BJGN03-05-18 - The Fall of Delta Green

Monday, March 5th

The gang talks TV with Flash & Ash vs Evil Dead; BJ talks about Mute on Netflix; Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach; Rev interviews Kenneth Hite about his new tabletop RPG The Fall of Delta Green; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells sunup today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering the Jewish easy venture. Welcome yes welcome to BJ she's eaten nations and permanent way go across from me is Vicky Barcelona I have played. Hopeful Chris stay there the show's namesake Vijay Jay it is good to be. He watched the it's just a good to be just ended does that does that also running seaboard is the son of the Shea. It's always defense leads and also good not to be here. Experience maybe. On today's show we will talk television. I will talk with eight men making a good thing. Oh based RPG. Yeah. And I am invokes the sixties and seventies all nice and sometimes you Landon and sent to us who know moon. A while and also Garrett on column Bob Thornton of course he she could be could be good picking up people get a hold of us. He couldn't get ahold of us in the our web site BJP nation dot com it's gonna have all information could there's a zillion sites that he second PG nation you find us FaceBook Twitter and you're calling itself exactly and let's start with some TV talk BJ yeah that's what's going on in the world a flash. We've learned that she isn't that you've been. And is. I'd say it's going lower flash kick. He has got himself in deep trouble body found someone they can actually help them fight Devoe who is this think your guy that's basically. Taking these men is that he helped create in a bus crash where. He released dark matter create a whole bunch like twelve new meadows and it Denny's basically stealing their bodies and all their power is but he can't seem to stay alive of these bodies long enough and so flashes out of jail. They found out that okay you didn't kill him to grow because well they got their buddy Ralph. Whose classic man to basically shaped his form he can be like he now look like anybody that's part of his classic man hours sure why not so euros and a wheelchair apparently a New York Times I don't live event and devote whoever is like oh wait a minute because I can't say it's not my husband doesn't look like my own not grab some various know our murderer. And that they found a new country singer that has the ability to use sound waves and she seemed to be only one they can actually. Heard there Borough. At least for a little bit and Devoe and but then Devoe still sector brain out in business in general Zia PC it's not good eats its O'Malley took over her body and that's gonna flash system on how to beat this guy hands sounds like it he slowly but surely going after on the bus matters. And sad news but Ralph classic man but he is one of those bust matters which means to rose and try to still ralphie got one point oh no ever like ralphie now so that's the problem so bits. Still fun show that the special effects are fun on the show and Katie sack off when she shows up on that show is really tremendous winner British accent really has so it is Starbucks with a British accent he can't go wrong and I know we haven't seen the last of her. Ask vs evil dead is back is yeah. The days season three correct yes it is he yeah it's hard to believe that it's been like this is the third season and I didn't realize it was coming up. And they you know the first episode was great because ash. You know Ashley to get around. So. The and there and you never know and one woman was really madame she's like I can't win you don't recognize the meanings they I don't know we are sorry I got told to lash. I'm your wife he's like what is that you think I remember it. You editing then there was there was a flashback to a wild party crazy times past giving John cash going to Vegas ash marrying somebody in Vegas can eat and she had a kid he had no money for all these years ma why. Junior has so there's little last junior and of course it's so great because they're two girls and high school they're getting attacked by eight and evil dead possessed. Mascot. I. Which is really fun. And of course somebody gets the book of the dead nobody comes to attorney from a yen after they like you clearly has some stupid professor was like oh wait a minute as I'm reading this I realize this is the background a gun I should really remiss most of lake there and so ass is backsliding evil and that the greatest thing about this show is the way people die. Friend and also ask fastest just such a jerk where when the when his when his wife says hey there's your daughter and there's two girls warms a very hot girl. Is an attractive girl was not the hottest girl could still that the basically begged me to look at cheerleader. Ashley already. She is a misery and the wife and that's not to diner all right well I guess she's gonna do I have. It's just so action. Levitt and mom doesn't stick around that long guys you know it's it's it's a shortly reunion as you know if you ever wonder hey is vinyl coming back. Vinyl is coming back not only to listen to music but also to decapitate somebody's mother and there I agree. At what Gloria gory and as for everybody there and if you ever wondered hey listen you ever see those cheese slicer is that have multiple you know where you can maybe slice multiple pieces she's a longtime notre. You know heart makes a really good cheese slicer if you going after demons head wow that was a great signing why our the they you know outstanding they have big this show is not so much about nudity it really is about how creatively can we kill anybody yeah and in a comedic fashion and they really. The way the Walking Dead does there zombies