BJGN04-05-17 - Comics & MTG

Wednesday, April 5th

We get comic talk as Spicoli reviews Superman, Hanna-Barbera / DC crossovers, and new X titles; Vicky discusses her experiences at ECCC; Rev & Joe talk about the latest Magic: the Gathering set, Amonkhet; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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On today's show we will talk comic books of his comic book day was for Kuwait and the big key and then then Joseph and I gonna talk a little magic. Other NATO threat and we'll get back to be keep with the geek she became property to get a hold us. I think get a hold of us here her web site has colorblind casting information. Feeding each nation dot com. Tickets out on Amazon echoed by the way just say Alexa played each nation on June NN bedroom I just turned elects on. I like our countries but my sister Ruby Dee jays beat nation to follow us on Twitter and instead Graham. Hey Kurt had a good day kidney center. At the context really was a voice like 18002243353. Send us an email at be digging nation at and watching videos they need to dot com slash B digging nation. Thank you very much Vicky and if you guys would be so kind as to leave us a five star rating on the old iTunes and minutes are real. Some tax let us know how we feel some constructive criticism is always appreciated. Since it is comic book day it's Nicole Lee I want you talk comics. I'll write yeah I will then you guys so what oh my gosh I think all man. I forgot that is this fan asses out I haven't picked it up yet well well I didn't I am I missed that too so I guess we're good oh good all right oh and don't talk about some two weeks ago. The Superman reborn crossover event. Now I started with a mix Billick revealer talked about oh yeah yeah yeah so. Pearl while now it had to experiment and a ray we've had a brief flash point Superman and the new entity Superman community to command if you. And then you're preacher man died. Thumbs as Superman are prone to give them. And so in his hands. Classic Superman was kind of trying to fill his role but the world didn't die and now the flash we had rebirth you sort of learn that flash point wasn't to reboot it was more about people's memories get messed up. So the way to reconcile that was by her getting back to there was a thing in the ninety's tumor Superman red and blue. Just for a very important to treat Scott. I yeah yeah. So they so they they sort of have been ended touching on that indie super woman comic where around. The admitted to mostly indicted and monoline became the protagonist of that book and man that she sort of had this whole red energy thing going on. And now as you see the sort of weird but just quick story happening in their classes were men had a blue energy theme going on. And so young John canto found the dead. Energy not dead versions of new features Superman and Lois. And do. With the help mixed use this is it lake. Brought Sam and his parents the classic Superman and Lois together some others was super bad and is one mile west of to have the memories of both okay cool so yes like it's like whatever she Andre to Phoenix and Madeline Pryor together OK in my the ninety's to just deal with all the stuff they did in the eighties is this yes this is just condensing everything to kind of get back into once reminds sort of thing you feel yeah oh yeah yesterday so that both of our Superman our Superman didn't meadows business taser was like and others wouldn't be that says you know memories that both remember at this all of the seeds they showed orders class as a Red Sea is the sentiment they. So did you do they get because they didn't change that much in the first place in nearly a hundred. Somebody is now is that there are those five years to read stories they read still happened did they remembered then sell those bills come back they can. They can really play out of sterilized which really what it's about Serena still Superman but now here's Laurie is intact throughout all of a new set of picking and choosing. I'm solves those funds they had their last weekend was the fifth Wednesday of the month which meant to our last was it was a trip Wednesday yes which meant that you know their annual and special stuff instead of doing a lot of Daniels would DC did this year is four. Crossover specials with their superheroes and Hanna Barbera properties. So there was suicide squad a banana splits. That's there was at a stranger future quest it's green lantern and space ghost. Almost and mood booster gold and the Flintstones. These that doesn't seem like it would work. It's our job where he went to bedrock I thought OK okay okay okay embedded and then they had a they had the backups of that one was a Jetsons series by Amanda Conner Jude Tommy audio that was that was really cute. And I'm like really bad joke yes please give. He had a he baby's name will look. Because summon a make your bed her. The now again it can't not thank god I thought I pressed it that it was really glad you got me out there now that's. So really wanted to be one of those for the reverend so far is the Bruce your goals and so as one of those really fun OK it's dubbed the Jetsons back up a surprisingly poignant. And was in or this story for Rosie. Which was cool and I know you're. Off what is she comes from. As well by the Packers scoreless in now though the whole story is actually about. What's the daughter. Not Gigi is the mom I Jane is the mom JPG and usually if Judy is missing because she's off visiting her grandma who is at