BJGN03-27-17 - Horizon: Zero Dawn

Monday, March 27th

The gang gives some advice to a listener who emailed; they discuss the TV shows Legion & The Expanse; Walker reviews the PS4 game Horizon: Zero Dawn; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. Welcome yes welcome to BJ Shays geek nation high and the reverend en Fuego across from me is because versatile enough NN. He could think we've got Chris walker mr. walk like a plan now this need and now Manning the boards is. Still drive a G. And today we will talk TV wade legion in the expanse. Chris rock and roll music video game review and I think that he didn't and of course the geek chic with the TV Vicky how can people get ahold of us. You can check out our website have dollar high casting information to get a hold of us PG Venetian dot com. Decided not to listen to us on the Amazon echoed just by say Alexa played each nation on to an end. Doom of boom has allowed in the room sorry. Like a bunt base but ice fishing derby days JP nation council falls onto an instant ram in cigarette almost had been digging nations. Senator thanks to leave his voice line one any day or two to 43353. Because tennis any Millen BJP nation at And you can watch all videos YouTube dot com slash Fiji he. Nation's thinking so much Vicky and if you guys want to leave us a review on iTunes. I would greatly appreciated give us those five stars as well as one of those things or we can actually see who all is actual legal listening to us. In addition to the emails and such and actually. We did give me an email so I wanted to check it out on bringing up right now this came from Ricky who is talking about rule twenty. Oh it's okay Chris all right he says I had a couple questions about rule twenty that I can't seem to find answers to on their forums okay. I haven't yet created any characters and can't seem to figure out how to make one on the site. And also try a little bit of a hard time getting grouped together it's been months since I've played and I'm really eager to get into a campaign. Any advice that you can give me or even if you can point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated told yes. For the first thing I know that with the thirteen page game that I run our our characters are integrated our character sheets or work into it but I really walks through that with mine and I GM was very knowledgeable in that. So what I'll do is I'll talk with him and I'll see if maybe he can give me some information on that. Com but we also just used our paper character sheets is well. Arms and that was one of those things everyone just had a a copy of those do you have your character sheets on world wanting. I know actually we don't sit there and this is one thing when when I knew what I was first introduced to this by her by my game master he heeded head RD set everything up inside the game the way you wanted to be. Our apps are inside the size the way he wanted to be for the game. And I made a character from a different character generating website and sent it to him now that's what we did as well yet precisely and they end and that's that's working out for us and I think I think part of the deal is I haven't really gone too far down the barrel Tony web would send myself as far as what you can do what you can't do if you are of the game master or if you. I paid a subscription fees or whatever they are. So I don't have much of a solid a plus answer for you on that part if there if you can't integrate them. Then then awesome I say go for me and he might you might be a thing or you have to subscriber yet do I pay the fees. And it might be because yeah I'll my GM is a subscriber and it might just be that I we're kind of latching onto his sort of thing on that and there is a limited amount that you can do in the in the free version yet and so I'll I'll definitely take a look at that I know that there are lot of tutorial videos out there as well so check that out. As four on getting into a campaign. I think that I would check out like Raddatz. Ready it's a really good resource for that any RPG forums read it slash are slash RPG. Almost a mutual much different links that a whole bunch of to have things there. But you can find the links to December is for our players finding players. They have a mega thread on that. It's kinda like the Craig's list you never know what you're gunning did exactly so. Kind of be cool with that and realize that maybe you're not gonna find the best group every time doing what each time you might find some people who you're really cool with hanging out window and I work out. I'm learning gap and I really love I real liberal Tony for the maps that's really the rest of our place me in the light combat and it is kind of interesting because with certain certain games. Flag with DND and some the other ones you want you wanna have a map that has either hacks is or squares on them to make sure you can judge what how far you are stuff like that whereas when we play with thirteen page it's a little more loose we've got gas. Right up close nearby and far away for good three like it's real flute with that most I mean any meaning maps with that. But it does help a little bit with the visuals and such. Says a little bit like hole that way and there was one other question in their about. Character generating and that you you're having trouble with that is well. If if getting into the subscription service of roll Tony doesn't tell you get to which New York you'd rather not. There are a ton of really really nice character generating sites out there that you can go to if he just Google owned. Dean. Is is what I see is what I did and I found I mean a dozen sites and in some of them are a little bit more complicated legal a lot more into. You controlling how certain things turn out and some of them are as simple as. Drop down boxes of what's your what's your race what's your class. What's your level and it's it's