BJGN02-16-18 - Star Trek: Discovery - Altered Carbon - Glitch

Friday, February 16th

The gang talks TV with the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery, the Netflix series Altered Carbon; and the Netflix series Glitch; Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said he Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells sunup today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. Welcome yes welcome to BJ she's each nation I am the reverend and why don't across from me is Vicky Barcelona. We have uncle per SOO rules show's namesake Vijay jail as we do and his son running the lord this. Joey DDR. Oh. I did they show we will talk a lot of television who gets a news from the interwebs premiere among college bought and of course. Could each sheet with the TV. Thinking how can people get ahold of us will you do get a hold of us meals healthy folks that Twitter is an all that's something different information maybe it's even shaking and. He takes it made an appearance today Moyer you JD vision dot com. The as it does BJP nation across the board is a black and they had got via. I can tell. We do have a lot of television to cover and I figured that we would start with Star Trek discovery. I had there season finale. Hi and we finally enjoyed these caught up 85 regulations here he thought the season finale was actually two episodes ago so he was surprised no he was still there was an hour ago I'm. That was expressed how I headed out like has great season good where there's more pay so there's more first question before you into it has Mark Pryor somebody thought of the season finale or even bother I don't believe as the other did even during it up gas I had decided wanna hear quite frankly. It's disappointing I'm tired if it's an all over it really is disappointing this was eat like Joey he's had his issues with this season but is it says what he stuck with it and actually enjoyed these came to me instead I did like hello this is not cool it was good while I was president I mean I did that you don't more money into an episode but they did. They put flatbed over like what fifteen million dollars and I want episode feels like it because they've they've they've basically went to crawl those and they need to create and a great village scene basically a bizarre scene where the old Ryan's. Those the guys have been freed slave girls. Oh yes they're missing all right and embassies slash bizarre that they beamed down to Wear cling ons are gambling and Ryan's or sell on everything and girls like come over here money. And it was a hell of a set I mean it was cruel heinous that. Joseph is right they spent some dough on that last episode a move which of course is let's. Don't want all the episodes yeah I mean it was gonna wrap up you know it there was no space battle puzzled disappointed in that there was no major space battle. But all the characters kind of did they're saying although you know it's horrible monster Bo is and not a good heart warming. Pop star fleet message at the end of it I thought I wasn't sure how I was gonna be about didn't defeating fear kind of speech that down the main character gave at the end yeah but I liked it Burnham did a good job. Yeah I'm Michael Burnham showed you exactly I loved it because this is ten years before Kirk we know Jean rod marries vision of Star Trek. And every promises they're going this is not the start check Ira members like well this is the federation that's relatively young is that war. And Michael Burnham the entire show. Has been basically realizing oh my gosh yeah my strategy that I was willing to community over. Was not the right star fleet strategy after all how I knew what I was doing. It but you saw her on this journey from the first episode all the way to this last one. More more she was realizing oh my god where do we we can't do this we're starkly every every every episode is like we can't do this for star Gary. Even though she's the one that did that no OnStar sleeping at the beginning to start this whole mess off right. So you know it's funny after I finish this season it's now I went back about our own world my complaints sport and now like what I like Alex. This really feels like a season tutor me. Which is very odd of a series and I thought about it if Florida's main character had had a season one. And then they start off. Discovery with a two part like special. We don't have to be any US bought horses clean on and these new characters and you know what's going line is starved to captain is dying right. And then you go into his character in the season to end Michael Burns kind of like another main characters they're bringing on to the show and then as the old things progress she starts taking over like. This would have been an amazing does it have a better scope of why start please on what they're doing modernize he's they're not who they're you don't normally would be in a Star Trek scenario. Another Vienna but I like OK I want all this I can get right but I like oh man I hit a border for season wanton murder for season two weeks ago I became a throws at Star Trek to be incredible. So now I'm really excited because now is an industry season three anyway it's. SE file away the ending of the of the of the season was once they wrapped up everything all of a sudden such. They gets. I hail and distress signal. From the and I love how they did it on the screen your cap there were any way we thank Arnold