an end. And your own life options center. So hello I was very much it's like oh we sure love. Yeah totally except the host got a mr. Ashton seems like you know she's trying to help her out with flight and your own life are really sees transferring herself into rub my consciousness. All and so. We're MR Rosemary becomes Rosie. The robot so. You're offering the big get Alex and you know listen the suicide. Deuce from teacher on the yeah I think -- that's kind of interesting because even watching yield cartoon this would make sense why they led. Did though robot may be a little more Mal fees inn and anyone does is it all because it's grab and keep her out even though she's kind of a -- is a letter I wrote about Rosie like believe new model they love their rosy for yet so it's gonna need Obama and on the normal site directs directly resurrect silent resurrect CN graduate call is upon us the resurrection the post. He wins vs X-Men stuff so in humans trying to X-Men prime. Came out last week. I'm not ready he was prime yet because I got to catch about Charles souls were on a kind of fell off during civil war to cliff fell off a lot of stuff very civil war do yeah but now. Sort of format that accident try my data read. And it really if they could if it did your basic sitting up in others there's eight new X-Men series coming out what but. Yeah 881 for each X-Men. Another is there's only three of them are still so we've got a week and I don't come ahead but X-Men loyal. Which is going to be. Just who's going to be the original five the time displays original five minutes when gold was to be kidding Primedia team an accident. We have us Donna CX men which is Gallagher rode in gambit. And bishop. It kind of feels like astonishing X force. And that Antanas. We've got cable has a solo series G they have so serious. Iceman has solo serious there's a weapon X book. Which is also feels like weapon X force it's got domino and lady death strike in Saber tooth and stuff. Com and the last one is Generation X. which is young unions being led by jubilee. This is going to be interesting because I think the only two titles and when I have are going to be nanos and cable channels and gave us not about to kill somebody is lot of budget drums and do and if I dare you out of time hopping little adventure story sounds very episodic uncle and I'm really looking forward to it as the prime set up primarily blue and gold and weapon X. It's set up blue and that it had the original five. Leaving the school and mean might we don't wanna be here this is at our school this isn't our timeline when you figure out our place convinced our months. So they leave and Jean Grey's now in charge of that team which is cool Jeanne funniest to be leader. Does the suffer gold was basically kitty coming back kitty pride has been in space dating men named Peter. That I actually get out to west from pure student says Peter Coyle now she's. Back and done with the whole star Laurence Fink. So she's come to leave the X-Men as she should have before storm kicked her out storm tried to leave but she didn't letter to storm then Michael bishop the last three years. And then the weather next season was style lady death striking getting abducted by the new evil weapon excel on the weapon expect dumb is that we know what Saber tooth and mom and Wolverine. All memo in this case bands they just strike they are gonna have to be dealing with this new rule apparently worse weapon next to. 4 AME he got our share of the big finale was kitty saying that this school has been in limbo you know daily on his demon realm Piaf and that's not till it's not a cool place to have tool so they have moved it ended the book ends with did Xavier school for gifted youngsters smack dab in the middle Central Park. Well I mean that signing centrally locate generally go to location I don't know I have so that's our new expressed escrow go forward into those eight new book site listed as well as all who Wolverine floor Thelma a million with million. And Scarlett which are all continuing nice Vicky eight when we did talk about her experience dozens of police especially talked about his experience and emerald city kind of gone. Unfortunately you were not here are the country gasoline or G a chance to have you let you talk about your experiences and emerald city. How to go for you I saw that these first and there's a there was pictures that we posted that you were able to you. Cost play. That urge true and it it was a lot of fun address everything came up and I have to give a shout out to two people. My girlfriend Julie for doing my make up and you Figo bag you can check out we did a life stream of how she did might be donning a good wanna be to cutesy what I learned her. Just getting your ass kicked in the I think. I had to do the cost to myself I bought a dress and how to do the details myself solely guzzling gonna look pretty it's good I'm amazed everybody in act up they know of a lot of fun. And second shot antibody chase who made me that giant ax like I basically just bought the materials wore him. And he's like you new project to make this actually I share whatever broke. That's uncle and he did things like okay cool let's get the materials demagogue crap from any picture is really gonna have been certainly aware I was talking big deal. Anyway a lot of flooding turned out to head toward the end of the day I got Earl tired event. And they got out of madrassa as a come over it I want comfy clothes off. Out of this and then we went out to dinner you think