doing everything else and as you go and you make the choices in each tick box. And then by the time you're at the bottom of the page you're done and it's it's fantastic I. Cranked out a ton of just random characters one afternoon because I it was I'm especially having a lot of fun doing. Just like media like. Generate random and they just stood and sometimes it's really fun to have Palm Pre Jane characters if you have something that's going on May be doing a one shot or maybe. IE the people that you wanna game way if you know that there is they don't necessarily know the system that well meaning but they wanna jump right in yeah having those right away and Buick are what you wanna do what I want to heal well we've got up holiday you know we've got in winner Carl we've got a row. Because ropes totally feel and that is exactly what it did I was just I was eating some new people how to play and I didn't want them to get bogged down on having to make a whole bunch of choices for themselves right out of the gate because that. I know that for new players that can be very daunting and you don't know what's taken what's gonna be better down the road government mark he's on like I have this character here for you this is how he works. Do their thing yeah yes it's a breezy so I'd take those web sites perjuring characters. And if they didn't really necessarily answer the question Ricky but also we're putting it out there for the deep deep nationals yes if you guys are well versed in the in ruled when he. We'd love to hear any tips and tricks from that. Or even if you're a novice and you just figure out a couple things yourself any help on that would be fantastic and I would love to have that Tennessean email BJ geek nation at Now. Let's talk a little television. Let's talk legion. Yeah please now here's this being news hi this stuff I forgot. Like I keep forgetting that. It's on which is terrible I really love it on but it's not a show that I'm watching with my wife OK so it's not so we got down here did. Her out and watch this sort of thing it's like woman watch and in my own time and then I completely forget because naps are awesome and I'm doing that NAFTA and our awesome things he's running I would I had a good they have so Zach. I would become cheaper. Almost two weeks and end us I came back and I watched one episode. And then the other one all of them popping up so waited a couple of days and then it's still on top diaper and couldn't find hitter was something was going on so minutes at eight. The new episode this playing out my old Melissa must be the one thing you know watched the brand new episode. The early on I had and you guys I missed one ball and a lot of Joseph and I was telling me though plane you miss an entire episode a complicated thing is get so I didn't see. Big stuff happened boo okay so don't they move to Nairobi I what I I have I have nothing to do you read that in CBS does it you're gonna talk about how are. But Joseph you and crystal's side yo he nailed it nice so slow what's going on Lenny is a reckon house you know are really on this character has pretty much taken over there and now I guess for calling it top specials own order Astro play again any move because at the end of the episode before this they are getting shot. The dog because pretty much David's kind of come to figure out what's going on me for the ninth time on the show what I got everyone's around numb and thereabouts did the woman whose name I'm forgetting. Since citizen about a good shot and she's protecting David and so he kind of slows down time doing that cool new thing that he does CNN com and facilities he projects monde the national plan before we think I turns out it seems like Lenny who is a parasite is connected as is other consciousness gaffe is actually not only more powerful but seems like she can take over in times of immediate danger or it's extreme stress to David here. So she wants smaller launches a mall on this actual plane and she's essentially got it. She can do whatever she wants. Between the times and everything in so. They're all stuck in this old time he kind of like I guess it's mental hospital kind of like this one they were afraid or didn't cue from the dictionary yeah maybe. And so on the list yeah I know we find them there at the beginning of episode she's a psychiatrist for all of them yeah oh dear. Yeah it's feel like it's not a great for them. Okay. They're all getting fed this is their quote unquote pills or whatever and they don't really know they are. And so the entire episode is going through all the characters and their problems and how when he is just kind of screwing with all home but also has to keep David on line because David's action really happy in this point. Because. He doesn't have all the stress of the normal world she thinks the hour in the normal world or he gets what he wants essentially which is. To sweep comfortable zone where he gets to get up holds up and he gets to be with Sid and everyone's like kind of happy and just watching this daily life go by in the mental hospital sure. Santa. On the other hand. Knows what's going on subconsciously she knows that there are a different place and that there are some way to get out. And she's kind of didn't screw around with the whole episode because ought to cause this character is going to pay. You know you don't it's gonna suffer a scar you might not know appear Rodriguez shot and I would rather live for now you say this is an old time mean. All Tommy mental hospitals are seeing does it bear any resemblance to the first mental hospital we found. David and it does and I don't think it's the same one now or no it's not an exact replica what was happening before so bear with me on this one and shoot it down if you say if you disagree because I haven't seen the episode. What if the first mental hospital was the same theme. Oh you mean he actually just made the whole thing up a