BJGN04-06-17 - Ghost in the Shell - The Assignment

Thursday, April 6th

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner, Rev, & Chris Walker! Mark talks about seeing Neil Gaiman live; Mark & Chris discuss Star Trek: Discovery casting news; Mark & Chris talk about the old show The Tenth Level; Rev reviews Ghost in the Shell; and Mark reviews the movie The Assignment!

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I smell so everlasting you feel the rage emanating half meets rep told people how they can get in touch ask questions criticize this or make sheep ad hominem attacks if you wanna do is seeking do you guys and a CL be seeking nation a you can find us on ended the old FaceBook in mr. Graham are and Twitter just Sergio reaches gate BJ Shays geek nation almighty god while you can also text as porous as a throwaway email with the wind 9802243353. Go to BJ geek nation dot com just didn't find everything there are no Leah we get through all this. Yeah I'm just a human time bomb today because they've been beset with technical difficulties. And what I hate about computers and Internet related things as you'd just can't punch your way through the crime took. I try to you want to guess what I broke the monitor and got a nice little cut alliance there you go anywhere at that so being around the to view for the next. Half hour hour is gonna put me in a stellar mood and it's gonna raise my spirits correct I have so brilliantly. Pay kinda what I thought you know or bullets are positive note I he went to seen new game at Conroy a halt cool we can help time I think it was on Sunday and I dislike that guy haven't read a ton of his stuff but I did read American gods which is going to be more important because we're Americans it's going to be TV show Janice. And it's going to be by a brand Fuller the show owners can be Bryan Fuller he was responsible for. Campbell right poll that's plain and he's going to be responsible for the new Star Trek show a little troop remind me come back to that OK we have another item at L alien and I don't forget fully linked. Pomp and not much to say about a real game and accepted. How cool is it to live in a city where an offer like that will come. A and B can fill up a 2000 seat concert hall I thought it's going to be a handful people I had no regular rock star he was. Yeah I is and I think a lot of the popularity comes from a sandman comics as well. Bite it's really exciting to see that he can come out and do that sort of thing is is I'm. I didn't kind of sad I missed it and you know about it. Yeah I was in the evening with the game. And so he read from his new Norse mythology book and and I will obsessive north's mythology when I was a kid do very read that stuff before I read comic books the end. And I like his take on it any red a couple of short stories answered some questions that audience members had written on cars it was a lot of fun except. If you've never been to better oil hall there're there are ground level and then their multiple. Up toward levels. My ticket goods and we gave me ticket some real to build on a minute redundant in my benefiting our free tickets. But it was on the very top level through a long way up today is almost the site of Neil from where you're that wasn't the issue. And it was just the front row. Well on the top level right up against the railing and the railing is about the height of your knee oh god and so scan your whole OK are you see it he. I'm in or mention this to you guys but I have paralyzing fear of heights home. That's I have I have recurring heights of nightmares and I blew a chance to have a TV show once. Because I wouldn't get on top of the god damn Space Needle shot that I can I. So this. I'm like leaning over having a total vertigo moment here how ironic having a verdict on moment for an annual demons are always there really grabbing on to the people that Molly wallets feel my way to might see the need to have safe dealings that clip on the railing there before the whole thing is that we were some protection or something mania Natalie with us and stained pants I wouldn't. I wouldn't. Wanna go back and check I just hope the seats were Scotch guarded area or help all. So I sit down in the people who have the past week. True I'm not the only one is dangerous and they're they're leaning over holding on there and you know everybody down the line is grabbing onto them garment I gotcha it's okay here Floyd gave mum. How has never been an accident had been a royal hall because. There's nothing there's no like. Live for a safety lipped. Over the railing or any blame cover up to me. So the whole show that that I'm having the worst anxiety attack and I'm gripping the dude. Armchair distant and a white knuckled death group hunkering down like sliding down in my seat. Afraid that some some wind is gonna blow me over the N Anderson an FF FF as so just two hours of stark terror. Watching a new game and great night yeah so I hit a great thing. I feel like. Still he's one of the good guys because he also is reactive in. Social and political causes. He's not one of the bad guys and that is refreshing when we are seeing so many bad guys these kids these days. Okay stream of consciousness Chris walker the new Star Trek show yes start to discover he moves come out. Man whose. Soon fascination with a and we keep on me about new cast members this weekend on the Walking Dead. Somebody who's going to be in Star Trek got freed