BJGN02-08-17 - Special Ops - Winchester - Cloverfield - Altered Carbon

Thursday, February 8th

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner, Chris Walker & Rev! They discuss the new Deadpool 2 trailer; Mark reviews the horror movie Winchester; the gang discusses the new Netflix show Altered Carbon; and they review the Netflix movie The Cloverfield Paradox!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To don't join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our PCs and video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Club house. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chased each patient will keep nation special ops. The people not listening to this podcast are un American. And treasonous welcome your special ops. Briefing takes the briefing guess iRows marker honored this week. We look at Winchester altered carbon the cloverfield paradox and we take a little bit trailer trash. Let me introduce the humans in the studio with me we have the reverend en Fuego at the controls and nothing more than asleep on Chris walker right. I think you viewed more than a sleeve yeah I am a meat popsicle the end. Hello boys I'd tell people hunting in touch with. If they wish to do you say 019802243353. That's where you can send a voicemail or text message it sends email BJ geek nation to Find us on all social media just by searching for BJ Shays geek nation. Or odd going to be big geek nation dot com to buy an old episodes contact information and that ever present more feedback. Give us your feedback. And I we in bill we like it when you ask these questions that we elect when you leave this readings on. On your inner tubes on the introduce iTunes Lewis thing of I'm still trying to go copycats of people I think. We humans listening to the show may not understand that you guys start your actual data. Many hours ahead of when we record this. And in fact. Before I've even gone to bed and I quote yeah so I just really I look at it both Chris and I since we do carpool we get in about 4 AM. Which. Yeah I'd spent years been epic and bag you do not. So there's always a little bit a little bit of adjustment here. This weekend I'm going to be I like comic con in Vancouver Washington the other Vancouver. I have been kind of am not gonna comic cons for awhile because I've been slacken off on the comic work for a couple things coming up and wanna were artist friends as you don't want this year table so. If you're ended in Vancouver this weekend's stop by the table say Heidi I'll sign a book for you if you want some abuse I think I'm good for that too pretty good at that James Franco's gonna be there and and his hair and he. And is a massive haircut definitely been and Neal Adams that. Deep Roy from start raising Libya every one more famous in the is going to be there I I'll probably be seated somewhere near via the bathroom. And I've said at least three or four times that black Panthers coming up next. Michael for 2018. Start to read good. Huh. It's not this week. It's next week in his next week I promise were relieved the full rundown black panther. Next week while we're still all pain relief from the screening Crist you're gonna be my day yeah Hank snow okay. Other just also for we get gone. Of the half dozen freelance things they do running these guys because you have normal civilian staff jobs yes. I do commercial voice overs. And I went on an addition I don't usually go on auditions are usually male to man in the and they tell you if you got the job I really human element. Nice thing you can do about it and then pick a brother while he's downton. What was there was always down when you know exposed to pick him don't take his side against me you're don't applicants host. I think it's like going for one yesterday. And it's of physical like cattle call audition. Where I it's like for some medical things and I've got the rolls up like sat in the hurt shoulder. And I'm teamed up this perky young actress who peck. Barely could be old enough to drink could occur if we're supposed to have this banter is. I had a miserable miserable hangover because. I didn't know that I had my edition coming up and I had stayed up late. I'm drinking the night before of course and IA I just switch hands. Walk up and check my email and bad. And and it's my agent emailing me here you'd be able to make this an eloquent our patent yeah. Yeah oh god I don't I go in their. Would this steaming hangover just feel like the lowest. Trash on earth because I am sad and the York. Injured left foot and sounds about right info area for the roles at least and I got to make banter with with this eager pretty young at actresses like. We're doing our readings. The cruise director and she's trying to make eye contact with me and really can contend you've got to have it. Is so I am and the director keeps saying that the girl give your directions are okay when he trial like this do this you think you're good mark. Mike and lions had enough shoulder for you to. Complete. Let's so what they've got out of this on the said car ride home was number one. A drink less than number two. Things like this are wide drink. Which I don't know where that leaves me at the without quite apparent all right let's say got some trailer trash. Blu-ray alert to riot and show. You may have heard there is a giant. Sporting event this week. And involving. Men. Wearing tight stuff slapping each other on the rump. I didn't watch that but there were affected are always a lot of brand new trailers the drop during that. My favorite of all of them was Mission Impossible one because we're so close and action junkie and that. And that just spiked into my you and a blizzard part of my brain the response to that stuff that was a Scientologist joke I don't the other the other favorite of mine was via. Was though Martin Luther King truck. Commercial can't control. I