BJGN03-29-17 - Punderdome

Wednesday, March 29th

The gang talks about what geeky things they would include in a survival kit; Rev & The Prodigy talk about the latest Overwatch character; Chris & Rev review the card game Project NOS; and the gang plays the game Punderdome!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. A bad note Chris is Chris is a science. I moved the IRA. So you're you play a hundred rounds three and I love. Yes. We're John I gonna talk about how we do and then in lieu of yeah yeah yeah so we're gonna in the execution problems. We talk project costs and I have a fumble healing didn't like haley's victory dumbest twenty yes and it's like yeah. And one video yeah that it just say I just just take pad and past wonder to reverend there aren't friends forever and everything you know how to write a brand. It's my home. And just really don't if we have extended moments of quiet just kind of cut those we'll get short term is because he's a seven minute and a half. To come up with your fund but I might. In the US to a minute believe that's gonna start to sell Littleton. No dodging gay AS. Cool. On my very core us. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Welcome yes welcome Q Vijay Shays geek need Sheehan I and the reverend en Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona and and we've got Chris walker mr. walk like a flat NFL OI. You know I know we're OK okay. All that's cute. Many of the board did lose to drive a G and today's should hold again you have my privileges I don't know if I'm right about now and on today's show we'll talk about the new over watch character we're gonna talk about it board game that Chris and I've played and then we'll be playing days well a sort of core gamer you go ahead and take our games. Is thinking man's card game who. Vicky how can people get a hold of us. Only can check out our website at our podcast Fiji he nation dot com he also wasn't Garcia Alexa by the way just elect's us. Played each nation unto men and didn't answer your likes industry down. Like it on base of British derby day safety nascent. He also falls on Twitter and Inkster grand and that Fiji ratio and syntex it is always I wanna age zero to do port 3353. To differ from Anthony Alabi jiggy nation at and don't forget to check out all our videos at YouTube dot com slash BJ keep mission and please. Give us a lie -- on all of the all the social media stuff that you can also please give us a five star rating on nineteen and get a loan review there as well it definitely is appreciated. One of the ways to contact us is PG dig nation and you know about how much Vicki said and we did get an email from mark. Who said in these uncertain times we all need to have to be prepared and assuming that you all have emergency kits at the ready. Do they contain any geek type stuff stuff you can't leave behind. And stuff you can't live without for 72 hours and guessing probably not the maintained a Spiderman bouncy ball. But what are some of those geeky things that would be in your emergency prepared can't. And it's kind of interesting because most tennis is like super super serious. After gonna want to that the food the water. You know clothes being I won't you know they the camping stuff there's like some of the stuff that I have with the mind. But won't be some of those key things I mean for 72 hours that's not too long but act. He kind of would make sure you have a game in there. Eric hello yes I'm very small portable is not going to be pain in the butt something like Dyson crowns are zombie dice. I think would be fine on that and com. I don't know necessarily what geeky things unless it was like some survival stuff from like think geek. The it is if we learned zombie apocalypse I have some resident you'll dog tags I would take with me to do so people around me to be like this gets a win cooling it probably wasn't happy unless they're really putting yourself as one of our guys so fast that I. I've Lucille while maybe it is always good with a crunching noises that a and attract. Yeah I had a really thought about it up to this point are our own survival packs or are just loaded with the religious survival items when. Yeah I'm actually I think we have to buy some some at least some card games some some easy things. That would that would there will they not take about a space could be also not require a lot of set ever take down. And from there because why not you not an. I think it I think along the lines of camping in the terms I'm sure you've got a lot to do and now you can have you know your own make your own Entertainment Tonight and but it. The long nights something to pass down the time. Win there's uncertain needs something to take people's minds off things especially if it's. In emergency preparedness kit you need things to take people's minds off of what is going on me and just like we do is normal gaming board just had our own homes. Sometimes as the best way to distract and just not have to necessarily deal with the problems that are going on around you at that time. And right now I've got a got a couple of things they're they're they're Reynard just purely decorative figure it occurs to me that they're probably going to be pretty useful if personally or does go down have left. How to matched. Caetano what does she set OK he had an RSS and smaller ones you know tar program to other than the than Indian they go this go down as they go with. Those are just nice to know you know yeah you're gonna or something some of my cause place up this kind of hilarious and these gigantic. Water bottles. That are pretty steamed funky a lot of esteem upon gear at the same point. I have. The brace or my leather racers who are actually EU and quite useful on that sort of yeah those terms that they are protection. I'm