Mickey my own in clean interface a little legs a look at your part of fight club and I might not not an elegant and Miguel at least let me get the blood off my nose like I love you girl that it was the Oslo and glad. Gotta give you some props to because someone shot a picture of view and then tags Scotty young in Indian creator buy if fairyland and he'd like did favored in there and I mean it's everyone's so. Definitely appreciate it from the original creator. It was a it was a lot of fun and there is a guy that I didn't get to see and Tony told me that there's a digest of does carry the next day the only guy looked looking for a minute confined him. Sediment but if you guys would have been able to you do the same day in and meet. I can't I think I have the there's no way in hell is gonna do it again on a Saturday certain just because it's just hate. It's just too much stuff happening I was in I love my taxes heavy debts because come book artists and Tweety pitch and Vicki. Are different black is Jeff Byrd had. As I released his pin up Vicky and it looks on posted on the face that a particular outs and eyelids sir rapidly just a side prod to do is doing in many turned it into with his kick starter which is now been funded yes congratulations of Lackey I'm getting job brawler in the first two issues on that funded. Really happy for me I love his our love on how far he's come when he just first started doing it yet and it's up to trade looks really cool. But now yeah comic con of the blast the second icon Phil technically the third day on Saturday in Iowa I got to participation with the espionage cosmetics out panel in which we talked about we had a whole lot of casserly Jamie on the Friday. And it was just a lot of fun I got like a viking style hairdo. And it talked about a new palette that's going to be coming out it's hasn't Harry Potter theme to it. And it's different is what ray know what they sell for guys out there. They sell basically make up which is very powdery. Well it's it's more compressed even so it's easier to travel and sometimes a little easier to apply you won't get it like falling all over when you when you put it on. But it does have a fan Harry Potter theme and they also how one that's more of like gun. Again I think going with war warcraft excuse me world warcraft thank you like you're. Warcraft in my head like oh warcraft she acts as the warcraft warcraft kinda old kinda kind of and that's why I believe. They have a lot of cool stuff going on aideed to participate in their to but Jamie about that and the other some really cool stuff they dual life Sherry and every well now it's Tuesday's. During the day which I gotta do it on the last Thursday they did it was a lot of fun they're just such great people. I'm sorry I knew that the main meal pretty sounds like working on McConnell mechanics so cute and you can see my hair my make a bid to end up on Sunday elegant ago I was kind of sick tired. And my buddy Neal and who we interviewed Daniel Gibson from twisted dark. He's like yeah we little problem with our books. They didn't get delivered until a golf and may now salute you never read twisted dark can be having go to check out gonna check other stuff eighties and passing you'll be Hoechst. But that's what would it is she lets you read the first two stories you read any you come back for more and unfortunately. People can get a chance to see how awesome it was and so he got stuck with a bunch of bulletin that anonymous so please there's nobody here like I have nobody to help me. Soon he relies on volunteers I was gonna do is all day about a half a selling books I don't know a lot of fun things. I saw a couple of the McGee nationals and stuff and it was a lot of fun just they have never been behind a boost actually. They accidentally -- that Sulu is a lot of fun to just be back very doesn't challenge and he's such a great guy and I love his books and I hope nothing but the bass like I want this easy shallow as easy a movie something absolutely so cross your fingers that that might happen someday but it was a lot of fun but to prepare for the I had fairyland I did get the second issue and it's just so much fun has a trade group not out yet and trade. It's basically she is it's learned she's kinda stuck cash having so rule and she's a crappy ruler. You know when she's trying to do good things every team goes badly kind of makes sense of her and she kind of accidentally creates a new bad guy hit and then there's like a very like the and easy like futuristic apocalyptic version of her and when I read that I had already done my dress like. He should have done this. Did you have a shaved head this is a big curly no hockey can't panic mood has sounds like I almost think girlish and kind of big incensed that yeah I heard somebody next year nine carry heavy acts against fountains Larry may kind of vetoed me hanging the axe on the stairwell. He's my girlfriends until I foreboding there gimmick I act. Strain of the McGraw I mean it's really good early. There's a point until look awesome meal you put your your weapons at the doorway so why not yeah I can do little deceived Jews in the doorway putting Graham on the way out what it's like I articulate issues and is to be jacket in the blink in the waiting room why you and I am at Jack at all just won't and they act come in the way you're not gonna step on it like a accidently three times accident going on yeah. I'm happy feet told you there isn't any. TD yeah. That man so now I think you're imagery here really