no zombie kills them and the love they put towards they know Greg Kucera is is is just a guy was meticulous on that. Whoever's doing this for ash vs evil dead. They are putting the same love and caring to the hilarious ways that these these these nights are killed tens off and I of course you know Lucy Lawless is back to go of that day yeah and it's fun it's and is a new character who's. Like a Pallet then there's old group of people that sort of like. These Pallet any people who are if you will. Serving ash and what he's all about in there there they wanna fight evil and so we built a rash yeah and we met one dude and all of by the way ash. Do hardware store everybody and army of darkness if it is hardware store that was also fun as ass she was slashing ashy slashing prices which were sort of I really did like -- crazy Eddie commercial boats so are some money yeah so did that there was a great first episode puts on stars by the way briefly we need to talk a little bit about altered carbon because we might have to do a special on this show we do go around because the show we just say that's what we're going to do I think so at this point let's do what you and your next Friday wondered extranet and I think we can do next Friday a little harder he deserves it's own special it is it's it's it's twelve episodes that largest immensely dense and trying to get this in just a couple of minutes. The guy is just gonna be way too much I really really nice and early ten episodes but we certainly don't like twelve years gathers login and after. Might as well events well you're right because it was so Endesa this is your morning guys and watch it. If you haven't seen any evidence then don't listen Nick Drake has yet we're spoiled a heck out of it and I'm excited that we're gonna basket secular for this show out of the year I want us to better show I have to agree with that out yet a guy is NL we'll talk about Avaya a Grammy actually excited for. Some older stuff. And not necessarily blade runner wage I really is coming back to the forefront on this thing them by like enemy into some of the things like that reality. And if you're missing out of carbon look it's not as good but if you're Duncan Jones fan and he's done some great stuff we did warcraft she did moan. I check out mutes because it's a very see this is it's a similar world not that far into the future but it's got that blade runner esque vibe to it. It's of it's an interesting story it's all part of the trilogy because. And I watched moot and I watched I'm mute and I realized in my Mabel talk more about that but. Is there there's there's definitely a theme about them that the protagonist in these movies that. Is not a hopeful theme but yet today it's still you know facet and I'd always great movie you haven't seen now what Sam Rockwell. Well and that's a dozen Netflix movie tootsie get a Netflix series in altered carbon get a Netflix movie when you mute yeah it definitely could Netflix just be the next amazing. Polonium how credible yes I'm lost in space next month's this is saying here is he had talked about it on Friday but they're putting out 700. Original. Pass this year and some of those foreign things so you got to take that with a Green Zone and the point. There are a ton of things going out there and forget just saying yeah. I thought I was coming back out Aaron not Paramount weaker so Jessica Jones is back issue there isn't saying yeah I mean that it is necklace is out of control of blossom and actually speaking of scares fund column not by. I don't right now there at bond Colin box from skewed and reviewed you can find that it as K and TV news going on today man. Absolutely you know it's interest and we're certainly getting into the convention she shunned the wonder chrome coming out a couple of weeks enriched mostly a lot of products NeuStar to swallow its you know kind of catching up put some four network shows like England's Ian WB network you may know we're here and all the centrist and start coming from some of the streaming services and did so really it's. Changed a whole dynamic per foursome or alteration shop from their major networks so. Appreciate what's going on on on the streaming services. Well the biggest thing we heard at the world stat stomped. Their combination attention actual actions all the steps 700 correctional shows and movies like gone in the not too distant future but one that really Carter wants attention more honesty dirt try our achieving serious talent. It's no secret the movie and under post or they kind of Harry you know disregard to deploy auctioned on that possible follow up and Stephen King himself but he's been shut positions on the way to go would you PG thirteen. TV series and to restore on wall now we've heard that the TV series who needs to launch and it's dumb Ullman Emma sergeant. Now does this have anything to do at the movies or is it just going to be its own entity. Well what were your knowledge shouldn't be doing well and he'd be regrouped and they're gonna kind of culture where they're gonna they're essentially what were curious that the main beach they would books kind of tricky game thrown approached impeached this season of the show it's warm books so it's they go by that mentality you know the first local species in one season two they may try to combine a couple of seasons and won but considering. Like a lot of Stephen king's forks they got bigger and thicker and rigorous series went along I think that's probably shaped approach I guess you know com. You heard no and Islam has a Lord of the Rings inspired high series coming. I haven't Schilling would be kind of you know I always look at him trojans good. Template because you each season roughly total support you have the adult content option I think that's what -- gonna