BJGN02-28-18 - Comics & Video Games!

Wednesday, February 28th

Rev talks with Scott from Comics Dungeon about the comics to pick up; Rev talks with Mike Robles about video game news; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells sunup today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. She. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay chase TV show. Welcome yes welcome dead BJ Shea is key emaciated and I in the reverend en Fuego across from me is beat you Burson who now. We've got all cool whereas I see the assassins have failed. Yes they then you're well we don't know how they showed me saved could only JJ is nice here. Way to make your weird Chris you're welcome according to extreme emotional feelings off also. Here. Running the boards is Jolie diss that was my muffins and those are my assassins. So that's a good. On today's show we will talk comics was Scott from come extended multi media game to a Mike throw was fooled into thinking she's not always the ever present more and Vicky how can people get all the last get a hold us here our site because gonna have all Information Minister on a social media sites second each taking nation. Whereas he Diggnation dot com Los of his or let's say things enhancements and all headed for me I didn't more easy just happen and yes. This week will be starting tomorrow so if you're listening to this on time if you're not Willis probably going on right now or maybe its past and sorry for that but it is emerald city comic con the declare a you'll see is out there we have posts on the FaceBook page all of our panels and all that sort of things NO. We will be having some fine I don't know if I'm going to be doing any cause played Vicky do you play. Amanda and her wisdom normally you have a lot of fun with that I'd used in years they do last year I. I did Edgar true for my here Palin is amazing with a gigantic ax. Which we're about my health can hanging proudly. Next. I don't admit it might get rid of now we know where to put it he'll look like final want to. And I really want to be. My doors and it looks like you know lake and was that the vikings would come in and they would leave their weapons at the door open deck kind of things I wanted to be there to handling in its system storage and right now collecting spiders are. A move yeah that's not fun. Let's act I didn't really plan anything this year just because they feel a committee running around a lot so yeah probably it. Well hey if you guys do CS say hi if you're definitely doing any cause play let us know because. I know Vicki and myself will be taking a bunch of patriots host our FaceBook page and if you wanna see those pictures you can use a Disco to just referred BG she's key nation on FaceBook and you'll find it. But let's talk a bit of comics and the best person do that right now is well Scott from comics dungeons so let's say let's get a lot more Scott how is it going man it's great route I love these because we are going to be leading up to the infinity war. The big MCU au vin black panther just happen I was able to see it this last weekend had you been able to catchy yet. I did the R&R RE. Couldn't have been much more social. Uggla to marvel movies yeah I'm actually gonna go see it again this week at bat back at the four DX complex down here in Seattle on route say is he an older ridiculous Minsk. I'm let's start off with fan house because that's my -- way and I've talked to you about getting some comics out there that people may be able to get re acquainted with this whole cosmic event that's happening on the comic side and what you gave to me this time was silver surfer is she's 34 through 38 now tell me a little bit about this. Yeah this you got to play your all the way back out on I'll move this loose these issues are from the eighties. And this is so. Win not down notes loose reintroduced into the marvel universe. May be illiterate but we'll talk about how he ended up dying in his first mind but and buddy come back and duke silver surfer so much on Greece. And a and silver surfer dude are you ever read him if you tremendous base. You know the EU makes a brutal law but let. In in any case you eat you get. You get them out coming back and arm he just start figuring out that he's got some some issues. And and a he's. He likes to manipulate people he manipulates silver surfer in two destroying. An entire planet whoa these are you know slow some great stuff this and it's it's written by gemstar looked who's written mostly classic outcome of storage. And so he gets. Good to phase of the marbles basin complex aspects of it and leads in to arm the arm. Tunnel squelch which will probably talk about next week get a gas and you know where we start really speeds. Even more complex. Identity that samples thousand YE. He's doing things so it's great introduction of its its own might easily read it can be found in the law re friends are back issue Ben's saw I actually read it in these silver surfer rebirth McDonald's our trade paperback how why how soul. Probably available digitally to so. Yet that's worth checking out that is how I did pick up panels class which was amazing so I deftly need to get his point as well now moving on a wave from the bagel MCU and all of that. We've got a east scooby dude team now. Let's go now exists in this. It's