BJGN03-02-18 - Black Panther (with Spoilers)

Friday, March 2nd

The gang discusses the winter premiere of The Walking Dead; and discuss the Marvel film Black Panther (with lots of spoilers)!

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Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay cheesy things. Welcome yes welcome to BJC's geek nation I am the reverend and played O fans. You can never prevent them right out of the across from me is because versatile enough. Can move we've got uncle grass Korea Korea. These shows namesake Vijay say hey everybody in this sudden bang the boards Doug console is Joey DUI on the console but I. I'm today's show we will talk about the return of the Walking Dead FG WV. We will also discussed at full length of black panther would want some spoilers. No need prepared any comments you guys have swirled. It goes the other events on my goodness we're picking out people get all the let's get a hold us via our website BJP Imation dot com because gonna have all our social media pages in our information and. This is beating each nation across the board on FaceBook Twitter on my you'll find that's absolutely. And let's start by talking a little bit about deep Walking Dead. This was. He returned. Of the season though ways to win to her premiere you know do whatever it is hard to keep track yeah is that each season may second half premiere hit it was the return of the departure of Carl. Sean saw a lot of buzz I know I know here's the issue that I have with it every day oh boy. Let me count the ways they still at Oregon next it's yes. I he is still alive in the comics and they major player in the comics where do you see any TV show is is actually drifting away from the comics it is diverging let me bring you business. So and they've done in the past I don't from a show I understand that they have done this multiple times in the past has a barrel but I have C rather large issue with the way knowing who are you do what about the show. I know. So I've had problems with his ever since they had with with the walking get in general ever since they kind of slow rolled the dean begin death scene for both. Stephen noon and one Klan yeah hand and Abraham. And the problem I had with it was that in this day and age can't really do something like that like eat yeah it can't. To hide it. These big reveal sort of thing for a premiere like you did with the NFL a cliff hangers you just know she's cute dog to begin doing anymore and I didn't it was correct in my opinion because once I start looking up information it was out there pretty readily available I knew months before it was gonna happen. Find whatever it really get an all out war. And ski has been lackluster at best a lot of the times where it is going and I feel like I've been just watching a show. Because I've been watching a show for so long. Yeah I feel like I feel like this show is is done for you is if it's getting close I had moments myself but this one brought me back. Did yeah I'll tell you why did bring you back I thought the Karl Rick scenes were really really good. I think also. You know. Morgan is is fascinating in or Morgan and Harry I think that's a look his name right yes the and so and and I am fascinated to see of Carl's vision comes true and the fact that it was Carl's visions and it wasn't exactly like a glimpse into the future it was Carl's dreams. All of that that happened in the episode had me go you know what I am back I'm I'm ready to see the rest these episodes but like you towards the tail end of the feel Levy leaves fall season of this show Jose council want to show anymore they brought me back but you wanted to bring you back yet because. We'll leave the opposite on that and because. He took it to mean this show has always been about what's going to happen in the future you wanna see what is going to happen next and where it's going to go and where they're going to leave that. I really felt that these literally the heart of this hole and the the the future of this show was killed with Karl. Because. How long is is written going to be around how long are you gonna see that you know this going on. And now that Rick has nothing. To fight for. Does he said he's done everything for Carl or you don't think he's gonna try to make this come true like he promised text I jags. Sure you might want to end this might be the turning point to where he doesn't necessarily maybe often you get in then we can see Andy lives I totally green he lives because of that it's an S navy said the Karl and it's already telegraphed on that end and I agree with that. But it's. Like I I want to see a future work Karl had takes up the mantle for Rick and he was leading Internet. Carl was a knowing his assets are ideal that is ironic that's the thing is that you want to Seymour are were you would have been happy if they kill them off and he's in three literally I named my cat dammit Carl get in the house because of how annoying Carl Grimes was on the show for like season to injury. And meanwhile mold a guess what pulled away from you started like you know I don't trust John and. But they they have coral goal of the game. Big. Bad. Now indicted for our own random zombie. I get