of crimes of war two ways at all. It's a brutal battle in the picture they show of it shows well it looks like the Joker with his eyeball. Poked out with a free batter and universe that's exactly anyway it. The Dark Knight returns obviously isn't for the young wings but is a must watch for fans of the critically acclaimed comic. In yet it would brutal I don't necessarily think that that is it's a secure those. I'm number three Batman beyond the return of the Joker. Now let's Gooden months ago and I miss them and beyond and this is a fun one too because it's Kevin Conroy reprise is Batman and mark Hammel is the Joker. My camels jokers Soviet the best Joker and who do you really think he's just so hot right now is that as I the best of voice to Joker or the best. Joker all. Wow it's Campbell above all. The journal one. You know you don't agree. I mean yeah Heath Ledger I don't have strong feelings either way on them but that's a bold statement I think. Camel earned the camel and well taken in in the they say if you're a fan of Batman the animated series and or Batman beyond and you haven't seen this film yet what are you waiting for. Its own thing but the truth yet. Number two is bad man under the red hood bow and yet in this into it to Iverson's when faced Dunn judge Hilton winning women nick when it. And it Doug. Main key I think you know. This enemy to clash between the Dark Knight end the red hood is unforgettable and never fails to in thrall it prized because of its top notch action sequences in the personal struggle between bat man. Any new deadly vigilante in dot com. Odds are there revealed the red hoods identity won't make anyone spit out their drink but this movie isn't about the twist it's about the bride in the in it is all acts acute it perfectly. Bruce Greenwood is playing Batman and Ed Jensen Apple's is the red hood and they do an amazing job selling the characters they character driven dispute. And John DiMaggio is Joker. Wow John DiMaggio as Joker. Wow my money. Brenda is not wrong about Hamels Hamels the great and he is the Joker. John DiMaggio as Joker though you've got experience I need to watch this is so are you interested to hear I mean. He's done band here he's done adventure time in he's just like. All of this crazy voice as he does I can't envision. Him doing the Joker yeah I just seems so strange to it by the way that's done moment. Not not toward me and he I don't understand the word and I trust him because usually he dissed. Well thank you very much so proud that the credit words of the corrections nest. Now a number line we have some corrections to the sweet. Never won I have to imagine that everyone knows what pisses. I know you and I haven't said it and yeah is a classic animated Batman movie file Yucca do what that I have seen myself as well your bat man Colin mascot the fans has come. You don't you don't have to think Colin ranked. To the annual buddy when he does scenes seen the welcome I'm enjoying it. It's not animated movie that was made for home release but it thrived among its home released it was originally designed to go straight to video and not including it would be blasphemous they say it would be like not having that Joker in a best Batman villains list. This is the definitive bat man movie. If you somehow managed to avoid any significant details about this film trust a single watched as soon as possible especially if you love the animated series and I definitely did I thought that was one of the best series it in the ninety's. Hands down like he was that yet and late out of all the cartoons out there like Batman was only one that I thought was like actually serious. The act's main cartoon was pretty close but he had to have some issues with that in. The delays and if you ever if you're ever interested in hearing about the back story Beckman cartoon there's an article about other you can just search for. That is a great read out by yap Batman the animated series. It took. All of it seriously. Yes fine yes and it's something you never expected. And you know I actually it's on chairs of this before but I didn't actually love Superman until the Superman animated series which. Spun off out of the bat man more or less you know again to expand that the whole Bruce Tim universe. I didn't really give a damn about Superman until Latin. It's always interest you think of it that way tail and a so you also had another animated movie that you that was pretty cool. I got I got honorable mention it's not a bad man movie but Justice League crisis on two or asylum and he you know James Woods will have opinions how did you ever yeah he is great in this us alma and he's just cold blooded and he really gets into the character. It's about the you know the crossed. Dimensional version of the Justice League. The injustice gang and Justice League and leftovers make it at one point but not it's been it's tastefully done tastefully done and and there's a reason or are punctuated throughout and that they're likely ever crosses into our earth has closed come Wear them out like terminator are elevated. That you need to explain that because that's not necessarily so yeah it is an early on and it's really great ton of great voice actors and really nice back in moments and there but it's not a ban in movies or doesn't. Actually belong in the slips this list of from what I've seen this list now that I'm a squabbles oh. Could you know levels like I don't know if you guys know announce our I think will then we will move on because Michael Robles is here to talk some video games you welcome back has no I would like this. Because it is the best segment of the dishes geek nation well thank you very much and am trying moments when M when we can make you Warrick a mall for it and it's I'm always happy when you are here because you get to play all the video games that. Most the time I'm just watching on twitch. That would isn't necessarily a bad thing now I have a lot of times I wanna do I wanna play all these games and I just frankly don't have enough time duke. But you have seemed to manage even though you have a child. Any busy life to make it happen a I'd I don't like to sleep and I love I love sleep because I mostly to men and that's usually the reason why blasts a little video games some like well. I instead get like four hours of sleep if I play until this time so we've got two games a one game has been out for a little bit. I'd dragon balls the gap yet sold and I am co who put out. Tech in seven let last year and it was announced hole caliber six later this year and then they're they're making more awesome fighting handling partnered with the group behind the Dragonball series. And they made Dragonball fighter easy. Also known as DB FC DB easy when everyone GOLF Magazine and it's a three B three tag fighting games similar to me Morris cap comes here all OK okay you can use your assessed but it is. Insanely. Animated it looks like you were watching in the annum and that was the thing I was watching it play out and I swear to got bottles watching cut scenes. Yes but it wasn't it was during the game yet and then that's what's so crazy is even the intro cartoon they splash an element of game playing and I was like I don't know if I'm watching game playing or stuff I enemy before this intro. Between whenever you tag and knock out the other person