wireless outside of error apparently hitting because we were trying to figure out what the times word. And we never see anything outside of outside of the mental hospital and yeah. Intel S goes down and he gets broken how. And I could definitely see that almost. Promise you that's exactly what was going yeah and at 800 for just the way you guys are describing and it just like putting those together I can see them doing that. The only problem is it still doesn't explain away the sister you know thousands zawahri while she still. Look so. It idiosyncratic with everything else that's going on or enemy and spend that may I had no word yet again we usually on that day so. Every get everything else it will be explained by exactly what you just said and it makes perfect sense to me and I am. Harbor some onboard with that other couple little notches there that are in the hills is singer Cass so I just how and when she's a projection where everyone's protection what we're. Did go I'm OK with that I'm just not true I'm happy I thought we are computers today. I'll okay he has to live my image I love this well. Any of the customers and it's. What you're saying is there is not connect during the and it's a big big thing but I'm just like I want you guys to watch C episode so we can discuss and try to come up with theories and combined period. All right then Sutter raffia with sewed up and the frozen man. Bio shocks next best friends love a guy who's in the suit. Is saving people off the other members of the crew from this actual plane and bringing them back to his actual way and I assume you don't really know now caused in hopes to get everyone out and Soviets are kind of ends with Lenny sort of maybe figuring out what's going on trying to stop it and him trying to save them that's in earnest. Because as the bad guy a doing a quote unquote good seeing yet but you really don't know he's doing it for now is nine army knife and you know no no no good will come of this David easier some serious help this guy. Powerful and he's in a lot of problems hundred dollar Pradesh says that is awesome I'll moving up from that he expands he gets caught up. Home. So until really isn't I'll so. I wild guy Chris yep you got up on really spans so we. So quick rundown incense that not everyone's here in Novi deal does he wanna talk about a minute. All right well things are still things are still happening where there's all this worry that there's more of the per molecule out there and sit. And I'm completely blanking on everybody's character's name right now except for Holden of course and there there's there's trouble where we know where some is too because. Our our little our our heroine if you will Holden so I love interest right now. Left some kind of that she pretended to shoot into the sun so she's still trying to cover that part of a wow and and and so that's that Naomi sorry Naomi of course. I'm so. That's still kind of happening there meanwhile all of the refugees from what happened under any need when the mysterious staff fighting took place overhead knocked down one of the Mears and just. Obliterated one of these farming settlements previews all the refugees are coming from off off that plan and they're being trucked around and we follow in this episode the story of what one of the when the botanists. I'm from that have from getting me. And what happens is. Gritty rough actually at kind of hard to watch number one he finds out his daughter's probably dead food yet because she was in the part of the facility that was really heavily hit but when the news came down. One of his colleagues felt so that's. So. We find out that he's actually a belt terror which is incidental at the time but really plays a big piece in what happens later. So as they're being carded along on this so refugee ship which is a farming ship in nobody's being very nice to them because you know mean nobody's paying them for what they're doing basic Doleac and at one point they make it seem as if they're going to take every all of the dinners if you will martyrs there are martyrs martians and her Thurston and transfer into another ship that's actually going that way I can't call her fender earthlings birthers. I talk to our initial call a stellar finish her death. In the real hero world they would be earthlings or Terrence. Dad's parents of another like a camera marina. But so they need take only people and one of one man in disguise colleague. A younger woman named Doris is actually going to Mars go home to Mars and she's as you can go with we we can start over and it's clear that she's got feelings for us. So at the last minute he decides all right I'm going to. Thought why not so they move over towards the airlock and they put the put in his in there and just as he's trying to get on board. The guy that did that you'd fool who actually runs the ship that he's on he says no no not you buffalo and I which is can they called the daughters. It's like this is for dinners only right through so he's kind of he kind of concedes is like I don't catch up tour later no problem right so he's watching her through that thru window hatch and they're not touching hands and they're saying they're sort of you know assembled to buy. And then boom here hatch opens and they'll discover blasted out into space caught. It's. Based dumb because the Belcher is all over the system are just are just starting to be drunk with power. And unlike rise elevators her stand and NA actually says today it's about this guy's he's walking him back is he get just shocked. Is that never know. Built a blood first you know less the inner skin go and watch I allying itself and it knows its place exactly. Our own. August and now this guy's like triple traumatized and they finally they finally get to Tyco station our heroes are and and he's trying to get somebody to help him out and say you know I need to report crime in this and the other thing in nobody can help them. Because he doesn't know what ship he was on he doesn't know the name of the captain even. Pardon me in to talk about this and a meanwhile the the our our team is doing research into the into the scientists that Ted did that video is actually still kind of communicating and searching and trying to actively find from the rest of the program matter. Because he's been abducted by the new filter superpower guy. Yes oh my goodness and so they find out that this botanist our new guy new buddy happened to have an incidental connection. 