BJGN02-08-17 - Yukon Salon - Dusk City Outlaws

Wednesday, February 8th

Rev & Chris Walker interview David Fooden about his game Yukon Salon; Rev & Chris interview Rodney Thompson about his game Dusk City Outlaws; Vicky talks about the app for Potion Explosion; Rev drops some Star Trek knowledge; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc blow outs. Ladies and gentlemen. Geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay chase TV show. Welcome yes welcome to BJ Shea scheme nation I'm a reverend Fuego. Across from me is Vicky Barcelona and Chris walker mr. walker led Atlanta hello hello everyone else is on assignment doing all the fun. Well I'll tell us I hope so all right and today we will talk with a man who created a very hairy gamer. You'll also be talking more than another person who made a game about how plots in the crime keepers that they do. We'll also have BP chief of the big TV picky. Couple people get a hold of us. Looming get a whole all of us here Webb said to gonna contains all information dollar podcast center. Fool me G patient dot com you they don't listen to us on ideas on and I go not just on your phone are on the computer earth. Just tell Lexus. Search here don't freak nation easy easy yep you can light a front face to to secure leading JP nation council follow us on Twitter means to grand. Graham the fatter duel with cards slow here Macvicar carts. Sounds like a weird chart he had just fine happy digging nation Graham. Percent of its excellent choice plan one Amy they had to do point 3353 make enough son Anthony nine BD each nation at and don't forget YouTube dot com slash BG nation are. Adds yes and now we're gonna get right into these interviews because. Billy and a pair of really awesome people who are creating some really fun stuff we're gonna start with a man the first time I met him one of the many conventions he attends. He had an ax in his head because it was for a game that was called oh my god there's an ax in my head. But now he's on he's moved to the UConn. And and now he's got a game called you console on a very scary game. David student how are you doing today sir. Her record senator beer. And so it tells the people a little bit about this card game which currently is on kick starter. And have first off congratulations because you have already funded and others more to go with it but tells a little bit about this game. Thank you. So there you go farm to be creative. Quit playing games skirt card gift Q4 players. You're playing a stylist. Up and he proves inter Korean movie you can't Wear your clients are of course a grizzly bears and Schlumberger. I'm lumberjacks won there appeared dialed in just the bears' locker hairstyle. And that the east county not a creature can be used to either seek you give us a boot flawed hairstyle to a lumberjack beard or some kind of curry he wears down on Pablo bears had. And water very unique thing about it is if you're not able to us get the rule he wants to could mr. aren't the first look at them. You can actually do better role playing kind of talk them into giving you another shot at a they explain why a particular bear might want. This particular look or oral literature. And I love this game because. Like I was talking about the whole my god there's an ax in my head visual aspect that you gave when you work up promoting the game. There is a definite visual and artistic style to. You console line with the bears in the lumberjacks in the wonderful hair styles. Where did you come up with this idea because I have to say it's astounding. I think. So I area who is. Figure value of those will beard championships while the others are happy they are those crazies out there you're. Our secure OP Mickey game evaporated Qatar built my ideas about what peculiar to have a countries currently putting her own bit to be a different day that you used to starlet and how would you score it. It's sort of brainstorming in writing down notes and sketches and I Jenna down the title idea that your dose but not the greatest title but it should have a guy. And seeing it written down in our in my hand out like oh that's not the orchestra seat at him as productive hairdos Kellyanne had a beard is that's. It's very hairdo that's cool area for hello I guess. With with this seeing beer drinker who are problem bears have public I got I have proposed diesel game out of those with a and it became this. That is amazing I just love that because this is a really neat game. It's it's not necessary along play game but it's it's good for all ages how long did the games normally last like 1520 minutes or so. You have to get managed to reverse that you bring it to players probably about ten minutes I would for players who play you have to talk that we get a quick game it's. It's meant to be pretty fast playing it or Boca will be a play at the beginning and he mile at the beginning you're into the you know take bring it so. A convention live and play and I'm finally ready particular starter. That's a general chairman and speaking of conventions you recently were just at packs south. And they really gave you some really awesome accolades. They did it was big news wonderful yes I get into the people talk indie showcase to pack counselor reports eighteen every year that they bring in immediately gives us a boost basis. I have to be to load the commendable Griffin yeah it was really great reception