wish him pinned that thing in the worst case they've seen of my adult life outside of the president and that was a beer part I don't know. What the person was thinking of who develop them. But I hope there may enjoy a second career some day soon. Yes but wait you have rev is what I look up to this morning he asks quote this morning and I think. Brand new trailers for Jessica Jones and dead pool. I was born in new. Don't think it's got to understand. Retired new concept and this is John Rowland has the most cable you know there. OK. She's yeah she's. Have been deadlocked. In the actual act. Why why does the fact that it's on an alarm he's got a good arm removal marked asks. Do we go home. On cable and I'm so mustache you're markets. It's a hilarious slam met at a Justice Alito is amazing what they apparently had the dead digitally removed Henry cab pulls mustache but it I badly. As I was insane view before we started. I for some reason is don't like Ryan Reynolds may he's too pretty medium jealous I don't know but he must love Ted Koppel I just think he's killing it in the dead cool stuff because I love the breaking the fourth wall I love the humor and I cannot wait to see this movie. I am so excited because I've stated this a billion times on all the podcasts. That. Where's Panos is my favorite villain of all time cable is my favorite hero and literally Josh role it is playing both of them. In seeing him on the these small screen on this on the trailer at this point. Yes yes and what how big is the poster pin you have on your bedroom ceiling I don't. Have a poster on the ceilings so glad I didn't have eight in a commission from one of my art friends which is. Stay with broad as panels and cable then I'm going to blow up in two giant poster size I can see the little animated hearts emanating from your head like MBS and I didn't get when Todd drives up the news in a muscle car yeah OK Jessica Jones. I don't have that no key dopey. Well let's move on them. Winchester is in the movie that combines two things everyone should like. Number one Helen Mirren humor to. The Winchester mystery house in San Jose California has probably heard this also yes sprawling mansion with. All the odd ball wounds and stairways and nowhere that the wife of the Winchester rifle guy and under constant construction. On the turn of the century movies at nineteen a six. She had this horrible guilt for all the deaths from those guns. It is a tourist attraction of the Stan I've never been there have you guys been there no I'm urine tested approach as a single I'm dying to go there because I love a real world much Cobb mystery stuff that that crazy people do. This movie was not screen. And I check my email and the only thing that audit completed as I type in W lion was. A Winnebago I was looking on Craig's list I was struck out thinking about it on the road with my cats can't do is just like Steinbeck in travels with Charley generic guest Winnie Cooper in new and spent. No Luke illegal please Annie out how to go press screening per Winchester bad sign in that. Doomed look and 12% rating on rotten tomatoes. But I'm a professional and I care about you. And Merrill patron saint BJ long ago as we keep on top horror films also the trailer looks intriguing I had to see for myself. You've got a little bit of trailer yes eight clip talking a little bit about it. I mean doctor. They're almost 100 rooms in the house. It's easy enough. That is a really really big house and they're showing an overview. Shot it's. And it's the real mansion. It really did this and remains a shot at the real thing I'd be exterior. The actual interior religious dimensions would be incredibly difficult to. Well that explains a lot that'll talk about what they're getting lots of what's a servant what horrible circles. Unusual. Sir suffers from arthritis this next climbing stairs manageable for. The house can be overwhelming to keep. Yes. Well you can see why people aren't. I let out plus there if they only include the male voice you heard I was Jason Clarke he was and one on the planet of the apes movies and web announced Zak Penn and he's. He sort of baffles me please psychiatrist who's approached by a big week at the Winchester repeating rifle company to evaluate mrs. Winchester who can. He's played by Helen Mirren she's who isn't. Old woman having a house 124 or construction he was John Connor in terminator Genesis very well remember yes to me RJ and I'm a get double thing with a weird leading man. So if she's got this construction going on in this house a quarter century after husband died. And she can't be seen if she's doing all this right and if she isn't the Winchester people can seize her controlling interest in the company. And rake in all that money for themselves. I'm going to theater I was listening to a radio show that had a psychiatrist as a guest talking about evaluating president comp did you know there's no standard president who has access to a launching nukes have to be done. But there is if you work with nukes. So the psychiatrist on the radio I'm on the way to show about a psychiatrist evaluating somebody see if they're fit. Says there's no way he'd approve of trump to work with nuclear weapons if he were say a military officer based on his alarming behavior. But since he's president. They want everyone they're up there you go I. The guy sorry that was completely relevant to the Winchester movie were reviewing right now we just weren't paying attention anyway. Clark psychiatrist characters tortured with grief of his own and it's a lot of them addict. Note to self. Must try large number of death. What follows is a lots of exposition from Sarah Winchester about why she's doing what she's doing short version. Each room is for someone or guns of killed and she wants to set those spirits free. Be lots of jump scares lots of jump scares many jump scares