BJGN04-07-17 - The Walking Dead

Friday, April 7th

Rev reads a listener email about Logan; Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach; Chris & Rev discuss the season finale of The Walking Dead; Rev talks up Crypticon Seattle; The gang reacts to news about an Invincible movie; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Swelled one of the cool always do listened to us is to the Amazon echoed just say Alexa up. Played each nation on June anymore right there but tell you can also check us out on our web site has our podcast information. Is he jiggy nation dot com you can also like a fun based locally have producer after beating Shays he nation. Yeltsin also Twitter and instant Graham dancer girl McNabb Vijay geek nation. Some of the tech silly with the voicemail at one NE zero tease you for a 3353. Send us an email at the Yankee nation at and watch your video of the also. Gives a review five stars or leave us some comments on what you like what you don't like what you would like to see yes talk about. Or hear us talk about Afghan good about sleazy via her mom we begin an email Melanie doing it he said be digging nation And this is that Tom who emails us about the Logan spectacular over and he says I just listen to this spectacular and I completely agreed. Where if the it would all of us giving us such a high score. He himself gives today in nine out of ten they're a man you just have to pay it errand running monarchy that's what we get cancer when Logan and Xavier and X 23 were in the casino and quote unquote not Vegas with her that her when he Xavier was mind bombing everyone in freezing them in place when Logan killed all of the reverb goons they should have dropped to the ground instantly. As soon as they were stabbed through the head. It Xavier could totally freeze a city in its tracks. But it don't think he could animate at courts that's been stabbed through the brain often I get it it's a more satisfying visual to see all the guns drugs siamese simultaneously. But when they stayed frozen up right after being stabbed in the brain they really irritated me. Maybe there's a precedent for the professor being able to do that but as a lifelong X-Men fan I've never seen it. Yes see now no I think I'd be more confusing they dropped to the ground to feel like everyone just looks physically and mentally good he did have a little bit of love. That's telecast and pelican he says like yeah did you finally Jean Grey but his. Pelican he has an eerie very low little thinking to do a little bit so of course when you're having a seizure he has no control over your powers right. I am I it's fun and yeah realm of possibility. That's the one thing is I let him all he has got gag he's doing with the dementia. And he doesn't have control over his powers as much as he could obviously when he's doing his mind bombs so you can you can leave it open to the interpretation of the duress sure know that the writers and stuff like that. And she's Ed Thomas completely correct oh yeah looks that way cooler yeah they just all plot at the same time. And litigate if I get Tom's frustration serving humanity because I don't remember ever seeing anything about. Doctor x.s professor axis tell can you -- either but that's just because I'm not that familiar with care and will that I sign in like an episode of the ninety's cartoon mojo is even though we military's don't do is very up and illegal like does something that happened. The credit he does some things that don't do very often OK okay. But they started nitpicking when I was talking with some friends and I sat there an area like I still a movie is footing with the reading but I'm thinking. The sound messed up to like text he three had a taps. As my messed up like father like she had a way to easy. It compares into the comics alike Suu Kyi saying I afterwards tragedy comic and I definitely our news she had contact (%expletive) a motherly figure that could be kind of mother leave more than just on a couple occasions. And it's eagle flew along those lines I mean he goes back to Hollywood sort of thing have well we need to make his character a little more sympathetic so there's a real there's a real. Kind of startling effect when she's leaping everywhere slicing people's heads. You know gotten in Catan all the fun stuff that you see here like oh my god it's this little girl who had six. A sweet little demeanor and even though she was quiet. And reserve you kind of see your having. Little bit of a just an acute very little bit that I have little green Bay's like she had that late. And that's Cowell look at you know that's like like I said before I've seen that look in my cat no I know endemic Karl gives me that look it is that business eat newest city material that's what I love about as pat Ellis was phenomenal you have to use amazing and it's really fun means going back to an all I love scene like just like I unless scene richter I love seeing although little. I think I kind of hope that. This is where they decide to kind of set like the X force new mutant sort of stuff that's going on yeah. I mean brand that. Cool would that be. Beat the green