21 of the guys who is researching the the perimeter on getting mean so now. And he's he's on the team. Well sort of he's gonna take him out to ganymede and investigate what was going on but he's not like. They haven't made him like a full partner I think it and they put him on the ship and he's locked in his cabin he's labeled as atrial all your guests like you're gonna get. They yes Norman or. I'd puree itself. Thought meanwhile the built her up rising continues in on Mecca Tyco station. Some of these some of the more am consumed headstrong daughters decide that it's a good idea to try to take over the station. Because their their leader guy is off doing his own thing trying to ensure built her superiority. So they're like we can do this to. I've. Violently try to take over the control senator from from are from from one that our hero even but from the got to throw in the station right now and well it doesn't go great because our team finds out about it may shut the air down in there problem full of I've night and nitrogen and carbon dioxide you know. Won't kill him but it's gonna knock him out of gas and and then they break in and save today at the last minute and just. They've got as as everybody sort of it's escaping one of the one of one of the people who was paid in than in the control room. Take a station. She's the one who she's like they chief of security and she is on the on the team of of Johnson they got it actually runs the station even though she's adulterer. She wouldn't side with these guys who came in and try to take overs like no no. I'm with Fred yeah economic Fred Johnson at Fred Fred Johnson didn't make it up that's legitimately get out of Israel. And I am kind of normally sold they shooter. In the gut ends and sky as the dreaded codes out of rented to launch the missiles. And says maybe maybe now she gets to your doctor if you tell me what quote sorry and he doesn't go far and she's like wow. At so as they're pulling everybody out after and the situation as a result she's Joaquin she's walking leaning on one of our one of our heroes and and I don't remember exactly which from renounce incidental to this part of the story. And as she's going past these two guys who now are on their knees getting cuffed she steals our heroes gun shoots both of them in the brain pan and in just keeps on walking. Wow like I'm not having that still shows hard core hard call. I really really excited for what's he may happen next and we've only got a few more of suits I think his season who really Oz I'm pretty awesome on all ends and a great show up guys yet do yourself a favor me go check out the show I do I need to binge the first season yet you do you really need to hi Chris I have you Q I'd talk about a video gamer really should talk about but that's true there's something else you want to bring up right now. That's kind of exciting I am so glad you brought this up yes because. This is something that has been in the works now for only a couple weeks but it's something that I'm very very excited about. We are we had for a while. We had a couple holes in our schedule that is to say a couple of Tuesday's. Every month where we don't actually. Have a show going out yet EA because of the magic together during podcasts or got absorbed into the showing them and I'm fine with that but I mean I think kind of worried about that hole for awhile. Started doing the more you alliance yeah sorry Josh Wright pretty OCV without having four shows a week as opposed to five it was so weird one day there's no new show why why can't we got something. Well yes remember little fellow named amber and injure one. Yes it's kind. Just candy nature's candy Brandon journal and I have been working on a new podcast idea that we're going to premiere. Guy that see it's going to be the first episode is going to air this second week of April OK and on Tuesday so we you're we're recording this weekend that is and and we will be we will be putting that out and it will be to fill in those other two Tuesdays. But it's gonna be or retro show womb rats sure. A car and take warned months and one year starting in the eighties and talk about. Nursery in degree as it applies to that particular place in history some. School gaming and I had what was going on at the time precisely ice Power Rangers back courageous. On I don't know. They're not in the nineties had Hernandez might not have a card whatever and also loves. No no no not hidden power he's just not my thing is this gonna go across the whole all the geeks does not just like like the eighties video game yeah kernel source stuff. Yeah out of originally conceived out of the idea of you know what we can just do a show based on argument toys from the eighties but. We broadened it because there's so much nostalgia for the eighties Rae knowing if you stranger things and any and an Al all daughter of properties and things like that are that are kind of harking back to those those times and you know nearly noon. Re making and re imagining of different things from the eighty's we thought this was a great time strike while the iron is hot. We both grew up in the eighties so we've got a lot of memories and different you know because have been delivered there's a remote work. Social context for what was going on at the time so we're gonna talk movies or talk TV shows we're gonna talk scientific. We're anti historic