BJGN03-24-17 - The Walking Dead - Modern Masters

Friday, March 24th

The Rev runs down the latest episode of The Walking Dead; Gareth von Kallenbach discusses the latest video game news; Rev talks about his experiences with Modern Masters 2017; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. Well yeah as well going to be JJ he'd made shin high in the reverend en Fuego. Across from me is to keep horses don't know yes I knew we got Chris walker mr. walk like if they had no you're your own man running the board it is. Who drive the G Fijians who we are on assignment on today's podcast that we will talk but Walking Dead. Here Bud Collins Bob will give us some video game news I also talk about magic the dad carrying it and of course the geek she wins big TV. Vicki helping people get ahold of us. Welding get a hold of us via our website because as I'm podcasts and all our social media information this is Vijay keeps nation dot com. He can also listen to some Alexa by the way add enough you have one of those than you do. Aaliyah say LX up played each nation on CNN. And we're right there next like us on FaceBook petitioner being safety nation he council follows on Twitter innings to ram this finger are met we dig nation. Senator it's actually was the boy's 919802243353. You get up and send us an email at BJ each nation at and check out our video that YouTube dot com slash BJ he. Nations excellent thank you so much Vicky and if you listen to a sudden I twos please do us a favor. Give us a review. Give us those five stars click on that just like him ever ever we will be very very very happy. Let's start off with. And is it's interesting because we only have two episodes left after this one. And this. There's a lot of complaining from the people who complain out there we know literally everyone on the Internet gaffe that this is a really slow. A slow. The season third. Yeah it is a slow burn and I think you're the reason why a people were saying this is because. TV season started with me begin taking on Glenn and Abraham. And so at that point where are you going to go from there and in the brutality of that is in suddenly mixed by a ton of world building because this is a new is a whole new set up. They didn't realize how big the saviors were they didn't know what was going on with that now they have to set the stage for how big of a menace they are. And that is compared to all of the other groups that Rick is trying to get together. From the king down from warming is and you know about Oceanside yet but radios that they keepers. And is in now. On the also the Hilltop and is that all of this sounds like Colin millionaire yes so as that goes groups in the Alexandria makes up the bigger player so it was really interesting to see how this is going to be going and I is they're saying the last two episodes are gonna build up to a big big thing I really don't see a whole lot going on when this. In the end of the episode previous to this there is. Actually know this is in this episode two sold it to the end of that one thing that we do see is that on you gene that comes up and he is running around the place. As Rosie dad and Sasha are. Starting about trying do you see if they can figure out if they can sniper. Sniper median. Now how the problem is is they see Eugene out there and he is working and he's working with the these zombies out front where he turned Amendola babies and Iron Maiden sort of Leann and Eddie's Taylor. Bad ass like. Just death metal band members. And they see him he's like get ion media and and I am second in command millions going to be and dispose and Bob and Robin up so he's really taking. 100%. Of course Sasha and receipt of think. How well all come line he's just playing on what's so long game. And then. When they finally try to sneak into the saviors compounds they find it Fujian like come on we're gonna save you music no. Threat and he runs he runs from Sasha and we deal which is like. Holy crap yet it's. It's Eugene and he has been playing like Howard the entire time and he he's one of those guys he's I mean he's kind of like Seattle light. He will say whatever you need him what every he thinks you need to hear. In order for him to stay alive and and at this point in time he knows that he is saved within the walls of this compound when begin it was media. Like it's just went in I mean you've really got ice cream. Jeff first and foremost today I think I mean Israel for Eugene and if he sees. If he sees that that. Is in jeopardy then he's an absolutely run the other way that and that's exactly what happens yeah I mean he can trick in good trick people into thinking whatever they want because he'll use big words he will use fiery language that he's practiced for many years starting with Abraham. And right now he's doing really well on the sabres compound he gets to eat he's pretty he's like he's calling himself the second in command and no one else's saying that he's not bright and he has fulfilling work. He's creating a safer place for himself than the others even if it's on. The wrong side of you know of Rick and all of them. And if Rick three if Rick's plans fail. For them to assault the compound he has nothing to lose Eugene hasn't