up in all. Rev called an eerie ad says cynical wearing green will. Well in fact be dedicating overtime to him number one spot on the national denim and dating. And in the news in the last few days they named a new cast member to play Harry Mudd who was from the original show. Originally played by character Adrian Rogers C Carmel who was in pretty much every show yes and how for the movies that came out in the sixties and early seventies. Harry Mudd sort of an inner galactic con man and him in near do well. And he's going to be played by Rainn Wilson from the office vessels great paraded are excited about this really yes. And what does that teach you about the timeline of the show that Harry Mudd is in that who that's the most confusing part of it for me so mud was kind of the nemesis of captain Kirk. Correct and that shows you as a place certainly their amateur ever met yet and moderate income mud. Also voiced by writers seek Carmel was in one of the great animated series episode. Making you might think the most recurring non regular cast character in the old show I think that's exactly and as far. It is fun I wasn't crazy about the humor episodes of Star Trek but I like that character and I like that actor and they were just fun episodes not sure how I feel about Rainn Wilson but. You don't just. Because I'm of filthy garbage animal like most humans the fact that it's a familiar thing that I enjoy at at any TV show that they keep coming back to lick his army no matter how many iterations there are other Burma Terry muck. Okay great and I thought I think he's ever seen him in super. Yes it is very good and I think they're the James got a movie to absolutely 100% and it's really ironic to James Gunn. We're just all over the map here and now James Gunn goes from two to savage satire. Super heroes up to the guardians of the galaxy. The added to Thailand for discovery. Is is roughly a decade. Before that the the need for Kirk's five year mission so it's like these younger he'll be a younger mud yet. Okay and maybe you'll be a pimp I'm I'm anxious to see what they've got enough you could the first Perry might episode what is the one where they go to the planet with the coal miner to guy second yemen's women month yemen's women. And then I'm mind. And then I in my eye mud where they think he's being held captive on a robot plan yet yeah. Others of his own making yes yes he did this to himself. And then these this glorious and that it's also glorious Kurt was a subprime Kurt L mania. Kurt causes the curtain with the help of mud in the other causes the robots to melt down yet. By giving them. But that's a preposterous absurd illogical things to contemplate yet that they cannot process exactly cookbook and that that became a trove for many have for many other scifi shows as well and also. Period he'd quite nicely on a bunch of shows because it in this is so ridiculous thing and over the top but yet the mud episodes or two to my personal favorite are who weighed down. The rabbit hole your fans came in to Harry Mudd and Star Trek if one of the little bit of small talk before we get on the ghost in the shell. We talk about the intersection of geek culture and reality on the show and somebody who's been with me for a long time rows of the surface in the last few days and your patience here in it'll pay off. Pop culture and science nerds are gonna know the name of Stanley M program he was a psychologist who did experiments and obedience and they were to shattering. More importantly. As you said before since four Americans they also resulted in movies which made them real. You have got to be 2015 film called experimenters starts Peter Sarsgaard and had one on writer and two completes on Netflix can't. The first one now. Was in 1975. Or six Chris walker I think it was film and send your five and it didn't air until the next thank you for a couple of called the tenth level. And that starred William Shatner going back to the schett. This is this is some. A level prime shad and he plays and some damning children in this TV movie. Here's the premise. Milburn had set up. Had set up. With one person as an experiment or. One has a teacher and one is a learner. The experiment or was the authority figure wearing a white lab coat giving viewers calling shots the teacher was the actual test subject. Asking the Lerner a series of questions. And Lerner was strapped to a chair in an adjoining room. Attached to some electrodes come so far the teacher asked the learners beast these questions throw Mike. And preach wrong answer he was ordered to give the learn a little electric shock and the sharks got bigger. The more questions the learner misty got that this miss by the way has not been divulged his Betsy do losses plan for public education before but I think there's some merit to him in the neighborhood deal little jolt to begin with them if someone's a really bad learn more painful jolt each level. More pain. So these teachers and read questions to learn strapped to their chair in the next room in the learns questions wrong books extra people to the sharks goes up until it becomes clear to the teachers. These people are in some discomfort and important to point out they cannot see each other right and all but they can't hear each other yes yes. There are some discomfort and if they go further. Up to go. Higher levels there in some pain. And then maybe in some pretty serious trouble may be dying. Now if a teacher