appreciate that I'd Joseph yeah I you and I love to play the had a magical cars that's like you tell people yep that's. An emphasis and they have now. After a modern masters is churning out stuff superfast modern masters three has really it's only been about two weeks and now they've already started into the previews for the next set. Which is amonte cats which is going to be in Egyptian themed. Set. The interesting thing about this is it's going back and harking back to. What they wanted to do you Wear the return in stride which is a top down design. They're like we're going to make an Egyptian theme and we're gonna have to have the story in the bill the mechanics around map. And they're going to handle a lot of things there's a lot of stuff going on with this their money's yes. I base yes the bears they're fit together mummies are zombies. So there's no money so class at this point like even like. There is one and that was that that ended Ferrell guy he is still a zombie girl zombies so I'm happy my zombie traveled back will be very good for commander. Did but one of the things they're doing and there's a lot. Language there's a lot of abilities what things. The first thing they're doing is one of the token cards are making is literally going to be punch card. So you can keep track of the abilities on they're bringing back the minus one minus one counters yup they are having a term called bimbo home to. A term called exerted. And also but rich can owners. It was a brick Cara four ref I'm so. When we truly are you building a house this kind of actually find out if you think about the ancient egyptians and what would do what they do they built pyramids and well I mean. And so scoreless reasons you have bricks and you need to build them with that Syria go of this yet and so one of the promo cards. Is going to you. It's the game day event card and it's the Oracle's vault they spoil some of the cars it's a forecasting 'cause artifact that says. Forward to you wanna tap exile a top part of your library and then and until and if turn you can play that card but not that any new put a brick counter on the ball. If you have three or more brick counters it has another ability that just says. Tap it exile a top part of your library and tell an attorney can play that card with out paying its cost. So it lets you build up this kind of like the yield in his stride grew more of the dead yet where I had to build the counters and so he got a really super awesome effect. The fact that there are more than just like the fact that they're gonna have a punch card with brick counters. It stands to reason they're gonna have more things than just this I would hope so like he may be even and our vehicle Renny think may become mind seeing vehicles only for Taliban should dad yeah. I did the experiment on that really is like Kalish was the experiment for them to see how is gonna work complex and in my comeback can bring that back but I don't think they're going to be as prevalent as. The the equipment so what do you think they're gonna build them rev. I'm building pyramids. This is the Oracle's vault so anything like that stinks is rock I guess. I can actually see them doing something along the lines of building up a stinks. Statue that when Jim and if brick counters maybe it comes to life becomes animated I I like it at that's kind of like a vehicle like yours that yeah M got hoping on that and sort of thing. And what is the other the bio box promising to buy a box for your box you'll get this promo. It's the arc fiend or the arch fiend of if America. And it's even if it costs. Five three call listen to black for a demon that flies. Whenever you cycle cycle. Or discard another card. Putting minus one minus one count her on each creature your opponents control and it has cycling. Cycling is a throwback to an older from hers that the heirs is blocked well all the way back today out the original I then he's your resume overpowered sad. And is cycling says you can pay whatever manner Costas says on that. Inferred this case it's two colas manna which was the standard back in the day here they moved around a little bit and did some color metrics the shenanigans and other things discard and all that stuff but this is just too you discard the card to draw card. And so if you're basically getting through or cycling through your deck in order to get to something maybe can't casting it. Maybe you I have a way to bring it back from the grave error. Yeah this is only one of the more likable mechanics I think a lot of people have I've supported this already after the news came out because. There's nothing worse getting sub with one your best cards are hand you can't tacit at least this gives you away a to find more lands must mean you can't pass even if it's not originally wanted to do with the card yet exactly. And now I did mention that there were two abilities. M ball home. And exert and bomb I mean economy sort of sense an Egyptian theme that it's where they're going for the mom modification of these creatures. This is really actually pretty cool. And ball is an activated ability that you can activate if the creature card with them ball is in your graveyard. Think of this as flashback for your creatures. Notably you're not casting the car from the graveyard it's an ability so it can't be countered by spells her abilities and that's kind of where differs on that. But the of course the original creature can be counted but then you get an agreement he can Obama yes. To activate the ability to simply play it