BJGN03-31-17 - Logan Spectacular

Friday, March 31st

The gang talks about the IT trailer; Spicoli reviews the Power Rangers movie; Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach; the gang discusses the latest episode of The Walking Dead; and they talk Logan (with spoilers)!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. Welcome yes welcome to BDC he's keeping emaciated I am the reverend en Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona. And we Chris walker mr. walk like eight planets oh hello. He shows namesake Vijay show he's credible. There have any idea I I'd family back in regulation and Avraham look at you guys are longtime is a big the big places are defined almost sure. Nicole Lee joins us okay. And Manning the boards don't like privileges for hand ends its run the G. I did did not get pretty big he's grounded into an even yell yea he goes off. And I thank you very much on today's show we will talk about the heat trailers. Power Rangers what they're fed yeah Walking Dead. Here and long Colin Bok joins does and in we will get to be low in spectacular. Hey it's going to be a home run up front podcast and Eric out and already I hope he got here depends old man. I'm eager and well thanks for that. How can people get older last. Million if you go to the depends on how he got now I find out that the benefit is well you can check out our web say it's gonna contain all our podcast colorful stuff. It's PJ each nation dot com. Super simple he'd also given Amazon hagel by the way can listen to it just say LX us. He nation on CNN anywhere right there and how could staff very cool. Like a fun FaceBook petition derby day she'd beat nation. He doesn't follow us on Twitter and instead Graham and Sarah look at Vijay geek nation senator Dick silly with the boys and I've won many there are 2243353. Than at any nine PG each nation at And watch color video to YouTube dot com slash B Dickey nascent gay thing. Do you Vicky and again if you listen to us on iTunes please click on the Little League it was little feedback was up five star reveal. Leave us some comments about how much you love them meet and then everyone else matter if Europeans have. Yeah me you know value to that guy. Actually we need to talk about the trailer which dropped this week I know BJ you just cited just monster and I'm afraid to do the rest of his cartel left. You know they'll they'll divvy he had Vicky can stay out of this this a little coming here because I know you are just too big scared cat did Hillary search on his plan won an island good stuff I don't think you're right I that's now what it's it. When terrorists we're not doing this current split it's no doubt it's it's it's my. That's it or not I what'd yes Yankee is a Stephen King novel who's on second no knock back. It's it was originally as Stephen King novel about the about children who had to deal with an evil clown named penny wise and all the evil things that he does know and super freaky as a book became a mini series. Tight long movie after I think in the ninety's this summer and yet and starring Tim Curry is penny wise down. And now they are back with a elicited just a standalone movie yeah just a movie and so. The trailer looks super creep being hide just like BJ said there and I'm really. The first time I saw they get out they showed the that like the poster of penny wise or just the action shot artist and a standing shot am I you're kind of goofy yeah because I mean it's clot. It is literally Claus yeah Harry area here and is that really going to be scary and then watch genius the watching the trailers and oh yes yet he's freaky and that he's completely and utterly terrifying. This actually gets really excited for this movie a lot of people I mean mark talked about it on spots yesterday yeah he didn't like the the original little miniseries sort of thing because it felt like. It was ends it's analysts it respectful but. If pulled a lot of punches as compared to the book yet this kind of the thing in that that was a long a lot of people said about it in this in a market to say too is it felt like a watered down version of the booking mean he was. He's hopeful that this add new movie will be well a little bit more faithful to. Yeah exactly that's exactly so very excited to see that it's being played by the very talented bill scars guard who is the brother of Alexander scars guard from Tarzan and the son of us the stepped in selling Stella and scars guard which we know from Thor and avengers over the Miami won academy of external enemy they have got they have quite a few other siblings steals cars guards. He's super creepy so I'm very excited for that. Speaking of movies. If I love this because you're Cooley your back and you can give us a review for the Power Rangers. You grew up on the show RA I actually did it all really really is it was it was one of immediately view task well last week Al. Which go that it wants the old shows the production value is so low necessary to have and I couldn't get past that they just of the rubber suits looked so awkward playing your debate bought your couple years younger than Joseph and I choose so I think he might also. W probably Euro a little murmured sugar but I will ask those who owes Sony animation I love it if you always loved cartoons that sounds a little immature than I. Us into that I guess I have. I elevated do you mod yeah. That is an aluminum floor it was a prodigy jam the prodigy and lump Power Rangers we were trying to find time to actually go see the movie no matter what even reviews and on. Because he is his childhood need new ones and I think that's gonna have but my girlfriend was when she grew up on Power Rangers socialist you may do watch the mighty morphin Power Rangers movie. Hi how did that prowl you have to put it just gets so hilariously bad that it's just ridiculous I didn't lose the bad guys just. It's it's worth the lodge but with substances there there was one really getting the command that Power Rangers moving the union grey Damon began song that's that's all I have to say about that wildcat gas. Since around at the left it's like guy transformers gives you that touch yes. So that's exactly exactly. But but the movie out of you by surprise and I know I was gonna have fun with it. Because the bar pretty low to the at a club like better and I thought it was it was it was real stripped down there was a resort on doors are also out there that are raiders the result of five. And that was basically hit two grand thank you don't know noble whose goal Jose still okay pulled too much. You know because good stories come from character it would be refocused on these fight kids who they are. That I was actually really impressed by like I really revealing them specifically. Believe the blue ranger mosey on autistic kid and I thought it was one of the best portrayals of other student on the spectrum in high school and out I actually live. And not being stereotype about it was actually really well done. Puzzles are built here was a really fun album five. How is that how is Elizabeth Banks as reader polls. She was just go out of the directing due to heavy lifting on proposed scenes in general of arms to her biggest still be creepy and let. Special thanks go around her okay yeah but but yeah she was she was pretty got to think it I was I was surprisingly impressed by the movie it's still powering your movie now there's a bat like. You know there's anybody going into his get a feel like swords really