hesitates a refuses to hit the switch further shock to the next level up these authority figures in the lab coats on the go ahead and do it don't worry. It's all part of the experiment the learners fine and meanwhile you get moans and shrieks from the other room thanks now here's Decatur. Only the teachers were the test subjects the authority figures are fake to learners were really getting the shocks it was all set up to see how far these teachers and go. And how much they would Obey. When it was clear there are causing a person harm another person ordering them to do it just said keep going. So some of these people bothered by it but they proceeded anyway. I'm getting the point you're some of them agonized over the orders they're being given and these streaks in the next room. And if you just refused to go any further and told the authority figures to go get screwed in by the way remember. Telling an authority figure to go get screwed in the early sixties was a universe in different than telling an authority figure to go get screwed now on 2017 mr. Gilmore rare. And took a lot more guts. Let's hear a little bit of the dramatized version and I say if if you have to choose aversion. Always go with the shad here's a clip from the tenth level from 1975. I'm mr. Michael Mancuso. White male 43 married two children he's a civil service workers testing testing 12. One parent put Atlanta on carbon. We'll make sure everybody tells us ready to go here professor. Some new testament itself. Senator mr. managers don't please. You know I got butterflies sort of it's clearly possessed by science instruments through. So let's turn. Great to make sure. Graham's proposal it was a thank you very much for volunteering to help suspect. Are you so letter to you both were very well for certificate of Murphy Anderson on Monday. Try to commercial printers that they were like for microbes you've played Duke University here would you side so far when he visited. Proceedings confidential order. Hello I'm going to do here today is really quite simple mister Lincoln so. I am I can explain some things they don't and I'm going to ask you a series of questions. Well I'm gonna describing you it is a hypothetical situation mood right. This. Hypothetical experiment concerns itself with learn. But as we're going to ask the question and you make someone learns something. I've punishing. Effect. When I was a kid. Your friend didn't do so many right my father that is both looking over my. Yes he PWW. Few licks to for your own good but I after awhile we just got into the buckle are ready to do my homework. And you know you know what we're trying to do over do. Let's say two people volunteers. For this experiment you end up mr. X and you become what we'll call the teacher mr. X becomes what we'll call to learn. Tricks is taken into this little room here. And seeded in this little chair and what are those wires. I get to that about half mr. X as a a microphone in front of him for emergency communication and a buzzer. But she presses that sends back a certain signals. Back here. To do it in the control room where you are as a teacher. Goes over. Yeah he's in there and cheer when the buzzer and I'm here. What's your machine. In the moment. I imagine there is a business. Get given a list of word extreme to me mister X. In his little room over the microphone. An adjective. And enough. Let's say. The car for example pretty shoes cares day. You read him four pairs of words one after the other than you go back and you re human adjective. He's supposed to remember what now that's scary. And sitting here with a bunch. This is say yeah drawing. I'm electric. Shock generator. Didn't makes electric shocks. And I'm I'm just 25 switches and the and he switch. Applies a little more world that is a stronger and stronger shock. And it applies that shocks in increments. From the first switched to the last what is wrong with that but for the precious extremely. High voltage. Danger America. Where home. The shot generator is connected up with the yeah. Chair of the Lerner and and Europe the controls. Of the gender. It's quite simple if. That was some good you have all at prehistoric 1970s. TV there is which. Captain Kirk is a charming flirty charismatic ex psychologist can email from. That was the wind up now here's the pitch Chris walker having just now oh watch this yes yesterday yes. Do you not see the metaphor for what's been going on lately in this. Oh wow yeah I'll spell it out and you know we talked I do in and it was Steven stark and and and ridiculous honestly don't think about it that I don't those terms but. Yet to have that show and that experiment and reading about it afterward they stuck with me over the years. So then I was reading a few days of up and go what a Republican who defected. From the party I think. Kathy was from the the awful obamacare replacement would've thrown 24 million people off health care and and estimates where resulted in 43000. Deaths of people here in this guy said he just couldn't do it and that's when it hit me. Here is a guy who's had no go screw yourself to be tried in the white lab coat yeah we are witnessing we are living through a massive standing program experiment right now on the present day think about this. In the days after I read about that one defector I took note of other Republicans. Who bailed on with the trump people were doing define their president their party. Because they saw bad things