anyway. Force she wasn't an X Ers who. I know. The funny funny video ends when I went to manage go to visit family my aunt and lately she doesn't really interest in on my tattoos and it showed this. He's you know Logan trailer fictions is who this is in that we read books or she found Mike. They have extra comic and this losing early you know as she buys me the bucks like I want you to not only. You realize that if I have heard tattooed on me chances are already Obama but I don't have any fresh version that you can put away any Spanish we will grueling mile and you can right there yes those thousands it's like OK that is kind of funny and like the. You wouldn't think they do not like this I mean at least your and it's awesome on that point I remember getting. Tell Amanda doesn't the Star Wars and she got mean attract no I'm. How bad but she got me a Star Wars book but it was the middle book in its three part series that's. And might well thank you very much I very much an error read it in and didn't read the first or the other wide avenues like. What is it very interesting self contained now is not at all because there's things that myth that there's things and I'm not gonna get resolved guy. Coming similar Ramirez in the hospital but I had I had a question from from what he was saying a moment ago only because I know our listeners are dying to wanted to hear and as much as I am. And possibly say X 23 in his annual. It doesn't sound as cola Nike thinking that I think he's being he takes an easy I can remember the word for XP I think he's got to step up. I love that are at oh let's move on from that I spoke with mr. Gere is on Colin bock. And well without any further ado let's talk with him you know him from the skewed in review that is as Kate and our dot net. Dearest Yvonne college bock how retail unmanned. Not bad this new term that's for sure yet it sounds like it in there's a ton of music came out of wonder cons so listen just get right to it what happened. Well wonder com for those those who don't know in between these smaller. Com that's put on by the folks. Who do San Diego comic con and another little small car by any means it's just in comparison to San Diego comic comic kind of you know some people in the media refer to it. As the little relative then didn't I originally started in the Bay Area named been in socal recently most notably at the Anaheim convention center. So they have a ruling nine to recapture the great thing about it is it's what it's easier to get into leisure to get around you don't see people camping out overnight for various trials and such. And I they have a lot of stuff they had everything firm data showing the premiere episode of be revamped her to break totally into the world premiere of the teen titans uterus contract. We have to you know like the short to be keeping you were there. I've midnight Texas which is a new show NBC's portion a lot of things like that. And of course shared that things that you would expect like the fan panels. Because placed up to dealer room. So on and so forth Jim and I were are quite busy work a lot of these interviews we have like capture. Castro to Goldberg sure Kevin Smith was even talking about direct in the upcoming Bethlehem themed episode butchered this week. You know who we betacast king tiger mentioned mentioned her marriage and help them. Lot of behind the scenes. Stop by like composers and people have been bulls return from watching that song sort of quite a lot of diversity charts. The suns like a lot of fun with those sort of things what was there anything that was outstanding. News to you. That you were really surprised that you what you heard about. Well no that's kind of a tricky one to be honest with you because. There's. Stuff that the general public would consider. A lot of news remember playing such those in the media say you know we've heard rumors about doesn't. Usually San Diego karma comments were revealed server one of those things that I saw which was quite interest shameless in the dealer room. Do you want central science fiction museum was there and they built up any. Replica of the original classic after Kirk barrister Kirk Bertram TV show nude man on more of the days. Reinsert as a Michelle Nichols were on hand and they were shown America. And you know right around that time that's when the word that some rain Wilson would be playing very much on the upcoming stir trick discovery came out yeah so you know you'd you know later in the evening there were discussions about that more chance may expect and so on and there was a lot of teasing. Out things to come wondrous things that we weren't expecting. One's an artist was on hand that he sees the guardians of the galaxy polonium two concept artwork. That. You know we didn't Lou that was really cool and that led into some other rumors and some other groups and news which you're like oh this is really getting juicy right now. And you I just mentioned Ariza galaxy and he told me that there's a bunch of Disney news going on as well. Right Q what's happening right now it's kind of like you have to you know domino effect it would work. Disney is building