cheap technique over used. Seat at least one of the ghost is pissed enough to possess mrs. Wentz histories Q grandson and make contrived awful things both homicidal. And suicidal. I wish I could tell you all the other critics had a wrong on this one but not this time. The only real mystery would this movies how someone could have screwed it up given the material they had to work with it as such had done on every level. Not the least bit scary is oracle. The characters are to go to care about his psychological thriller. I was kinda interested in it just from the perspective of somebody who will never be able to hook for a house and I. How humble guy to clear the cinematographer leave their bland Jason Clark just baffles me is a leading man. Even night statements about gun violence are weak when it Dartmouth school shootings every week yet to get too edgy on that front. They even flew to skimp on exploring that house. Oh. That's care staircase to nowhere again and again if it. And like we just said they shot with a real house but apparently not the interiors that the perpetrators who wrote and directed this of this spear Reid Brothers who recently did the jigsaw movie. Guess I don't need to bother catching up with that one man here's your pull quote. Winchester was quote inspired by real events. Unquote. Sort of key in the loses possible sense. The events that the movie inspires where a lot of people check in the time some dozing off that is the other four people in the theater which takes. And number of people going straight home to dig out the legend of hell house and haunting or even those god damn paranormal activity movies for something better. End of pulp will wow I'm I'm. All right after the break. Altered. Carbon and more cloverfield. Welcome back special ops Mark Brown here with the reverend quake zone and Chris walker I want you guys to talk more this segment. Over the weekend Netflix dropped a couple of in house science fiction titles worth checking out we have altered carbon which sounds like. Cap come arcade game from eighty usually we just imagine the buttons to punch the other guy altered carbon and the cloverfield paradox which had not promoted at all I get a text from you well during the game and politics in fact not only was now watching this super Super Bowl. I was listening to an intercept podcast about CT injuries and reached its commitment football he screw those guys aren't our guys 100%. But they just abruptly announced in commercial during the Super Bowl and that this paradox movie was going to be available right after. So no promotion no months of trailers and anticipation just boom. The stuff about altered carbon first you have a clipper yes. One thing I can promise you. Coming back from the dead is that pitch. Every single. Time. Well can see you out Chad man that's actually completed your prison sentence. He may notice you are no longer in the body you're ranked him. Now they have paid your debt to society you have been raised sleeve tomorrow available inventory out prisoners. He may still confused or less strange after. You're not supposed to be here disorientation. And not visual and auditory hallucinations that was anything low grade amnesia aren't normal. It don't wearing this orientation law answer all. Your question and so what life. Altered carbon is a ten episode series based on books by Richard Morgan. And based on the comments I read on line if your fan of those books you might be a little agitated or I didn't go into that baggage I never will read the books from. The peaks that Netflix had shown it looked like they influence of money at someone who really really like blade runner. So yep it's a future dentist OPM detective in the war. But pretend this is an infomercial way there's more yeah I impact I found myself trying to count how many different kinds of genres this thing was. Cyberpunk a little matrix the taste of that Tom Cruise are due tomorrow reincarnation movies some. Wire fool action and on and I miss typed and wife who but I don't think that that's necessarily resonate because the new genre arrow out I think there is a little bit of life food in the marine as well. So all the carbon is a big kitchen sink of a show that sometimes seems ambitious and sometimes it seems like a crazy mess with. Terrible dialogue terrible and more than its Fisher sub par acting. They must have recruit directly from that source shoulder commercial an if or. Thanks. But I held my attention so here's as much to the plot as I want Elliott. Sometime in the distant future were introduced to a blonde jock bodybuilder guy with the improbable name of Takeshi co botched. And it's one of those names with two different S and ethnicity is it reminded me gold Bugs Bunny cartoon. Where he's an opera singer named Geovany Jones here yeah anyway in this speaking future. You're consciousness can be group preserve gonna stack which is a little disc in your neck. And your body is now called the sleeve and a person stacked can be moved from one sleeve to another especially if you're rich and wanna live forever. As opposed and now when rich people live longer because they can afford more nutritious food and some health care on one of the characters says eternal life for those who can afford it means internal control of those who can't. A little on the knows not much of belief I'm OK when it. We need you money Jones I mean Takeshi covad pago first when he's an Asian body builders that's in it's kill. And then when he's the blonde guy played by dual cam and you remember him from suicide squad house of cards and killing. Correct he's been in suspended animation for 250. Years in prison or whatever the hell it is. Kovacs has brought out of it by a super rich 1% are played by James pure Foyt. To solve his own murder pure for his murder. A back up of his consciousness is in new sleeve slash body I think what