do hope and considering they're trying really hard to keep up question. You know Netflix and on top of that Disney is still to come streaming service coming next year they're looking for something major to get it out of the park and give. A recent two people to become an Acura career. Yeah that's a good point on that know me interesting to see how they do that because I think it shows like that or books like that really do good with shows like that because you get. As deep as you really want to be in the it should placate all the fans out there were really pissed about the movie. Absolutely. Moving on from that there are some news that I know Biggio be pretty stoked about on the east snow pierce or front. Correct to have so anybody who remembers no pure sugar instrument Grachev not all Tom. Starring Chris Evans it's getting TV series now there's no. You know put it should have been engaged in anything like that global wheat on that is Graham who Manchin who was one of the park creators about four from blacks. It's behind it has been named shorter so you can trying to get an idea where they're gonna approach again I think will be shuttling cash look a bit rhetorical tone to it. I would hope so I mean I wasn't a huge fan of the movie and I think maybe discuss the ending kind of put Meehan and kind of a sour note but I think as a TV series in exploring. The the different factions and also just the different. You know economic levels and stuff like of each of the different areas on the train will be more interesting than just a two hour movie. Actually a character so much more church and being able to dig in deeper set us back stories really planned to internal politics I think will be the key to. And finally is there news about the end of agent of shield. Yes you know malicious word gets done very interesting such. German secret Kucera or Britain we're fortunate friction with the series that are redemption stories that indeed she wanted to cancel its potentially as early as so a couple of seasons ago will. And it gets to be a very complicated picture because. Neural basically numbers and current company may. And to what you've heard was essentially ABC television moment champs look but essentially marble or Disney or someone higher up in the food chains should know you gotta keep it on the air well. I never had that can arm but what we've been hearing now reception each new season has yet to be confirmed killed and so there writing -- nationality right now and so the way they've set it up to certain signing so that this year season finale which can service and then to the series and the proportionality but they're leaving it in such a way that sugar -- our renewal come down the road they can branch brokerage settled so that's the complicated thing essentially it's set up to be this season finale however there ligament door open announced that showed very renewal come and they can still not a continuous and. So really the best way because I know that a lot of series had a rather abrupt ending to it you never got that sort of resolution so to be able I have that is actually a good back up plan and a lot of people still really love this series and if they wanna keep it going go inning going and hopefully that can happen but again at the same point at least they'll be some resolution. Exactly entry and I think part of the whole. Except forward it's like we mentioned 2019 Disney search are streaming service. They have already made it very clear that there is a lot of action Star Wars to reach at least one maybe two and day marvel series coming and this is not going to be the marvel series that are on Netflix we're told those get to stay on Netflix this is something brand no. So it could be any number of things Strom. Made him do more mature version MPH did you chill made we're doing something different or maybe they chill agency shield and stay on ABC or maybe it's got a coach put the focus on this new thing and I think that's kind of were the rap right now it's. Let's just keep all our options open. I know that you'll keep us in the know for all that again pinky here it's you can check him out at skewed in review that is SK and are dot net C and sweet man. Are. You so much scared and moving right along I need to get to our next guest because his project we've had a month before but this project is really really astounding which meets a day is a man who knew we had on earlier before talking about well vampires and more with a a new well it's a whole thing but it's a new thing that's going along with the gun issue with the gumshoe thing for a home hub program brand's current. Right it's a new old saying about the oldest news. I had the at that experience. And I hope it doesn't generate a mystery is the key to any relationship even hours I think exactly especially with no other role playing game in the gum shoe shoe investigative role playing system from Belgrade press you've got the fall of delta green and this is interesting because it is cool first off what is delta green. Our adult a green. Our world go to green is a setting originally developed for all consumed by John Tynes Dennis Scott Wheeler and Scott Clancy back in the early ninety's. Which. John Tynes invented before the X-Files but it is basically who. Cold and two X-Files it's the secret government organization that investigates. Oh the gun salute those that's and usually destroys it and in the 1990s. The delta green portion was an illegal conspiracy. Within the government. Because the actual government what do you make deals with the Mets us break they they were the bitterly guys who like trying to you know bring the alien masters down there Parker us and adultery with a good guys who you sort of fighting them they were there Mulder and Scully against the cigarette smoking