Star Wars land for 2019. And of course there is the guardianship galaxy mission of state attraction which used to be in the tower of terror California adventure which is. How can open in May and that's we've got a lot of news like it's basically gonna control with the collectors memorabilia through the limit change so when you come back crimp future trips shall see different memorabilia and also write this random pitched so that you know two will be the same so your experience and that's gonna change in the they once beautiful we have a couple pictures up on our social networks which are further in the process of revamping the look about it. And we were rumors that the error is going to be a more bland announced should be 23 which will be probing California adventure makes out half. New hotel was being built eventually. And you know whips that you have armed. And that's rickets real interest in this is massive construction going on right next to the convention center. And we found out that it is a conventional sort or operate new parking lot and are saying over 200000. Square feet of additional ways and rooms. And you know when you go wow well this is gonna damage could be 23 this is certainly going to be electric wonder car and it's gonna benefit blister on. And then eventually the rumors about other out aggressively trying to recruit and gets certain other conventions to move it to make them. Even more attractive so you know you can can achieve the long term planning here that especially with wonder trump. There were. Basically they're ready to ramped up and of course you know Star Wars celebration floats around to various. Local short on the world they're gonna have the one in Florida. You know just got our next week on the thirteenth yourself. But you wonder how long it's going to be until they come back and I mean you know someone's going to be wanting to take advantage of this finished so many things. In playing behind the scenes of moving parts and it's definitely gonna bode well for a trailer. That's really exciting and allowed just all the news tidbits and I mean people cannot find out all the stuff that you but Todd but now ended more. Add as skewed in reviewed dig and find that that at SK and our SKM burger I can be accused wonderful and it sort of you can't they use so much scariest. Particular keys so much geared again you could find out all about wonder con and more. That's as Kate and our dot net now we do need to talk about the Walking Dead yeah we knew this was the season finale Chris did you watch it I did get. Hey I have watched almost everything this week guys so get ready did you talk about stuff like can't lift. I guess late that I am really excited for that compounds rare yet this is this is kind yeah. I first thought I had heard some rumblings about people being kind of discontent about this. Finale. And then more hours with him about it seems like he was really unwarranted. In terms of me thinking this way as looking on whenever once seemed to be pretty much OK yeah we at how this went down no big cliff hanger. Which I was not real happy about and quite uncle YOK. With how this went down. On the episode I felt was solid though there were no real surprises right I mean I've been saying for a while now that how this is gonna go down in house Sasha was going to. On not be living through this episode correct. I didn't think you'd go down the way it did. And I thought it was really cool because you've got a really nice. Like policy in respect him I guess. Let's sort of OK yet with her thank you Oregon may be almost retrospective that there we are gay retrospective horseback about just. How she air her journey and this is really the swan song in once you see here at the beginning. And you see her talking with Abraham in the flashbacks and Maggie through all of this you realize that she will definitely not be making a we Amarillo. And then finally easier takes the poison pill. I thought it was amazing that she was the catalyst. To stop the standoff death it's really creepy as all hell to have someone in a coffin and yes. And even life. It was slightly. How bad as she was even knee and had you respect it is that you don't have to stay in this the whole time it's all just for show we get to and his ex. Now just wanna hang out and I think at that point I'd be like that's a red flag LA if I was Nina B Levy isn't usually. Really he won us the you don't know. I'm not gonna let you do that and it was just he was so impressed with her and I think at the point that he sees her. And he sees past anything in the terms of hurt trying to betrayed link. He knows that she's between Iraq and our plays and he's not assuming ill or thinking that she's gonna be doing something like committing suicide. And so at that point is I. RA if this is what it's going to take for you to come over to my side and be the palm that I needed to be sure why not. Those kind of kind of crazy when he is is model logging at the end gotta pop it open and then. And her. As as really really nice moment yeah I agree with you it was he was I Iowa so I wouldn't go to subversive predictable. But you're right