zero to lose and if fixing it if it succeeds. Not does it have to do my other. He can be safe on the inside. Playing is all timing video games hanging out and there's no reason for him to do anything bad on that one. The Hilltop guide Gregory. The leader there yeah he's still a major news like he's the biggest producer have ever seen and I cannot wait until Magli mag Magli mathematically in keeping pace she officially becomes the leader of Hilltop. And then speaking of Maggie seeing Darrell apologized to her. Is it's heartbreaking because Darryl is like easy knows that glands. Death is completely on his fault. And it's weird because mag he's like no it's not is not your fault sort of thing in the but at the same point. She's being that leader realizing that he is who were vulnerable can handle what better way to kind keep a guy on your side and try to get past all of this. Is to then Jews say no it's not your fault I need you now more than ever I need you to be. A part of this and keep them in the fall because it's not going to be. He's not going to be a good person to be on your side. If he's if he's always like singing as no from a division I non when he needs to be that bad ass that we know Darryl to be so hopefully we'll find out when that. It was an interesting thing that I've seen over this this season because like I said there's a lot of world building com. But you've seen it like with Maggie and Rick in the last couple of episodes this season has actually been more about the fact that you need to connect with all of the people that you're around because. That way you can feel there's something more than just yourself being the Walking Dead mean we all know is not the zombies it's the people are right there and even if you lose people which all of these. And all the characters have. You in sometimes very very violently. You still need to love people and try to find some normalcy in the apocalypse. Even Rosie to sit in this one everyone needs to get their rocks off especially in the apocalypse like Fred we just need to go to keep doing that. There's only two episodes left after this the very end of it we saw a figure in the shadows with Rosie dad whom everyone thinks is Daryl because see the crossbow who I'm thinking it may mean not dare all the way things are lining and maybe a guy say who that is Darryl sold crossbow area who's part of the save hairs are having an even tougher time than a lot of the other characters. You know almost like well let's see how this works out office no no not quite from the the only thing I'm gonna say out of all of this is that. With the two episodes left I feel that Sasha going in. And leaving her Xena out. I feel that she is going to be the big death of this wine in I don't think it's that hard did to call that wind. Just because well. In no way she's acting very careless and she's kind of finishing on a story lines but also ocean has currents from another char. Learners and your usual. Yeah we'll start trying to show that. Yes can I I have yeah I see just because of that and that's the problem with like spoilers and stuff I hope they don't. Decent sort of thing like they did last season at this time and be like. We don't know who's gonna die in this because love love love when we. Garnett couldn't effect that will prove that thanking Chris. From that list talked to mr. gears Von column box from skewed in reviewed. And the well we got online now here is on Colin Bok joins us from skewed in reviewed you can find information about tech gadgets video games movies TV shows and more. At SK NR dot net. Garrett let's talk about now there is a resent Penny Arcade expo was this pax east. Correct yeah out in Boston nice and so you told me a lot of information and there's a lot of games that are either coming out or have dropped very recently one of them being mass effect Andromeda and you you had your people they're able to check this out. Right into the interest until your relatives a lot of the big actually which who has done. Early action should the game you know whooped and we're careful review cell. I before launch there's been a lot of outcry about the facial animation and McNabb seemed and that sort of thing people thanked well it's not up to modern standards and you know a lot of griping and unfortunately this is kind of what happens when you have a very big game. I would charge in the past mass effect has always been very popular series and total I'm people like to nitpick at army much not forget match directory and everybody complained that not everybody but there was a huge Joseph I don't like the ending it like the end thanks so much so that they ended up catching them. A different option down the road. And you know of course I am and what I really interest you to see barbershop or not have a chance to play it yet so I'm you know reliant on what the staff just told me that sort of thing. Basically it's it's very interest and because if you shoot a good chunk of functional water reviews and the five out of ten in the seven out of ten ranged in age and I know it's okay it's not it's gonna separate tribal intercede to see what happens lunch do you publicly inserting intermittent connection to achieve what their