that's. Oh that's got to get past that it's I thought Eddy it's a lot of fun as we're seeing some thank you very much and that that's cool while we are we at a movie prodigy yeah that's that's that's. I'm actually going Q we're gonna talk about the Walking Dead but first I want to talk with mr. Gere is on Colin bobbled it and from skewed in review that is escape and are dot net he had a chance to go check at a convention and not too familiar with so actually he's on the phone right now dairy is fine Collins Bob -- skewed in review you can find out website that escape and are dot net and Garrett we talked back and forth during the week can you said that you had some news from cinema kind. Tom there's so many conventions going on I don't even know what this one is I can you tell me a little bit about cinema content. Absolutely do you should be you know on the show west and it's done in Las Vegas and what do they re actually started out four was it was mainly for. Theatre exhibition match at pier owners people in the industry. To get together to discuss new technologies such she no new projectors new types of seats that sort of thing services that are available and of course it became page showcase to shake. This is what we've got coming out in the next few months. Make it a couple of announcements Gibson sluggers on hand to you don't really get your owners in the industry excited about. The film and of course it's grown to new album a lot more remedial present church of course the after parties and you were now being different announcements and first looks actually coming up this thing. I I felt ending at the first thing you mentioned to me that you're really excited dead hear about was the fact that you got a first look at blade runner. Correct outside of the trailer that's been on the they did various studios all have their showcase blunders night's start to each one of them do. Different playing some more detail what numbers and what Warner Bros. which you do what Sony didn't during there're showcase it is they have a quick clip. From the film and it showed am Ryan Gosling Harrison Ford insurer Bledel and she was all the arc. Much creatures and is Joker Carroll her. And the implication I got was seems kind of a rep what turned to my. Or at least a replica designers someone in ball put that. And maybe he's not quite right because spurs temple they came across this. Replica into that that was lynched in order in the designed state he was kind of like correctional. Although I'm you know oh. Like that so it'd be you know we're not sure exactly who we just put. The great thing about it was there you could tell that they really want. Back to basics and that it has that's fantastic looked at the original blade runner out. But it's not CG ID used very they've stayed very much with the practical faction stuff so I'm really had got a very good response from people so we're looking towards seemed more down the road from. And I know a lot of people are super stoked for blade runner so I'm really happy to see that they wanna go with those practical fact I love that. Moving on from that you sit and there's a bunch of Disney news and mean it kind of makes sense considering you've got led the normal dizzy properties you've got marvel you've got everything Nichols that Disney has so it's there's a reason that they would be talking about a lot of stuff. Right into it that's what really shocked a lot of us because. With their own expo actually moved up from August to July issued a biannual 23 exponent and I doubt and we expected to see a lot of this stuff for me and it's widely known you're gonna see the first trailer for the new Star Wars film. Next month star Warsaw operation lol they sure a couple of quick. I clips. Basically it was re with polite cheaper. You know novel other detail. That stuff like that but what they really did was dangerous you know through drama gone once showed here it is it's. They announced. Record route to route destroys the Internet connection and error I yeah I really. And Asia showed pirates of the Caribbean dead men tell motels in its entirety blow there was like theirs but Joseph Morgan are showing off and you don't and they had a few other. Interesting announcements. And it was mostly to do win a slump. You know what they did that there's a piggybacking the other day we here at the Spiderman homecoming trailer compiled which is done in conjunction with marvel. And you know a lot of stuff like that so it was very interesting to see them. Just right up front shake yours record Ralph sequel. Here is the entire pirates of the Caribbean movie. And reserve. Quick look at the new Star Wars film had a trailer and then the announcer caps scored which you know we're pretty much been. Waddling to home but there was right up from scream at charts of all the main people in the film and the you know naturally people are saying well. There was no Harrison Ford mentioned but they did c'mon say that they will mutton anyway assure perform all your character shooters appear. Didn't seem to cheat chart per episode beat their. That is that's really cool because I know a lot of people were wondering about that and then you know through the unfortunate. The event of her passing. Carol let those things up in the air. I'm you know beyond the fact that we lost a really great person and that and south I think that'll be kind of nice to lead the geeks out there you know you know that she's still going to be around. Exactly and so you know that was one of the great things about it there was to it it got people really excited you're looking forward to seeing. The film. But I think it was that it it kind of which reassuring because people were excited about what they so. Our I don't think you very much geared begin Garrard on call about from spewed in review that is SK and are dot net and always at that tidbit of what cinema con had to offer you will be having more at the web site again people can find that it SK and art dot net big Lisa much terrace and he can't thank you so much gears again pure fun column box problems skewed in reviewed that is escape and are dot net. Moving on to you is he Walking Dead if this was the pen ultimate episode where. Chris what what does that mean I that means it is the episode before the finale stuff is this Sunday actually is the finale. Is it an hour and a half finale is a two hours. I had a jolt its extent and I know eight hours she's sick because I'm wondering no strike this season monger BI because I'm wondering like how while we gonna have a cliff hanger Powell this ends are they gonna actually wrap it up and show that our people are victorious. I better well here's the thing they'd better not do some goofy cliff hanger like they did last year. That really plays banks national. I don't know what I would like to say that you're the only one of this show that felt it was a goofy clip thing I really loved it. So yeah you're hoping they don't do a cliffhanger that you don't like yeah because there was a goofy to me. He's just saying I mean I know you do like give it this information age when you have a six month gap between the next thing you can have a who shot JR moment because everyone had it figured out. And two months before the premiere had came out. Every speculation out there was on the nose and it just gives you enjoy bringing the fun out of anything you do to yeah we can't enjoy cliff hanger because I tell you you've got beat because I do avoid the Internet so I mean