being done to people. And they didn't want to be a part of it right or SharePoint import whatever yeah under utility Wenzel from Coleman overwhelm me so some people are peeling off because of the Trump's obvious lies and instability impossible real dimension. And each time it happens it's notable because. It Democrats are like herding cats Republicans historically stick together much much more Antonia it's been well documented. That people lean conservative. Ten have more authoritarian personalities John Dean has written about this and has played information that you can ghoul about it without just taking my filthy liberal word for it if you compare. And one Republican had such an existential moment that he blurted out I've been asking my conservative friends for years now. He said he couldn't name single positive thing Republicans have accomplished for people in the last decade just saying no and blocking as a unified front nothing positive though. And he couldn't really good would that he said no he said go screw yourself. And it's not just Republicans and and his beating up on Republicans take. Politics out of this. It's all sorts of people are just snapping out of it and refusing to flip the next pain switch when they see something bad is happening to people. Look at channel starting to. Starting to wake up and they have been hindered by this phony objectivity over the years have you can't even trust him to say the obvious. Or say that alliance allies look at them now look at the LA times this week would be a series of editorials. Calling out the trump administration for. Everything that we've been seeing but that nobody has been saying it. This is a blistering series of editorials I always it was comedian you have to rely on to cure the truth and it's still true Brit. Even some cable news hacks have been remembering their real jobs lately and refusing depressed and expand. Patent so we've been. In the last year and a half let alone the last seven weeks or so we've just to face with the open racism white supremacist being president's chief advisor. Top strategist. Killing works up climate change research. Because they don't believe in rolling back up protections for the environment for women for working people for privacy. For the environment to. Blatant nasty stuff that causes dammit. Constant lying nepotism business conflicts. Even possible treason for colluding with Russia to win the election we've never seen anything like this in the real world. I'm a history to ever hit and history minor in addition to armor the garbage never American history have we seen anything like this Germany did and they failed it. But we're finally seeing people in different Steve is a wake up and decide they are not obeying. Threatened they are the teachers in this experiment and their refusing to Obey. Their party good for the river unstated norms there are in corporate news protesters who may have never even voted before. They're snapping out of it when they see things have gone too far and they're saying no. Not a pork along with that with we've. I'm the limit was founded lose the final hole we finally found the final straw and it's starting to return to break him you know when we are in the middle awfully weird in the middle of this massive experiment world. Witnessing character arcs of real people it's. It's fascinating to watch to see where people break also sat it. Because there's some people. Who stick with the program and never will save you know I'm not gonna do this and handed to the bitter end no matter what defending what's gone on. But the point of all this is that it's also inspiring. I think Chris especially since this fresher in your mind during his mind. And it's just been resonating with me so much and it's all connected reality inspires fiction which informs reality T Orwell 1984 lookup standing pilgrim on Wikipedia to find out more about this find the tenth level. On YouTube you can watch a whole movie Jack. On YouTube glorious. At the very least he'll get some just primed Shatner and we can turn you want to some old obscure geek culture but you may also come away with a metaphor. No help shed some light on what we're all experiencing now and what a lot of us have been really struggling to come to grips with and if you. You watched TV news or read newspapers or whatever. You know that they still are struggling with how to deal with this whole situation now like I say it is all connected yes we talk about politics more than we should here on special ops streaky show. But it's all connected and all the things we like are affected by this. I'm mark wade the comic book writer with a prolific comic book writer some somebody tweet that announcement. When you always had turned up politics in your comic stories and his response was if it doesn't really to the world we live and then it's meaningless. So there we are. Your thoughts on this Chris because this is has been hammering in my mind lately and I just have to revisited. But just real quickly the one thing that really stuck with me on this was was that the original experiment that the government proposed was was what was exactly as it was portrayed in the show but. The question was. Could it really be possible. That is the that they need the Nazis. Were just following orders yet and and and to what degree is there a psychological. At look at what point do you say that's enough I won't do that when an authority figure in and in this case if