in I'm not talking about from the may be like yeah Chris walking around with a is a good on his decides. I thought instead of Syrians say Qatar as I thought you had a bat less and I was like well. If all of course and I think so big and bulky and yeah. And that's that's an intimidation factor and that's every point you know I if I if you're walking or on the part of what I some good rolls up to you with this big curved sword on his back there might think twice about messing with that did exactly isn't good pulling C cards on Donna is there that balance going on the list. So listen no there isn't geeky stuff that you would put in a in in and then in emergency preparedness -- maybe stuff that. Actually will be useful to go to thing you know firm caused placement near the and definitely keeps in his emails PG geek nation and It's a bad feeling you said emergency preparedness can I'm toll pitching like an apocalypse happening like you know the apocalypse is going to be happening. And you have to pack your food your water come that's why America went nerdy thing to bring with him. Would it be like a real picks Q a packet we know we just talked about that's what I amen right at claiming cause play. He's a conflict will somehow I I am I way. Cost plagues. Well because some of them are useful. Yes I just you know white leather brace or like it just I think you're designing a little older now looking berg video could well you can keep looking for those videos while Joseph and I talk about the newest over watch character and don't. Now this is an interesting character or Reese is a tank. Wage if you know from that there's these it has four different classes yes there's change there's damage there is support in any news right. Yes okay supports last offensive and Daniels the okay yeah I guess so. This is a tank which is a very interesting it's very interesting because first off. Or resell looks like. Stinks like a robots think yes go like 46 legs or some vanishing going to sort of Mac guy kind of bring much back and looked pretty bad ass and a pretty awesome robot sort of thing kind of reminds me a little bit of liken it to a nine sort of thing Micanopy Japan technology. And The Who the character's biography pretty hilarious real name or reset each one month because it's a robot made occupation guardian robot and had no affiliation and and what is the interesting thing as looking up to the biography of this character because they do have back stories or within on the over watched game. That it was created from extra parts by in eleven year old girl. So it reminds me a lot. And. Euros six. Kosher and so early years the figure a six thank you very much and just that with leg except for a lot more damage. As opposed to just healing I think you're really bad Hugh Jackman movie with a kid to build a robot crowd I went to talk that's exactly what they don't like I didn't know you're is that our feelings Jack's tactics. Well it makes me think automatically give engage from a border lands to the the macro Mansur who builds are my body there. I run I love it Serb man or man made permits or cat app. I guess I thought Andre Agassi and a girl who Sergio you had a chance to actually play the character up not not available for them competitive play yet not yet I think about toward its OK okay so I'm dealing way I'm playing with the character how do you feel about it got a bunch of different abilities. Let's run down some of those yes so lodge she plays a good. Different gonna say it bother other tanks feel like as a retained as a kind of like they're like oh I do this tried to data or media or defense or more offensive. Has a mini gun type type of assaying with 35 panel which is a lot DNA is a law but it does less damage but it has pretty good range do you surprisingly good range of Casey could ever people from a little from always a way yes over supports coming up to unit general away when they're gonna die quickly eaten but clay keeps you know like you make how I got slow change dish kind of feel like you know it economy go wrong with a neighbor actually like you know I think the good. God come on move faster kind of a thing because one of her abilities. Fortified allows her to reduce movement speed to take less stamped each. Oh a few years okay which is sweet and also you don't get stunned not getting stunned is huge because a lot of these sentiments have to do with keeping you locked down because of course we're playing game of mobility in new dad thing it's pretty important he knew. Such a cool really. She is a fusion drive or wherever which allows her to shoot that Bob post and a wall moving OK which is very important as well because obviously hiding in that kind of thing yeah is are really funded due to the slower other characters you know like other tanks maybe of the game blow. Well it tapers is taking a look at the Veritas forever yeah and she had the best ability in my opinion which is a hole which is this little light beam can't think it's fires out. Powered a circle. That just goes out and you can exploded to bring any all the enemies that are just arias ability but similar or -- since a one time use and it only it only holds and strike a second half slows them for a little bit yeah but of course when they're trying to run away or something I know around the way you come back there or if you're trying to set people's alternates or other abilities yeah very good yet console mall together hopefully I can get every once in Al one bagel to me yeah exactly and then her best through all intersect mess abilities because I'm a person just like to combo people yeah on the one wants all the damage you know yeah but she has a protective barrier. That she can place out there forever he wanted to call a robot Miller sees is because it was built by over