people kept coming over those console warning demo to lose the wonder hope it's soft. But yet tonight that's silly people there really enthusiastic very ruthless terrorist heritage. Very gratifying when you hear you working out something for a couple of years us. Hero through obscurity to kind of you know refining and Buick I think it's pretty good now. And then if people come in and control slugger was whose printer again. Dan is this says something that interest you if you want you help helps a lumberjack with their beards or some bears with their hairdos you can go to kick starter right now just search for you console line. And I did mention that you guys are funded but there are always these stretch goals the first goal that you have hit makes the card stock a little bit better but you've got way more going on along those lines don't yet. I do it is so give you a group of renowned ordering the healing it sure didn't the next churchgoer can be custom type. Nice is going to be putting a little Barry mid or low one in a public based contributor next would face which. Work really well see that's been the music critic of the game. And I discovered quote back from a manufacturer couple days go to repair our that we Buick or is arguing that. And then the next church go after that I really excited about. Is it really putting in need booklet it's 32 page booklet fifty kilometers south of meant to be beat. Because I was instruction manual. And let us to. But against the authors actually reading a little little paragraph right up so little chilly with a must file to. You know what are the things very you do that you're covered selling your client to meet stopper like this be great because. It'll hold a lot of soup or it'll act either way here. You know whatever and I and I personally cope with a weird creative so it but there's so little give people server jumping off point. For those files. Have got to really cool. Guess golfers coming in duper other other game writers or authors who. What comic creators I'll be I'll be hiding out more low on the computer was to premiere report and a. That's awesome because I've also noticed that on the kick starter if you're one of those people who love to back things and get those super special rewards. You've actually incorporate a couple of tears that if somebody wants to put out the cash for they can actually incorporated themselves or maybe like I left it out because it's a picture of a Pug and if you're here if you could give up Pug a hairstyle. Just do it like if you can afford that go for that but even at that point you've got other very affordable. Tears for people who may be I wanna get a couple a couple of bum for themselves and their friends or even if they disappoint you one copy they can do that a very affordable price. Which is really awesome in the in the days of with kick starters and I know it's like BJ. He wants to buy every single games are making one that's affordable that's that's fine with very visually entertaining you've got the perfect package with is David so like congratulations on that man. Thank you thank you can and if people want to search you out on the social media and ask you any questions like that working they do that. Oh I'm on FaceBook and Twitter. An insecure am although I'm I mean it's again not much. But it would restrict your theory or you you have you also go to T. The future preach cut that beat hair color. And we got you come salon dot com set up. And right now that three director Richard trickster that out that's all the action is hurdle that the overall develop a little more. Awesome David thank you so much. Barbecue again check out you console on I've played it I think I blast from a planet was at ETX last year he had that's what we played it. We we end of only four yeah yeah yeah I am I knew I played it and it's it's super fine it's really it's good for kids as well it's going to be the artist create yet bears get lumberjacks and all the different they're reducing answers the a blue font on a bear. This is now thank. Moving on from that into. Not as a ridiculous but still really a lot of fun if you like stuff like ocean's eleven and more. Well Rodney Thompson has the desk city outlaws. With us today is a man who has a wonderful pedigree for creating games and now is on his own going out there creating his own game in his only world. With us today is Rodney Thompson. And you've got desk city outlaws out there and kick starter right now. I tell us a little bit about this game because this a really really fine. Yes so it's a game where you play a band of thieves and Ayer mass insanity city I think like wrestled Dennis but on the skill of modern day New York. Anti brought together as a crew to pull off a job of that might be a guy store along Conner or something like that inspired by. You know TV shows like leverage or movies like ocean's eleven. And he brought together you go with the plan you ground in the city and put together via plan and you execute it. And they think this sort of unique about the game is that it's gonna come of the big box set and it's designed to be pulled off the shelf simply be easily so if you have a game night and you wanna play RPG but who's really prep work. Does city outlaws is the kind of game that you can pretty easily jump into on kind of a moment's notice so everything you need to play it right in the box. Guess that's one of