that totalitarian regime. Is like you do this. Ten weeks as we know it's right because. This is bad this is our way you know we we we are we are above you in the in the in the chain of things in the pecking order. We have decided that this is the right way to go. So here are your orders. Do them at what point is there it do normal people. Say enough. Yeah and we've been seeing more and more comparisons. With our situation to 1930s Germany and people were very timid about it at first bringing up god wins lot of Ono and Arnold a second you bring Hitler into it you're losing your dreaming but now we're seeing more and more people pointing out. The parallels and this is fascinating to me so we spent a time on this but. It is well worth your own time listener to delve into this and check out that show re about stemming pilgrim. And you can never go wrong exposing yourself to more Shatner okay wrap up next. The brand new ghost in the shell theatrical film live action theatrical film starring Scarlett Johansson. Came out on Friday and they kind of stiff armed the press. And then there was a late showing late press screening Wednesday night and I decided that I had something much more important to do you know that oily skin. Anything out yeah. But includes drinking and I remember enjoying the enemy movie from what twenty or so years ago get 1995. K but I just decided that I was gonna give this one a pass and let you reverend en Fuego take the driver seat. And this is this is the hardest part about it because I. Every remake of movies that I've enjoyed in recent memory you have just stand well as you would take all plots. One event like going you know in memory and elm street. You know any of the remains really haven't I don't anything evil dead it's under its utter. And ghost in the shell is. And not it's one of these three top enemies that have ever seen as one of the ones that. Got me into anime when I was younger. And man. It is just one of those things that it's visually beautiful visually striking and and also leaves you with a lot of interesting questions it's a real philosophical. Show yeah. And so. I really. Was his two stoked on this and real as well know I have to do this and so I hope hope hope I mean c'mon this is what we do we talk about the things that are out there and geeky and this is definitely DD. Towards the big buzz too because yes because. The blue white washing your shoe Scarlett Johansson is I believe she's white tee and this is Japanese. Show and people are saying that they should have cast somebody Asia Clinton but then you have the other side of the argument which is well American audiences aren't gonna pay to see. And. Yet and beer and one of the that the director Rupert Sanders who did these Snow White movies the one win thank Chris Hemsworth as the with men doesn't own guns yeah those ones Huntsman Hun he's been my bad okay you're you're thinking you're pornography I. How the equipment but I AEA he talked about how hard it was to get dismayed how you have do you do all these changes. And you know make it catered towards an American audience and this is all these things and how hard it was to actually give this made and I realized then. If it's this hard to get made why do you need Ted do away that this didn't exactly the point. Who they had this property that's beloved and probably Gilbert had the rights apparently he just decided I'm gonna have this and hopefully get something made out of that. And this movie is so influential like you see it in the matrix and which house he's a Marty's stated that it was one of they showed it death clip one of the clips of this move anything maybe even just like the opening scene that everyone is seen from those the new wind is basically shot for shot remake from the enemy. This is like this is what we want to do with the matrix. And so that's kind of what help them get tag Greenland and its. And so it's a really influential movie for a lot of people. And this. Z it's. It's a movie but it was never an option for these people. Just not to make a movie out of it tries to hang onto the thing that is on the shelf that everybody loves gap is so we go and we Ina and now watch this movie and it's it's really interesting because. I've watched some reviews of people who have not. Seen the original. And air it was kind of interesting data can get that aspect as he can just a similar everyone's seen it right. Of course and ease these people worry that they're talking about the different problems with the movie. And they're like well maybe these things are of OK if you have seen anime you understand it and it works it maybe it works but I was a little lost. And then on the other side I see people of seeing the movie seen the enemy and and you watch this and like well maybe people who haven't seen the enemy they are OK I think is because they don't know the source material and this movie it really is it. But hearkens back to you follow me on this one. Eddie Murphy raw. When he's doing his comedy bit about hamburgers and how he wants to McDonald's hamburger and his mom makes him. Her own burger and it's with the white bread and Australia's third error it just doesn't look let me tell the kids or make it fun event because you know you don't have a real hamburgers I admire Bob I've made the at this this is that movie. As you go when you watch it and you realize it. They've how all of the parts that they have a general idea of what the original