BJGN03-08-18 - Special Ops - A Wrinkle In Time - Death Wish

Thursday, March 8th

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner, Rev & Chris! They discuss the new Lost In Space trailer; they recap the Oscars; Mark reviews A Wrinkle In Time; and Mark reviews Death Wish!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can. Hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Club house. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase Ph.D. Nation special ops. We're going the full numbers today welcome your specialized gripping and your postmarked from her this week. Death wish. And a wrinkle in time but first. Let me introduce my two co conspirators the reverend en Fuego at the controls hello Chris walker over that. The console I can very excited her name Chris walker in fact it's you this what you're right I'm going numbered. Africa and the full number we're doing it. I mean we don't have any vodka in the studio. Thank god don't think rev let people know how they can contact us please if they would like to do so one nanny 02243353. For three to send a text or a voicemail. Because there's an email BJP nation at Finest on the social media just breast surgeon for BDJ's heat nation we can find that past episodes or that ever present more. BJ geek nation dot com we'll Don lemon mark runner up our aid each in the ER if you're not familiar with. The spelling of the fatherland spelling yes. Let's talk about today so we won't waste a lot of time on small talk but I just I want to get sued to hear this that I saw this time Craig's list yesterday it was in the out. Missed connections and I think it was I think I get bored I just read stuff for fun step up and saw you on the forty foreign Ballard W four M. Whom we usually it's not a W four M Welch is the I want off of if this is either one of you. I signed on the 44 today. Apparently that's a bus and I would imagine anybody off the safely on market street and I wanted to tell you how material like your shirt but when you were finding your seat. I saw very unflattering brown stain on your parents don't know. I was hoping it was just chocolate but judging on how quickly you exited the bus I'm guessing that it was far worse. I just wanted you to know that I understand. Wealthy are starting up looking at the that is my incidents have. Not been in that frequent and definitely I would be riding the bus Chris walker via truck with pence. Not at the moment. Eat at Chuck Cook K can I confirm or deny what I was doing and I may not on the court order well I I like that this person's understanding I mean that it's. I think probably about art does it take away from this she's says. Never mind all of that I wanted to post and has missed connection I called you out a little bit. We heat if you were feeling humiliated about your truck enhance just know that I'm here for you guests in somebody saw you with those pants. How this W forums sounds like a delightful person. I believe that day he probably had lived through them in the trash which reminds me how we got some trailer crashed a so ray so I had she. Now I've been very skeptical about the new lost in space. Remake on Netflix. Who's got that you can believe Molly Parker as the mom Robinson colonel mom Robinson different plane how much the key role in the and the TV series. But let's hear what she got rid of. Other pressing. And breezy summer figured we will find their way. Who relocated its Star Trek. Those have been there and an icy planet. A lot of low. Yeah. Their loan okay are you aware where they lock. And NIC plan and Willy Robinson no wind speeds through over college after. There's will read it. And it's a giant flashlight robot. I mean he's he flexed like as physically a flashlight grossly. You know Jacqueline talking about all. I've heard yeah. Mean clean up. See him. Robust throwing a. A really big robot. He Netflix original Syrians. It's written stuff. Military says it kind of looks like. Completely. Okay. OK Parker Posey. Parker Posey I moved. Highly skeptical about a female doctor Smith of course you are if you remember gonna live from the old joke he was the stow away on the space ship who is just. Bill lazy is to most selfish cowardly person who's ever lived. And yet still. Kind of adorable. Kinda tore a hole there I know it's true that man take a breath. Yeah I wanna know everybody loves doctor Smith there are in fact in fact the star of the show played dead dad Robinson. I think it was and infuriating because doctor Smith was billed as a special guest star and wound up being the most popular person in the Castro Tito were tomato worked with family matters and her goal. Truth but I was I was not excited about this especially after that movie the movie you Gary Coleman now is doctor Smith and in the theatrical movie of ten years or so and metal walkway is. A part of it I think that I do via Oscar voters. Recalled that lost in space movies and they would retract the Oscar that he won or somewhere else and attract the terrible with what's wrong with people. It's and now I was not on board this until I saw. On the trailer Beasley the new trailer that Drucker and we can yes Neil Marshall is running this thing is director Neil Marshall is the director of dog soldiers the descent lots of episodes of what's that don't show that we that we like with with the news he in the and the and the staff and things are important. They're a game thrown out I had this job and there's a lot of things going item