BJGN04-03-17 - TV & Board Games

Tuesday, April 4th

The gang talks TV with the CW DC universe, Legion, The Expanse, & Into the Badlands; Chris and BJ talk board games with Mint Works & Universal Rule; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. Welcome yes welcome to media she's geek nation I AM the reverend en Fuego. Across from me is Vicky Barcelona says we've got Chris walker missed a walk like they flat. How can tolerate then I'm good this show namesake Vijay Jay. Yeah I'm here to read there it's Nicole Lee joins us hello and running the board this. It's Roddick G steel embargoed for pat pat pat I. On today's show we will talk TV we will talk more games then we will get big geek she would make TV. Who vowed Alberto. They get a hold of us here are website it's just BJP nation dot com. He can also listen to us on Amazon echo just FY I just say Alexa plaguing nation and tune in and you have a there as well. He get like a front face the petitioner BG she's keep nation. Some of the text to make an excuse me follows on tour minister Graham taste yeah. He's moving perhaps to steer hash. As BJ keep agents. Let me transferring them well technically get to talk another great tires aren't what's the text. One Amy 02243353. For text and voicemail. Or email IP Diggnation at and watch a video that YouTube dot com slash BJD nation. Gross yes and data before we get to an email. We do have to make a note that. Tomorrow is. I saw marker on the same voter an entire hotel people like yeah I thought for sure Laura that this country was safe again. But apparently be aware not as safe for as great as we saw we were all because of what's happening tomorrow that's right we are re inflicting. Brandon Giroux on the world that's. I don't think I. It's. Okay. Yeah I mean I don't Williams and I know we're gonna. Yeah I don't I don't well business is doing great thanks guys who play is. Our drama. What's so what is the name of your guys his pod can eyes this is this is the inaugural episode of that eighties podcast he had an accident we talk about and this dodger and particularly nursery. In the eighties says Leo and everything upon as it is right now you're stranger things losing. Good data I don't put my foot and the president I guess crowded depth what do we know onion in Nigeria knows that seventies and diarrhea well I know and I showed it last longer and I did you review this and hopefully last longer you're mistrust the episode last. So guys you know I was just I felt I felt like we had a big guide to Z shaped hole in our show for a final and regularly. And in my in my age mild OCD was having trouble leaving that alone. That started with a mortgage alliance have and dad do that every out every other we have and so now to fill that hole as well you've cut you know we got it specialty programming for shell game what I don't understand is why sprain against her telling as what he knows about the eighties in five minutes them about the rest of like that I talk. Goodman okay how I got I got out of the slack up. We did get an email like I mentioned this came from Trevor who said hey geek nation just want to show some love and appreciation for all you do. Oh wow thank you. Security isn't as if anybody has checked out the show colony on USA. The actors that played Lori Grimes is one of the main characters who the second season is about to wrap up this week. And it's about a worldwide alien invasion but focuses on LA mostly they put it wall around each major city where the population is the heaviest these aliens which are called wraps. Employs some not like my RA PS not like not like Sierra hasn't reared up again under fire ushered yeah. I rather be domain wraps name is Runnels. I so I think you're gonna use it today employs some of the humans to help keep the rest of the Paul the population under control. The story is solid and the acting is as well. I hope some of you if not all checked it out if you haven't already. Thanks for all you do don't know what I'd do without the castle thank you very much Trevor and he also mentions that the first season is available on Netflix. So if you wanna go and binge that. There's a jets it. There was a top ten list of the shows you should be watching in the world of scifi that you're not they're better than you think they are. And colony was in there. And say you know it's. It it really is a time issue for me since I am watching so much but it is on my it's on my radar to binge. Because I'm in the middle of trying to get that done a dark matter once again Donna DO way. On Netflix cousin cause their know the prodigy Tommy Lee he was Dino he was a fan of dark matter I feel that I had watched a whole lot of but colony is definitely up there he's not the only one terms of always saying good things about that show just feel one episode Arianna Leo way. God he's been so long Vicky I'm trying to figure where the heck I am they've all. Need to do to. That the do the do really with the hair is came back to life. Hey dad guess that's where I am on the LA also I'm not dumb with glitch yet and I wanna continue that. Did you get sick again and just let me ask. I don't I exactly I am I against iron fist and you know a quick aside I wish I did another show. Moon. Yeah I mean I I I hate to say it I mean I it's not that I hated iron fist it's just a while. Are there other shows I would rather watch over that but I mean obviously we had to do the I'm present. So yes call audio. It's Sawyer airs its Laurie of course I'm always lawyers from lobbyists are often Gloria they're both the guys and why when you watch it. And it's intriguing data humans is another show that actually people said it. Isn't a bad