movies about. And yet. It is so homogenized. Into a boring anti philosophical. Anything. That you do you leave it without I have being. It's it's filler it's not. Anything with any substance whatsoever it's absolute junk food it's beautiful I watched it in 3-D RP acts course can you how. I had to I mean c'mon it's a living enemy you know. And so some of the shots are really great but when it comes down to weight when they didn't choose the parts that. They are essentially mimicking four. The from the animate like these are actual like we're gonna take this scene. And we're going to imported into into our movie so the visuals there. But the entire meaning behind all of it is just completely and utterly lost OK for people who have never seen either one what's the premise of ghost in the shell the premise is. For both the bomb that in the near future there's basically. Cyborg and enhancements so. People can enhance themselves through all sorts of different technology to think shot around like getting our demands that maybe you want to be able to see better or you lost tonight. And we're doing a slot now with prosthetics and stuff like that that can actually move his stuff that these are. A lot longer. Along in the technology standpoint. And so people get extra arms shall legs are nick enhancements better reflexes stuff like that. Well we have the major in the enemy it's who's an I DNN the in this one she's mean something else. It doesn't matter stay she is the first cyborg we if a just a human boring him. So at that point is she is me ghost is what the that they called. The brain I am and in the shell is the cyborg body. And so in the original anime it's about finding the easy connect and where. How far can you go before you be. Getting these technological improvements before you lose your humanity and then also on that note what does it takes to. Become humane or have a our become conscious percent to end. And is it really any farther along if or any different if a computer. Has its own since hints as opposed to humans and mixed in with all this philosophical. Stuff. Is a lot of action and jumping and punch and yes yes actually jutting punching the other the originals a little more corporate corporate espionage. There you get the inkling that big bats around there and sort of things but you don't really get that with the americanized version and and it really say it's a very much an americanized version because Unita a big bad guy at the end to be the boss fight to defeat. And it just it turned into you like go weird video game give a clip. I do have a clip I actually have two players I wanted to get one from the first ones he can get an idea of what it's going on. And then a clip from the second went so here's the first. Say what's on your mind. That robot did we seem similar do you of course no I don't mean physically just what the well I guess that works like myself have a tendency to be paranoid about our origins. Sometimes I suspect I'm not who I think I am like maybe I died along time ago and somebody took my brain and stuck it in his body. Maybe there never was a real me in the first place and I'm completely synthetic like that thing. You've got human brain cells that titanium shell viewers. They're treated like other human social stuff with the case. But that's just it that's the only thing that makes me feel human the way I'm treated I mean who knows what's inside our heads have you ever seen your own brain. It sounds to me like you're doubting your own ghost. What are the cyber brain could possibly generate it's own ghost create assault all by itself. And it did just what would be the importance of being human and murder. That's all I know you're dying to see what's inside that they are too. And I can't stop you. Neither of us has any idea what's inside there. Just be careful okay. And that's really essentially. The whole point of the entire movie it is. And not only a person. Who. Doesn't really know what they are but they're trying to find out. What they are what it means and then eventually into. As a sense you like for like the approach of the hamburger she's concerned about some things. And he just says that's bull yeah yeah William need to repeat that this argument Chia Yang. The weight and now when you say nothing no you can. Are listening now here is the second clip and this is from the movie with Imus trojans and. Accessing downtown secure you know. Creatures are you. Someone contact the president's staff I was watching the polls among what is it you want. I think it's more boat anchor robotics can do for you 73% of this world it's. Cyber enhancements and really want to be left behind me right before we embrace cyber announcement and no one really understands its. Individuality and identity. Listen would be months. I'll wait six gunshots fired. You know I need it's so great you're losing. It's starts tonight I gotta say that sounds like a lot of fun yeah and that's exactly what it comes down to you but you listen to use the visit to talking before and indeed to talking to us right now and you realize that it is suddenly. Big evil corporation ended verse is the easy oneself an inward thinking about that. And so it's just like I said it's just empty it's hollow. How are not empty I am because it. I'm starting to think that anything that had pounding techno music like that I would just enjoying. Well I mean. I'm OK with the techno music it was big and it's in music there's no