BJGN03-22-18 - Special Ops - Unsane - Pacific Rim: Uprising

Thursday, March 22nd

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner, Chris, & Rev! They discuss the trailer to Avengers: Infinity War; Constantine joining the cast of Legends of Tomorrow full-time; the passing of DC Comics writer Michael Fleisher; Mark reviews the movies Unsane & Pacific Rim: Uprising!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can. Hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Plus should ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. A key nations special ops do not congratulated. It's your special ops briefing there postmarked from her this week. Pacific rim uprising. Unseen and also quote war unquote. First let me introduce the or two humans in the studio with me today. Reverend Fuego negative enemy to meet popsicle at and the remaining meet Chris walker year. That. Thanks for her taking up space. They rep tell people how they can take up space. Ben with. OK okay did I notice they left high and I'm the door stop here OK I got I figure and you usually. Obi digging Asian Gmail back on the three considers emails. Voice messages or text you can do so at 1980. To do for a 3353. Look us up on all the social media just search for BJ Shays geek nation. And of course the web site BJ geek nation dot com. They give us alike on stuff find stuff and they. That helps it helps I'm trying to aim to do better on the social media stuff it I'll say that but I've been consulting with the people who know about that sort tip. I got her into an all collectively as the stuff item's name your written. While on the FaceBook and Twitter posting links to the show can actually telling people that we do a shuttle. It's. It. I you know this is maybe one reason why my comic book career kind of stayed in the lower middle for the number of years. Is that I the self promotion completely nauseated me but I guess you just have to use two here and half. To accept being all for you must. So I started up I think do knocking gradually did you see this. No the only thing I seen was a mean with cooked Hulu busting out of whole wall saint do not congratulate now Mike I don't know what's gone on an hour from. So the president's daily briefing. Had in capital letters do knocking gradually President Putin on a sham victory since he's from the country that screwed with our collection well and of course the first thing cousins. Congratulate him moan. That also but a polygraph results are released yesterday showed that trump had quote. Unprotected vaginal sex with stormy Daniels. The porn star mountain the rest of America's finding out how this feels and just hopes he'll pull out all. Well I had ouch. Did you see we've got a lot of steps talking and we had a bit more things are happening so fast like big things big like. Culture changing. Are we going to have to prepare for the puck slope apocalypse thing I had Cambridge analytic and FaceBook you're on the FaceBook users are both on the face true I am maybe not for much longer noble. If you haven't been keeping up on that the short version is that an extreme. Right wing outfit the back from commercials. Used stolen personal data from fifty million FaceBook yeah. Might want to ha. He's stolen personal data from fifty million FaceBook users and their friends to wage if psi ops can propaganda campaign. That could have possibly tip the election in France favorites in this make sign ups not sound as cool no war no to this they say unlike any kind of moonlighting. And I also same maybe it's time to regulate the Facebook's. All right let's get started and grab. Why don't we take out some trash. Blu-ray lurch to ray adds she. So a time when I was met it eagerly awaiting. That music can do you need a banjo and a little sun with almond shaped eyes and a six time let's get started. You'll what are we got here over always the Infiniti large trailer it's this again you Gap jeans. That's the more. To wipe out half the universe I know you don't know. So the Infiniti stuff out there they are you in a snap of his teammates. Chants and I. There is it about. Marbles news. There's been a fighter man. Your screen. That's what we use our religion the big. Back then they're in young America. Honestly you should be mirroring. Gallantly here so I don't think it's good except it sucks so let me do the plan and that way it might be really good. My god does. They heroes doing heroes being. It's. Crashing into a dead planet benefited battle armor. Many baby go Mora he's still lose. Friendship. I know. Yeah but you can't expect you know it cannot mean that now and I you know hi everybody I'm I'm completely would be honest. Anybody who can look at this trailer and not be excited about the managers infinity work. You're even debtor on the inside the mine this is this is exciting that hurts. Wait are you not looking towards this. I am but I mean I dinosaurs Knight the regular cheeseburger on the tip or anything now c'mon now this is especially if your middle aged man your finally seeing the culmination. Of the comics these ten and years. Teen movie you see if I'd