show unfortunately everyone talks west world that's what I was thinking of Els looked at people says humans is a good show as well so at some point I gotta find time to get him in the schedule stuff. Hi I know of mr. robots going to be coming back sound. And or from last in the back and Jones doctor who's about to start got thrown in the summer I did see it like June 10 game turns July 16 did you just time it really really is if I only had this show not the main regular show that I have. I would believe these all inaudible is my day job I have other summer had a group may do we can figures have enough time yeah but I think that is something has to give like colony I've heard good things how amazing is that I remember. I mean we talked about X-Men on the last episode. I remember just trying to get my geek fix what watching Saturday morning cartoons these seem like thirteen episodes of the X-Men cartoon just hoping there would be a new ones that one I remember those days remember that you never had enough good stuff to watch I remember those days. That's not the case now you must know organizes like you the he did you write read I wonder you don't young geeks like that now people who are fifteen. People who are you know fifteen years old. They may not remember a world where they couldn't get enough now you know I mean I've added it is I guerra and I think they they won't know what that's like not to be able to get enough for the genre that you love. And meat man and I go back to the sixties where I mean you just could hardly get anything yet and it was you know what the prevalence of borrowed all our technology used to DVR is an asset. It's it's not if you lay if you miss you miss it forever because I mean just like with this the first season a colleague moments on Netflix. It's a category I had to I miss I missed an episode my father punished me nine missed the last episode ever lost in space live my hopes alive who doesn't like did something in my father punishing women who watches that was devastating because I had to wait until the summer. Hoping again wave that rewriting come around again that was like seems very Macedo wave. Hoping that I needed to do it and only one TV in the house. I mean that's that was my world is a scifi lover lead off man that's right just now you get it when everyone like you said man it's unbelievable the reruns -- because that day. Metal man what we're talking TV let's talk a little TV. I think we should start with DS player wrote universe. I got to leave of that old time I am I am waving I got aero and I just wrapped up the music Meister episode crossover with super rely on flash. I will tell you this McCauley. It happens I gave up on super girl. Are I don't know I I was gone I was gone my seminar program knows nine days ago watching television I I am so backed up and I just look at myself and said. You know I wanna catch up by aero off I wanna catch a bunch flash Izod. Yeah I die I really don't wanna catch up on super girl though I love her and buried together. Hi I I would be you know to me I would pay him wash says show they're so good together super girl and flashed. They're really really are you and you had a good run a repressed hello yeah. I had a and out and my main complaint at my main complaint is. The most all of the writing and story and drama really isn't just in my neighborhood like it doesn't relate to me I think he has to get so repetitive super audio was a lawyer for sale to go because you're the last bastion to defend I don't know luck I yeah I still love the show but I says it's just leave the drama stuff is getting the real and we don't splash even with slash and Izzy would arrow is I'm tired of people not being able to figure out their relationships. I'm tired of it very same diary is OK I can't. Would you judge pointed out gunning very over this and then an episode later I'm not gonna marry you. Iris which encourages that was also the perks that he's my straps on Seattle went to bed cyber girl Mona fine I was so I was Harris out I realize that we got tonight all thank god it was. Would that said I did like you know flash flash land I thought that was a great episode of the music miser of little La La land flashlights when you didn't. Anyway so that's why can't I don't wanna know what happened the latest episode. But I shall return to talking and I reserve will give our Saturday and Arabs the goalie how I actually take over a media is Mike over there's there are a little bad little easier listen India there on that one so. How is it free besides you know the superhero we title below that is as good I mean it's not they say it's. I the jobless invented the plots to take it back up or I Siri towards may sweeps right services got to get a little more focused drew out a day after all the was sort of just also Richard used a new big billions in net that this character's been around Austin and Mon else. In the most recent episode his parents who have showed up and put a bounty on super girls tags they're really don't like her error alone and and so old that his mother who was the woman who played lowest most Clark. Tom and Harry and god the father is Hercules. I cannot tell us so she killed him. But as debt that's owed hundreds and and and and momma momma Mon el is is out for blood of course the big problem because barely earth has a hole. Peace peace treaty with them not allowed to be a war with them but super girl sort of waged war net present with a Carter's tasted martian man unearned but on the fact that jobs and address the last episode that I just cannot imagine the giddiness with which he directed Lynda Carter Garang the action plays the alien president