there we're not a lot of surprises we all figured the futures are gonna. Turn on a dime as soon as they could we we knew that you know Cy Young was really gonna go Irish cited it dead no longer that you called the heat stirs. Oh features or the scavengers. I know how people I'm now calling them the garbage pail kids and how. Because they are trash. I was really annoyed with that entire thing yep into. It makes sense that you want to build up the drama. And it really was awesome and at that point to finally be able to give. Hilltop in the kingdom in there guests in so that did build up that tension because. We see all of a sudden now Rick and Karl stuck. In the same place they were at the beginning of this season have an at this point it was and need is just flat out. All right here's what's going on yet you're gonna you're gonna leisure and Drake and Dominique kill your kid at the I sort of go about it yeah. But why oh man and I. Carly you like kids apparently so well you yet he does have a soft spot for and it's also he felt throughout the entire thing that possibly he could be a person he could mold. Gabby his own vision gift and then you know take Rick's own child as under his own wings sort of things clearer ya. But we did get deceit and nice awesome tiger attack tiger X market yes please she did stop the death of Karl. And when he got to I was like. What are they gonna do what are they gonna have to because I didn't know from the comics apparently that was a big scene from the comment always err yeah ideology or IID and going through so I did not expect a lot of that happening and I was really really excited to see that. And even just like need in one liners like. Tiger path our path like the way he sees Maggie and he's like she's Bagger don't widow is back in the -- really getting is one liners death or even when he's leaving in the truck flipping the bird death it was amazing there's amazingly I just love Jeffrey dean Morgan I'm glad that all out war is going to be happening for the next I'm assuming it's going to be for the rest of seasoning he's an aid is going to be almost all yet this war I guarantee I hope so so much I want. I wanna see that Carney age I wanna see. I wanna see how they're gonna play it out I wanna see who makes it who does them and as long as they don't do any sort of do feel. Cliff hanger sort of thing. But I caught the show really is the only club thing I don't I don't know I don't know I think I think it's something that is past his prime for television. And I hopefully it'll move on on that. Most people notice it which was off. Kind of cool that Karl once. Sasha was the word came out and surprised everyone is being dummy you're the one issue first how we key in Ellis can't enroll issue first he shot like four he steers and I have what do swift movies took the hum and then ever ready as I got this is happening thanks Karl yes Al I loved it and I just love the fact that. He is. He is the bad ass that a lot of people. Are trying to get it or something like oh yeah if we have the zombie apocalypse happen in real life I would totally be able to do all these things he concedes that. It's pretty cool when it's we I think in the Euro as their earlier and it exactly after the exchange between Rick and median at the end won't read before Shiva attacked with some of the best writing and acting of the sees a man lake rakes intense feelings and the fact that knee it was leg. Okay and it didn't come back with like a one liner it he took it serious yeah. But at the same point is like the south going to be. Okay and then of course we're gonna go to war. Some people are confused about this toy soldier that Darryl Soledad as they didn't know. Not yet and because I had forgot about it myself I'd look it up oh and I forgot that that was the thing that it isn't just. Learning. Or anyone explain where are pressured to write Europe that up because he didn't want to remain hater rooms okay yes you're absolutely correct yes yes Shelton yeah and so yeah he didn't know that Diaz governor is going to be tray Rick's group exactly it is interesting now because he is now we're still we F sneak in here which means we've got a more on the inside you of course you know it depending on how old the communication happens with Rick's group in everyone else on that site. We may not know how that's gonna work out. Yeah that might be Trixie they might have to go into an engagement not knowing exactly what Dwight is Smart toys coming from and might not be able to communicate with them before hand and then kind of find out in that moment I would like to see something like that but he had no I think we still have the right. I think. 