the big things everyone wants to in or create their character into. Whatever setting they're doing especially with like an RPG. In less you have like a million pre Jay and he's got a new wants to be the DM all the time a lot of times it's really hard so you just kind of taken all of that instead you need to worry about that so much. I tried they had basically the way character creation works is that you have two different cards that you put in front view they come from two different stacks one is like your cartel that the organization that your end of any other you're specialty and that's when you do on the job. And so your character is really all about the combination of the two so you might pick. This one cartel this really physical in British indeed they resort and viola a lot you might pick a special leave its. Like a Europe both Seif a pickpocket back and think and then the dog do you figure out what is that combination BTU. And how they're different from the futures in the different cartel are different specialties so secure creation so I think it's super super fast. And then there's also some campaign rule this world it'll come with the game that if you do wanna play it you know on a weekly basis you can't get that long running satisfying storyline dealing their cool. That is amazing and Rodney use binge indie gaming world for a long time. I do how I want you to tell all of our listeners the some of the things that you've worked odd because the list is extremely impressive. Oh thank you yeah so I got a start freelancing a long time ago four would do the coast. I worked on the Star Wars role playing game target action product line I was the lead designer on that. And then I got to work on dungeons and dragons just addition I was part of the core design team for fifth edition throughout the entire design process for the record books I've also designed to board game so I would which could learner or to water the entire dinner dark. And the upcoming for what scheme from Penny Arcade and loan shark games. And now I actually work at Bundy underestimate. I always. How many chasing you allowed to debut for a long time and I love that you care what your own imprint on a lot of establish worlds but now you're doing something else with kick guy with dusk city allies which I guess it. Is up on kick starter right now. It's getting close to funded now but of course you're gonna wanna hit that hump and and obviously you'll have stretch goals to go along the way. Earlier what made you decide that you wanted to you know take that chance and go out there increase your own world. Well you know a lot of came down to I've been designing is professionally for about fifteen years now and I always working on somebody else like PR game or idea. And I really wanted to do something of my note just you know I'd like to have that created it should I wanted to to make somebody in my I don't know I had this. Sort of confluence of different ideas that all came together once and which you know I think there's a game here when. Good trained people you make this real they got there simply testing in it it's seem to have legs. And eventually had to say you know I would do this thing I wanted to do something that's a little bit different a little bitsy you know moved outside of the norm for the fueled up RPG industry so that's why what would this. Like big box set that's pull off the shelf pretty easily. And I says you know I'm gonna I've got this vision for the game I would put it out there and see people like get and that's what the kick serves all about basically saying okay. If you think this vision for game is in the cool thing Lin helped me make it real because I mean like I gimmicky game what do you make the game is finally log but gotta have to go can be manufactured absolutely and that. Yeah I gotta say one of the things that I was able to sort of five pick up from watching live the video in your trickster page here I was really impressed with the end the deed but I dice rolling system success appeals area that you got going there. That's something. Pretty unique coming up I've played a lot of games several lot of dice but I like the I like they have all percentile and then the the extra bonus successes and failure or situation you talked little about that. Yes and it came out of my desire are what have they really simple dice resolution system for likes success and failure. The media is easy to see what your character is good at on the fly you not talk move about character creation earlier. And I wanted when you set out the table if you look at one of those character cards I want you to really easily be able to see what you're good at Seton kind of evaluate what these different characters are all about in a really fast way. They also look when your player wanna you know like hey if I try to do this and what might sort of chance of success and there's nothing easier to understand at a glance that percentages strict when I just went out Cubans just been merely understand that. But the thing is a lot of percentile systems struggle when you have like bonuses are penalties are different target numbers are awarded to take that Al entirely. And I also got inspired by a lot of the symbol driven dice systems like an affinity like Star Wars game. But you're really great job of sort of turning a bad die roll into a storytelling opportunities grape. And so what you sort