added his we're gonna go as high as you and he is doing a hell boy film oatmeal Marshall assume there royalty and so as many misgivings I have lost in space we make. And I stirred re watching these old episodes of BJ. He loves these things yet is what any group like the V one show that you grew up on and then he got into Star Trek. And he's been kind of make me appreciate them a little bit more I thought they were silly you'd like I love Star Trek but. Lust in space is more kid friendly absolutely. But it's also I think if you get the right frame of mind I'm not even talking stoned yeah I was wondered about that. How fake you get much play solid not at all not at all but. Since I bring it up there are two places and a couple of blogs. And I do have the box at. Now this sounds like go lot of fun now it's you are you've been sitting on my misgivings aside. So. Let's talk about this when it comes out and I think we're gonna have to give the full the full number yeah next. Have full members view. Wanna get into a big Oscar recaps thing since it's half a week old and everybody's already dumping on it but. Boy within nerds ascendant this year nerds and rule the world. Are under royalty Guillermo del Toro and cleaned up for the shape water I was grinding Nemo sir thank you Matt I think you. Best picture best director for that. Horror film horror satire won for best screenplay get out oh good. What else to miss anything. Blade runner Tony 49 won for best visual effects and another one maybe sound editing or visual editing something like that I should also that movie really a short shrift this year like I said we could to go support stuff like this league 124 either as much better than anybody expected. And it was kind of Obama I still haven't seen it you know the problem I know write another problem I understand that at this point. Now of course immediately after the broadcast he had the usual complaints from all the right wing dim wits about. Analysts stars making political commentary. And I wrote something I wrote another column for yes magazine about that. You notice. The C pac convention the Conservative Political Action Conference was the oh weekend prior. So for that thing you'll have like big auditoriums full of people cheering for taking health care away from people stuff like that. And it's really like a big life production of the DSM the diagnostic and statistical manual focusing on. Scioscia opera the who cheers for taking health care away from people. Don't wanna I wanna make for a move on. All these political statements that the right wingers are whining about in the Oscars. Every single one of them is for some humanitarian thing it's all four things that if you're a human being with a conscience. You should be for. Now one question I have for you about this the beginning of the Oscars Jimmy Kimmel went out there and said we want people to say what they. But he also said in addition to that we will be giving a pride is. OK in the way of the jet ski too easy shortest. Acceptance speech now due to want I know here's my theory about question do you you have something prepared you have a very long when did speech that is going to go into the trials and tribulations of those out there suddenly a prizes given that there you can win. Yourself a jet ski. You compromise sir. How much of a horde do you think I am that's why am asking you so that's a yes well I think most of the people who work for awards there had enough money that they've. Didn't care whether they got a free jet ski. I mean maybe the best short feature people. Look like yell let's get that jet ski into an army base free kinki now it's a free jet ski well I'm like water only get my head where so I I would have gone with the speech all right Dan next. A wrinkle in time you know guys it's come my attention recently that. I am not a twelve year old black girl wiped the tear the trailer okay. Did Oprah season. And yet so. Day in the kid who actually does turn out to them. That's not a bruising his father's disappearance as an excuse to act out. So his work. Blitzer about. Yeah. OK that was they couldn't find the began there must get her other hand quickest option is to walk us. But it's. I saw on the shortest distance between two points. First he heard it's. Outside it's close enough time. No rain here occurrence yet maybe. Instant queues are useful space my theoretical. Okay. Merrill. Feel. We heard crying and other fields hay its so great yeah. We've CD. And we're here to help you find the yeah there's been savings Collins is warriors restricted read them like it's. Great when you're each week with a couple real political. A little stunned when we. It's aiming. Only one can stop. These huge. Call it march. Running around. Weird little flower. Leave them why. The entire board. Little black girls win. It's kids. Back up and the man I thought that was the. Well let me be the end of his career our role do GE's okay I'll humiliated old white bastards. Tell me he's it it may. Come as much of a shock to use to me that I'm not a twelve year old black girl but. And if I was not already painfully aware that here. In her twelve year old or actual twelve year old for the audience for a wrinkle in time. The director David duke remain in two burning to turn act. She filmed the brief message that was shown for the movie urging us to see it through those guys which. All that's that's ninjas and then that's like when you see a trailer for a movie that. Doesn't