of the United States and he wrote pretty Axl Rose three sorry. If flash was target Fred David assaulted and I think is try to be an every did you show or do you keep the ever did. Russian guy and and man it's okay yeah I just got killed by the Joker in Gaza though he got killed by the Joker in the dark narrates this. Thought I played I played future magician abracadabra and now the most recent flash episode fallout now where he's he's he's actually a magician but really it's it's much of fifty future tech had a flair for the dramatic who believe it was a fun episode it sort of seemed like it was good to tell us stuff but it didn't it was just. A fun episode on. On stun arrow we we finally so a little bit of victory this for beat these guys is good crushing crushing crushing all over at a the last episode he brainwashed Oliver to really like want to disband the his team and his team was basin like yes that word we're fighting for anyway and have some great deal Ali moments. And then all he hired his old mafia buddies to. Try to kill. His enemy units and it worked but it outed him so Macromedia is is identity is now public. And aero finally has a leg up but the highlight of the week was actually legends of tomorrow. They're penultimate episode well as I was last Thursday. So little though that the finale is this week and days. They hit that did legion of doom three road reality so it was a parallel or seeing called doomed world. And it even had that there was there was more than a good week for it all year. The big aerial shot of the big lesion of do head yeah I mean your. How deep you know I don't. And finally had bitterly to a dirt that's really interesting wise up out of the water. And yeah yeah. It's it's funny we got an email. From. Were Ricky. Who is who said that he loved the the legion of do you study said basically every time that they would show the exterior shot of the hall do you music meanwhile I. I'm a baby also noted that he thinks that legend has finally embrace what it means to be a comic book show which isn't something substantially would you agree with absolutely I think that you know leads it's the kind of they were if this were comic would have to be episodic and that's what they've they've done really well wherever episode is is is pure escapism let's go to this then let's I know these people at the earth there's a world are what episode of the met Gerald Cokie. And so you know OK so what difference. Our destinies are talking about how there's one thing that they could find that will be super powerful Jada reality it is all these seeds are dropping from where we seen received told ABC George Lucas why we're seeing all its. This is a lot of defense service kid are there. This seems like almost like a bill and Ted sort of thing going I. It's it's it's totally Billiton was don't push to get us. I had a really good but it comets and edit the finale is gone up next words on the seventeen of the season. And so we are very exciting we're gonna see who dies and who on Di's son picket that as you do it and I got to play of Joe's who's totally happen but yeah I know that was that was kind of how the week but the real I'd leak was of course Lou. Region because region is just yet let's get let's give me Jacqueline series let's talk about it. And. By the way I did Andrea everything I could to not watch build the new one. The final final episode how that we're entities that has we'll talk about this it's I think that's so I would nationally spill the beans with you guys to your welcome to our mandate we just leave leave forgotten. To keep up with legion yeah and there's so many yes so much at the sued for I think we're watching is here. Or Larry it out man I had no no don't worry about spoilers aren't what do you mean it was really hard lesson not to spoil eggs they saw as her those who don't remember. I didn't watch gives you guys talked about actually skip that one and watch the new one thing I talked about today I announced today on all of them. All right welcome back mediate now or anybody doing great so we're just. Talking about the fact that I'm not talking about the finale. It does mean that they're just happy well yeah out of tonight Allegiant just happened last week and frankly I I have yet to watch it isn't so backed up. But we I think we wait a little longer. Do miss the last episode of the season. But we I think in general we can talk about the show Jack and especially chapter six where David Fleming breaks out. Lou. Yeah so it's a beautiful episode the I'm I'm really loving the show I love the way they handled the show is don't deserve that but what's that Baghdad. Guess now is it that says so chuck you got to catch up December I had demand your right chapter seven. And I'm looking at right primary says chapter seven look at some rest and I'd want to call chapter six 'cause I just say I'm special boy could chill yeah chapters seven. He's just general. This is a great take on somebody with mental powers and the I again I don't know much about the Colombo lesion and all but the idea of a mental parasite and this whole situation. Is fascinating and. And I just I just love to Jermaine comment. Who's playing offer is just tremendous. As the sixty's hit stern just given him like doing the music scene out so. I'm going back on episode for so I've just. You don't you don't know yeah I don't know is going on the Doerr about that I forget the toilet absolutely I I've just been introduced to his character and academic when he just as just start playing the jazz music is just yes yeah yeah it's so great here and he really is so great Aubrey plaza is so green and released him lover before and like