distress signal it's it's from a federation starship brought short and as. And they show that the digital thing on the board as it's trying to call up it's it's it's basically it's registration number and you see. And CC 17. And they don't yeah I think it's it's it's an Elvis and you know you can see in the distance a ship coming towards a neo. It's from the enterprise CA. And of course. You know the other hit off the ship looks amazing the discovery and all the ships and look really high tech and you know you like whoa. Even went out when the arena when enterprise the TV show with a Scott tackles and a prize went back in time. To basically. Wanted to record time but they found out where the USS define it went with the sole eons and everything from the original series. They showed. Basically the old school 1960s version constitution class starship. Eight even in the upgraded effects they've done for the structured blu rays. They showed a better looking enterprise but still it you know was kind of whatever. This enterprise man then you see then all of a sudden they -- it's from captain pike they got a distress signal then you hear the old music come on my dad died. And you see the enterprise approach the discovery. And damn it looks shiny it Lou thank silicon is Google image searching that it looks better than JJ Abrams enterprise ads. That is it's about halfway between original series in the refit from from the motion picture. I love the look of this enterprise experience I mean I haven't I haven't seen their president didn't love but this one really really hits all the right buttons for me. And so the big news is whether or not Spock because. According to Chris he did the astrology Chris where in time are we that we would be seen this enterprise all right so I've done a little. Do more research on this because we talked about it the other day and wanna make sure that I had my ate my facts straight they haven't given us a specific started for discovery yet but it was said to be set. Ten years before Kirk's first mission on the enterprise. The events of the cage. Which was the pilot episode how for I don't tell us four with captain pike. Take place in 2254. Which is eleven years before Kirk's for Matt before the events of the original snow so. They've got a year after that solos in incident where basically to their much remind people and had been asked with a lot of pike and his crew. So if that's the case Spock was on board that mission via a side boxer yes so Spock should be on this enterprise in the big the big thing is is are they gonna have Zach frequent or they any different actor. Who's gonna place baucus he should be on the bridge of this enterprise they I think you have to get a different one if you just think about it oh yeah how I exactly where I don't see GI or just having the glitter anyways voice softened the distance is just like this is like movie Zack at that point I mean move he had movie Spock at that point exactly known as the movie version of spot he's also the prime version which is not the same timeline as yeah are here staff. He's also not getting along with his father that's the other thing we know that from the original series and journey to Babel we realize it's Eric and Spock aren't speaking to each other. Because spark decided to not go to those Vulcan science academy and we find out in starch or discovery. He basically kept Michael burn him out of the start checking account because she's his Foster daughter because he wanted to make reverse yeah yeah that's spot goes and turns it down anyways so he's like F both of his kids to. Yet great if I am very excited just because I'm like oh my god I want season to right now and they have to have Spock anatomy beat. Have to do well they're not sure that they're being very cagey the producers of the show yet. Activist Dick. Hey you yeah as he would know they they are they're trying to they're they're playing here really really close to the best on this because they don't wanna give anything away because they know what the Internet is all about me nor fans are all about that going to definitely try to keep as many spoilers out of his they can but. You know circuit Michael did kind of give each other look right at the end when they heard it was the enterprise so yeah man box probably on the film so stoked at. You haven't seen this you get a chance I get nobody wanna get the all the happen if they ever released on Blu-ray or if you can somehow get somebody's password rev. To have I had such gun show I really rhino mark runner hated it but he's actually his his he's an old fart he's missing some great television here. Nextel what you wanna watch their BJ. What do I want why aren't what have you while I talk about let's talk about the show that you and I know that I think is perhaps one of the best new shows to scifi c'mon TV I'm I'm love and an animal a couple of the so episodes and you see more. A show called. Altered carbon yes sad so how many episodes are UN to what am I OK I am four in six and Chris is his six then I had done yet and Joseph five not seen I don't know what it's about our case so yes this show I'll frankly is amazing. It's really blade runner ask the like to still be in cyberpunk. Future mixed in with ignored detectives. The whole block a lot more action now because he review southern new blade runner movie would Ryan Gosling it's this has a ton more action 'cause that was a slow movie of labor and a 