muscles being a little tension. But it's a very bigot you've placed in front view that's kind of have Mike Cook taller than almost every other character in the game. And runs a certain amount of damage still breaks okay now. Other characters have this Winston has a similar one Reiner has a big shields shields are very necessary their usual making good tank because. If you are the main source of absorbing damage. Lawyering and a person down. Yet and there's ghosts yet and at that point they can just focus fire on any character and even if you're a tank you have more hit points and other characters you're still gonna get taken up pretty quickly exactly plus you've got a real factor other characters are very squishy and usually bad because they around position people get older time out so bears are great com. So that's that's. Very key and Paul is the best so our way to play with the characters to Brooklyn around that cooled down so you wanna be going in around that cooled down so that you can help your teammates and and set them up with a big pulled big or they get so on the menu you can increase your damage removing an attack him. And then hopefully once again Urals meant. It's kind of this little light it's like go just a little light box Cecil says there are no I really gets. Pile on kind of mistake OK okay sorry to see you clean blade or ya calling go abroad that shoots out the don't buffs are essential that violence does result sullen little earlier this brewer and I'll kill themselves. Now that could buy install a proud people around you and gives you energy but it's okay. Now all the super charger or device they say device devices are very descriptive kind of an orange and yeah anything is a device and then isn't device charger I exactly it's actually pretty good anyone in my site it's a huge bus and the bus has surprisingly. Potent so. If it's around Asian have to back up because they're gonna blow through your shields yes turns out interestingly enough in a mirror match whoever has that now is going to win so that gives. One. Our strategy reader like genitals quickly even use that because they're gonna have always have to back to appoint him on. Different news another tank in the game so I'm glad they did when entertained as they have way too many assassin's hand all year that always leads to the whole walls. Once he's a certain amount assassins just aren't enough tanks to really. Diversify the meta because I mean you know bigger tent with the biggest HP essentially because it means. Process is there's gonna Gloucester HP it's absolutely well luckily this character is very different also in the sense that if you wanna run a double think team. That she provides a lot of support but also a lot of damage and some maybe you can sway away from the two assassin teams and go to maybe two or three tank team. And I outline that's. Nursing on that and because I mean. The only tank today net net normally play as Zaria which is a very offensive minded tank. Usually you kind of wanna run in their kind of deal with that sort of thing so it's interesting to see that this is. While it is offensive mind with busting the other guys at that point you can really still push forward. Really well. Why we will your other your teammates can be so why you kind of hang back. And but still be able to move. Ford with that exactly and a lot of things I I have seen no law a lot of us strategy safari to take down a recess is snipers snow Iverson do very well against this back clank you tank which speaks Bryant yeah but. So be careful don't stand out in the open because of course first person shooters are about positioning if you could. Bath. Yeah absolutely think he's so much now our tanks against tanks texts I don't know bam it's here yeah. I'm the video looking for an impose it on the Facebook's of those Karabakh. It is a survey a look what out of all of foreign Netflix marvel series is the best. From total third and a rain on daredevil is kicking and. Ask I I saw that one and I had to vote for daredevil as well it was interesting because there was a Twitter poll Ahmed did the same thing and when likely to vote on that line. It I am hoping it was early in the thing because iron fist was at a zero. Don't buy that he's okay I'm looking at it there I mean iron. I am this is his name in the lowest amount wind down enough so it's kind gone up and down so check out that there are looking for us. I did seal and this kind of like donate teased last podcast and can I give a little. Teaser on how I felt about it well yes you can you like while so we're going to be doing is attacked I think like six weeks out yet to be awaits us where Roy can I will say I need to I yeah I didn't hated as much as everyone else did but I do think it's the weakest of the four. OK okay and from the cellmark also yeah exactly. Chris you want to I got to play a game called project not so we have waited and this is fine now I I've been talking ways com Peter about this through the game designer. And he's he has been talking about the fact that they're doing some artist changes and so the kick starters going to be pushed back a little bit hard but. Will find out exactly when that's gonna happen and wolf I'm hopefully gonna have Peter on to talk about it as well wants to kick start comes out tool but this game is really finance its a dice rolling game. And we are you and I mean we've played we win. Boy how do you explain a little bit better and get better they're go to Bethlehem has already. It's fair yep pressing us is the a dice rolling car racing game and what the big basic premise is each of us each player has a car. If it is sad that has swell is in this race. And zero race is so laid out our in cards. And you draw six cars randomly from this deck of a number a racetrack cards