where you're at you're going to love her anymore episode course however she's grumpy cat he. He's the guy any movement and I guess she says she stretching her acting legs more so than just we know her from from parks and rec room. I eagle but she's sexy and she's crazy like a show them a lot going on. Lot going on yeah is that there would take too much like this every episode has he's amazing like you know artistic sequence is that a yeah this episode tops. All the other ones with the chalkboard scene yeah so honest so advice you guys happen to catch a little flash. Death. And god someone's low wheelchair no no I didn't see that since she I didn't notice it when now. When. They clauses character Lenny is talking to the sister Amy yes he's like tell me everything you remember from that day when Dino he was brought home. I'm well aren't you see a very recognizable wheeled I'm sorry I mean I that went right by me I don't think I noticed that god damn can also and they know they got the revealer you heard it here third first. It was shadow king at the all time now you have married and which I hope he will offer these things that he hates exit the year Tinto and on the gas usually storm to then play him but at least in his is a really good call. It sort of just like with Heidi and exit of all time it just lifts its so creepy now like he's such a crudely diminish rules spell yeah just always has long had they did a good job remember him the silent film sequence foul man yes show he wants me easy you know so great. This show. Every episode feels like a movie yeah does the production values the acting chops we we talked about this every time we talk about the show are just outstanding I love the amount of effort that FX is putting in for this and letting them just. How so much fun with this show. It was as quick aside Assad be that he's really into the Q please legion David here he believes that the yeah obesity so spoilers at the end of the beasts course gets on Dunbar my daughter so we don't go so I have to ask David's face that I started and oh god no settled it was polygamous felt O. And it's. I have no doubt this guy David guys you know Dan Stevens man this guy this guy is I love what he's done this season. And he's rich really been understated for me because he's played it. A the crazy guy and the unstable guy which is kind of one pitch sort of way to play it until this very end where. He's she's kind of played in previous episodes he had to play the shadow in the shadow looking that overtook him yes there were a few moments where he has played the shadow looking in his body yeah and that and that's that that's come out more more as the episodes yet pressed. I'm anxious to. Pass up so yeah and that's what I love about Dan Stevens is we're get to see his chops because at the beginning he he just had to be this sort of you will two dimensional crazy guy. Who had who's sort of was confused Kyoto style about what the hell's happening. I but it's nice to see that okay more more him is coming out as far as an actor which have which makes me think we're gonna see some really fun stuff from Dan Stevens I think in the future and a lot of the calls. Love this series this series is so well done like he says are going on so many different levels nothing like there's nothing else like this he and and I hope that hey you know. That that FX. Is this true but frankly this feels like an AMC show it feels like it should be on AM see where they would give the patients to an artsy type of a show. I hope it dead FX gets rewarded and that they feel like with preacher because you saw preacher is going back for season too bad this will get a season to. It looks and I am DB they these it and there's like three more episodes. Yet another person likes proceed into the a three episodes they had confirmed for season 20 I know all wants it to be ten episodes but that much has to be negotiated with no gap will get a second season at least it up so. Happy about that I love all the characters I mean you know that they believe the that a brother sister if you will handled the lot of melts are just raids yes and I love do you know her radio heaven to be on her own. That it is it's I'm I'm just does not as drilling I mean. Benjamin comment meant a watching oh yeah I just I don't know he has just love Jermaine. Let's talk a little board game talk Vijay why should we do that photo any stance is called OK go there's rarely ever really talked expanse also into the badlands season two is really fun nick frost is a good friend of ours. You know good good good work acquaintance that we've had on our main show. He's really got I was worried about nick frost being edited and the funny sidekick kind of a guy and I as he and Sonny you're trying to get the hell back to the badlands. You've seen this kind of pairing before and nick frost knocks out of the park nick frost is cool it. Hi this might be I have to say the best I've seen nick frost easy down his acting shocks have really gotten bad as the week we've known him. I mean ever since based in new and you know and he has gotten better and better and better and boy. I love him and this is site. It's like man I Whitey he's on the level of I think is it mark Getty who I think you've played out harass the MP got a market at either way he can be the comical heavyset guy in nick frost I think he matches him beat for beat and I think mark Geddes really good at bats that's how good nick frost is while he and an into the badlands in my god it is so good. It is this today I love this show so much in that's why. Iron fist with such a letdown for me to death because a martial arts show like into the badlands is so