2064. Whenever. I'm 49 rumor I don't I was twenty COC 643305299. Yeah so blade did this this altered carbon tons more action needs. If you know the show kill joys and has that sort of actually vibe to it which is a scifi show I love. And it also has some bad language even worse layers until joins pat Lang wage new DDR yeah definitely not for kids who India lots of nudity and many borrowers of very. And it throws nudity yap yap yap and also just very adult contents all around has game restaurants ever draw the C word too because they drop this. Australia have they really and in game throughout the seniority and I was thanks a pound the other yet again as ours isn't exactly what I loving Christian who means there's sort of bunch of him yet I don't try to forgot about the Netflix first time I've heard the C word on a show there's. Of course it's it's very interesting because the whole premise is that there are people basically they have a neck implant called a stack. Which is you your consciousness. And then you get into the whole you know why is it really your consciousness is you as a person and what is it that's really tripping and then the people that you insert yourself into because you can take out and put yourself into other people called sleeves. Generally and this is the point of contention and not really sure what a sleeve is if his if it's actually like a biological grown. Person that you can insert into or so I know some of them are clones yes like when you can clone yourself and that is the super rich people can clone themselves and essentially live forever in their own body but if you don't have that if you if you are a young child who may be who was armed killed and in like a car accident or something like that you can get stuck with an old lady -- there's a lot of different sort of what kind of hierarchy and me in almost. It's. Yes very bizarre placement when it comes I don't know where he I don't know where these sleeves that are like the wrong fit sleeves come from yeah. So one of the things that I've I've got cleaned sort of from the show is that yes you can essentially take your stack and put it into any sleep he doesn't matter. Ali if you think the other stacked output this one and so. And there's a lot of people who are upgrading and they are getting new stacks and better stacks and they like that they did did did combat stacks in different types things. So what habits of the old stacked it goes into storage somewhere. Right yeah so that when you have to be put in. Either you're a prisoner coming out of a jail or your whatever then the state puts you into whatever is on hand literally so it could be somebody who died. As is in the case of somebody that we find out a little bit later further along than both of you guys are or. Concerned of whether or it could just be someone who got rid of their old stack and said well here go take it in. Oh his daughter's body orally donating your body's are all house created our all of the sleeves they like clones I don't ever born. If I do that they have not been well it was clear about the fancy rich people seem to really get designer sleeves and try to speed yet then you know and then there's another since there's another attack word that they call they call people Mets even which of course you think of math and our society yeah it is not businesses that whose sole yeah which if you're vampire the masquerade person you'll definitely understand where that comes from. And it's just basically an old ancient person from the Bible. All people that lived for hundreds of years so the super super super rich in this world because look if the if you kill the body as long as the stacks advisor OK but you can also kill the stack. So the super super super super rich people they make sure that their stack is downloaded every day nor server so that their contest will never be destroyed if somebody destroys or stack this is a super. Heavy super thick on understanding dealt with the north broad terms that you immediately can't just expect you to get it. So it is one of those ones that you have to pay a ton of attention to. But it's definitely worth it it's on Netflix take episodes ever given you we have really goes to those terms now so that you can't you understand because really what this is as a detective story and what a great detective story as this dude is basically brought back after being on ice his stack has been on ice for like hundreds of years gaffes he's brought back by a super rich guy the super rich guy wants to find out who killed him how cool is that yeah he got killed but because he had a remote stacks up where he was able B download another body so he wants to solve his own murder gas. That's a cool thing and that's what this whole thing is about Jack and I is only being four episodes in it things get to like they they establish the first couple episodes what's going on in the world and then things just go crazy they establish the rules and then suddenly it. Rules are just like brilliant and it's beautiful too I mean all all reality the CGI in the senate so the sets are good it's on Netflix altered carbon yeah. Unfortunately we'll have enough time for one more words tell. Show so we're gonna hit some more up by an Don the next episode we have but I until well I think that and because Vicki and I haven't talked about it so much you know she's probably see the whole thing. A flare was awesome what we wanted to talk about that we'll