pave the M Bom cost and exiled card. So for one of the cards and they're showing as one of the game day Promos is the true heart dual list which for a white Nicholas is a two to. That can block an additional creature each combat so grizzly bear with an ability isn't a solid pick. But it hasn't Limbaugh all of to call us and a wife so. It's a sorcery speed activation just like normally cast in the preachy can't do it on your opponents turned you can only do it during a main phase we have nothing else on the stack you can pay this. Exile that creature and then you put a choking end of it in the play. Here's an interesting point. They're going to be making tokens for all of the embalmed creatures. Are hazard to have their own arc and all these things so it'll be more tokens for you'd have to deal with. But at the same point the art looks great on them like the true heart dual list the original picture is a a female. Well and I'm Kent as at ancestry. Ethnicity but it's the miss the Egyptian sort of a feel ethnic map. And then. Other creature ties to this will be a human warriors army makes sounds kind of like that and it looks like they're all going to be coming out of white. Mom I'm not a 100%. But it looks like you'll find a lot of ways to bring this zombie hood and bring them back. But as saying it's white instead of what other color it used to be. So all of these will be white zombies and no black girl don't know. Just wipe cars Serena marks on his what they're just all like no matter what when they come back they'll be why our guests got zombie creation is a white man I think and am look at statistic yes. And so every card that has some ball will have its own token so bad is really really really awesome. Exert is it an interesting topic are insisting ability because it allows your creatures to give a little more effort. To produce unusually good results. You make the decision whether to exert a creature as you declared as an attacker if you choose to have an exert. EU basically need to use you'll exertion token that you got from the punch card. And it will give you a bonus as a trade off the creature will not untapped during the next turn for the entire anything can happen armor that because a spoiler are creatures they put in turn on him is good drag and ends its cult the glory bring her it's a five casting cost three into red dragon with flying in haste 444. That right they're very strong. You may exerted as it attacks seeking U sensibility right away and was against dealt with immediately and if you do it deals four damage to target non dragon creature an opponent controls. Fling dung Cobb who is one of the best creatures and for one read more you get flying in haste on it seems pretty good to me yeah. I I'm really excited for that I think it's a really solid ability that they can meet some powerful abilities attach these creatures because the fact that there's an untapped an extra if you can't use it every turn like you would have planes walker exactly prosecuted more choice Susie right have a rough decision on when and I should be erasing our friends are there rules spell started. Yeah I'm really enjoying all of these things in addition to that. We they're doing their super ultra rare bonus card thing that they started with the expeditions. And they start with the expeditions with all the different lands out of the deep history of magic the gathering. And then they moved on to. The Taliban she inventions. Which were all the artifacts. And now other going into some of the instant sorcery is in creatures through magic history a lot of these are cars that people want for May be their modern next may be the legacy decks. And for a couple of these choices may be vented your cube because they're kind of surprising interest in these are called in vocations program and for the most there's a lot of blue cards out of these I throw like to hear rev yeah I know it because there's a lot of blue. Counter spells. C. Almost best most of my Cisco foursome wealth for so will. Will be in it I'll call matches in net sane. Like OK so we got. Force of will we've got spell peers we've gotten days four days. The content the original counter spell while yap. There is actually an enchantment that is a carriage don't count her balance rounds aria which is a big part of the miracles dec or do you counter top that if you wanna look at that and legacy Theo just a ton of those we've gotten vindicate back our love vindicate we've got maelstrom holds back these are very strong cards. I chain lightening one of the best red burned spells in the game. Cryptic command going back on the blue has thrown just packed of nick. Armed when this was announced. Up first stop these are very striking cards they I have a very Egyptian themed event and some people or make keying on notations of the fact that they look a lot like you DO cards are and there's really early and do on their brown borders. They are. They have a Jim Sheehan now hieroglyphics mixed with the wording. And win. Window whole entire community saw them there are life. Well no these are not mine magic cards there's a right artists are those there was a big write a lot of people had a lot of issues with these because they are completely just how dare they don't look like any magic card you've ever seen even going so far as to not even look like the alters that people have made whether painting over the card entry stay the art is a little bit smaller than a lot of people like because they've got columns honey to the sides of the art. The