I know I know how to do it I have no idea what the Doctor Who season going to be like that's about to start up I finally saw a picture because I wanna be surprised by all this but I could get all the info I want yeah you just information. Yeah I like looking at things like checking Seth how am I leading up about what might possibly you're going to simulate you're there a reason why we have stupid laws preventing us from having fun because you're like I can't read it myself RNR that's a little excessive there but. No not not entirely wrong there was no extra I was like you want us not to do any of these things because you can't regulate your Internet viewing narrator pretty much try to and I didn't go fast did they get these words 'cause so odd going back to the Walking Dead episode this was. Kind of weird because the in the whole season has been world building and I've been OK with that but it's. These last couple of episodes have kind of draw rag debate in their kinda I think if there are dragging their feet. To get to the point where they get everyone together for all out war. And then this one it just goes the interim assistant talking to Tara about getting to Oceanside and it just seemed weird and rushed with these slower pace of the entire season. And so I was really kind of confused why they are doing a lot of this. It just really via exposition are right at the beginning. I really felt that it could have cut a couple of the episodes this season the two most recent ones. I got to Oceanside the oceans are part of a lot quicker. And yeah it's uneven this season has been uneven at best for me from. Even as much as I really do like the Walking Dead in it's it's my soap opera I'm gonna watch until the end of it's done you've. If these have been really kind of strange. It was also really weird to see Sasha jumped to already being caught. Flaky see her run into the building and then suddenly boom she's already cotton in aid in a cell. And it really made me feel like I missed an entire episode I'll. And so I was just like well where is all the action of her going in there aren't doing anything and they made allusions to it but nothing ever came of her like maybe she kills somebody or maybe she does infiltrate and ran around now Obuchi just cot you know what I love about that. Is that it's it to me the way they did that show the U futility and useless this of the two of them. Going off packed cocked because it was all mob vengeance revenues sticking to the plan. They were useless and that's why like the fact that you go. Oh yeah it doesn't matter what she did America it was a stupid plan and a cop by a superior force can see that and to the point foreign media and doesn't even treat her like anything but just another asset to get but she was not a threat ever to him right and that's why I loved it that way I see your side as well. But I really read into it like okay what they do it this way. I'm involved and route again another great performs a Jeffrey dean Morgan slowly and I love the exchange between him and Sasha. And I love Eugene to man I feel for Eugene because he's such a coward. I mean really the Venus yeah I mean he is he is he knows he's a coward. He just is a miserable human beings within himself that's so easy you can feel is all self loathing it hearkens back to Morgan during his clear phase he had he was talking about and the brave I do not live through this it's the cowards who are the survivors GAAP and am I mean huge asset it out first and foremost he's like I'm not going to be useful going out there are a matter I'm safe right here. Whatever it can't winning you know whatever comes I will be safe. And that's the Paramount thing for him it always has been in just goes all the way back to him running with Abraham and make an of the story and the story is still he's yeah he's got a lie in order to be with the good guys. And he's got to basically be the Smart guy they can do the bidding for the bad guys and that's the only value yes he actually has more value -- bad guys and he does the good guys yap and yeah it's it's it's kind of terrifying that and when you have someone who is just really OK with flip flopping on sides like that just to benefit damn thing about the comedienne it's camp yeah it's an interesting meats and actually plays for Eugene to be. He does such a great job. The actor that I turn to join our German debt. I really feel for him even though I hate him and want him to die I know I do I mean I'm so angry for how this is gone now let them but at the same time. I'm really empathize with him that's a great right that's great writing that's great acting. Well done for the Washington for this Eugene this art Kyle Love it. And it's it's also was interest in things because he saw firsthand that going up against me can only be your friends killed it won't get you killed so much. It would be your friends killed with what happened with Daryl and Glenn yeah so it could mean that he's OK with you know Rick doing all these things but he's not gonna get himself on the front lines there now going back with Sasha on this it was that they interchange between those two were really good I really do like Eugene character no matter how much. You know I don't like his actions. On it I really do enjoy what he's doing I'm just wondering why I need it has planned for Sasha. Because. She would definitely wanted something to issue was telling you Jean Dominique kill myself and I'll need something and it was interest in any debt. And I ate some glass anything and it's like oh yes he can do some steady steady and all she gets is the poison pill he isn't hilly Billy here gas at it'll be interesting to see how she'll be used as a a propaganda tool when he Nagin comes to. Alexandria which they've shown in the previews. And I'm still I'm still calling just on the basis of the fact that she's in the new Star Trek series sauce is not gonna make it to the end of the season. Oh yeah yeah you're probably right. Yeah I mean you can't do both look on the show though you can do both measured not in every episode and they end and she has been quoted as saying that they're gonna work a balance on that I just think that that's some diversionary tactics and him I think maybe and then fine. One of the things also is that neither talked about a little birdie. Selling out Rick's group. And I'm just wondering who that is why you know exactly who that is so. Always it's that are Hilltop video oh Gregory it's Gregory if he yeah he did he did have the map. At the end that was given jump from Simon. Yeah and you don't know when the last out healed yet he alluded to Simon attack and that SO is not as happy as he thinks it is and that he can be valuable Nedney trying to find that information Roy yeah okay so that it's totally Gregory which is why a pimple on the map about him thinking of Killen Maggie even though he's a coward himself in and I love the Sanders performances Gregory god. Go out and everybody is so good. All is so good and I saw you know the B previews as I watch into the badlands as wells was solid to sneak peek to the by next episode because usually show during the weigh the talking dead but they actually showed the sneak peak during into the badlands to get you to watch that show which. I don't know why they would have to tease you watch an event as the show's ridiculously good. And it's a great performance by Ezekiel as he is motivating. Morgan and the rest of the troops to go to battle. And I am pleased