there's a great animation of the two players come in charge that each other you know that's a that is. Austin super moves that we know that the collect destructive finish is in this is giant and animations of like world's blowing up in south and it's it's it's so beautiful so pretty. I'm someone that hasn't actually watched any guy mall. Which is crazy. But the story in the in the single player mode. He's easy enough that anyone can follow and ultimately completed and understanding get a good sense of what's happening and how many characters are playable homeless guys aren't even know there's a lot. I can't because there's like I think it more coming down the pipeline would like the season pass oh my how case as a season pass with Dayton yet if you by the day one version. You unlock three right or are you like to right away and that's VG to angle who in their super same god super saying in. Varies. I know that Faith Hill and say that and we both laugh but this is these are storyline yes benefiting going on for so until everyone else who is like really into it are you just like click like oh yeah I know it had their like or rather I I don't get why it you know this has so I love playing this character young John people like I don't know why young child can go against against Regina and like. I don't know either but he can hold on I'm talking about fighting game yeah it is a fighting game. It's so you've got you three threes that awesome tech system that happens is the nice thing about this game I think what they've done really well that. Is there are auto come mostly due cannot turn off. OK so you can just continually spam and so this game rewards a button masters. But the same time rewards of the technical players that can deal with that but masters and learn to punish. The other rescue at this game is. Every characters move Clinton move set is relatively the same quarter Sokol forward quarter circle back court press a button. Seat that is the one thing that I love about a lot of the new crop of fighting games there it's it's an ease of access for the casual player. Sure if you're able to go waning deep in my back I mean series have gone back with like Mortal Kombat 20 and you can learn all of the different moves sure you can completely and utterly destroy a person. But at this point you wanna make it fun for all people involved in Plame because you have fight nights yeah where you bring as many people who want to show what. Play any game everyone just sits down he play a whole much different fighting games but you have different levels of combat mission there you've got people who are. Train did you play in some of these drafts or I dearly and you got people mixed in who are over casual like myself when it comes to fighting games so having that basis and having that that that that entry level thing for that is really good for a lot of these games 'cause it'll bring people want to play it in play it often. Yes and adds it it definitely goes into that space where if you want to learn this game. You can do extremely well and it's so deep and so technical even though Iran's move sets are essentially the same there's so much to learn. There's so much to continue to. And it's is gonna continue to reward those that want to get better at it. Or like this and you'll fight night and come up play and hasn't stupid fun matches do you see this as being one of those possible. The matches look amazing is you're gonna get to watch these incredibly hype looking matches as well nigh so what do you play it on I plan on the Xbox one mom official tournament. You know console cozy like go go pro is an imposition for okay anti competition for Xbox one and PC are excellent thank you so much of that again and now this bonus fund because. I was watching a little bit on twitch and I couldn't necessarily grasped the concept all I saw was one person actually went to like about four or five people. Fighting a giant dinosaur path and this is monster world monster hunter world also want underworld wants underworld. Is based on the series a monster hunter games. That were primarily on the PlayStation series family councils follow and this is the first ones brought to Xbox one. Because I play all against an Xbox one and and it is it's that you're going out to you word behind him monsters here taking bits of monsters and creating an armor pieces in crafting weapons he can use a typical giant like dinosaurs and jaw as a sword wow so. It's got a really deep character creator. And I and again going into this knew nothing about the series never played in the originals. It's incredibly beautiful. Eight you're on this show as it looks as though beautiful you know it's got his very legs steam punk he pirate that's cool vibe from the very beginning. And did its legacy of those early in their care creator you treat yourself and you create yours if you plain silly little key. Seeking create you know damage Carl or frank from accounting yet I don't customize their ear shape their tail shaped patterns of their like the length and thickness of their fur I saw your tweet about it at about how are you and your wife word quote unquote playing yet Diaz says that we played about two hours and I was like wait a mere phrase that she spent ninety minutes Macon Mike Carriker and our Katie and I spent about thirty minutes in the editorial I think that's not. That's how long I adamant. It what is the game play like 'cause it looks to be not. Like an MMO but more along the lines of like a left for dead sort of sell it not quite thinkpad action RPG with like a little bit like a dark souls five all right you're going in your finding giant monsters. And then I see let this game is that they are they its its online you can create a section could have up to three people joint UFO OK okay before you. Working together to take down the T Rex if you play solo your kitty joins you. Com idol one civility from her iron on Hamas is the other things we super name. And so that's that's where like that the world aspect of this this open world sort of thing there's there is a big story line and and in their I want sort of big final giant monster box that you're sort of gearing towards okay come from what I gathered so far. But it's it's it's gonna it's big giant open beautiful lush greenery and scenery. You're taking no monsters. How do you feel about the replay ability of this do you think it's gonna have a lot of replay ability I think so I think the open world aspect of its well he. Keep people coming back you can choose which quests you wanna deal okay it will help a bro you know were trying to complete a quest if they have and the like are reeling in helping Ellis monster like let's go man oh that's a sign jump balance due this the other so that is awesome yeah. Thank you so much Mike and again you can find him at everywhere that you did hear him talk about business as the microbe was everywhere. If you want to get a hold of it was us here I can find him I mean he's he. Our listeners readers alien leader yet alone I know we have you'll never go don't need a bit green and well then it's a nice time just stay nerdy and your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to golf joined. Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of so I fly a key culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot clubs.