well done on the level of how well they are doing legion I mean the choreography the did the settings the beautiful work that they do. Often the acting everything com. Gotta love into the badlands so fast I have time for colony to sodomy because this is shows late in the balance ago and I learned martial arts guys. I really am not but this world they've created is so good nine yes let's I just wanted to get that matches of course expense is still rock and house effort yet and now we know we Knoll. We're gonna get to see and I haven't seen the latest episode is transported we're gonna get to see some sort of jacked up version of Thomas genius because we thought he was Sean. But now there is proof that something's happening and I was in yes. I mean that's anywhere and I see snow some jacked up punish sure new alien version of Thomas Jane and I just can't wait to see proof uninsured CMA that's being brought up putters and that's the guy I had offers an act of moving into the world of four gain us this is something really exciting because I've played this game with you guys man I think you'd be really excited to hear that there is now an expansion announced for skies. We're so I decided horse guys if you wanna talk about if you wanna talk to somebody while playing sky okay you can always I sky don't need to do well I'm standing on a series Jackson's sorrow that. I this was called. The expansion will add two new modules that can be played together or separately at any player count with either of the base game or with one of the other expansions. This one is going to add air ships for new low to me one miniature per factions sixteen tiles. An airship is a new type of unit that is distinctly different from characters mex and workers. Unlike those units air ships never controlled territories. Air ships are moved via a move action and rivers and lakes do not constrain their movement. Oh my legs are flying that's cool because sometimes you want to transport a lot of things including your goods including some of a year or your farmers and resolutely worker farm my guys. As so that and if you could transport troops or transfer your me and I forget we call the main guy WM you'll do me a clear clear again and values Zach can be helpful. And then each airship will have to randomly combined abilities same for all the players saw. Him and then they're adding resolutions. These are eight tiles the resolution module changes the way the game. And all slow need you. Play with this module ignored the standard and gave triggers when a player places their sixth star everything stops in the game and that's how usually go instead he resolution tile for the current game will determine women how the game and all I like fast is not so add some replay abilities and different factors have with fat and get ready to sing you play this game halfway there yet you gotta do is play with us I thought so I took it escalated to with a bear. Yeah we're the last great I love sites dawn Meyer games man you know those guys and of course our buddy Josh from the board game alliance. You know Josh never gets these he never gets that the see these stories first Virginia Gary he and I and it is beautiful the metal core rains. You know amazingly in the amazing resource is you have like barrels of boil all. And bales of food. It just makes playing that game so much more so much fun push Debbie you have the gigantic board that he got kicked so you can open overplayed on a big table and the faith up you know what area controlled games they have such a big table and Millen and your. And the MMX in the minis are really good looking. All unique all different. I love the game because the mechanics are really cool Syria control what has elements of term is to go with the way they've. You get more abilities by removing pieces off the board would reveal even better abilities what you put pieces on the board yeah better. Different ways you guys can move. Every every faction has their own unique ability. I like to fight mechanic in the game we'd really fighting is not a big part of game but it does it's a little bit on it even and the mechanics a unique way to do it. It's cowboy like about. Cry Havoc because they have a cool fight I don't ask I look different by the guys that don't involve rolling dice. Yeah I absolutely and this this game has a really fun you know flight mechanic depending upon what's happening in you know still mired games you've got to do like nine different things just to accomplish something. I had and the fury in and that's what I love about their man you know it's likely I love games and make you jump through multiple hoops just to pass going collected 200. What are some really gives the you could have been playing well you know. Do we we out weeks. I take a week we will introduce a couple pocket games on its funny our buddy Sean kicked one I kick this other one. And Chris I guess a personal talk about is on min to works Ali act which she reminds us of our our buddies think twelve Sean scheme called Tyson crowds because Dyson crowns. It fits in basically Al towards mid bonds yes. And that's what Sean wanted this company hired here thought we'd do our kick starter man five Tony for a labs. We're gonna actually make it fit into amid box and it's actually going to be mid related delve networks and it works yeah and Chris you why you wanna give people little little little love what they game's about. Oh yes so this is this is a basically a work replacement game and and resource collecting in order to win net win the final points and day you're building buildings. That string off of each other to give you more and more victory points depending on