he gives such a great. CS action performance in Essen and rent at odds why don't waiting for what Ezekiel with its. Iger Regina yeah. About time we have an engine do the right thing and it's so great again and are you widows and against us Morgan and as ballet and we will start the uprise I mean it is such a wonderful team. Okay. I blew it. I don't you know using the sneak sometimes illness these kind of what you whistle but this woman like our allies really embody a -- this nice and then finally we see one person in the end they jail cell that Morgan built long long ago. It's the white mr. Merck phase so bad I had the anti Darrell himself. And now he's saying that he is. Guys come to decide if he does you really thinks capitalism is what it's like a spy ruse journeys that anyways in this are within the whole way and so wise thing. I really think that he's done with media and because of the white thing and I think he realized an and it even those interchanges with him and Darryl Darryl is prisoner. Yeah I knew it was chipping away yeah I mean unless unless I'm completely wrong I'm making it up. No I I have I have that a 100% agree with you know this BJ I feel like you would be a real betrayal to me as a fan. As a watcher as a viewer of this show if they turnaround said well why was faking all time. Why would you leave me on this Dwight journey that we've been going on this entire season and then. And then have this happen and then turn around and say oh no he's actually still really working for need I would be so upset derby. Or writing if that was occasion absolutely horrible and I will I will write a letter that doesn't mean that's certainly is yeah exactly be a disaster it's OK I don't know operation like he had quit after the coin is the I really really want that to not be effects over the letters column of the walking to Tunisia coming in Connecticut that the oh yeah letters there is and what I'm a make one step and I watch. So very excited to see the finale next week we will definitely disgust that. Vicky before we get cute talking about Logan what movies are coming out this week news magazine a couple of big movie is ghost in the shell are. Terrors seen yet not what's that got to what's the controversy Matt the controversy is the fact it is a Japanese movie set in Japan and the white washing of the main characters. Charlotte Johansson and and a couple of the others. In assists. As a as a white male I cannot speak about these sort of things played with any sort of knowledge on that end so it's gone it's really rough to see how this is going out but I. It's the controversy is definitely there an idea prevalent through the entire I can understand why except you know we have seen that they've changed races and genders and things on everything and we're getting used to it I understand as a white guy a you you know we're supposed to shut up and go well as long as it's not you know it's a white person being changed into something else her white man BJ something else. Nobody will have a problem when it but now or in our society is still saying if you change anybody into a white anything. Everywhere gets mad and I would like to be at the place of our allies how's it look. The reason things get done is as you want me to see the movie I love Scarlett Johansson kicking ass and I would not care to see this movie all right wait for to come out on demand. But for me to go see if it was any other actress on the reason I wanna go is to me it's like Lucy part two I Love Lucy. And I feel like it's going to be Lucy part to even looks a whole different story. So he's sometimes you have to pick a cop performer because. They just have to draw power and if you wanna get American audience to go see your movie that nobody really knows a whole lot about especially since it's animated you don't knowing about the enemy universe or knew about this. This world of ghost in the shell. If you wanted to go beyond that audience. You're going to have to get star power and it works on me I wanna see this movie I know nothing about that we universe. But I love Scarlett Johansson hide I lover it's like black widow Lucy yes I will see a movie with her and because of that and my my issue with this and I have massive trepidation about this move because it just recently you re watched the original ghost in the shell. And you're talking about the Hollywood big flash and bang and I think it's really. In its just a gut feeling at this point but I don't think that they're gonna hit dead does the marks of the storytelling of the show they're gonna go with the flash the CGI the bank the awesome the Basel I. Happy holidays like that yeah that's what they did bag with technology has advanced so much of this is. The best of the best and and they like and I'm curious thing you while you were always a big candidate just like I'm a big fan of the crow and a lot of people are you that the crow doesn't hold up and maybe it's because you are big and do you think it does hold up so I'm curious. Task colleague nationals who are fans the original ghost and shell whether you see it or not. And I'm and I just I'd arm I'm really afraid there is going to avoid the whole what makes a humane humane. Which is the big story telling of the horror and the CEO guy I knew you'd think they would be able to capture that and a movie. I know I really hope I used I mean there are other movies that have been done where they capture that well UV they better get that right if that is the core of that story and one of the great things about living in Seattle is that we have some amazing film houses and we've got this Enron here which does some amazing singer and now they're doing an entire anime. Week I think all the little bit over a week where they're playing a ton of different movies to Cowboy Bebop movie. I agree with a fireflies if you wanna cry I might just get all your eyeballs out and these are seeing. They're doing Akira and they're going at a couple different showings and also doing ghost in the shell. So I really I implore people to go see that movie. On the big screen if you live in the Pacific northwest area are have a theater nearby they can do that absolutely. At the very easily fund a C three or four couples that go there thinking you're seeing the other goes that's. Yeah it's I don't understand. Your odds the other moving all this is getting 62%. Well. I did tell us cardinals Michelle yes OK okay and then that means if you like the genre then it's even better now to the dark ages and I just yeah it began early in there really young there's one called Bosnia Abbas baby it's like Al Al ball well Alan Alda yeah maybe basically -- I'm a good and in cities yeah exactly and that's exactly what we know what is cookies are for closers error Steve Buscemi Jimmy Kimmel Toby Maguire unfortunately getting 34% think it really haven't heard that shrimp it's funny I I think you look stupid. Fear really I am I wasn't really like I knew desires and you know you are you are the kids animation moves specialists OBI I also I've well I got to see tons of kids movies you know me and I'm the same women like he has no desire. That's a bummer man because I I I I like the guy I like to glengarry Glen baby. You're right there because I you know I guess I think I just like the trailer and I really do I'm not really wanna run around see this is the facial animation like the way that that he's animated she should have acute voice does it is not enemies throughout Baldwin's I went pro