it. People are going to die randomly. Because of Brando's zombies. But I'd like this core group like they shouldn't be like the smarter than that. I should be smarter we have to take drugs pops. Oh Tom yeah I don't Hobson I think mark runners having an effect on you and I ambulance and delayed don't have a lot to show cause you're the perfect result talking to local. I apparently but how old because it is a zombie show. How you wouldn't show like that and like do we and with all the zombies dying because they have just infuriated so much or do we end with just like to continue this break. Revelation the finding a stronghold in my DC or something along those lines that actually is. A government entities. You know something along the lines of a bigger world out there that is slowly figuring out what to do you sure the zombies are always going to be there we don't need a cure for all the zombies. And I could see how that that would end it how Maddon would you be if it did turn out featuring. Number so awesome I would be so annoyed that we sodium I would act legitimately be annoyed with that we be pretty Billy lost who level and oh yes yes yes I am yes same absolutely right that would that would be. The ultimate where could Gaza battles are glad you're a man in the face. And are you really are Europeans and us are going to go meaning my guy I'm better oppose a great ending. Sick I love that that basically and a spoiler alert for Battlestar Galactica was basically prequel to my planet I'm on right now and I thought that was would you tell us. I'm quereshi. Well I don't know what now she was embarrassed that I know that was a disappointing I guess what happened there I think a guy you know and that and that's true and with the with this show. Look unless they pull George RR Martin and go we're gonna do and our own way mandated for the end because Kirk I'm talking and listen in the car mostly want know probably you know ordinance only fifteen years yeah he's not any enough he shows no sign of any insight into events of the gonna have to end this show I say eventually. But if Germany's willing to do it and let's be honest whom the bit unless. Here's the yes Rick or Darryl are gone if they're both gone I can see the show going up but yet everyone else is expendable. In that it makes it interesting point because is they are definitely signed on for at our ninth season. But lower Cohen who was Maggie on the show. Her contract ends this season and mood there in talks to you I'm apparently she's already shot a pilot lived for May be an ABC show we're looking to shoot a pilot so it's one of those things where maybe she's that maybe this is a sort of bargaining chip poorly in the Iron Man but at the same point. Lake scene like we did see Maggie in this episode at all. Except for maybe like a short little bit but she is an integral part of of this story to him and I would like to see her go as you know just as much as I would like to see Karl go but I heard it from stress they do on a show data complain or something that they fired them. Jam with Chandler ridge the rigs as yet like that was the whole thing that I thought maybe it was this as some sort of like work like this wasn't gonna be real yeah I didn't give any hints of that I Chandler Riggs was actually very gracious and seemed to be at peace with what's gone on with everything so what every like Carl was well what does a whole last episode whatever his dad was talking about either -- are -- over or be it was never that big deal Chandler was like give no really gracious and very happy for his time on the set and there's a lot of fun stuff got to play an interview that we never saw the concern we do with the money was like very young. And he posted a picture on mr. Graham of his doesn't like the first season one shots and Olympia you literally can't tell you regulate when you is like on season one he was like eight. I don't toddler essentially I miss my guys went to Harry Potter insists the only yeah hell hole like that remain you know way at the end though what the last Harry Potter movie and made you go back and watch you know the first one you're like holy cow and you know these were late they were little kids and Carl's like that gap yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna miss them I'm gone now I'm very going to be interested to see what Chandler does as an actor moving on some musician and always do music Yankee players videogames until late so are really good and I have played that a lot of -- get off the TV I know it's really is -- something Carl I don't even know I think it might actually just be Chandler Riggs at that point follow month Twitter and you can do so as well does that take that out but. I I don't see the Walking Dead going be on season nine I can see them wrapping it up at this point. But you say that exact but if they continue to get decent enough ratings AA again and AMC what do they have on TV is getting the kind of ratings the walking gets giving even if it's not as good as it was and it's a day. What is MCI throw in there anyway when I at each. Is doing and I know they they're in talks with and. With us Seth wrote in to be do you think the boys I think he shopping around