how you I tie things up and the different buildings that you have might also give you extra resources. Which equals more workers which equals more buildings and it just SARS. Really ramping up towards the end and you play you set step preset score limit first person does that the game ends and everybody yeah many councils and up but. I love worker placement in this. Has that you know really satisfying and simple. Way you know continue workers are immense social and I don't mean literally tolerant shaped token he added yeah if you happen to lose one or something out you could just break out and out towards tennis or play with ghosts I swear that I deserve exactly it was safe havens I think it's. I'm seeing your pre order a mere works out for just twelve bucks have fun again games so you if you go to BGG. They'll tell you that the one drawback that I heard about this game. Hear from Sean. That people complain is that it has a washed out color scheme it's like very light pastels but again I think they're in their idea was let's make an immunity looking situation that they're tying it all together and that's that's the color is out of ten minutes and people didn't like that I think it's the same problem of people have with the game that you can use to recall rocket built rocket there was a very yeah washed out color Pallet I think by design kit and I think despite design goal with what they want you to feel you know hey ads immediately like complaining about. To Keitel going assist to Hawaii so I mean I like on my game's dark and black color with. As I know this is the scene this is it was about Tom knew it works is great because if you like worker placement and you don't have a lot of remove your game bag. You just pull this whole thing out and it's such a big game and a little Tim Kelly and it plays quickly the learning curve is quick and yet you're like oh this sort replacement this is fun I'm really dig in this. It I was amazed. I mean the city Shaughnessy it's astonishing to kick this can get a pass math. I gave John Money was invited that I think is is it good for you can get it and I argue some time I'll never see that you I'm not a but again yes Sosa 524 labs CB you can pre order meant works. I think you'll be very happy because you. You know how it is you're at the Kanye waiver something you got maybe ten to 1520 minutes of play game yes I love that you can play a worker plays a game. In Panama time with them Amare space which is why yeah. This next game is going to be amazing talk about I imagine if you will at all. Playing twilight and period important good tennis I love it or Star Trek ascendancy OK all those four X time but you could type of games you get to explore. And exterminated exploit an expanded text or all of those games imagine you can play that's in twenty minutes and imagine all you needed. And some way to keep track of money that is it's. And that is a game called universal rule and when I saw this game on kick starter I said all right why it. And they call it we would play at a place called the pocket universe which is great because the game really is just like a little all plastic container where you put cards and it. And you flip it over us and always point Kerr got coin purse I am I. I don't like a business card holder and I think this fits in your pocket and they say deep in the pocket universe the balance of power shifting. Seventeen newly discovered planets are being colonized and tapper crucial resources are shifting alliances and stacks of galactic credits influence battles for control. Can you claim universal rule in this four X one game from button shy. And a lot of folks are nobody's shot that's their thing they make. Tiny wall it kind sides are games. This is actually a four X game you get to explore you get to expand how you get to fights and you get to based league remind your resources. We were really surprised. Gasp at how we realize there is some complexity and strategy any game that is Wiki easy to learn and has very little moving parts. It's the cards and then something for you to keep track of how much money you have death. That I mean that is it I mean you know you can use token you can use coins you can write in this piece of paper if you want and you're saying it's a four X game the last when he missed he can just. Plagued plunked down in your eye and it actually has a four X field and you want to play again you like. OK I think I brought this strategy has always first play we realized. Oh well we were play has got on a certain way and now we realize OK it is a different strategy here. Oh well I think I I at least they speak for myself I went into it within expectations and now this is an eighteen card game they say it's for expense that can be so wasn't really paying that much attention to a lot of the strategy. But then once we took a few rounds and and things were happening is like. Oh wait a second it. This is legit four X gained and it has a lot of mechanics from other four X games that we played. Kind of folded in together and then re imagined to make it this simple quick. But amazingly satisfying game and and I I just I couldn't believe a blown away. I absolutely want to turn around play this again one more time once we were finished with a but we had to move onto other things but. Yeah that. Guys a yet universal ruled that I cannot recommend this game how you have an absolute scratch is that four XH but it is quick if you don't have to set aside your whole weekend just blame it. And you know what. Super horrible Sosa got autograph and three to five players which is nice because a lot of times you've got five players. You have. I mean that's that's does