men of majestic and bad guys. And this isn't it isn't set in the ninety's the fall adultery and this is set up a little bit earlier. Right this is set in the 1960s. Which is back when delta green was an official. Part of the government it was it was a they run them by the Joint Chiefs of Staff with an executive committee that you know drowned out of the two gloom of those was going on after 1928. Way and as long graft tells us the federal government rated and destroyed determines what's which was pulled due to worship the one. And so bad. That set the government on the trail of hunting and destroying the gloom of those. Wherever they were and by the 1960s the government. Believing that you can also eliminate racism poverty cancer. The moon communism in southeast Asia. Why not also tossed the deliberate goes on that list so that's what you'll just as sure why not you know I mean the elder gods or something that we can totally handle. Exactly at least as easily as we handled. I carry as a and southeast Asia surely and so I'm. So you don't agree and we begin to explore the world war find out more about the mentos and it as it as always happens. Days. Or moved too far too fast they attempts something unknown in Cambodia in 1970. That spattered turns into a horrible disaster has a real blow back on the actual Vietnam War and so the Joint Chiefs of Staff get. Disgusted by this. Goes weird unit that exists only to rack up weird my body counts. And does strange injuries and shut style degree down like they can't have this what you wrote good. Intelligence community. Military guys running around so there are four balls are blowing a foreign places are right so that shut the whole thing down in 1970 at which point it becomes the illegal conspiracy that we. Met in the 1990s so Lindsay prequel to that 1990s original and it is coming out now because. Delta green itself is coming out now from our dream. Good in a new delta green role playing game which I also wrote part of it takes place in the right now and in the right now of course post 9/11. All everyone wanted to go all foreigners is brought back Jim and made part of the government so there's an official vote green again. But it's different than the official to a degree in of the 1960s and has that fun contrast that all of adultery and kind of plays with. That is a lot of fun and I love the fact that I mean you love putting in actual history and just tweaking it a little bit he did in the past with ninety black agents and an Emmy in you what we've talked about that ad that ended Dracula dossier which was one of the major campaigns for it was that you equate to you equated it to you like the Bourne identity with vampires. Right where would you put it's this a lake would it be something along the lines of an Apocalypse Now or full metal jacket. It's it's very good general strong Apocalypse Now feeling to it it's apocalypse now with good Hulu but the sixties is bigger than Vietnam so leads. All so you know you know. The magical mystery tour with due to lose that's where you wanna go to war in blow well are blocked with good Hulu or whatever. Aspect of the 1960s to the sixties of course are all about. Does saying. We're gonna explore our own bats we're gonna do are really organized you know drop out and take weird drugs and oh look. What are we only others out of that. As your other tests. You're raising this thing at this point if somebody chose to you can say well maybe Timothy Leary was an agent of cut though Lou. And yes he was the one who has tried to bring math bring insanity to the masses by way of jealousy. Exactly you can you can have him as either agent of of pastoral work of two or you can have him as a sort of doorway then they just came through like gathered telling guest rebuilds resonate hurdle the ultraviolet. Monsters pour out into our world same thing Timothy Leary could have just opened the doors to perception as he put it just not knowing what's on the other side of those source. That is so interesting because I love the fact that you're saying yes sure yeah there is the Vietnam War but yet you still gonna have to deal with step in San Francisco all the counterculture stuff and like even late you'd mentioned to me that you're gonna we'll do hunt deep ones beneath the Atlantic. Yeah that is cool man medicine is really really cool. Well there's some there's a rash of and this is in real life there's a rash of mysterious submarine vanishing in 1968 or submarines from four different nations of the scorpion the Soviets lose I think it's a 29. The Israelis was a submarine the big the big car and the French loses submarine and all those submarines. Just go away in 1968 so obviously. You and I know what that is that's the deep ones getting mad at delta Lina and pestering them until they just sent a little signal they say take any four random submarines and destroy them. So don't agree and of course and says all right that's the way wanna play it. And just like in Vietnam the answer is escalate the answer is drop more bombs in there is a goalie and harder going deeper going further and as one can imagine that may be doesn't work out so well welcome say right that's real player. And I I love this because you are you just a big history buff because it really seems that way win just looking in all the games it you've done with programming all of our PG I mean you are. Really one of the best RPG makers you have such an extended history of that are also just to make history buff as well. I'm a giant history buff my father. Said that isn't he didn't marry history Buffy had to create what I want. If you assume relevant doc savage being taught to mastery of all useful arts and skills in hide pressure chamber from birth you assume sir road. Doctors said he's just being taught a bunch of