have to say electric dreams of Wagner for another time because analogy anyway yeah you whenever both talk about glitch I haven't seen all the episodes but we I've seen I think the first three of glee season two. This is the one with a dead people come back to life. And that's happened in season one they just are crawling out of their graves. And we try to figure out why and at the end of season one we found out that the doctor that's been taken care of all the dead people and keeping them quiet including a police officers dead wife comes back to life and he's already remarried and that's a lovely triangle little awkward most to her best friend OGA now. Because there there for each other mourning her death and I aren't exactly you can't hate him but it's like Hammack. So the Doctor Who we know from Star Wars. Actually this a couple of pupils hours Vicky didn't recognize a second person from the season. Moss moss must I realized I don't know I heard noticeably you don't know her on mouth my mom mop my. Is the depletion plays doctor Matt Keller and she we find out the end of the first season turns out she has been dead too so the whole time she's been researching everything. We don't know that she's a dead person come back to life we just figure that she's helping figured out she is dead people she's dead people that Saddam turns out she worked for company a big company run by a professor highs in the and I was looking at this actor playing pretend professor highs this female actor going I don't know where she comes from she speaks in broken English what this bizarre accent. And then I realized holy crap I looked it up its edit in skywalker is mummy from the first raised our OK Canon U I'm. Yes so you wouldn't know but I looked around so it was like I've never seen or anything else. You know was issue mean changing as she created Cheney's skywalker if she plays herself yeah so Vicky well what do you think of the season so far as we were finding out that. There's something going on like these or whoever and wherever these bodies are they're not the people they were out. Draw well that's I go to when what she was murdered who was murdered other doctor. You know in the water members yes I guess I'm sure not spoiling an out and I last thing I've seen as she stabbed in the water. So what I find very interesting because some of these people where. Brought back but then we have people that are brought back from missions or are true they were necessarily. It. Can't just think. I don't I absolutely think it's so far we have when he. And so these are two I feel a lot less confused then I was first season when it ended. Yeah I figured some stuff out and it made so much sense and I'm curious to see how they're going to proceed from here. Because now I feel like and once season is over you'll it's no longer of what's going on it's going to be okay word how we proceed from here. It was a six episodes I Yankee and it's it's an Australian shows so I don't watch gets a quick watch it's fun and it and it definitely you know that the first season you don't know what's going on second season you go wow what's it looks like it's a zombie movie turns out it might be I'd right now where I'm mad I'm thinking could be aliens. I don't know where the hell zombie aliens is a and not say anything else. Guy NASCAR it's called glitch it's on Netflix pay Netflix another great Eller had literally knocking out apartment allowed and it's really do love it now we've got a talk with mr. Gere is on Colin Baden. With all the news that he has from skewed and revered appearance on Colin Bob joined this you can find news about movies video games tech comic books all sorts of stuff that SK and art dot net you can search for on social media act skewed and reviewed Garrett you've got some news about maybe. There is no. As it did no love between EA and Star Wars may be done. Yet another to really enters your mind you have to have special try it out to start there's not playing you know pharmacy just our net. To control homers and at this point but what we're hearing is that. You know Disney apparently is not very happy what do you reception may be a Star Wars battlefront troops specifically. Controversies. Surrounding the loop auctions in the loop great GB each game has not sold the smallest they have Poulter and he has apparently reached said that the loop creeps in the transactions in the paid. Content there was so controversial. Is going to be reintroduced to gain in the very near future so. What we're hearing is that Tom did he who holds true Lucas so much and she. May indeed be shopping in two other companies we heard Activision in new resource name mentioned and their name. Hasn't come up because apparently it's buried. Interest rates. I was under the impression that apparently they awarded GA at ten year. Deal to publish these games and stoutly Disney hopes of rights continue to do casual games on console port yeah farm amount structure mobile platforms. Now I'm here in the story it's actually a little different and remember part of this all. Shall stems from we have talked to catch up game that sure was developer and lit the producer of the uncharted series that essentially gut. It's not can't basically subject. You back to basics to be reworked missile shut down and there are also certain candidates kind of chicken pieces and moving forward. As such virtual obviously no Star Wars and the shear may not even be woman 