point is because my attitude Arlen and there's. There are several games up there that do not have the most beautiful cutting edge. Facial animations. Or. You know dialogue search stories the purpose in the game play. And then you can have her would talk to pass how long. You know mass effect games can be acute launch site question can spend several days just to one station alone and you know the new combat options regional ballistic and plasma and all these different weapons in the jet tracks. That's what I'm waiting to shoot so and I don't I'm pretty confident that our approach ensures there's there. They've already shown that a provoke people at an issue with that. They'll trick ships and the only been knowing him from around servers were not gonna have a day one catch to church theater animation concerns they've never served and are gonna look into a dumber or. And it's always interesting because like he said there's been a lot of bomb places now lot of web sites and sites that have been really kind of who -- in combat at the same point I've gained you know browsing Twitter NL a lot of times this just some of my friends some of them are dead and some of them are just gamers and a lot of people on very excited for and still really OK and it's like you said it's so expansive and a whole the whole game million of the games in the past and such. That they're still loving it and it's the same feel as that they had before and if that's the point in it you know of the game. Maybe you don't need those super up to date real graphics because it's gonna keep you in the same mindset as playing the old games and there's a bit of the nostalgia factor with that. Exactly and remember the argument is not a or B contention is not the game play graphics it's to cut changed. Disorder would be the first game that had very solid game play action and graphics that maybe didn't have the most rams coaching which means it's man to yell. I'd rather have a good game play experience than one that looked pretty good at nothing to. That that is a really good point on that one Gareth. Next up is the game that I've actually been pretty excited to see because as they have they've been didn't go into the kick starter they've been making it happen and in terms of getting the game out there and this game is Friday the thirteenth. Which it is and I this pretty amazing because this is really one of those like a vault worries one vs many correct. Oh exactly and see here's the great thing about this our personal work actually east. Got to look at it and got a look at the game plan we've seen the trailer soaring absolutely brutal distinction because you strike. As aging into these people I mean if you wanna take an option. You don't leave a little bit of a trilogy as you do what you can go ahead and do that and obviously this is you know you're gonna have to. Probably the backlash are people saying no it's too violent it's gonna encouraged us from the tunnel encouraged that and I know which they won't and M rated game based on the horror game underworld reality check I think they're already you should know. And so but you know that's neither here or there I think the great thing about it then there's this kind of war I'm. And out. It looks really good I like being immersed she'll chew it. But. I'm wondering. It doesn't get old quickly you know saying it's. What are the challenge restrictions countries because eventually you know you're gonna catch east teenagers and campers and put a child on them. How old. You know dangerous you were they going to be. And argue eventually gonna show there are only ninety captured Guzman got a dose arm yelled out I think that's going to be pink sheets. It's that you wanna make sure there's plenty of variety chew it and there's actually something engaging other than that simply. Hi I'm Jason I'm merely shows me as I can you know kind of I don't take shape that you got to keep the motivation going I think they're chomping at the developers have worked very hard steeler mean most of which are pricing it's mainly been. While this looks good the amateurs go while it's incredibly brutal. And I'm waiting to see the second part of but I think they'd actually you're onto something and you know it reminds me. There was a game years ago coming for the PSU coal camps spire that had a similar. In tone where you played serial killer stalking kids would get. And there was such an outcry after they announced it it was Chandler never saw the light of day or never entrenched there wow are all they just realized you know. We're getting such a bad backlash now one million about the bombers that certain source wouldn't carry and all that mr. broad interest industry help. For better or worst times of change much matter I think it's simply a case there are more outlets and people basically showed. What's what to consumers decide what they want don't want Brothers who you know. Trying to please the whole industry. Yeah and narrow remember the that out loud the outcry for the Sega CD night trap and I think the big factor on this one is the fact that you can give funded outside of publishing companies who may be kind about freaking out at the vocal minority because you got sites