problem would be amusing is that probably the visuals have they really know how to press our buttons at this point but tell me about to start the Scarlett Johansson is. Costume because in that animate. The character I think is make it right for the most part yes is actually making you Doocy robot nibbles. How he committed this one it's more of age she is still Nate did but they Barbie doll he had some sort of weird. A featureless body suit that looked just laugh out loud silly to me he did they explain that. Yeah and it's right at the beginning of the movie is there there's the construction phase and this is when they're showing all the stuff and a little bit of the exposition to get you through at the beginning of it. And it shows the construction of her body and it's it is showing all these things being pieced together and so and that's essentially what that is it is her body and she is naked when she's doing these things because. And dirty nest near us here on that in order for her to go invisible with the thermal armor that she uses in this she asked me naked. It's perfect to ask. Another word chaos that is an answer for the same enemy and really I mean really kind of an excuse to have him make him. And regulated term to make it to not really naked yes ghost in the shell got a fairly miserable 45% positive mom run tomatoes revel what is your evaluation. I am going to say. If you've got nothing. Better you know that's a Joseph by AZ. Go by the enemy and just watch at home fit guy if you're living in Seattle at this point in time I would say it next month eggs and Aram I is doing such huge anime fest where you can watch. Stuff fly AK I'm pretty sure prince's mind okay Smyrna degree firefly is my neighbor told her oh yes ghost in the show old hero a hero there we're doing way they're doing screenings. Of this if you can get to this area also wanna say the winds are my paperwork and if you can deep you can watch this on the big screen. Buick more than give money did this this this movie this movie's unnecessary. Eights and frankly offensive unfair treatment many levels and I can't talk about the white washing I'm just I'm a white male who just doesn't is I have no place to speak in that. Ares I don't agree with that and and here's why and I think I've established. What a liberal I am and I should be in lockstep for these people. And I want some less Snow White washing that went all the way back to. From. Breakfast at Tiffany's with with Mickey Rooney yeah god. And Peter Sellers in the party doing in Indian and I just think reasonable people can disagree on this up to a certain point. Like I LO commercial voice actor and when does this mean I shouldn't do accents and there's a continuum here and I think this fall somewhere on the continuum. That of all the things that are bad about the movie it it sounds like casting Scarlett Johansson may be moved may not be the worst thing. And and to be honest she alike if she's. Here's the weird part Ed for me and out I now all this is that she's playing a cyborg with a human brain computer so I would exceed. All little emotion because she still has the human brain then but for the most part she's playing the part like a robot. Which I just didn't didn't. Have. Or sure I get we sank I guess my my final thought on on the white washing thing is that when you see a white actor playing in Asian or any other race. The main reason it doesn't disturb me. Apart from the fact that I happened to be quite is that it's called acting and I like to watch people act and you know it's not real. And I don't think it should be required that for every single part you must cast a person as if it's a documentary. It's a good point in let me just say it's been a privilege talking to both of you couldn't put up so what else we on the yield John Kerry's if you. If you UI running up forward just wanted to find and yeah I wanna I wanna remember a demon and and then basically that the wow OK moving on. And so it was time to move on and it sure. I call that went applicants sum up rip not a massive Cleveland steamer on ghost in the shell BA yeah this is going to be able different this is a movie called the assignment and it's the new system that crazy film from home. I'm sorry can I ask you forget or we are bat crap crazy film from the legendary director Walter Hill Walter F hill. Among us here what the F is new and it's about a trends that state hit woman. Played by Michelle Rodriguez and you know her from lost. Those fast and furious movies on a column movies are more just like stimulus culture swat. Saul. And not expect at that if you heard any buzz on the on this is just you know what oh weird messed up movie it is. She starts off the movie has a man and it's too soon some laugh out loud make up. We're talking full beard facial hair grow these sort of lowered voice. And a scene with her as a man he getting out of the shower with full prosthetics. And I mean a. I heard I I I read a story today is say date she wanted in order for you this movie majority is one to get their biggest one as possible. Because I want well Donner. Or how you do see kids and this kiss this is one of these things that made me wish. I was in a movie theater watching this with a big audiences have put him up and secure their response now. This movie only got a measly 20% on Iran you know then that is a bomb but you don't. Don't walk away from this yet there's more to say about this more LT. The other some