of conflict like I wanted to be either read at a glance. And also I want that sort of variability. And storytelling opportunities that our role because. If this is gonna be a loop for a game more than it where the scenarios don't have a lot of dramatic twists and turns in it. That's got to come from somewhere to the dice are gonna carry a lot of that weight so when you ruled the place you got your percentile dice that are just success and failure. And you've got your prayers and challenge sites. They come in to when you have positive and negative circumstances. That give you that diversity of resulting TV that chance they like okay. Not succeed on this rural but I rolled a drawback what does that mean you go to work with the person running began to figure that out. And I love that hey I love a good story telling Damon anything it. Conserving courage that my players is gonna be is an NBA OK in my book I think right now. Yeah I call it kind of a streamlined narrative dike system because they really only has. You know percentile dice prostitutes symbol driven Dyson there'd be a pretty lean but you get a pretty wide variety of result thing and you get things like. Yeah Alicia Craig over there or cross were okay well you know it's dark and raining soon add to challenge licensee role that altogether and boom Mike and all the sudden you got a story. Yeah exactly so a lot of things that's so great I just eleven days of hearings just the way you've been able to do that and it really seems seamlessly at this point. For people out there I mean because board games have really. They have I've really gotten a boom Lee recently. And especially with the kick starter games this stuff if somebody wants to go out there and they wanna create a game what is a piece of advice that you would give somebody who just came up you know like hey I've got this idea how do you why implemented like what would be like the first thing you would tell somebody who and comes to you and says I have this game. We know aside from just saying like yes you should just do it right what's the best way to do this to do it very. I would say get it to the table playing a fast as possible if you got this idea for a grand sweeping epic game that's totally red. Let's start by getting just something playable the table even if it means just pre generated characters and a core resolution system. You know we are working on DV fifth edition the very very very first play test of what would eventually become do you be fifth edition. Was an adventure that I can have to have roots. This deal to run it. Possibly to creating characters that were just made wood what we kind of thought a character should look like there were no classes or races or anything really at that point you just like. Yep here's what a final character would look like and we can win back from their reverse engineer okay how would we have gotten to this point so. No getting at the table right away getting click testing there's no better way to make a game real than the start playing and start having fun with it because they're not gonna hook not only knew then. But also other people in that are gonna wanna help you make your real. Has some really good advice Rodney thank you so much again check out desk city out lies you can find it on kick starter right now Rodney where can people find view online on the social media and such as they wanna get a hold of you and ask you some questions. You know the best way to do it are you good to be web site that I've set up for the game that's dust city outlaws dot com card you can also catch me on Twitter my Twitter handle is in period in the ranger stuff. Star Wars expanded universe sure for. Awesome Rodney think you so much many good luck gonna kick starter they like at Ku Li. Thank you so much Rodney any area to play that game as I love the fact that it's an RPG that you could you legacy style cap com buddy everything comes in the box and those guys like you said amazing amazing they look so great have definitely check that out that one I believe is close to funding but. You should really get on this one it's going to be one of those that you're gonna eleven few of these type of game what's that website again wrote that website is kick started off. I'm saying but also die desk city outlaws the DOS as well just under a desk desk city recently moved into the Gabby kind of just like a business one we you're stealing. But who do whatever works let's we're gonna remain in remains of the you know what I would dusty city LA resident and return remains very very cool look and before we get to the GG there're couple things going on first off. Mickey you are really stoked about the fact that a game that you talked about on the show now doing the app to treat. Yeah I needed now addicted to this gamer man did I kayak back. And adding I think with crystal me like oh crap. There's at half past the half half half half half and I got it and I've been playing it nonstop and so. Pretty and so perfect and like I'm trying to finally gets an audio like seeking here at the game it's just it's. It sounds like journey Harry Potter world's only really boomed. Everything your new waning and seeking choose the person you want you can play you with the computer itself up to three other players. Easier heart and it's in kick Manson. Our Nevada and then that's I. I was with what I know these were vehement and this is a