you know do we do you look at awesome it's one of the but does the one thing that DC does with its its properties and don't if you remember again even further back in the when your kid and Scooby Doo on. Our Saturday mornings would how they crossed over what may be that man which. Law and I like the Harlem and the pop the Harlem Globetrotters aren't on the front escalate so do those kind of bit. Moved the take on this in the this issue that I read it's crossing over with the birds outrage witches are back girl block canary in contrast cool and they're out trying to defeat armed and that basically. This'll be Mel team picks up I doubt the involvement okay you may be political our captain template that's. I. You know and these views are just off can be done crossover sort of off. All sorts the previous version was without him and you've got doubts the Specter you've got just asleep another one and done issues that are in. Incredibly fun and just kind of take you back to. You know. When I have long flowing hair and it went on the air wasn't on your on on your chin like let's. Exactly and certainly not great. Back but still and that definitely encourage all data is read something can give to any kid that you can jump in and be done with period and and are highly recommend it's one of our favorite books stored. Nice and then finally we're gonna head into. Absolutely. The strong views probably one of Lou that the the beat most of then favorites. Character that's never been in one of the movies. He has shown up in these Starwood troubled animation. I have seen I gas and soul he is he is nobody probably it's ugly younger generation more than our generation but Tom he was. First appeared in a confused on. Our bubbles are there to the umpire the full on our trilogy. And are brutally. Are caught on sand. The all I know about him is the fact that he is blues gave an I think kind of reddish eyes that's all I know about him you. You know about them. Well all I remembered well I'll read the salute actually really good origin story for him how he comes in to our of the empire. And and he's the master. Tactician. And it. Always look increased up to head how this intuition about helping people are gonna be created and the served him really well to literally to the point you kind of manipulated the emperor fuel into making him are the the officer. Even before he'd gone through military training. I am man that's going to be awesome I know they he was. A big driving force in in in the EU buddy on the extended universe beyond do you think this is something that we might see in the movies come in the futurity thing this is just gonna kind of stay in the comic sort of thing how do you feel at this point. Yeah you know I don't know. He might show up. But but the extended university beat the animations in the comics are irked. Are phenomenal and they all our camera and now. Is that the wind definitely were put on you know spreading now beyond just to movies and then. She was in the comic commit and the new novel was also. Right on man thank you so much against Scott from comics dungy and people can find it just by searching for common stand and all social media and where can they find you on the old world wide web. Dot com and seaport secret autorad thank you so much Scott. Thank you so much Scott and again come extension dot com for all your comics needs in Seattle. This is an interesting thing that's not necessarily. Comic book team but sort is because it's comics and games and dead pool. Garden. Listening it looks like dead pool may be giving his own card games some more to cards against humanity. Absolutely makes sense the game will be called dead pull vs the world it will challenge players to create their own funny captions tastes are captions based on illustrations. Featuring none other than that pull himself. This is going to unquestionably. Be aimed for adults. Because it's dead pool. Featuring illustrations and props that are wildly inappropriate for the younger audiences and to be perfectly honest you really don't wanna be having to explain anything that would be on a card in too many card. Because as well awkward. The game will feature 100 custom illustration cards which when played prompt players to fall there won't Polaris accompanying captions a total of 300 caption cards are included in the box Entertainment Weekly has a sneak peek at ten of the games illustrations and. You know and hello there right now in like the main box it's him in bending over and is not touching a cactus electric he's scratching his bullet that cactus that I don't. I don't think I can even explain I can I don't know I let me get it and there's it's suggested for. Players over the age of thirteen or if you're just perpetually thirteen like many emails are read only the best for you no release date quite yet but will retail for about 25 bucks tying in there and you have to imagine that this will be in need your local gaming stores and probably like the targets in the wal mart's a lot of those sort of places. I love the art on it because it's yeah it's it's the fun dead pool are that you've known in all of the comics and is definitely worthwhile on that and all of the Salvador Dali dead for our that is creepy figured that he's on enough teeth. So if you guys do get that let us know how it