to marina I would not listen to voice that would have to be like an HBO or showtime or something bad because I don't seem that crazy crap that they've done on preacher you have a little boys so I've been dashed out of the intestine and still the boys secular and I have pro and always a very sexual. I I almost see that being 99 Netflix and because altered carbon Michelle we know whistled Pau don't don't put anything on now. All to carbon showed me that they've had no words and no scenes in. Floppy Jerry and slap in there and I'm not after I complete the boy I don't care how old is Simon pay because she was a baby little new here and we usually I think he's a little tool for the I don't character do not fare very NIC GI nowadays they just think it would Jeff Daniels and on this opening this somebody out there are indebted to and I guess he was just frigid I don't DeGeneres says the Russell authorities words today refused to comment until a subtle but there aren't progressing but did you sexy men are old enough to where I'm still like MIT that. Wow wow Kurt Russell's actually older than I am. Damn that it is possible. Yeah he's our inside guys know what I know let's just goes to show you a cosmetic surgery you do for a I've known him in the current bid are we do need to talk about black panther. I I think it's in amazing. Seeing a group. Now here's the deal. I know that I've seen it twice. I'm glad you know that AM I don't know why everybody did our best of all you all one half times so I stayed through the entire movie you went and while waiting for like the path. Terms he had sheriff now he should explain why well it's. Because they will get into though because I mean time with the forty X experience I don't wondering ball but not going to be about I don't know I don't know if that's going on but no -- the second homicide has authority experience will get into that I wanted to know if you guys I know that Vijay you and your son saw it. And the four DX do you see it normally no I am I I actually SE and two. Of course she's the one that slow starter discovery and kept and she watched it without me and I thought he would never gonna start turn person that made so. They're making movies that are action superhero he's scifi movies they're making him so well TV shows that there is mainstream enough that. Everybody's digging them and I think black Panthers that movie that it's got such hype and everybody's talked about in my wife's like I got to see this movie in my. I even ask you to go see it okay so I will cease to be whether that is really cool you know it just it it shows that. A lot of people were like oh superhero movies they're just gonna invade everything and they have but they've made then. Interesting. And they've made them intriguing for people who may not be in for the big action and it's in this not to say that this movie doesn't have a ton of action because it does. But there's so much more to witness in this and all other movies now are getting into that. And I think they're changing their formula we've seen this regarding the galaxy being the first one in dead pool like it's like okay let's make comedies that action insane with. The Iraq and Iraq and then we get shows like the punish sure it's like this is it a comic book superhero. This is a story about a soldier about this so they're changing it up it's not. Just about superheroes it's a you know it's really funny it's green it's like eight. I would say that this movie is not a superhero movie anyway I mean an end at its essence this movie felt more like a James Bond movie is special relations faster shall and his sister. Yes no doubt there. Yeah sure yet experienced totally Q it's totally Q axle and everything he had was gadgets I mean I ran they gave him that he knows super so discern from the flowers. Yeah that's the only thing that made its superhero we but outside of that it really did feel like James Bond on steroids and that was a really good point and because again more along the lines of maybe like Bourne identity sort of thing bathroom because it was not you know the shake announcer but they had a casinos race car are really cool way to do a Renault aka car chase scene gas you know which again was a great scene for sure Ian who. You know acacia avenue should probably ask you later though yes he might very characters spoiler alert I. I cash and militias get into that right now so why are we sure your Fave golf gods she was funny she was serious she's kicked ass when she put on those. Those vice brainy in my wrist fighter visionaries are sure playing things reality. She I was outspoken. She was you could see that she won a follow whatever tradition was supposed to be followed but respect for it. Yeah she she did and she didn't she was like that you know she was a perfect kid sister you know like oh yeah don't make fun of him when he was finally change you know and. What are lose yeah. I'm still like online video legged kid going up to a cop like I guess he's on the clue. It has so many bodies grand. And and I had no idea you pointed this out to the teacher Wright was in one though one of the really powerful episodes of this year's black miracle and they have the museum. Black