100% as soon as his wife bartered off for him and was was gone the way Aaland and he's he's like okay cool now it doesn't matter now I can kill or die and do whatever I want because it doesn't matter anymore and I think that's where we've got Dwight on our side. And I'm hoping so I think it's really fun on mass I think the whole thing is fine I'm really. Really excited to you like give back to the new season militants and went way to know for Halloween time I'll still wait for Jesus to turn. I swear he's up to something do you really think so yes and I don't care for how friendly he's getting with Maggie thank you very much for. Well one of what do you mean about that I mean that is Glenn is a woman sir and you keep you're a dirty. It's shaggy beard jeers else do you do you realize that he came out to her. CNN and one of the comments and then if I and that folks hearing Antonio smokes I don't know I'm not. The signals no I actually throughout that. I don't mare yeah I don't like him I think he is I think he's one of the good guys like out of all of these people we have you're you're entitled to your own opinion that's when he some of you watch you watch toy is an okay. Yeah I'll watch you know that you wanted to be that I have an English general effect eyes speaking. The horror. And. You're born and. I'm coming up this month I'm really excited actually next month the beginning of next month the first weekend of may is cryptic con dad. I love this convention because. I love I love the fan base for a horror fans. You can go out there and it's just so inclusive and everyone's so happy that the people like. All the weird glory crazy things that really make up the horror genre the slasher flicks all of these all the people who are just happy to see the celebrities that come out. And one of the biggest celebrities as speaking of zombies ever George A. Romero for a few Israeli Jew. Cryptic on Seattle this year Griffin now. Is there a source I'll be there as well doing some panels and once I find out all all about the information on the panels and going on with that. I let everybody know but if you wanna get tickets wanting information go to cryptic on Seattle dot com. Hopefully we'll get some people on but at the very least we will be out there having a lot of fun you know and then also speaking about the Walking Dead creator rob. Kirk Kirk command that we've heard about this they're going to be making an invincible movie nice I. And death acorn may be coming from a person who. You might not expect but after the recent news in all the things have been going on maybe they'll mr. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberger. Are you helping with this OK and it looks like daddy AA is Seth Rogen and has producing partner Evan Goldberg will dive into the comic genre to write direct and produce and had an invitation of the comic and we know that they -- bacon knew really good job because look every parent loses millions student freaks geeks and not just like no no he's he knows his stuff the ease of loyal fan and he's talented do we agree nordic. Each. Help you know not thought. Well back against him that is not I would always say there might have movies. I think I think the preacher is totally redeemed him from that gas I would definitely agree guys in the trailers revenue one ask. In the trailer yet on the Jerry Wednesday that needs is still freaking awesome you know. If you don't know about invincible at second only to the Walking Dead is Kirkland longest running comic having launch its own title all the way back in 2003. I it's coming of age story of a teenager named mark Grayson who struggles with the responsibility. Of 18 following in the footsteps of his superhero father Arnie man. If you ever won a geek out about this top was the goalie for his army men do he does everything on the mend. Probably yeah. From the land for meaning many yeah ion not to versed in it but I would I imagine he's a super here's a Superman type it's a repair of some very but fever really does have no idea look at yeah I let it. It's I'm just really. Super excited for this. Ending don't worry about him messing it because he was in the Green Hornet he was acting in that one in this one either I'm going to be behind the screen yet we've realized that these guys are really good at what they're doing. And I you know we just eagerly await the casting news on that and there gotten. Actually it. Now let's get to unveiled. She now it's a cheap Swiss TV. Think he what he got known around got a couple movies talk about so immersed mullah Los village usually. Actually held up pretty all star cast that is a lot of low Jack McBriar Rainn Wilson Joseph mangan LO. Needless and only messenger good. I'm thinking I'm Nancy and her you know I had I got to find he's going to be in a all of them I don't I don't longer reality isn't Rainn Wilson is guard ML and then Demi Lovato is a person Smurfit and last movie I think that was Katy Perry yeah there's got to move and Amara now really matter because it's only getting what 34 cents a barrel when you're against the likes Merv slow and it goes emergency this I guess you're watching Denny can you know slimmer faster some are perfect big smoke free zones at the mercy depending Murphy. Are there at that I actually thought the idea on this one was kind of interesting and fun day they find they find it's called the the lost village or this something villages that is the sub title on this one. They find about village of girl source. They're really in young. Yeah that's at a chandelier did Lou yeah I don't know like Saturday and then he porno