works out or and if you do find out when it's going to be released because we do not have that date like I said let us know be digging nation Moving on from that we need to talk some video games and who better to do that. Mr. micro west and he might grow bliss joins says send like guys said right then you can find them and on it's also social media on twitch in more of this is actually something that we talked about previously that is wall coming out for everyone. Yes so what about people fortune as you mentioned before on the show people fortune is eighty pardoning him or don't ask stout car being sent in the Crable universe. Regard former lion had bit like Nolan created claiming Crowell studio and to have this sort of off the Korean and -- way to play a forehand what you have either gotten a code according miracle. Or purchased the founders accurately box which either you'll Reno would call in games are critical area but finally it's it's finally ready itself for the public now now free to play for a realignment they've done a massive overhaul a game it looks wonderful way great. They had starter pack available for a believed ten dollars people apply to me and steam and sparkle on windows and the way I would say export import colonel a light on Xbox or you can play on your windows and Blake. You're both a blessing and a curse I am glad that my work while copper and that's the track that I want to play this match. And work. It's a very fun game code you don't know you used to be hero you're zero hour. And you build that base around and hero when you're actually trying to get the other hero down to zero the court when the battle is local local disabled. Is that you complete quack like play X number of cargo Cox three or more important UX amount of damage and then after you do that. When you complete a question. You can select your hero to switch from our district trucker try to basically good or evil and the selection you choose alters the heroes power who love. We're gonna get super me like I play shape shifter in her normal power to treat deals one damage. We can't either the opponent or enemy unit yet we use electric current how worksheet and go to the end could be called or when they're actually an immediate. If you selector evil power tree only deals one damage to the opponent like show kill yourself towards. Which is cool you can you can soccer side you know up to three times and again the kind of request YouTube took me to swap out your game play startled again. And it's just it's it to come upon it it's a great look early in the game looks great plays a million and a host. So collectible organs. Legitimate or not there and I absolutely. It's got great shoot our our work in this style is very much she'll look at him ample cable universe. That is awesome I know that like there has been an explosion of card games out there is the is leading electronic card games sort of like hearth stone in this as well and it's good to get a nice recommendation from the ones that are out there because there are so many out there you wanna know that it's going to be worth your time. Oh yeah 100% and it does look like in the again and I think there's trio play in each clay you know I give you any money out frankly delighted. We're the most money in and play more. There you go try and Ellis talk about these fighting game world because well I mean you are a man who will host might nights for people having a lot of fun playing each of those and this is a new one for us soul caliber correct. Right so sold over six is coming in Andalusia and and an M oh no. Previous makers of Croat fighting game that include the appellate work. Greg Campbell fighters beat tech and send him in LA and now so color six. And actually dropping trailers and screen shot of returning characters and a couple in the characters well this morning as I was going to my Twitter account. I saw that each has released two trailers for two returning characters. For certainly character is she and favored by even cool people may remember that real big coal purple haired woman who got the sort of cult political sword with. Oh we don't ask. Yeah right like she's she's decrease you'll welcome decrease was set and her they give me the game played shows off her username and utilized in this sort of short. Super moves which is fantastic. Now you know and an end to society is back and I still there's ladies operationally has always elect the space shall caliber rarely ask prospective. And clearly it. Clearly a costume that is not necessarily functional. I know all and not let our guide to Angel looking out like they give her cool clothes you know Lou Taylor. So well some how they I think they've managed to I mean she's got a really really I mean like these DDR immersed he has for her one arm is outstanding and amazing. And then. And then bikini. But at the thought I was like you look segregate grit this same amount of of armor they just moved. And do what he's spot. Yeah and which is the secondary. Is regret over the river that they're where they brought back. And her perhaps the errors are somehow. How many you can grill big call at that point hike around he's been previously Carter's former remember playing him are going to camp and he he has this off the ball close. Holy armored little you little. Give him this time