museum and hey I didn't recognize are now totally didn't know that was the same actor which makes me think okay. I'm gonna pay attention to lewd teacher right because she had gunshot Hillary insane yeah she's got John Hutchison a doctor hill. Yeah I'm not even in the face of the Arabian episode. I don't amount to go back to check that out yet it was easily than with the new or doctor with its at least she was in appear compel the episode on. The doctor and Claire called back to earth when rigs he discovers a strange tattoo on the back of his neck and no I know that one yes Susan that. And and I didn't know what I got to go because I didn't recognize him from Massey she's good yeah oh yeah she is good Vicky favorite character. C a tricky 1 just because I am really wanna say Michael B Jordan confusions that Aston. Stared something's up glad glad you're Libby Denny young though just and looking out personal she is the dean you know Star Wars just. Her love the way she can carries herself as and they TN just asked how she carried herself as a person I think that's pretty legit. But I really really like and I like it wasn't like your typical romantic like you're. Yeah you know like your. What PX and still have a name I mean get through all of that by it. He essentially still coming back together at the end of it she may apparently a strong decision like this is what I'm doing like I. Broke up not because they don't love you as just like I have a bigger a bigger purpose than a relationship. And then at the end it's like yeah ideal I do love you and we're going to create something great witnessed what together. And even tell they are Chris. I'd really like the bad guys in this kill monger was fantastic claw was amazing it really like seeing any circus in in the flesh. But am I got I gotta give it up for Winston Dugas says embargo. That is the same guy that he is exactly 100% my favorite characters. So good I anyways it was astounding how you had a guy who comes out Andy's they talk about Jabari tried getting kind of that outcast yeah and they come in and they explain why. Lake the reason why he challenges to Tolle at the beginning. Of it. It makes sense because he's talking about the view disrespect for drifted to the traditions right and the fact that you've got to sixteen year old kid that's wearing some other traditional garb at the same point really kind of just what is camp pushes it back like technology is the big thing here we don't need to worry about tradition. And today he's still have all of that tradition that you need and that is the beauty of the depth of this movie because they explore that but when you have all cultures. That's what happens you've got the young caution with the old you've got factions that don't always agree on everything. Did they really show Jew like what happens in it in a very old society and how do you still stayed together and the beautiful thing illustrated was in that movie. When he had the ability to basically be the new the new black panther ripper 'cause they then they'd like Michael BGG way to be Jordan. He was like no. Movie you're you're dudes over here and I thought there's honor my caveat though he pretty much to cause against the mall and could have added super power to his own tribe. Didn't do it which we you know it's not okay these guys really. You know they know what it takes CNET they disagree they know it takes to keep a society hole even if they do you know do what they do when you do they there was so much depth of this movie because of that but at the same point he doesn't necessarily. It's not that he doesn't have time for to Tolle and all that stuff. But he's not gonna play any fools either right he's not just gonna be like okay I'm in about you and all this sort of stuff. One of the Internet measles one of those things were to child behaving thank Richard number in embark who who's clearly texting at times as I don't have a phone. Well yes it's. Like. And I don't worry about Atlanta I just gonna kind of bully often even like the vegetarian line was like my chill literally you think god just gave probably just. This is LA is still a problem with busted balls and is it just shows how modern day it is like it's they're not necessarily back in the day when this is happening it is I like that the mix modern with tradition. And I got I was a lot of fun in it I'm looking at and if we carry now I found. The Easter eggs okay hold on yellow is the second but Joseph well your favorite character to do I can't pick one to. Okay. This is. Sort of the movies really were where it Vic V actors actresses both together or they'd be all work soul well that's a generator what you fully believed that they all knew each other for so long and I think that in itself was my favorite part of the movie that I there's a really good dad. One of the things I wanted talking before we get to Easter eggs is the villains we touched on a lightly about kill longer. First off I am absolutely surprised that they decided to kill claw. On but yeah then that I thought about it I'll make it makes perfect sense. It was a way for kill longer to get into. Give in to conduct have a reason to do that and give himself an ally with a copy yeah