game where your looking to make different types of potion and he has the alike. Marbles yeah there's a little ones are showing the marvels are the ingredients and then from there you you pick out the potion you wanting you start kind of filling out to the oceans. It's very funny in real life and it's also very fun in game farm. But yeah that's Honeycutt here despair. Ruben. It's very beautiful it's not just like a crappy little aren't. You know man amnesia and the aides spent a lot of time even like that so each ingredient is different thing like the yellow marbles are late fairy dangerous. Right after I had my say like the smog Farr it's as one of the other ones yeah parts of the every Chinese click on and are you headed so they goes in here potion or move it around those yeah I makes a little fired up is that's basically can't hack it SS. Sure that I really tough hard on the brain are and may plumbers it's so I didn't come more than you you know adult here I guarantee suspending up most of the dollar two dollars. It is warning that paying. Sting you know what that's acceptable lightning fast anymore on games he you know what it is. I went around as much as I really late group food on my like Super Mario run being like ten back CF. And it still I'm about it. Like a I feel that for like a board game like this yet. Paying five dollars is acceptable I did with lords a water deep yes and I mean I know by the expansions for that's lab all of that on the the expansions and prosecute him was like 45 wasn't it. I don't know I didn't pick up content I am really really love. Wandered so docile and yeah that bad a price tag it really is not all things considered for for and its quality in the you can play it sounds like Blu-ray or read through some kind of connection when Bluetooth other people is he an app player of the people that can't I'm not a Smart man. But you learn the word blue in them yes they do. Play you can get that at your Google play store our air iTunes. Market. Yeah he's. You know running for iPad as a wallet to kind of ocean ipads within our area since the determines the pats tough thing and many other one of the aisle ways you could possibly pay for this game would be a credit card. And if you're like Chris. You might wanna get a start trick credit card but load. When you do a great thing where it's almost losing their notable Star Trek credit card yeah there is going to be a series of four Star Trek themed credit cards do this fall from the NASA federal credit union. These cards are gonna be part of a credit card program that will offer unique rewards of Star Trek merchandise and experiences. As well as the benefits of the current NASA federal credit union platinum advantage rewards credit card program are leasing NASA or not Nassau. And ASA fuel. Or zest and the NAA doesn't always nice city in the Bahamas no no no no no it's the it's the people going in space the server using yeah. And here's the interesting thing I'm not really nest is necessary should necessarily sure comes. About whether or not EU had to be a part of NASA in order to get this card. And so I know that you can go to NASA SE EU dot com slash Star Trek to apply for the cards. I would definitely make sure that you could be a part of the pretty new for you can get on the thing I says I have the same put a lot of the credit unions are. There are opening their doors to yes like I mean I'm a part of the Boeing employees credit union and I am no part of bullies there were gambling and I or. But now a lot of them have opened up their doors that's or things is definitely check that out and see that something you might be interest today and I do this because I know. Chris is very interest and in it some of the some of the cards one of them shows the such. It's looking to bag the page here you've got the the united federation of planet's. Logo you've got blueprints for her to be an XO one NCC was 7010000000. Point 701. Then you have a wide shot of star fleet academy. And then on the last one which is probably my favorite when you've got the next generation. Communicate or bad smack dab in the middle of the red field with a black bar about that before golden pitch is your captain scarred people. Yeah yeah dad. Hard car I love to hear yeah they are the theory you know right there yeah now in Africa that though it's definitely worth picking up bigger fan and you are able to do so or the very viewers may be just scanned these in then just glue them onto the top of your normal card launcher that'll work just fine. Totally right have seemed legit laminated all right well now it is time to get to fool us. Lucky she twists Dickie V. When he got forest Vicky some big news my buggy chase hit me to a couple please don't through. So we did talk about how runaways who got picked up by who is so get going to be a series so all this time had been waiting since high school. Has been for something no matter how you. I look at. I'm not disagreeing and I act in BJ the addicted to the series did he slowly you reading along and I know him on TV shows so I think he still on and the third book. In and they recently just announced the actors were going to be playing cloak and dagger. Which I don't I don't really I'm not a percent sure if they're going to be part of the coolest years or not but they didn't make an appearance in runaways I can totally see then Canon. Doing you know crossovers very