like kick starter and such like that where they're like well if people really want it they will pay for it. And Friday the thirteenth definitely had that happen so it's one of those things where I think this is popular enough for to happen but I do you think you're right that they do have to address something because I mean even after so many has so many sequels to Friday the thirteenth two people ended up getting a little bit bored with all film franchise and I could see gamers do in the exact same thing on that. And you're gonna Europe's slow but very general. That moving on from Matt but this is working with quake and and this is. Because there's a lot of really good stuff but are they going to be doing some mom good work where's quake at this point. Then absolutely looks Manchester the game what it looks great the trailer looks great and and I know they've got the biggest sign up sheet just go to Lou. Quick dot com we have a couple trailers on the site they just put up one the other day. I've been stricken described to people rehearsal spree to play and it's probably gonna go more the route the quake three arena rather than quake wanna wait too okay you have those you have to campaigns. Then they have booted the multiplayer modes and of course they released these you know back from emerged mansion tracks rather than deal she's keeping with traditional things. This appears to be much more straight up action. Gained more you have to get her collection to get from weapons and so on and that you know. The look and play a bit. I would states think are the most recent doom game from an Arab company each it's the same gaming and I mean obviously the open modification. But. It is set ups. Everything we've been told that is essentially the same gaming engines so in a way you can think. That the multi play that they continue to develop and expand for bill and probably should have very good big extra Biscayne and the rumors were hearing it's free to play as well. To move that will be a lot of fun on that end and I mean China obviously at that point is going to be free to play you can expect micro transactions at that and then. But at the same way a lot of those don't really they've like game companies have realized that he can't do anything more than essentially. Cosmetic unlocks with those things because you don't really wanna fed balance that much so hopefully they're gonna keep on the I'll match. Exactly I mean that's the last thing you want to someone being told him don't you want to rate cut derail governor of the lightning round could hit hit it does much other that you get a shot gun and rocket launcher have added by. Yeah rape again so much tears. We've got Gary is bunk on buck as skewed in review that is as K and NM more Garrett thank you so much. Accent purchaser. Think geez so much gears again your fund come about from skewed view that is SK NR dot net I don't think they'll be getting mass effect myself no no we could credibly the first ones I hung in Iran really you didn't get that into it. Which is really strange because I like a lot RPG's. Yeah when I just didn't resonate with me which are kind of kind of weird on that daddy is too weird does that mean that's that's been one of my favorite favorite series anyway is you know it was originally a BioWare sort of thing I had booster and I love a lot of their a lot of their games and it's a deal Republicans a lot of fun runs borrowers can it's and the other. MMO version is why every area I loved as a lot and so they have the same sort of field yet totally just maybe maybe it was the IPs since it was okay when amino wasn't too into a scenario was just kind of ran. They're there. I am really excited for the Friday the thirteenth game bad I want to be able to beat Jason run around and smash people and kill there amend victim blow up and it amazing ways. It's always funny because people complain about the violence a lot of these video games from Michael Maher comments enough for awhile AO it's a little ridiculous. And if you're gonna do a slash her video game based on a movie that is just as ridiculous. I think you first off you know you're getting into you knew exactly how do you also complain about balance video games. Normally he's not telling them a lot more of the things to complain about that there are there anything that they need that I mean in this teenage somebody will complain about something somewhere parent somewhere gas I haven't heard a lot of it but I saw the same point is like come on it's it's Jason you know we know what is gonna have been well we also haven't had tiger really big. Who were violent title come out recently in the last time anybody kicked up a whole lot of fuss was way in IG TA five came out right. Yeah semi remote data like that really wasn't calling the super super huge thing either no just the same fare out well you can shoot people and run them over in O'Reilly and hello hello orders until you go to the free world game it's not really free fitness. Moving up from the get video game world into the world luck wizard poker. Which I like to call Madge scattering her other hand I think make yourself self sound a little bit more like. Old school on planes it was a broken