better as citizens are robredo and our bowl yeah I am so excited about this I can't I came pretend anymore. I just an agenda that I had a year at this looks amaze me and I cannot wait. Yeah they do even even given the fact that fairness is apparently marbles version of Liberace and he just wants to ball he's only stone so they can have a bit of the beautiful. Gauntlet I've been reading a lot about this and as a way more nuanced than that and it's actually more nuanced in the comic books with just his a love for death the will do tell it looks like essentially at this point that they're leading him to be. A little more towards a like what kill monger was so a Villeneuve who has a purpose that may or may not put people on one side or the other. How. Half he is home planet of titan or not happen this whole planet and is apparently through actions that he could not. On stop like he had the ways to prevent the day his home planet from getting wiped out or they wouldn't let him do that and so now he's taken to task for the fact that. There's too many people. In the universe and he needs to call half of them in order to stop the progression by wishing you'd come to Seattle this so crowded field and right. Yeah get religious half just just to fix the parking and wins this they moved the opening date of this up to April some somewhere aimed at 27. I'm slightly angry about that because it was supposed to release on May fourth which in addition to Star Wars day is my birthday. Small I may or may not have yes I did commissioned a birthday cake in the shape of an infinity gauntlet clock. Dad was an inebriated purges but I still do not only regret it do you he's I had you know I have so many of those I've got such a long history of waking up the next. Afternoon. And being like. Well what is this vintage hammer horror film Italian posters that I spent hundreds of dollars on before I passed out last night yeah Obama made you can edit that out right now I don't know if I'm amazingly excited for this committee. Me too I think three of us you know it's a quorum next. You reverend en Fuego flaming reverend he told me that. This show that I never watch because it's so low rent and crappy and cheesy and terrible in every way legends of two. Morrow yes it's getting a little upgrade it's getting an upgrade the next season will consist of involving. John Constantin. Or constant crying memorable and this again yet depending on. If Iran or not. Well it'll look at creator Jamie go on Oprah is a constant time but they keep saying Constantin on the show right yes OK and eight he was. He was on NBC I think the show was on NBC. I'm got cold for whatever reasons that it does lasted one season or last month and then he was a guest on and legends of tomorrow a couple of times. And it's so popular in the characters so popular that he is now going to be a recurring character for I believe season for. Like to show I didn't see every single episode of the show that the show was good. As opposed to legends of tomorrow and had to either of you watched legends of tomorrow I try to watch a show. I don't to a three times and and nothing helped sit by by general rule I do not watch CW shows. I tier I tuned in for the entirety of the first season whoa yes I primarily because there were a couple of characters spun off from another show Maceda that I was watching for. Flash. And it's I was having trouble staying invested eight AD didn't catch me the characters and and the way they all interact and what they're doing. He just keep I didn't heading carefully to it does seem that it seemed a bit goofy a bit. Gap yet and even though I would watch Victor Garber signature for two and a half hours and pay twelve I loved him and aliens right. Q banned them everything he does know you're I couldn't stick you I couldn't see you know with the show. Will this make a difference the different Constantin TU I might check back in just to see if I haven't haven't they given up on something really great but obviously I don't think is gonna do it just. Give the whole show to them. Oh legends of Constantine a couple more quick items before we get to the main event next. RIP Michael Fleischer now if you don't know that is Michael Fleischer was a writer he died at age 75 apparently lived in the Portland area. He wrote a bunch of DC stuff and the weirdest thing I was looking through my own books and I came across these encyclopedias of superheroes that he wrote oh we backed him I guess the seven means spam and Superman Wonder Woman coming in to this day they hold up produced exhaustive this guy it was like a super fans super scholar of the senior anyone up writing a home of stuff for DC. Including lots and lots of Jonah hex but my favorite was run that he did on the Specter. That you're not aware of this it's when the Specter got really nasty and would do things like. Turner crook to glass and then tipped him over and shatter route to ward turn had a pretty cool turn of bad guys don't wood and then run him through a buzz saw Y and there was some. Really twisted stuff I can't and that trivia on this. Is that Harlan