have so much footage from the movie as testimonials from the star who's the movie. You know it just kind of stinks of death right off oh man see this movie through your inner child remember when you're ten years old yes and you didn't know anything so we collect a lot of craft. They get in the first what's book. So yeah I wanna talk about guys wanna say first though. I resisted the urge to block out more than any movie snacks. That Lone Rangers film of a few years we know what was the last time you've ever I mean besides late you do what at a Lone Ranger. Have you ever walked out of a movie pumping and walked out of a movie since desperately seeking Susan. Why our loud I think I thought well I'll tell Foley Carlyle. The reason for this exhortation that became pretty obvious about five minutes into the movie twelve year olds watch movies and countless critically than adults. And they also don't quite have a concept of the scope of Oprah's ego. Before you go any further before we going I'm so tired they stayed up. Before or after you guys woke up this morning watching death wishing and really get the I started watching death wish again and out for this book that it's nice. But apparently is not just a state of mind for markets such a Pallet cleanser compared to this oh jeez I just want the tour of you to know that. You deserve to be loved while you're amazing and beautiful. And you may not realize it yet but your ball fierce warriors okay over I ask you and I don't need to see this awful god damn McCullough I know apparently there's a TV version of in 2003 I should not see it. And this is all from a 1962. Novel by Madeleine lingle. Chris walker take it. So yes 1962. Would be the the one thing that this book caught a lot of flak for. Was a lot of people were upset about. Ms. Ingles. Religious views she was from an exceptionally liberal. Christian background. And throwing in Jesus with that some of the greater philosophers and with the it and things like that a lot of people gave her like criticism for Latin thing that. It it diminished. Jesus' divinity. And on the face of it a lot of people took away the AA an allegory for the red scare. And what you think in 1962 the Cold War. The the the way that that camera shots and it and dead man with a red eyes control the planet. And they they saw it as at an indictment a warning like she was shaking your finger at the Communists things don't seem to her at all that I can you behind sure absolutely you can't buy it. What she what she went on the simulator was that it was not so much about communism as it was about any totalitarian regime democratic Communist whatever. Having too much control over it people. And in the state in the genie in the name of security. And the more you're racing people's individuality. Was the ultimate. Antagonist. When you think about books and you think about a main antagonist in these seem like you know here's the big bad but really what you're talking about was. Losing sight of yourself. Because there's so much better than this terrible movie but that sounds like the books that I would like to read the movie that I would like to see it is what happened. What happens well then everyone I had by the end of it all everyone realizes that said there are their individuality is their true strength. That everything that they have it that makes them who they are there weaknesses their strength their everything. Makes them the powerful wonderful glittering warriors that they eventually becomes how to glitter. Boy do I can you would you would look good in in the kind of so wrapped things with with with but it's a rat who. We coolest thing in the seventies where you can put like little. Little studded sparkly things on your dad flair oh no doubt it dazzle our best this is that the is a big dazzled movie. Now in the book meg little girl and her family all Caucasian in the movie it's a mixed family yes. And apparently this is causing some controversy but here that's fine by me anything that makes the right wing racists apoplectic tickle me to death yes. As I've said before. Just Whaley find out about Jesus spoiler if heat was no white dude I looked like when Gregor I don't briefly briefly here's the setup. The main little girl made plea by storm breeze picked on by mean girls at school where she's also acting on the doing very well because. Chris time frisky ruined Star Trek okay this for a little girl this guy to be more specific. Damn the two of you pint is a debt. And he disappeared for years previously while I was working on some science he project. Tick Concord vast distances in space is something like it was a little some mumbo Jumbo we. Meg has precious up precocious. Little brother named Charles Wallace. Charles Wallace's one of the many annoying features of the film because you could make a drinking game out of all the times people call Charles Wallace. And if you did make that drinking game you would be Jan Michael Vincent. Oliver Reed and Peter O'Toole all that once it's a Little League at bat attack from Florida sued people yelling Charles Wallace constantly. Also a really hilariously pretty boy and a popular boy from school someone wants to hang out with meg. It's so phony look at that actually have vision of like being in the car while his stage mom cooked until I are around LA keeps it more stuff. The kids need three misses three fabulous. Magical oddly attired end and their customers look at her dazzle women get the picture Reese