bowler was not an illiterate firms. I don't I really good point and that's what throws me off each other yeah I know what that is excellent point as the goalie because I didn't know what was off about that but now the U mentioning you're right that the face does not match the match the voicing. I honestly think this was specifically made likely wanna make played in Oman is telling Baldwin you all his stuff and you know if your record money should check out the black coats daughter instead it is getting 70%. On Ron tomatoes tickets. I couldn't get to Carol must battle mysterious evil force when they get left behind at their boarding school lower winter break and a and it has that and the Roberts and it. I'm so she's really gonna choose sides. Listen this sounds like one of those movies it'll fly under the radar that are really good that people will probably see on demand but a lot of the horn is a story of horror films actually got another kind of horror type film called here alone at the young woman channels to survive on her own in the wake of mysterious epidemic. Then as decimated society enforcer deep into the unforgiving wilderness. Let's say that's a horror movie it sounds kind of post apocalyptic. Go must down lesser reaper like creatures and and did I don't know drama more science fiction policy it's given me everything all right. They're really good at everything and yes yep whenever that getting 2%. 67. Some horrible. I don't know it horror and then if you're the one quick more of the notes if it's playing your area some places might be doing now the fifteenth anniversary Donnie Darko Teemu. Eighteen years so gang why are passed yet. Bob well here's to see if you go and watch the movie takes a windy is somebody who is never seen it and in a lot some freak out. I'm sure comes in and I mean I don't even need to with that movie and just ask them what the movie's about I never know now and then have them look on the Internet to figure it out yet has basically what I had to do after watching it twice. And I didn't watch the weirder and worst director's cut. Yeah so good how are you right into and the director's cut did not do anything for me no. Is it the other so my save yourself people upset but there are people love. Like I do love that movie they're wireless whereby once I added explained to me I thought it was great. But I I had to look it up on line so the most times it is a movie like that you're not being I had worked for movie rental and sometimes you just love you just love a movie for whatever reason I'm that way about cloud Alice a lot of people hate that movie bundles and I had to look up online to get the flow chart. Bad. Because of everything it was MM movie but I really done what they were trying to do and I am now so IE everyone has their favorite movie directors whose annual watch something that people call crap because it's those guys would be like I absolutely think are very much Dickey with that it is now time for us to talk about located. Purdue and road runner Diane but we don't know not only did and then my son and I don't understand Ben so Ben Hogan's Heroes Lou the and she has not all transatlantic business. And. So I think I would start with they roundtable of what everybody liked about the movie I like did see anon thank you. I think he's seen witty guy I was used the person who should start this I feel is the person who way I think has the most bond with one of the younger characters on the show all over the Taliban's Qaeda I guess your old male made a guy I don't tell us battle and you get runs and he just hey now I think he's. Yeah I got an ex wife three tad you and everything at X-Men logos tattooed somewhere on me so. What. Use some of the things that she really enjoyed about this film. It will hit you in the field skiing dating is jockey finally get the blood and guts the deserve. I like that it wasn't overly sexual didn't need to there's one scene with duties student that was it it didn't and I just asked it's really really really quick you know when he when he's doing via limo driving in it was about as far as our effort got out her like her. They did keep me at the edge and I feel like okay we'll what's gonna happen where they gonna go and it kinda wanna see what where where the kids go in. I -- it had me just the entire movie there was a thing gets yes I'm going to sit there in my head I'm like that's not drank that's not from I mean I didn't yeah I had no idea I had to do when he's feeling call immunities and how. I hadn't even reduces it but that aside I very much enjoyed and I connect to tell link every single character even like the family they Wednesday less like I was in my life. There were there were two parts for that was an amazing scene gap I would I was expecting that not at all that was amazing did you do the collateral damage. That's done them by a sometimes people with their agendas Susan that Stanley C was you I mean the nicest people in the whole movie. Yeah and they were just decimated by the BS of government in there what they're trying to do him. And even you even Logan what he's trying to do. That was amazing one of one of my favorite scenes like once X 23 started directing the first suffered totally reminded me Vicky not just me as Jews speaking Spanish for CNN FS but it was also because lake Ferrell her. Reminding me a little bit have you Carol Vicky yeah yeah barrel Vicky and Ferrell X 43 or one of the same also are. This evening it's like when she walks out wit does the deeds had. Indian there my daughter love that seems to make women guys like no yeah no now I'll back or no wind sheet lay just lowers her face a little bit and just that look at her eyes I seen that look in Democrat or get my house and I know that look means so I was like 00 is Giddens is gonna get death tax. I had to give props to death and Daphne Keane who played X when he street and it's phenomenal job appealing not only playing like a hurts. Child but also being able to switch on that Leo fare on going to kill you yet no and I would just perfect that's how I imagined X 33. BJO some of the things that you enjoyed about this flick I I really really really love Stephen Merchant so once I recognized his voice is Taliban it was such a treat Stephen Merchant just so much fun. Loves Patrick Stewart's performance as. You know I don't make sure rue grit deal riddled. Our professor X we've seen him be the leader be the bomb be the guy below Grogan yes not like us to be broke again and to see his power Reno today to be a dangerous weapon. And then what Logan had to do to basically keep him now alive and safe try Yankee humanity safe love that story line. And everybody else giggle like crazy whenever he'd swear yeah yeah I guess is as easy to see here are just that does this salt between both the just Mia who not even really a jerk but just being very curt. And it's it's family meal lip yeah I don't know man talking do is is it really. Old sign it's got field you can see now. Yes and hi it's it's Scotty was CU is really so well done and I I love Hugh Jackman is performance as the aging Logan who. Still doesn't wanna be part of the world and yet has he does have a sense of responsibility. And honor and honor and an NN and he's just toward a conflict did and just once again on his boat get the hell out of there. Really loved really love the whole thing in of course Daphne was amazing how mama loves the love the antagonist Amanda guy with the Hana really here's your peers so I