useless history by his dad do want to talk about it all the time that's sort of where I am that is all I am every useless mutant power but it is mine. Guys I know Vince uses are not because you create a lot of entertainment for a lot of people Andy and his brother followed delta green. By mr. Kenneth hide in this is going to be for the gumshoe investigative role playing system from Belgrade press I'm going to assume it's going to be out very soon. Right you can pre order now all and it should be. I should we have it's part of the kick starter for that our dream. Don't agree in okay the role playing game so we have to get the books to the backers before reads send them to people who didn't back because backers. Quite real reasonably say should be the dominant. Or don't support our life so we wanna give them the book and then will make it available to everybody but you sir pre ordering it on the October incite even if you didn't back. Right now. Nice and I'm going to a sooner there's going to be imposed PDF and our cover urgent that they want absolutely absolutely that is OK we'll be gorgeous. We had an artist named Jennifer McLeary we sort of did little would have an experiment it was like here's the manuscripts. Send us a beautiful crazy 1960s. Psychedelic. Messed up my mind freak of a book. And man did she do it it's so good. That is so cool I love just pouring through like I said nights like agents in the Dracula dossier the last time I saw you in Seattle for one of the many conventions we have here I had to take a mud because they're so beautiful these are great pickups if you love delving into a history that is pretty recent and beat you know the Capello made those which is one of those things that as blown up in recent history. Yeah I mean it said to me it's one of the myths of the modern era current issue of Grafton George Romero between them kind of created our midst yeah arranged for this century is so good for you good for us and if you feel like zombies are played out that's degrading ultimate currency comes in. All shapes and sizes. Absolutely think he's much for spending some time with the cannot. Thanks for every man thank you so much and again just sort of held or impress you could find out everything about the fall of delta green. And now it's time for our. She'd Swiss TV show Q what do you got for us these wasn't here at last and we did this not why didn't we decided to go into my phone. Okay. And look at the things I screamed shouted and it's not dirty there I mean I have money area and we don't we don't go I didn't know lose one's seen it how Novak got some actually really really fun ones. One of them was a tweet I bounces during the development of aid DND to 1980s. The golden girls serve as a template for an ideally venturing party. How interesting soda so you have you have blanch who would obviously either BDD. Ultra horny rove or barred okay this. It's gosh rose would be maybe the dumb fighter. She was not that intelligent but I can kinda see her being the muscle no. No no is an easily player and yet she would be declaring cure it kind of like kind of loopy Claire Cora drew it yes drew it. Yeah where does she would absolutely be he had truth from the head wherever I think that place this year still no luck gets a little off they keel. I don't wanna do and still get easy access to try to figure that one out buzz. Tests and I can't remember names discover the wizard as dominant as though the only life the owners of the wise and multiple wireless dessert I don't lizard yeah right now I'm proposing that we did the Indy campaign where we are these characters be Arthurs you're ranger like pellets and oh yeah definitely no apology and I can definitely see you at gas Bea Arthur yeah but but but I simple. Next to my next street just something actually edit posted. And it'll it'll make Chris crash. OK okay so imagine if you are playing a game of the being barred. Now the next day I name archer you know OK and an investigator named monk knows now. An American name Pallet then. And a fighter named Grogan who's threaten them. And among coup is a ranger. Had. Despite all the TV names simply made oh he had that would drive me insane. But it's bad enough when I grow my guess there are weird funky names but that would just yeah I would I would I would I would it kill all of those characters. There's a lot of characters that I mean we're plants are finding hearing now and out of my character is easily named after a magic card. Just because it's easy is it Sorin. Good also are gap we have a guy whose character is an android who looks. A little like a famous actor oh really yes in his name is was it fake Tom Cruise backwards. I think Tom Cruise still backwards that was Amy's like it's their receivers say can move around she is that the whole that's his whole shtick great but this is the kind of thing that I have to deal with as the as the game master and you get offended that party rolled up. The you just described Mickey to data. Well of the dragon Peres and had damaged organs our area at a level or I'm here period. I also on the role of some new characters I. One more biggie this is my favorite it's a picture Oscar the Grouch and very motivating to me. Just because your trash. Doesn't mean you can't do great things move it's called garbage can not garbage can not how. I'm curious about what time I do know now that I mean you're not wrong you know rest of going to nice greens just any telling me to take me out. Under UN panel they never know the Derek shares in anatomy and I'm all for you to action hero right sign on comics I'm as stay very. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Join Vernon Wells to feed ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. 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