Witherspoon she's excruciating as as the whimsical misses what's it. It is pissed me off is gone through I go to and ask I continue in Nikkei Elaine. Is the knowing their misses who she speaks only in quotes and Oprah. Please the towering floating boss of them. Mr. switch. Now watching his giant got like Oprah floating above the other characters I had an epiphany that this is actually Howell or Chris sees herself. I think it's up to point out here that I am not an operator and I didn't lose my mind recently when people were talking order running for president. Especially compared to a we are now I think Oprah is generally of a force for good in the world but he's this Christ what was he thinking here. To rescue Chris Klein. They have to confront a dark Kennedy's spreading in the universe called the it now done which unfortunately unfortunately is not the Stephen King 10. And talk to any in my critic friends and or no run tomatoes reviews posted. Before idea came in today so. I don't know who also reacted the movie like I did I'm mainly wondering how many of them are gonna doing emperor's new clothes numbers on this thing. That they know they're supposed to like but which is so terrible that. And coming this up I have pangs of empathy embarrassment for everybody throughout the two hours or at all. David do her name is the first woman of color to direct a live action film with a production budget of over hundred million dollars and offer that. But would have been nice shoes the first woman of color to direct to move outta budget over a hundred million dollars that was good. Here though im not a thing about this here those are genuine diversity. Everyone can make crap crap this colorful okay variation of the performances are so stunningly bad even Reese Witherspoon. The dialogue so clumsy and Tim bearden repetitious. That you might think it was written by a twelve year old. See kids that can tell stuff it's easy and they don't like it they don't like being talked down to and if I could go back in time I would in fact walk out of this movie. Why Powell it's 10 how bad raw. How old are wool revisit this when we waited when we see their critics have come in because. I feel like I'm I'm gone out on a limb here. You think eating you might just be the curmudgeon hand. I don't know I'm gone with my gut on this one and it was. Objectively. Terrible OK stay with us after the break it's a death wish. Welcome back to special ops Mark Brown here with the reverend flake on Chris walker you're ready for little palate cleanser he had. Bruce Willis stars and a remake of the landmark 1974 vigilante classic with Eli Roth is director. Raul he is now that guy. The US his home 125. Million clearly you're love you dad I told millions or billions and one need for a become victims of the crux of that tonight. Where she was next to me. I was yeah. The daughter. Songs for Bristol you don't do this is not believable at all. Mom dad. I'm sorry doctors and oh yeah so look nothing that I can do that we send it to let's say hey thanks for breaking. Thank you hope things work well for them. On March 2 only in America to protect forces. Now learning to shoot himself. The man who did. One by one. Ha in Japan okay. Oh we just used a really big red John a dude played a little lower seeded now they screen this little insider baseball here they screen this movie on Wednesday before open on a Friday. Which is almost as bad omen as not screening the movie at all but. Let's travel back in time to 1974. Before we talk about this remain 1974. Patty Hearst is Kidman and he Volkswagen Golf is released. The world's fair was in Spokane. Nixon resigned. I'm and it sounds good doesn't before I could before he'd get impeached. And this shocking for the time movie death wish is what everyone's talking about in 1974. It was based on the novel by Brian Garfield Chris here that would. That when I have not and Sam you sorry I read a lot of books to not that it he just posted a couple years previously things happened so much faster back and prolific writer still alive. English director Michael winner was directing a movie and this is the one that turned Charles Bronson into a superstar did what every think of Bronson as an actor. This was the right vehicle forum he so good in this. And like I said I just three watched it. Well this morning because I thought you a hum. There were I think four sequels and they got increasingly silly and preposterous but this one in 1974 had everyone talking because the violence. And the rape depicted in it was much more severe and transgressions and realistic thing you've seen a mainstream legit film. That wasn't just exploitation trash at the time also the film highlighted vigilantism whereas I'm. The novel didn't do so much to celebrate that. And the author was pretty disk pleased about the movie. Does very much a thing of its time no crime was on the rise though shot New York City in the winner. I think it's still pretty jarring. Dirty Harry had come out 1971. In this theme was just in the air. So in the original Bronson plays an architect who had been conscientious objector in the Korean War. He's a bleeding heart liberal. But when his wife and daughter are attacked and this is one almost hard to watch scenes in film history. He changes after that. And it's his transformation. That is the crux of the film. And he sells it so well. Everybody knows about death wish even if they haven't seen it. You believe in Jesus. You're gonna medium