thought his character was fun to get here are the kids were greats. Gave what do you you know on and on every level. There was scene I know nothing about X 23. I know nothing about old man Logan I haven't read anything about either one of them so why would. In his new to this movie. I love that they needed like in this is a this is a serious movie. It it hit it to me is Academy Award nominated worthy I mean it's that good movie. And Tommy if it doesn't get nominated doesn't get considered. Is next year it's just because people can't get by the fact that it's a new movie death do us great performance is great writing great directing and like I said. The Phillies seem. And just what that meant I mean the power what happened and that's one of the most impact a powerful thing I saw like Vicki said. The end of the move me. Why as I did not expected I did not expect to people that I love very much to be like guess what it's over. And both done very very well. I I mean look at about this movie was like it was like eight Oscar winning a movie like any movie you could ever think that was a great Oscar winning movie that that's what this movie felt like an it was a movie don't like universe that I love. That's what I loved about it we took. We took an extended breaks I wanna make sure that you when those typically were able to be injured talk about it so I didn't even watch slogan Intel last night to allow all Lara yeah yeah a body so yes it was fresh generally that's why. How they. I dirty known about these spoiler of the fact date we were going to lose professor X and Wolverine but. The same point I kind of expect that way you never sat I didn't know I might just stay away from the units I know little about this what this when he hit me as is surprised that was kinda staying away from molester because I had some sort of inkling. I got means. They're all oh I'll and it pictures of like you don't it's and other things in there is text all around and then at the very bottom it says professor X and Logan dyes are right she felt sorry. I honestly I sign up for everyone else and I am very lucky but I see people like in common picture on related yeah I didn't ride what are the latest business and recycle my god I be still missing yeah I was a little disappointed on how does that one more thing like about a one because not a moody got to see this because if you're out of the country leg and I don't think Australia discuss currencies with the dead pool beginning was sent us. I had. George I didn't get to see that they did the pre screening our Internet our hair I've got to see him a little short I just was OK listen I mean it's definitely a great way when a great way to start to a movie and I was like take you. Thank you for that because I'm it was just a professor an episode but it's such a good mood to give the group which was a heavy movie and so I I really love the light hearted Newsom of you know dental going into it and boom. And Macy's was he dead pool to only. I am OK I am I know you guys about it that's my loved about the will be all that's a physical what are some. The things that you out I love it it it was like meant maxim that it was absolutely an apologetic that it was an action movie that was showing that we can be bad as an action piece yeah yeah yeah and that's what you have that was it was sort of forces rolled grade I but the plot is pretty hokey as were more details of the plot came out I was like. The big deal literally poisoning the water supply. Now literally UV boast OG obvious villain thing that any cost so Jeff can do is. Poison daughters what Nadal but but the performances were also spot on. Amp is especially of course we actually three can be away I was worried about. The pessimism yard yeah oh yeah and all all of my problems were that were immediately dispelled. Chris and having so let's. Okay all it. Isn't very steady since he was great but the fight scenes felt like it was something out of the comic book like the way they move in that area we are proud robe like that there are actually more panels are doing a dramatic way Akron actually you. When they were at the not Las Vegas Diaz that that that Peres in Oklahoma City FID. The mind bomb that he's Aybar had often is in its the slow going up overhead are the elevator get through that I didn't. All of the guys are just sitting duck there all of the rebirth of dislike stuck stating I'm currently hey hey I read it's just like. Flak that the war that is like Ali ever is just getting killed while there's still standing in there is stuck there waiting for him to do it because. He's only one that can really hang him next point really want to they can really deal with this at all. Was amazing yeah it was good and yes an apology we brutal I loved it they Chris little some things you out. Well first and foremost on your side of the way Daphne team knocked it out of the park actually three for me was really be just amazing jewel in this and I I just loved watching our something twice. Yeah I I loved it the first time so much and BJ says to me haven't seen yet we're gonna go this weekend Emmitt in. Absolutely please let me see it again. But this is the one thing that I IA they're really struck me about this movie and especially watching any of the second time I sort of realized why I had I had. I've I don't know if I've ever talk about stories from my dad so go into right now but let's just say that any time there's a strong. Father son situation. On the level of the so we had. He really really gets to me and they played it so well it was a very very incredibly well written. And it felt real and it was he was visceral to me every time they did did did Logan and doctorates would would do anything. You know they're not here felt Peres or the draft class and here are our. I just I this one I just wanna say you know I didn't measure on Lincoln and as young as John Bell John. But that that really really. Spoke to me and for me the movie was adamant at times less about. Logan and his daughter that it was about Logan and his had sort of adoptive father and that. That was where all the power in this movie was my two favorite things that happen in this whole movie. We're we're straight out of that number one when X 24 kills. Professor X. And Logan runs in the house and he sees. Actually for carrying X 23 out of the building. He doesn't go after him he runs straight upstairs to check in Charleston first thing he does and then when he sees what's going on. First words out of his mouth it wasn't me Charles it wasn't me yes oh my lord I just dead just grabbed me by an ardent is wrenched it. And then of course when Logan is standing over the grave and he's trying to say some words and you know a ED can't he Japanese completely jumped up that. I'm coming to you all the work of existing and current honestly but those two moments. Made that entire movie for me but we you know that aside it was super violent and awesome. He loved all the fighting and you're really really right about that antagonist played today hilt yeah absolutely as perfect pierce was so great. Like just like casual when you first meet him now like Annika I think one of the weird interesting things about this movie is that that the fact that they are. Like the world is knowledgeable about it. The mutants yeah like if there's comic books and they're dealing with all of these things so it's it's like oh these what are. Sort of pseudo celebrities and a lot of aspects I just took a lot of issue with that