around and he's when you're from around here to recruit piccolo the current very cool there's one move where. We contract out not a player recommend kinda stopped. You see him like move forward and like duke more moves on American morning almost like a coma you know ask what does like you know. But I want out of that great game on the road or other kind chops it to most definitely is quite where I like that it is ceiling pool. Yeah I guilty like this cycle by you'll see some words and then like after wars like times slows you know start up again and you could recite. No damage happened. Which looks cool weather either coming back and return on the characters I can't wait if you alone is returning. Now analysts in the Lugar is they still haven't brought back. Some of my hair care and yet but I plan this time but it is going to be some consumed. I remember a moment but come back I remember playing all of them and he's. Easy German and with these gigantic huge ridiculous sword I can't remember his name. But he would secretive yes all gay guy no easy Germany in their for that on the wire cutter there that he was one of my favorites hands down and I think it was just because of the big ridiculous sort as the same reason why I love clouding an Al you get a big all right big door keys sword and you just personally and her around and you'll probably get someone eventually the. He might carry character is pure pure cooker of a celebratory. And she used learn golf a woman almost a gesture like a letter carriers like this big giant like armored bringing. You know this is only millions like a thing of like a who who took the sort. Right and she should go to issue like should. The damage yourself what should also like he moves well they're there you go like she 200 come back you one of the main character that I play at. It's Katayama opened our program could creep you get it out Urbana and AMOCO. Certain bacteria may get that pinch and I know and I definitely if you have any questions to ask Mike about video games or more. Do you so sending him information at. The Michael road was on all social media but also you're going to be at emerald city comma Con Ed doing a little bit of of paper gaming. I and we have a try to in my life it will work through countered clearly in the locker slightly pushed harder with pesky schemes. I'm at a Portland and they're gonna come up mammy running magic tournament. And people really didn't look at Freddie calling to you there or mean look like match so low in the Atlantic. Come on down come see us will be the magic area. Humble he just playing you know you learn about the the organization. You can guess example regular replace your great friend that we people who look at what sample it. And intensely insecure little Iran. And will be very peaking on Friday Saturday Sunday. Excellent thank you so much in many planes walker society is an awesome can't wait to learn to play magic. They want to build inclusive communities within all of the magic community so it's a great place a safe place for people to go play and there are chapters all over the country because deep discarded it and and it has branched off to so many things so it's definitely a positive thing in the trading card in the collectible card game community. Mike thank you so much again and again people confined to lead demy grow blessed season but I mean Austria. Thank you so much Mike again find him at emerald city comic con is this week and he will be hanging out with the lady planes walker society which is a great way to learn magic like I just sat. Now it is time fall are. She Swiss dish big gap Flores Mickey. We're and a and kind of play game what is the stuff the key screen shots I don't know who's going there my phone I've Sony Pictures and I realize I don't want pictures of people to slow I mean there's going to be here in Richard do photo dumb fat you know like it's in the basement to locate very. Just really stinky. So his picture of like Ian Macgregor and his brother Colin McGregor and a fairly his brother is a pilot in the royal air force and eight heater nickname is OB two. Yeah and that says it does my new favorite bit of knowledge that's fun to get forward. The other one I have on here which is almost bad ass moment they're beef I'm in game this round. Is it's when lady Alanis says tells her see I wanted to know it was me aspirin I guess to get our win suns. Could turns over and says heady clique. Peter bailing Shaq. Playing Lulu mad ass moments no bills. You -- one has to be actually that one I think is way more bad ass because you don't expect different sounds ask you have been Lille Lennon knew she was dying in them Mo cheeks hoax that poise and make sure yeah drink every last she dropped I I don't barrels signed clue you in the C word gap I would the very last thing I want in this world is my is it in I don't even get a diet can be revenge stature send out going good I don't know that's tough call but some villas pretty legit because every ounce on the for so long as she just busted a move. With my last breath I Curtis sword. Curtain I'm. Yeah yeah I just. I can't tell one Texas or messages Intel's plan which of those two is yes I'd like hell yeah I got another one it's floor I mean meeting up with everybody after civil war on its excerpt. All you even by