Ellison the author Harlan Ellison who are we know here he's been a guest on the show. He was doing an interview with the comics journal. And he they were talking about. Michael Fleischer stuff and Ellison started talking about was this what sic insane stuff is and how crazy Michael Fleischer was. And of course he wasn't being you know completely serious about it is just talking about how out there were whispers Fleischer took it seriously. And thought that Ellison was trying to ruin his career horn go long and soon Ellison demographics Gary Graf the publisher printed graphics for some point two million dollars. And it turned into a whole big deal and I wound up by having to write about little bit of that for the Seattle times. Fleischer did not win he went on to eventually quit comics and human topology. Ph.D. I think doctor in. But look him up and look up his Specter comics they're available in trade paper bag form now. They're just. Amazing and I've never seen anything quite like him if especially not during the time they were published one last thing Chris walker yesterday. Feel like it was longer than usual when I don't know if you guys say I goofed around on the no bloody disgusting dot com. I like a lot of my horror news or not they have a pro and okay organized site horror horror infrequently when he got side. While I was goofing off on it the other day and I see that there is a mega rare cut of the shining. Available and that I would never seen deleted dead over the never before seen deleted scene. One scene yes OK one seeing apparently of schily to vols character carrying Danny the sun. Around with her do you think it's worth three watching all think about one deleted scenes I don't think it's worth three watching but I found this. Fascinating because Stanley Kubrick the director of the shining is. Sort of known. For destroying any extra footage as that he doesn't use in the final cuts of the legendary control freak sincerely yes and so this the just the existence of even a few seconds of extra footage. Is is an amazing thing and would make this a super rare collection and right now looks like the it's up to three to 3700 dollars for the yet for this particular edition 11100 dollars what I don't understand who went for one dvd here or what white. You can stream Mitt what the hell what I'm seeing here. It just Ed and the incomplete information I have is the starting price for the extended cut is right around 3700 dollars. Well I think the verdict on that is screw that happen. All right stick around after the break we will review I'm saying the new Steven Soderbergh film shot an iPhone. And in the new Pacific rim no dirty jokes please. Welcome back to special ops mark runner here with reverend and quake zone Chris walker. Couple movies out this week that are of particular neared interest let's start with. On same your Smartphone will change the spelling on your refuge. And useless text there. Venus. Ancestry. Had just told me over and it's. His roots sweet to me. Changing your phone number in your email and calmness he. And. Dean stops. Taking had a restraining order a normal relocating to another city and around. She's still seeing a stronger everywhere rationally yet I industry pieces my imagination and loan industry in Sydney it's I never feel safe. And director Steven Spielberg working excellent. It's just routine I finish my homework. So you don't see these on the level I don't know a lot of time I should be actually works out there and what I'm getting here and take your clothes on your humor. So what's happening here. He would be better for everyone especially yourself if you just do as I. There's been some kind of mistake by signing this you can send the volatility yeah I am being held there against my will. Do know how many calls the cops can't let that every week those crazy people. And I doubt you have the premise. I've been an interesting little thriller from Stephen Soderbergh. Notable like I said before for being shot entirely. On an iPhone. Now that's been done here in there with the sort of things but to my knowledge is the first time a major theatrical release from an A list directors. Did it. Speak in whatever language that was I just thought I'd call it actually you really had to get. Your mileage with Soderbergh made very but I think he's brilliant I'm in the just don't have a list of the stuff pull operator royal and I want Logan lucky recently. -- for every little bit lucky though I mean there's imagine Mike and I am I slow there's that arises videotape I'm assuming you have the blu rays of both volumes of magic from my don't and I will tell them don't lie and mark and so what about this unseemly. Yeah I think. And getting back to servers I if you look over the things he's done I just think he's an innovator obviously he recently did an app movie called mosaic. Which. I've been meaning to watch but. Research. Let's look on his list of credits over the years has just seems like there is nothing this guy can do and do fast everything about him. Like having a cut of the movie done literally tour three hours after Kris finished