much Ken lay and I'm really an act and I in early actors for cloak and dagger gonna be Olivia holt an opry Joseph. But really Internet. Couple a couple of young actors and I had not heard much about yet but but obviously once they start reading articles on this is but I'm very very excited about this now. Conduct issues would be great. My only. Think every time I click on the pages just like oh there is the air out there again fifth though it is going to be adapt into a live action series that they able start film main February 13 so not too long from now couple weeks my concern is that the name that we they're working title reign now is called rug rats. Which is obviously they're reference to the young age of the main cast members sure my only thing anti wrinkle that's not like not I don't understand why they can't call the runaways because of the man investment a movie yeah. Or something they call on marbles runaways like they did Marmol legions yeah builders and I know it's not a net play. Service is when he trees she wears the all the characters are Chad keys do these Palin live this isn't doing anything that's do we I think I'm no champion and I mean he had Tommy retired as a cloak and dagger gonna show opener grants in the pickles felony there's hardly anniversary of the enemy hit. Hello little silly. That there is no no they're now released. Any actors being cast yet and they have a pretty you know diverse kind of group. Oh yes so I'd like to see who they pick actually Chris and I were talking about it the other day that our pick would be if so nurtured play is one of the characters in the and the comic she's a curb your gal she's very Smart she's very sassy now. Mean she's very much like I don't care men. But I think could the Trier and dry funds into humor would be. Anna Kendrick the only thing and it's sees the characters they're the moderate body type is all. And I know that if they Wear to pick someone like Anna Kendrick. He would lose their minds actually you know I think would be great is the girlfriend from the girlfriend of the girlfriend from. Scott Pilgrim. Our own we had a girlfriend I guess Shania rice I don't know. I she's done a lot of statue of parenthood and yeah she's a great actress tunic wishing you and that I gave my favorite thing as not my favorite but the thing I remember her most stand. Why miss an episode where she played like a brown near one of the brown birds from my friends where. Yeah I. I silly polls are down everywhere he's played in every case does every person have like a role on friends and you have to remember yeah operating I didn't because they want are all so many freaking times. Will remain low and flowers that was the main Derrick I know it's rock I'll Roxy richter Prada director and his job may Whitman men women and she is amazing she's gonna be undermined even as well Korea and its like recently on is trying to remember some of the stuff yeah. But I think she'd have the perfect amount of fasten. I would like to see her I know she was adopted in the doubt yes yes she was the death in the left. That she is she she apparently an avatars like some Qatar and other voices Dirksen wallflower. She had little girl in independence thing. Plus her. I have to own my good man sees a lot of voice actor and she's selling honey the only justice she does wonder girl and she's great she's definitely tolls on that sarcastic sort of met mostly angry. Play on that I think yeah I think she'd be perfect for it not not an excellent nasseria doing anything superior related yes and we just fine she's not Ike and this is so nobody gets manhandled and she's. I don't think she is curry but I think she can embody. That Obama. Get that sort of attitude that kind of style tour that said that I think would be perfect for four days yet and forget it forget about the body shape and size and I think that. I think she would be great actually entered honestly. I get back at a mega my brilliant I can't make up my my list and now have to announce it later us to get a man he took effect at the side note. So apparently they're making a fifth shark made in film yeah. I thought they gave up after the fourth one didn't do amazing we have cameo what does it do they even have a name for it. This stupid website it's too much for our computers here and I had do you have green lit the fits shark Peter movie and that's it in shark made a five this time it's personal. With much of a North America and fresh. Straight up and I certainly got us here at the un now. Lion really impressed liberal brazen global shark NATO fit in shepherd Ennis family must stop this disaster before hers is obliterated Sharkey you're on the war. You can peninsular whose names being. She can't hide. You have so. What am not unknown and finally concluded a mystery man of the secular Jordan and a 30 hell no a couple of the. Yeah like oh hell no we don't need more of these good god shirk Nero five we've got three more these tennis I think how old do we have the with the it's got a certain and a six in space. I'm glad. A way to give mr. sharks NATO by title I would love being here is something more inspired in the crap that we just says it's. My legs and guys that I've seen her need. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to golf joined. Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of sod flying. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.