needs your little airport by you know how much I love fighting to appear open. Okay. I'm. I know that was the one thing as like how are they gonna explain I think they explain it away really well yeah Doral in Iraq but you. You can't have all of these guys especially door who has got he is a dot essentially that you know having all these powers when you've got. It may and you know is just. The power disparity when you get to that point is going to be absolutely ridiculous. Senate that's why I love like the whole Doctor Strange acute care and generally it's like yeah I'm not gonna get involved with most of us don't have to that's how I felt about vision they're like. Would do well I mean you've got an infinity stone so why don't deserve it and go through some emotional toilet trouble while I don't know I yadier rarely got explain them gas pray this son's dream dungeons and dragons married I am listening so this is a stupid idea but maybe already exist. He started game DND with the blink character sheet. Your DM has been all you only discover stats and things are they become relevant like IRL seven on my constitution Jack. You and then the DM you get posts is so that's tonight in her league marking it down to half aren't I would like to ask for innkeeper is there anything weird going on Syria. To newborns are written these cards and so she's suspicious eye your approach we are dreading. That would be amazing wouldn't you prob group had that would be Superfund for let live that's an idea and it has an absolute yeah I airlines donning a. Yes for lunch they would be fun maybe all the characters have amnesia and they have to figure out what the are now to do things wake up on a blow him you don't know where you're going. Are you just emailed us you can literally screen shot I have did. I love living in the future. I got our. Speaking of the feature comes from the feature is stopping you from doing it the how bad that the decision can it really be seen as well as I'd think about that and a lot new like modern. That's our flaky I think about like time travel always just annoys the crap economy yet because you get into is the nitpicking this survey and I mean JJ Abrams kind of fixed it a little bit with divergent time lines. But I was thinking about this when I was a teenager with Mayan with one of my best friends we got into a time travel argument where it was like. If there was time travel to the past. Not only would it have already have happens. To all of us at some point we would essentially be flooded with people from any point in the future coming to any point in the past. So there would be people from the future all over the place all the time because anybody in the future can go to any point in the past. He won't follow me on Allen. A 100% OK because I'm not going to have. I Connecticut easements on her now you I think you know very well reputed Robin thank you did a looking to speaking theories though and conspiracy gears and we know us conspiracy theory yet and theorists. So next time conspiracy theorists tries to tell you what really happened the new president with some more outlandish theory and accused them of covering up the truth conspiracy theorists. And he was state. You believe in the moon. It's good completely ridiculous. Who knows that he has a Lincoln and man. And that's that resonate from the U. I got relevant skills team building. It appears her twice monthly creativity in conflict resolution exercises and gain necessary experience for character and skill development. And let it quickly assessed situations and collaborate to find best practice. Solution Kress. I think they're really just figured out our idea. Six figures here are completed how I guess what we can do is they do those team building exercise rarely goes out to a cabin sort of thing you don't you do that with basically a four X climbed through if you do that we just groups of people act corporations and he's a muggles. Yes yes and honored dungeons and dragons as the team building exercise. For the problem solving you give them their stats maybe be on these he shortened version of characters she's got a really need all the no nuts and bolts for the people. But you do that you get professional GM's point remember Chris you're known and there you go take it one step further out cabin in the woods. You can actually do some sort of escape room element to it you can yeah and that's another one of those things that are met a lot of people are doing for corporate. For corporate events and that sort of thing that team building exercise. Anyway that is patent are releasing her and I guess we just edit so you can't do it then they what do we are definitely my summer job if if you are digesting and radioed had like placed on the bizarre sense yeah you're a teacher in Amazon's S. I gather around and not even things. I can be fun she's on a FaceBook pages you meet screen shots of rain since you have like this and I mean I'm gonna like humans as a as a cannon and a regular think from time to time. And it's an accent that's. Energy. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Join Vernon Wells six feet Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of sod flying. Let your geek flag fly Hepburn and well just sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club next BMW dot club.