you're gonna start time up their sleeves now. Whereas in Seattle sleeves to cats and her. Don't the one thing I like about this is they the one per senators that you called are called Matt's never met through solos which is like probably the only time you ever hear a positive connotation with the word math. Well in your title of France and let. Poletti you know you're zero point if you just drop in this halfway there's going to be so much you're jerking and OK you know what the hell cat are you have to watch the first episode just to get that does the verbiage and you gotta be. Pay attention because there were parts where I would like. OK I think I need to go back to previous episode because they. I fell asleep watching it last night and so much of it you can you know anonymous and you cannot I can't cheat on this and so okay there's your premise and I nearly dropped it right there the first episode Kovacs isn't remotely interest to many thing. When he wakes up 250 years in the future wouldn't you be and if you were Asian before but now you're a white dude. And this is so annoying he'd rather pass on the job and go back to eternal sleep out just out of sheer excellence. Take the job get on with the story Jesus Christ I quit wasting my time but things get weird or soon and even a little hard to keep track of like a civil body swapping. Note to self be really careful. Who you have sex with. In the distant future right ED there's some surprises. In this solve this first episode title is in the first episode keep watch at home my goodness so plain nudity on that note female and male and by. Plenty of dirty talk and a good deal of violence so what I'm saying is. Watch it with young children there you the kill the rich guy plot has plenty to aggressions most notably spending time back with covad his previous incarnation. As an Asian guy who has a name is William Lee. He's trained as a super cup and winds up with rebels. Also. What happened to the blond guy whose body cove matches and now. The sprawling novel that might work better and come off less is just unfocused and too long. He winds up this. A search team along the way he's got an A Iowa hotel which presents itself as Edgar Allan Poe which is better and funny year and even more interesting than it sounds right now it like the first scene we see that I didn't realize it was Pau. Which makes it even greater now. But I. Fully enjoy that entire scene the other states of it seems like it should be cheesy but it's one of the most enjoyable parts of the series. Female cop who does a slash doesn't like him you know how that's gonna pan out again I slightly hope believe that who has to be convinced to join in during the team through. The couple of those getting the milieu brawls you've seen this report to them the show runners late at. Hello greed is sort probably couldn't pronounce that Rick but she was also. On terminator Genesis. And that movie wasn't too good at all. Altered carbon isn't too bad at all especially if you're just reading site fine neared with a taste for like all your favorite stuff smashed up in the one big picture rush Ebola. Acted largely by people who don't come off much better and porn stars. And no storm workers is not in the stormy Daniels is not an area we wanted to whenever. I. Would you guys think. I eighty I only watched the first episode then I relieved by my along the lines of you would see something like Lord of the Rings as high fantasy this was high side by where the scifi essentially is just magic. And you just have to essentially go with that. I thought it was cool that it was sort of a Russian nesting doll in terms of time travel because it's in the future movement not and then suddenly it's more in the future. So having that the past that's still the future. And then more future it was kind of fun to kind of look at in sort of try to experience a whole different world. And it's really interesting to me because. So far they've alluded to. Other planets. Which is cool because suddenly see there's this great big world out there but you're just focusing on this one area on this one small story which keeps it a little more grounded so it's not. Is that so far out there that I've tuned out until interest and see what's going on yeah I think it was too long. And they should compressed it and just made good detective. Convict more of the through line but it. What everyday foods Dodd Netflix is shake taking chances Chris walker yep you largely where Star Trek clothing what are your opinion of ash you know as as as a straight up scifi I mean NAFTA after given credit for for taking some chances but honestly it was so dense. I didn't even get all the way through offers episode really yeah IE I need to go back in and try to unpack it a little bit more and see you back how I actually feel about it but right now I'm not excited to continue on this thing. It was able to. Food too much interesting mixed to positive let's move on to the cloverfield paradox. What do balls he waited drop a movie minute teaser trailer all lamb hey here you go. OK another installment that you weren't expecting at all and then cloverfield franchise in two hours before here's the premiere at literally the first time in adolescent got to watch this with the wife he's like I don't even know this was coming out here and nobody knew now and by the way cloverfield was a franchise have. Shahak. And talk. So to recap we cloverfield way back in 2008 a decade ago my god world who've I was a found footage film with a giant with giant tight you monsters. Shaky cam for those who look down who are little not just one of those in the room. Then we had ten cloverfield lane just couple years ago smaller scale but thankfully not found footage. Young woman being held by a guy who may or may not be crazy in a bomb shelter because of what we now know is a giant kite who invasion. Here's