are really what does the the most fundamental important part of the explain what makes the expert at different than other superheroes what if this doesn't do this to me it's not an excellent book. They fight for a world hates and fears Sampson at the world hates and fears and they don't care they do this anyway the people love the avengers if people stop loving Tony Stark. If you give up on that and a half gallon right now I did go out these guys keep fighting against people who want to kill the earth for people who want to kill them. And then for next when it comes celebrity's is just it just feels disingenuous to me the whole music interesting boy shipped its I like that you bring that up because it leads us to our next part about this and wanna go around the room with DDD issues people had with his because. As much as people word were glowing with this is seeking even made mention to it. Yeah a little nit picky. Parts on all of those we wouldn't be geeks have waited nitpick pretty nice. Vicky what did you have issues with this a couple little ones and they were nit picky sit it was to the brewer like when they have been in made sense of the story and that as a fan I'm like Rudy typically what I have had you not understand her speaking Spanish keynote span initially according like I even had a look it up Pino the crap telling which is not a 131 years old right. He's he knows languages so he can speak English Japanese obviously Russian and Chinese. A change China and she and giant shy and Spanish Arabic and Lakota fluently but he tells Beagle and a Filipino tie the enemies German French. A time like he's been around the world so for her not understand Spanish kind of annoyed me he's finished thanks Xavier in Mexico. Yeah yields to a farm exco all the time you spoke these teeth team to drive the cat in Mexico late keep what I was beat I think I have a legitimate question because I mean it is using twice and emotionally removed due to weather a point where he actually didn't understand how he was saying that I don't speak Spanish he'll come Brenda. Yet his sales urgently BS like when Sega Sammy just started talking got him the night I didn't remember him saying that Yasser thousands and so that that guy. I agree with that and I do agree that I think that maybe you know a site. They did it for this they did it for their plot that's why they did it that way I get why they did in spite yeah I'd see you kind of go really. Anything they could just got away with all that just having heard. Like just be surprised if you can even speak anything because they did that yeah when she finally started to speak. And that would be fine if he understood Spanish as well it would do you get the whole point across the exact same way yet. Yeah I'm trying to get well the other little things it says that the that. Not good next time Treo as the re usually like actually you're referred to all those kids yap all that group issues though like alone. One place she is only playing three dashed when history like she is next when the X 23 smack panelist an annoying because they took away her special I think did you understand. It will linger in the comic she met for green issues about 6070 years old that's when she escaped and as a mother helped her escape. And and she ended up having like they made her tell her mother because they made this thing called trigger send. And whenever she smiled as she got the dessert her raging can control and has to kill whatever is that he's they've made to kill people she's cared about with the trigger cents a oak. You know she keeps they're angled to kill Wolverine. Because she believes he is the reason why she exist and they both must die. So I kind of wish they had like that moment where they kinda like she kind of hated informed she always you can tell she wanted him to be heard add. Know ideally and again. Eddie daddy it's like no you never really wanted him at first to be your dad and she kind of you can tell she wanted that. That connection from him from the start and I kind of Allah the one little thing I would. Okay and later in the comment she wore green does asking that I would like to adopt you. Officially ends up so Greg this big that we never really got to see the actual father daughter bonding kind of things like hey I know what she'd been through I'm sorry this happening you can Marlins like I'm denying that you're my kids to south that's my nitpick. All right then we'll get on that BJ beyond that are there things that you had issue list. Yes indeed the only thing I had issue with some really well Lance McCoy he really brought it up it was just. Things they did to advance the plot and really just made no sense and sometimes that that had to happen night you know the the whole Taliban thing to me I didn't understand what the hell he was even therefore I like the performance. You know it's just was it was just a weird thing I know he's there are ended up there how I EI GC it's it's a Wolverine Taliban and and Charles. And that Wolverine would leave him you know would that would they they basically elude to the fact that police Calvin thought he would be abandoned would be room for mambo because of the whole thing in. I was disturbed by that because it's like Wolverine. Is a loyal guy and the guy is taking care somebody loves the father figure. Yeah eyes so he couldn't tell a man being you know. I do like that it was even brought up that way I think Taliban and even brought up the fact that he should be he used to be none of the bad guys used to honey it was even you run us by. Zero rice brands CI guess I don't like yeah I guess he was a bad guy hunting down the mutants so let's let me it was a tracker. Yes Calvin is the trackers are you better look like who would track them down as what I mean for bad guys. I guess so yeah kind of I think it would for him at least tonight the latest sort of redemption taking care leagues AB I know I know. What I get what I just don't know why won't why they set it up that he would be dared to do it like how they all met and how this all came to be. I think it was just just so they can have a track or tracks it was like a plot think it was I don't yet. We need to be able to do we need mile chase them yeah so Taliban's going to be the guy that's taken you did that Dell will catch and yeah the whole idea you go do this instead of me and of course he's Speedo and these are cool what happens if I did car and they have their basically telling me he's gonna get caught because he's not able to do you know he's he's he can't defend or sours it and I and it's like boy yet you would have sent him I would have sent dummies and idiots if I mean how would send it would have crazy one armed guy. The end of the so you saw. The clunky way that they were advancing the plot. And and that's the only problem I had to do which is some clunky ways to advance the plot. Which I felt. You know and it was confusing. He did the way they told the story about who the hell X 24 was that was confusing yet X 24 I thought was I mean I I understand how they they've write about those kind of a passing moment in the video of that DD the nurse nurse mom. Had had sent it to Logan are made for Logan was the fact that they were I killing the children putting them to sleep because they had made a clone that they is solely as can be pushed forward is just told and I realized these were Cologne so these are all clones these kids are clones songs from separate I yardage and a nagging me I