blab about and and that's from one of those dumb sequels don't. This was a serious movie did not break character for so much has an instant there's nothing joke he works murky. Or Bruce Willis he about it. Like I said conscientious objector committed to nonviolence and so the first time Paul Kersey and goes on does something. He fills a sock with quarters and whacks a mugger with a and he is really shaken by it. The first time about halfway into the film. He shoots a mugger with a gun that he's not supposed to happen New York City. He so shaken by the goes home when he throws up what it would just what a human reaction it's his. I think the movie just is no perfect. Very serious Celek pacing on the development occurs he's character. And there's a really really key interlude where he goes we're with a client and Arizona and they become friendly Stewart Maher Golan from a Rockford Files who played. Angel. So this guy takes courage he would gun club and then sticks again anchors he suitcase for the for the trip home of the gift. Which who can't so much due to the effect he picks from extinction gunning your bags. A freer going into an airport. They're not your friend there there's a young man snapped now the author wrote a sequel death sentence the following year. I said prolific. And are really loose adaptation of that one with Kevin Bacon and directed by James one came out in 2007 death sentence remember it. No it's not so memorable yeah. Win which brings us to this remake and a so how does Eli Roth update the story for 28 team where is Joseph carnahan's screenplay do make the stories resonate for our time. Let's Bruce Willis bring to this tortured character who goes on vigilante spree the short answer. Nothing. Itself kind of pointless it is and you laughed for doing. Tone deaf it's such a cheap low quality knockoff that. Well it's got Bruce Willis and that's. What's different okay. In this one Paul occurs he's an arc your surgeon not an architect. And the storyline is much more pat occurs he tracks down people who attacked his family in this one so there's much more phony closure. That's not what happens in the original you you never encounters the people who. Who harm his family in the original exe were the odds of that in New York City for him. The timing of this release really suck because it was right after the big school shooting in Florida and that's not the filmmakers fall. Although I would've may be delayed it a couple months after that do but it's tone deaf because I'm late in 1974 now into when he team. America has become the world's out liar by huge degree in gun deaths. Unlike anything through before we got civilians toeing around air fifteen these weapons of war. We got this flat out insane out of control gun culture that we have them. We got the NRA which did not own the entire. Republican Party in 1974. I'll we had this sick. And wrongheaded Supreme Court decision called Heller in 2008 which for the first time interpreted the Second Amendment in such a way as to give. Regular people human civilians the right to own whatever firearms their little hearts desired that was not the case in 1974. There's more though I mean we get and this is not like a liberal diatribe tribe we have just outright. Open racism. Like most of us haven't seen in our lifetimes. If you don't live in itself. Which it started escalating when Obama elected. Escalated more with trump so we have actual god damn Nazis white nationalist white supremacists and their ilk out in public marching. We talked to a girls' weekend. At comic con whose issues on the second day with a guy who appealed to her. That he was a white nationalist. Yeah it's for real wild second day I don't know who is OKQ that are. Or. Kkk marshmallow you weren. I put that stuff was not happening in 1974 when I'm single lot's changed since the original. In a remake that wasn't garbage would have reflected some of that somehow. But no. The answer the question of how to step which reflects its own time is that it's a crass money grab with no substance. About what we do have here's a series of months tigers of talk radio host debating this vigilante they called a grim reaper class way it's so ham handed. And done too much that he he was written by twelve year old who probably also wrote a wrinkle in time. And out while the violence in the original was realistic for its time kind of bordering on exploitation. And some weird gore and his remake his supreme Eli Roth who you know from hostile the lead into the final which was. Remake of cannibal holocaust to turn out to be no good. Bruce Willis starts off trying to act but it's not long before it's the phoned in smirk fast we all. Knowing and have grown tired of are we are vanity known. Everyone in the movie describes his grim reaper characters in his forties and the fifties Willis is 620 yeah this will be at a 16% on rotten tomatoes last time I checked I only wonder fifteen yes indeed it's going down with a man that he. What is wrong with that 15% of critics. Then I remembered. The bell curve and the percentage of Americans who still support from but I say and write them off rev your your pull quote. I watched the death wish remake. And now somebody's gonna have to pay yeah. And of full bloom now and then and equipment and the full quote and joke I guess. That's I'm exhausted boys let's go stone didn't see next week it's special ops on mark runner. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot blowouts.