version I moved and as you wanted to. As leaders wanted to know I've met the emea kind of times there seems to be me Papa smirk analog. They all the other although the girl's Mercer or not they're not a blonde like reminds earned nets. You know I'm thinking exactly so just from watching the trailers as when I was conservatively green and if I think I fight cared at all about her some this would be the most interesting thing had a receiver that is. Very different ethnic and very different every time and it is Merced I think as we look black about good. 1015 years ago there is. When he you know it's still young English OK and flash videos are around their own very bad video. And I'm and I need. Yeah how many of all I like about blank. No not can't I do yeah he would be if you don't I don't know if you many hands I therefore how I don't know if there's Tyler Perry play big moments month. It's. And I would be funny enough. But none unless they've never heard of and it's getting it certified fresh for sunny 5% Mo has a little the little certified fresh thinking of it's called colossal. Then and it looks like it's more on the romance comedies but it is kind of fun five. So it stars Diane Hathaway and basically it's a woman discovers that a severe catastrophic event like big bowling alien believes some sort of crew crazy stuff going on are somehow connected to the mental breakdown that she is currently suffering through. He's the man like they're actually like I mean the poster and it looks really really cool calm and I'll get out I'm guessing whatever bad stuff is happening in the world like as the world's getting inundated. Is all stem from her mental breakdowns and her. Is trying to figure out. But it also the really did cast Jason Sudeikis and Hathaway Tim Blake Nelson stand Stephens AKA the beast from Beauty and the Beast right. Maybe three million engine the more we can we sign up did he beating the beast I was going into June and immune from homes. I was giggling like a little girl Rihanna. I am now is it like an install GA OL's okay. Is an area saw. Just singing you hadn't heard those songs and so long as Sony hey you're the Haiti unexpectedly. Current mini if you're handling it was very noisy modern that they were able to make the beast when they were trying to make a likable likable in the modern sense lead in Macon to prompt other. And Adam Sweden in have totally and I went out right now those things that just added a facial expressions everything there's a parties like have. Oh run into him yeah. Mikey just in that case don't act and the little. He's always awesome. And another one odd looks like just the poster looks very eighties it's called the blade. It's getting 77%. Three now doesn't pretty eighties but it's when police officer Carter discovers a blood soaked man limping down from a deserted road. Key rush isn't a local hospital with a bare bones nights of staff. As cloaked cult like figures surround the building the patient and faster just turning Dravid right threaten. Ravenous Yankee and he's insane. Obviously intriguing to. All right I knew your eggs can all get out dummy cultists I am trying to protect the survivors currently given the depth of the hospital where they discovered. I gave way to immense evil eve until Hillary Clinton and or rolling through into the Indian meal at 77%. As of now obviously wars on raw. It's with these war I mean like I I enjoy the fact that hole the horror genre is getting a Bombay and not beating completely panned by critics. It's shocking. Like he's just a little surprising on that and I want them is an old and a three really mr. dean as recognize this and all I don't know I haven't no I don't know good looks there but it's only get feels like from the eighty inch. And good BAA could be one of those throwback sort of things do where they're making an in his say in the same main. Stranger things are very successful absolutely so one of those things that could possibly be just nestled a retro look at that. Yeah any deals they're like Alan Murray got one called aftermath. As has Arnold Schwarzenegger is to strangers lies becoming the inner. And we're gonna intertwined I can say it but I can't say. Ian thanks. Tree. I'm not going to be an extremely Lee thank you optically image arrow together and that I have I don't I am playing grass inspired by actual events in the underbelly of suspense and mystery. Some time putting it on here but at Arnold Schwarzenegger. A little leading 42% who do not only needs I don't like Arnold I chalk talk to get our. John Berman. It's. Not a do love. Well thanks well all right yeah and I want to hear aftermath all I think about is biology itself. Candidate. What's aftermath in your school wow G east. Boom worst at her you can do better EXIIRK. At the aftermath aftermath is my agent class heroes government. Soon. Yeah really good I don't know why didn't act until next time. Yeah. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where to golf joined. Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your geek flag fly I've heard in well just sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot clubs.