nothing ever really any SO remedy against any four player game is the fact that you have five players. And you go awhile whenever networks is by the way one to four players you can play and actually away for your players Els and doors. I universal rules not out yet but I as far as I can tell Purcell. But it is by button shy games. And so you can probably get was them saying anyway and get this. It's again if you aren't a lot of game Spacey just killing time while you wait to play the next big game or whatever and a Conor whatever this is such a fun game. You've got to learn that you've got the work replacement game cover with the networks now you've got universal rule covered and of course you've got the dice are rolling and find stuff with Dyson Krause yeah I forgot I did bring those three games. Pocket wise and go you know why this this is gonna I mean this is great I mean it we're gonna have a lot of fun with a different genres of games covered. Without spending a lot of time or taking up a lot of games space ISI give a lot of I give a lot of love to universal rule and networks I. I do yeah absolutely I think you so much guys now it is time to get to whom it's cheap sheet Swiss TV show up for a speaking island lots and lots of them. About all right so just be where this can be most stories out and they're all gonna dined together pool. I first one for those who don't know there is talk that there is going to be black cat silver sable movie in the works as much and leave and then moving all going to need a nice Sony. So phenomenon Marmol. Black cats are very interesting characters in series she's got the bad luck superpower right. I mean if I'm if I'm remembering the right person of black cat she's a Spider-Man issues and Spiderman pretty much what we agreed to discern yes sir supposedly she has the ability to give you bad luck. If I remember her correctly. Always Felicia hardy as Jonas. Yeah hardy play exclusively out of bed I remember that I think that she has this aura of bad luck energy around everybody if I remember. Because you don't black cat crossing your past. And I knew that I don't know Indy ended the movie comes so look look based heroes like it's a really demanding for film actually is yeah I do that just probability manipulation in Kansas did you know. Yeah since seeking yet changed the way things aren't there about black and that's cool yeah that's how did you think about it but I really just thought she was she like heptathlon advisories for your Calcavecchia I had no right. But says there is. Rumor on who is going to be directing them Havana movie. And to director named Addie Shankar which she hasn't actually done any movies can but he's done some work with. Producing you know the Power Rangers sure with with jeans and her being all. And I thought he also did the punish her dirty laundry can all that was and yes so yeah really Leahy's produce some sub non direct July. And so I think he's up also produced dread the grave lone survivor. So we'll see if such sure and what he could bring to the table he doesn't like a god he rocker look so it's. Hard to think that he could may get worse tomorrow venom was fortunate young girl knowing there's no way haven't we sent that about the event doesn't formally no I had no oil there we haven't we did actually Josh transaction their worst on the Coleman's its act yet it is the worst fantastic four movie. It is the worst that's not it might even be the worst movie ever fresh cool I feel like it's hard to say hi I am I know the only part that Laviolette was the last five minutes of the fantastic for me all I see the last three minutes yeah like yeah really was what maybe the last one minute without got together and seem like all of this holiday or the fantastic four the yet. Hell yeah yeah that was the only part of movie highlights a 'cause like. Am why didn't like this. And I tell moving onto doesn't cool news there's still we don't have any confirmation on who cable's going to be eat. Up until now there was talks on eighteen you know Brad pain and it actually I don't I sit ins. They did say however we had a great meeting with Brad it was he was incredibly interested in this properly property things did not work outside I know he is a fan and we love who they think she would make an amazing guy able ruined my world war Z don't ruin I don't know like there's some comments are is that a problem yet he he I agree with Nicole Lee way he wasn't the problem if there is constant card that came out just like ten. I you all here and let's just even the robotic hand ending at the end of that but apparently I am television mansion underneath and it never really know print precedent for you being into robotics if nothing. Manningham can pick or any age there is there was talk about Michael Shannon you know gap on my house and a guy doesn't want him I still say rob Garland I say on romantically signed Michael Shannon it's interesting because he plays the brooding that doesn't say a whole lot kinda guy. And and I and even it as odd I still don't think that's his best work and I don't blame him for that either I think I'm much better cable analysts here I mean just to see how Michael Shannon would step it up a little bit to be a little bit more animated if you well. And and director David like said he you know I think Michael Shannon Manning speaks for itself he's an incredible actor and Carolina accomplish anything. Yeah I'm passionate about him as an actor and a Q would make it incredible cable and if that happens I would be through the roof. That they get to work with another incredible actor I can't say that's going to happen because we're looking the list is what