Robby is right is dead set on getting that getting clock. As a body now is his one reasoning for doing so do you recognize the act there's absolutely. Again like next president can analyst Jack daddy as I can remain zero point that I didn't recognize that was a get out dude NAND. Yet Daniel elude he did a great job on both movies because I WS so laid back. You know he was the most link feedback tribal guy like he don't it was a real one that you by the we're gonna fight man relate I don't think this guy these guys like five do these away from really the top us to send out forget about it tenth and he was terribly different guys get out GAAP. What a great cast I mean you you have some chops Allison Johnson is moving absolutely a lot of the people are having issues with the fact that. What kill munger did it wasn't necessarily. Being the bad guy and I mean even chat when I was meant to play too Charlie even said that. More pretty much that Chul is the enemy in black panther. Up until really the end when he realizes what happened because. Both his father as the black panther he caused and he radicalized. Air kill monger image had and you realize they sure kill mongers. Tactics really aren't the best and but along the same lines. They're not necessarily wrong either he's a man who has no he has no home. Because the homemade he had in Oakland was taken away stripped away and in the one that was promised to landfills we never not and they would net and they won't even let him made when he gets there he passed to aid kit and he has to invoke his no blood right for the challenge in order to do so. And even at that point oh I know we got to who serve him. And it was me shown Dinara who was that and her character she is she realized no I am a person of the throne and I have to defend the throne whomever that. That is shown is an NFL I don't I don't watch I don't watch locking them but I like recognizing a face like you know I know aren't paying yak and so it it makes. It makes kill munger like this entirety of it. Probably my U one of my favorite marvel Valencia. Scioscia from the ones that I've seen so far. And now what do you think I have to give credit to this movie. Is that there was still much like bad mastery with the ladies earlier had such strong wind and you weren't different they weren't the same like. I'm just a bad lastly and it was shot down your throat we're like this is what we are lake that we had and the key is that I am fighting for these people like I must buy and I haven't been real these people and then we got Sherry who's intelligent but she's not gonna take any crap either. And then I totally think our name I was I you know. Jolly declared a clay I she presented strength and honor and tradition nations I love how different they Wear. Hosts all that as a thing you gave us a variety of ladies. Better so let ask. You lose even you and Angela Bassett who we've we've and it's a real low hanging. He does. Did yeah and you know it not even to discount a leg or her and forest Whittaker Tre I forgot to make him any idea they had smaller roles but they brought such gravitas to its truth that late every part of this movie is fantastic in if you haven't seen it man. First off why you listen as we spoke to damp I think what I. Watch the movie let's see it multiple times seal with anyone who like you might enjoy this sort of movie and if you can see it by just baked basically taking off any filters you may have take off your color filters has been a lot of discussion in this country and and a great movie is being missed because people are just putting a colorful to Ron. And deciding to view it that way. This was you know it's awesome that this is a movie that featured as much African Americans in the cast as they did but the sad thing is is that it would matter. What was going on that he as far as race is will we because these are great actors and great performances this movie is a great movie. And for me it was like I don't care I'm because the green pants are called the red powder to get this is a good this is an amazing movie with like we have them we mentioned the cast and then the people you may not know because they're relatively new but Michael B Jordan knocked it out of the park Chad Bozeman of course I think you know Chela was without okay already I mean we open our guest is Eric and Gloria you know and and again like we mentioned and we would talk about Martin Freeman who I just love my guess Freeman was outstanding in this ism as a disease supporting character who didn't -- welcome. And FAA is a guy who acted I mean I love the guy when he does is American accents and I guess a you know I saw him in Fargo would need to their relief lady read it and he ran really it's Korea upgrade Minnesota type accents and and that. Martin is this is situated. This is. This is what we wanted we wanted people to take superhero movies seriously when we were reading our comic books and look this is our Shakespeare please give us. The love you would give to any Shakespearean production. And black panther to me epitomizes. That and not to knock any other marvel movie but. Frankly the great acting I I'm not sure any marvel movie has the great quality acting. That