events as well you know all these kinds of things and probably a lot of toys because that's. Brand primary area focus when it comes only does have a GA Joseph after Muslim self exert its endless theories yet journal so her ears and beyond the listen for that eighties podcast and I thought I'd be tissues he station that is amazing the Tom let's let's get back to the the current tie game where if some view game reviews you've been playing. Horizons early dawn on oh he has more general manager and I've been playing I wish I had a PS four because he looks beautiful. And I mean Chris and I have geek out over sky or amend fallout in this seems to be something along those same Maine's. Yeah I it's it's got the same kind of a feel if you are into that sort of what I call more casual role playing game. Scott ran man and and and I I even a lump Zelda in their sometimes depending even though that's a little bit more Lanier than a lot of these other games tend to meet for a little while they think is a little more open world is that early yes when there's a way to sort of dog looks so ridden. But this is this does have that same open world feel to it and add just a little a little back burner on the story real quick here the the world has become. The sort of not prehistoric level but definitely I'm all of the humans in the in the world that you encounter are very very much about tribal. Tribal nets try to lose them yet you have families are families in your people are your people over even though a couple of kilometers over there's more people. Those are not our people I know they had their own customs they have their own ways. And it's very it's very sort of weird lead. Techno pre it is because on one hand everybody's you know cooking by the fire and walking around with spears in and bones and arrows and you know using plants and herbs and missiles to heal themselves. But there are robot. Creatures roaming the land more handlebar forces robot rams a robot almost what amounts to a loss raptor. And and then they just get bigger as an so these robots and then if you can manage to bring one down or you're a hunter you salvage their pars and use those two. A cell and you know make your living as far as that goes and that's a thing. People worship mountains people. Run around and eight in sort of almost. Almost like. The old world as it's called in which is to say our world now in the really real world. But we find out little bits as we go along and one of the most amazing things about the story of the main character's name is a lawyer by the way and again mentioned that. As we follow alien we we are around learning everything about the world as it goes. We're learning not only about how to survive in the world now. But we're learning more and more about the history of what happened to the old world as well I'm cool really liked I find that out you find the story out is that is nine they don't just drop you win. And it's not like John does not like fall out where they say here's what happened nuclear war. Yet for warning you have to actually go and explore and find out and talk to people and start discovering little pieces of of of the actual history and most of it is done by delving into. Into these deep caves and actually lead to facilities underground facilities that somehow survived what ever apocalypse are holocaust or whatever was that occurred. That wiped out life on earth essentially. So. One of the main things are really really love of our presence or not is the story it has a very very deep very very rich story. And the voice actors. There and in not to mention the the digital artists. Have really gone along way towards rendering the feel of the world. But also the way characters interact in the way he just everything is I get wrapped up in the story I'm I'm a big do like cut teen skipper almost always yeah. I find myself really wanting to know what happens next in this in this particular game in this story so I was really. The basic mechanics are like any other. Third person RPG that you've played like this diary like a like a fallout do you. Have your character and then as you as you progress farther out into the world things start getting more and more difficult so you're gathering resources to improve your gear we get your armor you've got different weapons that you can get to do different things. But also. You you were moving along this story as it goes in the choices that you were making to follow one path or the other as far as how you go down the main storyline. You can learn a lot about it really quick if you just. Focus in on them on the primary storyline and just go for it. But then the rest of what's going on is a complete mystery to you so if you go back and try to do those later on north phone that's how it ties back to the other thing the other thing in the other thing. The writing is really really good on this. I think got a little going into any details about how the mechanics and things work 11 thing that I did hear a lot of people saying online and actually found a couple of videos of people kind of a reading the game because of it was that. They don't tell you how did you absolutely everything. There's not a deserves tutorial. Like there would be armed and other types and OK okay and I'll hold your hand with a lot of the thing exactly and there and no no wise person rolls up to you and says well here's how you do this thing and if you wanna craft the southern deal to do edited it down. Some of it is real trial and error or you might you might find something going on with one of the move the robot that you have to battle. That you didn't know we told you would work. Dependent totally works it out and do this every time now and a half at and I kind of like that because I like I I don't like to be spoon fed every little thing and then have to find out later on about a certain game mechanic. It's more it's more. It's more fun for me to just