the list is but yeah I have nothing but great things to say about him and a huge. Huge fan yeah established and got my shamrock prominent route like those those are two people who aren't like stir typically you don't look handsome yes yes I -- cable cable should have a face that looks old stuff Stephen laying there is my my I gave my pin especially after I just seeing re watching some of his scenes in avatar. Guy he plays a good military. On brute. And so while cable does have a lot of intelligence had the bases a big I mean easily ninety's comic book. Cares knows you know stay at Christina she's she's very lean. And when I think cable I think of just yet exactly the ninety's comic book just Beagle block get the latest how is just put couches on his hustle and bagels shoulder pads you're fine but that's I think from from a man yeah. As when a hug them and so that I know he'd be like get off I mean I'd be so happy but I'm nervous Thursday I was a big big news. There's going to be back girl movie it. Standalone backer removal that's interest thing Penn Josh Sweden's going to directed Mo that's even more interest and well all the information that I have as of now but standalone so this is Greg I try not to happen German terrorist suspects. That's what I got I mean multiple stories lab and I cut and you're a bunch of runs that's just what it's saying is gonna happen and I mean again and minerals first. The way we haven't seen that girl girls for the continuation of reform in any of them about well everything yeah onetime police Sicily Lisa Silverstone that was it oh I'm sorry I'm hanging. Up agreement back on how whenever that was yeah. I know I agree that that was not a great portrayals. But it'll mean there is there is a present there's sort of cannot easily jump can't handle like a movie she was it lets your jammies and I doctrine. Yeah it does lead the you know it's nearing the deal to write direct and produce the untitled macro picture for Warner Bros. As a part of its DC extended universe yeah this is from varieties oh and see I'll tell you I don't because I read the comics. And give element birdies that's exactly what I ask you sir I don't know I loved I loved that woman story only as opposed to back girl's story. But you know that Barbara Gordon's territory has been flushed up pretty cool as well so I won't be disappointed either. Yeah NN and honestly I know we're trying to beam in a new world of like let's still awesome things are gonna how wonder women are like wherever he is also all standalone. I emailed you know superhero movies. And I feel like they'd be going leads in balance. In one single movie they did make about a woman because she is a lesbian character yeah. I don't wanna wage like five years till we get the stupid. Notification that. Is the history to have early movies like OK and again uncool guy a curve and I don't care but it's like I don't think he should be a big deal as she just beat your receiver drew who have conceal lesbian. And I wanna dash. And yeah I thought I should time right there man not a bad idea we are. Are you one more of our I only because my roommates were freaking the hell out because attack on titans season two's coming out. And we know where people like that yet deacon officially streaming it on credit she roll they're going to be sure Amy has you know. As already so April 1. What days its new home in Oklahoma and it out wind out when do we see. The web where we gonna see power is diagnosed last season they're gonna do any news I'm powers it because I know you and I probably not wasn't there. Emily's in the room and all and I won't watch it until you give me the dvd anyway but I guess. However Rodriguez and my dvd I'd ask me yeah okay Colin you Baghdad movement and the reason I ask is because I just saw enough. I just saw one of the charges and powers and I'm forgetting his name he was that that the deposit into. The wanted to disappear come down Booth at the Booth DR Booth I just saw him in a lot of Laura croft I'm making things up a are you so a very self is my eyes got ahead of Africa was anyway all right hey. Bruce I vs Austin Powers yes I think UCLA and any Eddie Izzard says okay that is always the Wall Street. But the did they that a guy that could teleport I saw him as a young guy you're you're a younger that actor or a young guy you're not allowed one Laura croft movies. Hello John you're out there John zarrella thank you hi Erica Johnny's name. Disagreement hey I Elsa saar river also is and so reverend Johnny railroad car croft movie is great I ever knew it was our chief economist from my red dwarf yes knowing noble who it was a loner Butler Butler got. I had I had no yeah really I know it's hard to tell without an H on his forehead when it's ready and I you have remember since I love that dude every as the name. Like I completely do not realize that was yeah. I didn't even that's what I'm seeing is where I go. It's coming on so I give it island EC would it's gonna do Lucy if I if it holds up comic. As. Dried HDTV is to be sure yeah America there are trailers house floor of the new powers is it's coming out may 31 call. I love and other ties Elsie yes I'll get to see in December when you get to dvds and break. And then. Pantomime and song mother because I'm not buying Sony service I'm not a party guy I am sorry I'm doing after CBS cause start try to forget I got it and. That's apparently crunch year old as well it's and I lost this. Really can look it up and I vagaries there instead got. Blockbuster I guess I had to check out attack something in season two parent. And it comics some guys Steve Judy. 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