actual respected actors in this thinks Sigourney we resentment. I never knew she could be this bad by the way it's and I love her and if she plays the Doctor Who performs this. Unwanted unexpected sexual reassignment surgery on this hit men turning him into a hit woman. Anthony look Scalia. Who must needed paycheck because he had a network show for awhile I think that when extinct as some sort of missing kidnapped show world. Yeah I think Jay you're in the near McNamara the title and that's that's exactly what it was them that's all of the attention it deserves he he played some sort of mobster who. At some point has been employing the hit man slash woman and then turns on them. And is involved in in view reassignment Tony Shillue monk is all. Please be a psychiatrist who's interrogating Sigourney Weaver throughout the film most of their scenes are just in in one room and get the idea that. Maybe you would shot dislike one day so plot goes like this. His hit Manning Frankie which is a convenience sort of start gender neutral means veteran pat. Who he got. Kim getting big got a hold Connecticut could compared to progressed to open a so Frankie kills the guy and the job the guy happens to the important to him to skilled surgeon played by we were. So she hasn't taken down Bible poly guy and his thugs. And she operates on Frankie turning into a woman. Which is route. And couldn't happen. At a so at some point down the line we don't know exactly how long frank he's been out of it and drug in recovering. But she wakes up fully recovered no apparent scars and she is Michelle Rodriguez. And she is examining herself and probably the most awkward way they probably couldn't film this. Wakes up fully healed and I don't know how you would react rev if you woke up that way. And grab my boobs. Done fine. And there. Let's hear a little bit of the audio from this fine film. Oh yeah. You can call me a doctor and operations your reminders. This terrible that you can. Show your opportunity. Current tensions. Yeah tiny fringe. Shrank. Look little different. I guess I need to do this job. Mom wanted to gain. Well I mean it's gonna argue I wanted to cause for cage it's. Site. Then you know trophy. I'm okay. You can have a life. There was anything left to train kitchen. Point blank ink. My god. He moved to god that's a fact. If you watched this movie and you should. Watch it with the other people or at least someone else in the room so the to look at each other's three factions Fatah Al Leiter said this is from director Walter kill legendary Walter Hill this guy who did. The driver which is one of the best. Top five she's moving the all time. The warriors have been a lot of long writers 48 per hour hours this ask this guy is one of the masters he did some Tales from the Crypt. I get the idea that this is sort of late. In Walter hill's career could contend that before. Oh my god the dialogue is awful and just really really to Florida it's like somebody was channeling the ghost of Ed would you were not going to believe how awful the style August and I mentioned Sigourney Weaver. She gets most of the dumped on her and it's just. Painful you're going to be clinching up boy you watch this I'm not saying don't watch it though I'm not I don't want to. Because that's all played straight it's all played completely straight yet yet there comic book style freeze frame transitions. Between some of the scenes. It's like a sleazy B movie or see your Z exploitation flick that you see on a Times Square billboard. In the seventies. And then it would turn up in the something weird video catalog can connect now in my making fun of Walter Hill just a film legend in his his later years his Dodi bush may be his trumpet. Well yes this is pretty. He'll okay yeah Mac app at. I want to debrief him and everybody else involved in in this movie. And ask what they were thinking. Why they decided to do this and that might be more intriguing story and everything else call loaded they were throughout the production the they have house payments. Coming up and by the way. I watched screener link from the studio. From the title cards. Called the movie reassignment. Which is hilarious yes I think it depends not for a second and I'm making fun of any trans people at all that's not what this is about. Let's just moving into the pull quote rove. Your family mob ball low life movies that make you ask what the hell in my watching. The new assignment isn't instant how we're a cult film. As time went trans rights are in the cross hairs. I said cross hairs man. In this movie do anything to make a positive impact her help marginalize people. Only the ones have been transitioned against their will and kill people for a living only them and there's a train wreck you've got to stop and take in fully. I fully endorse. Whatever the name of this movie. I have. Wow. You statement. All right that's planning for this we we get so much coming up we got into the twin peaks come out bad I want to revisit legion now that that first season is in the can now we're spoiled for choice lots coming up the new Star Trek coming up. Also listener let us know what you wanna hear us talk about. I think for now it's time for the previous to go spoon we'll see you next week a marker honored special ops. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To don't join Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon Wells. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.