and each card has a numeric value on it from one to six. The object of the game is to roll your dice in order to match the numbers on the cards and get your card to the end of the race and you have to do them in order firmly yeah surrender whatever exactly. This is made this is the the real sort of fun mechanic of this comes in the play you in a couple of different ways the first way is that when you roll a die if you give the exact number for the race car that you are trying to get. Then you put it on their and then you roll your dice. But it worries rolling at the exact same time. Yeah as a where literally you can do it the fastest and that's fantastic. A couple other quick mechanics that they pop in and show weapon and makes things really useful you can over roll or under role on a number Blake so if the number on the card is a five. You can roll a four or six and still take that spot. But you do have to take essentially damage to your car and how we delivers you buy your mind I count yet they exactly I pushed the limit they call. And Dem. And so with that you can bring your progress a little further but you can only get two of those and if you have to then you just gotta keep rolling into you hit the number exactly. What are the other things you get to do with the beginning of the race do you need to sort of mod your. Car oh yeah with the draft add yet forgot about that and it's just likes the murderers and it's like car actually charger you don't have AC wheels and things that'll help you out in the game two of their different codecs yet and those turn out to have different mechanics is now that are involved with the game like one of them is you can now. Not have to take any overheat if you wanna do one over or one below. Some others some other abilities along those lines and you can kind of figure out based on the track. Which ones that you want exactly it's a really good way to try to gain the system a little bit and take a little bit of the random element of rowing a six sided die yet. Which I mean it is anyone mineral dies before knows how how quote unquote easy it is to rule six we really want to role as a six. And some of armor so cool as to say okay instead. This being a five and six is gonna be three or on the opposite side for five and six for the numbers though those are favorite ones and I you can only they have there's three different colors you can only draft one of each color. He can only get one of each part. But. Then those those ones especially really make it come a lot easier to get in all of these things are designed to make it make your car go faster. Down this track of cards often and you play three races miss a three wins. And you know I really had fun with this when I love the frenetic nature revenue it reminded me. A lot of the am I always say that I'm blanking on the name of her right now escape the tumor something like this. They you where all the players are actually playing at the same time but in that when it's a little more cooperative yet you Ed do you try to help each other you do. Have to meet up and do things here this is purely purely competitive and fun and fast and just really neat. What is the fun things I think would if for this game. Is I really think that a year you benefit if as a person who likes to play games if you have something like a dice tower or at the very least not just a box to contain your nice gadgets are now going all over the place all time as a bricklayer basically you know these guys pay ahead and if you are good guys truly service like when those pads are never yeah I'd be okay but now we were playing on the on the on the hard. You know linoleum topping or mentally were sitting at right now NA after they were just all over the little Nona Florida in this when you're trying to hurry it pickle now feel fling one across the thing and then suddenly now you're wasting time looking for your yeah I think a pit crews and die yet or are tired and I was like are. Still no true so yeah fast frenetic very fine and we will talk about a once it comes out on the cakes are see combat as well we will post on those things definitely that I'm looking forward to what to do that now we are not going to do a geek chic today what. Sorry Vicki because we're going to play a game that Chris picked up called. Plundered. Rule saying welcome to the 100 yeah I remember when you talk among convoy of former colleagues on my mind kind of my thing it's like you know what you do when you're when you're good at something you enjoy something lean into it. And you lit up the hard because you went to go pick up one game he saw this one you like I after you figure is up immediately this is the truth now first off orgy pick this game out I bought it on Amazon as a matter for OK so is that I get ten guests super resilient it was packaged with joking hazard. Which was the game that I was looking for a time and it is. Let's see is from as early hoping it was I just Emma Andre here is a very very very. You dangerous animal because you like I need just one thing I just have to and he says are related to this product. Project from it is this exactly the people who bought this book all of these other things doing it and you films so it's like okay cool I just went in the you know for some kitchen utensils and nine Kraft might baskets and a hundred dollars I. People who bought chelios also thought garrido thought about it. And I think where LA I'll start filling up my cart and then I realized who has a lot of money and then they takes about a my car. The five match and then later noble there's not a whole lot of things all by this so feels guilty I like passing on dollars and splitting it up it's like a fifty dollar and twenty I don't drink cutting a donor and half an easy meal leading the next 100 calories don't