here magic again just sitting there you know smoking is is Hobbits leave chaos there I had I think. I'm going to kind of shook. Forced by yours though. Hello nerdy hello my I would love I would love to see a bunch of old school wizards play imagine together that's like another I disagreed somewhere leg email claim back to play Guillen dolls diagonal one man show cook I think that's pretty amazing I love I love stuff like that but going back to magic the gathering modern masters when he seventeen. I'm just released we didn't we talked about a little bit in the previous week gives us. I had a chance to participate in one draft so how are out. All eyes it was really interesting and I'll get to know what happened at the at the end of the thing as a as a bit of a cautionary tale. But. I ended up playing three rounds with 30 hole yeah went with a white green. White green blue so bands. It kind of made does a theme for that is Flickr. Which is or bouncing which meant. There's a bunch creatures that have come and play a fax. And nanny you use spells to make them either go back you and seeking cast them again. For that they leave play and in the immediately come back so you get that comes into the battlefield affect. Again. Cards like cards like zealous conscripts to steal a car I know it's red but I think a splash for that one. Crater hoop behemoth was my big big finish your own net. He's a super because eight man and he says that all creature he's got haste and he's got trampling is a 55. And he says whenever he comes in the play all creatures you control get plus X plus tax and trample. For every creature that you control and play. So my whole thing was is the cast little dudes like there's as little blue green 11 call quarterly oracle. Which just says you can look at the top Carter library if it's a land putting into play which helps to give me the marine up or just brought a cart gray Carter bounced him really good card to bounce and a couple of those and just a lot of really good at small creatures that don't really get they're a lot of the time. But I can usually hold off against my opponents who were playing a bit slower next. And BLU go with who for the wind that was my whole game plan and guess what I got a cast greater agreement all walk. We also know what hit me yet it was always really find cute the first time I would kill someone usually in the first or second match with The Who have an object I'll. OK that's not passed yet exactly so three you know what happened rev well here's the thing. I I didn't pay attention to how the tournament was going to be structured. And eight in general that's a bit odd that have been on mine and Wi fi when you go to you gaining stores. And sometimes the conventions of what you think is going to happen and don't many don't mesh with the reality. And so this was a win a box tournament so top prize was a box. And nobody else got anything else except for the fact to get enough people that the game store owner was cool enough to be like well and it's it's. We have over sixteen people we actually had about 32 whoa yeah. That everybody will get a booster pack. So the standard fare for that way as it was a 35 dollar draft because modern masters a little bit more expensive. But at that point I'd MS RP on the on the booster packs is ten bucks. And so I got a three booster packs and then also the one free tax laws already getting my money is my Mays tossed onto bats every ten exactly exactly so I was I was fine on that end. Is that the problem wise was essentially a tournament like this is a single elimination tournament. But it wasn't format it that way it was a Swiss tournament and so. I am weighing you lose one round I hate you just we like well maybe he'll just drop. And go play in another draft because they're firing as many drafts as they could possibly do. So you could always had a chance to play. And some people didn't any kind of made things want key but at the end of the three rounds. The story comes up to mean he's like well looks we will have to play one more round and has some kind of weird for me because we at that point I think we had. So we. Know we have I think we had five we had five undefeated people. So they're trying to figure out the pairings and they come up and they talked all of us and like OK so here's a deal. Due to. This tiebreaker percentages to win percentages. Which is a confusing a man a math but it really big is based off of how well your opponents did as well later on. And as somebody drops well that will lower your percentage is quite considerably. So the top two people although I don't kill these two people are playing for the next round these two people are playing for the next round and I had gotten paired down. But the way the percentages worked out in the way and it was explaining your right there at that point was that if as long as these top two people. Com don't drop whoever wins is going to win the whole thing. Yeah because unfortunately in a 32 verse an event does not enough rounds know who did Hillary get an undefeated yet in order to get one undefeated you would have to play five rounds yet and that's where I was expecting Zorn was 30 Mike are wiling that you reported do you have