level that we had a black panther Don overall now I mean adventures is an all star like American celebrities really for the moment you know what I'm surely abut. This is an all star cast of amazing actors. Well I is that all there is being there really great lessons to about the fact that. You know America's a really young country. And we think we're probably smarter and bigger than we really should and that's what I loved about you'll monitor yeah longer basically show that. Hey you know what America you don't know. Have the right ideas let's listen to some of these older wiser countries is that the lives of the biggest part on that taking from that is the fact that he's using American tactics or tactics that Americans deploys now days here to overthrow governments or lutherans ascension into government they're showing you what really happens to a lot of these. These places that gave colonized essentially him by by what you know that terrible things that we've done in the past and new England's done over the world over the centuries. And so. It's an interesting story because also at that same point what Conde is his very conservative nation that doesn't want to open up its borders. In the final leave their -- they only if you're out there and that's the cool thing is like you know it's not saying hey America you know bad guys here because if you pay attention to it just like off a lot of the aging countries like China look they've got their own Mac you know stuff do everything in what kind of grade level college did as well to Chaka was the guy that started all this problem there's a million he did he catch he created kill monger because he decided he wanted to lie absolute soul. Every country's got there issues but I really loved how they show that hand America you know Ted step back and know you're not the wise is now a smartest people what are some of those Easter egg safety. Thanks so someone pointed out and I don't know if this is a real one in physicists up for interpretation and it. But someone said I haven't seen enough discussion yet about the fact that black panthers' final battle takes place on actual underground railroad. He's not voting on now this is pretty entertaining I even rang I didn't realize that of course and the other one that looks really familiar and I think it kind of clicked but ST Seneca that the forty accident. The part where it says to challenge goes in kind of talks this fall there NEC's think Houston's and other Astro plain area is very reminiscent of the 190. And I wouldn't like to looking into like there is the per police guy he talks his father and are only just a lot of those points is like your fighting with your family tanner for the throne as soon people there's a lot of little references thanks the self lacing shoes and Sherry creates Sanford to John reverend is due. Back to the featuring kind of his many years animated they don't like those speaker is no later than a movie or whatever that I. Another reference are something they guys might not cut. Is that the young to chalk the king original came out when he's the younger version is actually played by the older. To chalk is a real life son. Kinda follow cool there isn't it looks is similar is that is actually just in Canada makes a lot of sense and mice and then apparently stem Stanley's credit in the film was thirsty gambler third. I was going to see him in that like I didn't I I wasn't gonna be sure exactly where they're gonna put him on that. Right it was kind of a fun thing to do that. Like this scenes there's the South Korean scenes were outstanding I love the action scenes I love like we mentioned with the cars and just how how cool all the tech really really was. And I thought it was funny like when they walked into the casino and some people are saying it's very reminiscent to a James Bond movie was very early on it like that architecture and stuff of DNA inside the building I totally thought kill bill. When I owe you. Okay call on Hannity I'm. It's something interesting it's two cellist fight with most my boo had about a movie not to move bock who. Took place at Don symbolizing a new beginning who won his fight with still longer happen at sunset the symbolizing his downfall garner. Her interest things. What are we we wanna give it numbers guys went right yeah I definitely wanna give it I see I would give it a nine out of ten. Death and it's really only because whenever you reading at ten. Well I mean they could have been I wanna want a little bit more out of the the end credits scenes. Her yeah yeah I would underline a little bit more of a lead into infinity ward but at the same point. I'm OK with that Chris you know I'm in the same boat I don't like to give anything or full full marks from turn remember when I gave. Avengers and then maybe give it extra point to ceremonial. Nine point six. 06 this gallery I'd really it's Vijay down nine now given a nine I don't they do it would have to be a scifi movie. About Star Trek from me because I could well I don't know if you've if there was a star to movie as good as what mr. Williams had. Joseph yeah I had about eight point 59 summer on the next. Nine I mean it's nice axle and so next time ask spaghetti.