count calories I just have to tell us each sort of have the dollars and it is me. How Anheuser Christensen was so. When he got fights three fights it goes burrows to respond Bozo and powdered rice six Pascal reflects costs. So fast. My country is and how dire words he's like I just warning you about budget goes man. Okay. The. The shiny I mean in there this is by if other daughter duo Joseph and Fred Firestone is all it says as far as that goes but it is actually I didn't realize this than it was inspired by an original live game show. There was a cult favorite in Brooklyn nightlife its establishment in 2011 wow installed the plunder dome is the show apparently so this is yes this is kind of amazing I am very excited to give this try. But I'm our. So guys are gonna do as good as the first judge huh. I'm gonna draw two cars one white card and when green card a man and the challenge for you guys you have a minute to to come up with a par and based on the two cards something that connects the two car it's okay our rank and at best one wins is very very basic as far as that goes and I'm I'm not going down through all of the rules flip side. You a test version all right very and now what this kind as spit ball often this wine and brainstorm -- -- have some fun so where where where we're working against each other we Charlie are we already working against each other for the game this whole just throw out whatever you guys and gal this is along the lines have any judging games like cards against humanity or joking hazard precisely where Chris is gonna play regards its super fight exactly and then he's going to be the judge of all of us working on that and then we'll move to the next judge you'll play a little bit in this room super athletes I think is here every time it's all right so were 31 two cars of the first to cards and register totally random. Good eating eating and the Olympics. Eating and the Olympics. A couple of things secular minded all talk while you guys there are doing really fun to competing for the onion rings the strengths always has a pretty good. OK. That's OK that's good. I think about. Ryan often what is a good one or hum hum phones you know words that sound alike but have different meanings. Our world words that are spelled the same and have different meetings. Am making up words name one of the examples and they need to use as say when he involves dogs and watching the news. And this is there were no reports of Terry terrorists. On the nightly news topping out of making up words by combining other things to turn into put those types of things you think of and Vicky I think I think competing for the onion rings. Is a great what a total. Eating in the Olympics what else where else where else are we go flat whatever the deal available sporting events and yeah. Try out I looked at them on a faster higher stronger. This would be valued higher stronger debut than the Marlins it's the city this ASEAN might have to Atlanta and I don't know I don't know I am always so it's basically yeah I can see why this anytime you can't have figured out and then you write it down and he go forums so. Gosh I I do it certainly do throw down now one LA gang in started competition OK but I am not involved in this OK it is with you and my roommate. Our receiver to DC voters he is the punting and he likes to wake me offering pink pony first you've been asked puns I. Love TVs didn't he never called me I assuming he's calling me there's an emergency that I don't know do you text are based at messenger that we communicate. He might be telling you because you're out of emergency. No and I want to bring something could see fumes now ma'am no doubt always bathtub. We had an argument once he made upon an it was. Awful late he's like well maybe they would be are nice terminally okay that we didn't we weren't falling we're talking about the Renaissance we're talking about any one and I thought I did not like I think you're sewers like. I expect better from here. And I. And he's okay fine. An OK so it's great we we fear and are at their via congratulations. And I'm very well done well or hold a lips start. Those first round I am not alone on the move our rental at all then we're gonna give and then you've risen anonymously and now reed and allowed yep we have indigenous all right your first challenge Newton. Cooking. And museums. Begin. Terms. Why what was that that was the robot be alert. Smoke and I have in my my timer on my phone could fit for so we have all submitted our answers have. And or I have I have I don't know earlier that whenever Chris is not the judge Chris is gonna win the all I. I hope it's OK I gonna give her I have shaken him up in my handy Danny ran a miser and no reason. Cooking and museum. I'm gonna pretend like I don't know any of your handwriting smearing it. Reverend Francis when I see come see the moon a Pizza Hut are. Odd yeah. I sucks huh huh. I was cooking through the paintings look. Inga. This angle but I couldn't. Dinosaur meat tastes like chicken here. And they don't ask the Yamuna pizza winzip and I. Are gonna -- Anna and I are right so I'll list just that kind of round Robin it Joseph. Joseph Hayden and grabbed I'd shoot the cards. And and then we will spend a couple of minutes letting Chris went. In new new figgins. I. We gap jewelry. And speaking. Sure you rave drew angry and being king and go. All times I was up time's up all right so we've guy it's. We've got all of our three turn in Zeneca Joba is there's so all right the first one jewelry handmade jewelry making. 