pretty. Pretty stoked was my deck and do a lot of fun things with that it's actually working out quite well. And just to be told that. Wood is a bit so crush him and I just like any and play the fourth round I didn't need to elect to those other prizes here yeah exactly like well I'm done with this. Got a chance to play the deck and I'm fine with it. And it just came down to I was super mad. And I got a chance to cool down and I realized well if I had. On ass stuff France about how the structure was going to be I would know how would be I would never be an as salty about it. I don't necessarily know that I could've changed any thing may be tried to convince my opponents not to drop but at the same point they're going to anyway could they want to get into the next draft event now maybe try to give of new CP Boris put the box moment undefeated there's some playing now yeah Abbott at that point why would you want you win it's five very well and it's favoring me because I know Marty Allen be out and so if you're doing that with the top two people and I will will split whoever wins whatever you're splitting it between you know two ways as opposed to five ways I'm not gonna fall someone on that end concerned by going by you know the rules that. So it's just kind of one of those lessons learned. If fear is it something like that warts and all or nothing prize trying to figure out what's going on or at least figure out what the price structure. Asks via the tournament organizer or the judges exactly what's gonna go launch if they know how many. You know how many rounds it's gonna be how the prizes are gonna be doled out. Because. It's it's not on and you know it's more new than anything C can avoid that disappointment. You really want to get screwed Ryan minutes is the closest store unfortunately you know you hope they would do as much they cam but you know Vienna today they've. God you're given the money so who exactly is. Oh is like no ill will take anyone on that and I'm recommending that then there's a place because they're fine and group of people and I don't wanna give him any crap. But at the same point is kind of a lesson everyone out there find out the information on the tournament that way you yourself do not get burned. I'm all right I think it's time now for us to get to rule out. She Swiss TV shows thinking what movies we got coming out. It's a daily news that's something that I know prodded she's really excited again seeking I am. How are range there aren't very tough don't don't don't don't don't down we had I know a lot of people were annoyed with the whole you know. Day either rebooting my name my child well there's no complaints about what I was saying in this amounts but there's a lot of good recently that I heard you know hey you. Excited to have the power the yellow Power Rangers going to be I think a lesbian and and not some other than that cannot sit like autistic kid I think can. Not just a power international things leak down our I don't think you know and every bit like I just heard all this stuff coming in about Power Rangers. It's not helping its rating at 49% fantastic ratings could have happened AltaVista because I'm not all be brutally honest with you fit 49% I figured would be a lot higher I mean it's as of now yeah it's a very cheesy it was a very cheesy show and that has gone through a billion iterations you know essentially adds that the crux of the whole show. Is that paid chokehold. Show clips from Japanese showed me and then put in the characters that Americans can identify a win and and that is is how they mixed in here. They'll overbuilding was terrible we need action was god zillow rubber suit ridiculous and very reminiscent of ultra man and that sort of thing and it's glorious like if you are an adult. Played drinking game in just figure out some your your own arbitrary rules and I'm sure there other on the Internet for the Power Rangers didn't have a lot of fun when it but Tenet still have to be watching the towering trees you see is. Hey yeah right I'm not I don't blame you and I watched the choice on which I don't disagree that NBA all and all of the episode on my wellness check and now. Man it's been awhile but let me tell you where they do this whole buildup towards 44 minutes show. We're like Carter our policy gonna beat it wanna always combine our powers again are right there one shot clock to see how fast. How bad and that's that's that's that's the formula I was I was actually working at target win. Power Rangers was I think originally. So just that as remember one whole side have an island that's going to harm was nothing the Power Rangers use our way to check out the show and I was like. This is not for me it's. Her rest a little kids as I am yeah kid driver and loving and I had ever we go to McDonald's and we get later. The little Power Rangers toy aids and I used to play with column I had my yellow power ranger making Perry Jones aluminum ones I wanted to compete and yeah I would play with my Brothers Harry engineers. How Mickey Hillary now 127 okay yeah you are the same age as my brother and easy was so insanely England and the best part is a since he was ten years younger than me I was really into wrestling