don't know I don't miss I miss that I knew that they were getting rid of the kids but I hole I meg totally miss that. There was a soulless clone like it was a quick thing went by quick yeah yeah and then later in the movie I see and I get because they wanted to go by quick so that we would think that really was Logan chilling into you know Charles. But again it was taught you how it was he was designed to move the clock forward so as much site would say I had a problem would it didn't hurt me in on loving is moving us to Cooley beyond the comic. Is there anything that you and I took umbrage with yeah it was well you know and it shows really that it will where it's truly power is excellent timing. That everything was an inconvenient for everything to happen Cali boy. That again what of that truck stopped responded so big they happened to run into our red double guides. Deal that horses who happens to be being placed by the evil water company who happened to also meet people who made extorting 38 at 24 who also happen to be people like governor of that exchange 45 years ago yeah I asked if it was just all like everything everything happened it so exactly the right time that was just it was it was a little too convenient. And in some people might have missed it but I really did like the fact that the added the way they've put out the mutant cure. Was through the corn sir in just normal food items was in the water supply I just I mean it sounds door to you when you put it that way but I still thought it was kind of a neat thing I mean I. I I totally understand why I think crappy plot point that they always do because like. Well there are I don't run at him because lab Ella Ethier hit. They over the course. The current you know I didn't didn't change my you know real reason he and and it's still it's got to be my favorite core part of Logan what's that he's will be asked. But this anti Catholic people complain about he's a motivation beyond a bunch of X teams elaborately best I've never thought that Jimmy's like bat man who says he's alone are always. Acts like he's got the screw up big but he needs people he holds on to him and he's never alone if you ask fiercely loyal. Yes it's a good real a real good play that went yeah Chris. Not a daunting a policy wildcard I think I mean I hear racking my brain as I thought I know I know I loved it got good OR got 10. The way all the kids team up on pierce at the very very end death I thought that was little hokey and and heavy handed. I'd sit the II like the fact that it was it was that that coming together is kinda like here is Steve says the new mutants. Me and which leads me to my favorite cameo really was Rick richter yeah Eric geriatrics or see him better and they need him win it when they mention his name I I got total tingles because eleven new immune to eleven X force I mean causes led by cable act is so it was like just these icons like. All of this is gonna be great and they never showed any of his you know his powers until that last little moment frankly did at Indy in any in the beginning zero blocks in here all that was LK yeah you're right you're right that makes sense now okay the I just I just loved having it in just having that little tidbit there and I loved so much some of the other. Little kind of sign that things that we're going on with this. My wife it doesn't know anything are really about the X-Men Wolverine and we went to OC Logan. And she was really confused as to you YA. Logan was dying. And so I kinda had to explain to her he didn't mention it yeah aided by a kind of went over her head that the fact that she didn't she doesn't it it's its soul I wanna say it's so bad but she just wasn't in that world so she wasn't really familiar with his healing factor. More than just what it shows on there and affected his Skelton is at a man tie our enemy and Internet and that that's a particular kind of medal is different than just a regular looking metal yeah and the fact that what is he like dual reason why yes as do is get Healy factor. I I guess that's the issue that there it is ultimately the reason why is unique factor was slowly was not because he always has at a mansion that is the healing factor yes it is because he's decided. Did not want it anymore it was good to be was at mammoth dollar BS of what you lost the will to live without that isn't seeger was dying but it bothered me that extreme we didn't bring it back for him. I agree with that. I don't I don't suppose not to care what operating Xavier dye eggs can't Eddie or or announced it I've seen and oh yeah I get older in the comics he's his healing factor does really slowdown and that's. I can totally see that I Nancy and poisoning him after a couple of years but that hey you can't believe in me because I'm laying. And then once he does slowdown I don't think it was a lost a will penal lost will deliver -- I I honestly just think I got tangled good 130 that was the intention of the you're waiting for me and die violently Xavier like a win for Venus guy it's like you're only holding on because you have a whole lot for me yeah I think a little bit I think a little bit that was part of the case but he was a mean he was still getting shaky was still it's still not the guy he was. He was coughing up the blood and he was definitely not able to dual lots were ejected and self inflict those couple I love that idea not that that I that okay the enemy and TM is now killing him because his generation powers are not as top notch as they were. As he's getting older. The old. I will say it was for goalies line if feels like he did all look. All the he should have been much more decrepit to be that close to death if his generation powers were failing an 850 years yeah I he would he say he'd have to look a lot worse than he did but I guess for the movie. There are just like what you're supposed to believe that he's old enough that he's dying and I yeah just his body didn't match how close to death he should have Milledge did not. I thought hey I yeah I I agree the only time really it really felt like that was after he took the serum. Anyway is is everything was going away after he had on powered company dole differ a little bit India kind of went down he was. Hoover pale and you knew that it was at the end he knew what was going to be happening. Out stepped a couple. I'm bothered a lot of times they're. But come by and large I really really enjoyed it. And that I think at this point we should just got to get downing go with how we felt about it out of a scale of one to ten money given in May. I I really enjoyed it and I thought to be a lot of fun there's some plot points are a little confusing at that end but still a very solid movie Vicky Nanette attend school nine out of ten DJ yeah I'm gonna do the same thing because of the fact that I think it's Oscar worthy and then therefore I think it deserves a nine nice as the goalie with a lot in ten. Nice ending. This September dead baby did and doing well again you know I know young actor yes in way better than you know I I'll see you represent and Iran's made us certified fresh wow no. It's a 100% delivers a 108% after you can't do underneath that is an instant impossible. All right guys let us know how you feel about that you have to just go ahead and contact us. BJ Geeknews did you know about cover all your geeky knees until next time as seminary. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. 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