hieroglyphics or hat. They take away in May keep the it's it's hard to read the cards because they have weird strange hieroglyphics mixed in the we if they the regular letters with the regular letters SOA. Like looking at divert which is a blue instead to have birds bacterial yet change the target of a spell with a single target in my state comptroller pays to its a spell appears to just moves something in the along the way is yet another blue cards. But it's kind of hard to tell just right away what it is com palm but also were looking at the mock ups. That they are showing out there in. For the preview season. I've seen a couple of the videos that show their main motion like Patrick Gerry did video and also just a gift to show what they are. They look. A lot better on that aspect that doesn't surprise me and it'll be interesting to see if the light. In the way the light hits it will help or hinder the way you can see the cards. But they are definitely attention grabbing. These are the same. Way that they have done the other expeditions it's going to employ process and style same falling process and the ways you're gonna be getting him. Randomly inserted. Possibly you'll get one per box all true super duper rears. These are not standard legal unless they're printed in a standard legal sat selecting gear hopes were legal here and standard evade v.s will be as well. But you think if you open them. He knew or pre release later you're still pour your draft. You can play them which leads sometimes it's an interesting things because there are watching. One of the Khaled as freely as is I think it was if the revolt wind. One guy wins 30 because he opened the soaring tower that's right are you just win because it suddenly aren't you turns had to use like it we really. One of the one of the most. Crippling cards that I've ever had to play went in the history of magic. He is mind twist straight cart they brought it back. Are their only goal in vintage and commander but if you're playing command your jerk. And then also paring what that is the original fast man announced. Dark ritual dollar a lot of us still combo yeah here's the singing. It's theoretically possible though highly unlikely that she could open in. AA one of those if you're in a draft it would give passed to the other one that you'll make Mike. Get past another one you can go to turns to dark ritual. Mein twist your opponent for three and it will scar your opponent for life now probably they'll never. Forget this sounds like a some awesome to me diving that I mean this tough period as the story and I got a little ten euros not to understand. But yeah I mean if I don't know who's gonna go to claiming a force will reprinted in their packs America when a car looks like it's still foil for so well yet. And I mean there's so many different cards it's it's kind of interesting because they've been there are some choices Japan lives. Not necessarily confused about the anything about the implement implications of what you wanna play it whiff there is like attrition. Which is like why would you have attrition well for commander it's good to token based Anglican god made Dak. They have containment priest which was only in one. Sat. And I think it was maybe can spears your commander says so it was like one of those small run princess is a way to get some more of those out there or chance to blowing out your Dax and have a lot of fun with it I'll like it bad it'll be interesting to see how they look in that person. Hopefully all open line was saying hopefully you'll find a first and yes I I'll promise you I haven't done that yet. Ever with any of these are so lucky I opened of those spoiled boy crit sizing back in the original release series the super cool foil special most rare occurrence but it took a lot of nonsense and so it's low was that we'd see. Yes absolutely. But if you guys do you play in the pre release is this is happening the 22 and 23 of April. I'd definitely let us know a post pictures. Either at this ad beating each nation on Twitter or if you can now disposed mother faced agreed I'd love to see and I'd love to hear thoughts about this. You like good bad I wanna get the input of what you think about it before and many if you happen open and how they look or even if your buddies duke hopefully somebody does that your crew really seeking check in someone's got to open one yeah exactly. Are right now it's time for our lucky she twists picky big. And he would don't I planning to let found a bunch of this island facts and I'm in kind of losing my mind because it's one of the first links I've imovie FL with as a kid. Which I don't think they should have been watching it as a kid but I used to watch in my dad. And it I don't yeah okay no conscience can and should at that. That's kind of interestingly Bruce Willis is Spanish. Over Doug would be it was senate pretty cool a rumor I mean the fanfare that it makes sense to me then better or worse than Spanish Bruce Willis and a half I. Home just I'm so used to hearing the skittish version of the English 10 like that's brittle as yeah exactly know what else do you bristles but first let's put the past and make you tell me pass out that I found the clinger. But I'm only carried a couple of them could get a lot. But I promise I'm really fascinating is that the movie was actually supposed to be trilogy but it doesn't director Luke this on this phone who's done doing the new malaria. New Marion and the city about a thousand and is Taylor Carlisle malaria at the movie yeah ask