2019. So be complicated story is apparently. The agreement with. May only be to publish Chet Star Wars stamps. Boone who developed them so when they're reached if they don't have a loophole to get out of there which I'm sure they miter to have the option to buy it now. I was told that the possibility remains that they could go to someone else and say Ubisoft activation and other company. You make a game. But EA asked to distribute or code distributor which you would you're responsible now we you know reached on the guys you do it tightened fall meet at the former cold duty members or working her insurer worst game we were rumors that Barbara worm might be obliged. You know that that you. These ducks were everything is sitting right now are served last night like it's just nothing specific but it has started to make around as of last evening and I thought. She's very interesting timing especially with each re coming up in June morning you know they weren't expected to show often new game but perhaps one retirement they could shake you know much respond for example this is a game that they have come in early 20s19 maybe 2019 whatever so interest and timing nonetheless. It'll be interesting just in the simple fact that these rumors are swirling around whether or not they'd be true or not it's going to be a lot of a lot of confidence is going to be going away for IEA way Jay is a really good because it hasn't been add two strong sense. The controversy said you didn't mention any call of duty in has some news about oil college duty right. If that's the correct yes no cute things first the first thing as we're getting to that term here where we search your rumors are what the next game is going to be you know remember there are three companies. I'm directorship and in trinity -- where irk some slight tremor all we can call of duty games live about a three your development cycle plant issue actually and distribute worries stir too sure about it marcher Roberts an announcement we get our first look at these three injured and we'd been hearing through the channels snatched. It is going to be black ops for now we're used. Come up because of term inaccurate come out and said. I've just start dialogue were a new black ops game. You know that's that's when someone said OK it's a blocker helps wars are going to be called like black arts just you know old dark missions or whatever you want then we started here a couple weeks ago some murmurs again so. Were basically eat very heavy that it's a black ops game of some kind coming. But Dan missile bombshell comes down on us last night as Welch it's no secret that Activision Blizzard is looking at ways chew arm. Turned some of their popular game franchise is in the movies regardless and warcraft turning to move reached didn't do well wouldn't change did well overseas naturally allies should turn to call of duty world now were heard. That. You won't know the name of its members to follow Salim and she is so calming the upcoming sequel to see curry no hope and apparently word is huge in negotiations to derail. Eight Tillman capturing a call of duty now diligence work gets very very interest and may have some pretty interest seeing. People attached to it from the production standpoint and do you know this rumor comes from variety as well who's pretty you know reasonable on the shanks dubbed it's just working experience percent. A parent Marie de Hirsch thinking that they can make eight. Universal film somewhere marble based on call duties and not looking at it's a trilogy they're looking at it like all sorts of different storyline and characters in her walking into a grand call of duty each university films. That'll be kind of interesting to see if they can pull something like that off. I mean universally and we've talked about this on previous episodes just even recently. Video game movies aren't necessarily the great. And may new mixed in wins wanting to put out a universe and really the only time that that's worked out is for the MCU like you've talked about. Other. Places like universal tried to do with the dark universal with a monster movies and that does fell on its face. I actually it's got to be really interesting to see if they're going to be able to pull something off like this I just. Yeah I think they're putting the the cart before the horse on this one. Yeah I don't know how they do I think they'd be better doing it like it's equalize seriously as I remember used to joke to my exhibition wrapped. I shall tumor okay. You know. Are these different games connected you should know which ones are different universe historic thank you because I was generally lost you're going her murmur was heard around -- called duty ghost going avoid a second it's this happen in modern more true is true to Gary how did this thing happened and wiped out the US meat he should know which way we look at in his speech you know like modern more sure 12 and three are related black ops want to true related but they're completely separate so therefore we're not locked into going you can't do this because that happened in this game girl kind of what ifs and assurance that makes sense. Yeah out of me I am I'm very leery and very wary about any video game movie at this point in time we'll have to see what happens with that and finally just a quick hit are they really actually they're not doing this are they they're bringing back the greatest American hero. They are they've been