a little bit of trivia for my MTV about cloverfield paradox. The film is. The third installment of JJ abrams' cloverfield series however it was first supposed to be a movie of its own called God Particle and a during the war against Russia drew American astronauts find themselves at stake. It's the equal who's writing this crap Frye and the people and I find themselves in order today. What I don't collect they followed by the fact that earth has disappeared in the Russian ship they're working ships trying to make contact with the any copy editors. Anyway apparently was gonna be released in theaters when Netflix body shots and extra scenes defeated in with the cloverfield continuity. Here's the basics you got this diverse crew of astronauts they're set up in the space station and all last ditch attempt to solve a planetary energy crisis. With a risky futuristic device thing imaging. Some goes haywire big time and they're men earn a different place where we are impossible stuff starts happening to station. To the crew and rev you have a clip. And anti copy. Go to potentially huge party suits us really didn't end notes call the sisters assembled. There's absolutely no guarantee an executable folks who is expected everything that comes it's not taking anything. What else life support at 74%. Mean how does try this back up temperatures all over the place isn't nothing has been until Monday night get a hands on and a beautiful songs. What lessons to help themselves just as long as students and advisors out of town business and it's. It was some kind of my phone Jewish me that was a malfunction Q. Frequency emission control. Can't find anything. Weird the earth go home now. Also record that was our offense and you were trying to read earlier era into the fastest in the wrong part of the unit and don't blame the victim begin. Have a big really impressive cast your. One of the voices you just heard was Daniel rule we recognize from the alien as stand. That one show and one of those Captain America movies. Also you've got Elizabeth did the candidate who you recognize from the ninth quarter from guardians of the galaxy two and from being in this is Ron. I know tons of cool people missed that for such a beam movie it's got Chris I doubt it's cut to Daniel yellow and just losing easy you just don't have been movies NG. Absolutely absolutely other critics took a giant steamer and on the road feel parent giant steamer I think he got like 20% on Ron tomatoes and it might be lower as we speak negative but I thought this was just exactly that it was a respectable little bee movie was not a blockbuster that's going to be when your favorites. I was happy to spend an evening with a season. Very things that don't make much sense and have been the truck all that up not to slipshod writing so much as the huge rift in space and time it takes place because this this thing vibes a little bit like event horizon a little bit like alien a little bit like pandora many but he remembers and dorm yes. A wanna open this up to their discussion but not knowing the background going into it I was fine with it being another in the genre of space horror body count we are dimensional crap I didn't mind that seem tangential to the giant cloverfield monsters monsters or just seem like. It was broadening the universe and establishing the degree be different and his stories and critics who knew how always made though they I think brought that in their reviews. I founded in gearing kind of like an old Roger Korman move recently so I took this Russian space moving shot some extra scenes in the read dubbed it. And I think Delmas voyage to the into the universe that's a real movie. I even like it all the actors are pretty much slumming. And that's saying a lot from movie from the factory of JJ Abrams the man who ruined star tray. OK let's say you what say you know I love did I lead because it expanded on V Kohler field a story line the arc and whatever the universe on that eight. It gave more questions and gave answers breaking in a context for the other movies. Which I thought was fantastic and I thought it was great I loved how they decided to use. Actual technology nowadays that is out there and things that are alike. Lake worries. Because of the they expose and from the isn't concerned soon yeah and typical yes people like freaking out and saying it would open a black holes move in the fact that this is now going on I thought it was curry we got to shut that thing down Darryl ray. Did you catch it oh yeah. Oh he well let's hear I love that I loved I loved this universe and I think that it's great I want more stories in the universe and I like how this. They they set it up. To where you didn't know for sure is hard like a timeline from movie to movie to movie like you don't know where each one sort of takes place and you get the sense from watching cloverfield. That it's the beginning of the invasion if you will and that. By ten cloverfield laying the aliens are everywhere they've taken over. Now we get to cloverfield paradox where it seems to be up creek. Well but also a different universe happens and there's this other thing but then also aligned in time because there's the man who have matched up. The first movie myth we ended the does the particle thing goes off and it works perfectly Palin yet when you sync them up. Like there are some subtle things to this where you can add one point I wanna take all of these movies. And just figure out where to lineup together like dark side of the moon in The Wizard of Oz okay I'm never gonna do that but I am constantly well that it's there their. Okay well. That's an exhausting amount of material for one show. I swear I swear to the nerd god a bit next week should we will you have black panther I. We'll see an extend was not a mark on her special ops. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.