is well on this thing has a real close line to like wrestle now he's. And so it was another one of those shows they had. Gee I didn't get to see a lot of late Kung Fu fighting actually in on and so this was the closest thing I could possibly get. And the choreography was terrible but it was still finding it was fighting and that it doesn't know. It is assumed while you know being three feet away from you and sparks flew cat like Ashley Bartlett. Should the oh my god does did you know and and I want trailer. Our RJ Tyler plays Billy blue ranger and he does talk about his character being autistic turn out I guess I noticed the diversity and I'll let us pretty going to be too young and soon it's remember the ponds because there were. So many battles like here we see I monsters and I and the language barrier to aids was learning English Spanish there are times so it. DI don't remember them area will have to always so great and I it's crab monsters and it's like oh look out it's time for seafood Sunday and look like don't get more don't have. I know I heard an Oprah did they always fun to actually it's really cool not ironically cool but like really cool that's like every day knowing it is not yet to see young men in the office with crisper and got back. What other movies we get where is this. We do have Kai I don't that the kind of horror issue of times and this action suspense. But the movie life and I know that oh yeah. I east. Game you I'm Brian Randle loans a Jake Gyllenhaal leads. It it looks. Like pubic it's gonna talk feel they're putting so much work and effort into this I'm scared it's gonna such. Edging by the trailers the only thing I'm worried about is that they've given everything away in the trailers and if it is a matter based on face value. And I'm not too excited. Where it's like it's like there is in didn't I wanna say in the in the late eighties early ninety's a couple of movies in my leviathan and deep star six. This feels like the same movie but just in space sooner and I don't know I side I wanna and so Logan they they played a really long clip from life her hand I was watching as like. I've seen the smitten. Yet now and then that thanks I mean really I mean the only reason you'd wanna go is because you like Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds they did do a funny little thing promoting new the movie. Anyway is they take has searches so they did like Ryan Reynolds is and they reveal what the most searched thing is about them you know a fun little piece stated that. I wasn't anything in moving and they're great guys I lie like both of them it and has every now is getting 72% I'm going to predict that it's probably gonna fall it's. I think it's a hard place to send good actors and tightening in just a small area it's all the Mano is symbolic. Yeah I thought our including how come on I was charity if I would like gravity I understand why but at the same time I was like yeah because it looks great right that we're hoping they yen didn't get to do any acting mirrors its order round would you do. And then I'll have announced now exactly and that's why I guess theater near anything also come all of her once I won more on here that interesting I haven't even Canada's three morons here. When we'll know more on and dead movies not moron you moron. With a Harley uh huh well enough now and this. Just called dig into greens and it's getting 83%. So what it says here is the story centers around a fourteen year old named Jacqueline nickname Jack Jake by her older brother shot and so after Shonn mysteriously disappears at a rock Corey. Jagan visited by three moonshine runners who offered to bring her dad brother back to life in exchange for taking another life. Says gee kinda wrestles with this morally uncertain proposition a dark history of her family is on earth and the mystery surrounding the moon Sanders is eliminated. And it does say horror I get it. It does say it's not Serena is diners. Eliminated. Yet and oh yeah every day is fun day people can't tell you and you have done and how. So what to getting out percentages so far 83% are we haven't heard this. Had lived Levine is an there's an end Aisling she's any plane Jake. Choi a rap touch the aren't. And Danny gold ring I don't really recognize organism in Yemen with the horror genre usually you're gonna have an unknown that and it sounds like maybe it's a limited release but that he had an what are you are rated so I'm their dad and later released hipper definitely check that I existed and mean it looks it's how I never heard of that promise like that some interest again yeah. Signings and Schneider's well next week is when we're going to be doing our Logan spectacular yeah I wanted to a make sure that I could see it but also we have BJ in here and is hopefully as well speak goalies so we can all get into that. So definitely leave your email us your voice mails your text message is your FaceBook posts on how you felt about low again until next time guys. Saint Mary. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Join Vernon Wells six feet Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG easy video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW doc plus.