shooting. I mean there's not a a year gap. Or even two years anywhere from starting from about in 1991. Although we have to the president where he's not add that at least a producer on something every year in fact twice for eight times a year from Thomas he's honest may have survived and also way savvy with new technology. Just trying to picture in old time he editor taking. Physical celluloid film and physically cutting in on one of those old movie all the machines and there is cigarette dangling out and is now there's a radio flashbacks right now they don't want her dad is a distant past daddy though. But none of that make any difference of the stories crap so here is the premise Claire Foy is the star and you may have seen her show called the crown she plays a young woman. Who's a new job she's got some psychological issues from being a stalking victim. And she's talked somebody so she goes first session with a new psychiatrist. And as you heard in the clip for the trailer she winds up somehow involuntarily committed to a mental hospital. Pro tip didn't read everything he signed on rarely even if you don't bother with the user agreements on your thoughts. It's here yeah mental hospital read what you sign itself being held against her will. Go figure advocates are even more in this places becomes institutional quicksand fast but other pro tip don't hit me one what your being held them. It's okay. Even if you're goaded into it to keep call. Also this one big room with lots of beds in that situation and a bunch crazy people. Not ideals. Now that interferes with pretty much everything you wanna do. This woman becomes convinced that the man who stalker is one of the employees in the hospital. Which doesn't really dual whole lot more to calm her down either. Is she nuts or isn't she there's more the movie than that and things just Keegan wound up more. I will not spoil anything Amy Irving rumor Hershey place young woman's mom. If you see an old Samuel for movie called shock coroner. You'll probably agree with me that sort of Byrd had to be a huge fan of it and if you've never seen shock corridor for God's sakes fix your life promptly okay to a UBS and don't have not CNET I do not recognize that name and watch it you will love it. The story here. I think I was pretty effective and when I see effective I mean that made me feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic in the theater sounds like it does what it needs to do it does and I could never say that I knew was gonna happen you're one plot point I didn't get or that was a big goof. But I can't tell you what it is without spoiling the twist their own I didn't ruin the movie for me though but when I was walking my car I thought. Had me. Thinking I'm. It was interesting to see Joshua Leonard AKA one of the two guys from the Blair witch project turnaround in this film I don't know who that was oh David strain. Oh okay so key that's the character who is who may or may not be the X stalker I was mayor I'm not you soccer yeah OK I'll take ideal very good very creepy he he doesn't ham it up at all and you really you wanna take out a restraining order against him fairness. That's how the whole movie was shot or iPhone look. I see in our great sometimes and not terribly either and in the hands of a real craftsman like Soderbergh. Do it works out pretty well for the most part just signed up like a weird shaky cam sort of thing now. Looks like a real film with framing. And things that you would expect from a person with an eye for it. It's sometimes this is cut that digital look at Isiah they were gonna have to get used to that has a visit Digital's the way to go it's cheaper I mean. It's cheap and it's fast especially compared to film film is so expensive. And it's so time consuming. I also kind of have to wonder that iPhone this that it was meant to Max hospital. If only your research that. I'd like this they would just some of those shots from the trailer gave me that gave me that since I thought I was looking at security footage for a second NFL he felt steroid felt you know very muted. And and I kind of like that I didn't I didn't know the thing the Ponte said it I wanna see more people do with a yeah honestly that makes me wonder what filmmakers who struggled for funding. Like Ed Wood for instance. Well pop up what will they are die access to its inexpensive. Digital technology evolution with a camera smaller than a deck of cards he could put it anywhere. Edit the whole thing on a laptop for essentially no budget ever that the budget for insane was one point two million bucks is not my god that's nothing. That's craft services. That now my new goal is to build a time machine only if I can send an iPhone back to Ed Wood. That's all I wanna do now I am 100. I'm court ruled that. On the other hand as we've seen with Netflix and Amazon prime this democratization. Of movie making which has resulted in huge amount of crap. With no quality control. Overall though big recommendation OK next. Pacific rim. Uprising he has been looking forward to that. And room. First one that's OK I did to five years