didn't stumble across some things like well recommended that the whole time I don't get upset about it like. Well now I'm going to be doing that every time and so it's kind of fun at that point then to just try to test out different things just got to see what works fairly and what doesn't that's so that's really funny game like I had a lot. So I definitely 22 gigantic sums up her presence there and our guys give any questions about her if you're if you're playing your tax. Are you if you want any help let me know I'm I'm nearly done with the thing. I as I got up I got into two days after it came out. And I dumb dumb thing to almost done with the main storyline and going up to do suicide missions there's this one really super special. Armor that you can pick up but you have to really jump through a lot of hoops to get written I'm done with those hoops. God what their armor and roaring don't get Iraq out dad thank you Chris now let's get to whom does she twists keep big. What are gap towards me fascism really awesome news in the world of comic book movies not yet and this is not quite hear you were expecting certain it. The good the met Kenny a nerd of the comic book the pro yes based on your recommendation and I think she borrowed it from you assets. I do theater yet as BJ had an end it was funny he led that we did we got into an argument earlier today. He's like only is that my copy it's like no you can't you let your copy to somebody who works you're like seven years ago. He left in a locker didn't give it to loan me telling a year and a half for two years yeah I found in the locker should until you live where did you find it. And I give back to my then went to a half price books and I got a copy in body for myself and really present a copy is hello yet. This is so good that. BV copy I have is actually the fourth printing from 2007. Wow around for a lot that I love this thing. So Elaine they're making aid film adaptation of the proud and Chris I can't explain a little bit about the storyline. Well here's the elevator pitch. Be seemingly super powerful alien is monitoring earth in the hopes of giving superpowers to one of the Earth's denizens. To prove that anyone is redeemable and can become hero a savior. The problem is the main person he's watching is a particularly foul mouth and crass. Who lady of the night pro gay pro amnesty to show you. I am happy and she is so early and as I said foul mouth and my opponent and things don't go exactly as everyone would have planned the. Yes go figure. I love this because it's Garth Ennis and you know from preacher and I really think that it's. He has a bit of a disdain for superhero. Comics. And this one is hilarious because I mean it lampoon it's some of your favorite DC heroes are really does and it's a lot of find it is it's a one shot it's it's really worth reading. Definitely 100%. Adult material do not give this to your children in the are there any other details about the movie. Now it's except for the fact that it will most likely be rated RY means the good Reno and Logan NW keep yap you get make. That's another bit of information in here and I are allowed one more story for we uniter. That does OK I'm fine. Apparently Netflix you guys have follows on base but you solace Netflix is going to be adding new options to save us viewers some time move which would save me a lot of time except it was nice for bathroom breaks. But. It's going until how to button that lets you basically skipped the intro I intend arrangement I know like when I watch it on my laptop to get Sabatini Mary and say committal I am looking side then. And its own line except through the left side blogs my computer disk which is how I watched like a fall asleep watching Netflix and it. Normally don't care they usually cut if I'm watching a couple of episodes narrow it will just automatically skip the bit of a much economic my house. On he TV it was skeptic I just watched all anxious to. Who has a fusion Indira was and skipping it but that was my chance go to the bathroom and but really it's it's going to have us it's skip intro what little thing pop up sleeper hit that nice. So how about especially if like your binging and you're going from a lapse into another you don't need the previously on you don't need the very long intro as you wanna get into it as fast forward is really earlier our New Year's Qualls and pressure control. All her your remote isn't anywhere near you when I mean you can't wait when we're seeing every everything is just. It just means he's easy guys the physical exertion of picking up your controller presser a couple of buttons are our ocean already judgments here here's my skip intro. Take rotunda fast forward. Alexion. You know snow okay Donna I presume it's OK I and I and I used that exact in the date -- they've made it a lot better oh it's a lot better days and days because when you do really be it would be well I would use Xbox and be Xbox fast forward Xbox fast forward and I get about two to three times and and it was me frantically screaming Xbox play Xbox plays not stop stop don't. A lot better than you speak of Arab of those they still out day corona has really got her wrists together are looking. Hey tardy this feature RD available for some shows but not all of hasn't yet though it's awesome thank you so much thinking that I hope a lot of big watchers true. Maybe a humvees into much of iron fist when there is haven't done Vijay and have them both actually finished wow. OK now we ask so we actually have words so we will eventually not not important words against attack came hours about the Chicago. I'll tell on a future episode when Vijay is not on assignment. He's just he's got snakes. Until next time and singing. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where to golf joined. Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deeds flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW doc plus.