but he had originally had three scripts and just condensed into one which watching it makes sense yeah totally can feel that I did makes a lot of sense I'm -- they didn't make it to three million in the pace they were truly local they ended up with totally. Fund thing it's again most the shots and Gary old then there's a circle around this hathead in fact the circle in the middle of the frame isn't near constant motif in the film. While Bruce Willis on the other hand is more often framed by a rectangle or doorway behind him now Rahul. And need more command and this funds that kind of passing that seem videos online if people retreating SI don't know if it's of what's trailer what's not sure if they didn't hit it right but it does that. When composer Eric Sarah you know showed soprano any and in bottom we laugh you know dubbed the voice of the diva even. This sheet music for the DV DNC knows she reportedly smiled and inviting him that. Some of those notes written were not humanly possible to achieve because the human voice cannot change notes that fast. So hence she performed her notes and isolation one by one. As opposed to cut the consecutively singing them all together. And they digitize the notes to fit the music that makes sense that the deal would be able to you have and Mia she's an alien but here's have you seen those healing women singing that song. Yeah you can you can slide between them in and make it sound convincing. Perhaps in the videos and hot but like he had there either you have to do cut the note off way short of you should be to allow for the breath. And the change or you have sort of slide to the notes that is supposed to be like it's it's a very robotics the way it's supposed to work tam. And school. Then they're mild language spoken by Levy was invented by the director and a further refine by Mila Jovovich. Who had little trouble learning and developing because she's already fluent in four languages and cheese and willingly tell only 400 words and CN. Mile had congress held conversations and wrote letters to each other in the lane was just practice. So by the end of filming they were able to have full conversations and that divine language you just gotta do weird when it is literally only two people who can speak that language and you're sitting there and they're having a conversation here like that they're talking crap about me I don't know another 400 words how much crap can you actually talk. He'd be suppressed yet. Pretty pissed at rituals of this movie. Yeah. And a. And I think when court reverse the two meet Leal Lou when she starts talking to him in our language. He's he's like are you saying Pacifica and another fun thing the actors inside Mundo Sean suits they will monsters at the beginning did you use mini television monitors to see where they were going in loans for goodness three people's when he minister dressed one. While awful keys in this is very Star Wars Eli gets says us whenever they're you know they have those stars in their in the space in the background and all the stars in the background or created by poking holes in a sheet of black fabric. There's a lot of those things get through that. It's amazing very cheap that things that you can get away with in a movie that are absolutely cheap but they look. As long as you've got a suspension of disbelief. I death and then I even like the one of the funny thing uses you know the man mangalore is the end of the wee little monster as they were killing everything homeowner. So many of them handling Kabul he saw the Compaq all goals. And the reason why they did that was because Heidi actors' eyes because. It's save money on make up our contact lenses color on the yikes that's a lot of such a lot of work that the very sensitive area. Just put goggles on you can cut up a I met an eighty makes perfect sense this is the thing that blew my mind though that's apparently Lucas on Brody original screenplay when he was in high school and hid conceived the story of the film invented the world of the film as a child. So she could escape his lonely childhood. And he began writing a script when he was sixteen. Though it was not release in cinemas in Chile as 38 wow. Cool half and what are these I almost kind of called as a child. And the last one else I've read off the listen. It's a million of the parasite when they're you know in the landing gear and they really burning all the bugs off he had coolant roster guy came out and we'll apparently. What they made those out of more like pub the toys being jubilant little bumble balls. Yeah turn they like Shea little library malls look like little rob reverend knobs on some they just put like some sort of covered in like bribery kind of stuff over it but they would be shaking around just like those. Learning a little kid thinking they kinda look like those things they did Toy Story and apparently they were oh wow so I thought that was kind of fun. It's kind of cool disability like this huge giant movie. That costs all this money to do they like no you could still do all these things if you're having to make your own little home right home but that's how I'm Lebanese my fair price that is the curry the scientists has one minutes. Think till they die death. Someone mentally gets destroyed it's a one minute and 49 seconds until the time yeah. She could step ahead you know there rubies and tell next time guys I think Nady. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. Blood where to golf joined. 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