24 carat diamond ring. I. Perez. We're learning Kerry K yes I do you know how could you do all I ask it be significant if so don't just like you levees aren't enough. I see it as soon after Georgia and Eric. Around noon the queen queen of England always styles for DRI NK slap. I was a cigar and K no it's nice goods polluted. I'm going to make people Tierra meet Su oh. TE RI music cannot themselves. All I might there. It was better knowing that shows the judge we as journalists are given its Sierra meets him yeah you know deserves an hour anything I favored the good guys. I said you couldn't thank you speaking of the shark. Oh good. I could think of hey you are right yeah I don't know if I would have been like carrot cake. Yeah yeah I think I would have been fairly good have been known les Pyrenees do totally due primarily zoo crew updated ISO two cards for the need. I doughnut hole without food again. Garrett the food and it is good to drink cart oh nice so we've got drugs and alcohol. And escaping. Drugs and alcohol and escape being and go. Think that I'm. Okay RNA. This. And you say to. I did I because I was why I was excited about the strength in my first on the first and I don't think as many people who get it. But here's one of the keys to being a good time mastered it you never save yourself know what's beneath this yeah say the right people look at this. And also remember when you're making puns groans are actually better than last every in time and it's like a nice by tape Joseph Hillary I had not been. I got up and up and there is you don't get ever joke MIX shared. Yes markets so it's. Why are OK I guess it doesn't matter you'll now he had you'll now how they'll just let me and I Al I'll admit this is jobless benefits itself but you don't have credit at that point because. Normally. I'll just take his sister didn't see your points really matter and then start right now they're just gonna go with one more round after that's what you anyways so now. We've kind. I don't actually really good all right so I'm escaping and drugs and alcohol we've got breaking bad out of jail but I. These cocaine mutiny. Has good faith and personal wind you can't rub away from your issues person to. But that's pure Ecstasy. RA will you're thanks to see him it. I like that wanted to really liked that one but I also really really like breaking bad at a G ongoing would breaking bad. Yeah okay. I asked my original tonight cocaine mutiny was was for jail I wanted to do an about heroin. I was thinking about heroin is well I was trying to work whiskey business in their somehow. We have Jill live. Jane yeah I think it means about calling midnight is suddenly thirty limit drugs. Mutiny at the library is okay. So her potentially combat out of jail I can bring you guys don't really I have like Bob body was the united GO ordered general was a heroin had Harold just coming in LA as more as a hero literally but yet that fuels because that is our go to tournaments are right now for our final round Vicky. As the judge. This will be interesting because will either I end up with a four way tie if Joseph wins. Yes or hot dry as you go or my cell we'll take glee yes they deleted we'll get our little mini winning here and so I do once you we have to get wind but certainly it's a great time there really do apologize chum and I can seem to mind the second half. Well if you can come up with one has been in anything else means give it to big. Yes so on the on the backs of each of the cars guys sergeant explain this because it's it's sort of a side sort of sub mini game. That doomed the rule book says that you're supposed to start with one I ninety minute they're ninety seconds gives me ninety seconds to him over the punt but on you on the backs of each of the cards in the judge can choose is a little mini. A question and whoever answers the fastest. Gets an extra thirty seconds other types. All okay so important I think you're just read their read the question of American women hey there why did Mozart and bock get into each get in trouble in school. And Mozart and puck. You couldn't hear it a belt now along landing only dorsal lump. My best guess I don't know the name of composers. Or. Symphonies or million and I give yeah yeah they York cop passing notes oh. And it's where good bloody eighth where in the newly wed dye ace go on their honeymoon. The newly wed guys go on their honeymoon. I don't know craps table and epithets paradise. Narrow pass. There you literally Latin Kathy Jo yeah. I say guy or Hillary and that's all puns I got to scene. I have religion. And thinking who time I'm British right gay. What does it think in religion having come indeed guilty community. Wow wow great little cynical fun but can I mean not untrue about the Catholic for how many years there has. IRA today Jerry guy aren't I I'm coming out and I kinda settling this enjoyed our time I got to I don't like it's gonna be down to you oh lord is here you know I rader knew I was very exciting young nine year guises and raining. And they're actually pretty similar have noticed I don't know if her name. The globes so rich. 120 dollar show me vision Jane it's a cash only exit from what I. All right yeah. And after I became morally bankrupt I was vaulted up by my face. Mine and I got to stand and an afternoon you know only because the whole ritual skimming vessel look you know when you. I had pseudo but I got nothing you'll. We're not there and I'm not good to be like coming up with puck he's big I don't know how I'd reiterate something yeah now Mike. The spring and here it is no reaction at all I'm I'm I'm you know I didn't do you know a lot of it kind of made me sad I know right. Does the prince and then well we depressing too much yeah. I don't I'm saying nanny. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Join Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG easy video games or are just a major fan of size fly. Let your geek flag fly I've heard in well just sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot bluffs.