kicking around a while land what we've been told is they actually have cast anxious now channel Simone who plays just as best friend on new girl. Has been cast to play the title character because they're rebooting it from a Gmail perspective. And you know I think it is a lot of credibility to us because they are filming the final episode two new girl they're going to be releasing final season soon sort of contractual standpoint she's going to be. Wide open and available and so who are essentially what they're gonna do it's straight upward imagining now. It's coming from the folks who were behind pressure off the boat which has been a popular seriously she's totally and that's older but we're gonna of course update at their character name it's not going to be handling your name's going to be mirror and essentially she's kennel like you'll loving karaoke loving girlish looking for meaning in her life and of course. Then she ends up getting some pursuit and and look for the chiefs to the planet cash and so on and so forth now my guess mystique the real key to each. Towards that made the original chrome so our original series so entertaining and that's the instructions got lost and so they were basically haven't stumbled through compounded return to work and piano each week they were trying something new it can do and so Woolsey you know why are you insured your original series or do strength and update could be a lot of fun but I also realize it's got to be handled properly. Yeah initially now with so many superhero show itself. Absolutely and I think they definitely need to make sure an update that theme song at backtrack a oh yeah. Our big east summit geared to give you could find here is information and more skewed in review that is escape an. Thank you so much Garrett the Dallas times are. She Swiss big. But he got tourists Vicki I mean not all movies are coming out I can't imagine any big giant hand had the amazing movies coming out except. Yeah. 87% are consummate our our Daniel and you know what it was reviewed by mark runner on spots yesterday hadn't. You liked it yes well I mean exactly this is what you need to go see it court gonna UC anyway it was a marvel movie troops home Messina forty X all yeah shows enjoy these and I have our tickets really torn Sierra who are gonna come of the theater will tell you -- -- gone and everything we want to do it there's only five in the United States and I'm being in Seattle I think one or tuning your sixth there are lady but either Wright Patterson me you're right about -- Seattle's got one of them and for DX for people out there who don't know it's essentially like dale did they have moving chairs and they'll blow wind in -- in the theaters to simulate what's going on on the screen and a whole bunch of other things which is why we've now decided to change my son's name to Joey DX. And back to tighten more of a porn star well actually agrees and. Pharma kicked. Her pretty just in case you do not live in the Seattle area there's also one in Los Angeles Orlando Florida in New York, New York. Washington DC and in Italy New York, New York. Yeah they're just turns your movie into a Disney ride yeah they're really does and hopefully I don't get motion sick don't do one ruler completely out of close buddy said that he'd like that you don't get emotions that miss okay cool you don't figure I mean famous California with. I'm never taken a Dramamine I think I'm gonna have to at some point getter done non drowsy. How closely they really. The president just a heads up and look for non drowsy another movie coming out this week if you got the kid knows that maybe year Lil CL a for why can't there. Early man. Early on yeah on the Wallace and Gromit do. The chicken and then Wallace in gram and has that it's exactly that by they look exactly. It is easy I heard that he this is his tribute I mean he loves ray Harry house and of course if you notice is that they had Wallace and Gromit Ned that I totally other guys they've agreed to stop motion animation the creator. Love ray Harry house and and this movie's been in his head ever since he saw. Raquel Welch in the movie a hundred million years to be CF he was which was rare golf so he's like even before Wallace and Gromit most of these Don I wanted to do this movie that is so cool I. Industrie as Deanna what it is it's sad and Madonna time when dinosaurs and woolly mammoths roamed the earth early man tells the story of how one brave Cape May and you tonight is tried against the mighty enemy NC today. He got an voices like Eddie read Maine and Tom it'll send me C Williams Richard. They played eyelid. So we're on any idea from the anti crowd yeah I was Helen I had a committee small. Bhutanese. Yes so I had to the ticket confident you know creator of this they give his name I mean director and directed by Nick Park guys and I yet. Yeah mark Burton and James Higgins and a nice I'm not diddly really that you're gonna wanna say it. Well I mean again like cancer everyone goes CA if you don't go see it this weekend is the least he had before we you are spectacular recording in about two weeks because yeah definitely well Wilson pilot we'll talk about how great it's gonna delete it and it's it's pretty safe to say it's gonna be amazing I'm hoping I'm okay. And telmex I'm getting nearly. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells six people and globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club.