ago I wasn't sure there were gonna make another one but I. I really enjoyed first I thought it was a lot of what effect a couple nights ago T channel showing. Connie stock owners giant robot or whatever the hell it's called the title. I just have always had a soft spot for those. Giant robot and Ky do movies and I was going to give me absolutely can't I thought that would the first one Guillermo del Toro. Just did the full Indiana Jones treatment went took the stuff that he loved as a kid which which may not have all been of the best quality. And just. Kind of synthesized it in and made it good in in thing of his own the eight years. For me in the original looked a little goofy. But I was I was able to forgive that for just how. How awesome that I June looked like it was all pretty satisfying and I also understand that female viewers appreciate the special effects that consisted of Idris Elba. And Charlotte. Just well what ever really I don't and they are not in the new one and there's no hero del Toro this time either in the movie suffers from all of that railway guys I've got the trailer. Since. Well that's a bad robot. Yeah I do. We don't seem to fit they're really well. Don't play again it's. Okay legendary night Duke's. The masters week. More like John boy and yankees are in my right. Little hey should result was in this. Or more giant thank you. If music pride Jews who sounds and it takes a minute you know well. It's early days back. General scientist is up shots. We'll base killing falls. Lots of hiding. The robot suited. Lots I Jews getting blown out and I think. You pretty much get the idea or yes this story suit them uprising. He said ten years after the Greek page you were the first one which was only five who's doing our human time. There's still some wrecked coastal cities. And it's peaceful but the good guys are preparing in case the ocean rifts opened up again in the got to fight more giant monsters spoiler because of the giant. Death hole. New ranger cadets have been trained. And there are a bunch between. Sinclair a plucky young girl who had stolen parts and built her own mini Yeager as we know. Adding kids makes any story works. One of the things amid the first movie so enjoyable was the fact it was paid played fairly straight and it was all adult. And I don't mean that in the stormy Daniels where either I mean that I left. It was. It was a little bit more rugged than you would expect for a giant kite you Roebuck and yes yeah so this concert John boy don't you heard as the son of Elvis character. And Scott Eastwood who is the son of Clint Eastwood and who looks. And sound so much like him that it's a very strange and distracting him out and Charlie day and burned Gorman her back is the two Iraqi scientists know I love that there are so wacky as soon hit and after a mercifully brief introduction of the situation and the new characters. It's time for giant stuff. Hitting other giant step off cleanly GAAP it initially it's giant maker robots verses each other no spoilers why here. Now putter from the line is between Pacific rim and transformers. This movie crossed it. I gotta say I was bored man oh not bad hole I will say I was thrilled during the original and when that moment happens when one of the Yeager is picks up and shipped and uses it to hit a kite yeah they're just weren't any of those moments in this they're really earned it like that lots and lots of buildings destroyed. People chased by giant stuff but not if you miss very many that you actually see getting squashed that. It's an amateur does where is the first one they just felt more like a cartoon. Very little human character relationship stuff to make you care and none of the leads that compelling also. Kids. Stephen tonight. As a director in this his first big blockbuster movie you might know him from doing daredevil on TV Spartacus yeah all the old doll house solid. Declared background but. Not so much here. He and three other writers generated lines like this one to. You confront all you want to bring you and I both know you could have been great. They way the food thank you that is thank you. I'll who thank you for that you welcome relatively secure your pull quote overall. Pacific rim uprising. It won't make you do that. And if pull quote how big here. It could take up. Guys the nominee to beat this one the death I haven't looked at the rotten tomatoes score because it's we record on Wednesday's movie screen on Tuesday night. If it breaks 50% I will be shocked shocked I say shocked include direct and and we we got under him and right now. 51%. Yeah. Oh yeah. Already well OK let's check back again next week yeah. I predict it's going to decrease as more reviews get posted. The Salmonella draft now and how convenient is that. Days Sony next week we're gonna change things up a little bit you have these two champs take over and do ready player ones you're not gonna wanna miss that we'll see you next week. The marker honored special ops. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying deep culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW duck clubs.